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February 20, 1936     The Saguache Crescent
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February 20, 1936

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• Thursday, February 20, 1936 l l~ t l ~ ,THE SAGUACHF.. CRESCENT SAGUACHE COLORADO ,, i y, , i ! SAGUACHE CRESCENT• ~GUACHE, COLORADO MRS. MARY E. OGDEN, PubHslmr MARIE V. OGDEN, Editor Only paper published in County Seat SUBSCRIPTION RATES $~.00 A YEAR IN ADVANCE Published every Thursday at Sa- ~ che, the county seat of Sa- ache county in the famous San is Valley of Colorado• m Entered at the Post Office at Sa- guaehe, Colorado, 'as second class mail matter• Each of our subscribers will find the date to which his or her sub- scription is paid, as shown by our books, printed on the paper or wrapper fo]]owin~ the name of the subscriber. If there is an er- ror in the date we would be peas- ed to have our a~tention called to the fact. U ERTHE CAPITOLD0 THE LEGE OF I CHURCH NOTES THE ELINOISI C. W. Harden. Minister. We had an encouraging pick-up in Long ago, in the land which li~s attendance in church school and aIong the Mississippi river, there lived a tribe of Indians called the Illinois. The Illinois were strong and fearless but they were unhappy. ~'n the Iand where they lived was a huge EARLY DAYS IN SAGUACI {nterestlng Items Taken From the . Files of tha-~Crescent morning worship service attendanc~.~-,~'~ ._.__.~-' ! .~ . / A new leader will have charge of[ Ludwick and Bryan, Editors. the school program next Sunday[ ---- imorning. Come on time and jo.;n13' Thursday, February 7, 1907 in the opening worship with yourI Dr. W. A. Lockett has sold his rock, the home of the dreaded friends. The Sunday evening ~er- land in the 41 county to a Mr. Par- "Piansso". The Piansso was a ter. 'vice was well attended by the young sonm rible monster that ate human beings. ! people, parents and friends. The J.M.Cuenin moved his family from study of social institutions was in- Chloride gulch to Villa Gi~ove last teresting and helpful. For fellow- week. 'ship, spiritual rest and inspiration, } Mrs. John O'Neil returned Satur- I come to the morning worship service, day from several week's visit in Den- For next Sunday evening we are ver and Pueblo. i pleasdd to announce a great program ~he new hot water heating plant of music by the Saguache Choral for the hgih school building arrived Each morning as the first rays of the sun touched the rock this beast would awaken and swoop down upon some member of the tribe. Many braves set forth in an attempt to kill the creature. But they were not successful and very few returned. No one knew where the Piansso would next appear or who might be the next victim. At last even the Young chieftain tried to kill the animal. For a year the chieftain traveled hack and forth trying to get a chance to destroy the monster but the Piansso could not be killed. At last the young Chief became dis- couraged and returned to his home there he married a beautiful Indian week. He says that he is preparing l to put in about three hundred and ififty acres of spring crop. Arthur Cooper the Villa Grove boy who was caught in a snow slide ~t Monarch last week succeeded in dig- ging himself out of about ten feet of snow and escaped without serious injury. I On press day last week, to !ate for publication, we learned that a son was bbrn to Mr. and Mr~ Glenn Ianson of Pueblo. Mrs. Ianson's mother, Mrs. John O'Nei], who left for Pueblo that mornnig is still with her daughter. ] We are pleased to note that Juan R. Borrego has been employed to take charge of the Spanish speaking children of the Alamosa schools. Juan is a Saguache boy, having graduated club, Prof. Edward Walter Von Ber- last Sat.urday and is being put in from our high school about ~wo ggrun directing. The service begins place years ago. He is an excellent young • im at 8 o'clock, we ask that you come Mrs. Nathan Ward came in from an, a good student and we prt. early and be ~eated before the first Cane- Cit last Frida to s end a diet that he will make a success of q Y Y p p .... - ..... ' his work in the schools of Alamosm musical note is sounded, con le el week s VlSl~ing her sons, t! _ : PILGRIM'S FAITH MISSION t ol t "What shall it profit a man, if be received amounts to $709.73. home of W. L. Hartman in Pueblo shall gain the whole world and lose The Saguache sports who we.