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January 17, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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January 17, 1901

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I I I I ..... I I 11111 SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (FomdmlLY SAOnAOSm l)]ral[o~RAT.) Entered at .the post office at fl~aguache, C~)I-., f r tmnsm~lon thr, mKh the real Is a~ ~*md-ela~ matter OICAR D. lIBYAN, Editor. THUI~SDAY. JAN. 17, 1901. Thomas M. Patterson received 91 votes and E. O. Woleott 8 vntas. Edztor Newton has lately improved the appea, ance of his paper and the chang5 from San Luis Valley Courier to The Alamosa Courier we consider a good one. It seems that Mayor Johnson of Den- ver has well defined views as to how a city daily should be conducted, and he! recently outlined them in a communi-i nation to the Times. Mr. Hasbrook, the l editor of the Times, made a proposition to the mayor thathe edtt that paper for one day ou lines in accord with his views --the entire staff of the paper to be un- der his control. Mr. Johnson has ac- cepted and the issue for Sunday, Jan. 20tb will be looked for with more than usual interest. All agree that Mr. Johnson will make it a hummer. Longer Sessions. If a bill introduced by Senator Am- mona becomes a law the 90 day term of the legislature will become a thing of the past and sessions may be 80 days or any other length of time as n,meoeary. The senator's bill provides that each member of the assembly receive a total sum of $(},30 for each biennial session and 15 cents a mile for traveling ezlmnmm. Extra sessions are provided for not to exceed thirty days in length, legislators toTsoeive $7 par day and mileage. Senator Ammous coutendJ that much good legislation IS lost iu the shuffle dur. ing the 90 days and he believes that the members should work so long as there is any busin~s for them to do. His bill calla for constitutional amendment to section 6 of article 5 el the constitution. Leflslatlve Bills. P~presentative Hollenbeck has intro- duced a bill "to prevent the payment of film in sleeping oars." It will be neces- sary for the porter to collect his quarter after the passengers get out on the plat- form. I~wslt of Gunnlson, ts after a s~te norms] ~hco], Montr~ tr/ed to get one and failed. Rep. Smith wants to amend the con- stitution so that our 8 hour labor day may be legal. Another member wants the office of railroad commissioner revived. The state had one for some years but found it was impossible for him to accomplish any- thing. This must be classed as s hold- uv measure. Another "hold-up" bill is that of Hol. lenbeok requiring corporations to pay weakly. In many cases it cannot be Thln is all right, if you are too fat; and all wrong, if too thin already. Fat, enough for your habit, is healthy; a little more, or less, is no great harm. Too fat, consult a doctor; too thin, persistently thin, no matter what cause, take Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil. There are many causes of get- ting too thin; they all come under these two heads: over- work and under-digestion. Stop over-work, if you cam but, whether you can or not, take Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil, to balance yourself with your work. You can't live on it-true-but, by it, you can. There's a limit, however; you'll pay for it Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil is the readiest cure for "can't eat," unless it comes of ),our doing no work--you can't Jong be well and strong, without Some sort of activity. "rhe genuine has Is pioture on it, k~e no omer. if you have not ~rled it, send for m tree sample, its a- ~i III ~r~able taste wlll surprlse you. SCOTT & BOWNE Chemists, 409 Pearl Street, =" New York. ~*- I100, grid $I,~i all dru.g!i~is~, done except at great expense to the c~m- pauieF. This ought to bring in some reveDuo. Kennedy and Judkins have each a bill to amend the eonstition so that, the ini- tiative and refel'endum may be saddled upon a much afflicted people. The only measure against trusts has been introdlmed by a repuhlioan mem- b~,r--DiokinmGn. *** A bill to repeal the prize fight law has been introduced by the author of the law--Cannon. Brought Good Fortune. A small item in his own paper lately brought amazing good fortune to Edttor Chris. Reitter, of the Saginaw (Mich.) Pest and Zeituug. He and his family had the Grip in its worst h,rm. Their doctor did them no good. Then he read that Dr. King's New Discovery for Con- sumplaon, Coughs and Colds was a guaranteed cure for La Grippe and all Throatand bung troubles; tried it and says: "Three bottles cured the whole