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January 10, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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January 10, 1901

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Entered at the po~ office at .~taguaeb$, On.In.. f r transmi~ion throuRh the matin a~ ~ond~cla~ matter. 08CAR D. ilRYAN, Editor. THURSDAY. JAN. I0, 1901. Publbl r's N0tlee With this immue we mall papers to names heretore on the subscription list of the Saguache Journal. The date to which these papers are paid is printed on the address. In the case of prod in advance Journal subscribers, who are al- so CRZSCE~T subscribers, the balan~ due them is added to the date to which they are now paid on THE CRBSCENT list. We trust that the new names thus added to our list will like the peper well enough to continue taking it after the ~. time to which it is paid by reason of the Journal credit has expired, but in caes they do not care to continue as CE~SCE~ subscribers they are requested to drop us a postal card to that effect. O. D. BRYAn. Sa!luache County. The Denver News in speaking of Sa- guache county has the following to say in its New Years edition: The r~ouroes of Saguache county con- met of mining, agricnlture and stock raising. The southern part of the coun- ty consists of grain land, there is at pres- ent under irrigation and in oultivatlon 150e57i sores of grain land, from which there has been a yield of wheat and oats averaging thirty bushels to the acre. In addition there ie meadow and good graz- ing land amounting to 184,000 acres. The stock raising industry has especial ad. vantages in this county owing to the vast range and water supply, and there have been great improvements in tee gTade of stock handled and a large m- crease in number. The aseemmd valua- tion of cattle is $202,342, and sheep $50,- 220, which is about one-meventh of the r~l valuation. The mining industry has made pro- -green during the last year. Crestone has grown to a town of 2,000 inhabitants. A year ago it had only about 200 and the developments of the mines along the Sangre do CrlstO rangdlpromlses to make this one of the best towns in this part of the state. The camp of Bonanza m at- tracting the attention of mining men. The town has continually grown, and -important sales have been made. Two mills have been erseted, one by the Pems Milling company and one by Mart: Bto- doll. There are at present about 300 men on the pay roll of the companies in- =tereeted in the camp. Numerous mmea throughout the coun- ty promise well, among which are the Klondike, located within nine miles of Saguaoho and the Silver Plume, located in the Coohetopa mining district. The i towns are building up and the county is experiencing a presto e:t u ~ ~ e:iod. Every woman will appreciate a little article which makes it possible to remove dirt from her gloves as easily as" she would erase the marks of a lead pencil from a sheet of paper. This little con- venience is a composition of rubber. It 0~me~ in the form of a block, is fr~, from odor, and so small tilat it can be carried in the pocket. It is also useful for re- moving soiled spots from woolen or silk garments.--Maria Parloa, in the January Ledies' Home Journal. Hen. Alva Adams--Aside from the ad- vantages to the individual there ia a lever of national safety m rural life. Pa- triotism is inherent iu those who till the field. If to me was given the opportuni- ty to organize a perfect commonwealth the first consideration would be that every citizen should own, in fee simple an acre or more of land. Everyone who widens the field of country life ia a ben- crater. ~]e Briscoe who was defeated for speaker of the house claims R. A. Chim- h01m, Mike White and several others wont back on their pledges. Mr. Bris- nee i8 probably a novice in pohtiol and ~aku of friendship as every expression pledge of suvport. Evoryoce who knows Messrs. Chisholm and White knows their word is as good u their bond.