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January 29, 1925     The Saguache Crescent
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January 29, 1925

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THE SAGUACItE HOTEL O BEST HOTEL IN THE SAN LUIS VALLEY O TRY OUR SPECIAL SUN- DAY AND HOLIDAY DINNERS 0 ROLL MEANS &amp; SON MANAGERS SAGUACHE SUBSCRIPTION AGENCY All Club and Premium Offers. Filled. Special Agent for Denver Post Call me up and give me your ?l orders. ? 0E u lace' the , straps ! the the the ed$ A Clean Shave or Neat Halt "Cut Adds to Your Appearance Ladies and Children's Hair Bobbing a Specialty. SAGUACHE BARBER SHOP D. M. KIMSEY, Prop d m JEWELER "SAGUACHE, COLORADO 1 Dependable !i Friends skill, sy-mpnthy and thoughtful attention to all dtalls of tl/e funeral arrange- ent eharacterizc our service t our patr6ns. We want you to think of us as YOUr :riend: nd counselor in time of need, upon whom you en depend to serve you as faithfully as your post inti- mate friends would do. :A Full Stock of Funeral Suppllea , S. W. TRUITT Saauach, Colo., Phone 77 ! :W.F. BOXD_. Notary. PuElic Saguaehe County Bank JOHN I. PALMER Lawyer 'uaehe Colorado County Investment Company STABLISHED SINCE I893 STOCK $I0,000 to mining, town oz Property promptly furnished Fire lmurance LdERm  Sec'y an& M'g'r. : rolb. any++ +-ze KAMERAKRAFT 1 os, 3,0, South.! SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (Only paper published in County Seat) HARRY B. SHERMAN, Manager Published every Thursday at Sauache, the county seat of aguache Count:, in the famous San Luis Valley of Colorado. t Entered at the post office at Saguaehe, Colorado. as second class mail mat- ter. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $2.00 A YEAR IN AD VANCI Ibeh ef our subscribers will find the date to which his or her subscrlplh)n is paid. as shown by our books printed on the paper or wrapper, fol- lowing the name of the subscriber. If there is an error in the date we would be pleased to have our alLen- ties called to the fact, Offieln5 City and County Paper* A TAX ON NECESSITIES Gasoline has become such a universal necessity Tilth the great majority of farmers and city people that an increased tax is resisted. The proposed raise of one cent a gallon in many states is looked upon as a tax of one cent a pound on sugar, tea, coffee or flour-would be. If a tax can be increased a cent a gallon whenever the no- tion takes the legislature it can be run up to 10 cents a gallon. Proposed increases in gaso- line and automobile taxes in all states total $600,000,000 and to s'addle such taxes on a single commodity is grossly unfair. The argument for a raise on he gasoline-tax to meet road funds is unsound because it ould easier be met by increas- ing the license or tonnage tax on motor trucks that wear the roads more than all flivvers and pleasure cars combined. The matter of game and fish conserva'tion is receiving more attention from the press and sportsmen associations of Colorado than ever since such a department h'as been a part of our state institutions. Much dissatisfaction with the pres- ent methods is evidenced thru the efforts to abolish the de- partment as it is now admin- istered. Heretofore laws per- taining to game and fish have been left to the Legislative committees, composed, usual- ly, of unexperienced men, but this session is confronted with amendments backed by organ- ization which it will be neces- ar, y to give attention. The !egislator who has knowledge f conditions existing in the department and depletion of trout in streams throughout the state will be in a position to render great service to the advertised attractions of Colo- rado.Creede Candle. Harry Cassaday announces that he will promote anti-ci garette legislation in the next assembly. Fine. That' will help detract