-e down at the Russell Lakes duck on last Sunday, February 10th. The his own soul? Or what shall a man girl and became ruler of the tribe. . Taibell family has been in Colorado g~ve in exchange for his soul? (Continued from Page One) One day a son was born to them. As The following impressive illustra- " the Chief stood looking at the tiny tion was given the ~ast Sunday in Blr Alva A. Swatu infant he said softly, "Somehow, In this instance things have not come I believe that our son shall rid theirk° Sunday School: A young man ........... ,, l went to his pastor grieved ~because • lana OI me ~ernme Piansso. ' " out as we hoped Harry Hopkms • _ ....... l he could not believe the stories of says the de~reasion is ~ust as ~eat znen ~ne meaIcine man came ~o~. , ,, ~. J e,. • .............. I donan and the whale and Joshua ~n,i as before so far as men out of work see me cnll(L wnue ne was ~nere ............ a "ea ti'" -i ..... i~ne sun s~anulng S~lllo The pas~or D u zm wn~e mru came anu sang is concerned. Is it not the failure " asked him what he tho-~ht ..... 'n" to function that makes the acts~ of,frOm a twig outside the tepee. ,,The ling the story of Jesus-'He "=d,'~: this administration ur~constitutional ] medicine man looked and said, The I had no trouble believ;ng that The ~,,]_.ubaby shall be called W~lte Bird t e,- f rather than the acts themselves a to i • 'e---seau " : .... ,, ,p s r repl'ed that the Bible ~ays, We Know it To Be True-- I ox ~ms sign. I"Believe on the Lord J~suo ~ist , • White Bird grew up among b~s~ ...... 'When you published the article [ ' i and thou shalt be saved" h~ about the hq~or taxes keepmg over l playmates and lived a happy, normal heart smcenty the young man call:d thirty thousand old age pensioners, life until he was fifteen. Then a did you stop to realize that it is the liquor that makes the old aged de- pendent? It's alright to prate about the good the money will do these people now that they~ are old. Bu~ let's give a little thought to the harm that the liquor will do them . while they are young. Liquor co~ts the young people of today many many times the amount that it gives to them after they are on charity. Stop the sale of liquor and you re- duce the number on charity. Your column is usually fair but you surely turned to the left that time. Do you drink and had you had one?" We do not, and never had one %Sat day or any other day. The item brought many, many replies, some terrible thing happened. One day, as White Bird and his best friend knelt at the spring to drink, ,*he Piansso appeared and seizing White Bird's chum, carried him away. White Bird was horror stricken. Ia that moment he seemed to grow old. er and taller and to withdraw with- in himself. He turned and walked away saying, "I am going to fast and shall not return for a year and a day." For a year White Bird fasted. Again and again he called to t~e Great Spirit for aid but the Great Spirit did not seem to hear him. At the end of the year he was so weak he could not stand and he thought he was dying. Once more he cried on Jesus and fully believed to his soul's salvation. Sometime later the pastor asked him concerning his doubts about the stories of Jonah and Joshua. He said that was ~io~ troublipg him any more, for he i-e- t huntingshootlng ]astgood. week report decoy thirty-five years and this is the first Mrs. Warren Joy and two young-Itime during all those years that the est children went to Del Norte hut whole family have met tbgether. The Fr ........... , four brothers and sister with their laay rot a YlSH; wire ~rs. Joy s -- -~ ' families, twenty-three in all sat down momer. I ..... ~to a sumptuous family dinner wMeh Mrs. John O~ei/ returned zo rue-I was ver earl en'o ed blo yesterday..