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February 21, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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February 21, 1901

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ii i i i .......... . ............... . . SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (FOa~gRLY SAGUAOH~ DEMOOaAT. ) Fncered at the poet office at l~tqlaehs, Col().. f , transmission th rnmrh the mail~ a~ eee,md-claa~ . otter. OSCAR D. BRYAN, Editor. THURSDAY. TEB. 21, 1901. The owner of the Saguache Crescent has bought an office ouilding of his own, and is prepared to stay a while. It will be a long time before Sa~uaehe gets a better paper than the Crescent.--Pros- porter. The investigation being made into the methods of the Denver police force bids fair to get be~ end the oontract of those who instigated it. If, as is generally be- lieved, the object was to investigate and whitewasb, the result will be a failure. The specific testimony being offered, which implicates those in authority of "grafting," will force the board to make a sweeping change in the force. While the legislature is killing bills they ought in make a spe~*dy end to the employers liability. The statute now in force provides all the reti,:f which justice can demand and any pa,:ty which openly champions such an outrage(lus measure will be defeated at the polls. The more conservative leaders of the labor party (iu whose interest the pr-posed one-sided affair is introduced) condemn it, saying they only want an equal show and that this bill is absolutely unfair to employer. The facts are tbat the real friends of home rule for Denver are not supporting the Rush bill. It is the people who are seekmg some excuse to delay or prevent home rule who are urging the passage of this bill. The Parks bill, which the democratic leaders of the legmlature are going to kill, will give Denver immediate home rule on the plan desired by all good citizens, but that the democratic mana- gem will not permit The only way for the people of this city to get home rule of the real sort is to begin electing re- publican tickets.--Times. The advocates of the Rush consolida- tion bill have forgotten one thing while urging the passage of the measure as a means of giving Denver home rule, and that is that the adoption of the amend- meat will be about as far removed from home rule as is possible, The manner in which it is being brought about will make it possible for balance of the state to foist this sort of a government on the city of Denver even though the voters of this city should be unanimously against it. The people of this city will have lit- tle to say about it. Denver might give 20,000 majority against the Rush amend- ment and yet have it voted on the city by the people of the balance of the state. This may be home rule, but it don't look much like it. If the question could be submitted to the people of Arapahos county alone for their determination there might be some justice in it, but they will cut little figure in the settle- ment of the issue.--Times. I will pay cash for dressed hogs, hides and pelts. W.O. HURT, Moffat, Colo. This picture is the lrade mark of SCOTT'S EMUI,SION, and is" on every l,oltle of SCOI I'S F, MUL- SION ill the World, which now anioltnts to many millions yearly. This great business has grown to such vast proportions, Ftrst;-Becattse the proprietors have always been most careful in selecting the val"ious i]]gredients used in its composition, namely: the finest Cod Liver Oil, and the purest HypophosPhites. Second:-Beeause the3" have so skillfully combined the various ingredients that the best possible results are obtained by its use. Third'-Because it has made so many sickly, delicate children strong and healthy, given health and rosy cheeks to so many pale anaemic girls, and healed the lungs and restored to full health, so many thousands in the first stages o~ Consumption. If you have not tried it, send for free sample. its egreeable taste will surprise you. SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, 4~*J-415 Pearl Street, New York. ~ ~ll,~i 111 drug$0ta~. Incorporate The Crestoue Eagle still insists that Saguache has it in for Crestone because the commissioners reaffirmed their in- tention to not pay costs in misdemeanor cases. If our brother of th- Eagle knew just how little influence the people of Saguache have with fbe present board he would never make any such