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February 28, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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February 28, 1901

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II I II ii lilimi ill il il i SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (ro~nLY sAonAc~g D~tOORAT.t Entered at the post office at F~ag1~aehe, Colo., t r transmission through the mails a~ seC-n,l-class ,~,attor, OBCAR D. BRYAN, l~Mltor. THURSDAY, FEB. 28, 1901. Elsewhere in this issue we print an edttorial from the Colorado Springs Tele- graph regarding the proposed unjust tax- ation on mines as provided by the Houes Revenue Bill. The subject is an impor- tant one and the legislaluro should think twice before placing upon one of our main industries such a heavy burden, The removal committee of the Prasby. tartan Synod are strictly "up to snuff." They are playing Monte Vista against Salids, and by the threat that Salida may lo3e the Academy if they do not bid high enough to get the college, they are "pushing Salida way up iu the figures. It is none of our funeral but the impression prevails'here that Del Norte is not get- ting a square deal. We opposed the rc- moral of the Soldiers' Home from Monte Vista on practically the same grounds-- it was not keeping faith with Monte Vista. Jealosy between the t~wns of Sa- guache and Crest one is reportered. Mof. fat aspires to eounty eeat honors.--Del Norte Propoctor. Take it easy brother Prospector, there is nothing but the bestof feeling between the two towns. Crestono wishes all of bar sister towns prosperity and good luck, and Crestone ts the acknowledged metropohs of the entire bunch. A false report has gon~ forth that Saguache peo- ple "had it in" for Crestone, but the flint seems only to be m the eye of a few "punkin huskers."--Crestoue Miner. Wheat m the San Luis valley is sell- ing at the inexcusable price of forty-two cents a 0ushel and people are hiking out of the country as if fleeing from the wrath to come. Is the wheat market as joyful under the gold standard as it was in the good old da~s of free coinage or, are we merely having a night-mare?- Field and Farm. The price of wheat is too low. There is no excuse for it rather. The gold standard has nothing to do with it. The combination responsible for the low pace m the milling combine and the high freight tariff and this is known to every inhabitant of the valley. The people are not klking out. You must have had a pipe dream. The San Luls valley is one of the most profitable farming communitms in Col- orado, with mining camps surrounding all portions of the valley which naturally affords a market for all their products at a handsome living profit for cash. There are advautagss on both sides of the ques- tion. The mining camps get fresh vege- tables and other products at a less price than if shipped in from the outaide, while the farmer could not afford to pay the excesstve high rates to ship to out- side markets, so the advantages on both sides are mutual and should be recipri- cults all. The day Is not far distant when farming land in the valley will be eagerly snu~zht after for sp-cnlative pur- poses. All countries have their draw- backs but farming by irrigation has few- er than any other.--Creede Miner. Do $otnetlling Last Friday nieht three more women were apsaulted on Capitol H,1!, Denver, and the thing did its work so well that not a clue is left for the police to work u,,on. The three assaults occurred with- in half au hour and inside a small circle in Denver'a most fashionable residence quarter. The women were all etrnck with apparently the name weapon, on the back of thQ head. and~aleo all three received blows which resulted in fracture of the skull. Two cannot posmbly live and the chances for the third are very slim. This makes seventeen victims who have been assaulted since the first of last Septem- her and the thing responsible for the as- sault in still at large. Residents of Cap- ltol Hill should subscribe $25,000 to be paid to the parties who arrest and con- vtct this fiend as the Denver police force seems incapable of handling the case. Have every block patrolled costantly and it is only a question of a short time when they will get him. During the heat of the past campaign Senalor Patterson charged that the re- publicau party bad imported thugs to commit