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January 24, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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January 24, 1901

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in i SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (:L'OPMERLY I~IAOUACH]~ DEL~OORAT. I ER ~et ed at the post oflics a~;. ~J4~te;che,~Colo.. + r transmission through the m m l~ a q aer:ond-olal~ ~attor. OSCAR D. I$1{.YA~;. Editor. THUlgSDA Y, dAN. 24, 1901. Editor Hardy, of the Canon City I~cord, is going to use a portion of the surplus accumulated under prosperity to the building of a home for the Record. The block will be quite imposing and a substantial addition to Canon City. ~t ....... The Peoples Champion, of Gunnison, is no more. It has been absorbed by the Gunnison News. The town is barely large enough to support two papers and the third cue just had to die. It taksa money to run even a country newspaper and money only comes by patronage. In abandoning the populist party and in casting his fortunes with the demo- crats, Senator Patterson has greatly dis- appointed the rank and file of the party. It ts only those who hope for political prefcrnaent that will follow the senator into the democratic ranks. Those who have been foremost In the upbuilding of the populist party, came from the repub- lican party. They are no office seekers and will not look with favor upon any volley destiued to disparage republicans from breaking loose from the G. O. P. Mr. Patterson must not be disappointed if populists refuse to follow his lead.- Monte Vista Journal. There is a measure before the legisla- ture which is Intended to say just how many oars can be put in a freight train. It is backed by the Trainmen's organi- zation. They claim that the practice of having large trams--pulled by two on tines--and known by "double headers" is dangerous to life and property. It seems to us that such legislation is vicious and we do not take much stock in the claim that the practice of pulling thsee trains is dangerous as alleged by the trainmen. Railway companies are not seeking wrecks. Every man injured or killed calls for expensive litigation and a money consideration on settlement and engine and car that is damaged outs into dividends. Laying aside any con- sidsrations of a humane nature a selflsb interest would move the companies to abolish the practice were it dangerous as claimed. The whole thing is simply to force the roads to employ more men-- men whom the companies claim are not needed. A parallel case would be a law providing that each stockman who runs c~ttle on the range should provide at least one herder for each hundred head of cattle. He may not be needed by the stockman--but it gives more men work. The bill should be, and we believe it will be, killed. The Unlucky Thirteenth and lira Work. The legislative work of the Thirteenth General Assembly has been rather ne- glected up to date, because of the plots and counterplots in the fight for a sena- torial toga. But the character of the Rheumatism. Nobody knows all about it; and nothing, now known, will always cure it. Doctors try Scott's Emul- sion of Cod Liver Oil, when they think it is caused by im- perfect digestion of food. You can do the same. It may or nlay not be caused by the failure of stomach and bowels to do their work. If it is. you will cure it; if not, you will do n() harm. The way, to cure a disease is to stop its cause, and help the body get back to its habit of health. , When ScoWs Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil does that, it cures; when it don't, it don't cure. It never does harm. The gellui:le has this picture of 1 it, take UO other. If you have not tried it, send for free sample, its agreeable taste will surprise you. SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, 4o9 Pearl St.. N.Y. work which will be accomplished by the enactment of some of the proposed laws i~ ah'eady apparent,, .ud should not be lost sight of ~ven during the fight for a back seat in