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Saguache , Colorado
February 21, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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February 21, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 8. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1048. Tone up your system with Ayers Sarsaparilla, $1.00 Dr. Greene's Nervura, $1.00 = Harter's Iron Tonic $1.00 14ala, mazoo Celery Comp. $1.00 Swamp Root 50 cts. and 81 Peruna $l Sa uachc Pharmacy Co., Frank Pltten!}er, M!lr, HEN AND ,WOHEN ShouldBay Boots and Shoes, (Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.) Hats/rod Caps, (Boogher, Force & Goodbar Hat Co.) GIoves and Mittens, Overshoes, Underwear and Drygoods. G.odr.~y, Que.~mwate and Hardware, Harness, Stoves and Range,, (Wilson He~ters.) Dtmk Coats, (all Styka) of SA$1UEL FEAST, Moffat, COLO,, SAVE HONEY. ...... ' ' ' ' ~ * I1'1 I I I IlSlllll LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS DUNN BLOCK, S.A.(~TT.A.CI-tE, COLOI:~.A.DO, Have just opened as complete a stock ef 6ENERA.L HARDWARE As can bo found in the San Luia Valley, Thls stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced LIardware man ann was bought at prices which will permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us. We solicit your trade. Buggies and Wagons I have at my place in the town of MoffaL a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Bindil~g Twine, Oil, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and Wagoll~ which ] buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else in the valley. (:}all and exalnine tny stock and get ,ny })rices before buying elsewhere. JOIIN IIOI, COMB. MOFFAT, COLO. THR PEOPLE'8 NATIONAL FAHILY NEWSPAPER HEW- YORK TRI- WEEKLY TRIBUNE Published Monday, I WeAiue~day and Fri- ]lay. ns m reahty a fine, ]~Tr] "~IT fresh, every other-day ~IH L~/ Dally, giving the he-I ~.~ I'A 1][" eat news ore days (,f is- t sue, and covering news t of the other three. It I contains all important ] foreign cable news ] which appears inTHE i ~[T/'~rt 'IT DAILY TRIBUNE ,,f t 11HK same date, also Do- I ][~Jltl]k mestio and Foreign i'~orrespondenee, Short J 8tor/cs. Elegant Half- / tonelllust.rations./ Humorous Items, In-/ dustrial informatinn, I ~[|]'T'I T3 TT T I]' Fsehion Notes, Agri- / WN NKI.V cultnrai Matters and / 11 I~/~lllll Comprehensive and re- I liable Financial and I * Market reports. [ Regnlar subscription | price, $1.50 per year. IT~T~TTN17 We furnish ,t with I 11UUUIlU THE ORF~CENT for $2.50 per year. Published on Thurs- day, and known fl,r nearly sixty yea,'~ in every part of the Unit- el.J Steres a8 a National Family Newspaper of the nighest class, for farmers and villagers. ] t centares all the mnst importantg e n e r a l news of THE DAILY TRIBUNE up to hnur of g, dng to press, an Agricultural De:*art- merit of the highest or- der, has entertaining reading far every member of the family, old and y,,ucg, Market Reports which a e ac- cepted aa authority by farmer~ and country merchants, aml is clean, up to date, m- teresting and instruct- ire. R~guler suhscripti, m price, $1.00 per year. W*. furnish it with TIIE CRES(IENT for $2.00 per year. Send all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., j , ,,, , Best of Job Printing at this office. Slow growth f hair comes from lack of hair food. The hair has ~|rl no life. It is starved. It keeps coming out, gets thinner and thinner, bald spots appear, then actual baldness. The only good hair food ~H~~r~ you can fee s the roots, stops starvation, and the hair grows thick and long. It cures dan- druff also. Keep a bottle of it on your dressing table. It always restores color to faded or gray hair. Mind, we say "always/' $1.00 a bottle. All druggists. " I have.found your Hair Vigor to be the pest remeoyL nave ever tried for the hair. My _hair was falling out very bad, so I thought I would try a bottle of it. I Iiad used only one bottle, ann. my hair stopped falling out, ann ~ m now realthick and long.'" NANCY J. MOUNTOASTLE, July 28, 1898. YonkerJ, N. Y. WMte the D~mp. lle will send you his book an The /lair and Scalp. Ask him any qUeSo tics you wish about your hair. YoU will rec0ivs t nromn, answer free, Add~, "Dn. II. O. AYER-- . Lowell, ]Kmm. Owners of Immense Herds. Indications point to a big attendance at the annual convention of the Ameri- can Cattle Growers' association, to be held in Denver beginning March 5. Sec- retary DeRicqules said yesterday that some of the largest cattle owners in the United States had joined the association and would attend the meeting. Among these is Henry Miller of San Francisco, i the largest individual cattle owner in the i country, AI Bowie of Chugwater, Wyo., head of the Swan Cattle company, own- ing over 40,000 head, R. S. Van Tassel, tile Cheyenne cattle man and United States Senator Garey of Wyoming. The railroads have made a rate of one fare for the round trip in Colorado and several nomhwestern states and one and one-third faro for the entire transmis- sour} river country. The secretary said yesterday that the efforts of the assoqtation were not direct- ed towards securing the membership of every Denver and Colorado cattleman to assist in workmtt for the permanent" es- tablishment is Denver of the headquar- sere.