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February 4, 2010     The Saguache Crescent
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February 4, 2010

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Smatll'oPmera 6026 Califom|a Ave. SW tattle, WA 1 OUR 131st YEAR 10th ANNUAL Celebration of Ranching and Frontier Spirit FEATURING THE DEBUT OF MOUNTAIN MONEY WAS A SUCCESS! ';thank you to all who attended this year's celebration We had a very successful event with over 80 attendees throughout the day. Guests and presenters alike were brought together by the stories and music that expressed the meaning of Frontier Spirit. New faces and old, everyone was grate- ful that the celebration continues and that we come together to share and protect the heri!age we love. Throughout the tales and trials shared by the presenters, a com- mon thread emerged: our local community has always had what's needed to take care of each other and sustain healthy and produc- tive lives right here in our coun. ty. " All, Rick and the Credit Union staff exchanged lots of Mountain Money Some of it traveled "right over to the local businesses that participated in the all day local goods market. The rest will be traveling around to a locally owned business near you! Mountain Mon- ey is available at all branches of the Credit Union. More informa- tion is available at www, scseed. org. Thanks to the SCCU for help- ing make our economy strong! !For more information on the Celebration or about ScSEE and the volurteer initiatives at work around the county, visit our web- site or leave a message at 719-655-2775. Thanks again to all who shared and tended! We look forward to the -future of this_ cherished event! " Lette00 io : the Editor Dear Editor, I'm writing this letter to ex- press my total joy after attending the 10th Annual Ranching and Frontier Spirit Celebration that happened this past Sunday on Jan- uary 31st. This year, the celebration wid- ened to include other folks living in Saguache County who might not engage in ranching, but they still grow animals, food and live close to the land. They have the kind of frontier spirit in them that it takes to live here successfuly and h:oily, and get up. in front of other folks and share stories, songs and poems about living here, too. It was great to see the Saguache Community Buiding full of neigh- burs:getting out enjoyin each other's company, food and lives. The potluck table was chocked full of great food and there was plenty of hot coffee and tea all day. .4anther wonderful part of the event was the launching of the Sageache County's new curencv: Mountain Money, (MOMO). The Samche Credit Union and Sc- SEED worked together creating this local currency, which was d e.nedby local artists, nd the MOMOs have started flowing.. There are many Saguache busi- nesses signed up to accept the new currency and they were adver- tised along with other bu,iness that displayed some of their wares and offered them for MOMOs. You cn-get your .MOMOs at the Saguache Credit Union in Moffat, : Crestone or Cemer. : Thnk you wary much, to the or,anizars, performers and par- . ticiDants of this event! I'm alredy ::lookin forward to next year! : Sincerely, : : Leigh Mills _Saguache___..2 Col_.._ orado : Free Tax Aid: Free Tax Held will be available at the Smmche Public Libray s$xting February I0th at 1:00 p.m. Study Club Meets Saguache Study Club will meet at the home of Mary Morfitt on February llth. Roll call will be y oxit lvemorable President, Published in AAGUAeHE, OLORADO"North Gateway Thru the Prosperous San Luis Valley" VOLUME CXXXl Th,.rsdago ,, 2010 i Artists of 'Dazzling Sixties Where Are the Month Did you know that singing can They Now? chase the winter blues away? It's The Senior Citizens are featur- true! Saguache Chorus is accep,- Bear Dean, ing aprons and pot holders in their ing new members for their spring Here is the Wonderful article dining room during the month of choral program, and choral sing. that George Ward sent to me re: February. Mary Jo Weeks thought ing is a great way to alleviate ca- Flickinger family in Alaska. This up the novel idea which is very bin fever and lift wintry spirits.: should be shared with everyone. appropriate for the dining room Rehearsals are lively and fum I talked to Bob and his daughter wall. She brought several aprons; filled and will begin on Thursdayl and they said they thought Chris a denim one she made and others February 4 at 7:00-8:30 p.m. at and I)on would