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January 31, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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January 31, 1901

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II I I IIII Ill II I Ill --- I ...... SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (FOaMXRL eAOUAOH]$ DEMOOaAT.) Fntered at the post offic~ at 8at)roche, Colo.. f r t rnns UliSSion thr~.l~h t i~*= m~;i* '4~ -~e,~n,|-~|R,~ a! for. OSCAR D. ItltYAN. Editor TIIURSDA Y. dAN. 31, 1901. Representative White has introduced a bill rela'ing to mavericks. Rio Grands c.nnty paid the sheriff $140 to bringS. T. Ambler from Denver to Monte Vista on a criminal warrant, and the fusion legislature pays Ambler a salary to go back to Denver again. The reformed party thus makes rapid strides, in. the wrong.directmn.--Mmer. Mr. Frank Brown informs us that he h~m decided to withdraw from the water commissioner fight and that leaven the field cMar for Taylor and Mitchell to fight it out. It will not make much dif- ference to the people of the district as to which one gets lt, as both are well quali- fied to fill the nosttion. Julius C. Gunter, of Trinidad, has been appointed judge of the Court of Appeals to succeed Judge Bissell. Judge Gunter was formerly judze of third dis- triot and is one of the foretwost lawyers in the southern part of the state. The appointment will I,e generally aeeepta- ble to the bar of the state. HuSenator Newell broken with his old friend Teller or is his return to the ~publican party significant of contem- plated action of a similar nature on the part of the senior United States senator from Colorado? Senator Newelre re- cent announcement has given rise to considerable .speculation on tbia point, since for years he has been Senator Tel- ler's confidential adviser and right hand ... political manager.--Tlmes. Lives Here. The organization of republicans of the state has placed Simon Guggenheim at the head as president, and Harry Tarbelk u secretary. In order to make it appear as a state affair, Simon is sated as from Pueblo. when he resides in Denver, and Harry Tarbell as from Saguache, when he has not resided there for twenty years.--Montrose Enterprtse Behind the times Bros. Skinner. Har- ry has been a resident of Saguache for the past two months. He is moving his family here thts week. For Republican Party Unity. Under the head of "Trying to Disrupt the Republicau Party," the Summit Oounty Journal makes some strong points in favor of holding together the rol~ublican organization in Colorado sub- stantially as it is and for some time hsa been. It calls attention to the fact that no one party ever polled as naany vot~ in Colorado as the republican party did last fall. That is true. While the relative strength of the party rather feIPoff in some of the states that have been old party strongholds, the organization in Pity anlf Beauty The most beautiful thing in the world is the baby, all dimples and joy. The most pitiful thing is that same baby, thin and in pain. And the mother does not know that a little fat makes all the differ. ence. Dimples and joy have gone, and left hollows and fear; the fat, that was comfort anti color and curve--all but pity and love--is gone. The little one gets no fat [r6mher food. There is some thing wrong; it is either her food or food-mill. She has had no [at for weeks; is living on what she had stored in that plump little body of hers; and that is gone. She is starving for fat; it is death, be quick! Scott'sEmulsion of Cod Liver Oil is the fat she can take; it will save her. The genuine has this ptcture on it, take no other. Ifvouhave not tried it. send for bee sample, its statable taste will surprise you. SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemistsm 409 Pearl St., N.Y. 8Oo, and $1.OO all druggists, this state made larger relative gains than ia any oH'~r The Journal is right in holding that that does oot look like a reason for wholesale reorganization. The Times has not, certainly, rega,'ded it as a rea- son for anything of the kind. It has urged, on the contrary, that the party organizalion tie kept up, and that republican principles be ~tren~thened by the drawing together ot republican wtersin Hubs throughout the state for the purpose of carrying on u campaign of education in the e principles from now till tim active campaign opens for the next election, when, If not before, all these trained educational agencies should be fused into one compact organ- ization. It has urged that none of these party clubs should be permitted to become personal or factional agenciep, but all alike be conducted for the good of the ;)arty as a whole. If this aim be kept in view and insfeted upon, every personal or factional aim, if there be any such, will be checked in its beginnings. 