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Saguache , Colorado
January 10, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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January 10, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. t: i w i: VOL. XXI. NO. 2. SAGUACHE. COLORADO, THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1042. i ii , i Cough Cure. Ayers Cherry Pectoral. Br0mo Quinine. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. Bullies and Wagons I have at my place in ti,e town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Bindi,g Twine, Oil, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and Wago,s which I buy in car load lots and can luak,~ yoti better paiees l h;~n you can get any where else m the wdley. Call and examine lll~ stock alld gel my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB. MOFFAT, COLO. TttB PtiOPLE'8 NATIONAL FAMILY NffSPAPI R, YORK TRI " TRIBUSE Wednesday and Fri- day. is m reahty a fine, fresh, every.other-day DaiDy, giving tim lat- est news on days of is- sue, and covering flaWS of the other three. It contains all importan~ foreign cable news which appears ill THE [ ~T[h'~ tz DAILY TRIBUNE (,f I VIIHK same date, al~o Do- I J, Vltlk mostie and Foreign ] Correspondence, 8herr ] Stories, Elegant Half- I tone Illustrations, I Humorous Items, In- [ dnstrial information, I 11['1"11"1 1~17"T ~Y Fashion Notes, Agri- WI~'~('II( / v oullural Matters and / !! Ihi~]L~lU]l Comprehenszve and re- 'liable Financial and Market reports. [ Regular subscriptlon [ eryear I li lt l We furnish It with ] ]~ IIklII, IUI~IL] THE CRESCENT for $2.50 per year. Published on Thurs- (lay, and known for nearly sixty years in every part of the Unit- eO Stales ass National Family Newsoaper of tim nighest class, for farmers and villagers. It contains all the most imp.rtantg e n o r a 1 news of 'I'HA DALLY , TRIBUNE up to hour of going to press, nn Agricultural Depart- ment of the highest or- der, has entertaining reading fur every member of the family, old and y-usa, Market ll.eports which a e as- copied as authority by farmers and e(nlutry merchantst a,,d is clean, up to date, ln- teresting and insta uct- ivo. Regular subscripti~,n price, $1~) ~r ,xoar. We furnish it, with THE CIIEScENT for $2.00 per year. S da!l orders to The Crescent, Saguache. It Exceeds All Records. m6& 4D ~l d~gg Ill'It L, IIL cue of tim R~)cky Mountain News is as good republican prosperity and expan- sion doctrine as one can fiud anywhere. It, would not have appeared in the News before the elect!ou hut we tire pleased to copy it now: "Brilhaut as was;he commereud his- tory of lh,~ United St,ales iu 1S9it, wheo tim foreign l rade .f I})(; co,ntry reached 82,072,32i,26/, and t:(mstit~lied our first advance into {he i/,v() billion limit, the record f,)r 1900 Is even [)vttvr, Advance e~imatesof the bur,,mt of statistie,~ at 678,739, or in exc~.s:~ of i!t p~w cent. The grand totai i~ ,h~ hh (1 !,io $1 470,00(1,0'10 a sum It cures the croup at once Then when any one tn the family comes down with a hard cold or cough a few doses of the Pectoral will cut short the attack at once A 25 cent bottle will cure a miserable cold; the 50c. size is better for a cold that has been hanging on. Keep/be dMIIr SIN on ~. "About 25 years SgO I came near dying with consumption, but waS cured with Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, since xyhic .h time .I have kel)t Ayer's medicmes in the house ana reeom- r " mend them to all my f lends. C. D, MATR~WSO~__ Jan. 18,1899. BriStOl, Vt. Write the Doetor~ If you have any complaint whatever and desire the best medical advise, write the d~tor ~reely. Address Dr. J. C. A'I~R, LoWell, Mass, A shooting affray occurred on Decem- ber 28 which has proven fatal to one of the participants. There has long existed a fued between James Stewart and Char- les Thompson, an old timer jn these parts. Threats on the part oF Stewart led Thompson to believe that hislife was eodangered, and when they met on a trail between Duncan and Liberty the shooting began. Stewart was shot in the lungs and lived until Sunday. Constable Morgan being notified left for the scene of trouble and Thompson at once sur- rendered himself. The coroner's jury called in the csso exonerated Thompson, and later at the preliminary hearing be- fore Judge Lawrence he was acqmtted on the ground of justifiable homicide. The verdict was generally approved by the people of the district,--Minsr. Brought Good Fortune. A small item in his own paper lately brought amazing good fortune to Editor Chris. Rt,itter, of the Saginaw (Mich.) Post an~Zcituog. He and his family had the Grip in its wors~ form. Their doclqr did lhem no good. Then he read that Dr. King's New Discovery for Cuu- sumpuon, Coughs and Colds was a guaranteed cure for La Grippe and all Throat and Lung troubles; tried it and suys: "Trees bottles cured tl~e wLolo family. No other medicine on earlh equals it." Only 50c and $1.00 a~ L.rd & Wilcox's, Cre~tone, Colo. Trial bottles free. The San Lnis Valley Land and Min. inK company is erecting a large bunk house at Cottonwood. It will be h~ated b) steam and supplied with all modern Facilities for the comfort sad convenie~:ce oK its employes.