the Umted Staie~ senate. There is no longer much doubt but that the millennium will reach Denver and Sugar City at the very Inoment all the measures now on the calendars of the two houses become laws. Bepresen- tative Judkins has a hill to tax gifts, which presumably includes Christmas presents, add RepreseDtative Cunning- ham has come down from Leadville with a measure to prohibit gambling. Charles G. Pitschke, referred to in a fusion pa- ~r during the recent campaign as a "cheap labor skate," also has a bill to prevent gambling, and is said to have made several bets that it will pass. This same statesman's name is printed at the head of bills forbidding the sale of ettsa and taxing franchises. While leg- islators themselves will not be affected by the enactment of the Hoilcnbeck law i abolishing tips to Pullman porters, the measure will unquestionably benefit the well balanced portion of the human race. The house bill to punish by death all attacks on any one in charge of railroad trains or connected with them is partic- ularly for the protection of helpless rail- road presidents. The Whitford divorce bill will make Colorado a Gretna Green, as it allows either cue of an unhappily married pair toseeure a divers in Colo- rado whether the other party to the mat- rimonial contract ever lived in the state or not. The two ant!-~igarette bills, t)y Repre- sentatives Sprague add Pitschke, are partially for the same purlo~e as tLe Ballinger bill for "proteetlon (,f children and other animals aod for the establish- ment of a bureau for thin purpose." No case has been reported of the fu- sionist who has not introduced a road or bridge bill to aid zn relieving the stateof any anticipated revenue, and such bills as the McGuire proposal for a salaried plumbing inspector, the Bush bill for arbitrary selection of school books, and the Moore proposition that the state place a railroad commissioner on the public pay roll will all assist in the fu- sio~ task of spnding the people's money yet to be collected by increased taxation. The proposed law by Senator Taylor to punish crimes attempted, whether or not they are ever committed, is not pri- marily intended for legislators demand- ing freak laws, but may so operate if passed. The only measure about which thole is any question is the bill by Sena- tor W. A. H~II, to provide a home for the feeble minded. The question here is whether this home is intended for the fusion members of the Thirteenth Gen- eral Assembly or for the fusionists who elected some of them.--Republican. Brought Good Fortune. A small item in his own paper lately brought amazing good fortune to Editor Chris. Reitter, of the Saginaw (Mich.) Post and Zeitung. He and his family had the Grip in its worst fl)rm. Their doctor did them no good. Then he read that Dr. King's New Discovery for Con- sumpuofi, Oottghs and Colds was a guaranteed cure for La Grippe and all Throat and Lung troubles; tried it and says: "Three bottles cured the whole family. No other medicine on earth equals it." Only 50c and $1.0(I at Lord & Wilcox's, Crestone, Colo. Trzal bottles free. Lucrative Compa,,y Will Put in a New Pulup. Tile Lucrative company, operating the Eagle mine at Bonanza, Saguache coun- ty, has decided to put in a much larger pump than the one now in use. The water is not making any faster than it was, but the pump in operation is only good for about fifty feet further of the shaft, and ms the iutention of the com- pany is to sink to at least 500 feet, a lar- ger pump is necessary. The company is doing nothing but development work, but is taking out ore of the same charac- ter as the first shipment made, which ran upward of $80 to the ton, and is opening an immense body of ore that will make a heavy output within the next two or three months or as soon as the shaft is sunk deep enough to give a suf- ficient depth of stoping ground.