'If abe repubican party is true to itself as part of the great natioual party, and acts together as such from now till No- vember, 190"2, it can carry the state at that election. Divided, for any cause, it cannot.- Denver Times "lhat i~,anq net. The Repubhcau Ohlb of Colorado ts to give a banquet to the republican edilors of Colorado at the Windsor hotel, on Saturday night. We acknowledge the receipt of an invitation and a compli- mentary ticket. It has been claimed that this club movement ts in the nature of a revolt against the duly constituted party authorities, which is strenuously denied by the promoters of the club The Advisory Board, an organtzaticn with the same object in view is a rival club, which has the sanction of the state central commtttee and is going to give a banquet, too. It looks as though anoth- er split in the party was wanted. W edo not like to ace this. There are probably many matters whtch ought to b~straigh- toned out in party affairs In thts state-- but lets do 11 in a regular way inside the organization, and by all means keep the orgauizaiton intact. The Mail lgoutes Notices calling for bids to carry the mail on the proposed uew route between Moffat and Saguache were received here last Saturday. It is not known whether this route is to ta~e the place of the : Villa Grove one or not, but I h~ presump- tion is that it will d,) so. This is an in- justice to Villa Grove, Bonanza and the entire northern part of the eonnty. We should make an effort to retain both these routes and hgve 14: mmle a week-- the same as Crestone m now receiving. The plan would be to receive our morn- ing matl from Moffat and the evening mail from Villa Grove. If prompt actmn in this matter in taken this may be an ar- ranged as to secure us the additional mail and stage facilities, and not work a hardship on any community or individ- ual. Brooght Good Fortune. A small item in his own paper lately bro,ight amazing good fortune to Edttor Chris. Reitter, of the Saginaw (Mich.) Post and Zeitttng. He and his family had the Grip in its worst form. Their doctor did them no good. Then he read that Dr. King's New Discovery for Con- aumpuon, Coughs and Cold.~ was a guaranteed cure for La Grippe and all Throat and Lung troubles; tried it and says: "Three bottles cured the whole family. No other medicine~ on earth equals it." Only 50c and $1.00 at Lord & Wilcox's, Crestone, Colo, Trial bottles free. A C&rd to the Public. In view of the fact that the govern- ment has decided to d~contmue the mail service betwecn'Vdla Grove and S a- guache and as there is no desire to dis- continue the freight and express service by a majority of onr palrons, we feel jus- tiffed in announcing that regular trips to Villa Grove and return will be made daily except Sunday after express mat- ter and the customary tr, ps after freight. The freight and express will receive the same careful attention as heretofore and will be forwarded with the same promptn~ and dlspatch that has char- acterlzed the service up to the present. We solicit your passenger trade, as we will place you $1.05 nearer to any east- i ern point than any other route. Wa will also announce presently a new schedule making direct connection with the north bound passenger train and to leave im- media~ty after the arrival of the south bound passenger train for Sagueche thus securing to our patrons the greatest economy in t~me and money with the least inoonvecienoe. We are thankful for past patronage and ~tespectfully solic- it a continuance of the same. Respect- fully. Fa^~ Caamo~, W. W. IDZ~. Pepsin preparations often fail to relteve indigestion because they can digest only albuminous foods. There is one prepa- ration that digests all clsa~s of foods, and that is Kodol Dyspepsia Onto. It cures the worst cosec of indigestion and gives instant relief, ,for it digests what you eat. Saguache Pharmacy. Go to Jones' for flour, grain and baled laa~, There will be services at the Presby- terian church next Sabbalh morning and evenmg. Dr. Kirkwood (,f Colora4o Springs is expected to conduct the ser- viceS. P. M. Jones I'ays cash for hides and pelts. For the lg,,ys James Camper wants to buy all the old coppe., zinc and rubb.r he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a halt for old rubber. I sell gunny sacks four cents ea,'h. I pay 12 cents a dozen fi,r beer bottles. ]lie Pioneer Stable. Having leased the old Pioneer Stable at Villa Grove (being th- one used by H. Braham and successors aa a stage barn) to be used as a livery, feed and sale sta ble. T solicit a part of the public patron- age, and shall strive by strict attention to business and with good rigs and har- ness to merit the same. F. P. HA~b, Manager. O. 0. Taylor Wktskies.u:ed by oritl0al Judges, (:~ .A. ~1 'X~ O ]~. "r .A.. Bean the ~ IN Kind You Have Always B0u~ht WANTED-Capable, reliable person in every county to represent large company of solid finan- cial reputation, $936 salary per year, payable weekly. $3 per day absolutely sure am| all expen- ses straight, boaaiid_~, detimte salary, no com- mission, salary paid each Saturday and expense money advanced each week. 8TANDAIID HOUSE, 88~, D~ARBON ST., CHICAGO. ~One Night to CHICA~O, APOLI$ ST: PAUL Leave Denver via Union Pacific at 4:00 p. m., arrive Omaha 6:45 a. m. Leave Denver via Burhngton at 4:00 p. m., arrive Omaha 6:4:5 a. m. At Omaha change from th(se trains, which have been occupied 15 hours to THE FRESH, CLEAN, BRIGHT TRAIN (The latest and finest l~rodnct of Pullman) I,oaving Omaha at 7:03 a. m., via the "NEW LINE," The Illinois Uantral R R Arriving Chicago, Minneapohs or St. Paul the same evening. ..... For tickets and reservations apply to agents connecting ll'mS or address JAMES CULTON, Commercial Agent, 805 17th Street., Denver. Trustee's Sale Wbereas, Edmund H. Slater by his deed el trust da~ed July 911~, 1883 and duly recorded in the office of the clerk and recor~ier, in th. county of Saguaetle and ~tate of Col,)rado, o~ the 2fith day of July. A. D. 1888, in book 89 yagc 52, conveyed to George W. Ton}s, as true ted, tim following de,crib d real estate sitnat~ In tile county ot S,tguaehe attd state of Colo- rado, to-wit: Tits north half of the north half of section 18 tn township 42. nor;h range 8, east of tile New Mexico P M, eontalnh)g 160 acres more or less together with all water riglit or Inter. estsbeh)nglngorluaey way apnertaiuing to said land or used therewith, |ll trust to st eure the payment of his protmssory note for the sum of $700, dated July 8th. 18~'~ and payable to the order of William F. Leonard on the first day of July 1893, together with interest there. on semi-annuMly, as shown by ten COupong of $28 each attached to sai(t note ~tnd payable re- spectively on tile tit'st days of Jaouary and July of each yuar, with interest oil said cou- pon notes at the rate of 15 per cent. per annum. Whereas, said deed of trust provides I hat in case of delault tn the payment, of said nolo or any interest thereoo, or any part thereof, then it shall no lawful for the sold truslee, or his successor In trust, to sell the said )remlses, or any part thereof, and all ti~e right and equity of redemption el the said I:~dmand IL Slater therein at public auction for easIL and Wl~ereas, it is vrovided in and by said deed of trust that in case nf the death, Inability or relusal of the said George W. l'oms, trustee, tenet, at any time when action may be re. quh'ed for the execution of tile trUStS Under said deed of trust, theu the legal hnhler of said note may, by wrbing duly acknowledged ~polnt a successor in trust to ~he said George Toms, and Whereas, the said George W. Toms Is absent frolu the state of Colorado nnd unable to act and the legal holder of said note has, by a writing duly appointed the undersigned, a trustee t,o act as SllCOessor to toe said Gemge W. Toms, as recorded In the office of the county clerk and recorder of Saguache county, state of Colorado, and Whereas, default has been made in the pay- ment of lute,eat due since July 1, 1898, and subsequent thereto and also In the payment o~the prlnelp~l of said no~ due July 1. 189S, and no part of the same nan ueeu paid, and the legal holder of said note ires declared tits whole of said principal sum and interest due aud payable, e.nd has requested a sale of said I prentlsos, under said deed of trust. ! Now, Therefore, the undersigned, as such truestoo, wllJ on Saturday, the 23rd day of' i Febuary, A. D. 1901, at the hour nf 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at:the town of S ,gnache, ~i~a- g~he county. Colorado, sell the above de- ! ~rlbed pr,,pertv, and all water rights or i.o terestsappiirtalnlng thereto and in and by said deed of trust conveyed for the purpose of paylng said note, Interest due thereon, l~)- ~ether with taxes from 1894 todate, and costs of executing this trust. Dated January 1~, 1901. ~AMUEL ,IEWELL. Successor In Trust, Flrlt pub San l?-qa$t Fsb St, Joe .~'ew in ~ n. Aneffortis helot made to I,av..I,., Newman, the song writer and fnn mak,,r, give one of hts ~nt,rtainment~ in Sa t~uache in the near future '['he ente:- tainment will be for the benefit, of ti e high school and will probd)]y I),~. giwm on Saturday night, Fshruary22ml Full parttcu!ars will be given i~y hilts and m this paper as soon as arrangemo,its are definitely settle& Joe Newman has ap- peared m most of the valley t,)wns but has never been heard here. He ~ives an entertainment which Id a rare treat nnd we bane no donbt that the capacity of the high school room will be taxed to the uttermost to hold the crowd who will want to hear him. To Cure a CoId in One Day. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab- lets All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. ~rove's signature is on each box 25e. SENT FREE F151t11'$ Uterine Tonic Knowledge '~O~ Ths Oreat Yem&le Remedy postnvch I~. ~ cares at1 fern&Is eomptaints; 1 mon~h~ ~_ ~ treatment $1; 6 months' treatment ~', ~ MRS. SADIE M. FISHER, Suirl~ 28, F~ b ~fff_ _~ 18Ta ST., DZI*vXa, COLO. Also for sa], ;~7oA~"~i~ by All DraRgtsts. Send for free slxm!, h ~lllm~/r s~td nterature, worth its weight i~z g 4d ",1~ 2 lw 13)ldl0d &nywhsre Oa lequest, postpaid. =|,. RELIABLE ASSAYS ,old ............ , 1 otd and Sil,er..* .75 Lead ............ .501 Cold,silver, copper 1.50 Samp/ss btl mall rsos/ue prompt attention. Rich Ores and Bullion B0uffht. OGDEN ASSAY CO. 1429-10th 52., Donner, 0o/o. FIERItY'S WANTED-ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- actor to deliver and c~dlect m Colorado for old astablislmd manufat~turing wh,desale h,mso. re00 a year, sere pay. Honesty m,,re than exper. ~nce required. Our referone,', any bank in an~ city. l":nol.~ golf ad lres~,ed stamped enveh~pe. Msnnfa+turers, ThiPd FLoor..'lJt l)i,arbot! st. Chicago. t' , t t ..... ~.ato el 12,~lor:,do. / Sagt)aeh~, ~ *OUlIt)". ~ s~ In the DistJiet Col;rt iu the 1211' JudieJ.tl Distl"icl, in nt~d t,o'said CI)UI|Iy. In the inalter of lhe adlu,lleAit~.oli of priori. Ides Of rtEht IO the nat-, Of water, ill Water District No. ~6. Wherel, I,~aac G, ~tl hell ol~hns wa t~ r til rough the Florence ditch and thC CIOttllelf dllch No. 5, and SO tHr as the ~anlc are e(,lleerned a,ld the prtorltiesawarded Ihv said ditebes nunt- bored 7a, 36a and 25a. This day thlscause comieg on to be i)eal'd before I-Ion. Jesse G. Nortllcutt. sitting as a4~d lor tim Judge of the Twelfth Jtldicial dlst ~lc~ o! of Colorado, at his cbanloers Ja the the state town nf A|anlol6a~ COnl~lt~" of Celia,los and slate nfColorado, upon the sworn applle~tinn and statement of lloracc B. Means, George W. Means William T. Ashley John I~oleonlb,. D. C. Travis. llobert Mo|lleith, Alva 8eandrctt, Nathan Wal'd~ George t urtts, Wilbur Curtis, Frank Brown, Willhtltt Munro. Woodard i]l'OtllelS, contestants J~l lhe above entitled proceedings, where|u lhey ask for au appeal ill Ihe above entitled proceeding troln the de- cree of tile dislriet court of tile connty of ba- gnache to the supreme cnnrt of lhe state el Colorado. and agahmt isaac Gottheb appel- lees, lU SO far as said (cur, e ruhllcs to Ltle Florunee dHch and ill~, C-h)lJhe]L ditch "No. 5, with priorities numbered 7a, t~ia and 25a, 8lid the jud'~Ic being Iully advised lo the prctnist's. alter an exandnatlou Of Lhc statemea~ herein filed, and it appearhlg ti~at the ~aid ,~ontest. ants and Ohj(:eLOl'S arc entit!cd to an appeal herein as prayed for in this proeeediugs. It is thereibre ordered that an appeal ~e gral, ted from the decree el ~lte district court ah,resaid, to Ihe tiLlprrelne court of Ihe s[aLe OI Colontdo, wherin tile said Horace B. Mean% Georg~ W. Means, Wit;tam T. A.shh,Y. John Ho!c0mb, D. C. Travis, Alva 8canlh'ett, Rob- ert Monteith ~atimn Ward, George Curti~ W lbnr Cut tis. 1~ r~tnk Brow~, Wit lain" Munro, Woodard Brot)lcrs, owners el (Litcizes with priorities numbered as follows; The William Stow ditch, with priorities numbered ......................... 07, 74, 81 The Sulllvan dituh, with priol'nies num- bered ................................. 78. 102 The Hartman Brolhers ditcih -No. 4 with priori(lea numbered ....... 40, 6u. 6S, 82, 93 The Hartman Brothels ditch, No. 1, wLtit prim'talus numbered ................. 50, 97 2he ~:tolconlb ditch, whh priorities nuul. bered ................................ 103, 116 The Arroya ditch, with priorities num- bered ................................. 107 The Monteltll ditch, with priorities llUln, i bared ...................................... 96 The Hay & Mouteith dltcn, wlt~ priori- ties nulnbered... The Redmond & Mon'te'l'tl~"li[t'cl'l:' 'w'fti~"' ~ I~riorlties nnulbered ..................... 96 The ~l'avis ditch, with priorities num- bered ..................................... 103 The Travls ditch, No. '~, witll priorities nuul bored ,,., ...... Tits Travis U,tci,, ~o. ~, "wi~ii'iXi~;lifA'" zos nuulbered .......... 108 The Ward Higllllne ctltch, With priori- tits numbered ........................... 18 l The Brauu Brothers dttcll, with priori- ties numbered ........................... 19 The Promtt Company ditch, with priori- ties numbered .................... lo, 17, 29 The Sheep Creek ditch, wtth priorities numbered ............................... 115 The Munrodltch, ~o. l, with priulltics numbered ............................... 30 The Moses Goff dttch, NO. I, witii ,priori- ties numbered ........................... 