--Miner. Beat Out of an Increase of Ills Pension. A Mexican war veteran and prominent editor writes: "Seeing the advertisement of Chambertain's Colic, Cholera and [)i- arrhoea Remedy, I am reminded that ss a soldier in :2.exico in '47 and '48, I con- tracted Mexican diarrhoea sad this rem. edy has kept me from getting an Increase in my pension for on every renewal a dose of it restores me." It IS unequalled as a quick cure for diarrhoea and is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by Ssguache Pharmacy. ~. 0. Tsyl0r Whiskies and by 0rlflosl Ju~g~m CASTORIA For Infantl and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought :Bea~s t~e Signature of for exports and ~S;25.000.00',) for Imports, whieh shows a t i,ildo ha]al)CO in our favor for 1900 e(t~,i] ~() 8(M5.000.000, ~zrea'er by $25.000.000 :t, an that of any precedmgyear. Cotmidermg the exports ahmo, ~t m;]y be suni tm,~ for the calen- dar year 1900 they u id t)e double those of the ca!endar yeur 1888, three times those of 1872, four times lho:o ,of 1869 and tire times .s much as in 1866. On the import side the figures are less im- posing. Ttley will aggregate for the 3oar $825,00d,000, against $840,000,000 in ~he eelehdaryear 1892, when they reached tae h~gh water mark of the century's imports. The main cause for this rapid expan- sion of t~ado is two fold. Industrial ed- ucation of the more practmal clsss, com- bined w~th natural capacity and the im- mense quantity and value of our natural resources, such as coal, Ire., cotton, cor- als, etc. These constitute the bulk of our exports to other countries and give our people in the domain of mauufac- tare, a lead which lower wages, cheaper living and other enforced economies do not equal, much more overcome~ ~War in China cut our trade m that country in half, but the Orient, taken as a whole, has proved a better customer than ever before--a fact abundantly set forth m the enlargement of the seven steamship lines now plying from Pacific e~ast ports to the west, and m the efforts of the great railway companies to share in that traffic. The American engineer, w~th his noted adaptabihty, has spread to the corners of tbe habitable globe and American trade is follnwing in his wake. Not armies, but brains, have blazed the line o6 progress in material things." Mrs. Sherman wants the good people of Saguache and vicinity to know that in addition to tailoring and repmring she is prepaired to make buckskin garments. Co]ora(lo Short Line. Hiss uri Pacific Ry The People's Choice, Througi~ without change DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS and PUEBLO TO KANSAS CITY aiid ST, LOUIS, Direct Route 1'o The Hot Springs 0f Arkansas, Free Reolmin,t Chair C~rs. Elegant Pulhnsn Palace Buffet Sleepers. Government Fas' Mail R,)ute East and West See your nearest ticket agent or write g. A, TRIpP. T G, ~, F. & P, Agt., Dea~er, Golo. m,, man.y SAGUACHE CRESCENT and Don't Know it. vosm~a~ saau~o~ vz~o~. l~ow-~'-~O~t. OSCAR D--. - BRYAN. Fill a bottle or common glass with your wgter and let it stand twenty-four hours; a PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. _ ~ ~diment or set- ~ fling indicates an ublished at 8aguaehe, Colo.~ ever~ Thn~lal~. t)n political questions it will advoeat~ tim "~"~d ] ~'~ *',7~-"7~ unhealthy ccndl- interests of the llepubhoan p~'t~. It~ [~ ~~~ y/" tion of the kid- chief aim will be to advance the ms,. ~P,'~ ~YJ b]~/,' i V neys; if it stains terial into,eats of this oounty. ~-~L--':~?~7~I your linen it is Subscription, : $2.00 a Year. ~Y~-~C~J-f"~ evidence cf kid .... \i! /~ ~,/_~'~ ney trouble; too =~_~])/ /r~-~,,V~ frequent desire to @~HI'@4~I'~4HI'~O4~IqHI*~ pass it or painio t t Leading Paper - " ~ .... the back Is also t convincing proof that the kidneys and blad- ~ Of the County. Has more der are out of order. ~ than twice the circulation what to ]Do. ~ of any paper In county, t There is comfort in the knowledge so often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp- @~OOOOO~@~@O~@@~ Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every Notice wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part To wl.m~ It n~.