like it published. she discovered here and there, the Methodist Church on 6th and Sylvia One of the aprons has delicate Christy in Saguache. All ages are Dear Sylvia, tatting lace on it. Who does taR- welcome and there is no prior sing- This is the most you'll, get out ing anymore? It is a lost art. ing or musical experience requiret, of the Alaska Flickingers. Chris A lovely Christmas apron era- Saguache Chorus is a community probably opened up because the broidered in cross stitch with chorus and unaffiliated with any author was a sister to his team smocking around the waist was religious organization, roping partner. done by Faye Bennett. A variety "Dazzling Sixties!" is the theme Two summers ago, I stopped of unique aprons were done by of Saguache Chorus' spring pro- in to talk to Bob Fickinger (Don- Sara Fernandez, an accomclished gram with a selection of li_ht- ny's father) who lives in Phil Mal- quilter from Saguache. Delores b,rted, urboat, familiar songs ouff's old house. I asked him a- Worley brought in a blue gingham from the sixties and will include bout the Brown Bear and he said, apron embroidered in black and (depending on voices): Put a Lit, "The boys use a small bullet with white Leviathan Stitch which is a tle Love in Your Heart/Love a lot of powder behind it to shoot type of cross stitch. She found this Train, Feelin' Groovy, This Land them." tie was probably talking beauty in a yard sale. You never is Your Land, Good Vibrations, about a 2;06 or something simi- "know where you will find a trea. California Dreamin', The Lion: lar. He said, "One time Chris sure. Yvonne Halburian has loan- Sleeps Tonight and a medley of, had emptied his rifle into a charg- ed us her "artist apron." You will songs from "Hair." : ing Brown and it fell right at his definately know it when you see There will b.e eleven rehearsals, , feet." it. one day of singing for senior cen- It's cold for this country. We There are also a variety of pot ters in Alamosa and Monte Vista had frost all this week (Jan. I5), holders, some crocheted, on dis- and one performance in Sagua- but usually only 3-4 times a year. play. Q-Tip, AKA as Annette Mur- che in mid-April. On the 22nd of Dec. they were rin, who is Yvonne and Delores' If interested in helping to chase harwesting soybeans that were the youngest sister, and who is also the winter blues away and sin 2nd crop in that field as tomatoes a master quilter, has several sewn with Saguache Chorus, contact had been picked early summer. in quilt block patterns. Jean Wilcox 655-2862 or Eileen So long for now. This displa is open to the pub- Wilfang 256-5528. ". Georg e lic on Mondays from 1 a.m. to  r-lar , Hello from Kodiak Island, Alas- 3 p.m. and Tuesday through Thurs- lJ V ][-lealn ka. My name is Chris Flickinger, day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. t TT   .and my dad, Donny and I own We are planning cher dispays 00urvey upaate ea=g00ak Ranch. Our ranch con- for this year. In March, we are .............. sists of 31,000 acres of a state thinking about showing personal m me mn o zu, me rOCKV . grazing lease Mountain Prevention Research . , , , Up net , we don t have cell collee'Jons, ff you have an interest- (RMPRC) conducted an _ ". . .... ing hobby and want to be included .............. phones, we nave lllTl/Ee(1 access m auul neaJm survey m me town give us a call. We are limiting ............. a landhne, and our satellite Inter- oI aguacne. Analysis oi me uata displays to 2 per family and would ................ net service works only when the lS currenuy in progress anu a re- ., . like mostly things that can be port will be prepared to present: w e,amer is. coo peraung. .. hung on the wall. There is table ,  r rams most o me year on me the findings of the survey to the .......... space for a few things. Call us fnwneronnlp of acmnt'.ho "Wo will 1slan(L wnen people aSK US wnat by the end of February and we ....... "' ....... " .............. the weather's hke," we lo" ke, "Well, work with the Saguache residents ......... will discuss it " vtrbn halr..arl fn nln fh .ov ta m,' weamer s usuany raining, W'e want to feature local artists scheiule  a dat and location of WhncSligoh:r Pemi:edsi:flgan'; again. Do you have paintings, the presentation, and notifications ..... '. e'ye experleneeu only wo tough win photos, other art you would like will be placed in the newspaper ters, though One year, we had to share? Let us know. Call Mary and at strategic places in town. Morfitt - 655-2604 