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February 14, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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February 14, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. t FOaIIaLY SAUUA~ Di[II~OORAT. h I':ntered .~t .the post office at. 8~a, uache, Colo.. t r translnlsslon through the m ad~ a~ aee~,nd-elasf OSCAR D. ISRYAN. Edlt4tr. TtlUIgSDA Y, FEB. 14, 1901. Governor Orman has said that he does not want but one name sent in from each water district and consequently he has sent back to ihm county the batch of names recently recommended by the county commissioners. The Governor claims that he wants the question to be settled at home atzd that he will appoint whoever gets the endorsement of "the commissioners. This saves him 1o~. ot[" worry but makes the work of the com- miuioners a little bit unpleasant. News to Saguache. From various sources we learn that some of the good people of Ssguaohe are precipitating a fight between the two towns. This is all wrong and should be avoided: Saguacbe is our county seat and Crestone people have to go there to attend to all county business and more particularly to pay taxes. Crestone will soon be a factor in this county and we want to live and let live. The above from the Crestono E~gle is neweto Saguache people For the life of us we cannot discover what the grounds for complaint against our poe-~ pie are. We hope our brother of the Eagle will be explicit. If there is a i movement which has for its object, or which will teed t- create hard feelings between this place and any other county town we want to know it. A Violent Presumption. It esems that the people of Saguache have it in for tl~e people of Crestone. The resolutions recently passed by the county commissioners would iudioate this. Wonder if they ever heard of the fellow wbo bred a scab on his nose.-- Crestone Eagle. The above from our esteemed contem- porary requires a word of explanation. The county commissioners at their re- vent meeting passed two resolutions. One of them being to the effect that the sounty would not pay costs of misde- meanor cases. This applies to the entire sounty and was not directed against Greetone or any other portion of the county. In so doing the commissioners but injected new life into an order made some years ago to the same effect, tf C estone justices, constables and wit- nesses are out on ~ees they are only in the same boat as several j ustice~ in other parts of the county. They are not the only pebble, etc. The other resolution was one requiring applicants for saloon hoense to pay in the full amount of the licen~ and revoking a practice hereto- fore permitted of letting them pay monthly or quarterly. This is only com- plying with the laws of the state sad ie arl order which sffeot~ all parts of the sounty. As to Saguache having anything to do with the action of the board in this matter, the absurdity of it ought to be iTIml ouqh r Hallg$ on You have used all sorts of cough reins. dies but it does not yield it is too deep seated, it may wear itself out in time, but it is more liable to produce la grippe, pneumonia or a seri. cue throat affection. You need something that will give you strength and build up the body. SCOII'S EMULSION will do this when.everything else fails. There ,s no doubt about it. It nourishes, drengthem, builds up and makes the body strong and healthy, not only to throw Off this hard cough, but to fortify the system against :~rthcr attacks. I! you are run down or cmacmted .you should certainly take this murishin$ [ood medicine. T,~:. sn4 lEt,oct all drugglsts, SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemia~, New York, apparent, Chairman We!ty llvcs ~0 miles from the coenty oval, Mr. Ashley m at Bonan- za, 23 miles away, and Mr. Brown's home is8 miles from town So far as we have b,-,n t~itle ~t learn only the best of feeling is manifest her~ as to Crestot:e aud we all hope that she may thrive and prosper and flourish. That thinly veiled threat about the "breeding of a scab" Is but silly twaddle and unworthy the Ea- gle Crestone la but au iufant, a healthy one we hope. It takes more than sa- loons, dance houses and railways and an influx of curiosity seekers to make a per- manent camp. We have faith that Cres- tone will, inside a few years, be ia shape so that the ledger will show a balanceon the side of production. Whoa that time comes the people of Sag,tachs will be pleased, we do not begrudge Crestone any of the good things she has or is to get~ We do not b~grudge her the rail- way which ia soon to connect her with the outside world. On the contrary, we believe that it brings nearer the time when Saguache will also have a road. There should be no room in the Eagle's columns for such stuff. Last weak the senate had under dis- suasion Senate Bill No. 96, by Senator McGuire, which prescribes how many brakemen a company shall employ on each train It is rumply a scheme to force the compauies to employ men whomI they claim they