-- Republican. Will Boonl ills Ilusiness. S. Lava], a merchant of Dallas, Texas writes: "I thought I would have to gire u p business,' after two years of suffering from general debility brought on by over wm'k and long h~urs but four bottles of Electric Bitters gave me new life. I can now eat anything, sleep well and feel like working all the time. It's the hest medicine on earth." It's a wonderful tonic and health builder for tired, weak, sickly and run down people. Try it. Satisfaction ~uaranteed. O~,ly 50c at L~rd & Wilcox's drug store, Crestone Co o. New Train to St. Louis. The popularit, y of the St. Louis gate- w,y to'th~ east is emphasized by the announcement on the part of the Bur. lin~ton Route that it will establish addi- tional train service between Denver and St. Louis, May 5. 1901. The new train will leave Denver at 2:80 p. m., arriving at St. Louis 6 p. m. the next day, dupli- oatmg the service now offered by the Burlington between Denver and Chicago Orders for new equipment have been placed and the St, Louis Special, a~ it will be called, will have many attractive featt~res hitherto unknown to travelers between the Rocky mountains and the Mississippi valley, P, rsona who cannot take ordinary pills find it a pleasure to take DeWitt's Little Early Risers. They are the best little liver pills ever made, Ssguache Pharmacy. For Him Who Waits. For him who waits, the Future's gates Shall open unto bright estates. Tile stars that o'er his pathway glow. The seasons, as timy come and go, Shall fight his battles and sha~.l raise Up friends for him; the golden days Shall lead him into fairer ways, No terrors hold the fancied Is.tee For him who waits. Who strives Ihrough all adversity, Unfaltering, in years to be Shall wear the crown of victory. Who gna,ds his life by self-control, With strong, serene, unconquered soul, Shall reach at last unto the goal, Where clouds of morning fold and swim In sunrise tides, while sta,s grow dim, The Future's dawn shall rise for him. And light his path from day to day Forever in an upward way. If life is faced unflinchingly, Its trials, tern,eats, strifes and hates, Its }torts and wrongs shall harmless be For him who waits. Although your soul be plunged in night, Fear not, but know the God of Light Is yet on Sis eternal throne. Conserve your forces, bide your time, And learn of hfo this law suOlime, Each soul shall coma unto his own. Whate'er he merits, he shall gain. We are not ~laves of circumstance, But each within h~msalf is free, For character is more than chance. And will is more than destiny. Each spirit f,r itself creates What it shell have, what it shall bee, While p~assing on eternally Through variod states to highor states. We build the stairways we must climb, And greater heights shall come with time For him who waits. For him who waits? 'Tis not enough To simply sit with folded hands. The road of life is steep and rough, Or desolste through desert sands; And th~ must ever onward press Who reach the kingdom of Success. 'Tie not enough to idly dream Beside life's aver flowing stream, But in the bark of Effort steer, Through adverse currents year by year, With strength of will to persevere. 'Tie not alone by patzence we Can win the frmts of victor~.. But pat~nea with unbending will When hacked by energy and skill, With c~rego and with nnble aim Will gain at last the heights of fame, Thus, in the end, the Future's gaiee Shall open unto bright estate~ For him who waits. --The Denver News. Pneumonia can be Prevented. T~aia disease always results from a cold or an attack of the grip and may be pre- vented by the timely use of Chamber- lain's Cough Remedy. That remedy was extensively used during the epidemics of la grippe of the past few years, and not a single case has bsen reported that did not recover or that resulted in pneumon- ia, which shows it to be a certain pre- ventive of that dangerous disease. Oham- berlaia'g Cough Remedy has gained a world wide reputation for its cur~ of oolds and grip. For sale by Saguaohe Pharmacy. The aoeident whmh resulted in the death of the Garcia boy on Sunday, should be a lesson to many of our boys who want to have the reputation of be- ing "rough riders." There is alwaysdan- ger in riding these ponies and the reck. leanness which many of them display is simply criminal. This accident should have a tendency to make them more] careful. For the weakness ~nd prostration tel lowing gripp~ there is nothing so prompt and effective as One Minute Cough Cure. This preparation is highly endorsed as ah unfailing remedy for all throat and lung trouhlo.