claim. Were not the charge, that Sagnache had anythin~ to do ,ith the matter at all, so palpably false, we wouh] never have dig- nified the matter to the extent of notic- ing it. The facts regarding the case are that the action of the commissioners was voluntary, taken hy them on their own motion, without their attention being called fo it by any persoff, either from Sagusche or elsewtmre. If the justice courts of Crestone are burdened so with this class of cases, and the population of Crestone has reached the point which our contemporary claims, the proper thing for them to do is to in(o:p(rate, and handle this class of cases through their police magistrate courts. Tim pre- cinct government, as established by the laws of this state, was never intended for the government of populous communi- ties such as Creatone now appears to be. From a statement by cue of the com- missioners we learn that the board took this action because the past experience of the county with mining camps showed plainly that 11 was the only safe plan to pursue In the boom days of Bonanza Orient, Duncan, etc., the county was run many thousands of dollars in debt I,y these cases. The commissioners take the stand that the camps themselves should handle their own petty criminal cases and to this end they say incorpor- ate and retain whatever revenues you can for this and other purposes. In eloaing thin incident, for it is closed now so far as we are concerned, we desire to say that the ill feeling of which the Ea gle speaks is not apparent to residents of this place. The action of the board ell commissioners is not the action of Sa. guache any more than the action of Bo- nanza, Villa Grove or Moffah and should not be charged to it. How ~o cure the Grippe Remain quietly at home and take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as direct- ed and a quick recovery is sure to follow. That remedy counteracts any tendency of the grip to result in pneumoma,which is really the only serious danger. Among the tons of thousands who have used 1t for the grip not one case has ever been reported that did not recover. For sale by Saguache Pharmacy. There is probably no breed of cattle which has the power to so mark its dis- tinguishing characteristic features upon other breeds as the Hereford. The white or mottle face does not ofteu disappear, when the blood has once been introduced for several generations and will reappear at Intervals for much longer. Formerly the mottled face was thought equally as good as the pure white, but now it is thought to indicate an admtxture of Shorthorn blood, and has become less ~pluar among Hereford rangomen. The white face is supposed to give to its grades the square block form with meat packed at the points where the highest priced cuts are found, the mixture of fat and lean in the flesh and lack of fat in tha paunch that enables the marketman or butcher to know when he is cutting up one of Hereford breeding, even though he does not see the hide. Then there IS the ability to put on marbled fat at any age from the vesled calf of six or eight w~ks, the baby beef of twelve to eigh- teen months or the matured steer at three years old, which makes it the favor- ite with feeders. Without prejudice against Shorthorn, Angus or any other beef breed, we do not think any of them can so transmit their qualities to their grades, even to the third and fourth gen- eration, as can the Hereford with the possible exception of the Galloway.-- Field and Farm. Mrs. Daniels wishes to announce that she has just received the finest lot of children's shoes she has ever htld. A Good Toe.st. Here is to the girl who works-God bless her! She is not too proud to earn her living--too ashamed to have it known. From behind the counter, the desk, the type case or the ironing board she smiles at you-and the sparkle of her eves proves to the onlooker ttmt she knows her business--and means to pnsh 1t. An honor is it to ,'lasp her hand, to claim her friendship, t~l have her esteem and regard. Whether the hand is wrin- kled by dish water, roughened by needle pricks, calloused by swooping, or stained by printers' ink, she m all right, she knows it and so do all about her. May her life be long and happy, and may she lwys be the possessor of what is of high value, a clear conscience and the knowledge that she has pushed her way fairly and squarely.--Loveland Reporter. 'One dollar per couple at Dunu's hall Eureka Harness Otl (live Your Horse a Chance I BOlqANZA IIUI)GET. Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Timney entertained their frmnds at high tire Sat urday even- ing, Feb. 16th. Those present were: Mr. and :hrs. Mark Biodell, Dr. and Mrs. Kortright, Mr and Mrs. HIne, Mr. and Mrs.'J. F. Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Epps, Mrs. Annie Fleming, Mtss Tilhe Farrington, John Hine, Herbe;t Ellis, L. C. Townsend, Rudolph Marold, J. D. Baldwin, J. P. Jaques. Dr. and Mrs. VILt,~ GROVE NOTEq. A largo attendance af Sunday school last Sunday. Harry Luslfield went to Pltkin to work flee. J. W. Oh] preached in the church ; here last Monday night. Mrs. J. B. Hail has been quit~ badly indispgsed, but is feehng somewhat bet. ter now. Mrs. Frank Carlson of Saguache wa~ visiting friemls in lo~n a few days this week. Helen Davison, Genre Covert and Hen- rietta Kuyper were on the sick list a few days. Cause, too much party. Most everyone boasts of having a cold. Nothing like being in up-to-date-style. Miss Henrietta Blurton entertained" her Sunday school class a~ a "Heart Hunt" last Thursday evening To say tile little ones had a way up-time is but lightly expressing it. George Weir, an employs of the F. & C.C railroad was in town l~st week, Wednesday. He was on his way to Del Norle, to visit with his parents. A dance at the hotel last Saturday night, at which all report having had a pleasant lime. The happy springtime m now here, and certain Villa Groveites have stopped hugging stove-pipes m the morning. M;s. O. P. Shippey entertaiued her Kortrtght caIried awa) first prizes L , " ' " % ]Sunday school class at a ~our Leaf C Townsend and Mrs Buck, the bo(,bv. , ,, y g , " - I Cl(ivertIunt Monda m hi. Phone par- After refreshments were served muse . ..... " ' [ues are hugely enjo)ett oy ~tle young and dancing wore next on the program. [ folks. Next~ X The school has been closed for about i ..................... two weeks on acconnt of mumps. The teacher bdng the first to have them and now nearly all the school have them. G. 0. Taylor Whiskiss u-'sd b~ oriti0sl Judges, Reports show a greatly increased death rate from throat and icing troubles, due to the prevalence of croup, pneumonia aud grippe. We advise the use of One Minute Cough Cure muall of these diffi- culties. It is the only harmless remedy that l~ives immediate results. Children like it. SaguachePharmacy. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Garritson were in town Saturday, glad to get back from Ohio, the country of clouds amt rain, to Colorado the country of sunshine. Mr. and Mrs. Oarritson say there are w-rse places than Colorado and a visit to out- side points demonstrated the fact. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Garritson are pleased to note their return to the old sod --Prospector. Notice to Bral(d Owners. At a m~etiug of the San Luis Valley Cattle and Horse Growers' Association held at Alamosa on the 8th day of Jan- uary last it was ordered that the associa tips will not be responsible for the loss of cattle having on the brands owned by W. H. Adams, John Adams and T. D. Workman, they having failed to pay their assessments. And the sec- retary was directed to publish notice of the order in the wllley papers. GEe. C. WiD~^rq Secretary G.~ .ytor Whiskies o~ great value to theatclg To Cure a ('ohi in One Day. Take Laxative Breton Qumine Tab- lets All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. t~rove's signature is on each box. 25c. The Pan-American Exposition at Buf- falo, opens May 1, 190l and continues un- ............ till Nov. 1. Reduced rates will be given r~rotiee, by the railroads and no doubt a great As I am liable to leave Saguache in a many Colorado peop!e will take advsn- short time I desire that all parties who [ tags of it and visit the east. have taxidermist work at my shop un-' - ..... paid for to call and get same at once. i Otherwise the heads will be sold. Bulls for Sale. I have on hands registered and high grade Herefords, shorthors, red poled and Galoway bulls for sale at Monte Vista, Colo. THOMAS BRASHEAR. J. J. Keller came up from the Dunn ranch the first of the week after a load of material for his contract. For the Boys. James Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc and rubber he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a half for old rubber. I sell gunny sacks four cents each. I pay 12 cents a dozen for beer bottles. WANTED--Capable. reliable person in every county to