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January 24, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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January 24, 1901

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!iI tl~ x SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. . SAGUACHE. COLORADO, THURSDAYJJANUARY 2&, II]1[ ........ ~'- fi' : 27 29 31 1901. SlIN Does your hair split at the end? Can you pull out a handful HAIR by r+un-L~ nifig,~/oui~ ~11 fingers through, it?~j Does it seem dry and fl lifeless ? rl Give your haix a ~ chance. Feed it.|] The roots are not [.| dead; they are weak It]~ because they are0] starved--that's all. ~| The b e s t i al l[Vi ]H h a i r [f~dF ~k II'~0q :: IHalrl i i /thefodtstapding warrant fund to the ] pof}r fund,'~he hum of $150. 'l he minu- / tell a~ now read and approved, after l w~[ilih on motion the board adjourns J sifi~.Tdie. ~ I ~]tL ~AVISON, Chairmhm ..... +,+ LEE FMRBANKS, Clerk, First day,:ee~b-d Jan. lerm, 190LJa.0. 9. At 9o'clock a. m. bo,rds meets m regular sessmn for se.;ond January term, 1901. New hoard organizes by electing Com. John Welty as chairman. Thefollowing members are present: John Welt)', chairm~m, Frank Browu, J. E. As,hley J. W. Daviuson, county attorney, Lee Fairbanks, cleric. The following official bonds are examined and approv ed: Henry Scl~wacksnberg, jest, ice of the peace preomct ................................. No. 1 J. M. Lawrence, justice of the peace pre. No. 3 John H. Norveil, justice of the peace, pre. No. 19 H. Leonard, jaatice of the peace, pre. No. 28 ............. pre, No. 8 .................. vre. No. 7 ShlPpey, constable .............. pre. No. 23 s wewera' report on the proposed road running from the ~ W corner of twp. 44, range 9, and from the S E. cor- ner sec. 5, twp. 43, range 9, in an easterly and northerly direction to intersect the Ssguache and Moffat road near the buildings on the Mean~ sad Ashley ranch, (formerly the S. L. & C. Co. ranch) is taken up and conmdered and on mo- tion was approved in so far aa tt relates to that I~art of the proposed road begin- ning at the S E eor. sec. 5 4~ 9 and run- ning north 1~ miles to the S W. corner se0,33,44+9, and from thence northeas- terly aer(~ said sac. 33 about ~ m lie, thence east about ~ mile, thence north to intersect the Saguaehe and Moffat The Eminent Kidney and Bladder Specialist. WHOLE NUMBER t044. There is a disease prevailing in this country most dangerous because so decep- tive. Many sudden deaths are caused 5v it--heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure or apoplexy are often the result of kidney disease. If kidney trouble is allowed to ad- vanc~ the kidney-poisoned blood will attack the vital organs, or the kidneys themselves break down and waste av,,ay cellby cell. Then the richness of the blood--the albumcr --~.Jeaks out and the sufferer has Bright's Disease, the worst form of kidney trouble. Dr. Kllmer's ,gwamp.F(oot the new dis- covery is the true specific for kidney, bladder and urinary troubles. It has cured thousands of apparently hopeless case~, after all other efforts have failed. At druggists in fifty-cent and dollar sizes. A sample bottle sent free by mall, also a book telling about Swamp. Root and Its wonderful cures. Address SAGUACHE CRESCENT FOn~ERLV SAOUAOHI Dletm~T. OSCAP~ . D. BHYAN, . PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. ~+hlished at Saguache, Colo., every Thurible "~O lm)lttieai q'aestions it will advocat~ t, hs mterests of the liepuhhcan party. Its chief a*m will be to advan~ the ma~ ~mrial interests of thin county. ~ubscriotlon, - $2.00 a Year. Leading Paper 4~ Of the County. Hae more ~ than twloe the (31roullttlofl ~, of any paper tn oounty. ~, ev#vv.evvevvvv~vv~#v~~ i i g NOTICE Felt PUBLICATION. Land Office at Del, Norte, Colo., December 22nd, 1900. ~" Notice is b~reby given that the following: ham, d settler ires t~ied notic0 of his intention to make iitml proof in mzpport of his claim, ~d : that said proof will be made before t~e (;Jerk the 1)istrwt (ourt at Saguaehe, Colorado, o~ Februar:,, 9th, 1901, viz: Warren S. Joy, who made homestead entry NO. :~856, h,r then !k nw !.