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The Saguache Crescent
Saguache , Colorado
February 7, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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February 7, 1901

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Gs"u'"= CASTORIA A-wAys Bears the Signature of Th0 Kind You Hay0 Always Bought .... In Use F+or Over 30 Years. VN CENTAUR COMPANY, VT'MU~aaY STRT. New ~nnK OTTO. I IIll / II III = . County Commissioners Brown and[ Amongtho many donations made to Ashley were in town Monday to atten'da the big Elks Fair in Denver is one by a specia! meeting of the boar& " Owing to Saguache county man--George H. the?absence of Chairman Welty they did Adams--who gives them a thoroughbred not transact much business, but utter re. [ bull out of his famous Hereford herd at d'a~.~ the levy made in school disGdct Ci, e.s~one. It is a valuable gift acd who- No.'[:they adjourned to be called togeth-J ever draws l,t can easily realize on it. er at memo later date. Mr. Welty's ab. - ~,., ~ .~-~7~. ~ . ........... ~ 9(Lrs. donn JL~oacn an(1 dames Jt~oacn emnOe~was oc~astonea oy tn~ rac~ ~nm ne ..... 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We have not seen s~pn..Wetrustyou., Nomoneyrequired. ir~I~ ~L~BI~ / inch nicelamps here before. \Viii sendanother order we,allow ~.oa 15 nays time in which ]l ~ ~,l I~IBB t I in a few days. I am more than pleased with the to ~ellver tile goods ann collect your ~d_~l I I n,.odo.. ,,. Ao~l:~ ,~*~.~ii.~os. money~fo~,,,,gu.. ,.n't,.,a,. -,=r Ii SALVONA SOAP CO., bXain and Locust Sis., ST. LOUIS,/~0, t I I DIED [ We are sorry to hear that Jesse R,I ~. ,,. . -'7"-. ....... ~ Morgan, who has had a siege of pneu- I Thomas ulaymn, infant cmuo of mr. [ mollia for several weeks, is now suffering [ and Mrs. Thomas Noised, at Saguache, ] from rheumatism, and although recove]-[ Cole, .... Thureday, p m January 31, 190L} ed frt)m the pneum,mia is in such a[ from grq), aged 7 mantas. ! slaps that he cannot leave his ~ed. Mr. Noised was in Kansas City at Ihe[ Mr. George Robert's'on S-r. has exper- ienced a relapse and is now quite Back at ] his home at the mill. George Davis l~ taking care of him. Career and Clrar~tet~r or Abraham l.lncoln. An address by Joseph Cheats, ambas- sador to Great Britain, on the career and character of Abraham Lincoln--his ear-i ly life, his early struggles with the world i --his character as developed in the later years of hl,s life and his administration, which placed his name so high on the world's roll of honor and fame, has been published by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway and may be had by sending six (6) cents m postage to F. A. Miller, General Passenger agent, Chi- cago, IlL We are taking orders for copper plate engraving. A full line of samples of latest st) lea may be seen at tiffs office. Prices are the same as charged for same class of work ill Denver. Adm|.istratnr's Notice. FOB 0HILBREB. "[ ehaltnevsr be ~vi~hont ~.I.$CARET$. My children are ziways do lighted. ~hen [ give them p~:'tion of a tablet, and cry for more. hey are t hc most pic&salt~ medtcia~ l h.~vO over tried. They have found a psrmanen place in my home." Mlts. Joan I~,AGSL~ BOX ~10, ~lehigaa City, Ind. FOB PILES. "I sobered the t~et~ree ~t the damned with protruding p~ies broughG ca by constipation wit~ whici, I was afflicted for twenty years, I ran across your CASCAItETS "~ ~he town Of ~ewell~ In., and never found auythin~ to equal them. To- d~$ I am entirely free from piles and feat tika a new man." C.H,K~ITZ~ li4i Jones St., aionx 0try, ll~ FOR HEADAOHE, "]Both my wife ~nd myself" h~ve been using CABOARET~, and ~ey are the best medicine we il~vo over had in the house. Last week my wi~ was frantic with headache for two dayeL she tried some of your CASCAR~TS and t~hey reUeve~tho Lain In her head almost immed lately. we beth rscommend C~earete." cnA~- STlgDgFOaD~ Pittsburgh Sa~e & Denosit Co. Pl~tshurgh, Pa. ,:OR BAD BREATHs "I h~vo been uelnlr eAgC- r~]~'l'~ and all a mildandenec~ive laxative they are simply