family. No other medicine on earth equals it." Only 50c and $1.00 at Lord & WiMoz's, Crestone, 0olo. Trml bottles free. CORDOVA Made by L. R. H. Durham, formerly editor of the Saguacho Herald, has recently pur- chased The Sun, at Sylvia, Reno county. Kansas, and is agaiu iu the newspa- per business. Bro. Durham i~ getting out a very nlce looking paper and we trust that he may prosi,er. (~ U. Taylor WlJiskics, of superior excellence 1 he Ptoneer Stable. ttaving leasedthe old Pioneer Stable at Villa Grove (being the, one used by H Braham and successors as a stags barn) to be used as a livery, feed ant sale sta Public Sale 0f Land. I will offer for sale at Saguache, front of the post office, on Sat- u~lag, the 2rid day of February, A. ble I solicit a part of t~e public patron- D. ~I, at 2 o'clock, p. m, the ego,and shall strive by ~trict attention following lan&, the property of the to business and with gnod ri~s and ha- late Sammd Ashte~, to-win ne~ to merit the saule. 153 a~m adjoining the town of F.P. HALL, Manager. Sagua~he on the southeast, known ~, 0..Taylor Whiskts~ used by 0ritto&l Judgtlh as the Dear.on Ashley place. C.,AS-- R I A 280 acres, lying between the Hora~ Means ranch and the ranch ~or Infants and Children. known as the Cattle Company's The Kind You Have At |sS'wa-- Bought l*an~ Terms--C~h m hand. Bears the ~. ~f-/) - W, T. ~H~Y, Signature of ~~~{, " ,Administrator. The Mother s Favor|to. WANTED--Capable. reliable Person in every county to represe,t large company or solid finan- Chamb~rlsin's Cough Remedy m the ciai repnmtion, $936 salary pbr year, payable weekly, $3 per day absolutely sure and all expen- mother's favorite. It is pleasant and safe sea, straight, be ]arid~, defimto ~alary, no corn- for children to take and always cules, mission, satarypaideaehSaturday and expense money advanced each week. ~TANDARD It is intended esi:ecially for coughs, colds, HOUSE, ~$4, Dzxano~ ST., CHrOA~O croup sad whooping cough, and is the best medicine made for these diseases, j,~-~-~ f~,^ There is not the least danger in giving it to children for ~t contains no opium or other injuriousdrugand may be given ~ NJg~[ as confidently to a babe as to an adult Tho~ State Papers. The Colorado Springs Gazette has the following to say in regard to a book Leave Denver via Union Pacific at agent who successfully worked quite a 4:00 p. m., arrlye Omaha 6:~5 a. m. number of people of that city: "Some of the most prominent citizens L~ave Denver via Burlington at 4:00 of the city attended a meetmg in the P. m., arrive Omaha 6:~5 a. m. First National Bank building, on Jan. At Omaha change from these trains, 2nd to resist further payment on what is which have been occupied 15 hours to de.noun~[ as a book agent scheme. President Slocum, of Colorado college, THEFRESH, CLEAN, BRIGHT TRAIN one of the alleged victims, was one of the moat active men at the meeting. The (The latest and finest product of Pullman) book is s question is voluminous doou- Leaving Omaha at 7:0,9 a. m., ment entitled "The Messages and State via the "NEW LINE," 100 leading citizens of the city, who subscribed $10 for it, say the money was obtained through misrepresentatton Arriving CHICAGO the same evening. and fraud." This man spent a day m Ssguache, For tickets and reservations apply to but so far we bavo not been able to learn agents connecting haes or address that he caught any suckers. JAMES CULTON, Commercial Agent 805 17th Street, Denver Pepsin preparations often fail to reheve indigestion because they can digest only i albuminous foodL There is one prepa- ration that digests aU classes of foods and that ia Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It cures the worst cases of indigestion and gives instant relief, for it digests what you eat. Saguaehe Phal-macy. Abram J. R. Gort, a former resident of Saguaohe, in an interview in the Denver papers claims to have issued the warrant under which Packer was first arrested. This may be so but there are any num- ber of mistakes in Mr. Cort'a statement. Nate Russell was not sheriff at that time--but Amos Wall was--and the prisoner did not take Russell's horse to get away. A man named Turnbull was guarding Packer at the Wall ranch southeast of town. Wall was away from home and Packer left--presumably on foot. It did not happen in 1873 as Mr. Cort asys~but in 187L Packer did not take the escort back to the scene of the crime. They started but he claimed he could not find the place. The following summer, after the heavy snows had melted, the bodies were found. For the ]ttmys. James Camper wants to buy all the old oopper, zino and rubber be can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one sent and a half for old rubber. I sell gunny sacks four cents each I pay 12 cants a dozen for boer bottles. I~adville Herald-Democrat: Pete Ev. [ ereth bet er known as Mexican Pete, a! prize fighter who a year ago stipulated to leave l.