attention from things that amount to some- thing. We have never been able to +understand how me of br'ains can be so easily led to devote their energies to a foolish fad. The cigarette would never have attained its present prominence had it not been for the crusade against it and mighty few women out- side sporting circles would have become addicted to them had not Alice Roosevelt made a band stand for publicity by smoking them in public. Near- ly every trifling vice th'at has grown jute a menace owes its existence to the ill-advised ef- forts of reforms to stifle it. Gunnison Empire. Over 1000 bills were intro- duced in the present session of the legislaure, many of them of a freak nature. One news- paper writer in doing the ses- sion for a Denver paper, esti- mates that if all f the appro- priations asked for were al- lowed they would amount to twenty millim{ dollars, for the taxpayers of the state to dig up. "Taxes and death are sure." Everv merhber of the. state leslature except one intro- duced a measure of some kind. Senator Billy Adams of Ala- mesa hardly ever introduces one, but at this session he will see to it that the Affams Col- lege in his home town is not overlooked, and he is right about it, too. $4.0S:TO ,MONTE VISTA, COLO., AND RETURN VIA DENVER & RIO GRANDE WESTERN AccOunt San +Luis Valley H. O. G. St0ck Show. Tckets will be on sale, Fbwary 2 and 3; final return limit, February 8. For tickets and tra:n schedules, calF+on Rio Grande Agent,- MOffat, . | I A lot more midnight oil is burnt nw than when dad went to school now it's in the form if gasoline. HEARD AROUND A USED CAR STORE "Yes, sir; if she ain't right we'll fix her up or make a reasonable al- lowance." "That's the original paint; a c.oat of varnish'll make her look like new." "Good rubber all around and a brand-new spare. ,, "She's a late '16; that's when they was put[in' .out their best jobs."" "No, sir; that ain't wo'e off; that's a slipcover." "She's }iardly been used at all; a woman drove her," "Yes, the mileage on that speed- ometer is jus about right for that nlodel." "That tappet noise'll iron out all rig]t pust as soon as she's under load." "The 1.eager you run this motor, the sweeter she gila." Nightmares are often caused by cramming a 40 h. p. supper into a 10 h. p. stomach. Who steps on the gas and runs away, will himself be stepped on another day. Some automobiles are very hard to ride in. The :fellows who own them never give an invitation. People who haven't time t.o stop at a grade crossing manage to find time to attend the funeral. She: "Now, what are you stp- ping for?" He. "I've lost my bearings." She: "Well, at least you are ori- glnal. Most fell.eTa run out of gasoline. The 4-wheel brake is a wonderful invention. Now the automobile can at.up on tep of the pedestrian rather than run over him. Henry Ford has announced that no man who drinks liquor can work for him, but he is powerless to en- force the order The fact is, every time a drunken driver wrecks one of the little cars he is working for enry. NOTICI OF AP LICATION TO LEAS STATE LAND Office of the State Board of Land ('onln2ssioners 15enver. Colerado. January 16; 1925 Notice is hereby given that The Calvert Cattle Co., whose post0ffiee ad- dress is Saguaehe. Colo., has made application No. B-6334 to lease the following described School Land. sit- uate in Saguache County, Celorado to-wit: SVtA of NE, SV,6 of N%V, and S, ef Section 56, Township 45 N,, Range 6 E., (Agricultural and Graz- ing lease.) Notice is further hereby given that all other persons desiring to file an application to lease all or any part of this tract of land must file same in this ofce prior to February 59, 1925. as no other application to lease the above described lands will be consid- ered fter said date. EARL COOLEY,. Register State Board Land Commissioners