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January 30, 1913     The Saguache Crescent
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January 30, 1913

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THE SAGUACHE CRESCENT lSAOUACHE, - C~LORAI~ REQUISITION NOT HONORED WYOMING'S GOVERNOR TURNS DOWN WEST, VIRGINIA S REQUEST FOR ROBERTS. REPORT O ONTESTS t GIVES REPUBLICANS MAJORITY AND ASSURES U.S. SENATOR WARREN'S RE-ELECTION. Western Newspaper Union News Service• Cheyenne, Wyoming, January 7.-- State Reprezentative E. H. Man- son will not be reLurned to West Virginia, as Governor Joseph M. Carey has denied the requisition af Governor Glassceck. Manson, who was s~id, by West Virginia authorities, to be F. E. Rob- ert~, was charged with misappropria- tion of school funds. In his decision denying the request ~f Governor Glasscock for Manson s ~xtra~lition, Governoz Carey declared Lhat, in his opinion, "the request was made for political purposes, and to '.nfluence the election of a United ~tates Senator." On January 28th Francis E. War- °on will undoubtedly be re-elected United States senator from Wyoming. By parliamentary tactics, under the :lirection of floor leader E. J. Sullivan ~f Big Horn county, the Republicans in :he House prevented the unseating o£ Representatives Allred and Eynon of Uinta county. Representative Fisher sad been declared, c~arlier in the day, ~ntitled to his seat, and the contest against him dismissed. Republicans, anticipating further trouble, had Representative Hunter move the reconsideration of the con- " tests. By vote of 9 to 8 the Hunter motion was laid on the table--where it will stay for all time unless it is brought up by a two-thirds vote of tiae House. Senator Warren's re-election seems assured. He has a majority of five in the Senate and one in the House, as- suming that Pratt continues to vote with the Republicans. Sheriff J. F. Johnson still is in Chey- enne, awaiting the outcome of the leg- islative investigation into the charges against Manson. The investigation was authorized on motion of Manson. The committee will consist of one Re- publican, one Democrat and a third member to be chosen by them. When the House convened Saturday, Repre- sentative E. H. Manson arose to a point of personal privilege and re- quested of the House that a commit- tee be appointed to investigate the charges preferred against him by the West Virginia authorities, and the committee was appointed. YOUNG TURKS FILL JAILS. Excesses Feared and British shiPl Prepared to Aid Foreigners. London.--Both the ambassadors and the Balkan plenipotentiaries held meetings and discussed the Balkan situation and the occurrences in Con- stantinople. The plenipotentiaries are awaiting instructions• Constantinople is practically in a state of siege, according to dispatches received by the peace delegates. The Young Turks, fearing that the reins of power may again escape from their hands, are said to be filling the jails with their political adversaries, searching houses and clubs and con-. fiscating documents. Thy hope in this way to break up the opposition• Any excesses are expected under the present conditions• Great Britain is mobilizing warships near the Dardanelles, and protection is promised the foreign population if an outbreak occurs. The Servians and Montenegrins have not received from their governments full powers, which Dr. Daneff and Pre- mier Venizelos already possess, to break the negotiations• M. Novakovich has proposed to make the Turks understand that the war indemnity asked by the allies will be increased proportionately to the delay in conclud~-ng peace. Says Present Day Men Lack Manners. Chicago.---There has been a dis- tressing deterioration in the manners of the men of this country in the past 50 years, said Mrs. Charles Hen~ ~otin, wife of the Turkish consul, i vnd a prominent club woman, ad- dressing the Chicago. High School Teachers' club• Haiti Bey Defends Turkish Uprising. Paris.--The uprising in Constanti- nople was defended by Halil Bey, president of the Turkish chamber of deputies. Bomb Explodes in Boy's Hande. New York.