27 The Moses (.legal|teal, No. 2, with priori, ties numbered ........................... 27 Shall be kuown as the appellants,'and isaac Gottitell, owner of the Florence ditcit and Gotthelfdltoh No. 5, wiLh priorities ttumber. ed 7a, 38&and 25a. shall Lm known as appelo lees, said appeal shatl be granted as aibresald upon ti~e said appeilant.~ executing an appeal bond conditioned for the payment of a~l costa which lnay be awarded against the appellants or arty (if them in,the supreme court.,and Ln the tqlm of tllree hundred dollars, eaia bead to be executed by one or more of the appellauts as princlpa! and sutlieLent securities, said bond to be approved by tlte c~Jurt er Judge tn vaca- tlou. 1-~ 1901, J~ZtSE G. NORTHCUTT, Iudge. (Endorsed). District Court, ~aguache county. Coin. Filed and entered of record Jan. 7, 1901, LEE FAIRBANiKS, Clerl~. State of Colorado. Saguache connty, I, Lee Fairbauks, clerk of the district court in and Ior the county and state ,fforesald, do hereby Certify that the above and foregoing is a u'ue, correct, full and complete copy ell an Order Allowing Appeal, together wJtl~ all [ j endorsemeMs thereon, made Irom the origt. ] I nal, and as the same appears of record ]n J my said office, i In testimony whereof I have hereunto set l my haud and affixed the seal of said court at I Saguaehe this 15th day of Jan., 1901. I LEg FAIRBANKS, [ Clerk Dlstrl0t 0uurt. L G. O. Taylor Whiskies, grow In popularity ~q' "r' '? ",:?('/'2 foe', ihm~r,~ N 5* 51' W, var 13" ~ ' ' r Ui} S ~ 1 i~ ]7 "~5 t t ~t ~ ') ~' ~ ' ~B > ( ' . 2, identical with ........................... ;el:i'N,~..;l{,JstqI;t !o(tuol Ibis SOl'VU.,/, thence N N1 0'.1 E\;tI'];~ [i, C;t;I li:] titeet touorNo. 3, a 311 ~'iNG API'I,ICATION. No. 551. Mineral Survey No. 14,317 U. S. Laud Office, at 1 lel Norte, Colo., Jan. 2, 1901. N,tiueis hcrehv given Ibat Themas Franm whns,, I), stoHiee i4 Sali(la, Col,) , I)as made it )- plication for a p:tteot for 150~) lhluar feet on the Grunt Mogul h)de, the san)e being 150 fcet N 0 30' E and 1:~4) feet S 0" 30' W of the discoverY shaft and 1459 feet of tlle Enness F h)de both bearhlg gold 'rod silver the same buia 981 feet N 60" 30' E all( 475 fuel S C4) 30' W lro:n discov- ery sl aft thereon, with surface gronll(1 eae]l 3~)0 feet in whir}l, -ltllat.u [11 K('rl)ci; Creel( lnillhlg ulstriut Naguaehe county state cf Volora(b, and eser ~cd ill the plat altll lieid notes ett file ill this office, as follows~ vIz : GREAT MOGUL LODE. BeginnlngateorNo. l, whencc the S W eor ofscc17, twp47 N II8E N M I'M bears S ~3 30' W 377 lest, theneu N 0 30' E 1500 feet to e(,r No. 2 TheneeNS!) 30' E 300 feet to cur No. 3 Tllenee S 0~ :~r W 150 ~ feet to eor No. 4. Thenue N 89~ 30' W 300 feet to eor No. 1, the place of l)e- ginning eontaitdng after exeludi~lg conillct with sllr No. 763 I'arag(m lode, 9.7;3 acres. EN NESS F. LOI)E. Lleginhlng at cur No. 1, whence lhe S W cur sac 17, twp 47 N R 8 E N M 1) M rears S 39 W 661.11taut, thence s 60" :~0' ~V 1.159 feet Io eor No. 2. Thenc~ N 0 30' E :'46.-t fuct to cur No. 3. Thence N 60" .'~' E 1459 feet to uor No. 4. Tbeneu e('(]ar ),)~[ iX ~ iH(ii,~ X 5 l(!Cl hn)g set 30 inches I. Ill(" grollI'.(I e~ilh nlOllll(I O[ MOllS SCl'ibcd 3"3, I;]!)1'~ A, lheli('e .% ;i 1 [ ]~ ',at 1:;" 30' east 1406.5'/ l'(:Ut to eor .N,). 4, ;t ec~l;tr pOSt 4X4 II)CIIcs X 5 feet i(~n~z act :;0 im'Ll~s in 1be grouod with mound of st(me s(']'it,ud l-& 1.3;d7 .\ wllenec a plnlOU tree 10 nuhes |n (Ihuoeter)lazed and scribed BT1-4, 13917 A, bcal's N 4l' 05 W 42.05 feet, a plnlou tree 6 inches in diameter tdazed attd scribed B T 1-4, 13917 A. bears S 43' 13' E 9.44 feet, thence $4" 09~ W, wu'iation 13~ 12' east 232.01 to cur No. 1 tile place of beginning. REESE LOI)E. BeghHling at cur No. 1, blentical with cur No. 4 l{el'llVObt lode of till'; stirrer, whenue N E eor sue 2G T t~ N 1~ 11 E o[ the N'M P M bears S 4" ',k~' ;IL" W lt;~.tt5 leer, 1hence N 8 14' W oar t3' 30' cast 140b.57 tuet to eor No. 2, idetltical with cor No 3 ];Ul'l)3 die h)de of S survey, thence N 81 09 l'] oar 13 30' east 214(; feet cor No. 1 Albert leo(re of tilts StU'yU.~ 259.87 feet to cor No. ;I, en hl;e t- 1 Albert Iodu ot this stlrvey it slielf ()n l)erl)t'll( (,itlar slalu ,'liif 30 feet high chiseled X 3-12917 A, thcnue S ~ 17)' I,. ~;11' 13" 12' east,405. 5b feet to cur No. 4, a cedar 1)os~ 4x4 iacllUS X 5f~:'etl,mgset 39 inela~s ill tile ground with nh~on(l ofstone seril)c(l ,1-13917 A, Wllence Sierra l{]aileo bears S 25 ;]1' i~ tIIuucc S 84 09' W var i 13 12' uasL 290.27 feet to cor No. 1 the place hi' t)uginnil)g. A LBEI'JF LODE lh.giaMog at eor No. 1 on line 2-3 Reese lode t)[ tillS Sttt '.Cy, a uedar post 4Xt inches x 5 Ieet 1,) g set :;0 'UC lea ill thug ' )(lad with mound of stone setit)u/t 1-1:;9t7 A, whence N E ce~r sec 26 S(P30' "W3f6.4feettocorNo. l. the phtceofhe- T44N RllEolthe N MI'M bears $1"59'&9" g)n.ning, coolai.nhtl/, 10;01,S acres, net area of E 2:~:~1 hot, a eed u' trcu 14 inchus in diameter claims containing 1,).8:21 acres exp.ressiy ex- ] blazed all [ scribe( B T 1-1;3917 A bears S 51" 06' e~pt_mg and exeh.hng all con!bet w~th sorvey E t; 22 fuut ti cl ~e N It~ 14' W vat" 13 30' east [NO 733 [)al'~t,r nlo(c'Ll(l[ornng a pC fen )[ .