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Saguache , Colorado
January 17, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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January 17, 1901

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i I SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 3. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, JANUARY 17, / ~..kV IN THE NEW CENTURY NO ONE WILL WALK--ALL WIlL HAVE One Minute Cough Cure. Ayers Cherry Pectoral. Bromo Quinine. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. Satuachc Pharmacy Co,, Frank Pliien!ler, Mgr. Buggies and Wagons I have at my [)lace ill the town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Bindil~g Twine, Oil, Etc. [ have a bargain to offer in Buggies and Wagons which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else m the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB. MOFFAT, COLO. THI PBOPLB'8 NATIONAL FAHIL " NP, WSPAPP, R, Published Monday, Wednesday and Fri- NEW day. xs m reahtya fine, fresh, every.other-day " Daily, giving the lat- est news on days of is- sue, and covering news of the other three. It Published on Thurs.- day. and known for ~H'~'~?[][~'" nearly sixty yenrs in every part of the Unit- ~ States as a blational Family Newspaper of - ' the nighest claus, for farmers and villagers. It contain~ all the most YORK ooo,.,o. ,,m0o=o. foreign cable news 1901. i i iii iiI i i HEAt,(at[ I Election accounts are now taken up and dilposed of as shown by btll hook, many 0banges being made in the bi)ls as presented. Board now adjourns until : ; Fourth day, special Dee. term Jan. 2, 1901. ~t 10 o'clock s. m. board meets pursuant to adj ,urnment with members preset, as at previous session. Minutes of meeting of Dec. 29 read and approved. Board now takes up the consideration of bills and accounts and continues throughout the day with a recess for din- ner. Bill~ were allowed as shown on bill book. Board now adjourns until 9 0'clock tomorrow morning. Fiftl~ day special Dec. term, Jan. 3, 1901. At 9 o'clock a. m. board mee|s pur suant to adjournment with all members present. Minutes of meeting of Jan. 2 read and approved. Bourd no~ takes up the examination of road overseer's reports and the re- ports of Lyun Cole, R. Lampson, TAns. Rebaits, John Cline, John Braun, Abel ~a ry and H. L. He|tter are examined and approved. Board now proceeds to TRI- WEEKLY TRIBUNE They act directly on the liver. They cure constipttion,biliousness, sick headache, nausea, end dyspepsia. Take a lsxttive dose each night. For 60 years years they have been the Standard Family Pllls, Prke U mm~ Jdl Onqn~s. ' l haw taken Ayer's PlllJ re~- larly for Six montlw. They nice cured me of a mwre headache, and 1 can mow walk from two to four muss without gety~ tired or out pt breath, ~_me.t]=t~ I haw ~ot able to 10 xor malty ysars.'= S. E. WALWOlX. If ~ou have any complaint w~ and d~flre the bert medtc~,l advise zesmy. You will receive a prompt re- AYER, LoweU, MMS. COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. First day, speoial Dec. term. Decem- ber 27, 1900. At 2 o'clock, p. m. board meetg in spec- ial ~m~ion with the following members ~ent: D. M. Daviecn, chairman, John ty, Frank Brown, Lee Fairbanks, i clerk. Minutes of meeting of October 23rd read and approved. Bills No. 98 to 107 inclaeive are allowed in full. The county physician appears before the board and the subject of the care of small pox patients is discussed at some i length. Board now adjourns until to- morrow at 9 o'clock. Second day special Dec. term Dec. 28. At 9 o'clock a. m. board meets pereuant to adjournment with all members pres- ent. Minutes read and approved. Bills 128 and 129, 130 to 140, 149 to 159 allowed in full. Some time was now spent in discuss|ng small pox matters with the county physician. Justice of the Peace E. H. Underhill of precinct No. 3 sends