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February 4, 1943     The Saguache Crescent
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February 4, 1943

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Per- bits of bright red  and lacy paper the children have been pasting into heart shapes, the rhymes they've been making. YesI Valentinesl Cupid has a way of darting into this season and winning us over-- even if only with a cardboard ar- row springing out of a froth of red and white paper cutouts of hearts. Why not plan to give yourself up to a party with a Valentine theme? Let's make it simple but festive for even simple gayety win do loads for your morale. Except for the cake in today's column which is a wee bit party-ish, the rest of ingre- clients in the party are streamlined to save your time. Our color scheme for the holiday runs into red-and-white, so our main dish is going to be a variation of the old favorite chicken and cran- berries. eJelfied Chicken and Cranberry Loaf. (Serves 6) 1 tablespoon gelatin 2 cups well seasoned chicken broth 6 small thin slices chicken 2 cups minced chicken Cranberry mixture Soften gelatin in a little broth, add remaining broth and heat un- til gelatin is dis- solved. Pour a lit- fie into the bot- tom of an oiled 1-quart loaf pan. Divide remaining gelatin between 1 cup dark and 1 cup light meat of chicken. Add alternating layers of chicken and cranberry, chilling each layer thoroughly until set before adding the next. Cranberry Mixture. (For Chicken Loaf) 1 pint cranberry juice I tablespoons gelatin 4 teaspoon salt Dash of cayenne Juice of lemon I cup minced celery Soften gelatin in a little cranberry sauce; dissolve over hot water. Add remaining juice and seasonings. Cool and add celery. Since the main dish is a combina- tion salad and main dish--if served with a lettuce or watercress gar- nish and mayonnaise if you want it, balance the menu with some attrac- tive assorted sandwiches. Sand- wiches should be light snacks for this type of party, so we'll fall back on the old standby, cream cheese. Cream Cheese Roils. Mix 1 package of softened cream cheese with 1 tablespoon of mayon- naise and a dash of worcestershire sauce. Blend thoroughly. Take thinly Lynn Says: The Score Card: It looks very much as though you will cook what you can find with more foods announced as to become ra- tioned. Canned and frozen foods along with meats will be less easily available. Fresh fruits and vegetables are to be unrationed so keep your budgetwise and marketwise eyes cocked for bargains, Turnips, carrots, beets, citrus fruits and apples will appeal to wise menu makers. Canned soups which you obtain and pay more for now are usu- ally more concentrated and you can get more food value from them. You'll like using dehydrat- ed soups, too, the chicken-noodle combinations being winners. Plan to pack whole wheat flours and dehydrated pancake mixes into your shopping bags. The for- mer win help you get itamin B in the diet, while the latter is a fine time-saver. Valentine Party. "Chicken Cranberry Loaf 'Assorted Sandwiches or 'Graham Gems "Cupid's Cake Tea Hot Chocolate "Recipe Given sliced white bread, trim off crusts, and spread with cream cheese mix- ture. Roll, cut in half and brush with melted butter. Toast in broiler until evenly browned. Other good cream cheese combi- nations, Using heart or diamond- shaped bread slices, include cream cheese and apple butter or cream cheese and currant jelly or rasp= berry jam. Hot muffins that pull no nutritional punches would be good foil for the cool, smooth jellied chicken and cranberry loaf. Try these: *Graham Gems. 't cup flour 1 cup graham flour 4 teaspoon salt 4 teaspoons baking powder I egg, wen beaten cup milk Sift the flour. Sift again with salt and baking powder. Add egg and milk and beat only until mixed with dry ingredients. Bake in small, but- tered muffin tins in a hot (400-de- gree) oven for 20 minutes. A delicious mouth-watering cake to top off the party is just the thing you need to make it a success: "Cupid's Cake. 14 cups egg whites (about 10) 14 cups sifted sugar cup sifted cake flour teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon cream of tartar 1 teaspoon vanilla Measure egg whites and place in a bowl Sift and measure sugar and add flour. Add half of sugar and J/4 teaspoon salt to flour. Sift 5 or 6 times. Beat egg whites until frothy, add cream of tartar, beat un- til egg whites are slightly stiff but still glossy. Fold in sugar, 2 table- spoons at a time. Fold in sifted flour a little at a time. Fold in vanilla and pour into a hot pan that" has been set in a hot oven, 425 degrees, while cake is being mixed. Bake in a hot oven 20 to 23 minutes or until cake springs back when touched. In- vert pan to cool cake. Frozen Strawberry Filling. 