--M0nte Vista Journal. With the signing up of the warrants drawn by the old board of county com- missioners the ol~cial duties of D. M. Davilon, chairman, cease. ~d[r. Davison ham made a careful, painstaking officer and he retires from the board with the consciousness of having done /~lS full duty. The M'other'e Favorl~. Chamberlain's Cough P~medy m the mother's favorite. It is pleasant and sere for children to take and always nUleL It is intended e~eoially fo~ coughs, colds, croat) aLd whooping cough, and ia the b~t medicine made for these di~wes. Them ta not the least danger in giving it to children for it contains no opium or other i~jurious drug and may be givdn u oonfidently to a babe as to an adult. For role by Saguache Pharmacy. Flour, gram and hay and fruh mute he nourishment contained in food must separated by the digestive organs rein the waste materials and must ~e arried by the blood to all parts of the ~dy. We believe the reason for the great benefit which so many people de- ice from Hood's Sarsaparilla lies in the ~ct that this medicine gives good dikes- km and makes pure. rich blood. It re- fores the fubctions of those organs rhich convert food into nourishment hat gives strength to nerves and mus- ics. It else cures dyspepsia, scrofula, air rheum, sores, pimples sad eruptions, atarrh, rheumatism and all diseases that rove their origin in impure blood. A ~[ueh Appreciated Calendar. "Isn't it pretty?" is the universal re- aark of ladies when they pick up one of tood's Sarsaparilla Calendars for 1901. g~mrs. C. I. Hood & Co. are as enter- prising as ever, and as usual, their house- Iold calendar for the opening year of the Dth century portrays the likeness of a Stile girl, with flowing hair pink cheeks md bright eyes, which with Ihe posture if the child, fully bears out the title of ficture, "Patience." The calendar pad s larger than usual and besides the val- ruble information given on the monthly ,heets, has advertising and coupon shps nterspersed. The demand for these cal- tndars has nseissitated the issuing of a argo edition, which caused the com- nencing of work on them early in Sep- ~mber, the last orders not being filled lntil within a few days of the new year. :)ruggists generally can supply you with ;hess celendars or a copy can be ohtain- ~d by sending six cents iu stamps to C. L HOOD & Co, L~woll, Mass. ~ome Good ~tock. John McDonough and sou, Will, pass- ~d through town last Friday on their vay to the ranch on Los Pines with some good stock. They had live Galloway null calves which cost them $200 a head. [:hey got them out of the famous herd ~wned by Dan Newoomb at La Jars, and tre.t'ho amens the bunch which took ~he sweepstakes prize at the recent Na- tional Stock show at Chicago. They al- had three young Normau stallions vhich they bought near Del Norte which )hey will add to their horse herd. Pepsin preparations often fail to reheve ndigestion because they can digest only dbuminous foods. There is one prepa- 'utica that digests all clamms of foods, md that is Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It rares the worst cases of indigestion and gives instant relief, for it digests what you eat. 8aguache Pharmacy. At its annual meeting the RsncLmen's Mutual Telephone company re-elected ;he old directors a~d officers with a few ~xceptions. Nathan Ward retires and lie place on the board was taken by W. h, Ward, Wilbur Curtis ia thenew treas. md Alba Ward, manager. W. E. Cox was taken violently ill at l hm o~le~ on Thursday afternoon and had ~o be carried home. He is improving md will be out in" s few days.--Oouner tel at, re Babies and children need proper bed, rarely ever medi- cine. If they do not thrive on their food something is wron~ They riced a little help to get their digestive machinery working properly. COD LIVER OIL Wff# /ffPOP//OO#/TE5 of / /N ~ 50d4 :will generally correct this difficulty. if yo~ will put from one- fourth to half a teaspoon[ul in baby's bottle three or four times a day you will soon see a marked improvement. For larger children, kom half to a teaspoonful, according to age, dissolved in their milk, if you so de~ire, will very soon show its great nourish- ingpowu. If the mother's milk does not nourish the baby, she needs th~ emul- sion. It will show an effect at once both upon tootler and child. - ~o. and St.ava, a~l dm$$kts. SCOTT & BOWNE, Ch~mlm~ New York. Why You Should Insist on ltaving EUREKA HARNESS OIL Unequaled by any other. Renders hardleather soft. I~ specially prepared. ~eeps out water. A heavy bodied oil. HARNESS An excellent preservative. Reduces cost of your harness. Never burns the leather ; its II=fficiency is increased. ~ecures best service. ~titches kept from breaking. OIL Is sold in all Localities Manofactared by Standard Oil Company. . IH Another Good Strike. SENT FREE FISHER'S Uterine Tonic Knowledge ~ The Great Female Rclnedy positiv(.ly ~r cures all female complaints; 1 mon~]:'~ ~., ~ treatment 11; 6 months' treatment ~-,. ~ MRS. SADIE M. FISHER, SUITE 28, ~ ~~lBTa ST., DENVER, COLe A].