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March 1, 1906     The Saguache Crescent
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March 1, 1906

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SAG UACHE CRESCENT. i ! VOL. XXI. NO. 9 SAGUACHE., COLORADO, THURSDAY, ,[ARCH I. 1906. WHOLE NUMBER 131 t. i w,,,m v.M.nro. BUSINESS LOCALS. D I R ECTO RY. ' William Y. Munro of the , ,nro Br, a. Years tSe Standard -- stock ranch on the upper Saguaohe, died eDl~t~ It Will Pay Each One To Rend Every CHVRCn ~OTICES. Line in This Column. l LO C a [ H a p p e 1'1 i 13. g s T o [ d of stomach and liver trouble at his home ~~'A~Q_ ~ Baptist Church. rail;aS Preaching every Sunday at i1 a. m. and 7:30 p on thersnchatabout3p, m. on Men- Now is yonr time to get bargains in m. Bible school at l0 a. m. Christian Endeavor i n S ho rt Pa r a g r a ph s. day, Feb. 26th at,or an illness of severs furniture at Jones & Co. meets at 6:~0 p. m. Prayer and praise service at t weeks 7:30 p. m. Wednesday evenings. Choir practice a~ Mr. Munro was born at Bristol, Lin- New waists, all designs and styles, just perks7:3 p. m.ob~ervedSaturdaYoneVenings.the first ThesundayLOrd'Sof t~llP.each coin county, Maine, January 17, 1844, of arrived. Now open for inspection, nesdaymnth'evening,Cvenant meeting the preceding Wed- { News and Personal Items of General Scotch lineage; and when about twelve ~ The Gotthelf & Tarbell Mere. Co. Phone lted 75. DR.h.Z. HA/~r.,Pastor. I flt r S t t O O - r L O C a I R e a d r s ~15 d$ ,ears of age began a seafaring life.which Leave your orders for Braidwood's cut --- he followed untd 1869. During thi, tim. B~N@ flowers, potted plants, etc., at the Curs- MI~THOn] ST CItUROH. Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:80 p. m. t ' he made many trips to foreign ports and CE~T office and they will receive prompt Prayer meeting every Wednesday evening at 7:15 ~ gained such a thorough knowledge of attention, p.m. Epworth League at 6:30 every Sunday )tactical navigation that h. wa~ mad. pOWD~ ~f you have not tried the internatlon, evening. ,.ommandar of a ship. He visited Africa, al Stock food for sale by Ernest Nelson JA~t~s T. StATeN, Pastor. O D. Bryan came in from Denver last 1~. W. Owings was up from Moffat on Cuba and many ports of the British you have missed the best thing for stock C~tholic Church. Monday. Monday. provinces and South America,and was at ~(rom 0f Tartar Powder now on the market, on the *trot Sunda eacl montl, at 10 o'clock a. m. there will be Holy Mass at W.H. Cole was over from Cotton Creek John Smith of Carnero was in town Charleston, S. C. at the time of the at- P.M. Jones & Co. keeps the best high Lhe Catholic churclL Tile Sunday school takes on Monday. on Saturday. tack on Fort Sumpter. lade From 0ralms grade coffee and teas ,] , eeverv -,.,day a, m in ,he o.oreb In February 1869 he started for Call- Fu. FRANCIS X. 'l'oM~fnSI/~I, S. J. ................... Alum Joe D'Avignon of Carnero was in town Hen. Isaac Gotthelf returned to Den- fornia to go on a Pacific ocean steamer; NO Your fire wood furnished ready ~orthe Residenca in Del Norte on Saturday. ver on Saturday. but at Cheyenne he changed his plans, stove. All kinds of wood sawed any Spaolsh Presbyterian Church. ............ and with his brother Edmund, took the length you wish. Send in your orders. ~unday school at 10a. m. and Christaiu Ira Colvin was home from the Means Next Saturday is the creamery meet- stage for Denver. For~a while theywere Stockyard Letter, PricAmroalonable. Endeavor meet.illg at 7;30 p.m. All are in- ranch over Sunday. lug at tim town hall. employed in the building of the Union Kansas City, Me., Feb. 23, 1906. John Cline, Saguache. cited. J.N. PACII~CO, Superintendent. John I. Palmer went to Salida on Guy Jewell of Carnero was in town Pacific railroad, then they bought out A good repr~entation has been received Millinery and ladies' fancy gnods at business on Tuesday. the last of last week. what was known as the fast freight line from Colorado, Idaho and the panhandle extremely low prices at Mrs. Ludwick's. LODGE :NOTICES, ............. from Denver to Georgetown and engag, this week in the cattle yards, although Go to P. M. Jones & Co. for a fine sad- O~ve Branch r.odge,:No. 32, A.:F.