--Times. The Mother's Favorite. Chamberlain'R Cough Remedy ]s the mother's favorite. It is ploasaut andsafe for children to take and always crees. It is intended esl:ecially for coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough, and is the best medicine made for these diseases. There is not the least danger in giving it to childrerJ for it contains no opium or other injurious drug and may be given as confidently to a babe as to an adult. For sale by Saguache Pharmacy. From England. We recently received a communication from Wm. H. Smith, who resides at Stenneek Farm, near Camborne in Corn- wall, Englanc~ Mr. Smith is a brother of John Smith of Carnero and formerly rsstded in Saguacbe county. To show that, in common with all who have ever heed here, he still retalus a warm sect in his heart for old Saguache. We quote the following: "I am always glad to get your paper as it brings me lots of news about the place I so much admire .and love. I often thmk of Sagaache and hope to have the pleuure of walking its street again sometime." Go to Jones' for flour, grain and baled htVi Eureka (}ire Your Horse a Chance I We understand that arrangements are nearly complete whereby the entire route now traversed by the mail carrier with a very small additiomll territory, will be transformed into a rural delivery and the postoflices of Garnett and Lock- ett done away with.--Prese. For the Boys. James Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc and rubb~r he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a half for old rubber. I sell gunny sacks four cents each. I pay 12 cents a dozen for beer bottles. G. O. Taylor Whiskies, of nuperior excellence q[he Pioneer Stable. Having leased the old Pioneer Stable at Villa Grove (being th- one used by H. Braham and successors as a stage barn) to be used as a livery, feed and sale sta- ble. I solicit a part of the public patron- age, and shall .strive by strict attention to business and with good rigs and har- ness to merit the same. F. P. HALL, Manager. (L O. Taylor Whiskies u-sd by orlttoal Ju~m WANTED--Capable, reliable person in every county to represent large company of solid finan- cial repnlation, $936 salary per year, payable weekly, $3 per day absolutely sure and all expen- ses, straight, boaafidg, definite salary, no of,m- mission, salary paid each Saturday and expen~ money advanced each week. STANDARD HOUSE. 334, DZAR~O~ ST., Cmc.~oo. O,o NiN To NoR0 L-~Leave Denver via Union Pacific at 4:00 p. m., arrtve Omaha 6:45 a. m. Leave Denver via Burlington at 4:00 p. m., arrive Omaha 6:65 a. m. At Omaha change from these trains, which have been occupied 15 hours to THE FRESH, CLEAH, BRIGHT TIRhIH (Tits latest and finest product of Pullman) Leaving Omaha at 7:00 a. m., via the "NEW LINE," Thu Illinois antral R, R. Arriving CHICAGO the same evening. For tickets and reservations apply to agents connecting lmsa or address JAMES CULTON, Commercial Agent, 805 171h Street, Denver. Truatee's Sale Whereas, Edmund H. Sister by his deed el trust dated July 9th, 1888, and duly recorded in tbe office of the clerk and recor~ler, in the county of Sagnaehe and state of Colorado, ml In the county el 8aguache aud state of Colo- rado, to-wit: , The nortll half of the north iml[ of section 18In township 42, north range 8, east of the New Mexico P hi, containing 160 acres more or less together with all water right or inter- ests beh)nglng or In any way apnertatnlng to said land or used therewith, In trust to secure tbe payment of his prom|ssory note for the sum of $700, dated July 8th, 1888, and payable to the order of William F. Leouard on the first day of July, 1893, together with Interest there- on senlt-annually, as shown by tell coupons of ~28 each attached to salu note and payable re- ~puectively on the first days of January and [y of eaeh year, with interest on said cou- pon notes at the rate of 15 per cent per annual. Whereas, said deed of trust provides that In case of default in tbe payment of said nolo or any interest thereon, or say part thereof: then it shall be lawful for the SLid trustee, or his socoessor in trust,, to sell the said premises or any part thereOf, aud all the rightand equity of redemption of the said Edmund