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February 14, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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February 14, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 7. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1901. .... ___ Croou coh!ng One Minute Cough Cure, 25 and_:iO cts, t~~~tiger,TheOfthe consumption.PrbabilitieSthroat a n d ~ ~| ~| ~,~ lungs become [[ gmE.~,'N,~.., rough and in-|! [~W~47~) flamed f r o m |'i i#~ 't~tB coughing a n d tt[ ~~the germs of ~1 Jaym Expectorant, 50 cts, and $1,00, ~Ak~.W[$. consumptio n E| l" Dr Shups Prevention' 2 5 cts t prevnt Grip no flnd l m.. :N withentrance'chanceSthean Takeda0.easy ~ |[j[Q[I ~ ~,g~ gerous foe. |~ a 0|~l Ih| For 60 years ~| Satuachc Pharm cy j~j,,'~therchas beenaper-[| M, L5 feet cure. What a rec- || ord! Sixty years of cures. ~ AYcr Pectoral WHOLE NUMBER 104 7. "Thousands Have Kidney q.~muble and Don't Know it. Xow To ~[n4 Out. Fill bottle or common glass with your water and let it stand twenty4our hours; ~sodlment or ~t- .~tling indicates an unhealthy condi- tion of the kid- neys; if it stains your linen It is evidence of kid- - hey trouble; too frequent desire to ! pass It or pain in "' the back Is alao convincing proof that the kidneys and blad- der are out of order. MEN AND WOMEN Should Buy Boots ~nd Shoes, (Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.) Hats and Caps, (Boogh~, Forc,~ & Goodbar Hat Co.) Gloves and Mittens, Owashocs, Underwear and Drygoods. C,m.ke~, Quecmwa~ and Hardware. Hame~ Stews and Ranges, (Wilson Hestus.) Duck CoAts, (all Styles. ) SAMUEL FEAST, Moffat, COLO., and SAVE MONEY, ......... I LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS DUNN BLOCK, S~.(S-LT~CI-IE, COT ,O~.A.DO, Have just opened as complete a stock of 6iiEIIIIIIE,R A L HARDWARE Aa can be found in the San Luis Valley. this stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced Hardware man ann was bought at prices which will permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us. We solicit your trade. Buggies and Wagons I have at m7 place in tl;e town of Moffat a Large Sto,_~k of Farm Implements--Billders, Mowers, Rakes, Bindi,g Twine, Oil, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and Wagonb whicli I buy in cal" load lo~s and Call make you better paices than you can get any where,rise in the valley. Call and ex,.,miiw my ~tock and ge! ,ny prices before buying elsewlmre. JOHN tIOLCOMB. MOFFAT, COLO. ( ii THH PEOPLE'8 NATIONAL FAMILY NP, WSPAPER NEW- YORK TRI- WEEKLY TRIBUNE Published M o..~,tay, Wednesday and Fri- day. ,s in roahty a fine, NE~/ fresh, every olher-duy Daily, giving the lat- est Ile, w*~ ou days Of is- sue, and covering now~ .of the other throe, it contains all importan~ foreign cable news which npnea~ in TIt E YORK DALLY TItIBUNE .f same date, also D,,- mestic and Poreizn ( ~orrospondence, Short. Htorias, Elegant. tlalf- tone Illustrations, Humoruus Items~ In- dustrial information, WEEKLY Fashion Notes, Agri cultural Matters and ('omorehen~lve and ra- liable Financial and Market reports. Regular subscription price, $1 50 per year. TRIBUNE wR fnrnlah ~t with THE URESCENT for $2.50 per year. Published un Thurs- (lay, and kl;own for nearly s;xty year~ in every part of the Uuit- e,J Stales ass Nuti,)nsl Fami;y Newel:aver of the niglwst cla~s for farmers and vi!agers. ] t c(,niains all the most int|,)rt,elltg O 1~ O r U ] new~,,f THA DALLY TRIBUNE up to hour of g..ing to Dress, an Agricultural De|,art- merit of ti~e ifighest ,)r- tier. hes entertaining resding f,,r ever member of the family, old and y.ung, Market ReDorts which a e ac- ce|,ted as aalhority by farmers and country merchants, a~,i is clean, up to date, m- .~eresting and iostract- 1V~. R,,a'u]. r subsori pti~ m prloe, $l.Lq) par ,~ear. W~, furnish it with TIIE CltESCENT for $2.00 per year. Send all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., ..