--A bomb exploded while .in possession of a twelve-year-old boy in a ~treet on the East Side. It tore off one of the child's hands, stunned him into unconsciousness, smashe] ~cores of windows and precipitated a panic in which one man was trampled and injured. NEWS TO DATE .o.o,o. Italian, British-'~nd other warships ............. __lhave been ordered to protect imme- ILl DAOAP~Am~mJ~ldiately to Turkish waters, according ram1 m~m~m|~m~m|~m~mmm~m~ to dispatches" from Mediterranean ports. -- I The critical stage has been reached CAUGHT FROM THE NETWORK OFtin the forty-five years' struggle to ob- tain votes for women a battle which WIRES ROUND ABOUT '~ I was started in the House, of Commons THE WORLD. by John Stuart Mill in ]867. The introduction into Parliament of ......... m a bill guarahteeing a $15,000,000 loan nlIHINP, Till: PL~T WFFKIt'°r the development of cotton growing iI~VIRIIIV SI1L- ill"lIVi llbmms's in the Soudan was promised by Pre- -- mier Asquith, ia an address to the ]British Cotton Growing Association. RECORD OF IMPORTANT EVENTS Kln "'~ I " g Alzonso of Spain is contem- CONDENSED FOR BUSY i Plating a visit to the United States, PEOPLE. I Possibly next summer, if the political I situation in his kingdom permits of I his doing so. The matter is now being Western Newspaper Unlon News Service• I considered by the Spanish govern- WESTERN. I meat. • -- I Three hundred and fifty Mohamme- Knute Nelson, by vote in bothidan,ql,rims from Indi " "- • v ~, a to Mecca were houses of the Minnesota Legislature la ..... ~ ~. ........ ' i uxOwx=uu 03' ~t llOOU which over- was returned to the United States l whelmedl the entire, c~ravan at" its" en- Senate. I campment midway between the sacred The woman suffrage bill, which hue I city of Medina, Arabia, and the port been acted on favorably in the Sen- /of Yembo, on the Red Sea ate of the Montana Legislature wast The new Turk[ " ~ " " " ' I "an uaoinet has decid- passed by the House. led to recall tbe Ottoman peace dele- Former Governor James H. Brady I gates from London, according to a dis- of IdahO was elected United States )arch from • . } 1 Constantinople. The Turk• senator for the short term on jomt]ish government is saiff also'to have ];allot. He received 44 votes. ]requested its ambassadors at Vienna Dr Rudolph Anderson of New York, and St. Petersburg to return to the the polar explorer, was married at lTurkish capital. Sioux City Iowa to Miss Maebelle • " , , ' ~ I The Turkish Cabinet resigned in con- Allstrand formerly a teacher in the s • ' " [ equence of public demonstrations a.n(1 Sioux City high school, protests against its action in acceding Twenty-four persons were more or to the wishes of the European powers less seriously injured when three cars[to end the war. Mahmoud Shefket cf a northbound Illinois Central pus-[Pasha, formerly war mfnister, has senger train left the track and turned [been appointed grand vizier in place over near Melvin, Ill• [of Kiamil Pasha. Talaat Bey has been 'rh~ ~ttv nf t "o corn ]appointed minister of the interior a ....... j .... ~ ~..he electl ns " • mitred af tho M ;' omin /p°siti°n he held in a p-evious Cabinet ............. ouse of the V~y g - ~o~,, ,, n~olnon ,h e ~In a statement after his appointment L,eg ................. at the three R "- • " : a s be said The (han~e m the Cabinet publican representatives, whose se t ] " : ': ~ : ~ " " • " r le-all'" elected /means that we are going to save the were contestea, we e ~ v • / kill d and fif |national honor or perish in the at- Eight persons were e -/. .~ ~ . wh n the itempt W'e oo not want a continuation teen hurt at McKinney, Tex. e t . .. " . -" " m tot the war but we are determined to walls of a building occupies oy a mr - 1. .. ' . ...... ]Keep Aarianopm at all costs That is ing implement firm tell ant crasneo | .... • "-at /an inflispensaole condition of peace " into a department store, causing tn t building to collapse. | basement of / CONGRESSIONAL Fire originating in the ] the Ross Hamer block at St. Anthony ! ..... .-"-7._ . . • ' t .no benate aaopteo a resolution Idaho destroyed that and several oth- ta )ointin lud e Geo~ ' u Pl g • g "ge Gray of Dela- er buildings and for a time threatene" ]ware a re eat of Smiths .• a~ / ' g " onian Institu- the entire town. The loss is esum t- ]tion ed at $250,000. | Colorado now has two United States The Legislaturene °fmOreg°n--n'C0n:/senat°rSe ocrat u ,tea for the first time since the firmed Harry La D • ' re on ' In the |death ci Senator Charles J Hughes in States senator from O 'g • |1911 November election Lane received the i ""fax .... " : ............ th ' | un •orame report o[ army engl- nlgflest popular vote, ait~uuga e | ........... i-a /neers on $20 COO 000 impounding reser- ~,egislature ls heavily ttepum c n. l _'. ' ~ . . . i volr project Ior headwaters of Ohio After taking thirty ballots in an el- -:~r --s ...... d b .... r I xiVe wu SUOlnlt[e y the ~ ar ue- fort to elect a president of the West ~, .... • • • paxc~u~ut. Vzrginla State Senate, the Legmlature ~ ~ , .............. k n I ttepresentatrve Stamey urged before aujourne(1 With the (lea(llOeK unoro e , .......... n ]the commerce committee passage of ~ince the ~eglsiature convenes, ja a- . .... ............... hints ~i, [o prevent mining and marts- cry z, six,:y-nine DalIOLS O~u . ~ . _ I tacturing iirms from owning railroads taken. " ar ed with corn I which transport their goods Beach R. Epting, cn g " " I plicity in the killing of A1 G. Boyce, Jr., at Amarillo last September, wasI WASHINGTON. found not guilty by a jury at Memphis ~. ~-- ~*'~ was accused of havin~ as' [ zt was learned that the ne,w big ~*-~ "~*-- ~" Oneed ~ his ail~od /wireless tower at Arh gton for the ..... _or• _ past ten days has been in regular com- plans mr me sad m~;. . munication with the Eiffel tower in A caucus of the Republican ant • Paris, a distance of 3,300 miles by air Progressive members of the New Mex- line ico Legislature pledged Senator A.B. _- ...... ............. 'rne ~av~ Department announces lCalI terry votes wflen me l~eglslature ...... ..... -" ..... o t~ .... ~- tnat k'resl(lent Ta~t naa approved the ballOtS on a senator [ r ue turin u~- ....... verdict of another Norfolk court-mar- ginning Marcl~ 4. 'rmrty-seven votes .............. ¢ial wnicn iouno uaptaln waoe JOlly only are necessary to elect. Secretary of the Interior Fisher was attacked by Senator William E. Boral~ in a speech before the Idaho Legisla- ture. Senator Borah said that Secre- tary Fisher knew uothing about the conditions in the West except what he had seen from the window of a Pull- man. Eugene V bobs, Socialist candidate for President of the United States in the last election, was arrested at Terre Haste, Ind., on an indictment re- turned against him in the Federal Court for the Third district of Kan- sas. Debs was charged with obstruct- ing justice. Scenes of wild disorder occurred on the floor of the lower branch of the Wyoming Legislature when Speaker Martin L. Pratt and Speaker Pro Tom- pore W. J. Wood engaged in two sep- arate fist-fights, during which Speak- er Pratt threw Wood from the speak- er's platform. George W. Norris, Republican, was elected United States senator to suc- ceed Senator Norris Brown by the Ne- braska Legislature. The vote was taken in the two houses separately and was unanimous in both houses. Norris was the choice of the voters in the state primary. The Democrats have a ms. jcrity of the Legislature on, joint bal- lot. SPORT. Tlae football team of the University "of Colorado for 1913 was given a big boost by the return to school at Boul- der of Frank Powers, one of Colora- do's best known athletes, after a half year's absence. Andrew Ybarra, father of Joe Riv- ers, the lightweight pugilist, died at Los Angeles of pulmonary tuberculo- sis. The young fighter reached his father's bedside just a few hours be- fore the end, after bxeaking several ring dates in the East. President Charles V. Murphy of the Chicago National Club announced at Cincinnati that he had purchased a half interest in the, Philadelphia Na- tional League Baseball park, and that the park now is jointly owned by him- self and C. P. Taft or Cincinnati. of the'Marine Corps guilty of absence without leave and non-paymnt of debts. When President Taft stepped down from his private car on his recent re- turn from New Haven, the total mile- age of his travels during his four years in the White House reached 113,659, enough to hare taken him four and one-half times around the world• Secretary Knox's reply to the Brit- ish protest against the exemption of American coastwise shipping from Panama canal tolls assures the Brit- ish government that domestic coast- wise trade will not be permitted