in his resignation and it is accepted by the board. A peti- tion is presented asking for the appoint- ment of J. M. Lawrence to fill said va- cancy and on motion the appointment is made as asked for. A petition m present. ed askin~ for the appointment of S. E. Kortright as justice of the peace in pre- cinct No. 11, and on motion the appoint- ment IS made as prayed for. Board now adjourns until 9 o'clock tomorrow morn- Ing. Third day, special Dec. term, Dec. 29. At 9 o'clock e. m. board meets pursuant to adjournment with all members pres- ent. Mmutss read and approved. The county treasurer is ordered to sell and assign tax sale certzfiostes on the following Bonanza lots, v)z: Lots 13 and 14, block 93 to W. H. Stein for $5 each. Lot 10, bloO~ R to T. H. Mahoney for $8. Lot 5, blockKtoChaa. T~mney for $5. Lot 30, block T to Hu- bert Peele for $2.50. Lot 12, block U to J. M. Ellis for $2.50. Lots 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, block L to A. J. Bras for $2 each. Stud sums to be in full payment of all unpaid taxes on said lots to date and all subse- quent sales ordered cancelled. It appearing to the board that the 1900 assessment on the S~SW{NE~S W ~/~ and S E 1~ N W ~ see. 31-45-10, is excessive, on motion it m ordered that the valuation be reduced to $2 per acre and treasurer ordered to correct tax roll. It also appearing that the 1898-9 and 1900 assessment on the N ~ N E ~ and N ~ N W ~ sac. 15.46-10 are excessive, allow hills as shown by bill book until i :the noon hour when a recess is taken for droner. At 1:30 p. m. board met with all mem- ber,~ present as at morning session. Board again takes up the considera- tion of bills and accounts Non. lll and 194 laid over, N()s. 123 and 124 disallow- ed, No.~. 129 and 147 are dmallowed aud No. 206 allowed in the)r place, all other hills allowed as shown on bill book. W. P. Haza~l ~ustice of the peace in precinct No. $ sends in his resignation which is accepted by the board. A peti- tion ia presented asking for the appo|nt- meat of John-L. C~arles to fill said va- cancy but th~board decides not to fill the vacancy at present. The followibg resolution is adopted by the board. Resolved t~at the county clerk be in- structed toi~ue no saloon license nor grant any permit to sell liquor until an application and bond has been filed and the full amoSut of $150 has been paid for a six modths license. The treasdrer is orderered to ~ell and a~ign tax sale certificates on the follow- ing Bonanz~ lots to the parties and for tha amountS named, viz: Lot 1, block T to Birt Clare for $5. Lots 9 and~l, block U to J. M. Ellis for $2,50 each~ Lots 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, block H tc~. J Jaques for $1.50 each. 20, 2!, 22. 23, 24, block I to L. M. Gardner fpr $3 each. L~ots 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, block ~ to W. E. Gardner for $3 each. I~3te 1, 2,~, 4, 5, 6, block O to W. L. Re,mac/for $3 each. Lots 7, 8, 9,10, IL 12" block Ore W. L. Beerman for $$ each, Lots 27, 28, 32, 33, 34:, 35~ 41, 45, 49, 50, block 92, lots 18, 19; 20" 25, 9.8, 32, block U, lots 18, 15, 16, 17 and east ~ "25, block I, lots 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, block B to John D. Baldwin for $3 each. Lots l, 2. 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 21, '22, 24, 25, 32, block 98 to John D. Baldwin for $3 each. Said sums to be in full payment of all repaid.taxes on said lot~ from date of mrtiflcatse to this date and all other sales are ordered cancelled, providing the county holds the sale certiflcate~ on said lots. Board now adjourns till 9 o'clock to- morrow morning. ii i Colorado Short Line. Missouri Pacific Ry The People's Choice. Through without change DENVER, COLORADO SPRIN6S and PUEBLO TO KANSAS CITY and ST, LOUIS. Direc~ Route To The Hot Springs of Arkan s. Free Reclining Chair Cars. Elegant Pullman Palace Buffet Sleepers. Government Fan* Mail Route East and We~t. See your nearest ticket agent or write A, TRWP, O. W. F. & P. Agt., Denver, ColD, importantg e n e r a I ou motion it is ordered that the valua- whiehappearsinTgEYORK ,_, THE nAIL* tions for said years be reduoed to$1per ~,,,.