the aasulta, but we suppose he will hardly claim that Senator Wolcott m responmble for the last outbreak. Tile Right of ConstltuPnis. The members'Of the Thir{eenth Gen- eral Assembly have become so "'touchy" on the subject of lobbyists and lobbying that the appearance on the floor of a citizen of the state is likely to sui,joct him to insult. So tsader is the l~gislature conscience that many members object to beingeven spoken to by members of their own families for fear some one will rise to a matter of denunciation. There is no good reform for the con- stant crying out against lobbyist, for as a matter of fact, the real bayer of legis- lative influence do~s not operate in the house. He becomes so well known after one or two visits tbat even those whose votes are for sale do not dare to be seen m hm company. The citizen of the state who calls at the capitol to talk with the member from his district, and to protest against any enactment he may think unjust, has the right to do so and the right to do so without insult. There is one newspaper in Denver that decrys the right of a legislature's constit- uents to advise with him in the cloak rooms of the capitol,and tlYo editor of the paper conducted, a successful personal campaign on the floor of the house He also, as his newspaper terms it, "boldly entered the retiring rooms of one of the houses and used the state's furniture as a table" to induce the asnate to reverse its action on a certain bill. The constituents 'of members have a right to consult wLth them The legis- lators are not angels of the highest hear. an, and thua above the comnion herd. They are not 8o much better informed that they cannot gain information by contact with other men. If they are afraid of being sullied by- contact with the pcoplethe legislature is not their Its s ToT Thin, pale, amemic girls need a ratty rood to enrich their blood, give color to their cheeks and restore their health and strength, it is safe to say that they nearly all reject fat with their food. COD LIVER OIL W/T# #YPOP#O3Pt/I TE5 of L IH 50DA is exactly what they require~ eJI (3 it not only gives them the im- o':'! portant element (cod.liver o1'1) ~" :~ in a palatable and easily di- ~ gested form, but also the hyp~ ~i ~ phosphiteswhich are so valua- ~ ble in nervous disorders that~ usually accompany amzmia. SCOTT'S EMULSION is a,~ fatty food that is more easily ! digested than any other form of fat. A certain amount of, flesh is necessary for health, i You can get it in this way. .~ We have known per-~i sons to ,gain ,a. pound a day whde taking It. 5oc, sad et.oo, sll dmggi,t~ .~. sCOTT & BOWNEI Chemists, New York. (f ~eeeNeeWeet~o~r' proper abiding place. They should be enshrouded, embalmed, packed away in the oaverfls o~ the basement.--Republi- can. It Must be ConfiscAtion. I] It The particular thing in which Colorado ]Springs m interested m regard to the i new revenue measure is the proposed taxation of minos and mining properties. As the bill now stands the revenue to be raised by it is double the legitimate needs of the state. A large part of this it is proposed to raise from excesmve taxa- tion of mines. Indeed, the revenue billia so framed that it means practically the confiscation of many important proper- ties, for they certainly, would be unable to bear the burden which the now bill proposes to put upon them. - Colorado in by far the greatest mining state in the Union. Its g,ld and its sil- ver mines have spread its fame through- out the known world. Without these Colorado would not have had one tithe of the interest or one hundreth part of !the capital which has been poured into it. What folly, then, for legislators to think of harassing and h2mpering this great industry by excessive and unwar- ranted taxation. Everyone who hasgiv- en the subject a moment's t hou gh t gnows that an average of $,5 has been put in the ground in Colorado where $1 has been taken out, and yet the legislature is ser. iously proposing to make the burden far greater upon the mining industry by tax ing it beyond all legitimate reason. Tax- ation of mining properties is Sufficiently high as it stands. There are some per- sons who believe that no taxes at all should be levied upon mines, and there are others, apparently, who think that if a mine 'is successful all its proflt~ ought i to go to the state. ~fow, between these two extremes thereought