--. -, 0 Best of Job Printing at this office. soothes and heals the wounded throat and lungs. You escape an at- tack of consumption with all its terrible suffering and uncertain results. There is nothing so bad for the throat and lungs as coughing. A 2Sc. boule will cure an ordinary cough; hard- er coughs will need a 50c. size; the dollar bottle is cheapest in the long run. "One of my sons was spitting blood with a high fever anu was very ill. We could hardly see any stuns of life in him. The uoetors did him no a~od. But one bottle of your Cherry'~Peemral cured him and ~tved his life." C.O. A~DERSO~', ~OV. 10,1898. Pukw~na, 8. Dak. Write the Doctor. If you have sUY complaint whatever and desire the best medlegl advice, write the Doe- tot" freely. Address Di. J. O. AY]~, Lowell, M~ Joseph Newman, familiarly known as Colorado's Song Humorist, will give one of his pleasing entertainments in Sa- guaohe the evening of Wash{ngton's birthday, Feb. 22. Mr. Newman is an entertainer of wide experience and of unquestioned ability. He m the author of most of the songs he sings and these songs have a peculiar charm when sung by hzm. Mr. New- man's humor is of the highest order without the slightest taint of vulgarity and he can keep an audience in good spirits for hours or until the people are tired laugbing. He always varms his program w~th an occasional bit of pathos in which he is equally in his element. Mr. Newman recites selections from the works of James Whitcomb I{iley and one admirer says he is the best inter- preter of Riley, next to the Hoosier poet !himseif, now appearing in pubhc. On 'the occasion of his visit here Mr. New- mau will sing a dozen or more songs, tell a number of stories and jokes, and do any number of little things to make the evening p~ss pleasantly. Ihtekleu's Ar,,le~t Salve. Has ~orld wide fame for marvelous cures. Itsarpasses any other salve, lo- ti,,t~, ointsments ,,r balm for cuts, corns, b,ra~, b,ds, sorts, felons, ulcers, totter, salt rheum, fever sores, chapped hands, skin eruptions, infallible for piles. Cure .,,arante(~d, Only 25c at Lord & Wilcox's drug st.ore, Crestone, Colo. .~. v,,, tt.,;"~./,(~;T~;,d.,.~ f.,,d. The g~neral sch(~ol fund to the amount of $/~79.28 n,,w in the hands ,ff the c-un- L)' ~reas.r.v is appor[ioHt~tl ;tttiOt)g LhoJ e~ve]'al ()istrtcLs as follows: No. $ 1 ......... 67 20 ') 7 68 3 ......... 71_ 60 4 ......... 23 O4 5 ......... 7 6' 6 ......... 193 28 7 ......... 9 60 8 ......... 45 44 9 ......... 8 32 2[ dt ...... 8 32 11 ......... 7 0~t 12 .......... 22 40 13 ......... 2{) 4i 'A ......... 7 04 15 ......... 16 64 16, 4 48 17 ......... 51 8t 18 ......... 15 36 19 ......... 17 28 20 ......... 28 16 2t ......... '32 00 22 ......... 10 88 23 ......... 46 72 24 ......... 15 36 25 ......... 35 20 27 ......... 11 52 2~ ......... 11 52 29 ......... 16 64 30 ......... l/) 88 3l ......... 5 76 32 ......... 22 40 33 ......... 18 56 ,John I. Palmer, Co. Supt. Prr~ons who cannot, take ,rdina~y p,l!s find it. a l,b, asure it, take DeWh, t.'s Ltitle Early Risers. They are the best little liver pills ever m:.]e. Saguache Phar~m.y, Mrs yon H, itnt)er:~ who wtm visttiug Mr. (~roening's fmnil), was roe,lied to her h,)me it1 l)t'nP,q" on aqct,unt of sick- ness in the family.