do not need. As we said ] a few weeks sgo--a parallel ease would,! be a law compelling each man who rang- I ed cattle to employ as herders one man I for every fifty head of cattle on the l range. In opposing the measure Sons-I tor Newell said: "The calendar sho~vs that S. B. 51, reg- ulating the pay for employee on railroads has pa~od. It shows that 8. B. 52, to~ force railroads to fence up their proper-i ty, and even after doing so, to be respon- sible for cattle killed by trains, has pass- ed, and it shows that like favorable act- ion has been taken by this senate on S,' B. 87, which is an ironclad employer's liability act, Then today you passed S. [ B. 90, which repeals the law against boy- l coating, but leaves the law against black- listing. Now you propose to pa~ the 'bill by Senator McGuire known ss S. B. 96, which prescribes how many brakemen a road shall employ on cacti train. "You ought to pass this and a few more anti-railroad bills, then enact a law providing that a man with a horse and buggy must have one coachman and-a man who drives a team must have two, then tt would be a wise thing to ad- journ." To be Prep&r@d. For war is the surest way for this na- tion to maintain peace. That is the opinion of the wisest statesmen. It is equally true that to be prepared for spring is the best way to avoid the pecul- iar dangers of the season. This is a los- son multitudes are learning, and at this time, when the blood is sure to be loaded with impurities and to be Weak and slug- gish, the millions begin to take ticod's Saruaparilla, which purifies, enriches and vitalizes the blood, expels all disease germs, creates a good appetite, gives strength and energy and pnts the whole system in a hbaltby condition, prevent- ing pueumoma, fevers and other danger- ous diseases wbich are liable to-attack a weakened system. From Dawson City. Mr. A. L, Baker of Seattle. sends us a copy of the Daily Klondike Nugget, for January 17, published at Dawson City. The paper ia 5 columes, 4 pages and well printed. It sells for 25 cents a copy or $40 a year tf paid ta advance. Under the 6, heading Growing Milder," is a govern- ment report which shows that the aver- age temperature was 59 5 degrees below zero for eight days past. Mr. Baker also sent us a sample of copper ore from Ketchican, m southeast Alaska, which looks as though it would run very high, How to Cu~e the Grippe. Remain quietly at home and take Ohamberlain's Cough Remedy as direct- ed and a quick recovery is sure to follow. That remedy counteracts any tendency of the grip to result in pneumoma,which is really the only serious danger. Among the tens of thousands who have used it for the grip not one case has ever been reported that did not recover. For sale by Saguache Pharmacy. Mrs. Daniels wishes to announce that she has jnst received the finest lot of ebildren'a shoes she has ever had. Yesterday John E-Ashley closed the deal for the Sedgwick town site--320 acres. Jobn Lawrence was the former owner. We understand that Bouansa is to have another butcher shop, to be opened even by John Mahoney. George Sher. man will be in charge as meat cuttsr. A man named E. R. Scott was before Sustico Clare yest6rday afternoon charg- ed with stealing 500 bushels of wheat be- longing to James L. Hurt. He waived examination and was boXind over to the J un~ term of the district court. The Beckley Pl~vking House has been Undergoing some changes lately. The partition in the north room has been taken out and new shelving and counters placed in what was formerly a store room. The O'Neii building, rtmently bought by Mr. Beokley is now used as a war0ho~!we, CORDOVA WaxOandh in where. Made by STANDARD Dr. Lord has been appointed railroad physician for the Rio Grands Son,re de Cristo raihoad, having signed the papers Tuesday.~Eaglc. J. D Lewis died at his home in Monte Vista Fee. 1, of pneumonia. Mr. Lewis was a San Luis valley pioneer and for merly resided in Saguache and also at Bonanza. Reports show a greatly increased deatb rate from throat and lung troubles, due to the prevalence of croup, pneumonia and grippe: We advise the use of One Minute Cough Cure m all of these diffi- culties. It i~ the only harmless remedy that gives immediate results. Children like it. Saguache Pharmacy. Mrs. Parker, Miss Daisy Meyer and Miss Lulu t~othrock were Eagle visitors Sunday afterno:m. When real pretty, in- telhgent young ladies call, the "devil" always blushes He blushed hugely on th is occasion.-- Eagle. For the I;oys. James Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc and rubber he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cost and a half for old rubber. I sell gunny sacks four cents each. I pay 12 cents a dozen for beer bottles. WANTED--Capable, reliable person in every county to represent largo company of solid finan- cial reputation, $9~J salary per year, payable weekly, $3 per day absolutely sure and all expen- ses, straight, boaafid~ definite salary, no colq- mission, salary paid each Saturday and expanse money advanced ~aeh week. IeTANDARD HOUSe. 