~O for ,~ "1 by All Druggists. Send for free sa:~!' !, ~ and llter~tur% worth I ts weigh t i!t Iz ~'d -'~" U~til@d aRywhere on request, postpaid RELIABLE ASSAYS Gold ............ $ .50 Gold and Silr~r..$ .75 Lead ............. 50 Gold,sliver, copper 1.50 Samples bg mail retains prompt a~ention. Rich Ores and Bullion Bought. OGDEN ASSAY CO. 1429-16th St., Denver, Colo. C. W. Moore reports a strike in a claim in Burnt uulch. In having the annual ~~l work done in a new place a three foot Vein Was encountered close to the surface ~ you're planting which is thoroughly impregnated with IF" when you plant Ferry's Seeds. if you mineral and i,ronouuoed by all who have buy cheap seeds you can't seen it as a very promising prospect, bes~e. Take no chances- - get Ferry's. Dealers every- Some very rich ore has been found on ka where ~11 them. Write j for 1901 Seed Annual-- the surface but op to the pros-ant time mailed free. all. cflbrts, to locate the vein have been D.M. FERRY & CO..m In ValU. M~ssrs. Moore and McLaren "are to be congratulated ou their good luck as they r~ghtly deserve it, both of them having spent time and money in the develop- ment of this district.--Eagle. ..... SE I:'r-LE D.-- The libel suit brouzht by Mauuella Torres against J. D. Espinosa for defa- mation of character has been settled by the patios--amicably and to the satisfac- tion of all concerned--and in such a man. ncr as not to reflect upon the character of any party. It seems that the whole muddle was due go an unfortunate mis- understanding. he Pioneer Stahle. r ~ Having leased the old Pioneer Stable at Villa Grove (being th,, one used by H. Braham and successors as a slags barn) to be used as a livery, food and sale sta- ble. I solimt a part of the public patron- age, and shall strive by strict attention to businets and with good rigs and har- ness to merit the same. F. P. HALL, Manager. G. O. Ta)qor Whiskies, o~ superior excellea~ It is thought that the demand for isteers this year will be greater than heretofore for several reasons. The Asia- tic beef orders at the Pacific coast mar- kets during the past twelve months haw been so great that the territory usually depended upon to supply them has been completely denuded of ell desirable cat- tle and lhe railroads today are called up. on to carry stock to those western mar- kets from Wyoming, Montana, Utah and oven western Colorado in large num- bers. The demands made upon the north- ern and western territory by the eastern market~ have been equally as preying, with the result that there are not enough cattle in the Rocky Mountain country.- Field and Farm. Notme. The express office is at my resi- dence in the Dallas block where ex- press ma~ter nlav be obtained at any time. Parties wishing infor- mation regarding departure of trains, rates etc. luay secure it free of cost. FRAZ~K CARJ~SON. Governor Thomas, as one of the last of his official acts, granted a parole to Alfred Packer, the famous prisoner-- whose case has attracted so much atten- tion in the past. Gee. Thomas says th~ pardon is granted hlrgoly ca account of the condition of Packer's health. The act will be generally commended. Pack eriswell known in Saguache by the old timers and it was from the Saguache sheriff, Amos Wall, that he made his memorable escape. For the lJoys. James Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc and rubber he can get. u,, ~;u, pay ~ .... '~ " F ...... ~ "^" copper, and one cent and a half for old rubber. STATEMENT Of the conditio~ of the Saguaolie Coun tv Bank, located at Sagoache, Colorado, at the close of business Monday, Jan. 7th 1901: RESOURCES: Loans and discounts ........ $120,338 05 Overdrafts ................... 571 28 Bank building, safe deposit 2,30O 00 vaults, furniture & fixtures Due from National and State Banks ....................... 29,294 38 Cash and Cash Items ......... 11,9t0 01 $16~,443 72 LIABILITIES* Capital stock ................ $ 30,000 00 Undivided Profits ............ 2,727 42 Due Depositors .............. 