~advllle in heu of paying a fine of $100 or serving the equivalent on the chain gang, returned to the city the other day. He was tmmadiately arreset- ed by tbepolioe and the old execution was made effective ancl Pete was put to work on the chain gang. Yesterday af- ternoon the wily Mexican bolted the pgg .d ml~lo ha ~0at~, Trustee's Sale Whereas, Edmund H. Shtter by Ills deed el trust d~led July 9th, 188~, and duly recorded in tile office of tim elerR and recorder, in the county of 8aguache and slat e of Colorado, ou the 261,b tlny ,,[ .hlly. A. D. t888, iu book 89, y:tzc 52, t:,)uveycd to (.L,orge W. Toms, as trus tee, the following de~crlb .el real estate sltu~tto lo the C,lUnly ol S~tguache and state of (X)ID- rado, to-wit: The north half of the north half of seetiou 18 in township 42, norlh range 8, east of the NewMexie, P M, containing 160 acres more or less together with all water right or inter- eslsbelor)gingorluaoy way apnertalulng to suid land ,,r used therewith, in trust to secure the payment of Ills pronllssory note for the sum of ~q00. dated July 8th,1858, and payable Lo the order of William F. Leonard OU the first (la.y of.loly, 1893, toge~.imr with lnlerest there= Oil Sellli-anllu~lty as shown by ten conpon~ of ~28 each altaetled to sai(I note and payable re- specllveiy on tile first d:tys ,,f January and July of each year, wi~h inlerest on said cou- pon notes at the rate of 15 per cent peranvum. Whereas said deed of trust provides that In case of delault in t le payment of said nolo or any inlerest thervou or oily part thereof, then It shall be lawful for lhe said trustee, or his snceessor it, ernst to sell tile sald plcluises, Or any partthcr~-of, andaltthe rightand equity of redemptlou el the said Edalilud it ~later therein at public auction lor c~sh, aod Whereas, It, Is Gruel,led io and by said deed oftrustthatlncaseofthedeath, Inability or relusal of the said George W. roms trustee, t~)nel, at ;lily tun(! Wtl~ll act~oo lnay be re- e ' , g~ sahl note may, by writing duly acknowledged appoint a successor iu trust to the said G0otge W. Toms, and Whereas, the said George W. Toms Is absent front the state of Colorado and unable to act and the legal llolder of said note has, by a writing duly appointed the undersigned, a trustee to act as successor to the said Oeolge W Toms, as recorded In the office of the county clerk ao(l recoyder of Saguaclle county, state of Colorado, and Wberea:s, default has beeu mad~ in the pay- merit of interest due since July 1, 1898, aod subsequent thereto and also in the payment of the principal ot said no~ due July 1. 1893, and no part of the same has beeu paid, arid Ihe legal holder of said noi.e has declare/ the whole el said prioctpal Stl~n and interest due and payable, and has requested a sale of said premises, under said de~d of trust. Now, Therelbrc, 1he nndersigned, as st~ch truestee, will on Sa[urd,y, the 23rd day of Febuary, A. D. 1904, ~t the ileur of tO o'clock In the forenoml, at the town of 8 ~guaehe, Sa- guaelle county. Cohu'ado, 8ell the above de- scribed pr,,pertv, and all water rights or i,I. terestsaopertalning tller~o and in and 'by ,said deed of trust conveyed for the purpose of paying said note, interest due thereon, to- gether with taxes trom 189~ todate, and costs of executing this trust. Dated January 1L 1901. SA~rUEL .]E WELL, Successor tU Trust, Flr~ p~b J~n [7--la~ Fob ~h B.m the ~~S BOught _. ~ig--tum of SENT FREE FISHER'S Utari.e re.i~ Knowledg~ ~ The Great Female Remedy positiv(,k' I~ ~ eurtsaU femaleeomplaints; 1 IllorF. I/~ ~ treatment $1; S months' treatmen, ~, N~ MRs. SADIE M. FISHER, SUITE ~S, ~ .~ 4~_~_ _ ~ 16TH ST., DENVER, COLO. AlSO f,)r,~ :~ ~[~2~ by All Druggists. Send for free sam' :, ~ and literature, worth i ,s wei;~ht i .'1 i" ~': "41~ "SW ha&ileal allywhere on ,eqtTest, pOStlmi,; lgHM~LE ASSAYS ~old ............ , :~[ Oold~nd si,,~.., 75 Lead ............ Gold,silvor, eop~r t.50 Samples bg mail roceiue prompt attention. Rich Ores and Bullion Bought. OGDEN ASSAY CO, 1429-16th St., Denuer, Co/o. O. T~vlor Whiskies, grow ia popularity. MI ~ING APPLICATION. No: 5r~t. Mhleral Survey No. 14,347. U. S. Land Office, at Del N()rte, Colo., Jan. 2, 1901. Notice is lmreby given lbnt Tlmnlas Franle wln)se p(,stofllce is Salida, Colo., Ires made ap- plication fern pateot for l,r~) lhlear feet (m the Great Mogul lode, the same being 150 feet N 0 3O' E and l:~r}0 feet S W 3O' W of the discovery shaft anti 1459 feet of the Enness T h;de both bearing gold and silver, the salnc being 98i feet N 60~ ,30' E anti 475 feet S 60" 30' W from dlscev- el')' shaft tllercon, with surface ground each 3(}0 feet il~ w|dth, sitnate ill Kerber Creek inining ntstrlct, Saguaehe county, state of ('nlorado and described ill the plat and field notes oa file in thls office, as follows, vlz: GREAT MOGUL LODE. Begienhlg at car No. 1, whence the 8 W col" ofsee)7, twp47Nlt8EN M I)M bears S 83" 30' W 377 feet, thence N 0* .30' E 1.r~0 feet to eor No. 2 Tllence N 89" 30' E .'300 feet to nor No. 3. Thence S 0 3O W 15~') feet to eor No. 4. Thence N 89" 30' W :'~0 feet to cor No. 1, the place of be- ginoihg containing after excluding conflict with snr No. 733 I'aragou lode, 9.773 ;Lores. I,LN NESS T. LODE. Beginldng at eor No. 1, whence the S W COl" sec17, twI) 47N RSEN M1)M bears S ;~.)" W 601.11feet, tllenee S 60" 30' W 1459 feet to col' No. 2. Tllene,, N 0" 20' E 346.4 feet to cor No. 3. Thence N 60" 30' E 1~59 feet to eor No. 4. Thence 8 0 ,30' W ,346.4 feet to cot. No. 1. the place of be- ghming, containing 10.018 ac~es, net area of c~ims containing i9.'821 acres, expressly ex- cepting and eXchldmg all conflict w|tll survey No. 733 l'aragon lode alid forming a portion of theSWb4sec17, SE~,lsec 18 and NE % of see19, twp47N R8 EoftbeN MPM Sa~d lo- catlou being recorded In eels 70 and 78, at pages 262, 555 of the records of 8aguaehe county, Colo. AdJoluhlg clahns Sell NO. 733, Paragon lode, sur No. 7228 Wllale lode, sur No. 12,o.81 Mill Site lode and First Chance, A. l~adders claimaet, others If any unknown. JAS. H. BAXTER, Register. First pub Jan 10--last March 14. MININ~ APPLICATION. No. 533. Mineral Survey No. 15,917. 06' 55' E 1120 02 feet, thence N 5" 5l' W, car 13' ,4u cast 1107:35 feet to eor No. 2, ltlent/cal w/th col' N,). 3 Rosclta lode of this survey, thence N 84" 09' E vat 13' 40" east 17:; 44 feet to eor No. 3, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet loug set, 30 inclles In the ground witll lnound of stone scribed 2-$, l;]917 A, tbence S 3 li E ear 13" 30' east 14(]6.57 feet to col" No. 4 a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set 30 inches ill the ground with mound of stone seril)ed 1-4, 13917 A, wllenec a pinion tree 10 inclles hi diameter blazed'and scribed It T 1-4. 13917 A bears N 41" 05' W 42.05 feel a ploion tree 6 iuches n dianleter blazed ned SCl'ibcd B T 1-4, 13917 A, bears S 43' 13' E 9.44 icet, thence s 84~ i~J~ W, variation 13 12' east 232.04 to cor No. 1 the place of beginning. REESIC LODE. l~eginniug at cor No. 1, identical with cor No. 1 4 Bel'nvuia lode o[ thi~ survey', wllenee N E eor sac 28 'i" 44 N It 11 E of the N'M 1' bl bears S 4" 38' dU W 11,~.95 feet, thence N 8~ 14' W ear 13" ! 30' east 140~.57 feet to eor No. 2, identical with cor No. 3 Berllydia lode of fills survey, tbcnce N 84 09' E var 13' 3O' eas~ 21.46 feet cor No. 1 Albert leone of this surycy 289.87 lest to cor No. 3 on hne 4- 1 Albert hide ot thls snrvey, a shelf on perpendicllhw slate cliff :~ feet htgl[t chiseled x 3-12917 A, tltence S 8 15' E w~r 13" 12' east ~405. 58 feet to eor No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 leet len~ set 30 incbes in tile gronnd with nlounU el stone seribed 4-13917 A, whence Sterra B]aneo bears S 25: 31' E, tllencc S 81" 09' W vat 13" 12 east 290.2-*'/feet to col" No. 1 the place of begillning. ALBERT LODE. Beginning at cor No. 1 on liue 2-3 lteese lode of flus survey, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet h)ng set ;~ 'nehes in the groun(l with mound Of stone sclieed 1-13917 A, whence N E ear sac 2S T44N R11Eoftlle N MPM bears $1"59'49" E 2533 feet, a cedar tree 14 illehes in diameter blazed aud scribed B T 1-13917 A bears 8 51" 06' E 13.22 feet, thcuee N 11 14' W var 13" 30' east 412,58 feet iutersect lihe 4-1 Bernard lode of tills snrvey, 762.09 feet intersect line 2-3 Bernard lode el this survey 1441.51 feet to cor No. 2, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set 30 inches In the gromal witll mound oi stone scribed 2-13917 A, wllence a cedar tree 10 iUclles 111 dlalueter blaz- ed and scribed B T 2-1:D17 A beat'. S'37" 21' W 18 2 feet, thence N ~4 09' E ear 15" ,east 290.2~ lest to col" No. 3, a gneiss reek lit place 4x8. feet 4 [eet above ground cl~isele(I x 3-13917 A, whence a sprnce tree 10 inches ill diameter blazed and serlbed B T 3-1:]917 A bears N 74" 47' E 26.12 f~et thence S ll" 14 E ear 13" 45' east 377 feet, inter- sect line 24~ Bernard lode of this survey, 726.51 feet intersect line 4-1 Bernard hide of tlus sur- vey, 1441.31 feet to cor No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet loug set 3o iueltes In th0 ground witb lnound of stone sertbed 4-13917 A, whence a X on Mate ledge clliscled B R 4-13917 .