~ DALLY TRIBUNE ,,f TRIBUNE up to hour acre and county treasurer is ordered to ~ma date, also Do- of goin.g to. pres~ an I correct tax lists and alec to cancel 1898 mastic and Foreign Agricultural vepar~- I sale Corr~pondenoe, Short ment of the highest or- I , , . Stories, Elegant Half- der, hal e~tertaintng It mac appearing to the board tbat the tonelllustrations, re~di~.~ for=eve rJ 11900 assessment on the N W ~ S W Humorous Items, In- "- ................... -' 1 " dustrial information, WEEKLY old and y,,ung, Market's W ~ N W ~ N I~N W ~,~ sac. 3l-'O- Faahl(,n Notes, Agri- Beport~ whi~7~ a e ae- } I0 is eXCOsslve on motion it m ordered cultural Matters and vepted as authority b~' ] that the valuation be reduced to $2 per Comprehenslveandre- farmers and couatr}" liable Financial and merchants, and is [acre and tmprovements to $25 and tim Market reports, clean, up to date, m- [ tresm|rer is ordered to make the proper teresting and instruct- I reduction on the tax roll. Board now Ruaular subscription ~ve. prioe, ,l ~ per year. TRIBUNE Regulareub~oription takes a rece~ for dinner, price, $1.00 ver year. At 1:30 p. m. board meets with same We furnish ~t with We furnish it with memhors present ss at morning sessi(ul. THE CRESCENT for THE CRESCENT for $2.~ per l~ear. $2.00 per year. P.W. Luengen appears before the board and objects to the locating of a road through his ranch on twp. line between~ Send all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., twps 4~ and ~l|, range 9. The matteris laid over to the regular meeting of the Over-Work Weakens Your Kidneys. Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood. All the blood In your body passes through your kidneys once every three minutes, P'~i ~ The kidneys are your ~'7-~k~ ~ blood purifiers, they fll- P~ ~/}1 ter out ~he waste or L~v~V~ ~f impurities in the blood. ~L~ ~/~ ~l If they are sick or out Ikl~f~,- ck~,t Ug of order, they fail to do II J' 7 their ork ~'~ ~ Pains, aches andrheu- /~ ] ~ matismcomefromex- -~ =~" cess of uric acid in the ~ 'blood, due to neglected kidney trouble. Kidney trouble cause~ quick or unsteady heart beats, and makes one feel as though they had heart trouble, becaw.;e the heart is over-working in pumping thick, kidney- poisoned blood fnrou~h vcins a,~d arteries. It used to be considorcd that only urinary troubles were to be traced to the kidneys, but now modern science proves that nearly all constitutional diseases have their begin- ning in kidney trouble. If you are sick you can make no mistake by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp=Root, the great kidney remedy is soon realized. It stands the highest for its wonderful cures of the l'nost diztrez~ing cases and is sold on its merits ~?f/~L ! by all druggists in fifty- ~=~.~i~ cent and one-dollar siz-~i~.L~==';i:~i~ es. You may have a sample bottle by mail Homo of S~vamp-Root. free. also pamphlet telling ybu how to find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble. Mention this paper when writing Dr. Ktlmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. Sixth day special Dee. term, Jan. 4. Board meetspursuant to adjournment wtth all members present. Minutes read and approw d. Board nosy takes up the examinatmn of county treasurers' report anti ..books, checking off tax receipts and warrants paid, which is continued thro,ghout the day. O.V. Poweli appears before the board and complains that his assessment on personal property for the year 1900 is excessive and erroneous and asks for a reduction. It appearing to the board that his complaint is ~ust, on motion it is ordered that his assessment for