1 package lemon-flavored gelatin 1 cup boiling water 1 package fresh-frozen strawberries 1 cap whipping cream Add boiling water to gelatin, stir until dissolved. Break strawberries into separate pieces, add to gelatin and stir carefully. The cold straw- berries will cool the gelatin and at the same time thaw the syrup around the berries. If strawberries are thawed, cool gelatin before add- ing strawberry mixture. Whip cream and fold in cup of whipped cream into strawberry mixture. With a sharp knife cut out center of cake with a sawing motion, leav- ing a 1-inch shell around top of cake. Lift out center of cake and tear off pieces of center to fill hole at bottom of cake left by tube. Use this extra cake and put into filling or frost small pieces and roll in coconut. Pour strawberry filling into cake. Frost outside of Cake with remain- ing cream. Part of this frosting may be used through a cake decora- tor tube to add valentines to sides and swirls to top of cake as shown in picture above. Put cake in re- frigerator for hour or long enough to set filling. Serves 10. What problems or recipes are most on your mind these winter days? V/rite to Lynn Chambers for expert advice on your particular problem, at Western Newspaper Union, 210 South Desplaines Street, Chi- cago, Ill. Please be sure to enclose e stamped, selpaddrsed envelope for your rep/y. neleased by Western Newspaper Union. IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAl: SUNDAY/e.o. CHOOL By HAROLD L. LUNDQUIST, D. D. Of The Moody Bible Institute of ChicagO, (Released by Western Newspaper Union.) Lesson for February 7 Lesson subjects and Scripture texts so- lected and copyrighted by International Council of Religious Education; used bY permission, JESUS AFFIRMS HIS DEITY LESSON TEXT--John 8:12, 25-36. 56-59. GOLDEN TEXT--He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.John 14:9. "The Light of the World Is Jesusf" Who does not remember with what delight we as children sang, "Come to the light, 'tis shining for thee . . . The light of the world is Jesus." How precious was the truth that thus flooded our souls. Jesus is the light. Just as the sunlight sheds its glory on an awakening world at dawn, so He sheds abroad the light of God in the hearts of men. As this portion of God's Holy Word iS studied and taught, may the light break forth on many a soul caught in the bewilderment of this dark world. But that is only one of the great thoughts around which our lesson :enters. As Jesus here reveals Himself as divine, we consider four simple words, each fraught with rich meaning. I. Light (v. 12). The text says: "Then spake Jesus." When? Just after He had silenced the hypocritical accusers of a woman taken in sin, and had spoken the word of peace to her troubled soul. She was to "go and sin no more" because she had met Him who is the light of the world. They that follow Him "shall not walk in darkness"; they are the children of light, they have the very light of life shining in their hearts and lives. Not only does Jesus light the be- fiever's heart, but this fight shines into aH the dark corners of this wicked world, exposing sin and hypocrisy, and showing the way back to God. II. Salvation (w. 25-30). "Who art thou?" That is the ques- tion every man must ask and an- swer as he considers Jesus. Even neglect is an answer--a rejection. The answer eL Christ in these verses goes to the very heart of the matter, for He takes the people right to the cross of Calvary. When they had crucified Him, they would know. Did not the centurion say: "Truly this was the Son of God" (Matt. 27:54)? It is true today that no man knows Christ until he knows Him as the crucified Saviour. Teacher, Exam- ple, Guide--all these He is--but they are not enough, for we sinners need a Saviour. May many today follow the example of verse 30. Ill. Freedom (vv. 31-36). Freel Four letters, but what a depth of meaningl Chains have fall- en off, prison doors are open. The