~. bears N ~3 51' E 7,82 Ieet tlieuee S 8& 09' W ear 1~ 12" U, S. Land Office at Del Norte, Col,)., October3 I{D0. f east 21.85 feet col" No. 3 Reese lode of ~h|s sor- t -" Notice is herel)y giveu that In pursuance of vey, 290.26 feet to cor No. 1 the place of begin. tlle act of congress approved May 10, 1872, the nhlg. STATEMENT san Isahel M.hling.and Milling coinpany, wh.,se BERNARD LODE. postoflice a(ioress is Crestone, S~tguacne county, _ . ~@ +h~ onnrlitinr of' tha .~n,n,~he ~al~n Colorado, has made al)pllcatlon for a patent for Begin|ling at cor No, 1on llue 2-3 Resells tous ~'~"~,~'~"~'7~" ~.~ ,L''~ ~"~,-"~'~ ,(~ "~ " 14~7.35 linear feet on the t;ran-Lee lode. bearing of tlus sm'vey, a cedar post 4x4 rashes x 3 feet ey ~anK, iocal~eo at ~saguacne, ~01 rauo, cepper and gold, the same being 1323 35 feet long set 3o inches ill the ground with mound of at the close of business Monday, Jan. northwesterly and 8~ feet southeasterly from stoue s~ribed 1-13917 A, whence N E eor see 26 ~/th 10~1. discovery cnt theron, with surface Ire{lad ::g)O '1' 44 N It 11 E ot the N M P M bears ~ 10" 57' 56' "~ *~" feet ill width' and also for 1407.35 linear feet on E 2537.:]8 feet a cedar tree 30 Inches In diameter RESOURCES: tim 8):ke~ lode, bearing copper and gold. the blazed and scribed B T 1-13917 A bears N 39" 21' f, ..... o ,~,4 3mm.,,~fo "~I~)'~'AQ 05 sanle he| )g 1391 feet so lheaste ']y and 116 53 W 13.16 feet. tllencc N 3fi" 28' W vsr 13" 40' east ~," ~ ~ :, ' " 5,~ 2 feet nol'thwes~rly from tile discovery cut there- 266.69 feet to eor No. 2, a cedar post 4x4 Inches x ~voI'clra~us ................... .z o on, with Slu'iaee ~rOUlld 250 feet ill wh tb; and 3 feet long set'~ in. in the ground with mound Bank building, safe deposit ~ ,~ ~r~ r~ also .for 14o7.;~ Ihle~u" feet nn the B os.etta lode, ofstolle scribed 2.1a9t7.A,w!mnc.e a pillion stump ~..I,o e,,~,~;t,,~ ~ ~q~-,,~o ( ,),.a.~ ~ DeaPulg eopl)er aou gol(I tile same nemg 1351.,35 [ 4 hlenes in uiameter olazeu allU scrtoeu B 8 2- ~'a"2~"'~',":~."*~ ~ "^Y")Y=/ feet lmrtllweslerlv and 56 feet southC~asterl~ I 13917 A bears N 64" E 8.10 feel, thence N 85" 10' oue from ~va~lonai and t~tate front discovery ell't thereon, with surface gl-ounh [ E var 14" east 701.4 feet intersect line 1-2 Albert Banks ...................... . 29,294 38 ~}0 feet hl whfth aud Itlso for 11~7.35 I/n. ~eet on [ lode of th/s survey 1100.45 feet in~rsect line 34 ~,oh ,,A ~osh t+o--o 11 9to 01 theBernydla lode, bearing copper and gold the Albert lode nf this snrvey 13o0.64 feet to cor No. ' " "" " same belllg 1~ .35 feet northwesterlyaud4t feet 1 3, a spruce post 4x4 tncbes x 5 feet long set 80 ---~ soutlleasterly, from discovery cut thereon, with [ inches ill the ground with mound of stone serib- $164:,443 72 surlaee ground ~t2 feet at southerly end and | ed 3-13917 A, whence a spruce stump 6 inches In v ,.~., ,,,.,~Q. 173.44 feet at nortiler]y end, Ill width; and also [ dtameter blazed and scribed B S 3-189t7 A bears ........... for 1403.57 bnear feet on the Rcese lode, bearing [ S 39" 11' E 51,67 feet thence S $6" 28' E vat 15" 12' Capital stock ................ $ 30,000 00 copper and gold, the same beiug 137.6 leet south- I east 266.89 feet to cer 5Io,. 4, a eed.ar post 4x4 In: rT A.,.IA~A 10~4,~ '1707 42 easterly and32.57 feet nortllwesterly n.om uis- I clles x 5 fee~ |ong set 80 lncnes 1el the gromm '~. ................ . ........ coverv cut tllereon, with surface ground ~9 feet [ with mound of s~oae scribed 4-18917 A, whence Duo l)opo~llors ....... 151,~1t) ga) i in widlll. 'uld also for 1441 5t linear feet on tltc [ a pine stulnp 14 inches ia dianteter blazed and ,, o ----- Albert ]ode, bearhlg copper and gnhl, the same ~ scribed B ~i 4-18917 A bears N 41 W 11.17 feel 158 070 17 ~ being 1207 51 feet northwesterly and 2;1~ feet] thence S 35 10' W ear 18" 12' east 877.20 feet ln- ............ "~...' -- southeastei'!y from dlscovery cutthereon, witlr~ter~ect lilt(; 8-4 Albert lode of this survey 776.25 1, unarles l arDell, uasnleror tneaoove snrlaceground 236.96 feet |n width; also for I feet intersect line t-2 Albert lode this survey named Bank, do solemnly swear that the 1520~ linear feet on the Bernard lode, bearleg [ 1820.84 lest to cot" No. I the place of begimling. fnra~oin~r statement is true to the heat i copper and gold, the same being 666 feet south- I GEMELLA LODE ..................... w . - . .~ ...... I esterly and 654.64 feet northeasterly from the} n~-inniIw at nor ~o 1 ~u H .~ a o ~x ..... ~ ~. or my KUOWle(lge aug DOlts[. [ discovery cut thereon with surface ground 253.