to be and there must be a happy medtum. Every incenttve ought to be offered for the continued development of the mines of this state, for by so doing they will, with the legiimate and fair taxes, con- tinuously and largely supply revenue to the state. But they certainly will not do this if all efforts toward the making of mines are stifled and checked at the out- set by a sytsem of confiscatory taxation. Ever~ lqislatori whether he be from the farming communities or from the mining regions, ought to bear this zn mind. No single enterprise has contributed so much to its financial aid as the mining indus- try. It thus c;ught to be borne in mind that, whatever other objects may be se- lected for taxation, and there are many of them which could be fairly aud legiti- mately t~.~ed m0re thou they a'o now, the mining industry sh,mld be treated with the utmost fairness. If it ]s but given a chance to develop it will be a source of pride and a source of ever in- creasing revenue to tile state of Colorado for many years to c.me.-- Colorado Springs '['t,legra ph. How to Cure the Grippe. Remain quietly at home and take Chamberlain's Cough Reh~edy as direct- ed and a quick recovery is sure to follow. That remedy counteracts any tendency of the gmp to result in pneumonia,which is really the only serious danger. Among the tens of thousands who have used tt for the grip not one case has ever been reported that dad not recover. For sale by Saguache Pharmacy. A Pedigree for Mrs. Nation. All hail! unto George Washington, Columbia's valiant son, Who dared to face war's perils And for us freedom won. Whoa but a boy of tender years, A hatchet wielded he, And tried the keenness of its edge Upon a cherry tree. Now, Papa Washington soon found The damage that was wrought, And then came grave auspictons Of the hatchet he had bought. So George was called before him. And asked about that tree, He couldn'~ tell a lie, so said, "Sure, paps, it was me." Perhaps, here lies the origin Of the Kansas situation, For does not history tell, "He was the father of our Nation?" Notice to Brand Owners. At a meeting of the San Luis Valley Cattle and Horse Growers' Association held at Alamosa on the 8th day of Jan- uary last it was ordered that the associa- tion will not be responsible for the lc~s of cattle having on the brands owned by W. H. Adams, John Adams and T. D. Workman, they having failed to pay their ~ssassments. And the sec- retary was directed to publish notice of the order in the valley papers. G~o. C. W~D~I% Secretary. Tablets and box papers at I woest prices at CRESCENT Office. Other portions of the state are getting suow these days but this L,ortion of the San Luis has been overlooked in the dis- tnbution. It m falling, ho,~ever, m the hills north and west of town. There ie ahvays danger in using coun- terfeits of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, Theprigmal is a safe and certain cure ]for piles. It is a soothing and healing salve for sores and all skin diseases. Sa- guache Parmacy. Owen Malone writes from San Fran- cisco that he arrived there on the 17th inst. "all broke us with a bad cold con- tracted enroute." He has found the weather damp and rainy and has not seen any%unshlne. This is tough on a San Luis valley man. He will remain in San Francisco a short time and if the weather does not change will go further south. Never huy an. animal that i~ narrow between the ayes. A horse withcutfron- tal development is always a fool and oft- en vicious rote the bargain. To the or- dinary observer all horses look ahke. They are just bay horses, chestnut horses, black horses and so on. The niceties of conformation aml the charac- ter which is expressed mostly in the head are usually overlooked.--Exchange. r Word has been received from Wash- ington that no eligible bids were receiv- ed by the department for carrying thel mail on the proposed Saguacbe-Moffat route, and that 0onsequently no change will be made. This will be good news to the northeru part of the county--to whom the abandonment of the Villa Grove route would work a hardship. We should like to see a rural free delivery route established from Moffat to Sa-' guache and return and believe there are people enough along the line to warrant the establishment of one. It would prob- ably be necessary to open the ~outh road before it 0ould be put through, Card of Thanks. In behaif of the S;Iguache ctmnty high school we desire to extend the thanks of the school to M~s, Pittioger, Miss Minnie O'Neil, Miss Margaret Lockett and Mat.) Bryan for furntshing music for the Joe Newman coi~cert. We desire especiall) to exLel~d our thanks to O. D. Bryan who made thisen- tertainment possible and assisted ]n many ways. Jomx B. MoRo~, Prin. Short Order. Mrs, Frank Hall, Villa Grove, is now prepared to give short order meals at reasonable prices. Arthur Scott is said to be a candidate for stock inspector, and David Gibbs as- p[etc.