one who was bound is free. But here we are concerned with an even more important liberty, the freedom of the soul. Many there are who boast of their independence but who are naught but slaves. Jesus said: "Whosoever commit- teth sin is the servant of sin" (v. 34), not its master. How shall they be freed? Note three things in these verses: (1) A condition, "If ye continue in my word." This means not only a profession of faith, but a daily ap- propriation and realization of His truth in life. (2) A promise, "Ye shah know the truth." The philosophies of men profess to be a seeking after truth, but how few there are who look to the one place where it can be foupd --in Jesus Christ. (3) A result, "The truth shall make you free." Truth always sets free. Men are enslaved because, as in some foreign lands, they have not had the opportunity to learn the truth or because they have rejected it. Men profess to seek truth in their research and in the process of edu- cation, but without Christ they can- not have real truth. Educational systems which rule Him out are deficient and lead to bondage rather than freedom. IV. Eternity (w. 56-59). Taking up their statement that they were Abraham's children (see vv. 33, 37), Jesus enters into the sharpest controversy with the un- believing Jews of His entire earthly ministry. They were claiming kin- ship with a great man of faith who in his day had looked forward to the coming of Christ (v. 56). Now He was here, and instead of receiv- ing Him as their Messiah they were ready to kill Him. Not only did they claim Abraham as father, but also God. Jesus told them that in their sin and unbelief they were of their "father the devil." It is possible, then, to be very religious, to follow the tradi- tions of one's fathers, and yet to be children of the devil. All this led up to their sharp re- buke in verse 57, which denied to Christ anything but an earthly ex- istence and which led Him to the statement of His eternity. He iden- tified Himself definitely and clearly with the Eternal One--the great I AM of Exodus 3:14. Christ is God, and is therefore "infinite, eternal, and unchangeable in His being, wisdom, power, holi- ness, justice, goodness and truth" (Westminster Catechism). 8278 2-12 I I \\; t ._ Blouse and Jumper. ERE'S a juvenile jumper outfit which has extra prettiness--in the soft, curving lines of the jump- er and in the round Peter Pan collar and short puffed sleeves of the blouse. Any little girl will look The secrets of washing woolens successfully are: (1) plenty of suds; (2) luke-warm water throughout the washing and rins- ing; (3) no rubbing or twisting; (4) drying at moderate tempera- ture, avoiding both heat and in- tense cold. When clot:in; :s spotted by rain, place a clean damp cloth on the material and press it with a moderately warm iron. Draperies that shrink may be remedied this way: Add a fold of contrasting color to the bottom of the old curtain, using a harmoniz- ing color or cording between the two materials, and the effect will be very pleasing. $ * The first time the cork is taken out of a clue bottle, dip it in melt- ed paraffin and allow it to dry be- fore replacing--it will never be sticky and hard to remove. Furniture for a man's room is appearing in bleached and limed finishes rather than in the dark oak which used to hold sway. When using an aluminum sauce- pan for boiling eggs, add a few drops of vinegar to prevent the pan from discoloring. The popular wrap around tur- bans should be washed frequently because they are handled so much. Those made of silk, rayon or knit wool can be laundered with lukewarm water and mild soap if the color is fast. $ $ $ A speck of salt greatly improves chocolate, caramel and white frostings and candies. Whe" plad p;llo: slips made from tubing are partly worn, rip or cut off the seam at the bottom and sew the slips again with the fold in the center. It will double their life. To clean a soiled felt hat rub it with  very fine. grade of sand- paper. --Buy War Savings Bonds-- "nice as pie" in it--yet it is very practical and can be made at meal to nothing cost. Pattern No. 8278 is in sizes 2, 4, 6. 10 and 12 years. Size 4 Ju requlr lS/ yards 36 or 39 inch material, k4onse lSft yards. Send your order to: SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DP. 530 South Wells St. ekie. 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