33~, DEAnlION ST., CHICAGO. ~0ne Night to CHICAGO, ~INNE. APOHS, ST. PAUl, Leave Denver via Union Pacific at 4::00 p. m., arrive Omaha 6:45 a. m. Leave Denver via Burlington at 4:00 p, m,, arrive Omaha 6:i5 a. m. At Omaha change from these trains, which have been occupied 15 hours to THE FRESH, CLEAN, BRIGHT TRAIN (The latest and finest I~roduct of pullman) .Leaving Omaha at 7:00 a. m., via the "NEW LINE," Th0 Illin0i8 Central R, R. Arriving Chicago, Min~)eapohs or St. Paul the same evening ...... For tickets and reservations apply to a~ents connecting hues or address JAMES CULTON, Commercial Agent, 805 17th Street, Denver. Truatce's S~ie Wllel'eas. Edmuod H ~later by Ills deed el trust datedJulygtll, 185~, ~t~d duly recorded in the office of the clerk and recor~ler, in the county of Saguaehe and state of Coh)rado, oo the 26th day ~ff.luly, A. D. 1888, in book 89, yale52 emvey d toG,.~rg, ~V Toms astrus tee, the following descrlb d rea estate situate In the county el Saguaehe and state of Colo- rado, to-wit: Tile north half of the north Imlf of section 18 lu township 42. north range 8, east of the New 5fexieo P hi, eontalniog t60 acres more or less together with all water right or iater- estsbehmgi)lgorinany way apnertaiahig to said land .r used tilerewitlt, in It nat to st.cure tile payment of Ills promissory cote f-r tile sum of $700, dated July St.h. 18~8"~ and pa~'able to the order of William F. Leonard ,m tb~ first day of July, 1893, together wilt) inlerest there- be setni-annually, as shown by tell cotlpons of ~28 each attached to saltt note ~tlld p lyable re- spectively on tile til'qt days ,,f January and July of each year, with lntel'c~ ou said cou- pon notes at the rate of 15 per cent per atmnm. Wl~ercas, said deed of trust provides that in ease of default in the payment of said no*o or any interestthervon orany part tltereof, ttlen itsllall he lawful for the said trustee, or Ills successor in trust, to sell tile said premises, or ally part thereof, and all the rightand equity oF redemption ot tile said Edmund H. Slater therein at public auction lor c, tsit. and Whereas, it is nrovlded In and by said deed of trust that in ease of tl~e death, Ioabllltv or refusal of the said George W. Eolns, trustee, toact, at ally time wlle.u itetlon may be re- quLred for the execution of the trusts tinder mtid dec0 of trust, then Ibe leg iI bolder of said note may, by writing duly aeknbwledzed appoint a successor in trust ~o the said George W. Toms, and Whereas, the said George W. Tom~ is absent l front the state of Colorado end unable to act and the legal bolder of said note has, by a writing duly appointcd the uuderslgoed a trustee to act as successor to the said Geolge W. Toms, as recorded in the office of tl~e county clerk sod recorder of Sagu~ehe Ed Kanc who has been over near V;c for for 1he past five or six y, ars, emn~ back to Saguach~ Su,day events., and 1~ visitmg autong his friends. To Cure *t ('o|d i~ One Day. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab- lets All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. (}rose's sigoature is on each boy 25e. Miss Maud Roberts who has been at the American House for several months left on Sunday f,,r Denver. She ~m- nounees her intention of entering aon,e hospital In order to become a trained nurse. G.O Taylor Whiakies of great value to the sicR Mr. Edward Ulrey. who is just recov- ering from sn attack of the grip, was a caller on the CRESCENT force Saturday. Dickie, the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Boyd, on Fmday developed a case of chicken pox. She has not been at.tending school for a month so there seems to be no danger of its becoming epidemic. The Pioneer Stable. Having leased the old Pioneer Stable at Villa Grove (being th- cue used by H. Braham and successors as a stage barn) to be used as a livery, feed and sale sta- ble I solicit a part of the public patron- age, aud shall s~rive by strict attention to business and with good rigs and har- ness to merit the same. F. P. HALL, Mauager. O, O. Taylor Whiskies u"sd by eft,teal jn~gn, G. O. Taylor Whiskies, grow In popularity, 31 I ~,'ING AI'PLICATION. No. 554. Mineral Survey No. 1.i,317 U. S. Land Office, at I)el Norte, Colo., Jan. 2, 1901. Notice is llcrcl)v given t])at Tliomas Franle wlulse pt stefiiee is Salhia, (~o]o., Ims made ap- ])lication for a patent Ior 15t~) liaear feet on the Great Mo~td lode, the same b:ing 150 feet N 0 30' E and 1:;50 feet S 0 30 W of the discovery shaft and 1459 feet of the Enness F lode both I)eal'il~ go d :llt(I Sliver, the same heillg 9~4 feet N 60 ;~' E and 475 Wet S f~)~ 3t)' W lrom diseov- ery sl aft thet'een, with Slll'faee gl'Oln)d eaeil 300 feet. il~ widtll, ~itnate ill Kerbei" Creek m}nillg (liStl"h~'t, Sagllae|le COlUltV slate of ('olorado ac(l deserit)ed in tile phlt alt(I field notes on file ill tllis olliee, ;Is folh)ws, viz: GREAT Mt)GUL LOi)E. " lleginniag at eor No. 1, whence tlle S W cor of see17. *wp 47 N 1{8E N M I'M bears S 83 30' W 377 feet, lheuee N 0 30' E 1500 feet to COl" No. 3 TlleneeN89 30' E 300 feet to c(,r No. 3. Thenee S 0 30' W 150, feet to cor No. 4. Thence N 89" 30' W 290 feet to eor No. 1, tbe plaee of be- giaaing eOlltaild:.