~1')hqt ~,tillt~,,,.tii). J ! 1'..nn)'Hlnao~fthl~ tlcSV,' ~ ~,e17 .qF ~ ~ee 18 and N E i of ' " ~t ~' < "~. '~ ", '- ,, ),; ,". sllrvuy t52.(k luctinturseethlle2-,~Bcrnardlode seelg,.~w94~ N RsEoftheN ~II lVl, Salt| l,)- (tthiss~ '. V 41151 h'etto c)r N( 2 a ce(ar sate tqllgl'Cq r(o( yes 70alld7,1'it 1)'tre-~ )oat lxa t ~sv-f~ t/ e~t' i~oi~o~in /h~ lode an(1 Fh'st ('haltce, A. Bad(lers elainlal]t, 1;5'-' lccl~ tilt~LIC~? N ~t (;[)' 1~2 oar 15 east 290.26 h'el to eor No. 3, a gl~ciss reek ill place 4X8 feet others i[ auy unkn,)wn. JAn. tL BAXTER, R,:/i.*/,,r. First ptlb ,laa 10--last Mal'eh 1~t. MININ G APPLICATION. No. 553. Mineral Suryey No. 13,917. U. S. Land Cities at Del North. Colo.. October 3. 1900. Notice is llerebv given that iu pursuance of the act of cnn-~re~s approved May 10, 1872, thu SanI~'.ahel Mining and Milling colnp:tny wilose pos[omcc address is (?restone Saguac]le COuotv~ Colorado, has made apphcation for it patent f()r 14!~7.35 linear feet on the t;ran-Lee lode. bearing copper and gold the s:mle belng 1'32335 fuel n,)rthweseerly and 81 feet souttteasteHy f',i u discovery cllt tllcron, witll surface gl'oun(i 300 feet in tvi(Itll ; and also for 1407.35 lin,.ar fuut ,m the Syke~ lode, bearing copper and gold. the sanle being 1391 f('et sontheastcrly and 11653 feet northwesterly from tim discovery eat there- on, with suriaee gronnd 250 feet ill width; and also for 1407.35 )|near feet on the Rosetta ]ode bearln_,z copper and gold, the same l)eing 1351.;:t5 feet northwesterly and 56 feet south~asteHy from discovery cn~ thereon with surface grotul~[ 300 feet lo w dth; and also for 1407.35 lln. feet on tbcBeruydia h)dc, bearing copper and gold, the same behlg 1335.,35 feet northwesterlyafid t4 feet southeasterly, from discovery cut thereon, with surface ground 232 feet at sontheHy end and 173.44 feet at northerly end, Ill wkltlt; and also for 1403.57 hnuar feut ,)n the Reese lode, hearing copper and gold, t te same I ei lg 1 ),76 feet south- easterly and 32.57 feet t orthweste ' y fr,m ( s- covcry'eot thereon with surface ground 2;39 f('et in width; and also for 1441.51 linear fcct co the Albert lode, bearing copper alrd go)d tll~, samu being 1207 51 feet northwusturly and 2;34 feet southeasler!y fron] discovery cut thereon, with surface gronnd 236 96 feet hi widtll,~ also for 1520 64 linear feet on the Bernard lode, bearing copper and gold, tile same being 606 feet south- westerh, and 654.64 feet northeasterly from the discovei'y cut thereon, with sllrface ground 253.- 10 feet ifi wl th: and also for 1471.79 linear feet on the (;amelia h)de, bearing co ) )el' and gold the same I)ehlg 1049.17 fuel northwesledy and 42'2.62 feet soutellasterlv from the discovury cot tllereo)l, witil Sl)l'fae(~ ffronnd 2(;7.25 feet in width; and also for 1471.79 lihcar feet on the York Stain h)de. buaring eeH)er and gr)Id, the same beiug 142n.79 feet northwesterly and 51 feet sout]lvastcl'ly frcln the (hscovurv cut t]ler(q)n, e.'ith surf;t(.u, groluld b'00 feet ill w'llltb ; and also for a patunt for E~3.65 lhlear feet of the San lsa- I)c] In|]l site. heing nonqnhlPral and 270 feet In u.'idl b and I't,('t;tagtllar ill fol'al~ all nile;Lie ill tile Blal{e ]nil II~ (list' ct, Saguache cn nty, s a ( , f Colorado and (leseril)ed hv the ollie.Jal plat hi.re- wlth posted and hy the tt~l(1 notes on iilc in the olliee of the regist~q' of the Del Norte, Colorado land distrlct as follows, viz: GB, A N-LE E I.ODE. Beginning at cor No. 1, a cedar post 4x4inehes x 5 feet lolt~ set :30 inclles ill the ground with mound of stone scribed 1-13917 A, whence N E corsec26, T14N R11ofthcNM I" M bears S 43* 50' 28", E 1421.02 feet a cedar tree 5 mciies in dialnetur blazed and scl:ibed B T 1.13917 A, bears N 82 2t' E 9.:31 feet. East end of'Tablq moon- taln bears S 3~ 23' V/, tl encc N 5 51' W, wtr I:V 12' east 1~07.35 fee~ tocor No. 2, on line 4-1 York State lode of lids sl rvey A granite ledge chis- eled x 2-13917 A, tbcnce'N 84 09' E, vat 14 12" east 265.65 fuel, curs Non. 4 and 1 Y o'k State and Genlelht lodes of this survey, 300 feet tit cur No. 3, uu Line 4-1 (iemelht h)de of this survey. A ce- dar post .lx,l Jllt'}l(!S by 5 feet Iollg set 30 iuches ill the ground with lnonnd of stone scribed 8-2 13917 A, whencu it pinimt ires 10 inches in diant- cter blazed and s:.ribvd B 'F 2.:,~, 13917 A bears S 24" 14' E 20 feet. thenee S 5 51 E, wu' 15 40 east 1407.35 fcet to ('or No. 4, A