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February 20, 1936     The Saguache Crescent
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February 20, 1936

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t t ..... NO. 056656 MINERAL I AND , I fflVJFI'11 IVlIIqI~L/'XI~ IlVl SURVEY NO. 205291DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIPl ~ I[~DD][']~T~O - " / 1 for last wee M'IXIIWtk3 down from the Alder mine Monday u. office, Puohio, Colo.,/Noi21 ; Ma er of the Estate oi Mr. and O y on ente inod, __-- oh', and Dyke were December 20, 1935 | ht a pinochle party Thursday nil~t I Elmer e nnd R~,..h~.~' e~71~,'.~ Thomas Henry Thompson, a 1 s o ............ a ~g. ..... ..Walk r _?_ ................. on business. They report deep snow Notice is hereby given, That THE known as Thomas H. Thompson, De- rnose presen~ were. ~,~r. a,,u *,~. let, for ~arrmon, Ar~., Friday morn- in the mountains west of Alder. tTHE SAGUACHE CRESCENT SAGUACHE COLORADO ~r~urs~ay, February 20, |~ i ii |l J t [ , i i ii ii ii J TRIPLE T MINING COMPANY, by ceased. George Stoddard, Mr. and Mrs. John ing. I Ted Stoddard, Har~ Stevens, and Albert L. Moses, its attorney and attorney ~in fact, whose postoffice address is Alamosa, Colorado in conformity ~ith the pro~isions of Chapter Six of T~tle Thirty-two of the Revised Statutes of the United States, and acts amendatory thereto, has made application for a patent for 1500 linear feet on the REED Lode bearing gold, silver & copper the same being 480 feet South 011' W and 1020 feet North 011'1~ from discovery tunnel thereon, with sur- face ground 600 feet in width, situ~ ate in Crestene Mining District, Sa- guacbe County, State of Colorado, and described in the of.ficial plat, and by the field notes on file in the office of the Register of said U. S. Land Office at Pueblo, Colorado, as follows, viz: VARIATION 15 degrees and 30 minutes East. Beginning at Corner No 1 from Which the N~ Cot. See: 6, T. 43N., R 12 E, New Mexico Prin. Mer., I~ars S. 78 54' E., 865. 81 ft. dist.; and running thence North 89" 49' W. 600 feet to Cot. No. 2, from which a pinon, 14 ins. diam., bears S. 44" 30' W., 30.46 ft. dist., mkd. R-2-20529 B. T.; and running thence North 0 11' E. 1500 feet to Cor. No. 3, from which a pinon, 12 ins. diam., bears N. 67" E., 4.86 ft. dist., mkd. 1~3-20529 B. ~.; and running thence South 89 49' E. 600 feet to Cot. No. 4, from which a pinon, 14 ins. diam, bears S. 18" 36' W., 11.- 90 ft. dist., mkd R-4-20529 B. T. ;and ru~ag thence So~th 0 11' W. 15 500 feet to Cor. No. 1, the place of beginning; Cor. No. 1 is marked by an aspen and all other corners by cedar posts, each 36 inches long, 4 inches square and each properly marked, containing 20.661 acres m~ or less and forming a portion of the t~nsurveyed Township 44 North of Range 12, East of the New Mexico Principal Meridian, said lo- cation being "recorded-in Vol. 106 ~205 of the records of Saguache nty,' Colorado. ' Adjoining claims are unknown, if any. L. T. Morgan, Register. Fi~t Publication January ~, 1936 Last Publidation February 27. 1936 ! NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO LEASE STATE LAND Office ~f the Stste Board of Land Commissioners I~nver, Colorado, Y~b. 7, 1936 No,lee is hereby given that appli- cation No. C-5741 has been made to ~ase the following :described School deW, try Lands, situa~ 5~n Sa- guache County, ~olorado, to-wit: S~ of SWK~and SW~A of SE~4 ~Nf Section 3, All of Sec. 8, S% of E~, NW~ and S~ of Sec. 9, WK of NE~4, NE~ of NWK, S of N~, and S~ of Sue. 10, SW~4 ~f ~TW,~, and W.