wonderful. ~y d~ulllt~r and 1 were bothered with elsie u om~h aad our breath wes Verr~ bad. ~f~er taklnK a few doses of ~a~earste we have improved won- derfally. They are great help hi the family." ,, WILI~I~A NAO/~, FOR PIMPLES. "M~ wife h=.d ~imolel o~her feee,j~ut.shsh ~as bsen~k/~q DA~- OAIIETs' kfi~ they haw aU disa~. pear~di ] had been trouble~l~'wlth' eonetlpatiou f0~ some ties, b~tt after*. taktng thu fli'svCa~caret I have had ao troubte with this "ailment. We cannot |l,sak too hi_~hly of Oa~ea. Fete." Fnl~D WAgTMAN, F/~ Oerm~ntown Ave., 844 Phfladsl philt. Pa. tiuie of the child's dentil, lint was ~lr~d aml c.m~ home ;,t once. The funeral was held from the family residence on Sunday, The entire community sympa- thizes with Mr. and Mrs. Noised in their lo~. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Fellows, at their home iu Saguache, Cole, Saturday, Feb. 2, 1901. from grip. Funeral was held on Monday. *$$ We were very ~orry to learn of the death of Mrs. John Welty, which occur- ed at their residence in L~ckett precinct on Friday, February, 1, 1901. Thecause of death was given as pneumonia. The funeral was bold on Sunday. Mrs. Welty left, besides her husband, a family of small children, to mourn her d~ath. La Grippe ~llekly Cured, "In the winter of 1898 and 1899 I w~s taken down with a severe attack of what Is called la grippe" say~ F, L. Hewett, a prominent druggist of Winfield, Ill. "The only medicine I used was two bottles of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It hroke up the cold and stopped the coughing like magic, and I have never since been troubled with grippe." Chamber- laia's Cough Remedy can always he de- pended upon to break up a severe cold and ward off any threatened attack of pneumonia. It is pleasant to take, too, which makes it the inos'~ desirable and one of the most papular preparations in use for these ailments. For sale by Sa- guanhe Pharmacy. 'l'he postoffice department has ordered that persona ]Ivlng along star routes l may have their mall delivered by thecar- rier on the route by placlng a box at a convenient point on the route where mail may be deposited by the carrier without inconvenience. Bids for 4-year contracts will be asked for throughout the country next September, and this spemal delivery will be a consideration in the proposals. Postmasters at the bead of star routes have been requested to make report of the probable parties who desire the special delivery ou their respective routes. The delivery is made at the pstrov's risk, and the department or postmaster are not responsible for mail lost or stolen. It is required that the mail carrier shaft be able to read and write the English language.--Antonite Ledger. Danger of Colds and I~ Grippe. The greatest danger from colds and la grippe is their resulting in pneumonia. If reasonable care is used, however, and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy taken, all danger will be avoided. Among the tens of thousands who have used this remedy for these diseases we have yet to learn of a single case having resulted m pneu- monia, which shows conclusively that it is a certain preventive of that dangerous malady. It will cure a cold or an attack of la grippe in less time than any other treatment. It is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by Saguache Pharmacy. The family of Mr. Burrows are a II ira- prey iug rapidly. G. 0. Taylor Whiskies, of superior ex0eilen~e Estate of A leer Budders tleccascd. The undersigned, having been appointed adml~dstl'ator of tile ca!ate t,f Abner Bttttders, late of tiP, eounly of Sa~uaehe and sta~e of Colorado, dece~,se(t hereby gives notice that ! lie ~ I ap~)ear before I le t~,~llnfy court O]' ~;t- guaehe county, at tile court h(mse In Saguaehe :at the February term t~,r probltie I.tlSilies3. oll ]the second Monday (being the ll~h day)of Match next. at which lime all uer.