H. l$1ater therein at public auction for chsb, and Whereas, it Is provided in and by said deed of trust that In case of the deutll, Inability or relusal of the said George W. l'OlnS, trustee, tenet, at ally time when action may be re- quh'ed fur the execution of the trUstS under said deed of trust, then the legal bolder of said note may, by writing duly acknowledged appoint a successor in trust to the said George W. Toms, and Whereas, the said George W. Toms Is absent front the state of Colorado and unable to act and the legal holder of said note has, by a writing duly appointed the undersigned, a trustee to act as successor to the said George W. Toms, as recorded in the office of the county clerk and recorder of Saguaclle county, state of Colorado, and Wberem~, d.gfault has been made in the pay- meat of interest due since July 1. 18~, and subsequent thereto and also in the payment of the principal of said uote due July l. 18~. and no part of the same has been paid, and the legal holder ofsahl note has declared the whole of said prhlclpal sum and Interest due and payable, and has requested a sale of said premises, under said deed of trust. Now, Therefore, the undersignecl, as such truestee, wltl on Saturday, the 28rd day of Febuary, A. D. 1901, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the town of 8,,guache, ~a- guaehe county, Colorado, sell the above de- scribed property, and all water rights or hl- terestsapportalning therelo and In and by said d~ed of trust conveyed for the purpose of paying said note, inierest due thereon, to- gether with taxes Iron 189t todate, and coals of e.xeoutlng this trust. Dated January lt, 1901. Sx~Vr, z, Jgwl:l,z,, lrit pub ,l'an l?--Is~t b lh BORN. gust:he, (~olo.. (,n 10rid~O ,li(,rnm~.. ,l,;,. 18, 1901,--twins--a ,on and delighter. All doing nicely. To the wife of George Burclt at Sa- guache, Col()., on Thursday. January 17, 1901, a girl. To the wife of Humphrey Fullerton, at Saguaohe, Colo., Thursday, January 17, 1901, a (laughter. Fine Line ot V*tlentines At the CRY:SOlOIST office--All prices. To Cure a Cold iu One Day. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab- lets All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each boy 25c. Gentlemen smoke Banker's Bond cigar 5 cents. The Saguache Pharmacy. SENT FREE FISHER'S Uterine To.lo Knowledge ~l~tel The Great FemMe nenledy positivt,ly [~g.. ,~"cures all femaleeomplaints; I moulh~ treatment $11 6 nloni}ls' treatment ,-3 ~k MRS. SADIE M. FISHER, SWTI'~ 2~, S : ~.~ ~ g~Tn ST., DENVER, COLO. ~,1~o |of ~:1! ~'~by A Drngg sis Se f)r f ' '~- s~ ~: v ~/V and literature, worthits weight ht k~.ll|. ~Q'-~ll -'~" mRilsd ~lywhere on ,eqtlest, poslpaid. RELIABLE ASSAYS Gold ............ $ .50 Gold and Silver..$ .75 Lead .... 50 Gold,silver,copper 1,50 Samples bg mail reeeius prompt attention. Rich Ores and Bullion Bought. OGDEN ASSAY CO. 1420-16th 81., Denver, Colo. WANTED-ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- acter to deliver and collect in Colorado for old established manufaetnring wh.lesalo hens0. ~fi00 a year, sure pay. Honesty more than exper. tones required. Our,'eferonc~. any bauk in an.v city. Encloss self ml,trcssel stamped envelope. ManufactnrerE, Third Floor, 38,t t)oarbon st. Ghicmgo. .'4fate of Color;it|(,. [ Ss Sagnaehe t'onnty. ~ "" Ill the 1)i~tllel Collrl ill li~e 12tl, .hldiciltl Districl, ill lltld l~,r s:*id CoUUly. In thc matter oI ihc adjudlc~lt~(ol of llriori- ties of light to thc I[sc of water, in Water Dlstrh.t No. 26. Wherein I~a,,c Gotlhcll claims water throngll the Florenco,diteh and the Golthelf ditch No. 5, and SO lares tile salne are ct,ncerned and the priorities awarded lhe said (litclles nunl- bered 7a, :~6a anti 25a. This daytbtscausecoming nn Io be heard before Hen..lease G. Northcutt, sitLing as and ior the Judge of the Twellth jadiciM district nt the state ol Colorado at his Ctlanl|/crs Ill the town ot'Alalnosa, county ol Cooejos and state of Coh,rado, upon the sworn application and statelnent of l[oracc B. Mcnus, George W, Means Willlanl