~ of SWK of See. 11, W~ of W of See. 14, All of ~ec..16, All of Sec. 16, All of Sec. 17, N~ of'NEK and NE~ of NW of Sec. 20, N of N of See: 2~, N~ of N of See. 22, a~d.,l~W ~ 0fNW~A of Sec. 23, T~p. 42 N~. Range 6 ~t. (Grazing Notice is further hereby given that all other persons desiring ~o file an application to lease all of ~t~y part of thi~ 'Tact of land .must file same in tide office prior to March 13, 1936, as no other application to lease the above described lafids will ,be con- Iddered aftei~ said date 1936 36 APPLICATION TO LEASE STATE LA~D ~flee of d~ St~teBO~d" of Land ~mmlsdbm~ N Denver, CUlo~, Jan. 24, 1936 otiee is hereby given that appli- ~ation No. C-5~13 has been m~de to tease the fdiowing described Sahool Lands. situate in Sa~,uache County, t~olorado, to-wit: All of Sec. 16 Twp. 41N Range 5E (Grazing lease). Notice is further hereby given that all other persons desiring to file at, a~plication to lease all or any part o~ this tract of land must file same m this office prior to Feb. 28, 1936 as no other application to lease th( above described lands will be con- sidereal after said date. Arthur H. King, Register State Board Land Comm4s- moners, tion F|rst Publica "on January 30, 1936 Last Publicat; February 20, 1936 1 ' NOTICE That. all mining operations on Baca Grant No. 4, are being carriedr on by Leases and the undersigned Co~npany will not be responsible in ar~y Vaanner for bills of what-so-evm nature eantracted by any of said Lea~ees. SAN LUIS VALLEY LAND & CATTLE CO., tf. Crestone, Cole. Notice is hereby given that on Finnell, Mr and Mrs W A Albert,,, There'will be a rabbit ~'-'nt o__ ~ .............. - . ...... 1.3~ .... [ .. ~u,,- ~eeu ~ar~on were ~ma visitors the 20tn aayot ~arcn, A. ~. v o, i Bi Mr * d~ " or the day to which the hearing Mr. and Mrs. Verne .ggs, . ..f ~day February 23 at the Frank Stahl Monday. While there they called on may be continued, I will present to!mrs- ~rmur ~ggs_, mr. ann ~rS.tranch" ILee Head, who underwen~ a major the County Court of the County' of' Clarenoe Biggs, Mrs. Emma e~n~ler-I Mrs 'Elmer Walker was visittn~'^ .... ,:_, _, ,~._ t._..,_~ Saguache, State of Colorado, my ac-son and: Mr ~Vm Ku~ler Refresh I ........... ~ .... " ^" *" " ^" .... " ^~" "d~:- ~ ' " " ~ " T "l~nenas a~ t~anon IJ]cy uamruay 1 Lucitle Higgin~n, Joy and Fay istration of said estate, when and men~, ,,er ........... I rtowaru nottmann came m from Turtle were ealllng on friends }n where all persons in interest may the games. I Pueblo Saturday returning Monday. Salida Tuesday. ,, appear and object to them, if they! Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sheldon were l The Rev Mr Cornelisen of PueI Dan ttibler w-- b ............ .... ms troy repmnug so demre.. I ed d I ~J~t;~o ;o o~o^ ~ohv o.i~,~n that, Hooper callers W nes ay. I blo was a guest at the A H Her- road machinery in the Alder tea Robert J. Gilfillan, James Thompson! Ladles Axd met wtth Mrs. Clarence} fmann h'on~e Saturday nigh~, t shov Tuesday Gilffllan, Alexander Gilfillan and'Biggs Wednesday. /$fter the bull- Mr and Mrs J M White wo--eI ~'~ .... ~-'-'- -, ~ -'- -- ....... e hereto~o I ~ . ~ . . ~ 1 .... ~ ~" i mr. ~,m mrs. v. ~. Anacreon ~Ct ~nnxe..marx~ ~ison n.av~ .... ~ re~ness meeting, the Aio pres0n~ea ~ev. dinner ~uests at the Roy ole ~o,~ Wo,~a ~a^ , ~....: ..... .~ cited rneir amy verine~ pennon in ............. it'- a lo- "-- ~ 7 _ C ma_~ .................. ~.~m ,~m said Court, ttsking for a judicial as. an~ mrs. ~ vv. naraon w n ve, y home at Saguache ~Tuesday evening' pleasure trip to Saguache Thursday. eertainment and determination of quilt which they had made. Refresh- Roy Everson is able to be out Friday being Valentine's Day the heirs of such deceased, and set- ting forth the names, postoffice ad- dresses and relationship of all per- sons who are, or claim to be heirs of said deceased, so far as known to petitioners, and who are as follow- James Thompson Gilfillan, 316 War- ren Avenue, Seattle, Washington,I Nephew; Annie Maria OIson, 2916 P Street, Sacramento, California, Niece; Alexander Gilfillan, 1352-A played to a disadvantage by E. G. Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, Calif- ornia, Nephew; Robert James Gil- Hall, their coach not being present. fillan, Suite 200, 995 Market Street, They came thru with flyidg colors, Sacramento, California, Nephew. Accordingly, notice is hereby ~v. en that upon said 20th day of March, A. D: 1936, or the day to which the hearing may be continued, the Court will proceed to receive and hear the proofs concerning the heirs of said deceased, and will upon the proofs submitted, enter a decree in said meats were served at the close of lhe meeting. Rev, and. Mrs. C. W. Harden ~rere dinner guests of Mr and Mrs. C. E. Biggs Wednesday evening. The Moffat Basketball squad play- ed the Saguache high school last ~ri- day night at Saguache. Moffat team IMoffat winning 34-21. The camp fi~e girls enjoyed a Valentine party Tuesday night, Lovely refreshments were served. (This Week) George Gray underwent an oper- estate determining who are the heirs ation at the Monte ViSta hospital last of such deceased person and the des- w~, ~o. ~m.~ ........ ~! .... following Tuesday cent of the lands, tenements andt . . . - several fnenas hereditaments and personalty of such from here visited deceased, at which hearing all per- him. sons claiming to be heirs at law of Sam Banker's mother from Colo. such deceased may appear and pre- rado Springs is here/ visiting .eia- sent their proofs. A. C. Davis, l tives. ~ Administrator, DIBIN.,{ Ethel Roetker from Center visited 301 Quincy Bldg., Denver, Colo. l wi*h her .... ~ " " 36 ............. Beatrice Roetker First Pubhcatmn February 6, 19, ~ ..... Last Publication Mar~h 5, 1936 tas~ wee~.enu. ; , Mrs. Ethel Jackson and" father NOTICE OFADJUSTMENT DAY Wm. Kugler are spending a few weeks visiting in Missouri. Mrs. Archie Clayton was hostess at a pinochle party Thursday night. The ~gue~ts present were Mr. and Mrs.. Joe Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Ed J~ackson, AxCh[e Clayton , Cla~'ence ESTATE OF WILLIAM J. COL- LINS, DECEASED. All persons having claims against said estate are hereby notified to present them for adjustment to the Count~ Court of Sag~ache County, Colorado, on the 9th day of March Franklin, Ruth Russell, and Elmer A. D. 1936. Ads W. Collins, I Biggs,. ElsieB~kett, Lois and Esther Administratrix. I Boucher, Oti~ Albert, and Harold Frank H. Means, Anderson. Lovely refreshments were Attorney. First Publication February 6th, ~t936 Last Publication l~reh 5th, 1936 attended the show Sunday . Moffat B~kethall boys played the NOTICE OF ADJUSTMENT DAY Center high a~ho0l boys and girls, ESTATE OF EMI~k DEBSRD, Friday. The ~offat ly0ys won by a INSANE PERSON. i large margin but the Center girls No. 443 A I defeatad the Moffat girls Saturday All persons having claims against ~-'-'-t "~ L. ........... ....1 es'-" .... ~'^~b" -otified to ~re m~a ~ey-:l~aYea ~argen~; ~argen~ =n~ ~h== "/orad]u~tment ~o ~he WOn the first team game but Moffat won the ~nd t~arn game GROVE Jay White of Mineral Hot Springs was in town Wednesday afternoon. Several people from here atten'ded the Walker sale at Mineral "It~ot Springs Thursday. Mrs. A. L. Seip and Mrs. Dallas Amer were shopping in Salida Thurs day. County Court of Saguache County, Colorado, on the 16th dby of March A .D. 1936. Ethel Rexro~l, Conser~atrix. February 13, 1936 12, 1936 NOTICK OF