-Prospector. Oscar Mack is doing the paint work on he new CRESO~-NT building. He also has the contract to paint W W. Idea's resi- dence. O.O. Taylor Whisldei a;ed b~ critical Judges. Reports show a greatly increased death rate from throat and lung troubles, due to the prevalence of croup, pneumonia and grippe. We advise the use of One Minute Cough Cure in all of these diffi- culties. It i~ the only harmless remedy that ~ives immediate results. Childreu hkelt. SaguaehePi,armacy. We learn that at a a,eetmg of tile Crest one citizens held on Monday evec- ing it was decided to incorporate the town. It would seem to be a very wise movement. If you want to buy a few good horses or some good bulls it will pay you to at- tend the combmatiou sale by Bronaugh & Son, at Monte Vista, on Friday and Saturday, March 8 and 9. Notice. As I am liable to leave Saguache in a short time I desire that all parties who have taxidermist work at my shop un- paid f~r to call and get same at once. Otherwise the heads wdl be sold. G~o. R. Loucxs. At the masting of Amethyst Rebekah lodge ou tomorrow evening the degree will be conferred Ulam two candidates. After the business of the evening is dis- posed of, a few friends of the members will be invited in to listen to a shorl musical and literary program after which lunch will be served. For the t$oye. James Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc amt rubber he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a half for old rubber. I sell gunny sacks four cents each. I pay 12 cents a dozen for beer boftles. J. J. Pyles state organizer for the Woodmen organized a lodge at this place last Thursday night with 38 new mem- bers and about 20 old members will come into the Crsstone camp. The new camp i starts out m a flou~ishlng way and it is expected that this will be one of the best camps in the state.--Eagle. G.O '/'~ylor Whiskies of great value to the sica To Cure a Cold in One Day. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab- lets All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Orove's signature ] is on each box. 25c. (::1Jk IBI ~JB O l~L "1" ~.. WANTED-ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- acter to deliver and c~dlcct m Colorado for old established manufacturing wholesale house. $900 a year, surn pay. Honesty more than exper. ionce required. Our reference, any bank in any city. Enelnee self addressed stamped enwlope. Manufacturers, Third FLoor 884 Dearborn st. Cbica~o. State of Colorado, ~ss Saguache County. In the County Court. B,:rtha Newcr,mer, I Plaintiff. j VS ~ SUMMONS. Oda L. Newcomer, I Defendant. l'he people of the state of Colorado, to Ode L. Newcomer the defendant above named, Greetlug. Yuu are hereby required to appear In en action br(mght against you by the above nam- ed plaintiff, iu tt~e Couuty CourL of Sagnache WANTED-Cnp~b!e. rollabl~ p~rann in ~v,,ry coUnl 3' to rej,rc~u:*t large Colnpaoy Of suLid fiuan- cia~ reputation, $935 salary t,er year pa3abLe w,.ek[y, $3 per day ahso utely sure amt all expen- ses. straight, boaafid , defimte ~alary, no com- mission, valnry paid each Saturday and expense mousy advanced each week. STANDARD HOUSE, ,%4, 1)z~Rno.~ ST., CmCA(~O. Have You Books or Maga- zines to Bind7 We do Law, Medi6al, Library, ALL KINDS OF BOOKBINDING. Books bound in every conceivable style. Old books rebound. Ar~ and film bindings. Blank book makers. Hall Wiiliams, 14~1 urtls St, Denver, Cole, W. F. BOYD, Notary Public Saguache C, unty Bank. VILLA GROVE ANO 8AGUACH STAGE LINE. Carries mail, passengers and express. Leaves Villa Grove ........... 9:45 a.m. Arrives at S~guach~ .......... 1:15 p.m. Leaves Saguache ............. | :30 p.m. Arrives at Vdla Grove ........ 5:00 p.m. i F. }1. CARLSON, Proprietor. MI ~ING APPLICATION. ,.,,ou, CATARRH Druggis2 for s generous Ely's Cream Ba; n .... c~ntains nO cec~%e, g.,~ / 4~'~ ]uercary nor any ~t.