Ja, $229, Feb. 5-12, 1925. Adventurers Lured to Their Fate in Mexico Sonora, Mexico, was the objective of a number of filibustering expedi- tions prior to William Walker's fa- mous invasion of Nicaragua. In fact, Walker was on his way to Sonora when stopped in Lower Callfornhl. Tile failure of many bold adventurers to pick up bushel baskets of gold Ill California in tlm days of 1849 sent them rampaging In every direction, and Sonora presented a special lure because It was an old settled region, and marvelous tales were told of its mineral wealth. Two Frenchmen of noble bh'th who were stranded in Californla succes- sively endeavored to carve out at] em- plre from this Supposed El Dorado, and both lost their lives In the ven- ture. First came Marquls Charles de Pin. dry of Poitou, who set forth wlth 200 followers and was murdered In his slet.p at Cocospera. Next came Count Gas[on Raoul de Rousset-Bourbon of Provence, who was executed by Mexi- can soldiery August 12, 1853. It was a pity that D9 Rousset was cut off before he brought his scheme of empire to frultlon. He was a fas- cinating type of the soldiers of for- tune, but he had a fatal weakness he loved all beautiful and roumntle women. The last one to receive his gallant devoirs detained him until an overwllelmlng Mexican force surround. ed his little army of 240 Anlericans. Aler a valiant resistance the Ameri- cans were defeated aud De Rousset captm-ed. "AII0ns, rues braves," he Sald to th firing squad In a clear, cheerful Voice, "Do your duty l Fire true--aim at tim ' Ileart I" .4 volley cracked. Count de Rous- set-Bourbon fell dead.- Adventure Afagazle, .. + . +.. , i j+ County of Saguache in the State of Colorado. to-wit: The West Half (V%) of the Northeast Quarter (NEI) of Sec- tion One (1) in Township Forty- one (41 North and in Range Nine (9) East of the New Mexico Prin- cipal Meridian, situate in the County of Saguache and State of Colorado. suhjec, t to the lien of that certain Deed of Trn.t made by the defendant John F. Dunn tn the Public Trustee of Saguache County, Colorado. for the use (,f The Charles E. Gibson Company on May Jst. ]921. it) secure Pa:- ment of the principal sum of :Eight Thousand ($8,000.00) )Dol- lars tel)rOsen ted hy his seven Dromissory note of that date made to said [['he Charles E. Gii)- s(n Colnpany, six for the princi- Pal sum of Eleven Hnndred and Ferry- three ($1143.00) Dollars each and one for the principal sum of Eleven Hundred and For- ty-two ($1542.00) Dollars. togeth- er with interest upon said sev- eral promissory notes according to their several tenor and effect. And that I will s,ll all of the said described property at public vendne to tle highest and best nidder, for cash, the fron! door of the County Court ttouse in Sagua(,he, C!oanty of S/g- naehe. Colorado. on Monday; February 23rd. A. D. 1925, beginning at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of said day, subject to the lien of the said Deed of Trust. ED PAUL, Sheriff of the County of Saguache and State of Colorado. First Publication Jan. 29,1925. Last publication Feb. 19. 1925. b PUBLIC TRUSTF, E,S SALE VVHEREAS. Thomas Saffell by his certain Deed of Trus ds, ted the 19th day of :May, 1922. and duly recorded in Book 162 at Page 230 of the ]eeords of the Cunnty Clerk and Ieeorder of Saguache County, Colorado. ennveyed to tile Public Trustee in Saeuache Ceunty the following described lands situate in said County and State. to- wit: "All of Lots 31 and 32, in Black 71, Town of lVhfffat. Lots 23 to 26 inch, si'e iu Block a in the Randall Addition to the town of Moffat; Lots 25 nd 26 in ]l,)ek  in _ nandalls Addition to the town of Muff at: Lot 27 in }lock 6! according to plat of the Re-suhdlvision of the City of Moffat; Lot one in Block 149 accordinz to the plat of the re-subdivision of } e City of M,)ffat; Also my undivided Interest in Lots 25 to 30 in(qusive in B]ock 71. T+own of Muffet: which said Dced of Trust was made to secure the. plyln(,nt of a l)ror.ll; - sory n(,te of even date for the prin- cipal sam of $1600.00 and interest at the rate of 50 per cent per annam+ said note being payable six inOlttlis from date. and V,'HE}EAS. the said Thomas Sffel] und all persons claiming by, through or under him have defaulted in th,, payment of said note. both priucipal and Interest. and VHIbY[AS, the lena! bolder of said inltedl/'ess hs.