ADJUSTMENT DAY ESTATE OF JAMES T. ADAM- SON, DECEASED, All persons having claims against said estate are hereby notified to present them for adjustment to the County Court of Saguache County, Colorado, on the sixteenth day oi~. The school children enjoyed s M~rch, A. D. 1936. i Valentine box Friday afteruoor~ Lydia Adamson, Thexr Villa Grove Granite enjoyed Administratrix. a social hour Friday. night. All meN- Frank Means, Attorney. First Publication Februray 13, 1fi36 burs present took part in the ore- Last Publication March 12, /936 tgram. and mechanical inclinations, who are willing to train spare time or even- ings at home ~o qualify a~ INSTAL- ~ATION and SERVICE experts in ~lectric Refrigeration and Air Con- titioning. New, profitable field. For interview write, giving age aud present occupation. UTILITIES ENGINEERING INSTIT UTE 404 N. Wells St., Chica~o, IlL ~-'~[ ~T pays to be partic~:Izr .1 abm;r the seed you pla~. / Pr seed means a PTM crop. You can be sure of ~ r live seed of pure, ~ I F=d'gree by inziz:ing cn GOLD SEAL SEEDS You will gcr clean, acdi. ~ : mated seed, bred for high ~,~,~_~ ylc!dav.ederWcs:=n~grow" in3 cacdi:io~.~s. "~i Cat,qo Freea .g _ ,g spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Clayton of Moffat. Quite a number off Villa Grove people attended the Kolkman sale at Mirage Monday. The ladies the Villa Grove Grange served lunch during the sale. Mr. and Mrs. A. I~all and son went to Canon City Tuesday. They were accompanied by Mr. and ,~rs. Fred Goes and son Marion. Several of the Villa Grove Grange attended the Saguache Grange Tues- day night to put on Third and Fourth Degree work. The Mothers and Daughters cir- cle held their monthly mee~ng at the home of Mrs. A. L. Seip Wednes- day afternoon. Mrs. John Green and children spent' a couple of days this week with Mrs. Green's parents, Mr. and ~cs. B. J. Perrin at their ranch. ByH. H. John Anderson, who ~as carrying a gallon can of gasoline along a , Minnesota road, was seriously burn- ed when the gasoline was ignited by ~a bolt of lightening which struck a Inearby tre~ after a seige of scarlet fever. , Freida Moorehead and June Werner Mrs. Elmer Walker, Mrs. Mary surprised the school children with Mustoe and Roy were Center busi treats of fancy *cookies, candy, and ness callers Tuesday. fruit salad. Mrs. Mary Musfoe and children Mr. and Mrs. J.G. McFariand have been guests for several days of and son Glenn were Salida visitors Mrs. Mustoe's sister, Mrs. Elmer Saturday. Walker. They left Thursday morn-I Those from Aider, attending the ing for Harrison, Ark., where they Saturday n~ght dan~e ~t ~Bbv~anz~ will make their home. t were, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Turtle and daughters Joy and Fay, Miss Lucille VIIK,A GROVE i Higginson, Mr. and Mrs. V. E. An- Dr. Geo. Curfman was in town derson and son Harold, Mr. and Mrs. Saturday to see Mrs. Marie Mac Dewey Davidson. Mr. ar, t Mrs. Glen Seelinger of Kenzie who is very sink with pneu- monia. He also visited several other Salida were weak-end guests at the patients in town. . Dewey Davidson .ranch. They also Mr. and Mrs. O. RI Blaekford me-accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Davidson tired to Howard Saturday night to t5 the dance at Bonanza Saturday. visit with relatives over Sunday.