131,710 30 $158,070 17 I, Charles Tarbell, Cashier of theabove named Bank, do solemuly swear thatthe foregoing statement is true- to the best of my knowledge and belief. CHARLES TARBELL, Cashier. State of Colorado, Connty of Saguache --as: Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th day of Jan., A. D, 1901. [Seal] Wm~AM F. BOYD, Notary Pablic. She,'tfl~s Sale. By virtue ol an execution Issued out of tile clerk's office of the dl,.lrlet court of~aguacbe county and state oi C ,lorado and to nle di- rected, wherehy l am commanded to make She SUlU of one hundred and lllty.nne dollars ($151) antd costs of soiL the amount of a eer- tatnjodgment reeo~dly oblalned ngalost R. .tl. Phillips and Nancy PhUllps in laver el Thomas I~,osebrauglt, out of tim Jands. tene- ments, goods aud chattels of the said P,. M. Phillips und Nancy Philllps~ I have levied on She following property, in-wit: One bay gelding ;]years old branded I T B on left 4houlder. One buckskln gelding 3 years old bradded B on left ~lloulder, named Bob. -if- One bi~y mare 4 years old branded B on left shoulder named Ed. One Hoozler 8 hole grain drill, nee 3~ ~tuderbaker w,go,t and all the grain on ti~e prenlises of R. ~. Phillips con- ; slating of about 300 bushels of eats In bins in I ~he barn, the same being on all the ,lgbt., it-I tlealtdlnterest of said R. hi. Phillips and l NaDCy Phillips of,in and t,) the above describ-. ed property. Tlierelore, according t(, sdd comln~)md, I i shall expose for sale at pub ic auction, all tl~e i right, title andinlerest of tim above named R. M, Phillips end Nancy Phillips in and.to the above described prope~ly, no SaturDay tDe 19th day of January, 1901 at 11 o'clock a. m. at Ihe restdence elsaid 1~. 51. Phillips and ~aney Phlillps in Sa~uaehe county, Colorado. Dated at Saguache this 7th d:~y of Jan. 190L ]'JUOE~E ~' ILLIA]~IS. 8herifl'oI ~aguache CourtLy. Notice. To whom it may concern and more particu- larly to J. I,'. Patterson. Be it known, That, Saguache connly did, on She 18ti~ day ol Decca, bar A. D. 1897, purchase. at put)lie sale ill Lile county of ~agtlac le and state of COlol'ado~ of the lheu treasurer of said COunty, for the delhtqucht tax t)llB.q6 ttte fol lowin~ described property laxed for said year in the naute olJ. F. Patlerson to-wit: N. E. ~ sec. 3, Twp. 44, raoge 10, in Saguache county, Colorado and assessed lor said year 1897 at ~17~0. And the said purchase as evidenced by tax certldc~tteol purchase 12~ having been duly; ass|gaed to the uuderslgt~ed aud the laxes on the said land for Ihe years 1897, 189~, 1899 hav- ing been paid by the holder of said certiffcate el purchase, and the undersigned being now in pos.~ession of and the owm'r el said eertiticate of purellase. Titerefore, Notice is hereby given ss requir- ed it~ chapter 144 of the session laws oi the ~tateofCo~ot~do for the year )89;~ that Ine time for redemption of said real estate from said tax sale will expire on the 20tit day o~ April A. D. 1901, and that thel*:lore I shall ap- ply to the treasurer el said 8aguachc county, Colorado, for a deed to the above described I sell gunny sacks four cents each I properly. n~v 10 ,~ant= a dry,an for h~=~ I-~-I~. " ] Vitness my hand and seal this '~7 day of _i. ~ [ [~EALJ 51. A. KUEI~xNLEIN. Regular Sunday services will be held [~ at the Presbyterian church next Sabbalh ] NoUce Jan. 13thatlla. m. and7:30p, m. The] --" Sunday school is at 2 p.m. Mr. Powell Tu whom it may concern and more particn- .,, ~ ~ . ~ .. [ lariy to F. G-. PatLerson Receiver. _Will preach morlng ano ovenlng ann 9ar. Be it known, That 8agttaehe county (lid, ou Russell will provide special music, All the elghteeuth day of December, A. D. 1897, " '" "t ~ purehaseatpubllnsale ill tbe county of Sn- are cOlUlally lnV1 eo uache and state o ' g ' f Colorado, of the then .... tieasurer of said county for the delinquent Y)nn.an Mareh~ll h~s =.IA h; .... *.1~ tax of the year 1896 the following described i ~--.,~ - ~,~ ~.~ u,,= o,=uv,~ property taxed for said year iu Ihe name of i and hay to Pat O'Fallon and no doubt F, o. Pattersou to.wl~: Southeast quarter of sec 3 twp ~ott~ four will ere long make arrangements to leave ' ' ' " "" us for California. We re~ret to see Mr. Marshall leave the San Lute--but he'll be back some time They all comeback. For" Sale or Trade. A first class wheel Apply at this (44), range 10 in ~aguacbe county, Colorado ann assessed for ~aid year 1896 at $760 lees 60 cents. And the said purchase as evideueed by tax certificate of purchase No. 120 havlug been duly assigned to thu undersigned and tim tax, s on the said land for the years 1897, 1898, 1899 having been paid by the holder of said certificate of purchase, and the undersigned acing now ill possessl0n of and the owner of said certificate el purchase, o~ce. Therefore, Notlce is hereby given sS requlr- ...... .