& A.M Gordon King went to Villa Grove L.P. Hammond returned from Den- ed in freighting for a year, after which stockers have predominated. Thieclass Tuesdav~ for a few days' visit, vor Tuesday evening, they disposed of their teams and went to has not sold aa good this week as it has die cheap. ! ~A/ Rognlarfore fnllmeetingSmoon in eachSaturdaYmonth,natr Ms-be" H D. MeKelvey, the jeweler left for Clear Creek county where they became lately, but there is a little complaint 25 per cent discount on ladies andI ~ sonic Hail, Dorm's block, at 7:80 Born to Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Melvin on Salida (m Monday. interested in mining. They located a from shippers, as prices are high anyway, children's coats. AI~ late styles, o'clock p. m. JOEIN E. ASHLEY, W. M. F, iday night Fe~. 23rd a son. number of properties and were fairly One thing against the market this week, The Gotthelf & Tarbell Mere. Co. W.A. JOHNSON, Secy. Win. M unro died at his home at upper Frar~k Steadman returned from a visit successful, discovering the first bismuth was that Kansas buyers have stayed out, Bring your jewelry work to the bar- Sa:uache on Monday the 26th. to Florence last Thursday. ore in tile state, er~tennzal Lodge, inc. 23, L O. O. ~, not caring to incur the lax -f 50 cents bar shop. Satisfaction guaranteed. 5Ieeta every Taesday evening in ........... After several years they sold their per head ou all cattle in the state March I still have on hand a good stock of Oddvi~it,,raFellOWScordiallyHall,welcomed.Dunn's block. [ion. T. ~I Alexander was over to Tom Hammond of Monte Vista was in mining property in Clear Creek county 1st, and postponing their purchas,s un- Crest,)m. on business the last ~.f last t.,,wll the ft,'st of tile week. and went to Oursy, but not being pleas til after tl,st dat~, iu (,ms,.quenee Kill- Imhes', misses and childrens late style J. J: KELLER N, G. i ........ week R'o'Slam~ camedown f|'om theranch ed wittlLhatc~,uutryLheybou~htasmall ingeattl~,are~t~ady forths ~'eek, cows hatawhich [wlllclosoout at very h~w T.M. ALEX&NDER, Secy. \ViH Albn, who has b~eu in Cripple t.~takei~ the ball IPrid,y night, herd of cattle and drove them over the and heir,re, little higher. Astring of prices. Mrs. Lndwick. ............. mountains to Saguache county. '['hi~ more th~,n 600 panha,|divstockcrsweigh- We pay highest prices for hides cud 5dountHopeCn'oloNo. 611W. O.W. Crec~l( since November, came back last Condileri- P.orrego is putting up a was in 1876, and this counly has since ing 683 lbs sold straieht, at$390 Wedues- pelts, Jones & Co. Mee~stbsL ~h~,d a~d tihh Saturday nights of . ............ ea(:l~ m-~lih i~i ~o,,dl]wn hail. Thursday. new hoose on .......... hm lot on Denver~ ave. t)een their horny. They took up land day, a train of (~.ob)ra,h, stock cattle ,,f Infants and children's ready made ALICE DAVIS, G. N. Mrs. E Russell, who has been at l~ark- Mr and Mrs. Joe Ham of Bonanza and b:)ught ranches until they acquired about th~ sam~ weight s(dd 'l'lmrsday at dresses. Also boys combination overall J' J" KELIJ~:IL Cl,,~rk. villa for some time pasi~, bus returned to visfled Saguacim friends last Friday a tine stock ranch of about 1000 acres. $4 60, and other western stoekers sold st and waist suits. Saguaehe Camp inc. 28, W. of W. Saguache. night. The small herd witl~ which they started $3 65 to $4 15, cow., $3 to $3 75, canners The Gotthelf & Tarbell Mere. Co. Meets on se(umd a,ut fourth Saturday evening in ................ ncreased steadily until it became one of $2.50 t,, $290, veal calves $7, bulls $2.90 each month, at Odd Fellows Hall. Charley Lawley aYd Sam Calvert were John Brown and Joe Mitchell of Villa the large ones o~ the uounty, t,) $3 15. Meal fed steers from below the Barton Bros. Shoes. J.J. KELLER. C. C. down from upper Saguache on business Grove visited with Dad Mahoney I~st The deceased has been a citizen of this i quarantine line are selling at $4.15 to Have given satisfaction in Saguache IL M. CLARE, Clerk. last Saturt~ay. ........ -- ....... Tuesday. ................. county for thirty years. He was a man $~85this week, bulls$; to $335, a few county for a number of years. Birt Minnehaha Chapter No. 48, O.E.S., Fra~kSehroeder came over from Tur- ArtWebstor of Rio Grands connty of s~rong convictions and good business a'$3.50. Tolalreceipts this week are Clarehas put ins full stock of these Meets oa Saturday evening after full moon in ret to attend the bali Friday night and was hero the last of last week looking ability, kind, honest, industrious and lea than last, but fairly liberal, at 41,- celehrated shoes, which will be sold at each m~ath, at Masonic Hall. MRS. GEe. H. CURTIS, W. M. returned Saturday. for cattle, dealt fairly with his fellowmeo.A/though 000 for the week. P,mksrs have feigned reasonable prices and satisfaction guar- JOHN G. HUSITINGTON, Secy. ........ not of political turn of mind he served indifference at the opening of each day's anteed on every pair. ___ Claro~ice Garritson and Billy Knapp of Several pupils have been absant from the county its commissioner and was eon. trade, but showed anxiety before the Jones & Co. sell goods a*, lowest cash l~:llrageCamp No, 9592, M. W. A. Mirage Caster were among the masqueraders at our school during the week on account sidertd n very excellent official, lie was Colo. Meets ever)" Saturday night in Its new close, and kilhng stuff has closed strong prices. UIdon hall Friday night, of bad c(,]ds, well kuown over the county and was re hall. .......... each day. Smaller receipts would bring Ledias' and Misses' street hats at C.B. ss~'~)sa, FRA~NK OVIlgOS, ])an DeBord of Moffat lost his gray John List() of the Knight-Campbell spen~cd and honored by everyone. In sharp competition, from 250 up. Ladies' and Misses' dress see'y. Consul stallion last week. While driving along Music ('o. ~*f Denver, was m town a few his death Saguache loses one of its old- Shippers have been compelled to see hats at from $1.50 up. Mrs. Ludwick. the road the horse dropped dead. days last week. eel and best citizens, and the bereaved lambs keep on going down this week, rust~mce Hour~. friends have the sympathy of the entire while muttons have sold steady to strong. If it ia a bilious attack take Chamber- ()n week d~ys the (itnce will be opeu fromo6 Prof. Collins and wife and MissNe]e(,u E,1 "l'ium~y and family of Bonanza community. The market" closed strong today on laln'e Stomat)h and Liver Tablets and a o'clock In the morning to 7 hl the eve, lug No mails arrLve or depart (,n Sunday and the of Center uttended the valley teachers' visited B. J. Timney and family here the The funeral services were conducted lambs, with a top of $675, and any relief quick cure is eertsm7 For sale by all onice will not be open on that day. meeting at Monte Vista last Saturday: last of last week. ................. from the Baptist church on Wednesday in ths way of smaller receipts would re- druggists. JoH~ 14. W~L~A~S, P. M. A. J. Brass, Clifford Ben0ott, R.H. John Everett who }]as been visiting afternoon, Dr. Ass Z Hall officiating, suit in a rise ia lamb prices. Bulk of An astray came to my ranch about 8 J~Ioffat Stage Line. Monck. Bob ami R~v Ellis took in h~s daughter near Salida for several The services were short andsimple, but the lsmbs this week have sold" at $6.25 to milas southeast of Villa Grove three Leavel'dolratdaliyex. Sundayat .... l:00p, m. the masquerade ball here last Friday weeks returned on Tuesday. becoming a highly honored and esteem. $655. Yearlings [)ring $5.85 to $6.15 months ago one year yearling steer ArrlveatSaguacheby ................ t:20p, m. _ ............... ed citizen The casket was plain but this week, wothers $5.60 to $5.75, ewes branded W--A on left side. No ear Leave Saguacim daily ex. Suaday at..6:00a.m. night. Mr. and Mrs E,] Meyers whohadbeen )retry, and was beautifully decorated $4.25 to $525, a few goats at 350 and mark. Owner to pay for advertisement Arrive at Moffat by .................... 9;20a.m. A. L. Baker who ires been suffering visiting Mr. aml Mrs. HumphroyFuller- v~th floral tokens of respect, kids at $4.50. Some feodmglamlm have and pasture. from a bad ooid and rheumatism for the ton }eft, .u M(mday for Denver.. The remains were followed to their gone to the country at $585 to $630. P.H. Stahl. l)el Notre Stage Line. past week is still quite sick at the Ever- ,vli~s [~ih~h I'lankett of Del Norte, who last resting plaoeln Hdlside cemetery by J.A. RICKAI{T. Leave Del .Norte Mouda~sand Thursdays Sou h~,tel, il.s h~.ell visiti,,g i~er sister here forborne a large concourse of friends. ~ Notice ot Teachers Examination. at .................................. 