uedar post 4xL inehes x 5 fuct lolls eel 30 inches ill tile gl"O:lll(l wilt) nmunlt of stone scribed 4-1, 13917 A whenou it Ilhiiou tree 10 ill(! lea ill diameter blazed and scribed BT41,13917A bears N 82* 13' W 12.7 feet, thenuc S 84 09' W oar 13" 12' east 300 feet to uor No. 1 the place of beginfinlg. SYKES L()i)E. l',cginning at cur No. 1, identical with cur Nit. .t (~rall- .ee lot u ofth s sn 'vcy, ,vhcnec N F/o' sec26T-llN It 1lEer the N'MI>3'lhearsS33 5:3" E 125:~;.77 ~eet, thenuu N 5 51' W, wu' 13~ 12' east 1.i07.35 lest to eor No. 2, iilentieal with cur No. 3 l~ran-Lce lode of this stlrvcy, t]lencu N 81 09' E, oar 13" 40' east 250 feut to c'0r No. 3, a co- der post 4xl illehes x 5 feet hmg set 30 inciles in the gl'OLUld 'AJth nloHnd ot stone serll)ed 2-3-4, 13917 A whcnee a ee(htr treu 16 iaehcs iu (lialn- eter dazed and scribed B T 2-1:1-4, 1"),917 A, hears $6~ 47' ]". 17.7 fcet, apeak in Concjos range bears S ;),9 42' "~V thence S 5' 51' E, oar t:; 49' eas~ 11q7.35 feet to eor No 4, a cedar post 4x4 in- ehus x 5 fuet long set 30 inehus ill the gr(,un(I with mon)ld ef st,me seribed 4-1 1;3917 A whence a ca(Jar tree 12 ills]los lU ilianleter blaze(i and scribed B 'L' 4-1, 1;'.)17 A bears S 14 42' E t2.04 feet. tile Soutil Mr. in Conejos range bears S 45 28' W, thence S 84 09' W oar 13" 1.).' east 250feet to cur No. 1 the ph/ce of beginning. IIQSETTA LODE. Beginning at cur No. 1, identical with cur No. 4 Sykes lode el this survey, whence N E cur sc~ 26 44 N R 11 E i)f tne N'51 1' M bears S 22 01' E 1t66.04 tent, thence N 5 51' W, var 13 4o' east lh07.35 feet Io col' No, 2, identical with cur No. 3 Sykes lode of this survey, thence N 84 09' E, wn" 13~ 40' east 98.92 fast, cur No. 1 Bernard lode of this survey, 309 lest to cot' No. ~, a cedar p~)st 4x4 inehes x 5 feet long set 30 inci~es hi the grotlnd widl mound of stone scribed 2-3, 139t7 A, whence a phdon tree 4 inuhes ]n diameter bMz- cd and scribed B T 2-3, 13917 A bears S 64" 46' l~ 24.63 feet, thence S 5" 51' E, oar 13" 10' east 1407.- 35 feet to cot" No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 in,has x 5 feet lout 8et 30 hlehes in tl)c gr,und witlt lnonlld of stoee scri0ed 1-4 139i7 A, whence a uedaff tree 18 lnc les ill d ameter hhtzed aud scr bed B T 1-4, 13917 A. bears N 37 15' W 6.6.5 {eel, thence S 84: 09' W, vat' 13" 12' e~ ~t 300 Ieet to cot' No. 1 the place of beginning. BERNYDIA LODE. tleglnnhlg at eor No. 1, Identical wlth eor No. 4 Rosetta lode of this survey, whence N E cor sec 26 T 44 N R 11 E of tile N M P M bears S 7 4 tee[ above gl'O~llad eJiisele(I X 8-1;JgL7 A, Wllence ! it sprt;cu tl' ~e L~ :lies J dh;nie|cr blazed and i scribed t) l' ~-t;;0i7 A beai's N 74 47' E 26.12 f,~et thenxe :~ 11 lt' I~ var 1;; 45 east 577 feet, 1Bier- sect linu 2~ llurn~trd llide el this survey, 7L~6.51 fuct in e "~eeL L IL~ 4-t l;CL'Llard Lode of this sur- J vcy, 14tl.51 feet t( )r No. 4, a cedar post 4X4 ! ira:hue x 5 test long set ;30 inclles la thd ground WiLII nloond of stone scribed 4-13917 A whence a X on Mate udge e dseled 1/ l~, 4-13917 A. bears N ,3 51' E 7,82 lest tlluace 8 84 09' W vat 18" 12' east 21.b5 fuet cur No. 3 Reuse lode of this sur- vuy, Z00Z6 feet ~o cur ~\o. 1 the place of beglit- ning. I~EI~NAII]) LODE. Bugnn)lng at uor No. 1 co ilnc 2-3 Rosette lode el tills snrvuy, a ee(lar ])()st 4x4 inches X 5 feet long set 30 inehus tn Lbe ground with mound of sLonc scribed 1-13917 A, whence N E cor see rl' 44 N It 11 E ,)1 Lhe ~ z~l 1' 31 bears 15 10+ 57' 56" E "L).37.38 Ieet a cethd" trcc 30 inches in diameter blazed and scribed 1], T 1-16917 A bears N 39" 21' ~,V 1;$.16 I/oct. ttlenec N 36~ vsr W oar 13 40' east 266.69 fuel to col' No. 2, a cedar post 4x4 iuches x 5 [cet lolls set 30 in. ill the gronnd with monnd oIsLoue SCl':bed 2-13917 A whence a pinion stuntp 4 oehcs io d}antel;er b azcd and scrlbed B S 2- 13917 A bears N 61" lg 8.10 fOOl, thence N 85" 10' E vat" 14 east 701.4 feet intersect line 1-2 Albert lode of this survey 1100.4b feet intersect line $4 Albert lode ,)f this survey 13z0.64 feet to cor No. 3, a spruce post 4x4 inches x 5 feet long set ~0 inches ia the groutld witll mound Ol stoue scrlb- ed 3-1391.7 A, whence a spruce stump 6 inches In diameter blazed and scribed B S 3-13917 A bears S 39 11' E 51.67 fee~ thence ~ 86 26' E vltr 13" 12' cast 286.80 feet t.o cur No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 in- ehus X b tcet h)ng set 3u inches itt the ground wJth ntoltod ot s~onc scribed 4-13917 A, whellee a pine StLUnp 14 inches 11) (tiamcter blazed and surlbed t; b 4 1~917 A bears N 41 W 11.17 feett Lhunce S 35 1o' W ear 1.3 12' east 377.2o feet iu- tcr~,ect lie,; 3-4 Albert lode el this survey 776.