~ . ed ill chapter 144 of the session laws o! the 'xne ~aguaone Mill Uo, is filling the etatm of colorado for theyear 189~, that the -. _ L ..... ~ tithe for redemption of said real estate from wareuou~e ~Us~ easr~ ot ~no URaTCKNT said tax sale will expire on the '20th day of[ ofltse with flour. ~rain and feed st-ff I April, A. D. 1901 aud tltat therefore 1 shall ap- [ , o "-- " ply to the treasurer of said Saguache county. Mr. ChowanofLa Junta~. ~~ -~colorado m Iprperty,] Colorado. for a deed ~o tile above deserlbetl ] visitiug hie brother (~harli~__ and fam~l-v [ T~'W2t-ne~,my'~hand- ,,-~,~.-,., ,.w. and seal thts 2,th day of at th0 Durkee r&noh.--Hoo~r Prom, [ CS**'.] ~t. A. K~zn~i~, L No. 554. Mineral Survey No. 1,,347. U. S. Land 0 , at Del Nnrte, Colo., Jan. 2, 1901. ~" Notice ix ]wre i'en Ib:lt Tholn~ls France v.,l~osc ),)st()ffice Colo. ban lnatle a )- plieatio)t for a pateut for 1500 [htear f,~et ou the Great .Mogul lode, the same b,~ing 150 feet N 0 30' E ned 1350 feet S 0 30' W of the discovery shalt and 145.t feet of file Enness T hate both bearing gold and silver, thc same being 98t feet N 00' q(r E and 475 feet S 60" 30' W 1,'urn diner)v- cry slaft tbel'eun~ witl| S[II[SCC gr(taln| eaell 390 fevt in width, ~ituate iu Kerbc.r (;reek mining tdstriet, Sagoaclle county, state ef colorado and described in tire pint and field notes on file in ~his office, as follows, viz: GREA~ MOGUL LODE. Begiening at eor No. l, w]ience the S W eor ofsec]7, twp47 N III E N M I'M bears S 83* 30' W 377 feet, thei~ce N 0 30' E 1500 feet to enr No. 2 TI)ene.c N 30' E 300 feet to cur No. 3. Thence S 0" :'~) W 150:) feet to eor No. 4. Tbence N89"30 Wq00leettocorNo. 1 the placeofbe- ginning contahd .~g after exehtdl~g coufllet wlth Stw No. 733 Pare ;ou lode, 9.773 aeres. ENNESS T. LODE. Begiuhilrg at c, or No. 1, whence lhe S W cur see17, twp47 N R8EN MPM bears S 39" W 601.11 feet, the]m S 60" ~' ~.V 1459 feet to cot' No. 2. Thene~J N 30' E :~46.4 feet to cur No. 3. Thence N 60 30' E 1459 feet to cur No. 4. Tltence S 0~ 30' W 346.4 feet to cur No. 1. the place of be- ginning, coutait g 10.018 acres, net area of chtims contahfil g 19.821 acres, expressly ex- eoptn~g and excl i(hng all conflict with s'urvey No. 733 l'ara~on lo~le attd forming aport,on of the.~ W~,~ s*;e17, SE~4 sec 18"tnd N E 14 of sec19, twl) 47N R8EoftheN MPM, Said lo- eat~(m being recorded iu vols 70 and "/B, at pages 262, ~55 of the records nf Sag(iacl~e county, Colo. Adjoining claims sur No. 733, Paragon lode, sur No. 722S Whale lode, sur No. 12,281 Mill Site hide anti First Chance, A. Badders claimant, otlmrs it" any nld.:nown. .ll~:,H. l~x~z ,rt Regzster'". First l)ub dan 10 t ma MINI~ G APPLICATION. No. 553. Mineral Sarvey No. 13,917. il; tire grollnd with me(rod of .~looe scribed 2-3, 13917 A, tbet~ee S 3 14 E ~ar 1;~' 30' cast 1t06.57 feet to cur No. 4, :t eetbtr post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set 30 hlehes ill the ground with Inotmd of stone S(.l'il~e(1 1-4, 13917 A, whence a pllnon tree 10 inches in (liameter hlazcd and scribed B T 1-1, 13917 A, bears N 11 05' W 12.05 feel, a I)ieioo irce 6 ioches ill dianleter blazed and scribed B T 1-4, 13917 A, bears S 43 13' E 9.44 feet, thence .~ 84 09\ ~V, vi(riat[oll 13 12r east 232.01 to eor No. 1 the place of beginning. REESE l,OltE'. Beginning at eor No. 1, identical with cur No. 4 Iterl;voialode of tills Sl l'V(!v, w )eln'e N E co]" sac 2t~ T 44 N R 1i E of the N'M t' 51 bears S 4~ ;~,' 0i" W 113(s.95 feet, lhe~lee N ~ 14 W var 13" :~)' east 140~.'7)7 feet to e(~t" No. Z, identical witll cur No. :3 l~el'nydia lode of this survey, theuce N 8F'09'Evar13 30'eas~ 21.46 feet cur No. 1 Albert loose of this sur,/e) 2~9.~7 feet to col' No. 3 on ln:e 4- 1 Albert lode el this survey, a shelf on I)erl)endienlar s ale (;lift 30 feet high cldseled x 3-12917 A, thence S ~5 15' E car 13 12' eastl408. 58 feet to COl' No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5feetleugset 30 inclics in the gronnd with m[)un(t of stone scribe(( 4-13917 A, whence Sierra Bhtneo bears S 25 31' E, thence S 84 09' W vat' 13" 12' east 290.27 feet tu cur No. 1 tim place of beginuing. ALBERT LODE. Beginning at cur No. 1 ou line '2-3 Reese lode of tins survey, a cedar post 4x4 inehes x 5 feet long act ;~ :n(~hes in the ground witl~ monnd of stone sctit)ed 1-13917 A, wlienee N E c~t' see 26 T44N R11Eoftlte N Mt'51 bears $1 59' 49" E 2533 feet, a cedar tree 14 inches in diameter blazed and scribed B T 1-139i7 A beat's S 51" 06' E 13.2') feet, thence N 11 14' W vat' 13 30' east 412,58 feet iutcrsect lil,e 4-1 Bernard lode of ntis snrvey, 762.