represent large company of solid finan- cial reputation, $93~ salary per year, payable weekly. $3 per day absolutely sure and all expen- ses. straight, boaaffdg, defimte salary, no com- mission, salary paid each Saturday and expense money advanced sacil week STANDARD HOUSE, ~34, DZARnO~ ST., Cmcxoo. THE PIONEER STABLE Villa Grove, Colo. IIaving leased the old Pioneer Stable at Villa Grove (being the one used by it. Braham and successors as a stage barn) to be used as a livery, feed and sale stable, I solicit a part of the public patronage, and shall strive by strict attention to business and with good rigs and harness to merit the same. F. Pe HALL, Manatere ~One Night to ~RICAGO, :~IINNE. APOLJS, ST. PAUL Bs=,,the ~ Ihe Kin! You Have Always Bought ~ignstumof ~~ WANTED-ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- acter to deliver and collect in Coh)rado fur old establiehed manufacturing wholesale house. $900 a year, sure pay. Houosty more than exper- ience required. Our reference, any bank in any city. Encl(,se self addressed stamped envelope. Mannfacturers, Third Floor. 88~ Dsarbon st. Chicago. Admlnletrator% ~N'otJce. Eslate of George W. Keescy, deceased The undersigned, having been appointed administrator of the estate of GeorgeW. Kee- soy, late of the county of Saguache and state of Colorado, deceased, hereby gives notice that 11 will appear before the county court of Saguache county, at the court house lu Sa- guache, atthe January term for probate bum- ness, on the fourth Monday (being the 25th day) of February next, at which time all per- sons having claims against sald estate are n,)- tiffed and requested to attend for the purpose ofhavlng the same adjusted. All persons In- debted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 26th day of January, 1901 CHAS. HAYDEN~ Administrator. Trustee's 8ale Whereas, Edmund H. Slater by his deed el trust dated July 9th, 1888, and duly recorded in the office of the clerk and recorder, in tin county of ~aguaehe and state of Colorado, ol the 261h day of July, A. D. 1888, ltl bunk 89 yage 52, conveyed to George W. Tonl8, as trtls tee, the tbllowing deserlb:d real estate situate in tile county of Saguael~e and state of Colo- rado, to-wit: Tim north half of the north ilalf of section 181u townshlp 4'2. north raoge 8, east of the Ncw Mexico P M, containing 160 acres more or less together wlth all water right or inter- eels belonging or In any way appertaining to said land or used therewilh, In trust to secure the payment of Ills promissory note for the sum o~ $700, dated July 8th, 1888, and payable to the order of William F. Leonard on the first day of,lu[y, 1893, togelher with interest therc- On senll-auoually, as shown by tell coupons Of $28 each attached to saitt note and payable re- spectively on the lil',~t days (,f Jauuary and July of each year, with Interest on said COU- pOll notes at the rate (,f 15 per cent. per anntlrn. Whereas, saiU deed of trust provhtes qhat In case of dclault In the payment of said nell) or any interest therl ol], (,r ~lly part thereof, thcn it s]lall be law{el for the sam trustee, or Ills successor ill trnst, to sell ]tl ' sahl I)rCl,lises or an)' part thor, of, sod ;tll the rightand e(luily of rcdeml)lloo ,a the sahi Edulculd II. Siater therein at pul)lie auction lor c tsh. arid Whereas, it 1~ provlded in and by said deed of trust that In case of the dentil, inKI)llilv or relusal of tile said George W. l'~.,ins, ll'uslec, toaet aL ;tlly time vthen aetlou illa~V be re- qu red for tile execution ,d" the trUsl, s u[ldel" said deed of trust, thcn lhe legal holdcr of Leave Denver via Union Pacific at said note laay, by wrilingduly ackuowled.~ed 4:00 p. m., arrive Omaha 6:45 a.m. appoint a successor in trust to the said George W. Toms, and Whereas the said George W. Tom~ Is absent Leave Denver via Burhngton at 4:00 from the state of Colorado and unable to act p. m., arrive Ocnaha 6:45 a.m. and the legal holder of said note has, by a writing duly appointed the undersigned a truslee to act as SClceessor to the 8aid At Omaha c~ange from these trains, Geoage W. Toms as recorded in the office of which have been occupied 15 hours to th~ county clerk an([ recorder of 8aguache county, state of Colorado, and THg ~PAt~ Whereas default has been made In the pay- -"-~,-,,*-.