~g after excludiag conflict with S[U' NO. 733 l'aragoli lode, 9.773 seres. ENNESS F. LODE. l~egietdng at oor No. 1, whence the S W eor sec17, twp47 N R8EN MI'M bears S 39" W 60~,.11feei, thence S 60 30' W 1459 feet fo eor No. 2. "l']lene~ N 0 30' E ~46.4 feet to cor No. 3. Thence N 6e 30~ E 1450 feet to eor No, 4. Thence S 0 30' W 346.4 feet t~ eoc No. 1. the place of be- ginning, containing 10.0~8 aeres, net area of claims eol~tainieg i9.821 acres, expressly ex- cepting aud exchldmg all eoufiict with s'urvey No. 733 Paragon lode aad fortning aportion of theSW~s~;clT, SE~4 see 18 and N E % of sec19, twl) 47N R8 EoftheN M YM Sa~d Io- eatl()tt beill~ recorded iu eels 70 attd 78, at pages 262, 555 of tile reeords of Sagual:be county, Colo. Adjoining claims sur No. 7,~3 Paragon lode snr I~o. 7228 Whale ode, snr No. 12,281 M II S te lode and First Chance, A Badders claimant, otllers if ally itakaown JAS. H. BAXTER, RegL~ter. First pul, Jan I0---/ast March 14. ~IINING APP LICATION, No. 55;t. Miuoral Survey No. 13,917. U. S. Land Cities at Do1 Norte Colo., Oetoher 3. 1900. Notice is llelel)y ~'iven that ill pursuance of 06' .'.5" E 1120~ feet, thence N 5" 51' W, oar 13' ! ~lf east H07 ;t5 feet Io eor No. 2, identical with cot' No. 3 ltosetta lode of this survey, thence N 84" 09' E ear 1W 40' east 17;; 44 lest to col' No. 3, & cedar post 4x4 laches x 5 feet long set 30 inches il; the grmtnd wJtlt mound of stone scribed 2-8. 13917 A, thence S 3 14 E var 13" 30' cast 1406.57 ~ Ieet to col" No 4, a cedar post 4x4 inches X 5 feet long set 30 Inches ill the grouud with mnuad of st~)ne scribed 1-4 13917 A, whence a p|nlon tree 10 ioehes ill diameter dazed atnl scribed liT 1-4, 13917 A bears N 41" 05' W 42.05 teet, a pinion tree 6 inches in d ameter blazed and scribed B T 1-4, 13917 A. bears S 43 13' E 9.44 feet, thence s 84~ O9~ W, variation 13~ 12' east 23'2.01 to eor No. 1 the place of beginning. REESE LODE. Beginning at eor No. t, bleutieal with cor No. 4 Bernytfia lode of this survey, whence N E cot see26~44N ItllEof tlteN M PM beat's S 4" 38' 0l" W 113~.95 feet, tbellce N 8~ 14' W var 13" :~0' east 1408.57 feet to cur No. 2, Identical with cot' No. 3 Bernydia lode of tills sm'vey, thence N 8t 09' E vat 13" 30' eas~ 21.46 Ieet cot No. 1 Albert loose Of till8 sul'e~ 289.87 feet ~o cor No. 3, on llt:e 4- t Albert lode el this survey, a shelf on perl)endicnlar Mate cliff 30 feet lligh chiseled x 3-12917 A~ thcuce S 8" 15' E vilr 13" 12' east ~405, 58 feet to cor No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 laches x 5feet lea~ set 30 inches in tile grnund with laoon(1 Of stone scribed 4-I3917 A, w]lence Sierra Bhtaco Deal'S 8 25~ 31' E, thence S 84" 09' W vat 13" 12' east 290.27 feet to col" No. 1 the place of beginning. ALBERT LODE. Beginniug at cor No. 1 on llne 2-3 Recsa lode of this survey, a cedar post 4x4 hashes x 5 feet b)ng set 30 :aches ht tile ground with nlonnd ot stone sclined 1-13917 A, whence N E eer sec iS T 44 N R 11 E of tile N M P M bears 8 1" 59' tg" E 2533 feet, a cedar tree 14 inches in diameter blazed aud scribed B T 1-13917 A bears S 51" 06' E 13.22 feet, thence N If" 14' W var la" 3o' east 412,58 feet Intersect flue 4-1 Bernar4 lode of this survey, 762.09 feet Intersect liue 2-3 Bernard lode of this survey 1441.51 feet to cor No. 2, a cedar post 4x4 ~cltes x 5 feet long set 30 lucbes hi the grouad wftll monnd ot sione scribed 2-13917 A, wbeace a Cedar tree 10 inches ia dmmeter blaz- ed and scribed B T 2-13917 A bear~. S 37" 21' W 18 2 feel, tbenee N ~4o O9' E var 15" Least 23o,25 teet to col" No 3, a gneiss rock in place 4x8 feet 4 feet above ground chiseled x 3-13917 A, WllCitC? a spruce tree 10 inches ill diameter blazed ann scribed B T 3-13917 A bears N 74* 47' E 26.12 test thcaee S 11" 14' E var 13 45' east 377 feet, Jater. sect flue 2.4~ Bernard lode of this sm'vey, 726.51 feet intersect line 4-1 Bernard lode of tills sur- vey, 1441.51 feet to cur No. 4, a cedar post ~,x~ inches x 5 feet long set 30 Inches in tll~ grouud with mound of stone scribed 4-139i7 A, whene.~ a X on slate ledge chlseled B It 4-13917 A bears N ~3 51' E 7,82 feet tneltce S 8~* 09' W var 1~" 12' east 21.85 feet cot No. 3 lteese lode of tills sur- vey, 29O.26 feet to cor No. 1 the place of begla- nlng. the aet of eoe~ress ;tpproved May 10 1872 tile San Isabel Mitring aml Milling cOral)any, who, se B~RNARD LODE. postofiice address is Cre~tone Sagnaebeeountv, Cohlrado, i~as made apldtcation for a pateet f~r Begltullng at eor No. I on line 2-3 Rosetta lode Bemt~e ~~,Beu~t0f 14,,7.351ine:trfeetonthe;;ran-Leehlde bearing oftbtssurvey, aeedarpost 4x41ncl,esx 5 feet eo )per a~d gold the same being 1323 35 feet long set 30 inches ill the groand with mound of ~g~at~j$ nortllwester]y an(l 8t fe,,t sot t teasterly from stone s~ribed 1-13917 A, whence N E cor sec iS discovery etl~ theron with Sol'face gl'OtlUd 300 T 44 N [4 11 E Of the N M 1" M bears S t0" 57' 56" feet iu width : and a so for 1407.35 linear feet on E 2537.38 teet a cedar tree 30 inclles in diameter the Syke., lode, bearing copper and gold. the blazed and aeribed B T 1-13917 A bears N 39" 21' - same being 1391 f~ et seutheasterly ait(I 116 53 W 13.16 feet. thence N 36 28' W vat 13" 40' east feet northwesterly from the discov~ry eat there- 266.69 Ieet to cor No. 2, a cedar post 4x4 inches x wa~q~[~ a~,v~v~ Mh~ O~ GnOD CHAR o I, with sarface ground 250 feet in width, and 5 feet long set 35 in in tbe gromtd with mound .........net, t~ Aoli~o,... ~.