[)9 feet intersect line 2-3 Bernard lode t)f tills st,trey 1441.5t feet to cur Nn. 2, a cedar post 4x4 hiches-x 5 feet h)ng set 30 inches in tire grnun(| with lnotmd of siena scribed 2-13917 A) whence a cedar tree 10 incln, s lit dmlueter blaz- e(l and scribed B T 2-139t7 A bcar," S 37" 21' W 18 2 feel thcoce N ~1~ ~!, r I,~ v~t r 15~ east 290.26 feet to cur No. 3, a gee ss reek ill place 4x8 feet 4 feet above grouud chiseled x 3-13917 ~f., whence a spruce tree IU Jl(clles in dianleler blaze(I and scL'ibed I{ 'L" 3-1.]917 A bettrs N 74 47 E 26.12 fuet tllen('e S Jl 14' I,: car 13 45 easl 377 feet, inter- sect line 2-3 Bernar(I lode oil this survey, 726.51 feet (nie~'sec~ lil)t~ 4-1 l~crnar(I lo(le of tilts sar- vey~ 1441.51 feet to eor No. 4 a ecd~tr post 4x4 1)(!ll(~s X 5 feet long wet ;/0 incaes ilt I l~ grotlnd with nlotln(I Of stotle SCl'lb(~d 4-139i7 A, whence a U S Land "~flice at D X on slate ledge chiseled B 14 4-139t7 .t bears N . u ) al Norte, Colo., ~ ,3 51' E 7.82 leer thence S ~t 09' W var 13 12' ( ctober 3 1900. ~ east 21.85 feet cur No. 3 Reese lode of thls sur- Notice is herel y gives that in pnrsuance of ] vey, 290.26 feet to cur No. 1 the place of begin- the ac, t ef c()n~rt ss el)proved May 10, 1872, the I ning. San Isabel Mining and Milling eoinl)any, wh,se BERNARD LODE. postofficc athlress is Crestoue Sagnaclmc6unty, Colorado I]as lnad4! app]lc:Uiolt for a patent for BeginlHt|g at eor No. lo(t ll|te 2-;3 Rosette lode 14~7.35 li|mar feet o|t tl|e (;ran-Lee lode. hearing I of this survey a ced~tr post 4x4 inches x 5 feet COl)l)er a|~(I gold, the s:|me being 1323 35 feet long set 3~ il|ehes in the grottnd with mouttd of nortltwestcr y ;~||(1 8t feet so|ittteasterly from stone scr bed 1-13917 A, wl|ettce N l'~ cot' sac 26 discnvery eat thereat, with s| rface gronnd 300 T 44 N R II E of the N M 1' A1 bears S 10 57' 56" feet in ~x;J(Itlt: a| also for 1407.35 linear feet on t ( Svkc, o( e, healleg copter and gold tlle same'being 1391 [(et southeasterly and 1165; feet northwestol [y from tile tlJscoverv cut there on, with s|lrf;tee groull(I 250 feet iu ~'vi(lfll a|n also f()r 14G7.35 ine~|r heat o|| tire Rnsetta lotle I)earbl~ eopl)er an,,l gohf, the saale being 1351.:11 feet ~torthweste y and 56 feet southeasterl~ fronl disct)veJ'y c t'[ tllereon, with stlrface gl'ouni :~10 feet in wi(Ith aim also for 1407.35 lin. feet el th( ~ernv(lia lo(b 1;earing copper and gold the same bein~ 1335. tect nortitwesterlyand 44 feet so the tsterlv, from discovery cut thereon, with sorf;teeground2 feet at southerly end attd i73.44 feet at nor erlY end, in widtlt; and also for 14{);3.57 hnear oo the lfeose lode, beariug COl)per and gold. the same being 1:376 feet south- easterly and :32 57 feel" ||orthwesterly frnm dis- coverv eat tl|ere with snrfaee ground 2;39 feet i]; widlh: and el: for 14~1.51 1 ncar feet ou the E 2537.;~ feet a ced~r tree 30 inches in diameter blazed att(I scribed B T 1-13917 A bears N 39" 21' \V 13.16 feet. thence N 36 28 W v~t' 1:3 40' east 266.69 feet to cur No. 2, a cedar l)OSt 4x4 inches x 5 feet long wet ;~) in. in tltc gro((nd with mound oIstOlle scribed 2-13917 A,Wbeltce a l)iltiOU sttunp 4 ,Italics hi dJallletcr I)]azed altd scribed B ~ 2- 1',O17 A beat's N 6t* E g.10 feci tlienee N B5 10' E var 14" east 701.4 feet nterseet 1 ne 1-2 Albert lode, of this snrvey 1100.45 feet intersect line ~ Albert lode of this stu'vey 1320.04 feet to cur No. 3, a spruce post 4x4 inches X 5 feet long set 30 inehcs in the groun(l with mound of stone scrib- ed 3-13917 A, whence a spruec stump 6 inches In d|an|eLer blazed and scribed B S 3-13917 A bears S 39" tl' E 51.67 feet 1hence S 36 28' E car 18" 12' east 266.6'~ feet to cur No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 h|- cites x 5 feet long set 39 inches itl the ground wi~h mound of s~oue scribed 4-13917 A~ wllence a pine stun|p 14 inehes it). diamelcr bhtzed and scr|bed B S 4-13917 A bears N 4F' W 11.17 feet, Albert lode, heal " g co q)er and gohl,-the saine being 1207 ,7,1 fe~ :|erthwesterly a[t(i 234 feet tlte|~ee S 35~ 10' W car 13~ 12' east 377.2o Ieet io- soutbeaster!y fr( discovery cut tltereon with I ter~cct ]iuc 3-4 Albert lode el this survey 776.25 surlace ground 2;36 96 feet In width; also ~'Or [ feet intersect line 1-2 Albert lode this survey 1520 64 linear feet on the Bernard lode bearlng / 1320.64 feet to cot No. 1 the place of beginning. i copper and gold tits same being 666 feet sooth- GEMELI A LODE i westerh" and 654.64 feet northeasterly from the q ............... : ..... " .......... diseovei'y ettt thcreon, wltlt st|trace ~rouud 253.- . ~ eg~.~!Le~ at eoc .~.. ....v f ? .~.?.