to extend operation into foreign competi- tive fields. Having renounced the vows of celi- bacy and taken unto himself a wife, one of the prettiest young women of Boston, Miss Katherine Frances Pow- ers, Father David Hillhouse Buell of Washington, former president of Georgetown University, will be de- posed from the Roman Catholic priest. hood within a few days. "You can not any more dissolve the greet trusts than you can move this continent across the Atlantic Ocean!" declared Henry P. Davison, of J. P• Morgan & Co., testifying before th~ House money trust investigating com- mittee. Davison declared he thought the trusts, as at present constituted, were a blessing to the country• GENERAL. With only one dissenting vote, th~ Wagner resolution proposing amend- ment to the constitution to permit women to vote, passed the New York State Senate. Miss Helen Miller Gould was mar- ried at Lyndhurst, her country estat~ to Finley Johnson Shepard, an Ameri- can railroad man who has risen from the ranks. Re-election of United States Sena- ator Robert L. Owen was assured when the two houses of the Oklahom~ Legislature gave him a large majority of'the votes on separate ballot. President-elect Wilson indicated that he was not especially anxious that a reception or any other substitute be provided for the inaugural ball which he opposed. STATE NEWS GOOD ROADS PLANS OV INTEREST TO ALL CONVENTION RESOLVES STATE C O L O R A D O FUNDS NEEDED FOR HIGH- PEOPLE WAYS. Western ~ewspaper Unlo~ I~ews Service, Meeting Endorses All Phases of Cam- Four men were injured in an autO- ' paign and Elects Officers for mobile collision in Denver. Ensuing Year. Lysander L. Johnson shot aI/d in- Western Newspaper Union News Service. stantly killed Mrs. Maude Murray and Denver.--With resolutions which ad- then killed himself, at Pueblo. vocate sweeping reforms in legislation Michael Striker, 65, miner at Ley-~ for the benefit of the state highways den, died at St. Luke's hospital l.n and the election of officers to serve JJenver trom injuries he received m during the ensuing year, the Colorado an accident at the mine. Good Roads Association closed its an. The tax rolls for Crowley county, nual meeting. just sent in to the treasurer at Ord- The resolutionsado,,~eu ~,~~*^~ ^~)" .... way by the assessor, shows the total nine principal recommendations *tor valuation to be $2,638,542.47. road betterment Mrs Abigail Phflhps, aged ninety • • ' .... ' " A state bureau for the registration of two widow of Colonel Ivers Phillips a ............... , ' mutuv cars i~ urges Ior the conve- pioneer of Colorado and native of Leo- _ .............. minster Mass died at her home in ,~euc~ o]_ YlSlLlng motorists. ,~ ' "' The resolutions also urged the state J~ouioer. ..... Legislature to submit to the voters of frank P MetcalI sixty-two years .......... • ' . rue state an amenument tor rue eonsu- old, was struck by a street car while "i "t ' " " v f • " . . . . t on I xmg an annual ie y o not to crossing ~-ifteenth street near Law- • _ .~ .... ,~ • . exceed one mill upou ~uv ao~eos~, renee m Denver and had one mb value of all property in the state to broken, form a state roads fund and to be used Governor Ammons has appointed • specifically for highway purposes. Thomas J Ehrhart of Centerville a ....... • • . ]ne Legislature is also asked to pass member of the State Highway corn- . . ....... the two bills pending, transferring the mission to succeeu w ±w wiley, waD ............ ..... • " ~uu,uuu in ~ae internal ]mprovemen~ has removed to ~eatue. [und and the additional $200,000 wMch One hundred and fifty members o~ w • ¢ ill accrue during the next biennial the Colorado Stock Growers' Associa- period to the state highways commis- • " " "" n for use under its directions. tlon gathered at a banquet in Denvex ~io to tell of the past and present great- Leonard E Curtis of Colorado hess of Colorado s stock show ' " Springs was elected president, J. W'. After a thrilling battle with a great Dean of Aspen W P Harlow of Boul- g ' '~ , W. J. And'erson "of Pueblo, W. F. olden eagle measuring seven feet ~er from tl to tl James Amber of Ray Wh] "P •P, " " "nnery of Lake City, and Curtis, as mer has a magnificent specimen which president, compose the new executive he will have mounted. ~ommittee. Vice