~ Mr. and Mr~ Bob Bellwood and Elena Turano accompanied them as daughters Minnie Lou and ~Ethel fax as Salida. Marie were all day visitors atthe Clarence Dennis home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Cavaliere weret in Salida Tuesday. Charles Turano~ Gee. Steddard and so~ Clarence returiaed with them. t of Moffat were visit rs at the Ted Louise Weraer attended t h e Stoddard home Sunday. Grange meeting in Saguache Tues.] Mr. and[ Mr~ J. G. McFarland day. were all day visitors Sunday at the ' is! home of Jacob Barsoh. .Mrs. Laura Moore of LaVeta L t Mr. and Mr~ Lee Head called at visiting with Mr. and Mr~ F. . Moore. the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Vie'or Mrs. Laura MacKenzie and daugh. Duff and Mrs. Dora WerRer Sun- ter ~Elinor of Bonanza are taking l day as they returned from the hoe- care of Mrs. Marie MacKenzie at~pital in Salida to their home in her home. i Mineral /Tot Springs. ' Lee has made Frank Potts motored to Salida an unusually rapid recovery the operation of ten days ago. Saturday on business. IMrs. 0. D. Elarton and daughter "A. J. Hall left Wednesday NOth- ing for Albuquerque, N. Mex. Dorothy were calling on friends "in Mrs. Tom Raymond and children j of Bonanza were in town Wednes- day. CRESC T TOPI o __o_. Hot air makes balloons go up men come down. A man without a smiling face should not open a shop.~Chinese Proverb. ~o-.- Another good thing about telling the truth is that you do not have t:o remember what you ~ay. .--o-- Some people actually believe th-Ar troubles interest other ~eople. --o-- Di~ap]~ointment and discourage- ment are two different things. If we could makes great bonfire of the th'ousands of laws we have in this country, and start all over again with only the Golden Rule and ~he Ten Commandment~,~I am sure we would get along much better. What a new face courage puts cn A determined man, by to defeat and. be- gins to conquer. Alder Sunday afternoon. BON ZA P Bonnie Timney and Roy Bennett were Villa Grove. callers Wednes- day Wesley DeCamp and Mr. and Mrs. Kalkman were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Fullenwider Thursday evening. Mrs. L. MeCage and Mrs. C.B. Lamb visited the sohool Thursday afternoon. :Miss Florence Werner gave s Valentine party for her pupils Fri- day afternoon. Mrs. Laura MacKenzie and daugh- ter were called to the Grove Friday to be with Mrs. Marie MacKenzie who is ill with pneumonia. Laura MacKenzie came up from the ED to stay with Miss Werner. The dance Saturday evening which was given |by Wesley DeCamp and Harold 8clmeide'r was well attended as quite a number Of people came over from Alder, Villa .Grove, and Cresto~e. A, ~our piece _ orchestra furnished the music. Everyone en- joyed a good time. Mrs. C. B. Lamb gave a surprise birthday party iR honor of her daughter Ruth Marion, Tuesday af- ter school. Guests were Mrs. Bonnie Timney and son Roland, Miss Flor- ence Warner, Laura MacKenzie and Dick Midwinter, Morrell MacKenzie was a Bonanza caller Monday. Sat. February 22. Bedding. Sewin~ Machines. Tools of all kinds. Dishes and Utensils~ Household Furniture, Some specially,nice, Player Piano. Like New Feeders and Brooder Stove. Many Many a"ticles too numerou,t to mention. W.E. Cummings Saguacbe, I Convicted of driving while drunk, Frank Got, hitchhiked 18 miles from the town of Augusta, Mich,, to Kala- mazoo, to begin serving a 50-day jail sentence. --o-- Nick Coron of~ Martinsburg, W. Va., hearing his cat meowing in his store below, went down to investi- gate and found a robber who im- mediately fled without ~ny loot. Miss Dorothy Amler of Chicago had Ralph MackeI arrested for call- ing her "sweetie" without an intro- duction. While he slept soundly, thieves took $10~and a watch from ~he trou- sers of B. B. Burrough, deputy sher- iff of I~ugo, Okla., The trousers Colorado ,~ were under hiz pillow. II/ l Essex coach 1930 model, also four Wheel trailer. _ Inq. Crescent office. H00PER The school enjoyed a holiday Feb. 12th. Hooper baske~eers motored to La Jaw Wednesday