-~,~ 10 feet |ti wl 'th; att(I also to' 1471.79 linear feet loue ot ~ms survey,.a ceuar pos~ ax~ mc.aes xfl on theGemell.tlode bearing copper and gold. Ifeet tong set 30 meucs it| the g,ounu wlln the same bei,;g 104~.17 feet northwesterly aod ~,~ot~, ~ ~t~li~s~-ilbed toi4,d39t7 A, Wl[ence ~ .E 422.62 feet soulelntsterlv from the discovery cut [ . "~.~ ,.. ' t. ~ t le N M F~, bea'S.~ thcreoe with SOl'f'~ee ,rroun(i 9~t.~ 2~. f~et in Iv" 23 o#' ~ ')599 6:~ IeeT; a pinion tree ~,ncnes lU " : !~o !o1" " . i . ~t]alneter blazed and serlbed B. , . . "J~ 1-', 1391~ A same heing 14' O 7i feet northwesterly and 51feet ! ' ' ' ~, '. , ' ' ' ' - ' ' ' iPSt4x41nehesxlectlngset30 tel~es]llthe sooll|',tste [) f' m tile d Scovely cut theleot, . . wltll surface gl'ound 300 feet in width' and also [ g. . . . ... " .... - , t ' " q'ot|nd wilh ntnuud of stone sol,bed 2 3 139 7 A.~ f'Ov "~ ~'tt~llt ~l" ~ C~ ]hle'tr fo~t af tlje San I~a a 2k on a granite le(tge en|seled B It 2rB, 1~91~ A ............... ' ..... ~ .................... ~r13 40' e'(st "80 54 /~cct to col Nu 3, t (ed'~ widthantlreetango]ariuforot, alisituate|nthcl ' ... '.' - * ~ ~ ' ' : ~ ~ _" ' =..~t ~I:tl'~ tt t = ..... ~ini,~,.g .,tS~,',~l]i it;"t kS"o'II "11" O(~TI nTM,~ ,,~,, s~ ..... .,, ,.~*nt'" o[~el)OSt 4X4 lllCUeS X. [ee~ Jong set 30 ]nches In fee. . " ' ' , groun(i with lnound of stoae scrlbe(l 8-13917 ~., Cotra( )atnldesc' edb~the officalpathele- et ~ -'n h "n-i -" ( n Wi| ' ice a oscar Ires I~. 1 c es l U ameter ntaz ~|tl| posted attd by the field a )tee o file In the ...... .... e(l anu SCl'lbe(1 B I 3-13q17 A bears S 35 30' W office of the register ot the 1)el Norte, Cololado , ........... ~ . . " : .... iand ~striet ts follows viz 1~.~ ;e%~,~o,%r~ ~ ~it~;;_f,~ v:ar 1:~' ,2, oas~ ' ' ' 147~.U3 ~ ' " . , e ca1 wltn eoi" ~os. GRAN-LE E LODE. Beginning at c No. l, a cedar post 4x4 inches r. x.) feet lon~ set 30 inches |u the ground wilh mound ef sterne scribed 1-1'.3917 A, whence N E corsec26, T445 Rllo[theNM P M bears S r, 43" 50" 28", E 1421 02 feet, a cedar tree .) inches in dian;eter hlazed and scribed B T 1-13917 A0~)ears N 82: 21' E 9.31 f, East end of Tabl-. |no|m- taut bea~s S 3~ 2. W, thence N 5" ,51' W, car 13~ 12' east 1107.35 fe : to cur No. 2, on line 4-1 York State lode of this sarvey. A granite ledge chis- eled x 2-13917 A thence N 84" 09' E0 car 14~ 12' east 26.5.65 feet 'curs Nos. 4 and 1 York State and Gemella lodes'of ibis survey 300 feet to cot" No. 3, on line 4-1 Gemella lode of this survey. A ee- (lar post 4x4 Inches by 5 feet long set 30 hiches io t.lie groa||d with mnttad of stol;c scribed 3-2 13917 A, whence a pinion tree 10 inches In diam- eter I)]azed and scribed B T 2-3, 13917 A bears S 24 14' E 20 feet, tl~enee S 5" 51' E, vat' 15 ,0' east 1.l~7.35 feet to cor No. 4. A cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long sol 30 inches ia the groaud wltb monlld of stone scribed 4-1, 13917 A, whenoe a pinion tree 10 inches ht diameter blazed attd scribed B 't' 4 1 13917 A I)ears N 82" 13' W 12.7 feet, tltencc S 8t 09' W wtr 13" 12' east 300 feet to cur No. 1 the place of beghlnmg, SYKES LOI)E. Begiuniug at cur No. 1 tdentiea| with cur No. 4 (Iran-l.ee lode nftltis st, trey whence N E cur see26 1"44N l'11Eof file N M PM bearsS:33 0' 53" E 1253.77 f~ ~, thence N 5* 5i' W, wtr 13 12' east lt07.35 leer to col" No, 2, Identical with col' No. 3 (; r;|n-Lee In, [e of this sUrvey, thence N 8V c ) 0J'E, varl3 40'c:tsi250 feet toeor No. 3, a ce- dar post 4x l inches x .5 feet long set 30 inches in the ground with mound of stone scribed 2-3-4~ 13917 A, whence a cedar tree 16 Inches in .diam- eter I)]azed aml seribed B T 2-3-4, 13917 A, bears S6 47' E 17.7 feet, apeak iu ConeJos range bears S 39" 42' ~.~ thence S 5" 51' E, car 13 40' eas~ i407.35 feet to cur No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 in- ('lies x 5 feet hmg set "~0 inches ill tile gro|md wilh mountl of st..me scribed 4-i, 1;YJ17 A, wheuce a cedar tree 12 inches nt dialneter blazed attd set-tbed B 't" 4-1, 1;3917 A, bears ~ 14 42' E 12.04 feet, the Senth -~ It. in ('onejos range beat's S 4,5" 28" W, thence S ~4 09' W, var 13" 1').' east 250 feet to col' No. 1 tile )lace of beginnhlg. ROSETTA LODE. Beginning at cur No. 1, identical with cur No. 4 sv (as lode of th s s|trvey, wllened N E cur sac 26 :t' 44 N R 11 E uf tee N ' M l' M beat's S 22" 01' E 1166.04 feet, fimnce N 5 51' W, car 13~ 40' east 1407.35 feet In cot" No, 2, Identical with cur No. 3 Sykeslode of this survey, thence N 84' 09' E, var 13~ 40' east 98.92 feet~cor No. 1 Bernard lode of t0is survey, 300 feet to cur No. 3, a cedar punt 4x4 inches x'5 feet long set 30 inches in tl~e ground wit It lnotnt(l of stone scribed 2-3, 13917 A, whence a pinhm tree 4 inches Ju diameter blaz- ed and scribedBT2-3, 13917 A hearsS64,6'E ) r, 24.63 feet, thence S 5* el' E, car 13" 40' east 1407.