[w Y gr Y ~ y " There .............. 1 ere present Charles Tarbell and Will waru IS working a~ me .'kn-! ~ . . . ~ ..... t'oro mine at Bonanza. ison ~ooer~ oz ~aguaene; ~u ~'. Tar- Mrs. W. A. McEntyre of Bonanza bell, wife and daughter of Aspen. ............ and their son and wife of Denver and is visiting her moaner, ~rs. ~cnroe- . . .. . ..... .. der. (mughter aria nusoanu ann two cmm- ren of Leadwlle Harry Tarbell, wife Miss Hilda Fairbanks left for Salt " " " ....... and two sons of Denver; W. S. Tar ~.aKe cl~y Fnesnay evening ann on Thursday was married to Ear] Co- hell, wife and daughter of Colorado chran in the above named city. The Springs; the hostess Mrs. W. L. congratulations and well wishes of Hartman, husband and children, an~ a cousin Miss May Wilkins of Den- their many friends in the valley fol- low these two popular young people vet. Mrs. Chas. Tarbell was unable wherever they may be. The bride is to attend. Mr. Hartman and family expect to start on a trip te Europe the only daughter of Register Lee on the 24th of this month. Mr. Hartman will only remain with the famli~two or three weeks to see them comfortably located. He will of many acco~aplishments, ~)ossesses then return to Pueblo. The 'family a bright and sunny disposition and will remain abroad until fall when numbers her friends by legions. Hartman will again go to Europe to The groom is the second son of" T return w~th them. A. Cochrane and has grown up in ..... . - _ d i g ! Dallas Stubbs and wife ~returned • . , ' ..... from Denver last Saturday. meet lize s ~attle wire a gooa zigh~. L .............. rr___,_ ~ .. - ...... I . ~', rlammona ox me tiottnelI acre ~ ~o ±ur. ann ~zrs. ~arl t~ocn- . . . . rune Tarbell Mere. Co., IS m Chicago this lieved that the God who so wonder- fully saved him could do anything. [Fairbanks of the land office and has In the preaching service of the grown to young womanhood in Sa- guache and Der Norte. She is a lady morning we all rejoiced together as a sister told of a member of their family having prayed through to pardon and victory at their family altar the night before. At the night service we were thankful to have present some who are not accustomed to coming, vnd are trusting other new-comers to join us in this service, which we are praying may be a blessing to both like the one quoted, some the other way. C.~lorado Is Water'Minded-- At last Colorado is getting water- minded. The horse is alrL[ost out of the barn lot, it is out of the barn but possibly it can be caught and retrived. Four important water conferences were on during the week. Many members of the attorney general's in Wasi~ngton, looking the state in ; between Colorado and Wyo- ming. Another group of interes*~d out to the Great Spirit and this time young and old. # t Thursday February 14, 1907 i the Great Spirit appeared in thet I County Treasurer, Dallas Stubbs, form of a man and answered. [ O.J. Spaugh, Pastor. ~and family, are spending the week in "I have heard you, White Bird, An Odd paragraph in the account Denve~r b~lt I have waited u~til your body of a revival meeting appeared in an l W. D. Wlison of Creede was in should be strong. You must ~rink Iowa newspaper, which read: "Last town a couple of days the first of from the spring and eat the red bet- night Evangelist Scovilie spoke on. the week. rie~ w~ich you shall find here. Soon 'The Bible Hell' and Mr. Delosst Last Sunday Chas. Creger was you will be strong. Then go home Smith " sang 'We Will Meet You over at Villa Grove shoeing some of and call out your best friend. Tell There'. •" t R. W. Everett's fast horses. him to give you his best bow ~nd ........ Chas` Tarbell and son Robert ~e- arrow. Tell h~m to go through the man was gone. Could it have been a turned on Tuesday from a short camp and choose ten braves and you will select nine other braves. Dip arrows in the deer heart filled with rattlesnake venon. Then take your week, purchasing the company's spring and summer stock. Mrs. Ella Howard received word on Friday of the death of her father B. F. Snodgrass. The deceased was a resident of Pullman, West Va. ] R.J. 1Keans and Sire Dusenbe~y have ,leased the Chamberlain Hot Springs and are erecting buildings for the convenience of the public. A pool about 30x90 feet is being made. The work will be completed by dream? But no, there was the!visit to Denver, Colorad6 Sprin~s,~spring" The water of these springs spring and the berries. After eatingi and Pueblo. :~ is said to be as good for bathing as • 'those of others in the state whlcb the berries and drinking the wa~er, D. E. Howard and James Buch., have become noted for their cura- White Bird soon gained back his anan started for Goldfield; Nevada, rive properties. ed president of a new bank just or- ganized in Fruita, his present home. Dr. Lockett was among the first settlers of what is knwn as the 41 country of this country, and served first as director and later as presi- dent of the Farmers' Union Ditch Co., during the period of construc- tion of that ditch, a ditch which farmers of that section constructed at a cost of $100,000. While a tea- [dent of Saguache county he served three years as county judge and four years or two terms as county trea- surer, so tl~at to his new position he will bring the experience of a num- ber of years of administrative und executive abl]ity. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Alba Ward on February 19, a son. The Saguache County high schoo~ building is completed, the" heating plant has been installed, the work at cleaning up in and about the build- ing is well along and the setting of the furniture will be finished this [week. The library is already in arid the museum and laboratory equip- ment will follow in a few' days. Everything will be in order for oc- cupancy by the last of this month. A dedicatory service to be held Fri- day, March 1st, is being prepared. On the following day, March 2nd. a county teacher's meeting will be held in the high school assembly room. A general invitation is given to both occasions. LA GA TA Mr. and Mrs. Henry Alley and children of Saguache came over with Ephie Mosher Wednesday evening and spent the evening with Mr. and Mrs. George Gibson and children while Ephie went to D~ Notre fox a vocal lesson. • .% James Medina is driving a new Plymouth sedan. Supervisor Pearce and assistant Mr. Anderson of Salida were busi- ness visitors of Ranger Leslie Henry Friday and Saturday, Arthur Keck is driving a new Chevrolet coupe. Mrs. John Sheesley and "daughter were down from the Phillip's saw- mill Saturday. Mrs. M. M. Coolbroth returned il~ome Saturday. ] Harry Little and. George Gibson' i were Del Norte visitors Monday• i Abelina Marquez is able fo be out "again after a week's illne'sa I Irene Williams and Mary Tafoya visited Fred Ocana at the hospital in Del Norte Friday~evening. PENTECOSTAL' ASSEMBLY OF GOD sunday School 9:45 Sister Corm, Supt. Morning Worship 11:00 a. m. Sunday Evening Evengelistie Ser- vice 7:30 p. m. Preaching and singing. Mid-week prayer meeting and Bible Study Wednesday 7:30. Bring your vessels not a few as the Lord commandeth you and let Him fill them with his richest bless- persons- were meeting with repre- sentatives of all the stmtes in h, Colorado river basin, save Arizona at the capitol fn Denver, trying t( agree upon a mode of procedure in the suit of Arizona to have the fed- arm ~ourtz distribute the w~tters of that river. Another group of our people were meeting with groups of people from Texas and