*y  notice and de- mand in writing" filed with the under- signed Public Trustee of said Counly declared a violation of the covcm%uls contained In sai note +and Deed of Trust, and has elected to adver-isc said premlse for sale and to sell the same to stisfv staid imlebtedness; NO\\;V TItl,]REFORI'], at the re(luest of the legal holder of s'4id noe. I %Vi!son l . YVilliams, Public Trustee of Saguaehe Count}, will on the 2Sth day of February, 5925, t the hour , tWO o'chwk in the 0ffternoon of stid day at the East front door of the County Court }Iouse at Saa'uache in the County of Saguache md State of Colorado. sell at pnblie aucti(m to the highest and best )tdder for cash the thove described real estate and all the right, title, interest benefit anti equity of redemption, of the said Thomas SaffeII, his heirs and assigns, for the purpose ,,f paying said note. interest and expenses of executing .hts trust. Dtcd at Srtguache, Colorado, this 26th day of January A D. 1925 (SEAL WILSON P. XVILL!AMS, Public Trustee of Saw.uaehe County. Jan. 29--Feb. 26, 1925. NOTICE TO NON.I! ESIDENTS OF PROBATE OP %VILL STATE OF COORADO, ) )SS. County of Sagnache ) IN TIIE COUNTY COURT IN PROBATE. The People of the State of Colorado to Irene Ritter, Adelaide ttoithe. Will- iam B. Saffell, Charles K. Saffen I-Iazel B. Bowers, GREETING: VHEREAS It has been made to ap- pear to the County Court of Sfuaehe County, in the Slate of Colorada. thai you, the said Irene Ritter, .Adelaide I{olthe, "'illi:tnn F. Saffe!l, Ciarles Notice is hereby glvcn that by vir- tue of an alias execution issued out The first of the District Court of Atamosa County, tn the State of Colorado, and to me directed in a certain cause wherein The Charles E. (ibson Com- pany was plaintiff and John F. Dunn was defendant, wherciB I am com- manded to make of the lands and Nali0nal Bank tenements, goods and chsttels, of the said defendant, thc sum,, of Four Hun- dred Eig'hty-five and o2-100 ($485 52) Dollars, damages and costs I have levied upon and taken into lny posses- sion tle following described real es- tate and premiscs mltnate In the CAPITAL $6O, OOO SURPLUS $40,000 Bad men and bad money go together. The one doesn't believeln bank--the other a bank doesn't believe in. TIME DEPOSITS IN THIS BANK AMOUNT MORE THAN $78,000.00. FIRST NATIONAL BANK SAGUACHE, COLORADO The Bank 01 M011at Is a Safe Place To Deposit Your Money You can aIways borrow money from us, tt you have Proper Security. We do not hand|e speculative loam or permit overdrMts. We buy U. S. Bonds, County and School Warrants S. J. WEAVER, Cashier. NOTARY PUBLIC IN BANK CALL lOlt COUNTY WARRANTS Jan. 2, 1925. I beg to advise that i have funls on hands to pay Saguaehe Coun'ty Reeisterod Varrnnts as follows: Ordinary County Revenue Fund, all warrants registered prior to .No. 14484, registered Oct. 9, 1924. Road Fund--All warrants rgister- ed prior to May 7, 1924. School Dist. No. 1 Special--All warrants, registered prior to Oct. 10, 1.924. School Dist. No. 26. Speeil--All warrants registered prior :o No. 132. registered Oct. 25. 1923. VV. P. VILTJAMS. C.unty Treasurer. Jan 8--Jan 29. 