~ and ~ts early use prevents con- sum~tion, i~ was made to cure qumkly. Saguache Pharmacy. ~. O. Taylor Whiskies, are puts medicinal stimulantS THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Denver, Coh)rado DALLY AND WEEKLY The Great liel)resentatl ve Newsoaper of tile Rocky M- ,n lain State~ ~lld Tervil cries All the News from .4.11 the World., Illustrations, Cartoons` SpeetaJ. Features. Etc,, Etc. ~ia~m~mmmd~ SU II$CHI I'TION ltAqPE$ : Daily and Sunday, per inoumtil, - - - - $ .75 Sundayonly (32 to 36 pages),per year 2.50 Weekly, per year - ....... 1.OO Address ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, DI~IN VER, COLORADO Over-Work Weakens Your Kidneys. Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure ~10od. All the blood in your body passes through your kidneys once every three minutes. The kidneys are your '~/!. blood purifiers, they fib kidney trouble. ter on, the waste or lmpurltl~ in the blood. If they are sick or out of order, they fail to do their work. Pains, aches and rheu- matism come from ex- cess of uric acid in the blood, due to neglected Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady heart beats, and makes one feel as though they had heart trouble, because the heart ts over-working in pumping thick, kidney- poisoned blood through veins and arteries. It used to be considered that only urinary troubles were to be traced to the kidneys, hut now modern science proves that nearly all constitutional diseases have their begin- ning in kidney trouble. If you are sick you can make no mistake by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy ts soon realized. It stands the highest for Its wonderful cures of the most dlstr~sing oas~ and is sold on its merits I~SE/~,~.__ by all drgggtsts in fifty- cent and one-dollar stz- ~t~._j~ es. You may have a-'~J~ sample bottle by mall Homo of Swamr~Root. free, also pamphlet telling you how to find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kllmm' & Co., Blnghamton, N. Y. Killed By a Horse. Sunday morning, about 10 o'clock hauriano Garcls, the eldest son of Jom Garcia, met with an accident which re. suited in his death a few hours later. He was breaking a pony for John I.mw- reuse and was riding near the cemetery at the plaza a few miles west of town. The homo fell with him and he struck on hie right temple with such force that the skull wes fractured. He wubrought to town soon after the accident but never regained consciousness and at 4 o'clock on Monday he expired. He was aged 18 yearn and 8 months. ~, . Dneklen's Arnl~s 8alv~ : Has ~vorld wid~ fame for marvelous cures. It surpasses any other salve, lo- St'one, ointsments or balm for cuts, corns, burns, bolls, sores, felons, ulcers, tester, salt rheum, fever sores, chapped, hands, akin eruptions, infallible for pilsa. Cure guaranteed, Only '2.5o at Lord & Wiloox's drug store, Crestoue, Colo. The new extension of the Rook Island now building between Liberal, Kansas and El Puo, Texas, ia being pushed for- ward at the rapid rate of three milsa of finished track per day. Already thirty silos of the roadway la ready for the rails and a large force of graders is at work several miles in advano~ of the track layers. The rapid progress in lay- ing the track on this new extension ia made p~ssible by using a new track lay: ing maohme. This machine greatly fa' oil}tares the work by delivering the tie~ and rails to the workmen as fast aa need. ed. When this new extension ig com- pleted, the Rock Island will have the longest, piece of straight track of any rail- road in North America, the track being so laid that for a distance of 120 miles there is not a curve. The new bridge on this extension, over the South Canadian river, ou which work began a few days ago will be 710 feet long and 130 feet above the water. Booont experiments show that all classes of foods may be completely di- gested by a preparation called Kodol Dyspepsia Cu re, w hich absolu toly digestg what you eat. As it is the only combl- natiou of all the natural dlgestants ever devised the demand for it has become enormous. It has never failed to cure the very worst cases of indigestion and it always gives instant relief. Saguaeho Pharmacy. The first annual convention of the American Cattle Growers' Association will he held in Denver, Tuesday, March 5th. This association was started at the Salt Lake convention and the idea is to have an organizatmn which shall consist exclusively of cattlemen. Any one in- terested by paying $5, the membership fee, can be enrolled and have a voice in the proceedings. This association has as its object the advancement of cattle interests generally. , A, E. do RIggles is the secretary and his address is Union stock yards, Denver. The finest line of fancy stationery ~ust opened at the CRZSO~.