~andn%ne~i sec 28 twp 15nrSeN. M.l'. ,!. tD~ ~ames tim following witnesses to prove hie contlnuoua reAdezzee upon and cultivation of, S:+lt'J land, 1Z: hJaqzes 8lane, John h. Stephens, Herbert ~; .umng und Franklin Clark, all of Sagnae~ Colo. " Notes for Publication. Peruna, for La Grippe, $t,00, one Minute Cough Cure, 25 and 50 cts, K0d01 Dyspepsia Cure, 50 cts, and $t,00. Jaynes Expectorant, 50 cts, and $t,00, Dr, Sh0ups Preventics, 25 cts, to prevent Grip, 5atuachc Pharmacy C0., Frank Plttenter, Mar, Ill I l Buggies and Wagons I have at my place in.the town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Binding Twine, Oil, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and Wagou~ which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else m the wdley. Call and examine my stock and get nay prices before buying elsewhere. JOIIN IIOLCOMB, MOFFAT, COLO. 'L ', THE P] OPLH'g NATIONAL FAMILY NHWSPAPI R Published on Thurs- If you don't want your hair to die use Ayer's Hair Vigor once a day. It makes the hair grow, stops falling, and cures dan- druff. It always restorea ~olor to.gray +or Iadvd air; tt never fails, $I.OO I bottle. All 4rulllsl~. "One bottle of A~er's |topped my ~ from ml sts.~ it to March 25,1~..__. ~va, "Aym"s Hair Vigor completely cured me from dandruff, with which I wM greatly afflicted. The growth of my hair since its use has I~en come- thing wonderful." LENA O. GREw-NZ, April 13,1899. NewYork, N.Y. If you de not obtahT, all the ben.e fits you expeetsd from the u~ of the Vigor, write the ~nr atmut it. D)g. J. C. &YER, Lowell, Man. I, A petition for rural free delivery has been forwarded to Wahington request- ing a route from Hooper west to Centeri carrier to make a circuit of 37 miles a day.--Mosca Herald, COUNTY COMMI8810NER8- First day, Jan. t~rm, Jan. 7. At 1O o'clock a. m. board meet~ in r~ular Jan. 1901, ~ion, with all memtmrs present. Minute~ of Jan. 5 am road ann approved. Gum Bschman appears before the board, and by his attorney, Gee. P. Wil. son, aeka for a reconsideration of the or. dar declaring a private ropd across his lands nur Myers creek. It appearing to the board that all the pro0~inge re- garding the matter were not exactly in accordance with the statutes regarding roads, on motion the order declaring the said private road to be established, is re- considered and declared null and void. The treasurer is ordered to accept $5 in full payment of all unpaid taxes on lot 2, block 37, Crestone, from 1884 to 1899 inclusive. The county physician appears before the board regarehng small pox matters m the southern part of the county. After considerable discussion of the matter, the following order was made. Dr. H. A. Lord, the county physician is ordered to immediately proneed to fumigate and disinfect the Hiner house, used as a pest house, in accordance with the plan sug- gested to the board, and to keep an ac- count of all property destroyed by him acd report same to board. Also to fum- igate :he Hornier house and raise the quarantine. Reports of Dawd Glasgow, road over- seer, dist. No. 1 and Eugene Williams, count~ sheriff, are examined and up- proven. It being called to the attention ~ the board that a vacancy exists in the office of constable in nnd for precinct No. 19, on motion Harry DIx is appointed to fill said vacancy. Bills No. 217, 244 and 245 are dmallow- ed. No. 214 to 216. 218 to 243, 111 and 194, are. allowed aa shown an bill book. Board now adjourns until tomorrow morning. Second day Jay. term, Jan. 8. Board Published Monday, Wednesday and Fri- NEWday. Is In reahtyafine,, fresh, every.other+day m Daily, giving the lat- est news on days of is- . sue, and covering news of the other three It YORK contains all importan~ foreigu cable news which apvears in THE DAILY TRIBUNE (,f same date, aLso Do- mestic and Foreign TRI C, orrespondence, +herr :. Stories, Elegant Half- tone Illustrations, Humorous Items, In- ' dustrial information, Fashion Notes Agri- cu tural Metiers and WEEKLY '+.