or Delores Wor- We look forward to sharing the a foot of snow with 80 mph winds, ley- 655-2275. survey findings, discussing them and the power went out 2 days be- ..... with Sauach residents and look-fore Christmas. t stayed off for 4 days, and the LIBRARY Friends of the Saguache Public Library will be meeting at 6:00 p.m. in the Library on Feb. 3 for their regular monthly update. Some items up for planning and discussion will be the on-going campaign to form a library dis- trict and the recently completed etiqon drive, February's Fourth Friday event and any changes or improvements needed at their used bookstore, Twice Told Tales. The public is welcome to attend and sign up to become a Frien cf the Library (mmbership fee ing at possible ways the findings miffht be put to beneficial use From Spring to early Fall of 2010, the RMPRC will conduct an adult health survey across the en- tire 6 county SLV area, including the county of Saguache. RMPRC staff have been and will continue meeting with community members in each of the counties, including Saguache, to obtain input used in p/anning the Valley survey The survey will be used to identify health concerns in the SLV and possible ways to address them. Please feel welcome to contact _r'r. Reg Gareia, Ph.D. with ques- roads were blown shut. We took in some stranded guards from the Kodiak Rocket Launch., and we were one big, happy family for a couple days. Usually, though, winters here are easier than ones we had in Colo- rado. We have grass to graze all winter, and we supplement cake cubes with kelo athered from the beaches. The kelp is also a good source of minerals. We can have bear encounters any time of the year here. Kodiak brown bears don't usually hiber- nate, and if they do, it's only for Saguache Caunty rcAe3 WHEREAS: The U.S. Constitu- , _'t tton Article I, Section 2 rbqUires / _2.. that the people in each state be UNITED METHODIST CHURCH _-,-: counted every ten (!0) years; and . " ........ . ,. - Pastor James Grunden wru_a: rms coum is scnea- Sunda School  tried toloccur in the Year 2010; and . y _  9:30 A.  The number of re worsrlp e.vice 10:30 A.M. resentatives for the state of CO hTUwhet the season of ,p- rado is determined by this co.nt;::00 e ave. exp00o?e00_ and ' . ,,. tory anu meaning or me lviag . . .,journey to Bethlahem, imaginifig WHEREAS: Voting diswic a whothe,, were ,,a , ,^, ,,^:_ ' " " " . . - " ." ", , :tC ,: ,: .y alltl WIIil, Ulll- porhonment is determined by ths journey might have meant Yet NUMBER 4 count; and ': ' " WHERES:.The allocation of federal fun: crilical to cities counties are in large part deter- mined by this count; and WHEREAS: A complete count is only possible through .education, awareness and community-levcl action because it help:s residents understand that the 2010 count is easy, important and safe. NOW THEREFORE: We Com.. missioners of Saguache County, do hereby proclaim the Board of County Commissioners of Sagua- che County, will put forth its best efforts to promote Census aware- ness and therefore declare 21 to be Census Awareness Year! Dated January 12, 2010 Sam Pace, Chairman SAGE Thanks The Saguache Alliance for Green Energy (SAGE) thanks the follow- ing sponsors and partners for their contributions and support towards the S,aguache Energy Worksho0: The To,wn of Saguache, ScSEED, Governor's Energy Office, San Luis Valley Rural e:eric Coop, and Colorado Harvesting Energy Net- work. The combined working el- forts of the sponsors resulted in a sucCesSful event, with over eighty eight residents attending, to learn about the energy efficient and re- newable energy programs and ser- vices available, advancing our path towards a sustainable future. we haven't talked about one of the amazing parts of the story-- the star of Bethlehem. When they saw ,the star they immediately recognized God's announcement to the world of an important everit However, in our Old Testafiient reading in Jeremiah, Jeremiah is given a different call from above. Instead of God's star to follow, he is given God's commands to fol- low. Here Jbremiah speaks to something many of us know: we do not choose God, God chooses us. While Jeremiah initially re- sisted God's call before accepting. it, the people in the New Testa- ment reaing in Luke first accept- ed God's call before rejecting, it. Jesus' announcement that scriptures have been fullfilled, and His reminder of God's price through Elijah and Elisha, undO, score God's boundless power anti presence. During the season of Epiphany we give thanks to God for His universal call which the Magi saw and which we must dis- cover for ourselves today. We al- so remember God's promise to Jeremiah and to each of us: no matter how far we may go from the call of God, no matter how many rescnab!e excuses we ma'y' offer, God is there watching out for us and giving us words to say.. The promise of God's power and presence is universal. PrrKIN AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH 610 7th Street = ::=- :: Church fi55-2641 ' +::i: flh;t.nr00 Pastor , Mark Swinney - 655:0201 ..,t.wvLu=jv Bible Stun) at 9:30 a.m.  