New Mexico alIocatingtbe waters of the Rio Grande, and still another group met at Greeley to discuss the situation regarding the transfer of the waters from the Grand Lake to the eastern slope. , NOW ON Display THE NEW ALL :TAILORED TO MEAI SAMPLES FOR SPRING AND SUMMER ARE NOW ON PLAY. THEY A R E SAMPLES TOO. BI KL[Y'S Cleaning PHON~ 4SW We Call For and Deliver friends and hide them along the trail in the bushes with their arrows ready. When the sun rises, you must stand out in the trail, the Pi~n- sso win see you and will come after yo{~. "When he comes all of you will shoot him and he will fall to the ground, dead• White Bird looked around but the strength and hurried to the camp. to carry on carpenter work in the , There he did just as the Great, Spirit desert state's mining center. I l~r. and Mrs. Guy Jewell stoppedI Bible Study Friday evening 7:30 had said and as the sun rose. the Last Friday Andrew For~es re" lf:o:wn ~sonuay on their way home[ Everyone is welcome to come and Piansso swooped down upon White turned from a several week's ~vi~t ~ a v slt to Mr. and Mrs. R. W. ~Iearn more of the Bible. Bird, Up sprang the braves and shot lwith friends in his old home in Iowa. ~verett at Villa Grove. trey. & Mrs. J. A. Stap|eton, Pastors their poisoned arrows. Thus did He says the sun shone hut two days! That the sterling worth of our] --- ...... " ] Congress, m 1775, voted one hun during his stay in the Hawkeye former citizen, Dr. W. A. Lockett, " " White Bird rid the land of the deadly Piansso. I state, is appreciated by the community in dred thousand dollars to establish Reba Johnson. ] W.E. Gardner was up from his which he now resides is attested by our Navy, At that time an enlisted ' I ranch at LaGarita the first of the the fact that last week he was Select-jman received $80.00 per year. SATURDAY SPECIALS • I / COFFEE 3 lb. red can, Hills Bros,, ..................... 82 Shillings, 3 Ib ................................ .... 82 Purity, 1 lb ..................................... 20 OATMEAL, Mothers, 1 pkg. FLOUR, Pansy, I00 Ibs. $3.25 FLOUR, Pansy, 50 Ibs`~. .............................. $1.64 Ben Hut, 100 Ibs. ............................. $3.20 Crystal White or P & G Soap (6 large bars) ............ ~. .25 SUGAR 17 Ibs ........ . ........................... $I.00 BAKING POWDER ~. C. 25c size ..................... 18 t t ~, l l l K. D. Saliba & Co' 50 -:- Saguache, Colo. Now you can enjoy more frequent contacts with members of your family Living elsewhere • .. with the folks hack home . • . sons and daughters at college... far-away friends. Call them Sundays or any evening after 7 p. m. II SPECIAL FOR FEBRUARY COFFEE Solitaire Schilling HillsBros. Red Can 1 lb 30c 3 lb $5e Mount Cross or Bliss Coffee .... 1 lb .. 25c 3 lb .. 74c MILK Tall Cans ....................... I can 7c 4 cans 25c FRUIT No 10 cans Peaches, Black Berries, and Pears per can 49c SOAP 5 bars P&G or Crystal White, Giant Size .... 5 bars 23c OLEOMARGARINE, 1 pound ..... .~ ...... ..... : ......... 20e JAM, 1, 5 pound, pail, Delicious Berry Assortment ........ 49¢ CANDY Bulk 2 pounds .............................. 25c TOBACCO Prince Albert or Velvet .......... can ....... 10c CRACKERS Salted 2 pound box ...~...~ ................. 17c DRESSES Ladies Silk ....................... .. ..... ... $8.95 Ladies House ............................. 98e HOSE cotton for Men, Women and children 2 pair ........ 25e APRONS Women's ................................... 25c We have a FULL LINE STAR BRAND Shoes, Levi Strass, Big Smith Overalls. Shirts and W.nrk Clothes SAGUAC~HE'S MOST COMPLETE STORE PAY CASH and PAY LESS Chas, A, Williams Herc. £0 CASH STORE. Phone 100 Saguache, _- - . - Colorado• 1 ] I ! r t ( i: r 1 b a c n n o C~ P; C a) F: L N ea le, In g~ of Nl N, of of 11 Se 17 21 Nc all ap] thi thi as ab, aid Re~ ale: z~ NO cart lea~ L~ Col, 5E app] of in t ~r abo~ side on k Coral a~,y, aatu: I Whee