--Ahtmosa Cola ier. Railroad Rumors. There have been rumors of more rail. way building in this section by the Rio Grando. The following from the Denver P~pnblican will settle the matter: t~Out of the rumors of railroad consoli. dations has gro~n a report that the Mm- aouri Pacific was seeking a new trans- continental line and would absorb the Denver & Rio Grands. Out of thts rumor hes grown another that, the Rio Grands was contemplating the construction of numerous connecting lines in Colorado. One of the connectin~ lines was reported to be between Pueblo and Silver Cliff, Silver Cliff and Crectone and from Muffet across the mountains to a connecting with the main standard guage line of the road. "There is no truth in these reports," sa~d Chief Engineer Rogers, yesterday. "We are buildivg from Texas creek to 'the Wet mountain district ami from Mof- fat to Crestone, but these roads are aim- ply to reach mining din, riots. There is no plan for building from Pueblo to Sil- ver Cliff or from Silver Cliff to Crestone or west from Muffet. There is a puss|-i bility that Sdver Cliff and Crestone may be connected, but there are no plans for such a connection now under conaidera- tmn in my ()ffice. As regards the report that surveyors are out, that is impossi- ble. No surveying party could work in the mouhtains at this time of year." ~,V,ll Boom his ituainesa. S. Level, a merchant of Dallva, Texas, writes: "I thought I would have to give up bueinass, after two years of suffering from general debility brought on by over work and long hours but four bottles of Electric Bitters gave me new life. I can now eat anything, sleep well and fee) like working all the time. It's the beet medicine on earth." It's a wonderful tonic'and health builder for tired, weak, sickly and run down people. Try it. Satisfaction guaranteed. Only 50c at Lord & Wilcox's drug store, Crestone, Colo. "Should there be a shortage of- w~r for purposes of Irrigation in San I.~uis valley again this year, look out for a eoram'~i*ng out of the wheat belt"said a man who ought to know, to a Prospector iepreeentative the other day. '*Some of those people are hanging on by their eye brows, and another dry year will start them." said he. "Just watch and m i~ I am not a prophet. Many of these poD- pie nan stand one dry year, but they can- not stand two."--Prospector. We do not view the situation with the same degree of alarm. Last year was not as bad a year from the water point of view as the year 1899. It is as yet too early to make a predictioe, as the March snow fall may be larger than usual, and even if that fails the spring rains may cattle the matter favorably for the gram growers, during the day, and to get up many times during the night. The mild and the extra- ordinary effect of Swamp.Root is soon realized. It stands the highest for its won- derful cures of the most distressing cases. If you need a medicine you should have the h~t. Sold by druggists in ~. andS1, sizes. xou may have a sample bottle of this wonderful discovery [~?f~...._ and a book that tells~ more about it, both sent L~HI~'H'~ absolutely free by mail, address Dr. Kilmer & Home of 8wamp-Ro~. C0., Btnghamton, N.Y. When writing men- tion reading this generous offer in this papex. SAGUACHE CRESCENT l~)aManLT BAOUA~ DaMooIT. OSCAR D. BRYAN, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. Publish.e~!..et.Saauache, C olo.~,overy Thumd~. t~ pea,seal qu~fions z~ wz~z ~av~t~,Ute intermte of the Repubhoan voxt~. Im chief mm will b~ to advane~ the-m~. terial intore~t~ of this eount~. bubsorlDtlon, - $2.00 Yer. ~his Is Your Opportunity. On receipt of ten cents, cash or stsmpm, generous sample will he mailed of the most popular Catarrh and Hay Fevsr Cut's (Ely's Cream Balm)suflt~i~t to demos. What to Do. strate the great merits of the remedy. Them is comfort In the knowledge am[ ELY BROTHERS, often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp- [ 56 Warren St., ~ew York City. Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every [ wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the [ Rev. John Reid, Jr., of Great Falls, Mont., back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part [ recommended Ely's Cream Balm to me. I of the urtnary passage. It corrects inability [ can emphasize his statement, "It in a peat- to hold water and scalding pain in pa.~lng tire cure for catarrh if used as directed.'