- f ,~-~y~)f thls%"rv"'" ~ c:ed ..... Y" "~" o ~.,~,-~ CHM~LgS TARBELL, Cashier. [ 10 feet hi wi ~tll. and also for 1471.79 linear feet I ~e~ Ion ' se? ~Z'ill ~e at. pqs~ *Xe mcues x~ ' ' r r ~ L ~ C S In ~ne grounu With on tile Gentella lode, beallng coppe~ and gohl. I ........... .... ~ - ~ I tlla ....... b~l)l, lain 1~ fo@t narlhwc~t@,lv "I1([ [ lnounu el S[Olle 8CrlDeU 1-4, 13917 .%, whence .~ ]~ Stateor uoioraoo, Oounty el ~agtac I~,.ao.~t .... ,.h.a,,~Pl~f~'~mtl,, m.~,,,,;~ ~,,t]corsee2644NR11EoftheNMPM bearsS --es Subscribed and sworn to before thereon wltl! sln'faee -round 267 '21 feet In [ 19" 28 58 E 2599.62 feet, a pinion tree 8 inches iu "' ............... wid-" " ~ ~ o " "'71~79 "n r fee" on tll~ ! diameter blazed and scribed B T 1-4~ 13917 A me this ~l~n (lay or dan., ~. L~. t.'~L t " ~ll;anu ate for it 11 ea b u ~ .. _, .......... . - .. , York elod ' eo 'l d b oears~l~z w2~.,~ ice~. mence~25"50' W ] YD Slat. e, healing pper a ld go) , t e ~ . . , , [Sea ] WILLIAM F. Be , [ ..... h,t ....... 'me ........ t! ..........1 ..... ,~.,t,at[val'l$ 40 east14,1.79fecttocorNo. 2, a cedar Notary Pubhc. I ~,ulthe~,~,.Iv ,.,m th,. ,h~,~,wm.v ,,,t tlm,.,~,m [ post 4X4 melles x 5 feet hulg set 80 inches in the ground with mound of stone scribed 24, la917 A, ~iitl'~'su"r~fa~c'e'grot'm"(I ~00 f'e'ei'i't~'wl'dt'li';" a't'~'('['a]s~ | .. " - . _ ' ........ . ' i for n nqtant for gf'g ag llllea~ ~et of the gall laa I a x on a gramte leuge ClltSeleQ ~ J~ ~-~ ~1'] A , o n bears884 09 WS.38feet, thence N 8t 09 E [ bel mill site belu, non-minelal and .70 feet i / ....... , ........... .... , o . ear 13 4u eas~ "so o4 iee~ to cor :~o 3, a ceaax Sheriff ~ Sale. I Wl(]tb and rectangular in feral, all Sltlmte lU the I - - " h -' ...... : .... l' " " r post 4x4 u]c es x ~ ree~ loflg se~ 30 lacnes in CI'I~ -- I B akc Inhtlng dl8trlet, S~guaehe county.state of | ........ ). ;,~ ........ a ^ ~, ........ t~. ........ - -- " " ' u "ion i u d on" "of "he [ Colorado and described by the official plat here- I gl:oum, .,,,. :.,.,u.,.. T'. p,,%.c ~y, ~H. o-~aw!...x, Dy Vlrbue el e exeeub ~ e b ~ i witl~ ,~ta,1 o,,t h,r +ha e~l,I n~#~a ~n fll~ in fh~ I wnenee a ce(lar Lree 1( lncues in ulame~er olaz clelk S OtllCO oflhe dl ,Irlet court ofSsguacheIore-- ~,+~...... ,.,.., nf ~l,a ,'~al ~Ja~,~ O,d~)'nda ' ed and 8cllbed B I 3-13917 A beai's S 85 80 W county and state o, C.)lora Io and to le d - I land a~o*.,~* .o,.....,~ ~l~. 12.4 1eet thence ~ 2o 59 23" E ear 18" 12 east reeled, whereby I e,n commanded to make [ ..... ............ ' .... ~ 1472.05 feet to cor No, 4, identical with cot Nos the sum of one imudred and fitly-one dol are J- GRAN:LEE LOI)~. 3 and 2 Sykes sad Rosette lodes of this survey" ($131) and costs ofsuit, th9 amonutofa cer-| BeginningatcorNo. l, acedarpost4x41nehes tbenceSSto09. W250feeteorNos. 2and3Syk~; tainJudgment recently nt)nllned against R. | x H feet long set 30 inehes lo the ground with and Gran-Lee lodes of this sm'vsy, 2885feet to M. l'hilllps and Nancy Phi||ips in raver bf| lnonnd of stone scribed 1-13917 A, wllenee N E eor No. 1 the place of beginning. Thomas Ro,ebraugh, out. of tile tan(Is, tene- [ cot' sec26 T 44 N R 11 of the N bl P M bears S vl~lcK STAT~ LCm~ ment%goods aud chatlels of the sat4 R. hi. 1 43" ~' 28", E 1421.02 feet a eedar tree 5 mchesit, .. . . ~Y'"'.. .-~ ~. .... . .. . I 13egnlnnlg a~ cot ~o 1 a ~eual post 4X4 lnenes Phillips and Nam.y Plllllip% I have levied on ~ diameter blazed and SCl:ibed B T 1-13917 A, belt's ........ '. ? c ,r .... wi ~ ' , X a Iceb /Ollg SC[ ;JU UlCUeS la une grounu Wigs the following property, Io- t: I N 81 21' E 9.:31 feet Fast end of 1"able moun- - ~ -o " "~' ............ .... , ........ m tam b-"r- S "- "' ;~" 'llenc~ N 5" 51' W ear 13 nlounu oI s~ ne scrlnea 1-1SV17 A, waenee N .~ une bay gelulng 3 years olu Dranueu 1 T ]5 v~ ~ o ~o ~, ~ ~ , ' . , .... 9, , .- ' "t "o'k eoisec~6144Nit11EoftheNMFM boaraS on leftsboulder. Oue buckskin gelding S years [12. east1407-.;~.fee~to co~ No. 2, Ol).hle4-1 .~ '~--v ~8" E26.9~aleet th~lwe N'~ m~ ~.~ old branded B on left Mtuulder named Bob I ~tate to~e nt lilts stlrvey. A granlt, e moge ClllS- ~ u~ v . , . ~.~,, ~ ,, ~ ~ ~ ~ "T,~ " . .o. -- ' "leledx2-13917A, tllencc N 84" 09' E, var 14 12' 14 eastla71.,9ice~toeor ~o. z, agranl~e mons t!l I east 265 65 feet cors Nee 4 and 1 York State and 4x16x28 inches set 18 lUelles Ill tho groultd ehis- One bay mare 4 years old branded B on left [ Geln~li~ Io tee'of thl~ ~urvev ~m ~et to ~-r ~o , eled 2-13917 A whence a cedar tree 20 inches in ............................... '- - crib -BT"- ~ I q 'ql line 4-1 Ge-.~ll~ ,oa~ .t thlo "'l'vo~ a .,~ ulameter olazeu anu S e(l 2:-13917 A hears ~ shoulder named Ed. One Hoozler 8 hole grain I dar post 4x4 nclles by 6 feet long set 30 htehce ' ~. 