said year be reduced In the sum of $200 and the treasurer is ordered to correct the tax roll. The treasurer is ordered to self und ~- stgn to W. C. Lockett tax sale certificate No. 121, sale of 1897, upon payment of original tax and also to accept taxes on the property covered by said certificate for theyears 1897-8.9 less interest. Boardnow adjourns until 9 o'clock to- morrow morning. Seventh day special Dec. term, Jan. 5. Board meets pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Minutes are read and approved. Board continues the examinatmn of oounty treasurer's books and report. All tax receipt stubs are checked over with cash books and found to corresoond. All warrants, school orders, bonds and inter- est coupons are checked over and found correct and are cancelled thus: cancelled by the board of county eommissiouera Saguache county, Colo., ,Tan. 5, 1901. The treasurer is ordered to sell and as- sign to J. W. Davidson tax sale carAt- rates on the following Saguaehe lots for $1 each, viz: lot 8, block 18, lot 7, block 1, lot 1, block 27, lots 4, 7 and 8, block 1, Russell's addition. Also to sell aed assign certifcate No. 31, sale of 1882, on lot 12, block 27, Cres- tone, to W. C. Lockett and DallasStubbs for $5, said sum to be in full payment of: all unpaid subseq~mnt taxes on said lot. Cou sty cleI k's and treasu rer's monthly r~ports of receipts and expenses are now examined and approved. Saloon bonds of S. M, Phillips and R. J. Means are examined m~d approved. On motion board now adjourns for the term. D. M. DAVISON, Chairman. LEE FAIRBANKS, CIorR. Persons who suffer from indigestion can not expect to live long, because they can ~not eat the food required to sourish the body and the products of the undigested foods they do eat poison tbe blood. It is important to cure indigestion as soon as possible, and the best method of doing this is to use the preparation known as Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It, digests what you eat and restores all the digestive or- gans to perfect health. Saguache Phar- macy. Qn Dec. 18th the grant company made their first shipme~t (,f bullion to the mint at Denver and it m estimated that the first clean up was between forty sad sixty thousand dollm's. The Indeven- dent mill white not being run at its full capacity, on account of the water freT.tug will not shut down unless the supply is ent~rety exhausted. Those who want property on the grant are taking advan- tage of the terms offered by the com- pany and already some of the best claims are leased.--Eag[e. BloWll TO Ato,n$. The old idea that the body sometimes needs a powerful, drastic, purgative pill has been exploded; for Dr. King's New Life Pills, wtlicb are perfectly harmless, ~ently stimulate liver and bowels to ex- pel poisonous matter, cleanse the system aud absolutely cure Constipation and Sick Headache. Only 25c at Lord & Wileox'~, Crestone, Colo. T.E. Grsther is pr-osp--eoting tm Co chetopa snd was in the city yesterday. That distriot will be heard from in the apring eaya he.~Gaunison Tribune, WHOLE NUMBER 10 3. SAGUACHE CRESCENT FOR~[ERLY SAOUAC~ nl~O4Y~T. OSCAR D. BRYAN, PROPRIETOR AHD EDITOR. ,,blished at Saguaehs, (]olo.~.every Thurz~la~. (,q9 political questions It W111 aovocat@ interests of the Repubhcan p~rt. Its "chief mm will ba to advanc~ the ma- terial inte~est~ of this county. Subacr/Dtlon, - $2.00 a Year. Leading Paper t Of the County. Has more than twice the circulation , ot any paper in oounty. VV~WVVV~WVVVVVW~~ Notice. To whom It nt~y COltCerll and IIlore partiou- uhH'ly t- J. 31. BuLters, Be it known, Tll;tt Stguache eouuty did ca the 18 i] day of De(;embor, A. D. 1897 purchase at publh; S~Lh~ itl tnc (~(,atlty Of 8aguaehe and state of ('.,)h)r~tdo t,[ tile theu treast~rer of said county ~,r the d~linqtleat t~x of t~ ths ioi- lowit~g descFibed property, taxed for said year in the nanze of