~ it, or bad effects following use of liquor, Rev. Franci~W. Peele, PMtorCentr~lPres. wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant Church, Helena, Mont. necessity of being compelled to go often Ely's Cream Balm is the aoknowl~lged cure for catarrh and contains no mercury nor any injurious drug. l~/ee, ~0 ~ats. Polly Pry, of the Denver Post, in writing about l~p. Pit~obke of Arapahos had the fol- lowivg: A member ,who felt jealous of Pitschke told me that he reminded him of story he once heard about a very eminent Mis- sissippi j udge. This ~entleman had a favorite negro asrvant who drove him to and from court and lwya huug about when he had apeeoh to make. The judgn acmtimas askea Rufe his opinion in regard to the~ s~eohes, which led to some vary funny remarks by thc negro. One day the judge made s long apeeeh before the oourt,~md on the Way hems esid: "What did you think of that speech, Rule?" "Powerful fine spe~h, General, moo' powerful speech I ever hear yo' make, auh." "You think eo do you--well now what point did you like bast?" "Well auh, General, I dunno--it wu all mighty fine, sub, mighty fine, but suh, I done think dot the part I like bin' wu the foe', suh, that yo' got such a power- ful lot ob trash off'n yo' atumik, suh." Recent ezperimente show that all classes of foods may be completely di- gested by preparation called Kodol Pneumoula can be Prevented. Dyspepsia Cure, which atmolutely digests what you eat Aa it za the only oombl This disease always results from a cold " " " " ..... **..a. ~ .,.^ _.;_ .._.~ __. t._ ___ I nation of all the natural digestanta ever ~ ~u tt~v~C~, vt uuu ~t'LI) ~tuu u~ttv u~ ut~- I vented by the tzme]' y-~lse of Chamber-" - [ devised the demand for it has become lain's Cough Remeo.'.'~ rna~ .... remeuy was !! enormous. It hM never, failed. .t cure eztenslve]" y used durra" g, the epidemics of ].the very worst cam of mdlgution and [ ~t always g~ves instant relief Sguache la grippe of the past few years, and not " " ' ' Pharmacy. Springs Capital ,n ~tauaehe County. It is reported that syndicate of Colo. rado Springs people ban purchased track of land in Saguache county, near the town of Alder, on the Denver & Rio Grands hne through the San Luis cal. Icy, and will plat the tract for town site. The syndicate is composed of Mayor J. R. Robiuson, T. P. Day and others. It m understood that they have also pur- chased a group of mining property in the camp of Bonanza which m at this time shipping $40 ore. The distance from Bonanza carny is about 5~ miles and it is the intention of the syndicate to build a good wagon road to that camp. Already there is a road a portion of tim way cuing down Alder creek. \ Villa is Grove 16 mil0s from Bonanza camp and ts the nearest available rail. road station at present time. A prominent mining operator at White- horn, W. H. Covey, is said to be heavily intorested in the deal. Mr. Covey has stadied the conditions existing at Boou- za, and predicts that the coming summer will see a big ha)ore ia mining properties in that section. The Lucrative company owns the Eagle miue, only a short dis- tance from Bonanza and has done consid. stable towards awakening mtero~t in Bo- nanza. The il~v~mtment of Colorado Spring's oapital in Bonanza will be hail- ed with delight. It is understood that there arc several de, Is on for mining property which are being held off at this time owing to the large fall of snow t hat has come this win- ter. As soon as spring opens up it is the intention of several of the mining men of this city to purchase property at Bonan- za before the boom a~ts in.