850 a.m I ...... -, Denver Stock Yards Trade was a lit- Arrive a~ ~aguache al .............. B:00 p.m. Mrs Alex~udor [us~eJl returned frolu ~im-, lef~ for h~,r home T,~esday. Railroad News, tie dull here last week due to the poor 'L'eaahera' examination will ba held in Leave Saguache Tuesday and Friday 7.~0a.m. avisitwithhor parontsat I)aonia, Colo.] (](~,u~tv Assessor AI Fullenwider was quality of the offerings. Some good cat- Saguacheand Center on Thursday and ArriveatDe Norte ................ 4:45p.m. Her father has recovered from his long i i,~ t,~n a c:,uple of days last week on It is now d~flnitely understood that a tie were on hand snd sold well ureter, Friday, March 15 and 16, beginning at 9 OI,'F1CL&L DIRECTO}tY. spell ,,f ~ickness. t)u~iness connected wit}] bis office, quarter ~ection of land has bsen pur- good demand but huyers were hard to o'clock a. m. and closing at 4 p. m. each - .................. chased from Will Wilson, situated three interest on the common stuff of ~;hioh ~ day. county officers. Quarterly m~0ting aerwc~ wore h~ld We learn from the Monte V~sta Jour- miles south of Center on the line of the bulk consisted. Beef steers were in light i Teanhere will be examined in arithme- Judge--Hen, John tt. Williams. at the Methodist church on Tuesday evening hy the Presiding Eider Ray. T. hal that au automobile livery will be Arizona & Colorado railway survey supply and sold full steady, with ohoic~ tic, geography, history, school law of Clerk--Oscar 8. Marold. S. Wheeler of Denver. started in that town about April let. across the valley, by the Continental kinds a little strongar than a weak ago,~ Ootorado, grammar, penmanship, civil Treasurer--S. Jewell. Shoriff--W. R. Mouteith. Mrs. Amy Herndon of Center who has Land & Irrigation Co., a company errs. A bunch of fancy corn fed steers sold at government, constitution of Colorado, Assessor~H. A. Fullenwider, Perry Allen was down from Monte been at Carl Marold's for the past three nized for the purpose of constructing $4 80, but best hay fed, were only good ~ ph.~siology, theory and practice, ortho- Supt. of Sch(ols--W. E. Gardner. Vista ~n Thursday to spend the day.w~th weeks returned borne the first of the reservoirs and operating in land, ditches enough to bring $4.35, price ranging graphy, reading and natural science. SItrveyor--Joe M. Cuenin. friends. Perry is becoming a frequent week. etc. down to $8.75 Good cows are a little The county will furnish paper. The' Coroner--Dr.Attorney__D. G.E. Newcomb,A" Bradburn.jr. visitor to Alamosa.--Courier. The owner~of the land and local par- higher than a week ago, the demand has teacher will be expected to bring pencil Couuty Physician---Dr. O. P. Shippey, James Cochrane ;eft Monday for ties are interested and it is the intention been strong for the righ~ kind, but the or pen and ink. CO.~M~SSm~RS. Born ou Sunday, Feb. 25, 1906, to Mr. Me~q~er, (Jolo where he has employment to survey and locate it as a townaite. It common stuff was hard to move, oven at First grade certiflxttes will be given lo Michael Jordan, Chatrman. and Mrs. Guy E Curtis at Olney, Cote, for the o, mi~g sttmmer with a big cattle is also understood that the Arizona & the low nrices prevailing. A few corn those who receiva an average of 90 per Jot,~ Sn}~tb a daughter. Mrs. Curtis was formerly company. Colorado railway company will locals fed cows brought $4 with best hay fads cent with nothing lower than 70. A sac. A.V. Shippey. Miss Anna Fullerton of this place. ................. Charles Fullinwider was over from a depot on the ground selected at 1t8.65 and most of the good kinds at $3 end grade requires an average of 80 per Last week C. A. Mack was appointed the Grove this week lcoking up a ranch and are interested in the proposition, and bettor. Medium cows sold at $225 cent, with nothing lower than 60. And Tow,, of Sagnache. deputy forest ranger and on Monday he suited to the dairy business for the com- The proposed new line ie a tangent to $2.90. Bulls closed steady with veals a third grade an average of 70 per cent, Mayor--Thomas