Worship Service at i1:00 a *'a.i/h ALADINO {AL) PACI-I'ECO Prayer meeting Wed. at 6:30 ti.m Team Kid - Wednesday at 4:30 pm Aladlno (AI) Pacheco, 64, of Kan- _ ..... --- w:"- t'-- " " h n tl:uo p.m. prayer meeung nat ne sas Cty, Mssoun went ome i to .,... ,,w^. _n.,:^n, .f ,h e Fith,, the loving arms of his Lord and mu/,, ,.off. ...... to I0uow l  u Savior Jesus Christ on January 25, 2010. He was bum on January I ha,e some to a subject that 16, 1946 in Saguaehe to Ben and follows ,an old pr.eacher's .saying. Beatrice Pacheco. He was an Ar- That is, I am. going to qmt prea, my and Vietnam 'veteran .... chil!g and going to meddl!ng.. He was preceded in death by his Everyyne seems .to enjoy ann get parents, one sister Vicky Briggs, a eerm.m amoum opmasure one brother Robert Pacheco, his ot juagmg omers. Tne tram a niece Shauna Rice, his nephew the heart of judging others is that Don Montoya and his brother-in- it pushes others down and by push- law Richard Love ing them down we feel we lift He is survived by two brothers ourselves up at least in our om Dan (Heidi) Pacheco, Saguaehe; eyes. The ,truth of the mathr'is Tony (Donna) Pacheco, Albuquer- .that we would be best served by: que, New Mexico; four sistet lifting ourselves up and thed=tif Ruth (Ernie) Quintana, Saguache, ing others up with u. : !; Virginia Love and Janis Culp, Matthew 7:1-5 deals with Excelsior Springs, Missouri, and issue very well. - ' Helen Beltran of Santa Rosa, New First, i, is not our place to judge Mexico; several nieces, nephews, others, Judgment is the Loed*$: cousins and good friends at Willow He is the righteous judge, we are Estates where he resided. * not. Our motives, actions, tti- The family chose cremation and tudes are not just or righteous for private family gravesite services e are not righteous as JeSUs is will be held at a later date. with righteous full military honors. Secoh" this Scripture points out And I shall dwell in the house that we will be judged with tle of the Lord forever. Psalms 23:5b. same harshness chat we judge .... others. Th.erefo% we ought to Mountain Valley judge others in lob, e, mercy and grace. For as we jtxlge others gently and with kindness, so we is only $5). The new month of February brings a new shedule of free com- puter classes at the Saguache County Public Library, which is as follows: There will be two ev- enin . classes from 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 2 and again on Tuesday, Feb. 16 and there will be two afternoon classes from 12- 2 pro. on Thursday, Feb. 4 and Thursdav, Feb. 18. There are pos- ters with these days and times rusted at the grocery store and the Post Office or feel free to call FAFSA. 655-2551 or stop in at the library _ During the workshop, financial for more information and to add aid rep:resentatives from Adams your name to the class list. Other secial events at th Li- State College will be here to help brary this month include prehool . olmpleLthe F sAffffwA unnl story hour every Thursday morn- y *,,, . . v .._, ......... incl.=in_ ^ your chila anytime between 4:00 m. irom tU:OU-II:Ot ' Cuff  1. . _^_ .,, .. . . anu  uu p m mm your nnancmi Valentine program on Feb. 11 am[ : ,,, w,,,-m ]eri,s-,, ownt an leb documents and personal informa- be a seed give away and garden _^. ..