+-++ liable Financial and Market reports. Rsaular subscrintion TRIBUNE We furnish It with THE CRESCENT for $2.50 per year. day, aed known for maces pursuant to adjournment with all NEW nearly sixty ears in: every part of t~e Unit- members present. Minutes are read and " ed State~ ass Nationalannroved Family Newsoaner of r . . *h* -;-h~* el--s to- ~he treasurer ls ordered to sell and am [ar~m'e'r~u~l vit'~ers: I sign tax sale certificates ou the follow: Itcontainsallthemost I inn Bonanza lots, viz" " . important e n e r a 1 -~ -~ots 7, 8 and 9, block J, to Dan Ma YORK-'"' +++ TRIBUNE up to hour [ honey, for $5 each. Lot 10, block A, lot of ~,lug to press, an ] 1~, block B, and lot i3, I, to S E "K0rt,. Agrzeultursl Del,art- [ " h r " e ' ' m rig t, fo $5 ach. Lots 10-13-15 and 16~ eat of the highest or- der, has entertainingI block I, for $5.05 each, lots 8 and 30, reading for every member of the family, WEEKLY " old ann young, Mark,t Reports which a'e ac- cepted as authority by farmers and oonn try merchants, and ts clean, up to date, m- teresting and instruct- ive. TRIBUNE prig.e, 11.00 l~r :,'ear. we furnish it with THE CRESCENT for 13.00 per year. 8end all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., block T, for $3 eaob, to O. P. Hine. Also lot8, block 1, and 40x50 feet east side bloekl, Saguaohe, to Albert MoGehee for $4. Commisaioner elect John E. Ashley now present~ himself and takes the oath of offios, but defers taking hie seat with the board until tomorrow. Report of John Amslar, road o~eraeer dist. No. 7 m now presented, examined and approved. ' Bills No. 246 to 264 inclusive ar6 al- lowed in full. County treasurer is ordered to trans- fer from the ~a~oial ountingen~ fund to road at the S W corner N E ~ N E soc. 33 aforesaid. And a public high- way 60 feet in width is ordered laid out and'autablished on the last above de- scribed line from and after this date. The vieWers' report on thepr0posed road~iog on the twp, line between sections ~nd:' 3~,, 42~ 8 ~d running north 6 m~ %hence Weal I mile, thence north about 6~ miles to the S W corner eec. 3444-8, is taken up, considered and approved~: and on motion a public high- way 60 fret in width m ordered laid out and eetabh|hed on the stud hue from and after this date. J. W. Davidzon is appointed county attorney for the ensuing year ee per contrast ligned and flied. 8. Keeoy appears bef ~ ~rd and complains that the ~ ,q~'~~t ~+~ per board on July 11, $~ ~+ kna unjust. It appe~ ~i~ ~i tb~t the said rains w~~ ~-it~li ordered that big ~ ~%~: 1900 be ~aoed in the~"~ F~'/~. Tha county treasnre~:Ml;o[~ie.~ ~ sell and a~ign to D. M. ~ ~+':tax sale certificate No. 212, sale of 1897, on north 20 feat of lot 8, block 2, and oert" No. 166 sale of 1898, on lot 11, block 2, Villa Grove, for $10 each, saia auma to be in full payment of all unpaid subsequent taxes on said property. On motion it is ordered that Wesley Staley be recommended to His Exeel- lency Governor Orman, for appointment sa supermtendent of irrigation in and for irrigation division No. 3. On motion it is ordered that the names i Colorado Short Line. Miss0uri Pacific Ry The People's Choices Through without change DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS and PLIIE'BLO TO IOkNSA$ CITY and ST, LOUIS, .... Diree~ Route To The?H0t springs' of Arkansas, Free l~o|tnin~ Chair Cars. ~legant t~llman Palace Buffet Sleepers Government Fas~ Mail Route East and West. See your nearest ticket agent or write C, A, TRIlPP, G; W, F, &!P, ARt., Denver~ C01o., Dr. Kllmer & Co., Binghamton, N, Y. and Land Office, Del North, Colo.,' mention this paper, Jan. 18, 1901. }+ Notice Is hereby ~iven ~hat the following ......................................... nameds eltler i)as filed notice of his lntentl~ tomake lhta|pro,)[ in support of his claim, of the following parties be certified to .ud lhatsdd proot'will be made before Lee FMrbauks. clerk of dtstrlot court of~guseha thogoveruor from whom to mal~e ap- pointments for water commissioners in the ~weral water districts of the count)' vii: District No. 25--J. M. Pfizer, W. D. Davidson, Gus Peterson. District No. 26--Argo Taylor, Franh Brown, J. E. M~tchell. District No. 27--M. White, Dacr~ Dunn, A. W. Dawson. District No. 28--Thos. P. Goodman. The following road overseers ~e now appomted. Dist. No. 1, Richard Cooper. Dist. No. 2. Lynn Oole. Dist. No. 3, R. H. Lampson. Dist. No. 5, John Braun. Dist. No. 6, Ed Lamon. Dist. No. 7, J. J. Nays. Dist. No. 8, John Cline. Dist. No~ 9, Thee. P. Goodman, Dmt. No. 10, Thee. Roberts, On motion Lee Fmrbanks is appo!nt ed purohasing agent for the ensuing year at a salary of $50. Dr. J. Melvin is now appointed oounty physician for the ensuing year at a salary