~.,., BRIGHT TRAIN mcnt of interest due since July 1, 1893, and subsequent thereto and also In the payment of the principal of said note due July 1, 1893, Feb. 2'2nd (The latest end.finest l, roduct of Pullman) and no part of the same i]as beeu paid, and The Woodmen with their record for , ,4 , . ,, ~ thelegalholderofsaldnote has declared ihe L~Oavlflg umana at l:A.~J a.m., whole ot said principal sum aud interest due promptae~ eohpsed all records ]n the~ via the "NEW LINE" and payable, aud has requested a sale of' said pyment of the deth claim of the late I premises, under said deed of trust. John D. Lewis.Deathproofpapers werelrllha lllinni0 0nn)nnl D D ' ow. Therefore tire underslgneu, as sue truestee, will on saturday, the 23rd day of mode out Feb. 8, received by the hesd l]U~ llllllUl0 U011[lfll IL 1[ Febuary, A. D, 1~01, ~tthe hour of 10 o'ehmk to the forenoon, at, the town of 8aguaehe, ea- clerk on the II and draft was drawn in [ guache conntv, Colorado, sell the above de- ' Arriving Chicago, Minneepol1~ or payment Of the claim on the 131h. Why St Paul the same scenic scribed propei;tv, and all water rights or In. not join the Woodmen, there is no better " ' g ...... ierests appertaining ther~m and in and by said deed of trust conveyed for ths purpose of insuranco.--Monte Vista Journal. For tickets acd reservations apply toaetherPaylngwlthSald taxesnOte'lrominterest1894 todate,dUe thereOn,and costs to" agents connecting lILies or addre~ of executing this trust. Try som~olo wheat [ Dated January lt, 1901. health flour. Nothing on the market to I JAMES CULTON, Commercial Agent, Sa~uZL J~w~, Successor in Trash ~~ua! |t, Alk },our ~ro0er 10r it, 805 ~7th Str0et, Denver, Flr~t ptl~ Jan l?-last Feb ~I G, O. Taylor Whiskies, grow In populerity. M I qiNG AI'I'LICATION. No. 554. Mineral Stu'vcy No. 11.3i7 U S. IAUnl ()i]]ee, at l)el Nortc, Cob)., .inn. 2, t901. Noliec is her('l)v given Ibat Tllomas ]frame wllose l)('stofli('e i~; Sail(In, (h)]O , has made ap- I,lieation for a patent for 15(~) liuea)' fect on the (;reat Mogal lode, the Salcce being 150 feet N 0' 3()' E and 1:~50 feet S 0' ;30' W of the discovery shalt and 1459 feet of the Enness F lode t/oth bearill~ gold .~ll1({ silver, the susie bciclg 98[ feet N 60' 30 E aocl 47") feet S 60~ 30' W trolfi" disc(w- ery st aft lhereoll, with SLli'[3ee gl'Olnld eacil 300 fcet il! willtll, ~itllaie ill Kerbei; (:reel{ lnilliClg (liStl'iet, Sagnal!ile county, state ('1 ('olorado and descrilled in tim ,lat an(l lield notes on file in ! I S ()fl ee~ ;tS fo OWS~ viz: (~REAT MOGUl, LODE. ]{egillllillff a| eel' No. 1, whence tl|e S "W eor of see 17. l~t, 47 N [t 8 E N M I' M i)ears S 83* 30' W 377 feet, lhcnce N ()~ ;c0 E 15(}0 feet to COl' N(,.2 '1"hem's NS9 30 E300feet to eor No. 3. Tllen('c S 0- ;~) *~V ]50 ) lest to cor No. 4. Tbencc N 89' ;~' \V 300 meet In c(u' No. 1, tile 1)bloc t,f I)e- gJntlillg containil~ afEer exc]ll(IJl'lg conflict .'ltll SII " NO. 73 '~ I'ag[H ( (, 9 773 acres. EN NESS F. I,ODE. l]egi'~lhillg at cor No. 1, wheclee the S XV cor see 17, Uwp 17 N It 8 E N M l' M hears S 39" W (;01.11 feel, lhellce S t;0" 30 XV ]459 feet io eor No. 2. These,, N 0 39' E ;'4(;.,t feet to cur No. 3. Theilee N 6a" 30 I': ]4.',{) feet to (!or No. 4. Tlleuec 8 6' 3t) W 3](;.,1 feet t~ ('of No. 1. the place of l)e- gilulillg, eolltaillitlV 10.()IN avt'es, net al'e;t of claims t!Olltll g 19.821 acres, expressly ex- ('eIHlllg all(I (.x(')li(hil~ ;ill eonHiet with survev No. 733 l'ala~,nlodeaud forming a portiou (;f the S W ~.~ s~.e 17, S E ~ see 18 and N E ~4 of see 1!), lWl) 47 N II S E of tile N M I' M, Said h)- cation I)(qll~ i'c(.or(h,(I ill VOle 70 aud 78, at pages 262, 555 of Ill(' l'(!l'(!l'dS of SaKilaelle eoanty, Colo. A(liobliw~ cl n s st ' No. 733, l)ar;~'.,'on lode, sur No. 722~ Whale h)(le, sur No. 12,281 Mill Site ]o(h!and First ('hallce, A. i~;a(hlers elainlallt, others ill ;ill}" Illl[;,nOWll. J,s, H. BAXTER, Re'ggster First pal) dan 10 ]a,st March 14. 3lINING Ai'P LICATION. No. 553. Mineral Survey N,,. 