- ;35 feet to cur No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set :~ Inches lit tim ground with mound e of stoi:e s.qqbed 1-4 13J17 A, whence a cedar iree 18 nc ~cs hi diameter blazed all([ scr bed B T 1-4, 13917 A. bears N 37~ 15' W 6.65 feel thence S 84 09' W, wtr ]3 12' ee st 300 feet to cur No. 1 the phtce of beginning. BERNYI)IA LODE. l~cglnnibg at cur No. 1, i~entieal with cur No. 4 Rosette lode of thls survey, whence N E cur sec~6T44NR11E ottlleN MPM beat's8 7 3 and 2 Sykes and [losetL~t lodes of thls surcey, thence S 84~ 09' W 250 feet cur Non. 2 attd 3Sykes and GraD-Lee lodes of this survey, 284.35 feet to eor No. 1 the place of heginniltg. YORK STATE LODE. Beginning at cot" No. 1 a ccdar post 4x4 inches x 5 leer ~ong set 30 inches in the ground with mound of stone scribed 1-13917 A, whence N E cor sec 26 '4' 44 N t'~ 11 E of the N M P M hears S 26 ol' 08" E 2692.36 feet, thence N 25" 50 W car 14 east 1471.79 feet to cur No. 2, a granite slone 4x16x'22~ inches set 18 inches in the ground chis- eled 2-13917 A, whetiee a cedar tree Z0 iuellcs in diameter hlazed attd scribed B T 2-13917 A bears _N 68 12' E 4,32 feet, tltence N 84 09' E var 13" 12' east 519.22 feet to cur No. 3, identical with lode of thi s v cur No. 2 Gemelia "s. ur ey, thence S 25~ 50' E car 13 12 east 1471.79 feet to cur No..4. i(Ictttieal ~ lth cur No. 1 Cornelia lode of this sur- vey, titepce S 8," 09' W var 1,~ 12' east 265.~ feet cot" No. 2 Grau-Lee lode of this survey, 819.- 22 feet to cot ~o. 1 ~lle place of beginning. SAN ISABEL ~([LL 81TE. Begimnng at eor No. 1, idenlical with eor No. 2, survey ~o. 13914 Mitchell lode ctaimaut un- known, a cedar post 4x4 niches x 5 feet 10rig set 30 iltcliesil| the ground with mound of stone scribed 1-13917 B attd 2-13914, whence :N E cur sec 26 T 4~: N R 11 E of the N M P M beat's S 22" 21' 30" W 1730.55 feet, cur No. #, sur No. 13917 lteese lode bears S 32~ 30' 10" W 516.54 feet, a qt|aking aspen tree 8 incites in dianieter blazed and seribedB T 1 13917 B, bears N 61" 08' E 4.42 feet, thence N 63~ 23' W vat 13" 12' east 15 feet creek 2 feet wkle c(,urse S 25 W 270 feet to cur No. 2, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 teat long set 30 htches ill the ground with mound ot 8tone seribed 2-13917 B, thence N 26" 37' E car 13" 12' east 806.65 ieet to cur No. 3, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set 30 incims ill the ground witli mound of stoHe scribed 3-13917 B, whence a spruce stulnp 8 inches in diameter blazed and scribec B S 3-139i7 B bears S 45 26' E ~,8.84 feet, a quaking aspen frec 4 Inches lu dlame~r blaz- ed attd sct'ibed B T 3-i3917 B bears t5 ?..5 09' W 24,.75 feet, thence S 63 ')3' E vat' 13 12 east 20 feet creek 2 feet wide course S 5 W 270 leer to cur No. 4, a cedar pest 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set 3o inches in the groused with mouud of stone scribed 4-13917 B whence a sprt|ce tree 12 [nclles it] diameter b:azed and scribed B 1' 4-18917 B bears S 12: 18' W 41.75 feet, thence S 26" 37' W car 13 12' east 630 feet, creek 2 feet wide course 10~ W 700 leet, creek ~ feet wide course S 40" W 806.65 feet to cur No. I the place of beginning. And said lodes contan|ing 77.448 acres, and safd mill site containing 4.999 acres and formlng a portion of tl~e E ~ of sec 2:3 and W ~,,~ of see 24, n| twp. 44 N It 11 ~ and said IDeations are re. corded in the office of the county clerk and re- corder ot Sagttache county. Colorado as follows : Gran-Lee lode in book6~ at page 208 Sykes lode in b9ok 63 at page 205, tosetta lode itl boo~ 63 at page 2tl, Beroyfiia lode in book 63 at page ~0~, (,eeS~ lode in book 63 at page 210, Alber~ lode la bu.k 63 at page 201, Bernard lode lU book 63 at page =03,Game]Is lo~[e in book 63 at page 207,York ~tate lode in book ~2 at page ~J, The ~att Isabel ~llll Site in book 67 at page 539. There are uo known adjoining or conflicting claims on or with any of tbese lodes or lnlU site. JAg. H, BAxz~, Register. Fret pub Dec ~0 last Feb 21. Fur.iturc, I have lust received a new lot of furniture. Bed. steads, tables, center and extension, chairs, mattresses, etc, Do not send away for furniture before you see my line, Am still selilnli hardware at bedrock prices - ELLA HOWARD at the old Fullcrton stand, l t i: ( i /J :% t