~~A .~o|l~t ......... i~ t oior~td~, for old i .s . ' 14(7..'~5 lne:u" feet. on the Rosetta lodes. , o sto~e scribed 2-13917 A,Wllenca a pinion stualp ~t~kt;~,oa ..... ..,,.~I,~ ~h,./~.~]~ h,,~ )eal'm~ copper and g)l I the same being 13. 1 35 4 inches In diameter blazed and scribed B S 2- ~{~nn ~ w~- ~,~ .... ~ I~,n~t~ ~ore than e~er feet nm'thwesterlV and .56 Feet southeasterly 13917 A bears N 64" E 8 10 feet, thencM N 85" 10' : ~" n~'t'~'~='~t"~ ~'~'~,~- ~'~'~.~.~ ~"~,v hank in'an~ from dis,.overv cu't thereon w th surface greun(l E ear 14" east 701 4 feet intersect lille 1-2 Albert city. Encbme self mldressed stamped envelope. ~ !~0 feet Ill ~vl(Itl~ : at.ld ;tiso for 1407.3.) hn. feet on lode ~f this survey 1100.45 feet lntelsgct line ..34 Manafaeturer~ Third Floor 834 Daarbon st tneBel'l~yUl~t |oue, oearnlg copper and golo, the A~ner~ zoue ol tnls survey 1320,~ tcet to cot ~0, Chiaaua ' ' ' I same being 1335.:~5 feet nortllwesterly mid 44 feet 3, a spruce post 4xi inches x 5 feet long. set ~0 southeasterly, fronl discovery cut tllereon with l cries lu the grounu wltll mound of stone scrlb- I surface groand 232 feet at .~outberly end and c.d 343917 A, wl~ence a spruce stump 6 Inches In ...... o ' *" - 173.44 feet at northerly eed, in wldtli: and also ammeter blazeu and scrined B S 3-18917 A hears &on)tm~rrat r s z~otice, i for 1403.57 I llear feet on the Reose lode, bearlng S 89" tl' E 51.67 feet thence S ~6" 28' E vat 18" 1~' ---- copper andgohl fhe same benlg 1376 feet south- east 266.69 feet to cob' No. t, a cedar post 4:4 iu- "~tate of~or~e W Wee,'e,, deceased easterly and32 57 feet northwesterly from dis- ches x 5 teet Long se$ 80 iuehes iu ~he ground ~ ~" ~ .... . ' "' " . . _ ' eovery ent thereon, with surface gronad 239 feet with mound of stoue scribed 4-18917 A, whcnes rbe uedersigned haVlll# been a o]nteu ' ~.. ,, P~ .. ; ic w t h. a d also for 1441 51 II le'tr feet ou the a pine Stulnp 14 inches tu dtameter blazed and. a(tm nlstrator of the estate oI ueorge w., l~.ee-i Albet t oils h~'t~'tlm ~ e O,~r~, g ~' ,t v~ i~,'t'., g...,~.,a ..eth sat,.er~ Sellbed B S* lUUl? ~ bWalTM=" ~ , ,, ~a ~ ,.N =,al W li 17,~ ,,.* "~',e*At soy, isle of the count): of..'~agtmel,e and state be ng 1207 51 feet nortllwesteriy anal 23t feet tbeaee S 85" 10' W var 18" 12' east 877 2~ tcet In- (~I (7otorao~, oeeea..~o, uereny gi~es not:w~[ southeaste'ly 1'rmtt lise)vei'y cut thereon with tel'area line 3-4 Albert lode el this sul:vey 776.~ i, tal, neWlllappearDelorelnec)unty c~ur~ol 811|.Incest ~t'qtt-i o~ f.~t |~ .,,h, ~1'~ ~, feetjnt~ls~otl|n~ /~lb~,t Ir~ thta e,trv~tt guaeoe|~aguaebe counly)~nunryat tlle~ermeourtst, rbOU~ev.,mrtt~in Sa-~ ] t5 lit ' e" ' ' " o 1 -- ~t,h, ' ................ ,...._ ~.._ ,2064 /ear fee on tim B .t nard lode, bearing 1820.64 feet t cot No. I tl e piace of beginning. ccnDer and ~ro|(] ,|IS ~'Allle b~itl~r ~ f~at ~onth ~tz~*~t * 't ~r~t~ ness, on the fourth Monday (being the 25th I w2~:~,-l~, ~;,~ ~';,~'~ fo~':i~ t~rtl'~,~*~'~'~:~,~'~'~ ~*,t~,-~ ~,uu.. d y) of February next. at wllleh time all per- ] diseovei',, ,'t t qlerenn wtt t s ,,'f ..... t ...... ~ ,,~ . Beginning at cor No. I on fine 2 8 Gran-Lee s ts having claims agail)st ~ td estate are n.)- J 10 feet in wl th" lud also for 1471 v9 Un-'t" f-~ lode of this survey, a cedar post txt inches x tiffed and requested to sttend for the pnrpose I on the Ge~uell'tl~de bearing co,;l')er an'(1~ go~i~ feet long set 80 inches in the ground with of'llaving t It,. same adjusted. All persons in- the same It- I~r~ m4~ ,~ f-et nm.thw-~t~,lv ~,,1 mound of stone scribed 14, 139t7 &, whence N E b d to. aid e~tate are requ 'sted to make I 422 6 feet ~o,,,-|,.,~t-,.|~ f,-el~ t~lo (tluonvug .... t COl' see 26 i 44 N It 11 E of the N M P M bears medlale paynlent to tile ander,'lgned. ] th~roan wit,) ~t,,.f,ao~ ~.,'a.,,~l ,~tl~ 9~ f~ot ~. 19 28 58 E 2599.62 fcet, a platen tree8tnchesiu ................. : ....... ~ ...................... dianleter biazed and scribed B T 1-4, 15917 A Datedthts2fithdavof.lalluary, 1901. width andalso lot' 1471.79 linear feet 011 tm bealsNlO42 W~f) feet theuceN2~'~0' W (']tAS ['fAY 1.'N ~- t l ',; r'ttor York State h de bea 'i g copper attd gold. tire i ' '. ...... _. ...... ' . ......... ]satnebeing14~)79feetnorthwesterlyasdSifeet, var.l.