= o : u .. , , " *- '- one zs: w.z iorms anu omer recoras sucpv excnange, creama ov ,. . _ ,:, , , . - ^;- :--rite artner or'aniza t ma!eY earnett, zut teaerat m- ,,, h, ,mache commtmit' come,=tax returns, parents' 2009 .... : "'-" "uidi--Light ;" federal income tax return; 2009 uamen anu lS  lag g , a :. untaxed income records; current Leigh Mills ...... .. . _ _ mz stammems; your current MARK YOUR CALENDARS t :business and investment mortgage : ":. : information; business and farm "l[- rlrlrlg l   ; records, stock, bond and other in- l[j h. .,ILllal I vestment records; your alien reg- ]r ][Atv istration or permanent resident . vL .u,,--,, card if you are not a U.S. citizen). Join us for a romantic dinner A representative willhelp you corn- for Valentine's on Saturday, Feb- ete the form and answer any ruary I3th at the Saguache Pitkin questions you may have about the Avenue Baptist Church at 6:00 financial aid process. p.m. If you have questions, plea do :: =-- " not hesitate to contact Pearl Bre- DON'T BORROW -- SUICRIEI wer at 719-655-278. tions or comments at the Alamosa office of the RMPRC, 719-9-5801, or by e-mail at reginaldo.garcia@ Student Aid a week or two. Kodiak bears are extremely smart and can be vicious. Once, I saw a bear pick up a 1,000 pound calf and walk away with it like it was a sack of potatoes. Three years ago in February, h we suffexed a horrific loss on our Works op ranch. A bear atacked and killed There will be a FAFSA work- 25 head of mother cows in 1 night. shop on February 9th, during Par- He didn't eat them, just killed enh'Teacher Conference (4-7pm) them. I snent 2 days tracking him at the Mountain Valley School li- toward Chiniak, but had no luck brary for parents of senior stu- getting him. Our base herd would dents who need to complete the be larger today if that hadn't hap- pened. Last year, another bear came through and killed two cows and Upcoming Events Feb. 2 -- Middle School Basketball at Ortega Middle at 4 p.m. Feb. 4 -- Mountain Valley School Science Fair Feb. 4 -- High School Basketball at Crested Butte at 5 p.m. Feb. 5 -- Friday Ski Club Trip Feb. 6 -- High School Basketball home vs. Holy Trinity at 1 p.m. Feb. 6 -- High School Wrestling at Crowley County Feb. 9 -- Parent/Teacher Confer- ences 4-7 p.m. Feb. 10 -- Elementary School Star Student of the Month Feb. 10 -- Parent/Teacher Con- ferences 4-7 p.m. a mare. He used our fence to his Feb, 11 -- No School advantage, running the mare into Feb. 15 -- No School . a comer and killing her. ...... Dad and Iran the bear to the CoUn ill top of a hill and Dad shot hi m. Tourism c As we were skinning it, we flip- la , lied the carcass qver a little too t, rams far, and it rolled V mile down The S rin ant c cle was de the hill into Pasagshak Bay. Tl. eide d ; llY Sagthe Count; water was too rough to la:eh a ,:Uris m Cnnn,.il t 1.halt .T:n/mrv skiff, and the bi boat we t for ,-2010---me-et-i''Llnd-s-mve-ea commercial fishing was too far set aside )--ssist orgamzatmns away. M ..... . and individuals in promoting e- y gooa tnena and team roping , ...... vents attracting tourists and gests partner, Mark uevenson, , aria i to ..... aguacne county ' " took a canoe out into rouen seas, ,: ..... ", -- .. . . . _ _ forms -are avmlame me: emau where we flea a due on me Dear --  --eco " m: mmyers(saguaen unty-co go and pulled ]t to shore. We used a ,, ,, h,, t]. om_ ,, ,,,'+ come-anna to drag it to the beach " ,._.':77 " "-Uat - " " k f m the =' Saguaca to y "tourism then finished s inning "z " -- ........ -- - ..... t;ommn, ru rlt, aguacae, uu surf. It was a mg near, squaring 91149 You cn also o to the web- a ..... o nose to tml and paw to paw site www.saguachetourism, corn, 9% feet. click on About Us and down- will be judged and who of us does not need our judgment to be in such a manner. We certainly desire to receive judgment from Jesus by love bas ed upon His shed blood, not bh upon what w'e deserve. I doq/  know each of you, but I -wat judgment based upon love a'r/d mercy not according-to what I deserve. I do not know any of us that want to be judged as harahly as we judge others. ' Romans 14:-0 "... For we shall all stand before the jud' seat of Christ." By: Mark Swlnney Buy One Get One*Free: Book Fair " Scholastic :Book Fair is coming to our school with a Buy One, G'et One FREE Book Fair! This special event offers a great oppor:tunity for you to add twice as many books to your child s home library. For every item you buy, you get another itemi'!f/' free. It's that simple! You'li'le_e the Fair with twice as many' Scholastic's Buy One; Gf Free will be held at Moun Valley School on: Tuesday, February 9 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday, February 10 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. WILD AND FREE load grant form. Completed forms We look forward to seeing you Dad and I love the wild and are due Friday, 26, 2010. Awards at the Book Fair where you free way of ranching up here. will be decided at the council's twice as many books at the .same (Continued on Back Page) March 3, 2010 meeting, low price.