~cc ~ J "-" injurious drug. ~ It is quickly Absorbed. ~t....~~i Ol~es l~e~ia atones. ~Y>~I It opens and cleansea .......... the Nasal Passages. ~1| [1 |~ X ~-~rl Allays Iuflammatton. v~l~s~ "1 sabras# Heals and Protact~ the Membrane. Restore~ the 8en*es of Taste and Smell. Fall Size ~ ; Trial Size 10c. ;at Druggists or I,y mail. BLY BROTIt~RS, ~ Warren Street, lq'ew Yo~k, THE PIONEER STABLE Villa Grove, Colo. Having leased the old Pioneer Stable at Villa Grove (being the one used by H. Bmham and successors as a stage barn) to be ueed as a liverr, feed and sale stable, I ~olicit a part of the public patronage, and shall s~rive by strict attention to business and with good rigs and harness to merit the same. F. P, HALL, Manater, A~ One ~~'P.~ Night to \ ~"~.~1~11~~] APOLJS, ~ST. PAUL. Leave Denver via Union Pacific at 4:00 p. m., arrive Omaha 6:45 a. m. Leave Denver via Burhngton at 4:00 p. m., arrive Omaha 6:~5 a. m. No. 554. Mineral Survey No. 14,347 U. S. Laud Ofllcc, at Del Norte, Cole., Jan. 2, ~v0~. ~ At Omaha change from these trains, whmh have been occu xed 15 hours to Notice is hereby gLvetl that Thomas Ft'ame " " P' whose pestofliee is ~alida, Colo., lnts made ap-, plicatJcn for a patent for 1500 linear feet on the [THP. rRil~ ~,~1~ n,~,,, .~... (;rent Mogul lode, the same being 150 feet N 0" ] a~affi, Vli~I~I,I, ,ll~BtA~'~, m,~J,~ 30' E and l:V~) feet S 0 30' W of the discovery I shaft aml 14:)9 feet of ti~e Enncss F lode botll:The latest ...... .... - bearing gold and silver, the same being 984 feet [ ~ . anu nnes~ I~ro(luc~ st ~uttmlm) N 60 30' E and 475 feet S 60: 30' W trom d[scov- I re--earing" umana'~ ..... as ta~ a m cry shaft tlmreon, with SlU'face ground each 300 [ : ., feet il) width, situate HI Kerber Cl'eel~ mining [ via the "NEW T,TNT~ " uistrict, Saguache county, state ef Colorado and I ....... ' described in the plat and field notes on file in m~ wz. , ~ . t ~r, ",, thisoflice, asfollows, viz: qlnfl llllllfll0 iIQ1)T1101 U U GREAT MOGUl, LODE. JJIU llllllUld UOIILIQI 1[, 1], Arriving Ohioago, Minneapolis or St. Paul the same evening ...... For tickets and reservations apply to agents connecting lieu or address JAMES CULTON, Commeroial Agent, 805 17th Street, Desirer. Beginning at cot' No. 1, whence the S W eor of sac 17. twp 47 N R 8 E N M P M bears S 83" 30' W 377 feet, thence N 0" 30' E 1500 feet to cor No. 2 ThenccN89 30' E 300 feet to eor No. 3. Thence S 0~ q0' W 1503 feet to eor No. 4. Thence N 89" 30' W 300 feet to cor No. 1, the place of be- ginning containl~g after excluding eo'i~llet wlth sur No. 733 Paragon lode, 9.773 acres. ENNESS F. LODE. Beginning at cor No. 1, whence the S W cot seclT, twp47NR8EN MPM bears S 39" W 601.11feet thence S 60' 30' W 1459 feet to eor No. 2. 3 hene,~ N 0 30' E 349.4 feet to cot No. 3. Thence N 60" 30' E 1459 feet to cm' No. 4. Tllence S 0" 30' W 346.4 feet to ~oc No. 1. the place of be- ginning, containing 10.048 acres, net area of claims containing 19.821 acres, expressly ex- cepting and excluding all confliot with survey No. 733 Paragou lode and forming aportion of tbeSW~.sce17, SE~A, see 18 and N E .1/4 of see19, twp4~N R8EofthcN MPM, Ba!d lo- Catlou belug recorded in vols 70 and 78, at pages 262, 555 of the records of Saguacne county, Colo. Adjoining claims sur No. 733, Paragon lode, sur No. 7'-'28 Wlmle lode, sur No. 12,281 Mill Site lode and First Chance, A. Badders claimant, others if any unkuown. JAn. H. BAXTER, Re'gister. Flrst pub Jau 10--last March 14. Notice of Forfeiture. To John Nevitt. You are hereby notified that we have ex- panded One Hundred Dollars in labor and Lm- ~rovements upon the Mystic lode, situate in oebetopa minl~g distrLct. Saguaehe county, CoLoraclo, the location certtflcate of which Is recorded iu the records st said Saffuaehe eouu. ty, in book 78 at page 484, in order to hold said premises under the provisions of Section 2824 Revised Statutes o~ the United btatea being the amount required to hold the same for the year ending l)eeember M, 1900. And if within ninety days from the service of this notice you fail or refu~e to contribote your proportion of such expenditure as co-owoers, your lnlerest iu said claim will become the property st the subscrlbers under the said Section 2824. Saguaehe Jan. 6, 1901 FRED HYATT, E. T. HYATT. Firt pub Jan 10--last April 11. Notce for Publication. Land