~ ~ e.ast~a~LT~teettocor ~o z, a cenar ..... pos~ ax4 lncues X 5 fee~ nmg Set 80 Inches go the -~ SOllthvasterly fl'OUl tl e ( scorers cut thereon~ I . tl" "'~*" In'-["~ "' S ........ tk^a ...... t'/ A St',t (it" Cole| Ido with surfaee'gro d ~0u feet in wi( th; attd al~ g'~t~l~;,'~',Itlli~eUl~?i~ e~'e "~ ..... z ......... , ~'~'~ ~'ache" Ul'lt '~SS for a pate lt for 806.6511tear feet of the San lsa- j - ' g , g ele Blt2-8,15917 A , g . Lo Y. t ~ bel mill site, behlg non-mineral and 270 feet in ! uca~a~.~,~ ~9 ,W s.a~!eey, thence N 8~ 09' l~. In ttle District Court In the 12tl, Indlcial ~ width qnd rectangular ie form all sitnate in the i var 1~ 4u east 250:M' Iee~ to eor ~o: 8, a cedar ..... post AXt lneues x b Ieet long set 30 nlelms In the Distl'iet. , In at~(I Ii)r said couuty,, . , [ tll'lke, ., Inlntng. dlstrtct;~, ~ ,. , ,., ~.. ,S%,ru'lehe counfv,..,.state.,()f. ] r.lOtlnd with IllOUll~ Of . " TM .'"-- ' - District No 26 g ' a ' ] land dJstrict as foi[ows viz' 112.4 teet, the ee S 25" 59' 28" E var 1~" 12' east Wherei, I~e G:lttbclf claims war, r through I " GRAN I EE'I ODE [ 1472.03 feet to col' No, 4, identical with cor No$. tbe Florence ditch and the Gotthelf dtleh .1We. ! " " ' . [ 8 and 2 Sykes aud Rosetta lodes of this survey, 5, and so far as the same are ooncerned and ] Beginning at cor No l, a cedar post4x4 inches I thence S 84 09" W 250 feet cor Nos. 2 andSSykes the priorities awarded the said ditclles num- x 5 feet long set 30 in(~hes ht the ground with [ and Gran-Lee loges of this survey, 284.8~ feet to bered 7a, 36a and 25a. , mound of stone scribed 1-1,3917 A, whence N E [ cor No. I the place of beginning. h a col'secO6 T44NR11oftheNM P M bears S Thlsdaytlltscausecon ngon to be e rd ..... ;;.~, .. ............. [ YOItK STATE LODE. hs~foreHon -I~u~e('4 NnrtllouLt slttln~ as and ~'~ ~J a*', r.t~ztuzlee~ aeeuartreeblncuesnl| ....... ~'o~r the l u~;eoftll~;r'wel "t]a~tlld' ('iai~ d~strlet oi ]diameter blazed and scr'lbed B T'1-13917 A bears ] ~..egmnulg at c.orflo: 1 a .ena.r post 4x4Jnchs~ _ _ ~ --,r. ..... ~ ..... N 82 2t' E 9 31 feet East end of Tabl- 'Incus [ X ~ tee~ long se~ ao lncnes In tnc grounu wl~u the state O/Co|orauo at n S ( OaUltlers in ~ne i ....... - " ' ' ' ~ ' tuql ho,~,.~ S ~ ,7,2' ur th.,~ X~ r.o ~,, w vnv 1~ [ mound of stone scribed 1-18917 A~ whence N K town of A amosa cou try of ConeJosano state~ .............. ,. ..... ., .............. t. ' 12' e'l t ~" ' e , , , ~ . cor sec ~ 44 N It 11 E of the N M P M bears S s 14073~fee~t col No 2 onll~c41~olk of Colorado Upon tile sworn application snd ...... - " [ .... , ' ' S ' , e I o " , , .. . 26 01 08 E 2692 36 feet, thence ~ 25" 50 W car , ~tate (e filtlssl~vt3 A ,lanlte led ecltts- statement of lIoraoe B. Ieana. G(or~e W. ' "'" g g 4 eh, dx2 ' t ~l o ~. ,~ .. .... 14 east171.79feettoeorNo. 2, agranito stone Means, William T. Ashley, Johu Holcolnb. D. -13[17 A, tile tee N 84 0~ L, yat 14 12. .v,a~,)~ i;,th~ ~t ,R In~*ia~ tn tha ~. ..... d ~hi. c Tray s Robert Mon elth A|va 8cand ctt east 295 65 teet eo's Nos 4 a d 1 YO'K S~ate anu I =? ........... .y~ ~. ........... . ...... a,~-~ ~-.~ '" " " ' ' ' "' I "'" : ~' ' ~ """ " " . uc~a eo~t t~ ~.~, ~ I eled 2-13917 A wnettce a ceuar tt'e~ 3O tuehos In (~e nella IO I~S OI [ US SU ve~ | Nathan Ward, Geor e t'ur is Wllbnr Curt s ' ~ ' ' ' .................... Z It " ~ , . olumetet bla ed a d scribed B ~r 2-I$917 A bears 3 m lille 4 1 ( smells lode o~ tlns survey A ce Frank Brown W~llam Munro Woodard , " " ' -[ 1~' 'E 'e tl " ' B ,t,iers, cou ' sta,,,s .i the abo've e.titted :a,:.post ncbes feet long set 30 lushes 12% % l n gYw tl proceedings where n they ask for au appeal l)~_~efilo[u'll with .nt.oand of :tgne" sCr)oc.q 3-2 I eor ~o " 7~ .... Ila I~d- " *~;" ~'' ...... th,,n~-~*~ inlhoaboveentltlodnr,qceadin~ trOmthe de t3~ttA wneneeap|olon lreel0nteueslnolam-I ..... :.-~-'-~.~" -.wL2uL~_~u,v~.~, .~e**~ ~ .............. - ' ~ - ,, 7..a~ at)' w var Is* 1W 0ast 1~71 79 test to cot ~qo oreeofthcdistrtet-~rt~f tUn=castile af ~u eter blazed and s'rlbedB [ 2-3,13917 A bears S] ............ . ........ ............. ~ ' -" 2 ' * r. .... ioenl~leat ~IHI cor 1No 1 Gemena toQe oltnlssur guache to the supreme colrt of the state of 4 I4E20fee~, theuce S ,) 51 E, var 15 40 [w~v th~na~,~R&ot~'W v~r 1~." 1,~' aoot ,,mK~.t ' " e~, ~ 1 ' ~ te ' * ~O ' -~ ~ .................. Colors I i a o t i e s ~t~ ~5 etto eel .~ 4 A eeuar post 4x4 Ice8 l~O() ~Td ~t~ ]i~e~.~eGr~llitt~|sl, ~P~l;~ inches X5 f~et long set 80'ln'ehes in the ground [ ~%~~NlXr2~(;Jra~n:~e21~~o~an~l~i~|~Oyt 819.. P'lo~cnce dtteh and th~ G~ttllel/ dlteh No. 5 wit!t momlu oI s~one sct'ibe0 4-1, 13917 A, whenee I ~ .................. v ....... ~t,--.~e. with urloritles numbered 7a 36a tad 25a an'[ a l)mion tree f0 lltches in diameter blazed and [ SAN ISABEL MIbL SITE. the Ju'dge being fully u(tvised in t~ile prel~tsc~ sct'ibe.d B '1" 4,L 139t7 A beal:s N..82" 13'W 12.7 ~ Beglnnutg at COl' No. 1, Identical with eor No. t e e leer tlnnc( ~4 O~J WVtl Ja l~ east ~ [eet a tel'an exantinath)lt of the statem nt her la . , .