J. M, BttLters Co-wit: E~ SE ~sec. 18 and W ~SW ~ see. 17, twp. 41, rang,~., 8, situated In Saguaehe couuty, Cotorad0and assessed Ior said 3ear 18~ at $600. And the s~tl,t lmr(hase as evidenced by tax cert|llcnle ot purciaase No. 245 having been dtdy ~s~ign(!d rot'lie tlz~dersignedand the taxes OI1 the sli,i land t',)r ille ve&rs 18~d. 1897~ 18~, 1899 haviug been paltl by tae holder ot s~ld CCl'~ilh'~t!e ()f ptlrCU~tse aiid the undersigned being now lll-pos~(~s~it,tl of and the owner of said eeriiii('~tte (,t t,urc|la e. Tber(4ore, Notice Is hereby g|ven as requlr. ed lu charter Iii o[ Ihe session laws of the slal;e of C~,lorado hq" ihe year 1893 that the tll~l~ for rcd(q~Jt)t](,n of sa|d real estate from sa!,dtax sale will expire on the first day of 3lay, A, D. 190l ~lid ttmt thereatter I shall ap- ply to the treasurer of said Saguache county, Uoiorado tar a deed to the' abo~o descrtb~t property. Witness my it~nd aud seai this ~th day of December, 1~0. [~EALl CURTIS BBOa. ,,,, i ,i jHI i NOTICE FOR PUi|LICATION. Land Office at Del, Norte, Colo., December 22ud, 1~00. t Notice is hereby given that the followinff- named settler has filed notice of his tntentaon to make final proof in ~upport of his olalm, and that said .proof will be made before tha Uierk of the Dmtrx~t C,,urt at Sagua~he, Colorado, on Feoruary uth~ 1~1, viz: Warron S. Joy, who made homestead entry No. 28~, for the n ~ uw ~ and n ~ ne ~ eee 28 twp 45 n,r 5 e N. M. ~. H. He namer the following witneese~ to prove his con~anuo~s re,leeReD upon and caltivation of, said land, viz: James Blanc, John A. 8tv-plmm~ tierba~t O, H oflams and Franklin Gtark, all of Coto~ -- ii i i iiiii I i i _ Marshal Morgan returned from a three weeks trip to Denver on last Friday. Quality and not quantity makes De Will's Little Early Rmers such valuabla little liver pills. Saguaohe Pharmacy. Deacon Hurley, who was a pioneer merchant in Chance, and well remem. bere~ by many Seguaoheitee, is now a clerk in the legislature. Dr. O. P. Shippey, of Villa Grove, wu m towu last Thursday on bueine~ oon- netted with his offioe as coroner. He re. ports considerable sioknass in hzs tern. tory. If troubled with a weak digen~ belching, sour stomach, "or if you feel dull after eating, try Chamoerlain's~tom. ach and Liver Tablets. Price, 25 oentll. Samples free at Saguache Pharmacy. Will Lockett came down from Bonan- za last Friday. lie was feeling badly and feared that if he remained in that high altitutle he would develops a ease- of pueumoaia. ] Beat Out of an lucrease ofHin Penslou. A Mexican war veteran and prominent ~ditor writes: "Seeing the adverti~mm{mt of Chaulberlaia's Colic, Cholera and Di- arrhoea Remedy, I am reminded that all a soldier iu L~exico in '~7 and '48, I con. tracted Mexican diarrhoea and this rem- edy has kept me from getting an morem~ ia my pohsiou for on every renewal a dose of it rostores me." It is unequalled as a qumk cure for diarrhoea and i~ pleasant and safe to take. For sale by Saguache Pharmacy. J. W. Davidson, as attorney for Sugan Ball, has coalmenced an actmn in the county court agatast the firm of Fo~arty & Clark to recover the aum of money ] deposited with Fogarty for safe keeping. Mr. A. Brewer bought the Elkhorn stable property of Don Gilbert. We er- ronously stated a few weeks ago that Seymour Ellis had purchased it. Mr. Ellis is moviug hack to the ranch. Mr. Brewer will fix the property up and movo his livery business there in the near future. _ i ii i iii Heatlaohe | Is 3ften a warning that the ilver t| torpid or Inactive. More eerio~ i/ troubles may follow. For a prompt~ iB efficient cure of Headache and, all i th'sr troubles, take i pro.- i Hood's While they rouse the liver, restOre i full, regular action of the bowels, i they do not gripe or pain, do not irritate or Inflame the tnte~aal orgal~ i but have a positive tonic effect, 2~ i~ at all druggists or by mall og ~"