1925, NOTICE OI  APPLICATION TO LAI STATE LAND Office of the Stkte Board of Land Commissioners. )enver. Colo., January 2, 1925 Notice is hereby given that applica- +i(m has been raade to lease the fol- lowing described Internal Improve- meat Lands, situate iu Saguaehe Conty, Colorado. to-wit NV% of Section 27; NV, of Sec- tion 28. Township 42 N.. Range 8 ., Application No. ]-62$ (Grazing lease. ) NXV,4 of Section 19. Township 42N,. Iange 8 E.. Application No. B-6295 (Grazing Lease). Notice is further hereby given that NOTICE FOR PU]ILIUATION Department of tie Interior, U. S. Land Office at Del Norte. Colo, January 9th, 1925. Notice is hereby given that Mrs. Eflio Carr. of 5Ioffat, Colorado; wh; on April 5th; 1920; made S.--R. Hd. Dec. 29, 1916. No. 02459; for All; Se<., tion 21, Township 4 N,, Range 11 E. N. M. P. Meridian. has filed notice of intention to make Three, Year Proof. to esta)lish claim tu the land abov described, before U. S. Land Orate. at Del Notre. Colorado; on the 20th day of February, 1925. Cl:tinlant |l}Lnes LS witnesses" . r. Holland of Crestone, Colorado: %)/. F. Chiles, C. E. Biggs and Roy Rexroad all of Muffs[ Colorado. L V. BURFORD, Register. Jan. 15Feb. 12, 1925. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Oice at [el Norte. Colo. January 8th, 1925. Netiee is hereby given that Mry Elizabeth Sho]labarger, of Moffat. Colorado; who: on May 4th; 1921; made S.-R. }Ld. Dec. 29. 1956, No 05090; for E% SE}4; S3"'6 SI,]4; ec. 17, E/, I,] S. 19, N 1-2. N%V SEA, Sec. 20. Township 44 N.: Range ll 1], N. M. P. Meridian, has flied notice of intention to make l,'inal Proof. to o- tab]Ish claHn to the land above de- -scribed, before Clerk of the District Court. at Sagnache: Colorado; oa the 18th di%y of February, 1925. all other persons desiring to file an] CIalmant names as witnesses: application to lease all or any part ofl Irs. Annie . MarsheS, Mrs, Ella this tract of land mast file same in[V. White, both of.Muffet; Colorado; this office prior to February 5 1925.|Mrs. Annie Klosterneyer. John L, as no other application to lease tilcCharles, both of Cr}stone; Colordo. anove described lands will be consid-[ L, V. nURFORD, Register, ered after soid d+te. I Jan. 15--Feb. 12. 195. HARL COOLEY. Register I State Board Land Commissioner, Jan. 8. 15, 22; 29; 1925. NOTIC5 0] CON.TEST Department of the Interior, United States Land Office Del Norte. Colorado January 0. 1925. To John V. Austin of Lamar. ColO- rado, Contestee: K, Saffell, Ilazel B. Bovcr8 art, p, doPtc(1 rbildren nBd heirs at law of Elsie Saffe]l. d,,ceased; You are hereby notified tbat Roy E. NO'W, 'rTIEtEFO%E. 7n acom'd:nco llexroad, who gives Moffat. Colorado: witl the provisions of the sta|ute i as his postoffice a,ddress, did on this such etse m,do and lro-'ided, and hv date, file in this office his duly eorrob- order of Court duly made r,.nd (niered orated application to coates! and st ++ you are hereby notified th;t gll in- vtrument of wriUng ],urport|nr to })e the L-st Will nnd T.etament of the said Elsie Ssffetl. deeeased, wss pre- sented to said Court for prob,tc, on the 2'Jth day of 5IaY, A. D. 1923, by Adeh' Saffell now Adele Kunsman. re- sidin at Moffat, iP. the Sta.te.of Coto rude; that the said dcccdauT was, al the time of her decease, a resident of Muffs[, Coloradn, in the State of Colo- rado; the t the said decedent, accord- ing to the said al]ced VII1 devised and bequeathed ]]el" pruperty in the words lind figures following, to-wit: First: I give and "bequeath to Thos. Saffe!l (l{usoand) ,lI my t)ers:,nal properly. Socrmd: ivc and devise to q'hos. Saffe]l (tJuslmnd) all my Real l'ropcrty, to have and to hold the sqme, and the sever:,l "raets and Farce]s thereof to the sail Thos. Saf- fell (Husband) his heirs and assigns for ever. YOU ARE [IIREIZY NOTIFIED To be Dn(1 an] cat" P.efore said Court at +he CountY Court R+om hl the. Conrt H, msc In Sagnaehe. in the County of S,Nqla(.he, iYl th State of Colorado, ,}+ tho 21,(1 day of Marcll, A. I). 