evening, gallantly accepting defeat again. The Eas~rn Star members were hosts Wednesday when members of other valley towns joined them. Un- usual dainty refreshments :~ St. Valentine's day were served. .' Miss Cecelia Testin, recently of Denver, enrolled in the sophmore I ass Monday. She wgs an 'ov~r- night guest of Ruth Hfldred Fultz Wednesday. The Ladies Aid met in Hooper Thursday afternoon. Thursday evening the Parent- Teachers Organization met in regular session. The President, Mrs. Bernie Minck~, tendered her resignation in view of" the fact they are moving to the August Johnson ranch near Sa- guache. Mrs. Mineka was presented a nice gift from the organization. After the business meeting the four 'ower grades rendered a short pro- gram followed by singing by the girls' and the boys' glee clubs. A splendid program was presented by Galen Millis, l~ai~old Alexander, Dorothy Mary Fauver~ Garland Rush, and Harold Alexander. ~ During the interval, while the 7th and 8th grade mothers prepared refreshments, the attdienee, led by Sup,. Williams sang songs from the new books. E. M. Alexander went to Tracy canon Friday. Spending a few days at the, parental homestead. "Wm. Wychoff has been driving the. bus since his daughter,. Eva, in. jured her elbow in haiku'hall. ~'day night Star~ high school boys and Moffat Junior high came to Hooper In both games Hooper won. The last conference game of the season is next Friday night with Mosca. To date Hooper has won only two games. Among Center callers Saturday were the Harry Noffsniger family, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McOlanahan, and Mrs. Alexander and Harold. Lawrence Catiin has been confin- ed to his home with blood poison caused from a floor burn. Dick Dies is now able to walk about hi~ home, WHEN THE MERCURY DROPS FIREMEN SWEAT! Strange as it may so~nd~the cold: er it gets, the hotter the firemen and msurance adjusters become[ That heat, of course, is not caused by the weather; it is brought about by more work. Statistics compiled by The Na- tional Board uf Fire Underwriters reveal that severe winter weather causes an epidemic of fires. It is not difficult to see why this is so. In an effort to be comfortable, poe. ple force their furnaces to the lin~dt ~nd also use makeshift .heating agencies. Under these conditions, it is natural for more fires to break out and this means more work for the fire departments and more losses for the insurance companies to adjust. Hence there is an extra amount of work for all who Imndle the reports and other rn~tte~ incident to the claims. If you to become "so rdost care heating plant--espeeiaily~ when the mei'cury ~e~ tc~ law ~m~eratures. Far bet- ter to take more time for increasin~ the heat in the house, than to suffer a destructive fire from an overheat- ed stove or chimney! "Forcing" a furnace is definitely dangerous. A little time spent inspecting .~ heating plant is a good step, too. I,' for any'reason, you do not feel :hat absolute safety is assured, you will do well to call in a heating expert and follow his advice. While cleaning a duck he won at a poultry shoot, Arnold Nester of Sheffield, Ill., found a gold' nugget. CAN'T SLEEP ON LEFT SIDE GAS BOTHERS HEARt Mr. W oodrow Lowry says: "Whey I laid on my left side stomach GA~ bothered my heart so I couldn'~ sleep. The first dose of ADLERIKA relieved the GAS. Now I ean ea~ such things as beans, onions or "~o. matoes without distress. "When clog Lged bowels cause ga~ bloating, stem. ach pains, indigestion, bad heac~. aches or sleepless nights, get AD. LERIKA. The first dose usuatl~ relieves GAS and chronic constipa. ,ion. Thmough action yet nevm gripe~. Oscar S. Marold, Drug~.