18,917. U, S. Land Otlice at l)el Norto, Coh)., ()etol/er 3 1900. Noth!e is Ilel'(!b.v g]Vell that hi porsuanee Of the lt('t ()f con,_qe~,s approved May 10, 1872, the San Isal)el 51itline awl Milling (!OlUl)any, wll*se )(Istofliee ;t([dl'eSs ]s ('l'e-;iOlle, ~aga;tebe county, ('o]ol'a(Io, IHts 111;1(](' al)l)]leati()n for a patent for 14e7.35 liuear feet ,in the (~rao-i,cc b)de. I)earing eo ) )or al)d gol(I, the same I),!ing 1323 :~5 feet nol'thwes[('l']y all(I 8[ l"(t't sol t e tst(ry f')m (lis(~ovel'y CIIt th('l'Oll~ Wit]l surface gl'ound feet ill width : slid also for 1407.35 linear feet on tile Syl(e., lode, t)elu'ing copper sial gold, the annie il(!illg 1391 f~ et soelheasterlv and 116.53 feet northwesterly from the (liscov~ry eut tllere- on, with sorfaee ground 250 feet in widlh; and also for 1407.:~5 line:u" feet ,m the Rosette lode ilearin~ eoplter aacl gold, the same being 1351.35 feet llortllweslerlY and 56 feet southeasterly fronl discovery cu't thereon, with surface gl'oun~ a~) feet In wh[l b : and also for 1407.35 iin. feet on theBernydia hale, bearh~g copper and cold, the same be]l~ 1835.a5 feet northwesterly and 44 feet sontheastei'iv, from discovery cut thereon, wltll surface grou'nd 2:]2 feet at southerly eud and 173.44 feet at northerly end, In width; and also for 1403.57 llaeal' feet on the Reese lode bearing copl)cr alnl/old, t]lc sanle l)ciag 1376 feet S(alth- easterly and 3257 feel ii!)rt]lWeste ' y fr)~ dis- covcry c/It t]lel'(q)li, with NHrfaec grotmd 239 feet in wi,hh:amlalsofor 1]1].51linear feet ou the Albert In(I,., hearlr~g co /per all(I gold the same being /207 7)1 feet northweslerly~ and 2~ feet Socltheaster]y fl'Olll ( iscove 'vct t t creon with sis'lace groclml 2:6 90 feet ill whith; also for 1520 6~ linear feet ,)n tile lleruard lode, bearing coppcr and gold the same l)elag 666 feet south- a,l/i f i,e "~ . e"y c It there . ' t s "a ~e ~l'OUl d 2o3.- 10 feet In wi th; alld also for 1471.79 linear feet 06' 55 E 1120.02-feet, thenec N 5' 51' W, ear 13' l~l east lt07 ;~3 feet to eor No. 2, identical with col" N(,. :1 R(isetta lode of tills survey, thence N 84" ~v E ear 13" 40' east 173 44 feet to eor No. 3, a cedar lost 414 inchcs x 5 feet long set 30 Inches in the ground with mound of stone scribed 2-$, 13917 A, thence S 3~ 14 E ear la" 30' east 1406.57 feet to cor No 4, a ccdar post 414 inches x 5 feet long set 30 inctles ill the groun(l witll monnd of st(am serihed 1-4, 13917 A wllenee a puuon tree 10 aches ill (liamctcr)lazed itu(l scribed B 1 1-4, 13917 A, bears N 41' 05' W 42.05 feet, a pinion trec 6 inches ill dianmter blazed acid scribed B '17 1-4, 13917 A bears S 43' 13' E 9.,14 feet, thence S 84' 09~ W, variation 13 12' east 22,2.01 to eor No. 1 the place of beginning. REESE LOI)E. Beginning at cot No. 1, identical with eor No. 4 Bernynlalode of thl~ survey, wllenee N E cor sec 26 T 4,1 N R 11 E of tile N M P M bears S 4" ;~' Of" W 11;',8.95 feet, tllence N 8 14' W ear 13" 30' east 1408.57 feet to eor No. 2 Identical with cor No. 3 iiernydia lode of th s survey, thence N 81 09' E var 13 30' east 21.46 feet col' No. 1 Albert loose of this survey 2~59.87 feet to cor No. 3 ml hl:e 4- 1 Albert lode of tills Sllrvey, a shelf on perpendieu ar s ate cl ff :~ feet high ch soled x 3.12917 A, thence S 8" 15' E ear 13" 12' east 1405. ,58 feet to eor No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 inches 5feetlengset 30 inches iu thc grmmd with m(am(l ufstone scribed 4-13917 A, whence Slcrra Blanco bears S 25" al' E, thence S 8t" 09' W ear 13" 12' east 290.27 feet to cor No. 1 the place of beginning. ALBERT LODE, Beginning at cor No. 1 on line 2-3 Reese lode of tins survcy, a ecdar post 4xt inches X 5 feet h)ng set 30 'nehes in the ground with mound of stone seHOed 1-13917 A, whence N E eorsec 211 T44N R11Eofthc N MFM beat's 81"59'49" E 2533 feet, a cedar tree 14 inches In diameter blazcd and scribed B T 1-13917 A bears S 51" 06' E 1:1.22 feet, thence NII" 14' W ear 13" 30' east 412,`58 fect intcrsect lihe 4-1 Bernard lode of this survey, 762.09 feet intersect tiue 2-3 Bernard lode ol this survey 1441.51 feet to cor No 2, a cedar 1lost 4x4 inchcs x `5 feet long set '30 inches ill the ground with monad oI stone scribed 2-13917 A, wbetlec a cedar tree 10 illcbe8 ill dlalneter blaz- ed aud scribed B T 2-13917 A bear,- S 37" 21' W 18 2 feet, theuce N 8,1" o9' E var 15 ,east 290.2~ Ieet to col' No. 3, a gnciss rock in pface 4x8 feet 4 feet above groulad chiseled x 3-1;917 A, whence a spruce tree 10 inches Ju diameter blazed and scribed B T 3-13,.)17 A bears N 74" 47 E 26.12 f~'et tllcnec S 11" 14' E wtr 1;1" 45' east 377 feet, rater- sect line 2~1 Bernard lodc of this survey, 726.51 feet intersect lille 4-1 llernard lode of flus sur- vey, 1441.51 feet to cor No. 4, a cedar post 414 inches x 5 fcet lout set 30 iaelles In th~ ground with nloculd of stone scribed 4-139i7 A, whence a X on Mate ledge chiseled B R 4-13917 A bears N ~3' 51' E 782 lcct thence S 8~~ 09' W vat 13" 12' cast 21.85 feet cor No. a Reesc lode of this sur- v~ey, 2(J0.26 feet to cor No. 1 the place of