~ office. A Baraain. I will sell the house I am occupying on the cOrner of San Juan avenue and Third street at a very reasouable price. This is an opportunity for ~me one to buy a cheapt comfortable house. James Ham was down from Bonanza Monday after supplies for tLm Bonanza market. SAGUACHE CRESCENT I~ORMZRLY SAOUAOKB Dlt'wOOR&T. OSCAR D. BRYAN, PROPI~IETOR AHD EDITOR. Publish~!.' .at .Saguaohe, Colo.: ovary Thursday. un potltioal questions it Wltt a~tvooata T~O int~rm!ts of the Republ.lean party, lta enter aim will be to advanea tha ms- terial intereats of this oountT. Subscription, - $2.00 a Year. Thousands arc TrylllK It. In order to prove the great merit of Ely's Cream Bah,, the most effective ours for Catarrh and Cold in Head, we have pr~- pared a generous trim size for 10 cents. Get it of your druggist or send 10 cent~ to ELY BROS., 56 Warren St., N. Y. City. I suffered from catarrh of the worst kind ever since a boy, "L:~.L I never hoped for cure, but Ely's Cream ]~alm seems to do even that. M:tny acquaint:races have used it with exeelIeut results.--Oscax esteem, 45 Warren Ave., Chicago, Ill. Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged cure for catarrh and contains no cooame, mercury nor any injurious drug. Price, ~0 cents. At druggists or by mail. La Grippe ~ulekly Cured. "In the winter of 1898 and 1899 I was taken down with a severe attack of what le called la grippe" says F.L. HewerS, a I prominent druggist of Winfield, Ill. "The only modmine I used was two bottles of Chamberlain'a Cough Remedy. It broke np the cold and stopped the coughing like magic, and I have never since been troubled with grippe." Chamber- lain's Cough Remedy can always be de- pended upon to break up a severe cold and ward off an~ throatenqd attack of pneumonia. It is pleasant to take, too, which makes it the most desirable and one of the most popular preparations in hse fez these raiments. For sale by Sa- guache Pharmacy. IHA$O, IJE BALL, Attend the "Masque Ball" at Dunn'e Hall, Saguache, Friday night, Feb. 22nd, 1901. Admibsion: $1.00 per couple; or gents, $1, ladies 50 cents each, for thrum who come alone and do not have tickets. Spectators: adnlts" 50 cents, children 25 cents apiece. Good music will be fur- nished and~ order mmntain~L ~r~ smoking allowed in the hall. Everybody invi'ed. Get your tiokots at THZ CRZ~- CAST office. W.H. HaM, Mgr. Hathaway CompanyJBuys Savage Claim, Yesterdsy morning C. (2. Nepple sold a third interest in the Savage mining claim for $7,500 in cash. The Savage l| on the Coohetopa range, a short distance below MitoheWs ranoh. It ig an exten." sion of the Hathaway mine, and ie now owned by the latter company. Other owners are yet to be paid $5,500 for their i interests. Experienced miningmen hero regard the sale as important. Nepple's faith in this section will induce him to return in the spring and spend the sum- mer looking up other prospects ho b~ lioves to be here.--News. .... ~,0.TtylorWhlskle, cetslned by tho w~tko~t jt~ntcho Working Overtime. Eight hour laws are ignored by thoee tireless, little workers--Dr. King's New Lifo Pills. Milhons are always at work, night and day, curing indigestion, bil- liousness, cov~stipatiou, sick headaohet and all'stomach, liver and bowel troubl~ Easy, pleasant~safe, sure, Only o.5o at Lord & Wilcox's drug store, Greetone, (3oio. Spring Creek l~Ilnes. We are pleased t,o learn that a good strike has been made in the Chicago Mining Co's. pr,)perties on Spring Creek. it is the group controlled by Ellsworth and Wisdom.They have, in sinking, open. ed upewo f0et of fine ore and are getting a fine 8hewing. Not,~ and receipt books and short form bills of sale at this offiee. Crestone now has a bank and will soon have a hotel. An electric light ~o. antic- }pate pntting in a plant to light the town. The c~mp is now making strides very rapidly and at the present rate of growth will soon bo a city.--Eagle. John Farrington, Joe White and W. A. Johnson put in last Saturday making an appraisement of the effects of the Gee. W. Keesoy estate. ood s Pill Are, prepared from Na. ture s mild laxatives, and while gentle are reliable and efficient. They Rouse the Liver. Cure Sick Headache, Bib iousness, Sour Stomach, and Constipation. Sold everywhere, a5e. per Prelmred by (~ L Rood & ~,4~,boweigMa~