of $~50. Board now adjourns until tomorrow morning. Jo~ W~LT~, Chairman. LEE FAIRBANKS, Secretary. Persons whosuffer from indigestion can not expe~t to bye long, because t~ey osu. not eat the food required to nourish the body and the products of the undigested foods they do eat poison the blood. It is courtly. Colo., ou M~reh 5, 1901, vlz: Be~edtto Marquez. who made homestead en. try, ~,,.i2~5L, for ti~e ~ E ~i. sac. 2, twp. 42 N ot rangcTEN MPM, He names the following witnesses ts prow hlscoizIluuous residence upoa and Ct~[tlva. lion el said land, viz: Fries Chaves, Juan Andrea. Babenela Epl- Janlo "lorres, Jullo Lobate,all of Carnero, Oolo. Jas. H. Ba.x~a, R~O~r. Notice for Publication. L.~n CYmes ~T Da'~. NeaTh, COLD., Jan. 19th, 1901. Notice Is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in supnort of has claim, and that said proof will be made before the cler~ nfthe d!strJct court at ~aguache, Cole. o~a March 2, 190L viz: Gustavus H. ~orum. who m~Ae hom~ entry No. 279L for the ~ W ~ sec. I, twp. ~ ~-~ ra~geTENMPM. Hs names the following witnesses to prOve his coutlnuot~s residence upon aud cultivatlcll ' ol said land, vim ,,, Samuel Jewell, John S. 8anderson_both of Saguacl~e, Cole, H. P. Johnson, J. P, John- son, both of Carnero, Colo. J^s, H. B,x'nm, Re~;a~er. Note and receipt books and chert form bills of. sale at this office. Quality and not quantity makes Do Witt'e Little Early Rmers such valuable important to cure indigestion as soon as little liver pills. Saguache Pharmaoy, possible, and the best method of doing Life on the p--laths in stirring timm of this is to use the preparation known as I the past will be faithfully revmd~ Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It d gests whatI .the; ~+ ~' ooagreu at ~IL s -Pan- you eat andre~toresallthedigestivo or-lca.,~i~iou ' " ~' guns to perfect health. Saguache Pbar-' ~"='-'* .... " -~ ................. : ; : macy. If troubled with a w~ak diges'.ion, ....... ;'- ' ~'db t"- . .. . i belching, sour stomach, or if you-feel ,,u,,sy,orwmsK,e_+~tane y??w0a~est,tomacM dull after eating, try Chamt+erlain'smom- & Transitory Depository. When you want to save money put it in a ban~ or bury i~. Don't give it to some person to keep for you. Persona sometimes move and usually carry what they have with them. Susan Bail is now mournmg over the loss of her for. tune of $650 which she received from her divorced husband m final settlement of their accounls. Susan vibrates be- tween the towns of the upper San Luis and may even have been seen in Salida. She went to Moffat to cook in a hotel. She gave her mommy to a fellow named Fogarty, commonly called "Outer" a name thathe earued by a straightfor- ward career of mace ) o,~r~ (,f"cuteness." "Guter" name to Sahda. When he left tbere was morn tuout,y m town than when hearnwd. |~e e,moin with over $900 and left wi~h ~, (~l,p~r--hot on his trail. "Cuter'~" star uP d~:~tmy led him to Max Florence's club r+~om. "Cuter" also imbibes and ~,fl~m ,)v(~r do)~ th~ job, He got gay and "'gamboled on the green" like a Mary's lamb+ t[,~ liwn+gave out the news that he was go~t)g to Pueblo to employ ~ome help for hi~ hotel m Moffat. The next morning the Salida police were wired to hold "Cuter" but he had fled. The constable felts)wed up but "Cuter" and his roll had vanishod.--Sa- lida Mail. A Deep Mystery. 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Be~tt Out ofal~ increase of His PelastolT. A Mexican war veteran and prominent editor writes: "Seeing the adverti~ment of Charabedaiffs Colic, Cholera and Di- arrhoea Remedy, I am reminded that as a soldier iu 2%xico m '47 and '48, I con. tracted Mexieau diarrhoea and this rem- edy has kept me from getting an Inoream in my pension f,,r on every renowa~ ,a dose o[ it restores me." It m unequalled as a quick cure for diarrhoea and ia pleasant and safe to take. For sale by ~aguache Pharmacy. A New Company. The Kerber Mining & Development company, capital stock $500,000, to oper. ate in Parkville, Ssguaohe county. The d~rectors are D. G. Weems, T, H. Bald. win and G. E Buldwin. I! I I I li tL ood's Pills Are prepared f~m Na. ture's mild laxative, and while gentle are ~le and efficient. They::: Rouse Cure Sick Headache, Bil. iousness, Sour Stomach, and Constipation. Sold everywhere, aSS. per box.