1925 then and tb,.re to attend the hearing n tho nroh:te of the SS[<t a!teged ,,nl| V/i!l ;nd Te.t:roeut of the said "PJ's!e Sgffell deceused, and further to d9 n<l ).|'f)rnl vehat shah then, by said Canr[, be required and adjudged. IN VITNISS XVIIE%AI()I', 1 have cure the caneellatlon of your home- stead Entry No. 05240, Serial No 05240, made'March 7, 1922. for SE, Section 22. Townshil) 44 N,, Range 9 E., N. ,.. P. Meridian, and as grounds for his contest he atles that s:id John V. Austin has never estab- l':shcd residence on said land nor liv- ed thereon; that he has ptaced no im- provements on sald land; th$.t he has made no use of said land; that he has left the State of Colorado and his re'esPrit whereabonts are unknown: that he has totally anandoned said lnd nnd said aband6nment is no now tnd has not at gny time been due to service of entryman in the army or mvy of the United States nor in the United States Marine Corps under an enlistment made proior to March 3, 1921 Yon are, therefore, further notified that the said allegations will be taken +s confessed tnd your said entry wiS1 he carcellcd without further rght te be heard, either befnre this ofdce or on appeal, if you fail to file in this oft rice within twentY days after th FOURTH ublieation of ths notice, as shown below, >'our answer, under oath. specific;ally responding to thes ,q;lea'a.t;ons of contest, togetller with die nrnof that you have served a copy of y,,ur a.lswer on the said c,,ntcst:nt eP, ber ill verson or by registered Itt:tt]. I'Oll ;ileutd st:te in y./ur aasxcr the ara uf the l,,,stoffiee re which y,u heeuntb set rny hand and aixcd the sel of sad Court t nry otiicc in Sgua6be. in s%id County, this 26th daY of -Jnary A. D. 1925. ' Jpdge and. Acting Clerk. Ystn 29ZFeb. 26, 1925.. ..... + y, name is printed with the date on this lumer. Look at the date. Come in an4 Va up, NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior. U. S. Lnd Office at Del Norte. Colo. January 8th, 1925, Ntice is hereby given that Ernest A. Iasterson. of Saguache. Colorado} who; on Sept. 13; 1920 and on My Sth; 1923: made Itd. (320 Act) and Addl. Iqd, No. 04836---05423 for N SW; See. 3; S. E A NV; NE SVVa ; S] NEtA :N SE% : See. 4; Section ]2; Township 45 N.; Range 9 E.; 1'4, M. 1'. Meridi:tn. has flied no- tice of intenti,)n to mal, r Final Proof. to estabiish cla!m t9 the land anove described, beforo Clerk of the District (7dart at Su2/lail3, Colorado; on the 20th day of Februgey; 1925. CIInlant nanles as witnesses: D. II. Xep!ey uf Mineral }ot S)rings, C']o. Van A. }hften of Sa- uache; Colorado: Mrs. Ed!th Kepley, Jeff (. l'rlce, both of Mineral .Hot /prings, Colordo. L. %%'. IIURlvOIID, l.eglster. Jan. 15--I,'eb. 12, 1925. 'NOTICI FOR PUILICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Del Norte. Colo. January 8th 5925. Noliee is hereby ffiven that Isa:+e Peter Chanma:h of M,>ff&t; Colorad,; who: on February 5th; 19'20: m,3e Homestead Entry June 6 1912. No. 04740: f,r V N%V: NE N\\;V'G; NV SXV. Nee[ion 14, Townshin 13 N.; Ranffe 10 E,; N. M. P. Meridiaq; has filed notice of intention to ma?e Final Proof, to establish claim io the a.nd abo,'e deseribcd, before Clerk tq' ;he Diatrlct Court, at Saguaeh<, ('abe- rude; on the 14th d:ty of IoIY'llDi'y; 1925. Claimant nalues rs w|tDesses: l- fred H. Cha;lman; Charles 'P. t{!,s- termyer; Roy Rcxroqd; Walter ..,:t+ abal'ger; all nf M6ffqt: (ot,')',,t', L. V+ P.I'RT;'ORD, Registeu. desire future notices to be ent to Jan. 15--Feb. 12, 525. 'Oil. ] - " + ' L, W. BUI:I.FORD. R++Ister.  iF YOU HAVE ])ate of 1st ptg>ll_cation Jan 15, 1.925. I bat,, of 2nd public%tion Jan. 22, 5925.  g! ilaria.Pllet.SlekIdtmdaet,Cott' Fate of 3rd pubUeatton J,n. 21, 1925. [ .wehbDum AU Sour mh, Date of 4th publication Feb. 5, 192 } and Belchingt year fo ds .:::,::2 +..` , , ,o . %Tutl00s Pill 9