presidents from ev- General Frank D. Baldwin, fearless cry county in the state, who will serve Indian fighter, Civil War veteran and as a board of directors, were also true gentleman, has the distinction of chosen. W. H. Emmons was re-elect- being voted the first honorary life ~d secretary and treasurer. member of the Denver Club. Colorado Springs will be the next Nineteen thousand dollars was stol- meeting place. en from the Pioneer State Bank, in Following is a list of the vice presi- Denver, in broad daylight while hun d m t • " , " " ents selected: Ads s coun y, R. G. dreds of people passed by the bank Webs e r ] t r; A apahoe, G. F. H'ggins, and a policeman stood without the Archul h o • " eta, Fred Catc p ie; Bent, Fred doors. Kreybill; Boulder, W. P. Harlow; Former State Senator Horace T. De Chaffe¢, V. C. Davenport; Cheyenne, Long of Grand Junction and Mr. and James Jenkins; Clear Creek, W.L. Mrs. Harry Pierce and six children of Shaffer; Conejos, R. M. Haney; Crow- Debeque are recovering from the ef- ley, J. H. CGwden; Custer, William Iects of ptomaine poisoning which re- Kettle; Delta, George Stephens; Den- uulted after eating chicken, ver, E. E. Sommers; Dolores, C.W. Bottling Nelson, tbe famous prize- Roden; Douglas, E. H. Pond; Elbert, fighter and one-time champion light- W.J. Hall; FremonL J. PL..Newell; weight of the world descended ou Garfield, Edward Mct;mrg; t~iipin, Denver, "kidnaped" Miss Fay King, ;, E. Fritz; Grand, F. C. Jones; Gunn!- z v a e d 1 ft son, W A Gfllaspty Hmsdale W S cartoon'st on aDen er p p r, an e • • ~ ; , • ' • for his home in Hegewisch, Ill., where Whinnery; Jackson, K. J. McCallom; they were married Jeffe,*son, R. L. Downs; Kiowa, N. C. Amos W. Grant, receiving teller for Cri~eS~cKimtiCta..rt°an~aK" GR::::j LL:: the Pioneer State bank of Denver has " ". ' _ ~ ' . .. " t ' gan; Logan, W ~ furman" zvlozIat R confessed that it was he who ook the " - ~' " - " -" ma -' "" ~ 7' • w. ~inley. _m_ontezu , r'. v. ~ates" $1,910 reported missing from the ' bank's vaults. He turned over to the Montrose, Tony Monell; Morgan, Alex. police $1,400 of the stolen money and (~:2~a?fni~Y~l ~hTe'lerw" p~£~2ern~rd; promised to return the missing $510. , ". ~'~_ .'. " ~ ~ _'_ '~..:. " ~AnK" vniHips, t~. w. donnson- k'ItKln. Governor Ammons has appointed J W' l~n~. Praw~r~ ~ n ' Pn~t~' Mrs. Inez Johnson Lewis secretary of Pueblo W J Anderson" Rio Blanco the State Auditing Board" E S Tuck- ur o '~,~'~*~,:, ..... ~^,:** ~ ~ ~q' er, secretary of the sta+e Board of n~r .~a.~u~eho M T)avid~n • n " ---; ........ , E ............ n, Sa.. equalization and auditor of the State JHan i~z Wv .~d 'Pk ]~i ' a h o ..... , Lou .... man; _~gw]~.., _.nley Tax Commissmn nd C arles N whn r • , ' Dye; Summit, Chris Kise ; Teller, W. 9f Boulder, clerk of the State Dairy L Turner" Weld, G. A. Hodgson" Yu- Commission. ms, H C ~iogue ' The twenty-eighth annual meeting Members of the executive committee of the Colorado State Forestry Asso- chosen by the vice presidents are W. clarion was held in the Denver Chum- P. Harlow, Boulder; W. J. Anderson, ber of Commerce building. Addresses Pueblo; W. S. Whinnery, Hinsdale, were delivered by T. C. Henry on the relation of forests to rainfall and irri- gation and by Mrs. Helen Grenfell on "The Mission of the Cottonwood." Thomas Richards, matinee idol of "The Chocolate Soldier" and stage partner of Miss Lulu Glaser, has brought suit for divorce from Mrs. Martha Miner Richards, the Denver cafd singer who recently went to Pittsburg and sued Miss Glaser for $50,000 for alienating the affections of Idchards. William Green, aged 70, of Denver, to save his life, submitted to an op- e~Tation which has never before been performed in the West, at the county hospital, on January 5th, and is now on the road to recovery if x-ray pic- tures taken are correct• Green sub- mitted to having a portion of the bone of his leg removed and spliced onto a place farther down. The movement to construct a new drainage tunnel that will bore the Cripple Creek district at a greater depth than the Roosevelt tunnel, has received an impetus in subscriptions amounting to $100,000, which, it is re- ported, have been assured by the Cres- cent Consolidated Gold Mining Compa- ny and the railroads affected by the