68 l Z'E 4.:$2 f~ett~ tcl~erUC~ N84.09 .~. var .18" drill One 3~ 8tuderhaker w gnu wnu all the [ ill tile gronnd with mound of stOne scrtbed 3-2 ~2' e as~ air.22 ~ee~ ~, . ... s, nleatlcal w~a I tl s con i " " hes in cor ~o 2 Gemeua toue of thts 8ui'vey) thence S grain on tbe l,remises of R. M. Phi P -113917A, whenceapluio! treel0ine india - ~. _ ,2 o - ...... . '_ . slating ot about ~0 bushels 0t oats ill .bills In | etcr blazed and scribed B T 2-3, 13917 A bears S O. so. ~.var.18 la.eas 1471.79 feet ~0 nor ~o. . ! the barn, the same being on all the ,lght, el- J 24* 14' E 20 feet. tllence S 5" 51' E, ear 15" 40' luent!cal ~ltlt eor -No. t Clemelfa lode of thlsaur- tie and interest of said R. M. Phillips and ~ east 1407.35 feet to cor No. 4. A cedar post 4x4 vey, ulevcc S 84 09'W ear 14"1.2' east ~.~ ~- ( above Uesellh i hi h In tl teet eel uo 2 Glen bee toue of HllS survey, 819 Nancy Plllllips of, luaudt)tho. ' - minchesx5feetlongse 30 c es .le ground ,,,,. '_{ "..'"_'. ...... ." i ed property [ witll mound of stone sertbed 4-1, 13917 A, whenee 2:z zcet to eor ~ o. ~ ~ne place ot oegmnmg, , T wreto'e, accordlug t) s, id comlnund, I a plldon treel0incbes In diameter blazed and SAN 1SABEI, bI[LL81TE. " i sitall expose for sale at public auclion, all the scribe.d B T 4 1:,.1:~17 A beal-s,N..82" 13'=)V 12.7 Beglnmng at cot" !No. 1, ldeutical with oor No, right, fide and lnlerest of tile above nan)ed, .[ceL thence ~ 84" 09' w.var ~.a lz eas~ ~ xee~ 2, survey 1No. 15914 Mitchell lode claimant un. R M Phillips aud Nancx Phillips in and tn m cut' ,'~o 1 tne place oI Degnmntg known a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet Ion- set tti'e a~)ove described properly, ou Monday the ' SYKES ],ODE, 80 Jnelles Jn the ground with 'mound of aatone 21th day of January, 1901 at 11 o'clock a. m. at Be-innin,, at eor No 1 Identical with cot" No scribed 1-189t7 B and 2-13914, whence N E eor the residence Of said R. M. Phillips ann ~aucy 4 Gr~?,, ' ~q,d, ~, th ~ ~b"V~'" ,vhence ~ E coi: see 28 T 44 N R 11 E o~ the N M P M bears 8 ~" PhllllpsinSa,uacitecounty, Colorado. sec28T44N ltllEoftlleNMl'MbearsS'~3" 21' 80" W1730.o5 feet, corNo. 4sur No. 13917 Dated at Saguache this 7th da~ of Jan. 1901, Rcese lode bears ~i 32" 80' 10" W 516.M feet, a J~UOEI~ '~ ILLIA~rS. quaking aspen tree 8 Inches iu d!ameter blazed l 8herlffofSaguache County. and scrlbedB T 1 13917 B, bears ~ 61" 08' E 42 leer, thence N .~ 23' W ear 13" 12' east 15 feet creek 2 feet wide e~urse S 25 W 270 feet to eor Notice. To whom it may concern and more parlicu- larly to J. F. Path rsou. Be it kuown. Tlntt, Saguache county did, on the 18th day of December, A. D. 1897, purchase at public sale in Lho e,mnty of 8aguaelle and state oI Colorado, of the theu treasurer of said county for the delinquent tax of 1896 the fob lowing described property taxed for said year in the name nfJ. F. Pattersolt to-wit: N. E. ~4 sec. $,Twp, 44, range 10, in 8aguache eoutaty, Colorado and assessed for sald year 1897 at $760. And the said purchase sts evidenced by tax certlflcateol purchase 122 having been duly assigned to the undersigned and the laxes on the said laud fur tile years 1897, 1898, 1899 hav- ing been paid hy the holder of said certificate of purchase, and the undersigned being now In possession or' attd the owner ot said certitlcate st purchase. Therefore, Nottee is ttereby give,, as requir- ed in chapter 144 o! the session laws ot the state of Comrade for the year 1893 that toe time t0r redempttolt of said real estate from said tax sale well expire on the 20th day el April A. D. 1901, and that theretore I shall ap- ply to the treasurer ol said ~aguache COunty, Colorado, for a deed to the above described property. Witness nty hand and seal this 27 day of December, 1900. L~EAL] M.A. KUEHNLEIN. Not)ee. To whom It may concern and more particu- larly to F. G. Patterson Receiver. Be it known, That Saguache couuty did. on the eighteenth day of December, A. D. 1897, purchase at public sale lu the county of Sa- gu, ache and state of Colorado~ of the then t~easurer of said county for the delinquent tax of the year 1896 the following described property taxed for said year in the name Of F, El. Patterson to.Wll" South~t quarter of see. $. twp, forty4our (44), range 10 in h~aguaclle eounty~ Colorado auu assessed for said year 1896 at $760 lees 60 cents. And the said purchase as evldene~ed by tax certificate of purchase No. 120 baying been duly assigned to the undersigned and the tax. s o,l tile said land for the years 1897, 1898, 1899 having been paid by the holder of said certificate of purchase, and the undersigned acing now in posseselou of aud the owner of said certificate ot purchase. 