--Colorado Springs Telegraph. single case has bsen reported that did not recover or that resulted in pneumon- ia, which shows it to be a certain pre- ventive of that dangerous disuses. Gham- berlain'a Cough Remedy has gained world wide r~putation for its cures of colds and grip. Fur sale by Saguaohe Pharmacy. Note and receipt books and short form bills of sale at this off}so. fi,O,Tql~'Whhklsa ~d~h~db~ ths wuksst ttmMtt THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Denver, Colorado DAILY AND WEEKLY The Great ]{epres,-n tat Ire Newspaper of the /{ocky M,,,t,,t~,i,, ~tales aud Tert'it.ries All the News from All the World Illustrations, Cartoons, Special ~eatures. Etc., ~tc. SU B.~CIt [i'TIt)N I{ATES : ])uity aud .~uud~ty, i,(,,, ul,)lllh, .... ~ .Tfi ~uuduy only (32 to 36 p:~geS),l)er year ~.50 Weekly, per year ........ 1,OO Address ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, DENVER, COLORADO La Grippe ~uickly Cured. "In the winter of 1898 and 1899 I wu taken down with a severe attack of what la called la grippe" says F.L. Hewett, a prominent druggist of Winfield, Ill. "The only med|cine I used was two bottles of Chamber]sin's Cough Remedy. It brok up tbe cold and stopped the coughing like magic, and I have never since been troubled with grippe." Chamber- lain'a Cough Remedy can always be d~. peuded upon to break up a severe cold and ward off any threatened track of pneumonia. It is pleasant to take, too, which makes it the meet des|table and one of the most popular preparations in u~ foz these ailments. For aide by Sa- guach Pharmacy. lmmm.mmmt~m~e MASQUE BALh Attend the "Masque Blr' at Dunn's Hall, Saguaohe, Friday night, Feb. 22nd, 1901. Admh, eion: eL00 per couple; or gant~, $1, ladies 50 ,~nte each, for tho~ who come alone and do not have tioket4t. Speotatom: adults, 50 cents, children 25 mm~pi~m~. Good music will be fur- nisbed andgood order maintained. No smoking allowed in the hall. Everybody invi:ed. Get your tickets at T~ Clt~. c~ office. W.H. Kay, Mgr. l~v. J. W. Ohl has received a letter from Bishop Satterlee at Washingtou uTing that he has been recommended by !the bishop of Delware for appointment tm chaplain in the navy. The letter alka l~v. Ohl to wire whether or not he wild accept if the appointment should be giv- en him. He ie undecided and thouRh the offer ie tempting one with fins ulary atteohed he may d~mide that he will continue in Salida, just as he hall often done b, fore in similar cases. The offer is a groat compliment u it oomm hxnna bishop who was formrly a reotor of Rev. Ohs who knows him from hie early daya Salida people will ameemly hope that Ray. Ohl will d~tide to remia where he ia, yet the offer is on not to ba treated lightly.--Mail. For the weakness and prostratiou fol- lowing grippe there is nothing so prompt sad effective as One Minute Cough Cur~ This preparation is h ighly endorNd ~a unfailing remedy for all throat and lung troubles and ~ts early use prevents oon- suml;tion. It was made to cure quickly. $ Seguaohe Pharmacy. Farmers, clean out your ditches early and get ready for early floods. The ground in the mountains froze before snow fell and the snow will melt and~n off before the earth can thaw, and when ThraSher comes that will melt the snow it will flood the streams. There ia more snow in this part of the state than in any other portion. We will have plenty of water from lho snow for a time at le~t~ l andthe ditches shouhl be all repaired and prepared and waiting. Make uas of what water you have to use, bring up the sub, and there will bs better chances for a crop than there has been for sever- al years.-- Ex0hange. Valentines--two for 5 cents; 5 and 10 cents each. C,)|nms at 10 cents a dozen CR~ SCENT O~Ce. .. Mrs. E. G. Hazard m recovering from an attack of grip. t:orderin~r on p~eu- monte and is now about over ~t. i Is Jften a warning that he liver in,1 torpid or inactive. More serious: I: efllcaent curs of Head e :~ ILvet troubles, take :l Heel's P.q l While they rouse the liver, resto ,1 h~ll, regular acton of the bowels, ~~ they do not grlt~ ot pain, do not :l but ltave a pea tl e !~t~ ~. 1 . at all druggists or by mall of l