T. Ashley, John J~oiconlb, D. C. '1rants, Robert Molneith, Alva ~candrett, Nathan Ward, George ('nrt|s, Wilbur Curtis, Frank Brown, William Munro, \Voodard Brothers, contestants In ',lie above entilled ~roeeedlngs, wllerei,i they ask for an appeal the above entitled proceed~og lrom the de- cree of the dlslrtct court of the colmty ot" ~a- guache to the supreme court o.r the state el Colorado, and against lease Gotthelf, appel- lees, In SO far aS said dccr, c rclales to Lhe Florence ditch and tllq GoLtheli ditch Not 5, wltll priorities numbered 7a, 36a sod 258, and the judge being fully advised In the premises, atlter an examination of the statelnent herein filed, and it appearing Lhat the said ,~onLest. ants and objectors are entitled to an appeal llercin as prayed for lh this l)roeecdings. It is therefore ordered that an appeal be granted from tile decree of the district court aloresaid, tn tho supreme court of llle slate (u Colorado, wherln tile said Horsed 13. Means, George W. Means, Wihiam T. AMIh-y..Iobn Holcomb, D. C. Travls, Alva Seandrett, Rob- ert Monleith Nathan Ward, George Curd,, Wll )ur Cut tls, Fraok Brown, William Munro, Woodard Brothers, owners ol ditches with priorities numbered as follows: The Wil}iaml~towdlteb, with priorities numbered ......................... 67, 7i, 8l Tile Sullivan (liteh, with l)riorltles num- berell ................................. 7~, 102 The Hartman Brothers diLci~, No. -I w'ith pl'lOrlLles numbered ....... ,10, 69, 68, 82, ,}3 The ltartman Brothers d|telh No. 1, with priorities uumbered ................. 50, 97 'lhe Holcomb ditch, with prloriLies cum- bered ................................. 10a, 116 The Arroya ditch, with priorities nnnl- bered ..................................107 Tile Monteith ditch, with priorities num- bered ...................................... 96 The Hay & Montelth ditch, with priori- q6 ties numbered ........................... The Redluond & blouteith ditch, with priorities numbered ..................... 96 The Travis ditch, with priorities nuln- bered ..................................... 108 The Travis ditch, No. 2, witll pl'ioritles ilumbered ............................... 108 The Travis ditch, No. 3, with priorities l~umbered ............................... 108 The Ward Hlghlme ditch, with priori- ti~s numlmred ........................... 18 The Braun Brothers ditch, with priorl- ties numbered ..........................19 The l'rollttt Conlpany ditch, with priori- ties cumbered .................... 10, 17, 29 The Shcep Creek ditclh with priorities nutobered ............................... 115 The Munro ditch, No. 1, with primities numbered ........................ ..... ..... 30 Tim Moses Goff dltcil, NO. i, wlll ~prlorl- ties numbered ...........................27 The Moses Goffditeh, ~o. ~, with priori- ties nnn|bered ........................... 27 Shall be known as the appellants, and lsaac Gotthelt; owner of the Florence ditch and Gotthelfditeh No, 5, with priorities number- ed 7a, ~6aand 25a. shall be known as appeL lees, said appeal shall be granted as aforesaid upon the said appellant~ executing an appeal bond conditionedlor the payment of all costs which may be awarded against the appellants or any of them in[the supreme court,and in the ~utn of three hundred dollars, sat(1 bond to be executed by one or more of the appellants as prtnclpal aud sufficient securltles, said bond to be approved by tile court or Judge ill veda- tion. 1-4 1901, Jlz.~,3~ G, NOR'rHCUTT, Judge, (Endorsed). District Court, Saguache county, Colo. Flied and entered of record Jan. 7, 1901. LEE EAZRnANKS, ClerR. 8tats ot Colorado. SS 8aguaehe col mty, I, Lee Falrbanks, clerk of the district court In and lot" the county and state '~foresald, do hereby certify that tile above and fol'egoing Is a Irne, correct, full and complcle copy of au Order Allowlng Appeal, together with all endor~elneuts thereon, made Iron the orig[- I nal, and as the same appears of record in I my said office. . I In testimony whereof I have herennto setI my hand snd affixed the seal of said court at I 8aguaehe this 151h day of Jan., 1901, ] LEE FAIRI!ANKS, / ~10|'k Dl,trl0~ ~011rt, J~ G. O. Taylor Whiskies, grow in popularity. II I ,; I N,~; .It I'I'I,11;A'FION. No. ;,?,4. l\Hllera] Stll'Le3 No. I t,;li; U. S. IAIn(I Olliee, at l)el Norte, (!O10., ,fan. 2~ l!)t)l. f !0 t~'t' ~"; SI 09' \V var 13 12 ~';lsi 2!0.'