~ feet iotcrsectlinc 1-2 Albert lode tl)is survey 1~2u.64 1cat to cot' No. 1 the place of beginning. GEMELLA LODE Beghtning at cot No. 1 on line 2 3 GramLee lode of this survey, a cedar post &x4 lnelms x 5 fcut Long set. ~u itlcbcs in the ground with llJoond el stone scribed 1-4, 13917 A, whence N E cur scc 26 2' 44 N It It E uf the N M P M bears 8 19" 23 5br' i 2599.62 feet. a pinlou tree 8 Incites In dJanletcr bhtzed and scribed B T 1-4 15917 A beat's N 1 42 W 27.5 test. theneeN 25~0' W oar 13" 40' east 1t71.79 feut to cur No. 2, a cedar peal 4X4 inei)us X 5 lust lt))lg set 30 Incllcs In tile l~l'OttJld wittl nloua([ Of stone scribed Z-8, 13917 ~k, a X on a granite ledge uhisuled B It 2-3, 13917 A bears ~ b,t 09' W 8.3~tcet, theses N 84~" ~9' E vat 13' ,10' uast 280.5i tuet to nor No. 3, ~ codex I)oSl 4X4 ]nehus X 5 [uct IOlig set 30 luehes in tile groiill([ wiLh llh)tlll(l el alone scribes 3-13917 A, wJiellce It cedar tree 14 h)c]lcs in diameter blaz ud and suribe(l B T 343917 A bears S 35 30' W 12.4 lest, tl)cnce b 25 59 23" E vat" 13 12' east 1472.03 lest to eor No. 4, identical wlth cm Non. 3 and 2 SyKus and Rosette lodes of this survey, theuce S t~t" 09 \V 25o feet eor Nos. 2 and&Sykes and (~ran-l.CU lodes of this sffrvcy, 284.85 feet to cor No. 1 the phtcc of begiuning. YORK STATE Lt)DE. Beginning at cot" No. 1 a cedar post 4x4 Inches x 5 1cut long Set 30 ioches in the ground with ntonnd of stone scribud 1-13917 A, whence N fg nor sue Z6 'L' 44 NIL It E of the N M P M bears S 26 01 0~" E "692.:~61"cet, thence N 25" 50 W oar I4 uast 1471.79 fuut to uor No. 2 a granite stone 4x16x2b itleltes set 18 hellos in the ground chis- eled 2-13917 A, wbetlee a uedar tree ~0 inches in (it&ulster blazed and scribed B T 2-1B917 A bears i 6b 1Zr E 4.32 feet, tl)cnee N 84" 09' E var lS" 12' east 519.22 feet to cur No. 3, identical with eor No. '~ Gentella l-de of thissurVey~ thcnco S 25 50 E oar 13 12 cast 1471.79 feet to cur No. It. idculieal ~itlt e,)r No. 1 Genlella lode of thissur- Vey, thci)eu S 54 e9' W WU' 14~ 12' "east 265.116 tet't uor iN(,. :2 (il'all-Lt~e 1.de of this survey, 319.- 22 fcut to eor ~t). 1 /hu l)]aeu of beginning. SAN ISABEl, MiLL SITE. l~cginmng at cur No. 1, identical with cur No. 2, survey No. 13914 51 t;ehcll lode claimant un- known~'a ced~tr post 4;(4 Inc[les X 5 lest long set 30 iliehesin the gronnd with nlotlnd O[ stons serlbud 1-1~917 15 and 2-13914, whence N E cor see '-'6 T 4t N IL 1t E or' the N M P M bears S '22' 21 go' ~.\ 17;;055 lust, cot Nit. 4 sar No. 111917 Jk t[t'ese lode L)ears S ;2 gO' 10" XV 516.54 feet, a (Iuakillg aspun truu s ]ncllcs in diameter blazed an(l serlbcd t~ T 1 13:t17 D, bears N 61: 08' E 4.42 teut lhcnue N 6.3' 2;5 \V vat 13" 12' east 15 feet ereuk Z Ieet w de e,,urse S 25 W 270 fcct to eor No. 2, ~fuedar post 4x.t inuhes x 5 leet long set 30 ilt('lics ill the gro(md wiLh lnound Of stone scrLbed 2-1;~917 B, tJlcllee N 26 37' E oar 18" 12' cast b96.65 lccttoeor ~No.a a cedar post, 4x4 inches x 5 teei b)ng set 3o inches in tile ground ~ it[I lllOtl!ld O[ stoile scribed 3-13917 11. witence a sl)l'tiee stLL!llL) b i(lehes in (hallleter blazed and scribue 1; ;', ;~-Ibe~7 B bears S 45': 26' E ~3.~.t feet. it eHaliiIlg ;tel)el) trec 4 Jllc[lUS In (lianleter blaz- ud'and scriDt,d J] 't' 3-[39[~ iJ bears S Zh* 09' W 2L75 lest, thunee S 9:; 2.3 E oar 13 12' east 20 tuet clack ~ 1cat wide uourse S 5 W 270 Icet to COl' NqO. 4, a co(tar l)oS[ 4x4 ineltes x 5 feet long Set 3'~ illffi)es io tile gTOIlnd WiLlt nloaad Of stone scribed 4-iJ~J'? 13, ~ liunce a el)rues tree 12 inches ill tli~nl:eLer b;azud and scribed B "L' 4-13917 B I)uars N 1`)` lb' W 41.75 1cat, tlmnce S 26* 57' W var 13' 12' ca~t 6.;0 test, creek 2 teet wide course 8 10 ~' r;u0 test, creek z feel wide course S 40" \V ~t)6.65 lest to cur .N o. 1 the pines of beginning. And said lodes containing '/7.448 acres, and safd nli|l site e(mtaining 4.tie'J v~cres and forming & 1)ortion ()f tile E !,'~ of scc 23 and W % of see 24, nl twp. 44 ~N 1~ II t~ and said locations are re- corded in the o0ice of the courtly clerk and re- corder ot Saguache coonty. Colorado as follows: Gran-Lee lode in book 6;3 at page '208 Sykes lode in book t~3 at, p~gc "05, Rosette lode io book 63 at page 2it, l',crny,~lia lode in book 63 at page ,.ecse lod~in book 63 at page 210, Albert lode in t)o~k 63 at page 201.1;ernard lode in book 63 at page z03.Getne]la lode in book 63 at page 207,York ,~ta~e lode ut book ~ 2 at page 86, The ~an lsabel MiLl Site lit book 67 aL page 539. "there are no known adjoining or conflicting claims on or with ally of tllesc lodes or mlll site, Jan. H. BAxTza, .~egistsr. Fret pub Dec ~0 last Feb 21. Fur.iturc, ! have lust received a new lot of furniture. Bed,, steads, tables, center and extefislon, chairs, mattresses, etc, Do not send away for furniture before you see my line, Am still sellint hardware at bedrock prices ELLA HOWARD at the old Fuilerton stand,