Office, Del Norte0 Colo,, Jan. 18, 1901. Notice is hereby given that the following oamedsettler has filed notlee of his intentiou to make final proof lU support of hls claim, and that s~id proof will be made before Lee Falrbanks, clerk of district court of Saguache counly. Colo., on M~trcb 5, 1901, viz: Beneditn Marquez. who made homestead en- try, No. 2~51, for the S E ~ sac. 2, twp. 42 N of range7EN MPM. He names lhc following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upoII aud cuLtiva- ti,)n Ot said laud, viz: FeIes Chaves, Juan Andrea. Babeucia EpL- Janio "lorres, Julio Lobate, all of Carnero, Colo. JAn. H. BAXTER, P~eggster. Notice for Publication. LAND OFF, ICE AT D~ NORa~,CoLo., Jan. 19tb, 1901. f Notice is hereby eiven that the followlug uamed settler h~ts filed notice of his intention W LJ} AND ENCYCLOPEDIA. oq Statistical COolume of Facts and Figures Containing O,oer 600 Pages. I "OVER x, oo0 TOPICS. ] OVER zo, ooo FACTS. SPECIAL FEAT~ The censers of 1900. Nattohal [p~ i and State ,t,c-I~I tion retur us. [~ American -o~- I'~J~_%l tess. Polltlcal I ~,~r-~l ( o n v n t ions i "g~J and platforms).l~%~[ American ru,~ in [ ~_.~,#'~ | P i]ippl.e .E I New govern- meats of Porto Rico and Ha.. wail Polar eXl~Oration in 1900. Conclusion of the South African war. Pan-Amerlcan Exposition o~ t90t. Chlna~Its present ~m- dillon and slates among nations. Roster o~ general o[flcers of th, Regular U. S. Army, 1759 --1900. i,)unt.v; state of Co]ofgdo: and answer the to make llnal pro,)f in support of his claim, ~.rmvPtatntuere.~n wttnt}~ W).~y u~.~sar!e~'~ne and that satd proof will be made before the . lee ere~3i1[ ~PIvel wlenln tapsidle OI s Linch . . " ' , _ . " , _ clerk of the di. trJci court at Sag e, Colo. ou (.~)!orado or by p.unhcatlou, or, It served out I Marci~ 2, 1901 viz: o the slate of Colorado. wlthiu fifty daysatier I ~ . .. ' ....... .,^ , .......... V ~,~usiavus ~ Noru~,) WUO lllauu llUiLle3b~an the ser lee hereof, exclusive of tile day ot ser- [ .. . . , ....... , vice, or said action may be regularly set for I entry ~q; 279[ r~r the S w ~A. sec. 1, twp. 42, trlalt esa [ange'i ~ ]N .~l 1" M ' h me an though such nppearaoee had I " * : been made and issue h~td been joined on such [ He names tim following witnesses to prove complaint. ' hls eonl,lnu )us residooee upon and cultivation The said ,ctlon is brought by plaintiff to ~b oi said land, vtz: thin a decree of divorce, dissolving the bonds I Ssnluel Jewell, John S Sanderson, both of of matrimony now existing between plaintlffl Saguaehe, Colo. H. P. Johnson, J. P. John and defendant, co the grouod of desertion, lson, both of Carnero, Cole abandonmffnt aud fidlure to sopport as will J^s H BAXTER Register more fully appear from c~,mpla|at in said act- ] " " ' " iou to which reference is bare made and a copy ot which is hereto attached. And y,m are hereby notified thatifyou fall] tr.r -u n"u c, to appear, and tO answer the said complaint [ as above requLred, the said plaintiff will apply [ to the court for the relief therein demanded. I Given under my ]land and the seal of said court, at ~aguache In sald county this 18th day of February A. D. 190L O. D. BRYAI~, County Judge and acting Clerk. Notice for Publication. U. S. Laud Office at Dal Norte, Colo. February 21 190 . Notice ts hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intentio, to makeflnal proof lu Hlpport of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the clerk of the district court, at ~aguaehe, ColO- rado, on April 6, 1901, viz: Edward W. Ashley. who made homestead entry No. 8045. for the S "~ E ~ sac. 1: tire N E~4N E~4sec. 12, twp. 46N R 7 E and the lot No. 1, sac. 7, twp. 46, N R 8 E N M P M. i }te names tl, e following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and ctntlvation of said lend; vlz: Dan Maheuey, James White, both of Villa Grove, Colorado, Herbert Peele, Jos. Mahan, both of Bonanza, Colorado. Jae, H, BAxTsa, Bcgtetcr, A Political Register. [ I ' Facts that patriotI and voter ought to know.[ Standar American Annual. ] ~, Postpaid to any addr~$ 1"raCe .,r . I THEWORLD, ~"'Z v r#,, , - . " ul~ Bldq., ~vcw Jro#& ! bane lust received a new lot of furniture, Bed- steads, tables, center and extenslen, chalrs, .. mattresses, etc, Do not send away for furniture before you see my line, Am still selllnt hardware at bedrock prices ELLh .ow nD at the old Fullcrton stand, :