begin- ning. BERNABD LODE. Begnlllnlg at eor No. 1 on lmc 2-3 Rosetta lode Of this survey, it ce(i~Li" poet 4X4 lncbes X 5 feet long set 30 inches in tile ground with luound of stone scribed 1-13917 A, whence N E cot sec T 44 N R 11 E of the N M 1" M bears S 10" 57' 51;" E 2537.38 feet a cedar trec 30 inches ill diameter blazcd acid scribed B T 1-1d917 A bears N 39" 'q' W 13.16 fect. thence N 36 28' W ear 13" 40' east 266.69 feet to cot No. 2, a ccdar post 414 Inches x `5 feet long sot 35 ill. in the ground with mound pistons scribed 2-1a917 A,wheuce a pinion stump 4 Inches iu diameter blaze([ and scribed B 8 '~- 13917 A bears N rid" E 8.10 feel thence N ~" 10' E var 14" east 701.4 feet ntersect line 1-2 Albert lode ot this survey 1100.45 feet intersect line 34 Albert lode of this survcy 1320.64 feet to eor I~0. a, a spruce post 4x4 lnehes x `5 feet long set 80 inches ia the ground wLth mound of stone serlb- e(I 3-13917 A, whence a spruce stump 6 lnehes In dlalueter blazed and scrlbed B S 8-1:$917 A bears S 39" 11' ]~ 5L67 feet thence S 86" 28' E vat 15" IT east 266.69 feet to cor No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 in- ches x 5 Ieet loug set 30 inches ht the ground with ntoand of s~ocle scrLbed 4-18917 A, whence a pine stunlp 14 inches in diameter blazed and scribed B S 4-18917 A bears N 41" W 1117 feet, thence S 35" 10' W vat 18" 12' east ~7720 feet in- ter~cct line 8-4 Albert lode of this survey 776.~ feet intersect lifts l-2 Albert lode this survey 1820.64 feet to cot No. I the place of beginning. GEMELLA LODE. Beginning at eor No. I on line 2 8 Gran-Lee lode of this survey, a cedar post 4x4 laches x Ii. feet long set 30 inelles Ill the ground with mound ol stone scribed 1-4, 13917 A, whence N E eor see 26 '1" 44 N R U E of the N M P M bears . D on the ()smells h)de, I)earing COl)per aud gold, tile slt)l~e heiag 1049.17 feet norlilwestelly and 422.62 feet soutebaster[v from fhe d|scovery cut thereon, with surfac~ ground 267.25 feet in 19" 23' `58" E 2,599.62 feet, a pimps tree 8 lnclles lit diameter blazed and scribed B T 1-4, 18917 A width; and also fur 1471.79 ]hmar feet oa tile f bears N 1 42' W 27.5 test. thence N 25~ 50' W York State h)(lc, bearing copper and gold, tie I ear 18 40' east 1471.79 feet to cor No 2, a cedar same being 14~0.79 feet northwesterly and 51 fee | post 41~ laches x 5 lest hug set 80 Inches in tile south,qtsterly from the (hscovery eat thereon | gruund with mound of stone scribed 2-3, 13917 A, with surface ground 300 feet nl width ; and als~ | a X on a granite ledge chiseled B 14 2-8, 18917 A fur a patent for 806.65 linear feet of the Sail Isa heat's t~ 84 09' W 8.~lieet, tbenes N 84" b9' E bel mill site bcing non-mineral and 270 feet in width and rectangular ill form, all situate ill the vat 1~ 40' east 28054 fcct to cot" No. 8, a cedar IIlal~e nlining district, Saguaclle county, statc of : post 4x4 inches x 5 feet loag set 30 inches la ths (kdorado an( ( ese ' I)ec 1)y the ol~(.lal plat here- groall(I with Inound of stone scribe(l $-18917 A, with poste([ and/)v the li(~hl antes on iiie in the whence a cedar Lrec 14 inches m diameter b[az olliee nf the registin" of tim Del Norte Colorado ed and scribed B T 8-18917 A bears S 85" 80' W land district as follows, viz: 12.4 feet, timaee 8 25" 59' 23" E ear 13" 12' east 1472.03 feet to cor No 4, identical with cot Non. GRAN-LEE LOI)E. 3 and 2 Sykes and Rosette lodes of this survey, Beginning at cot' No. 1, a cedar post 4x,1 inches thence S 8~ 09' W 2`50 feet cor Non. 2 and3Sykes x 5 feet long set 30 inches ill the gromld with and Gran-Lee lodes of this survey, 284.85 feet to lnound nf stone scribed 1-1;]917 A, whence N E : eor No. 1 the place ot beginning. corsec26, T44N R11oftheNM I' M bears S YORK STATE LODE. 443 50' 28" E 1121.02 feet a cedar tree Ouches it) ., . , . ~ ~, . ~ ..... ,._..__~__ , , ' . . 2- , ' . Deglnlhng ab cur ~.~O a cuuar pUS~ *t&~t ill,lice d amct( blaz~ d and SCl d)ed 11 T 1-1391( A, lleals ............... N 82* 2l' E ~.31 feet. East end of Table ment- x 0 Ice~ loug se~ ~u niCheS In ule grounu Wl~li talli bears S 3< ')3' W thence x. r.o r,, ~xr ~, ,~o lUound Of stone scribed 1-18917 A, whence N ]~ , , ~ , ~ .) ,)t vv, .a..,, ,, , 9' - ~ o ' ' ) ' o " , col" sec 26 I 44 N R 11 E of the N M P M bears S 1, east 1.107..3.)feect cm N(,2, nlined-lYork 2601'98" E 2692 36 feet thence N25" ~0 W v&r State ,)~ .,f ,),;~ ",,,.,.,v thenae N 84" an(t SC "lee l~ 1 1;~11 1~, nears ~ 61" 08' E 4 42 ='" ~; ..... ', ...... )' ........ ce feet thcl~e 68 23 W vat' 18 12 east 15 feet U}) ~ Val" 1,/ 40 ('ast .)n lee~ ~O 4_'( r *NU. ,~, a .- . ' ' " ~ ' ' " t creek2feetwidee~urseS25 W270 feet to eor darl)ostdxlul(h(sxolcet longset30ulchesll M ,) ........ ........ " , . *,O 2 aceuar l)nsudX~lllCUes xDlee~ long ~et the grOtllld ~ltll IOOtlU(I ol stolle scrll)cd 2-3-4, o,, "" t ill +l" 1 '~ ;*~ "~ # * - , . " " OU IUCnles t ~ te gl'OU ht W~vtl nlOUnu Ox S~OnS 1391( A, ~ hence t cedar tree 16 hie]lea lU dialn- 'ribed 2 13917 B thence N 26" ~7' E v --" --' SC , S ar IS 1~ eter blazed and s(.ribed B T 2-34 1.3917 A, bears _ _. ~_x . --o r ....... " I"- '" '~ , , eas~oooa Lee~t co ~o.~ aceuar peal; ax~ s 0 4 k , ie(,t a 1leak ]n Conejos taage " x- I et Ion set -^ inch In "h ,'4 9" ''W ' ' , , ' . , lnclleS 0 e g ~ es S e grmula bears, 3. 4:2 , thence ~ 5 51 E val t3 40 " " nd~of = n rlb d ---" .... - ) , wltn men StO 0 SC e ~,laak1. lt~ waea~ east lt07..~;) tect t( eor NO. 4 a cedar post 4x4 ill- -urn i "" inches ill d m ter bl ~ - x 5 fl loll s( ' / " ' ' .,) a spruce s~ t ~ m e azeu ann chcb= ~ "et g, 't .~( niches In the gi clnd ........................... ,. ) ....... 'c~ ilh lll( Ill d of st ) ~ scribe0 1.1 1~:~q17 A whollos~ scrloec 1~ ~ ~'l~tl* D uea('s o ~o z~ ~ .a.e~ 1.eel, ............................. 1 It cedar tr(t 12 Jltches ill dhtnleter blazed and a quaking aspen ties 4 rashes h diameter b'laz- ,q,lbcdBTi-1 ]3'17A )e.trs~ ~4o ~,, I~ Writ edandserlbedB 13-13917B bcarsS25"09 W f,,,.t ,h,. S ' t Mt ill ( Olleio~ l"Allrt~ h~fll'~ ,~ ~5" 24.75 feet, tile ce S fi3 28 E val 18 12 east 20 ...........s" " v" ....... " ........... tee~ ctee' k 2 feet wide course ~" 0-" w"" z70'~ lees- * m 28' W, tllencc S 8] 09' W, ar 13 12' east 250feet ' to cur No. 1 the IIlacb of beginning. I~OS]~:'fT A LODE ]~eginning ai eor No. 1, hlentleal with eor No. 4 Svkes in(is of tb[s SUl'vey, w11ence N E cur see i 26":t'41N R11Enftlle N 311'M bearsS22" 01' E ]166.04 feet, theses N 5~ 51' W, vat 13 40' east 1407.35 1oct Io cor No 2, identical with cor No. 3 Sykes hide of tills survey, thence N 84 09" E, ear 13 40' east 98.92 fcet~cor No. 1 ]-}eraard lode of this sln'vey, 300 t'e('t tO ('ur No. 3 a cedar post 414 iuclles x'5 fe('t hlll~ set 30 inches in the grncald with nlotnlcl (if stuns scribed 2-3, 13917 A, wbellcC a pillion ti'ee 4 ill(!tles ill dianleter blaz- edltl ls:rilelB~l 2-3, 13917 A bearsS64~46'E ')~t.63 feet, theni_'c S 5 51' E, wu' 13' 40' east 1407.- : 35 feet tu COl' No. 4 a cedar post 414 inches x 5 feet long set ;~ ira:lies iCl t.llc grmlnd witll monad of stol:e scribed 1-4, 13~.q7 A, whence a eerier tree 18 iliehes in diauleler l)lazed and scribed B T 1-4, 13917 A, bcal's N ',;7~ 15' W 6.65 feet, thence S 84~ 09' W, var 13 12' C~" ~t 300 feet to COl' No. 1 tile l)laee ol begilUlJllg'. BEI~ NYI)IA LODE. l!eginldllg at ecr No. 1, i(lellttcal with eor No. 4 Rus(,tta ]ode uf this sal'vev, wiienee N E eor scc 26 '1" 44 N It 11 E of tile ~ M 1' M bears S 7 col' No. 4, a cedar post 4x4 inches 5 feet long set 30 lnclleS nl tile gl'ouau with lnouad of stone SCL'Jbed 4-13917 B, whence a spruce tree 12 inches iu dianneter blazed and scribed B T 4-13917 B bears 8 12~ 18' W 41.~ test, thcnoe S 28" 87' W vat 13 12' east 030 ~ee~, creek 2 feet wide course S 10" W 700 feet, creek 2 feet wide course 8 40' W ~06.~`5 test to cor 1',o. 1 the place of beginning. And said lode~ coutahdng 77448 acres, and safd millsite containing 4.999 acres and terming a portion of the E % of sec 2~ and W of sec ?A, in twp. 44 N R lI ~ aud said locations are re- corded ill the ofllee of tile county clerk and re- c0rdcr ot Saguache county. Colorado aa follows: Grau-Lee lode In book 6a at page 208 Sykes lods in boor 68 at page 205, Rosette lode lu boog 63 ati page 211, Beruydia lode lU book 6~ at page ~04, t, eese lode in bouk 63 at page 210, Albert lode In book 63 at page 201, Bernard lode ILl book 6~ at page =03.Gems]In lode in boot~ fi~ at page 207,Ym otlue lode nl book e2 at page 86, The ban lsaba| Mill Site |n book fi7 at page 5~19. "L'here are no kuown adjoining or conflicting elallas on or with ally of taese lodes or mill site. JAn. H, BAXTtta, Register, Fret pub Dec Z0 last Feb 21. Furniture, ! have lust received a new lot of furniture. Bed- steads, tables, center and extension, chairs, mattr etc, Do not send away for furniture before you see my fine, Am still sellln hardware at bedrock Prices ELLA II0WARD at the old Fu!lert0n stand,