~ ~ ' . :~ ", ' ' 2 survey ~o. 13914 MltelmU lode claimant un- to cot" ~o t the irtec of ee lnnul r - - flied, and it appearing that the said ,,unrest- I , . g g. ] knowu, a cedar post ~x4 inches x 5 feet long set sats aug objectors are entitled to an appeal SYKES LODE, I 80 lnclles in the ground with mound of stone herein as prayed for Jh this proceedhtgs. It la therefore ordered that aa appeal be granted from the decree ot tim district court amresaid, to I he snpreme court ~lf tire slate ot I'oh)rado, wberht the said Horace B. Mean% Georgo W. Means, William T. Asllley. Jolln Holcolnb, D. C. Travis, Alva Scandrett, R(lh- err biontelth7 Nathan Ward George Curtt% Wilbur Cul lie. Fraok Browo, William 51unro, Woodard Brothers, owners 0t ditches with priorities numbered as follows: The William 8tow ditch, with priorities nnm bored ......................... 67, 74,81 The SuUlvan dltch, wltb priorities num- bered ................................. 78, 102 The Hartman Brol]lers ditch, No. 4 with priorities numbered ....... 40. 60.68, 82, 93 Tile Hartman Brothels dltelt, No. 1, with _priorities numl)ered ................. 50, 97 "the Holcomb ditch, wllh priorities uum- bored ................................. 103, 116 "['he Arroya ditch, with priorities num- bered ................................ 107 Tile Montettll ditch, wltb priorities num- bered ...................................... 96 The Hay & Moatettb ditch, with priori- ties numbered .......................... 96 The Redinond & Montelth ditch, with priorities numbered ..................... 96 TheTravlsditCll. wilh priorities num- bered ................................... ~.. 10S The Travls ditch. No. 2. with pilol'ities numbered ............................... 108 Tbe Travls ditch, No. 8, wlth priorities numbered ............................... 108 The Ward HIglnlne dlteb, wltb pl'lori- tlea numberod .......................... 18 The Brauu Brothers ditch, wlth priori- ties numbered ........................... 19 The Proffitt Company diteh, with priori- ties nnmbered .................... 10, 17, 29 The Sltcep Cre~k ditch, wlth priorlttcs hmnbered ............................... 115 The Munro ditch, No. 1 with priorities nmnbered ................................ 30 The Moses Goff ditch, No. 1, with priori- ties nnmbered ........................... 27 The Moses Goffditcb, No. 2, witb priori- ties anmbered ........................... 27 Shall be known as the appellants, and Isaac Gottbelf, owner of the Florence dileh a~d Gottbelfditch No. 5. with priorities number- ed 7a, Ma and 25a. shall be known as appel- lees, said appeal shall be granted as aforesaid upon tbe sald appeltant~ execntlng au appeal bond conditioned fo~r thc paymen[of all costs which may be awarded against the appellants or ally of them inRbe supreme court, and In the ~uot of three hundred dollars, said bond to be j B ~ - ,,,, v., ~ ~te,,,i.,~, ,,,p-lt.,.r ~o J scr10edl-18917Baud 2-18914, whence ~ E cor ' ' ' eNEc r sec26144NR11EoftbeNMPM bearsST~ 4 (,r'tn-I ee lode ef t s s 've~ ,xheue , o [ , ... ' * ' ' " ' ' " L~ 21 80" W 1730 5b fee~ col" :No. 4 sur No 1~17 A se 26 T 44 N I~ 1! E of tire N M t ~ I bears S 33 ] 1tee e lode be'ars ~ ~2 ......... " " '"* " ' ..... Vl 2' 1 S " '8 ~J 1U" W 51654 feet~ It 0 53" E 1253 ~ feet thence N ~ ~)t W ~ r 13 I I -'t n ........ :' -" " " " ' ' " ' " ' l quaKI lg as tree ~ Inches IH ulante~er DlaZe~i east140~ 351eet to eor No 2 ldelttleal with co'] - .~ spej,,, ~ - - , " ' : o aauscrlneu~.L118917B ueal's~I61"08' E 442 No. 3 (,lan-Lee lo(le cf tins snrvey, thence N 84 I .. - -| n N -- ......... " ~ . -~ . . ieet t lc ce ~ z3 w car 13 lZ' east 15 Iest 09 E var13~45 east2;)~ Feettoeol Nc. 3, a re- ] _ ~2=e-'w ................. ' ~. ~ tree t et lUe CUUI'Se ~ ~) W Z'tU ICat gO cot dar post 4x4 lnelte~ x ~ feet los set 30 [aclles |n J ............ ' " " ~ , z~o Z, a eeuar post ex~ lnClleS x [) teet lOng SOt the ground wtth mouud ot stoue scribed 2-3-4, ] _^ ." ell " I th - ..... 13917A wllenccacedar tree161nehes lu dJam-[~Vl.l.~ u es~ e glounu with moun.u ot atone ' ' ' "" 1 ' A b scrtne~ 2-1~917 B, tneuce N 26" ~' ~ vax 18" 1~' etel blazed .tud settbe( B T 2-3-4, 13917 , ears ] a " "^" 6" "e ~ "- o ....... ~a4~' ~ t'7~' f~ot '~ neqk ill Con~Mo~ ran~t~le'st e~v. a t etmc r ~o.a aeeaar post ~x4 ~tt's'S 39" 4~'" W't'~l~t~'e~" ~ 5 51' E, ~713 ~0z [ inches x 5 feet long set 80 tarries in the groun~ ,.~:;, ,,,,~ .~ ;.7 .,, ~ ...... N^ ~ - ""d-r ~ost 4x4 i I I with mound ot stoue scribed 8-18917 B, whence riles x 5 feet long set 30 ieebes tn t~e ground [ a spl'uce.stu~npS_mcl~es in dta.me~r, blp.zed an~. witll nl(nmd of stone scribed 4-1, 13917 A, wbence I scrmec ~ ~ 8-1~st7 JL* o e.~rs.~ 4~. ~d]~ ~.H4[ feel 't cedar ties 12 b|elles lit dlalnet~r hln.z~d nnd I a quaKing aspell tree 4 inches iI mameter blaz- sc~'lbed B '~ 4-1 13917 A hears'S']4 "~ E- 12"'0~ I cd aud scribed B T 8-13917 B bears S 25" 00' W ~eet tile Soulh'Mt. lu ~;oneJos range bears S 45" [ O.U feetztll.e.u ".CewSi~3e 2~'ulE v.ar 13._'12' east 28' ~V, thence S 84 09' W var 13" 13' east 250 feet I feet creek 2 met m co 'se ~ 5" W 270 feet to ta eor No ~ the ,,lace of ~)e,, nnin~ [ COl'~O. 4 a cedar post 4xt inches x 5 teet loug ........ ~ .... ~, e,. i set 80 hlclles Ju tile grouad with mouud of stone LOSEr TA LODE ' , scribed 4-18917 B, whence a spruce tree 12 Inclies Beginnhlg at. eor No. 1, identical with cor No. ! Ill diameterblazed and scribed B T 4-18917 B 4 SYkes lode of this survey, wlleae0 N E COl' Se3 I hears S 12 18' W 41.75 teet, thence S iS" a7' W 26 "~' 44 NIt 11 E of tire N M P M beat's S 22" 01' ~ var 13" 12' east 03o feet, creek 2 teet wide course E 1166.04 feet, thence N 5* 51' W, vat 13" 40' east I S 10" W 700 teet, creek 2 feet wide course S 40' 1407.&5 feet Io eor No, 2, identical with cor No. 3 i W 806.65 feet to cot' ~0. I tha place of beginning, Sykes lode of this survey, theuce N 84" 09' E, ! And said lodes containfng 77.448 acres, and said vat' 13~ 40' east 98.92 feet~cor No. t Bernard looe i mill site enntaining t.999 acres and formhlg ol this survey ,300 feet to cot" No. 3 a cedar post : portion of the E ~ of sec 23 attd W ~ ot see 24, 4x4 itwhes x 5 feet lon~ set 30 Inches In tile in twp. 44 N R lie aod said locations are re- ground wiilt nloond of stone sel'iDed 2-3, 13917 A, ! corded In tile office of the county clerk and ro- w!lellCe a p!nien tree 4 iacltes io diameter blaz- corder ot Saguache county, Colorado as follows: eu anu scril)ed B T 2-3 ]3917 A bears S 64" 46' E : t,-,,,,,, I ~a 1Oda in h~.b a'~ et ~o~a ona ~t~tra.,~'t. .4.63feet theuecSo ol ]'.2 var[3 40 east 1407.- in h~oUC.a~t~.~,,a,~r, u~,t,~l,~4ot~t~.~a~ot 3~leettoeo'No. aeedar post 4x4 mehesx5 nu,tas/t Rvt'UVHlnIod~lD hnnk ~ at rmm= ~tl feet 101gse 301 icJ ~s Inthegr IlUdw]thnlound ~aa h,d~ Inh~xlr gq~t tta(rt~tlO &lb~rttM~ t~ of stol~e scribed l-4 13,ql7 A wllenee a cedar h*;,~':~-.:~"~'n'.*'],X~17 ~a'~.~,,~,.--~'~"2 ,'~( h'~,',~-~~ .~'~ tree 18 incites ill diameter hhtzed and scribed B 7~,;'~. a'~'~,~l~la']X'd~h'~)~o~ ~.~';t'~,"~XX~'~'~,,'~ [ 1-4, t3917 A. tlears N 3~~ la W 6.65 Ieet, thence ~tate lode ill book ~2 at ,~-e 86 The ban I~absl ) v~o , S 84 09' W, Var 13 12' ez st 300 feet to eor No. 1 bllll Site In book 67 at na~e 5a9 the place of beginaiug. ~ = " There are no.kuowu adJolniag or conflicting BEttNYI)IA I,ODE. claims ca or wttlx any of these loues or mill sits. l~eginning at eor No. 1, ioentlcal with COl' No, JAS. H, BAx~gx, Register. 4 Rosetta lode (if this survey whence N E cnr see '26 T 44 N R 11 E of t te N M P M beat's S 7" Frst pub Dee ~0 last Feb 21, Furniture. county, state of Colorado, and exe(~uted by one or more of the appellants as ...... Wbereas, default has been mad~ in lhe pay- principal attd sufficient securities, said bond | kmlr~ [um~" ~a~a|tl~ ~ ~Jt~t |a4~, h~ ~ls~S~l|d~a ~._ meot ofluterest due since July 1 1893 and { to be approved by the court or Judge In vaca- I|~YU |110[ IUbUlYq~IJI U III[~W I~| I~i lUl Ill|U! US eubsequent thereto and also In'the pa~n~ent [ tlon. of tlt. principal Of sald no'.~ d.ue July I, 189~, i 1-4 I~01, JF.~ O. ,udge s,e ds ,abl . ~a~nf~e ~nd ~t~nalmn ~,h~l~ mm~h~_~MMl_ ann.no part of the same has ueeu paid and ] ~Endnr~,a/ S S4 ~1 KM ~! I~qU~IIS~U~I WIII~i SgA]IN.I~IS~I~III~ ~11~t$11~.1][ IIIl~$.tl the legal holder of said note h&.~ declare~l tho | " D~r~-'' whole Ot said principal sum and inlerest due / st.ict Court, Saguache connty. Colo, [ ~-~, ~ n~" ~'-,n~ ~a.~ ~A~ ~s~.n|~n~ k~l~-~, uA,, ~. m~ laud p ayable, and has requested tt sate of s~.td ] Fileuandenteredot record Jan. !. 1901.1~$~t~l ll~l~ llVg ~,~U~IlU MWM,~ I~i IUilIiI.MI~ LI~I~iU 3~11 ~ II1~ premises, under said ded of trust. / I~EE U'AIRBA~KS, CJerK. I " r Sta te of Colo~ ado ,,ow Tberefo o the Hnderstg eo aa such/, -' . aline, - , ~aguacne COllnl ~uestee, will OS ~aturd y, tbo 23rd day of ~ ' Y,) [ ebuary, A. D. 1901, atthe hour of t0 o'clock / I, LeeFairbauks, olerkofLhe dtstrict court In the forenoon, at, the town of 8,guaohe, So* ] In and for the county and state aforesaid, do [ . .- guaelle county, Colorado, sell the above de- [hereby certify that the above aud foregoing is [ -- , .s. ..... o . _ . * . = : . "~ scribed propertv, andall water rights or I..|a 1rue correct, full and complete copy of[ tm tl'lll gollln~ hnetiw~tfa t~ tumen~,u at,l~'t tel'estsaPpertaln)ug therolo anti lu and b.~ |au Order Allowin~ Appeal, iogetber will all] t, tl.lll ~alll #~t?lllll~ IIS411~l]~SSlYtJt ~415 Itl~lfll~l~l~l~ ~11~ ~a]G Geeu el trust conveyed for ths purpose oI |endorsemel~ts thereon, made Irom the ~l'|gl- [ paying said note, lalerest due thereon, to-lnal, aud as the same appears of record ln~ =,.== ,~ , ----~--... ~ getber with taxeslrom 189~todate, aml costs]my said office. [ I!'~ ~'~1~ ]~11~ ol~xec?tlng this trust. { Iu testimony whereof I have hereunto seal IrNV-- m lM tJatea danuary 14, 1901. my hand and affixed the seal of said court at [ " , , --,~.m- . ~JAMUEL JRW~LL, ~ Saguache thts 15th dsy Of Jan., 190t. ] A ~ll all l~ 1M .'A " A J ~uece~y~or In Trust " ],lg~ FAIRnANKS, " I oo . L il! Ins 010fUller[on s[tlllOl