-'/ J~'c: l,~ t~tl ,",~. I tile place of [}eg[ll[| 11~. .\~ i;i2i'. I I I Hli'i. se('lT, t~pt7N I~sEN MI'IH Itears S 39" \V llt'~i!tli I~:tl (':)~ ?,,:, I,::+iI~ 2:; l[eese hale I;t)l.llft~ot, t]i('n('t~S60 :~ "~V 1459 feet t(, el)l" of l]l[s !;~lXc\,;~'~l:l i':,'i ;xl ilwlesxS[eet NIL 9. "l'llcllc,' N 0 :~{) r E ?'|6. i feet t() elo' No. :L ~ s ' s , x\ ( (f T]len('e N I;0 :i0 I{ 1|59 feet to eor No. 4. Thence a ,,;w s('.il,td 1 ,'; ',,: ,'N ' ' set' ")6 S.(}" :!(Y \V 341;,4 feet t- eor No. I. t, lle: place (d'lle- T 1 X . , ~. s' ' ,. t ' t 'S B 1 59 41 " glllllillg. COlltilii]hlg 10.0iS acres net ar(!a )1" ] I' ") ) ~ i r ' * ' ( ' 's ( an]etcr elainls t~Olill] Ig 1,q821 a('(s (xp'(ssy x ! li.7/21.11,1'.~q : ~,i i 7A l,'arsSSl" 06' ceptln~ him t,x.hfihn~ all coeflict 'e.qtll S'llrVev ' ' : ~ '''' J { [ r ~ ; ~ ir ' ; ~"I ' " ": " \; ;;tr I;;' ;/0' east No 7::~ i'; ' .s~) ~) 'a ~lfornting t p)rtitn d1'. ','[-7~,c : .... ~ r i'll( h ~fth s t!leNVf~ s,:,'lT, NI.TL see 18and N E ~ ()t'i,~?~-,\ , ; '~, i .... ; ' )(e s('e 1~} tlx' , ]7 N T~ S [{ Of the N M 1' 31, Said 1,>- ~' ~,',~" ; ~ , : : ?, 2 ;i cedar e;ItlOtll)oJu;.f['t!,ol'lled]ll el)IS 7{)alld73 lit, )it~es ~ "/ " ~l';'. \'- { .....* ',' i11('l~l(SJlt tie 2 2 ;'55 i e 'c' s fslg l c ) ty ('[ ,~ ~ ......... i,~ ' ,7 A(li:)iniu~ elainls sor No. 733, l'&l'it~on hale, sIll" N(!. 722~ \Vile]el/nit, sat No. 12,281Miil Si{e lode Slid Firm ('}lalle.e~ A. Badders e]ainlaet, otlters il 1tl]:, u|l];.llo\\'ll. ,]AS, tI. BAXTER, RegiMer. l"]rst pub Jan l0 htst Mal'elt 14. 3IINING APPLICATION. No. 553, Mineral Sorvey No. 13,917. U, S. Land Office at Del Norto, Colo., ()etobcr 3 1.e~90. Notice is llereby ~Jvel/ that hi l/nrsuanee of 1he set of congress approved May 10, 1872, the San Isalml 31illil]~ ;tlltl Milling eolupally, wil*se I)()st(,llice add t'ess is (h'eslotle, Sagtlaelle e6Ullty, (N,|orado. bus llttltle a})l)ll('ation for a palel)t for t4~17.35 lJltear feet on the (;rall-l,ce lode. bearJllg eoI) )er all(I /I)|~1, tile S:lHle [)sing 1:32:1 ;35 feet nllrlbwcshH'ly all(| 8l fcet SOlltheasterly frola (IJs(!overy slit tlleroll, With Sllrfaee grOlUld ',3(R) feet III wJ(ilh; al/(I also for 1407.35 ]iit(.ar feet; Oil the Syke., lode, bearing copper altd Rold, tl e sanle 1)eing 1391 fl'et sotltheasterly ILll[I 116.53 feet nortllwesterlv ir()nt ttle discovery ellt tile 'e- o11, wJtll Slu'face ~r()lnl(] ')~0 feet ill wi(llh; fill(1 also for 1407.35 linear feet on the Roselta lode, I)e;ll'ilt~ eopl)er all([ gold, the sanle behlg 1:/7)1.:35 feet itorthwesler]v ;llld 56 feet southeastcrP/ fr(,ttl (liseovery el '~ tberecB, with stlrfa(.c grottll(l 300 feet In width:and "tlso for lt07 35 Iin. feet on thcBernydilt lede, I)eariltg copper slid gold, thc same betllg 13;{5.:35 feet northwesterlyati(I 4t feet sotlthcltsterly, from discovery etlt thereon, with sorfal!e grOUlld 2:|2 feet at soethcrly end slid 173.4', feet at t)orther]y end, In wtdtll; and also for lt03.57 linear feet on the Reese lode, I)earing eeppcr ( gel I, t le St le I e ng 1:76 tect sol t - easter]y Slid 32.[~ feet nortltwesterly fl't/lll dis- eoverv ell1 lhl'reoll, \villi stn'faec gronlld 2:3!1 feel ill \\'i('h|l: aild also for 1|41.51 line':lr feet on the Alhert ]ede, i)earioR eo ) )er and gold, the s;une )e llg 1207 51 feel la)rl twester y all( 23t lpet so It lcaste ' y f 'o I d seove 'Y eatt t croon, \',' th surlaee gr()ulld ')3696 feet ill width; also fnr 152064linear feet on thc Bernard lode, blaring cop )Dr all([ g(,hl Lhe sanlc being Cfii6 feet south- westerh, and 654.64 fcl't northeasterly fronl the diseovei'y eut ttlere(,n, witll Sllrface grOUlld 253.