Cripple Creek ore business• Seven thousand passes, worth at the usual mileage rates $63,602, the equiv- alent of one-sixteenth of the road's to- tal revenue, were given away by the Denver & Rio Grand'e Railroad Com- pany in June, 1912, according to evi- dence brought out by Examiner A. T. Smith at the opening Denver session of the nation-wide inquiry into the pass system, being conducted by the Interstate Commerce Commission. Funds for the completion of the Greley-Poudre irrigation district, em- bracing 125,000 acres of the richest land in the northern part of the state, and lying adjacent to the pioneer ir- rigated region in Colorado, will be sup- plied by Henry L. Doherty & Co. of New York and a group of Pittsburg financiers. The financing involves the underwriting of $2,500,000 of bonds, authorized but not yet issued, and the payment of interest on a like amount which has been in arrears since Dec. t and J. W. Deane, Pitkin. Potato Growers Seek Blight Remedy. Denver.--The Colorado Potato Grow• ers' Association is now a full fledged organization, ready for business and doing things rapidly. The principal aim is to find the source of the blight that has cost the state approximately $10,000,000 in two years, and after eradicating it to throw a protecting in. fluence about the potato raising !ndus. try that will prevent any future dis- eases. E.R. Bliss of.Greeley has been elected president of the association and W. D. Price of Montrose secre- tary. The board of directors is com. posed of one member from each potato district• Widow Sues Railroad for $5,000. Grand Junction.--A $5,000 damage suit against the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Company was filed in th~ District Court by Mrs. Angelina Lum- bardo. Her,husband was run over and killed by a switch engine in the raft- road yards here last September. Peach Buds Unharmed by Cold. Cation City.--A. S. Taylor, horticul• tural inspector for Fremont county, after a thorough investigation, reports that the recent zero weather had no bad effect on the peach buds and that trees never entered winter in better condition. Wealthy Man Ends Life With Poison. Longmont.--S, H. Blackwell, sixty- five, a wealthy retired farmer, killed himself at his home in this city by taking poison. Two More Arrested for Ore Thefts. Leadville.-~-Two more alleged high graders, brother's of one of the four Leadville miners arrested in New York, were nabbed at Stumptown by Sheriff Henry Schraeder. Their names are Fred and Clarence Moldini and they are employed on the Little Jenny. Hidden in the mattresses of their beds was from thirty to forty pounds of high grade gold ore and nug- gets, of the same character as the boGty that was found on the fugitives whose homeward Journey to Europe has been interrupted It keeps wives as busy providing] he inner man as it does husbs~ ~roviding things for the outer wo~ ~rs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for Chlld~ ~" B. 43, eething, softens the gums, reduces infl~ a dist] lon,~.ll&ysp&in,cureswindcolic.25c~bottll :cial disl |.B. 44, We feel sorry for the man who ~istration a nagging wife to fuss over the a~L B. 45, rom his pipe dreams. [ntenano Ldren. ~ed Cross Bag Blue, much better ~[. B. 46, arther than ]iquid blue. Get from~ses. :ood grocer. Adv. [. B. 47, When fools are glad wise men ~:ricts. ad. ~J[. B. 41 ------~ lic expel FOL , B. ,9. ctlce of lifted ele tts to se Backache Rheumatism :he cons Kidn and Bladder eral Ass • B. 51, ~ Colorade • H. 52, A GOOD HABIT . B. 53, ( tion. Tea when you are tired,. B. No. particularly if it's Lber of jl ~/i~he addit: I IPTON' m e and fi~ TEA ° of the ~ral Ass, B. 66, ~s of co It sustains and ch0erS B. 67, ~fish law= ; B. 68, p: FREE TO ALL SUFFERE! ~ B. 69,] ol . sist ~hton'ie woaknesnes, et-~ptions,pil B. 70, G vrit~formy FRB~book. ltlstbemo~ lnstZ~ nedleal book ever written. It tells all abo~ ~ term f( lisea~es lead the remrk&ble~res effeoted byt Creneh Remedy ~THE]gAPI4)N' No, 1, iqo.~ tDd you oan d~lde for yoursetf if It Is tim r~m~, 'our ailment. Don't sen4 • ~nt. lt's abso~ ~. 71, C PR~IL No ,'follow-up"eirculars. Dr.LeClere~ )letio~ o ieklyrell~ ,,~I~THOMP80N 8'~.=,o,, ~ B. 72, b dm~ rOHN L'~OMPSON SON8 & CO~T~B'|m'h +~73' .A But Coqh S~t'=p..Tsars Good. UN is ttm~. 11o14 b7 Dr~glm.