~ous i]avil~g claims aga ns! S:~lid estate are n,)titied Itllti ]'e- quested to attend for the purpose "of having the same adjusted. All p~.rsons il~debied to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 5th day of February, A. D. 1901. JOHN E, AalILEY, Administrator. Colorado Short Line. The People's Choice, Through without change DIB~IVER, COLORADO $PRilN6$ and PUEBLO TO KANSAS CITY and ST. LOUIS. Dh'ecL RouLe To The Hot Springs of Arkansas, Free Rech, ning Chair Cars. E!egant Pallman Palace Buffet Sleepers. 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I found CASCA- RmrS to be all you claim for them, and secured such yeller the first trial thal I purchased another supply and was completely cured. I shall only be too glad to l~comlnond C~care~ whenever She opportunity le pr~ ~. J.A. SMITH, ~80 Susquehanna Ave., Philadelphia, P~ REGULATE THE I0 2S SO ALL DRLimGIST$. FOR BAD BLOOD, ' ' CAIleJLTI]I~JL~J~ do aU elnJmed for them and are a truly wonderful medicine. I hare often wished for a medicine plea~mt to take, and at IMt have found it in CASCARETS. Sln~ takin~ them my blood h~ becn purified ann m~" complexion has Ira. proved wondermlly~and I feel much bett~r in every way. ' Luttrell, Ten~. Co~P~Y, Chicago or New York. tTMs is thetable~ Sways stamped 000 if" ~ "~When dealers try to substitute, they want to] | D0n't++~ke' a substitute t Get what ymt ask f0rI ~ make m0re money out of you. Don't let them ! Over 3,000,000 Boxes of 0asearets Sold Last Year! Unerring is the judgment of the peopk, and the p~ople like Cascar~ts. The sa]c ihis year wi]] be ~,OOO~O(O) boxes. Nothing succeeds like mccess and C~scarcts are successful, bccatl~, First, They are so good ~hat they outsell all other laxatives. Their tremendous sale proves their merit, and their meril~d'plains the~iP tremendous sale; SeCOnds Cascareta are thepioneer people's price preparation--ten cents a box, and more health in a ten cent box of CadS~-&t~ than any 25c bottle of pills in the world. ~hirds Cascarets U~.~g re.suits--healthy, natural action of liver and bowels -never fail. The manufacturers-guarantee a'cure'~or ~efund purchase money. Fourth~ Cascarets are succead~ul because they deserve it. If your druggist don~ sell Cascarets, he's behind the age. In tha~- case order direct from ua by mail pcet free. Addrea~ S~msi~e R~D~ We fled in taking our annuaI invoice that we art largely oyez- stocked on some seasonable llnes-- Overcoats, Cloaks, Jackets, mtcr Caps and Lined 6loves and Mitlcns, - We cannot afford to carry these goods over and we also nA the room occupied by them. In order to close them out I~fore our buyer goes-to market we have made a reduction of 25 per cent--in most ca.s~ being far below actual cost. Take advantage of this saIc, You will aIso find that we are making Special Prices on many broken llncs in other departments. Good Goods and Good Values. We have a fine llne of Ladies Winter Wrap~ Jackets, C.~pes, etc. which we are closing ot+t at a sacrifice. They range in prices from 75 cents to $10. A splendid bargain at $2.50 to $3,00. The 6otthcl[ 8 Tarbell Mercantile Co., Habits, Burlington trains have a "habit" of running on time. They have a "habit" of being well equipped. They have a "habW' of giving good service. Ha:bits are contagious People who ride on the Burling- ton acquire the habit of using it in preference to any other line. Burlington trains leave Denver at 4 p. m. and 10 p. m. for Omaha, Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, EYERyWI-IERE east. Train for Black Hills. Montana and Puget Sound lesve Dearer at 11.20 p. m. Tickets at Offices of Conneetin~ Lines. Ticket Office, i039 Seventeenth St. G. W. VALLERY, General Agent, DmNw.B. lce$ 0dd THE POPULAR LINE TO LEADVlLLE, GLEHWOOD SPRIHGS ASPEN, GRAND JUHCTIOH &ND ORIPPLE OREEK Reaches all the pr|ncipal towns and rain, Inll camps In Colorado~ Utah and New Mexico, PASSrS TH ROUGH SALT LAKE OITY EN ROUTE TO AND FROM PACIFIC COAST. THE TOURIST'S FAVORITE LIN[ TO ALL MOUNTAIN RESORTS. tUthrough trains equipped with Pullman Pala~ and Tomist Sleeping Car. For elegantly illustrated descriptive books fre~ uf cost, address |,T, JEFFERY, A, $, HUOHS, S.K. H00PER, ~tet and ~n'l Mgr. ~Ya~c Manager. 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