- 10 feet hi with: an(I also for 1471.79 linear feet on l]te (letltella ll)de, bearhlg eo )per and gold, t t sa ]e )el ~g 10P. 17 feet l,e 'It wcste,ly and 422.6'-' feet sl~utehastcrly fl't)m the (liscove]'y ctlt thereon, with snrface gl'OUlld 267.25 feet in width; alld also for 1.171.79 lieear fcct on tllc York State h)de, bearing eol, t)er and gel(l, the sa,ne beil~g 112g).79 feet tmrtltwesterly and 51 feet S()llt]leits{e ' % f 'l)tl the (hscovel'v eat tllereoo, \vilh sLlr[;l('e'groInld :~(){I feet Jl) \;"l(Itll; ;ll)d alSl~ for a patent rin' S)ti.65 linear feet of Ill(* Satl Isa- bel 1111[] site I)cillg [lOlt-nlhtel'al and ')70 feet i!l wi.llh aim l'eet;lllXul~lr ia forla, all situate I1| thv l~laF.e l!lJ]lbl~ iIJs[riet, Saxilaehe ('oll[ity, state (>1 ('o]oradl~ slid described It,." the ollieial phi| bore \vith l)osled anll by the lield notes on Iilc ill the ollive of tim register of the Del Norte, Colorado land all.strict as follows, v]z: (IRAN-LEE I,ODE. Beglnllillg at eer No. 1 a cc(lar post4xl inclles x 5 feet h,ng set 30 inelles in the groued with nl(,nnd of slolle seril)ed ld3917 A, whence N E corsee')6, T 11N I~. ]l (If the NM 1) M hears S 4:3 N)' 28", E It21 02 fect, a cedar tree 5 inches in dianleter blazed and scribed B T 1-13917 A, bears N b2 2l l," 9.31 feet. East end of Table lllOntl- lain bears S :1 2;;' W, Ihence N 5 51' W, ear 1:1 12' ea,st 1407.:~5 feet, tl, eor No, 2 ell lhlc 4-1 York Statelotle.flhissnrvey. Agranite lcdgechis- sled x 2.13917 A, tllenee N 84' ~)' E, wtr 14 12 east 265.65 feet, cot's Nee. 4 and 1 York State attd Gemella lu, les ef this survey, a00 feet to cot' No. ;1, on line 4-1 t;elnella lode of this survey. A ce- dar post 4x4 ]llelles I)v 3 feet long set 30 iuelles lit the grolltUl with niollnd Of stone SClqbed :3-2 1;]917 A, whellCe ;1, pillion ll"ee 10 inches in (lianl- eter blazed ;lll(l s,q'il),'d B T 2-8, 13917 A bears S 2114' E 20 feet, tlleuee S 5" 51' E, wtr 15 40' east 1107.35 feet to (!Ill' No. 4. A cedar post 4xt inehes x 5 feet loug set :30 inches ill the gronnd with ntonml of stone scribed 4-1 13917 A whence ;1 pinion free 10 inches bl dialncter blazed an(t seribed B '[' I 1, 1;;917 A l)ears N 82" 13' W 12.7 feet, tllence S 81~ 09' W wtr 13" 12' east 300 feet to eor No. 1 the plaee of beginning. SYKE~ LOI)E. Bcgitudog at ('or No. 1, identical with eer No. 4 (~l'all-{,e(' }()de of tiffs sur\'cy, whcnee N E eor 5t,e 26 T ! I N I{ II E of lltc N ~,[ 1' M bears S :~:~ 0 .53" ]'] 1253.77 feet, {hence N 7) 51' W var 1:1 ]2 east H()7.:15 h,et to eor No. 2, itlentieat with et)r No. 3 t',r;lll-lA,e Jo(le of this stu'vey~ thence N 81 0~} E, vat 1:; If) eas[ '_)50 feet to eor N(I. :3, a ee- (lor liost lxl hlebes x 5 feet long set "It) illelles HI the ~rl)ltlld \\ith lln)und ot slolte Sell )ed ~-.,., 131117 A, \\ll(qtee it cedar tree 16 hte]tes iu (lianl- eter blazed and scribed B T 2-3-4, 13917 A, bears F. 6 17' E I7.7 leer, a peak ill Conejos rallge bc:tl'S S :~,9 l? \V thetlee S 5* 51' E ear I:}" .t0 caS: ] |1~7.:77} f('(Jl to eor NO. 4 a cedar post Ix4 hi. (.lies X 5 It.el l:)ltg set 30 hlehes ill tile groILll! \\ith mt)und (ff si~me scribed |-1, 1:3!117 A, x\hence a C+'dar h't'e 12 hu'lles in (lianleter L, lazed alltl serll)ed B T I-1, 1;;!t17 A, bears S 1C 1')' E 19{11 feet. the Nittllh .\It. in Conejos range bears S 45" 28 ~V, thence S st 09' W, var 13 12' east 250feet to eor No. 1 the place of begilnling. I{OSETTA LODE. l~,eghtllillg lit eor Nb. 1, i(lentiea[ wilh e()r No. 4 SV ~. 'S )~ e of :his sin'vev, W]lence N E cor see 26 '1741 N R 11 E ef t, lle N 'M ]' M boars S 22 01 E 1166.04 feet thence N 5 51' W, var 13 40' eas! 1407.35 feet Iocor N(,, 2, dcatteal w th elu' No. ;] SYKes lime of this Sllr\rev, tllence N 84~ 09' E, var 13 10' east 98.!:2 feel~cor No. 1 Bernard lo(hi of ti is surve', 300 fet't tl) eor No. 3 a cedar p-sl ixt Jll(!llt'S x'5feet l()ltg slat, 30 illebes in the grelllld \vlth lllOtutd of stolle scribed .)-:1, 13917 A. whellee a pillb)ll trec 4 hletles ill dlallleter blaT. e(l ned seril)ed B T 2-3, 13917 A bears S 64' 46' E :~4.63 feet, thence S 5 5l' E, ear 13 40' east 1407.