~y emaeern and more purlieu- of the urinary passage. It corrects inability to hold water and scalding pain in pas~ing it, or bad effects following use cf liquor, wine or beer. and overcomes that unpleasant necessity of being compelled to go often during the day, and to get up many times during the night. The mild and the extra- ordinary effect of Swamp.Root is soon realized. It stands the highest for its wcn- f~rful cures of th? most distressing eases. you neea a medicine you should have the best. Sold by druggists in 50c. andS1, sizes. You may have a sample bottle of this wonderful discovery ~?..~ and a book that tclls~ more about it, both sent~l~,~J~I~ absolutely free by marl, address Dr. Kilmer & lIome of Sw~k~pRoo~ Co., Binghamton, N.Y. When writing men- tion reading this generous offer in this paper. Susan Ball Bilked. Mrs. Sussn Ball, who but a few weeks ago got quite a sum of money from her husband in settlement of their matri- monial troubles, is again m hot water. She went from here to Moffat and went to work is the hotel there as a cook. She had with her $650 and feeling that so much money was not safe in her posses- sion handed it over to James Fogarty, one of the proprietors of the hotel, for safe keeping. Old timers in Saguaohe will remember "Cuter" Poverty and will know what a good selection Mrs. Ball made in pinking out a depo~ilory. A few days alter giving up her wealth she a~k- od Fogarty for some money and he gen- erously loosaned ap a $5 bill. Then he took the train for Salida and had him s good time. When he did not return at tbs stated time suspiolon was sroused and Salida parti~ ware wired to find out if "Cuter" was there. The answer cams that he was and blowing his money right royally. Mrs. Ball went over to see him but he had decided that Salida was too slow and had gone to Pueblo. Mrs. Ball was in Saguache on Saturday and swore out a warrant charging Fogart~ with larceny and Sheriff Williams started out Sunday on his trail. It is ~tated that Fogarty also got away wi|h ~ bslonging to his partner, Mr. Clark. Mrs. Ball is old enough to have had more sense but it seems that that pas- sage of ~oripture about something and hie money being soon parted, applies m in this cue. Persons whosuffor from indigestion can not expect to hve long, because they can. not eat the food reqmred to nourish the body and the products of the undigested foods they do eat poison the blood. It is important to cure indigestion as soon as possible, and the best method of doing this is to use the preparation known as Kodol Dyspepsia Care. It digests what you eat and restores all the digestive or- gans to perfect health. Saguache PAnt. ma0y. The ~iingllke Sleeves are Very Trying. The Aig~on, or turn-over, collar will be much less worn with the spring weather," writes Miss de Forest m the Jammry Ladies' Home Journal. "I should bc quite careful, too, about mak- ing any exaggerated sleeve now. It has taken long arms and slender figures to look well in the wingliko appendages of this winter. Man)' very smart women have clung persistently and very sensibly to the old-fashioned coat sleeve." Blown To Atoms. . The old idea that the body sometime~ needs a powerful, drastic, purgativ~ pill has been exploded; for Dr. King's New Life Pills, which are perfectly harmless, gently stimulate liver and bowels to ex. pal poisonoas matter, cleanse the system and absolutely cure Constipatmn aud Siott Headache, Only 25c at Lord & Wilcox's, Crastoae, Golo. Owing to clroumstancee the meetmg~ which were to have begun at an surlier date, at the Baptist church and were postponed, will beam Monday night, Jan. 1/th. On the above named date P~v. E. O. Butler will begin a ~ri~ of meetings ta)which all are invited. All those whosiug are cordially invited to join ourself, thos~ who enjoy music come as-We shall try to have some sp~. ial'multe, ularly t,, J. M. l]uHel'S. Be it known. 'l'll;tt 8zguacho county dld~ Oa ti~e ISLh (hty t,f D,,cember A.D. 1897 purchase lit put)l 0 Stt e itl Ltle cotln~y of :~guutche and state of t!ot~)r;t.io el th ~ Llle[i t, rea~urer of said COUl|ty h)r the tb'liU lllel|[ tax Of l~ the Vole low|rig described |), operty, taxed for said ),ear iu the tu, ute ,)f J. ,~[, Bu~ters to-wit: E~,i SEX. see. 18 and %' F~SW ~ see. IT, twp. i~, r,lll..~e S, SllLla.ted |n 8:tguaane (~)l.tULy, Ct)ioradoaud itssessed Ior said )e~r 1896 at $600. A.ad the s:tht liar(base aS evidenced by t~x eertiflcat(~ ot purctiase No. 2t5 having been duly a ssl2 ll(~(i t() ) he u,derslgln~l and I he ~Xt~J OU tile s;~td le,~)tt for Ihe years 1~, I~, 18~. 18~9 hawug beeu paid by the holder ,)t ~ld certificate ot pureaase aud the uuderaigt~ed beillg IIow ill ptts-e.~Mon Of and the owner of 8tliO CCt'lifi('ate (.)[ |)urcha e. Therefore, Not[co is i~ereby given as roqulr. ed In cimpter 1t~ of tile seaslou laws of the shtte l)iC, dora(lo ior Ike year 181~ that th tun(. for t'ed'