0' 53" E 1253.77 feet, theuce N ,)' 51' W, var 13' 12' east 1407.35 test to cor No, 2, identical with eor No. 3 Gran-Lee lode of tllis survey, thence N 84" 09' E, ear 13" 40' east 250 feet to eor No. 3, a ce- dar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set 30 Incites In the ground with mound of stone scribed 2-3-4, 139i7 A, whence a cedar tree 16 inclles In diam- eter blazed and scribed B T 2-3-4, 13917 A, bears $6 47' E 17.7 fcet, apeak in ConeJos range bears 8 39" 42' W thence S 5' 51' E, ear 13" 40' east 1407.35 feet to cot No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 lll- cbes x 5 feet long set 30 inches ill the ground with moond of stoue scribed 4-1, 1~17 A, whence a cellar tree 12 hlcltes m diameter blazed and scribed B T 4-1, 13917 A. bears ~ 14" 42' E t2.04 feet, tile South Me. ht Couejos range bears 8 45" 28' W, tilence S 84" 09' W~var 13 12' east 250 feet to cot No. I the place of beginning. ROSETTA LODE, Beginnhlg at cor No. 1, identical with eor No. 4 Sykes lode of this survey, wllence N E nor see 26 "~ 44 N R 11 E of the N M P M bears 8 2'2" 01' E 1166.04 feet, thence N 5" 51' W, ear 13" 40' east 1407.35 feet Io eor No, 2, Identical with eor No. 3 Sykeslode of thin survey, thence N 84" 09' E, ear 18 40' east 98.92 fcet~cor No. 1 Bernard lode of this survey, 300 feet to nor No. 3, a cedar post 4x4 hlclles x 5 feet long set '~0 Inches in the grotmd with mound of stone scribed 2-3, 139i7 A, wheuce a p|elou tree 4 loelles in diameter blaz- ed and scribed B T 2-3, 1"~917 A bears S 64" 46' E 24.63 feet, theuce S 5 51' E, car 13" 40' east 1407.- 35 feet to cor No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set 30 hlcbes In the ground with mound of stone scribed 1-4, 139i7 A, whence a cedar tree 18 inclles in d[alnetec bhtzcd and scribed 11 T 1-4, 13917 A, bears N 37 15' W 6.65 feet, thence S 84 09' W, vat" 13' 12' e~ at 300 feet to cot No. 1 the place el beginning, BERNYDIA LODE. Beginning at eor No. 1, ioentieal with cor No, 4 Rosetta hide of this sm'vev, whence N E eor see 26 T M N It 11 E of the ~ M P M bears 8 7' No. 2, a ceaar post 4x4 inches x 5 teet long set 80 inches in the grounu with mound of stoue scrlhed 2.1~917 B, theuce N 26 87' E ear 15" 12' east 806.65 feet to nor No. $~ a e~lar post 4x4 leeches x 5 feet long set 30 incnes ill the grouud with mounu of stone scribed 5-15917 B_whence a spruce stulnp 8 inches in dmmeter blazed and scribes B ~ $-18917 B bears S 43 26' E ~.84 feet, a quaking aspen tree 4 inches Jn diameter blaz. ed and scribed B T 3-13917 B bears tt ?,5" 09' W 24.75 feet, thence S 63 25' E ear 18 12' east 20 lest creek 2 feet wide course 8 5" W 27~ feet to eor No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set $0 inches Ill tile ground with mound of stone scribed 4-13917 B, wttence a spruce tree 12 inches in diameter b:azed and scribed B T 4-13917 B bears S 12 18' W 41.75 feet, thence S 26 37' W ear 15" 12' east 630 feet, creek 2 feet wide course S 10" W 700 teet, creek a feet wide course S 40' W 806.65 feet to eor No. 1 tim place of beglunlng. And said lodes contalnhlg 77,448 acres, and said mill site contahling4,990 acres and forming a portion of tile E ~ of sec 23 slid W 71 of sac 24, ul twp. 44 N It 11 E and said IocatiollS are re- corded ht the office of the county clerk and re- em'der ot Saguache county. Colorado as follows. Grau-Lee lode in book 83 at page 208 Sykes lode in book 68 at page 205, Rqse.tta lode ht book ~ at page ~I, Beru~dla lode In oook 63 at page ~tl~, l~eese lode in book 8~ at page 210, Albert lode In book fi5 at page '201, Ber~!ard lode ut book 63 at page ~-03,Gemella lode in Door 6~ at page 207,Yol k ~tate lode in book b2 at page 86, The ~San Isabel Mill Site hi hook 87 at page 539. .There are no known adjoining or conflicting etanus ou or wltll any ot tltese toaes or mill site, Jss. H. BAX~ga, Register. Fret pub Dee Z0 last Feb 21. Furniture. i have lust received a new lot of furniture. Bed- steads, tables, center and extension, chairs, mattresses, etc. Do not send away urnlture bel'ore you see my [I I Am still selllnt hardware at bedrock prices Therefore, Notice is hereby given aS requir. ed in chapter 144 of the session laws of the state of colorado for the year 189~ that the time for redemption of said real estate from said tax sale wtii expire ou the 20th day ofI April, A. D. 1901 and that therefore 1 sbali ap- ] ~ply to the treasurer of sald Saguaehe coanty'. I Colorado. foradeedto tim above deseribedl ELL4 H0W RD property. I Witness my hand and seal thl~ 27th day of I December, 1900. ] , . at the old Fullcrton stand,