- 35 feet to eor No. 4, a ee(lar post 4x4 hlelles x 5 l'ect long set 30 illelies in tile gl'ollnd \villi nlolnld (,l stot:c slq'ibed 1-4, 13917 A, whcnce a ee(lar trce 18 inches hi diameter blazed slid scribed B T 14 13[)17 A. bears N ;37 15' W 6.65 feet, tllellce S 84 09' ~,~, var 13 12' c~ ~t 300 feet to COl" No. 1 the place ot begitming. IIERNYDfA LODE. Beginlxiltg at e()r No. 1, htelltleal with cer No, 4 Rogetta l(,dc of this Sllrvev, whence N E COl' see ~ T 44 N R 11 E of the .~ M P M bears S 7 \\hell(:p il c,(*li:~i i;i> [9 ; ":: It~ (iledile[er bbiz- (([ ;tl[d : l'il; ',! I i 2 ~ ),:, '; !1~:1:1 ~ ;;7' 21' W IS '2 [(!l'l. i!1'" ]iq" .~ i ;I;" 1;-, ('U~.I 2i~0.26 [t'('1 to (ttl 2~!, :. ; :t" i" ~ . :i ill ]~]Hce 4X8 feet | t('(l ~Ib~',:' ;iO!t? ! ,'' ': :x :; 1:;!117 A, Whellee ;L siHlle(~ il'('t~ !t! ;I: 'i~ ; :;~ : ~: llt('i('l' .1)lilzed and SCl'J!)ud i; ! i;-I ;:ill ' i, i', Z "if |7 E 26.12 b;et llw]t~e > II II I..,;~; i ,:, t;:.t ;;77 feet, illter- sect l[l+e 2-,; Berllttd h ,1,, ,i [h[s Sltl'vey, 721;.51 Ieet [111(':>(.(?[ iili, ; i i;; sl (i9 W var 13 12' east 21.55 I(!('I cot' .No. ;; [;('i.s1: lode el this snr- xey, 290.2(i lceI Io (.ol .N,). I the place of begiu- nhlg. I~{':[~N Al:i> !,l iltL'. lI('g[lli~i;]L[ ;tl ('(~1' ,\o. I ,,ii illie 2 ;} i:osetta lode of tills Slll'\t'~ ii ' t'([ li' ]~it-[ [Xl 111c]leS X 5 feet l(}lU4 -;i'I ;;i ]llrtw:, ill l]ii ;r.!~!ll;>l \\ fill lil(~llnd O[ SlOII(' St:l ilh'(l 1 I,',!ii; \, ~', ;i('ti;i 141L.79 fect Io {/I)1" No. 9, a cellar IIUSt txi illt'hcs X 5 lecl h,[lg seL gO hlcltcS ill the t{l'l)ttll(l \\ith l;l)(ln![ el atolls seril,e(I 2-;], la917 A, ;I X OIl ;I gl'allJLe ledge elliseled 1:~ t 2-3, 18917 A bears ~'i bl 0b \V S.3~ lee[, thetlee N 81 bg' E var 1;] 40 e~tst 280.54 feet to eor NO. 3, a cedar RISI Ix i ill(-I;eS X !t fpel loog set :~0 hlelles i the ,dltlUIi([ x\[I ) lll,HIh(I (li ";{Olti? s('rib(ql 3-13917 A, \\[It'lit't' ;I CtN{;i:' [L'Ce 11 i]]('bc:> itl di~tlnetcr blaz (~ti ilLItl s('r[b(,d J; T ;] i3~i!7 A bears N 35 30' W 12.4 l(!el, /Jl('llet' .% 25 59 23 E ear 13 12' east 1472.03 It'et t. ,'.r N., 4, i(lenheill \viLh (:or NO~, :i i[llt[ 2 ~,V[~es al:d l~oselt:t lodes of this sarvey, lllmlee ~ ~t 0:~ \\ 250 icet eor Nos. 2 and 3Sykes and (il'illl=Lee lodes Of this survey, 284.85 feet to cor No. I tilt' place Of ttegituli~g. Y()I[i~ NI'ATI;; IA)I)E. 13egilnlhlg at eor NO. 1 iL eed~lr post 4x4 inches x 5 leer iOllg set ;$0 iui'|les ill llte ground vith IlltUllal of st(ale sel'ibctl ]-1;i917 A, wllenee N E eor see 26 1' 4t N It 11 E (>~ the N 31 P M bears S 26 01 e,'~ l,; 2ti~12.;,(] fe(.I, t]lellCe N 25~ 50 W vat 14 east 1.171.7~} h,t.I It) eor No. 2 a granite stone 4XIt;x2". [!ll:iit's sei ls II('Jlt'N I1 the grontld C]liS- eletl 2-139J7 A, \x hcm:c a c(dar llec 20 inehcs ill dJldlleter blazed ~tlld Sl'l'iiit'd [; 't 2-13a17 A bears .\ (i~ 1Z E 4.32 fcu{, them:e N 8[ 99' E var 1R" 12 east 5t9.22 leeL t~ eor Nt/. ;], hLeutieal with cur NO. 2 Geluella l,)de of l]tis survey, thence S 25 50r ]~ %ar 1;} 12 eaM 1471.7(,I feet to cur No. 4, idenlLeal \\ith eor No. 1 t,enmll;~ lode of thissur- vev, tlleeee ,% bl 0~}' %~' ~r &l l' It 1.'] e'tst 2fl~ R.~ feet eor No. 2 C. t'all Lt'e l,)de i,f this survey :-119,, 22 feet fO 1!or .No. 1 (th' lltaee (If beg lllling, SAN D';AII!A, 31!l,l, SITE, i ];egionlllg al ('.~ Ni,. 1, iab.!~[ieal Witll cor No. 2, sul'vey N(}. l:il}ll M;t,,Iti~ [l lode elahnltllt Ull- lrdlewll, i~ ee(iar lh~L Ixl llIchus 3. ~') feet long set a0 illebes Jll Ibe gl'otulll \\lib illOlntd of stone ; scribed 1-1a917 II ;tll(I U i;;',,ll, \\h(qlce N E cor se{: 26 T 41 N 1{ 11 1" I,t fifo N 2ti ]' M bears N 22" i 21 ;:~) rr ~% 171;() :)TJ ft "(' t # ' ( ) ~" N ~ )" 4 Sill' NO. 1;1917 A l~t'*'~' 1(~(',~' l;,':;i'~; ; ;L! ;~ 1i~ \~ 51;].5i feet, a Il ii; ;~'~l::'li It('' " ~; "[~',' ; ill ~iJallleter blazed ~tlld Sl'lih('(~ !; t" { ].:~I. !. i:~al'~ N (;l 08' E 449 h'ci, li. m',' N '.;:; ~:, \', ',::r ~;: 1:' east 15 feet ('l'ut:l~ -' lt'~q ~\ 1:l*' (',,tl:S(' :, 2, \\" 270 ft'et 10 cor No. :~, ~ (.cd;tr ltl)~ iY I :!i~ [i, "- X b lee1. ]Ollg set e lll,'lie~s i~ !it('