Noland. from a point near Medano pass to a alittle stronger. The demand for veals with nothing lower than 60. Clerk-B. P. Stubbs. cud Oscar Proffitt wont to Buena Vista ing summer. W.E. Gardner, Co. Supt Troasurer---\V, J. Werner. for assignment to duty on the Lsadville point on the north side of the river near ia very good, feeder and sleeker trade Marshal--Da, Slam~ reserve. There will be another masquerade ball Del Norto, and crosses the valley.through was dull on account of the poor quality Nollce of ApplLeatlon to Lease Stale Lands Magistrato--J. J. Keller. hero Friday night, Match 16th, wheu the the heart of the beat agricultural per- of most of the steers here Buyers ~--- Aldermen~-L. D. Thurslon, B. M. Clare. Harry ~toddardt and son George of lrish will be out iu force to calebrale St. ties. took the good ki~(l readily at arcady OflieeofthaState B,,ard Land Commissioaer~ R..L Moans, .I.L. Townsend, E. Wil- Denver, Colorado, Feb. 26, 19(~6. - ] " A!d~r visited with Mr. and Mrs. Dan Patrick's day comp are y. It being generally conceded that the prices, but they were hard to interest on blottce is haraby given that C. lt. Carney hams, W. L. Curtis. H,)ward last Thursday. Mr. Stod,lardt .................. returned on Friday and George staid - At present tbo prospect for water on Southern Pacific, through the Arizona & the inferior stuff and prices are lower whos~ p,,stoflics address ie Moffat, Colo. on Feb. ----- OVer until yesterday, the Saguache the coming summer is Colorado, will baild through from Farm- ~ome fancy western slope feeders sold at 2s, 1~06 made application No. 2190 to the Siate Saguach~, F|re Company. very slim. There is but very little ,now ington to a connection at Tucson this $4.50 which is pretty close to tha top of Board of Land C,,mmis~ioners to lease the for Reguh~r n~eettngs on the first Monday even. Mrs George Means was takeu to the in the mountains up near the source, season, the inference would naturally ba the market, most of lhe good steers sold lowing ds~ribed School lands sitoatc in Sa- ing of each month, at. Town itall. guache county, Coh,rado, to-wit: ~VAI.TEJI HA~IMOND, WM, F. ~oYn, that as soon ae an eastern connection at $390to $4.25. All of sec16, twp48nurth, rauge9east. Secretary. President. ........... . =- = - No other application to tease tim above de- RlO Grande hospital Tuesday and Wed- Supt. W. E. Gardner who returned can bo socured they will build the con- laesday morning was operated for float- Clhurch Not;as. scribed premiaaa or objections agai*n~t the above ~ from Monte Vista the first of the week heeling link, which will be eithar from ~aguache Brnaa Band. ing kidney. She was doing well at last says that the valley teachers' meet- Colorado Springs or Pueblo. A new class known as thoLadiesBiblo applivation will be considered after March 28, BR~O~ MArx, Leader. reports.--Satida Record. ing last Saturday was well attended and The Prospector ia not given to ultra- olass will organize next Sunday. Happi- 190~. Mark G. Woodxuff, Itegu'la~ llmetings on Monday amt Thurs. seas, what It is and where to find it, is ~agister State Board Land Commissioners. d~y evenings of eaeit week ftt rooms on east The. farmers in the La Garita couutry very interestil)g, optimism, but this is, to say the least, the sermon subject Sunday morning. Marsh 1-22 Sac Juan Avenue. " encouraging news What the people of ............................................. BII~tT CLA]tl,.. J.W. I~EERY, With Livingstone in the Heart of Afrtca Ellaworth DeFrance, who robbed a secretary, t)lesldo|~t. are beginning to prepare for the planting Jute Lawrence, who was at one time the San Lois val]ay need is a southwest Sunday evening. of tile spring crops. That section is editor and proprietor of the Center Dis- outlet for flour, potatoes and ha), prin. mail oarrior in Nebraska twelve years .................................................... nomin~z to the front as a farming corn- patch, and who has been working for the cipally, and also want a direot and close The Lord's Supper will be adminia- munity. The people are on time with present maL~agement for the past nin~ Lvc~s Cov~r~ connection with coal and timber.~San tared at the close of the morning service, ago and secured only 1 cant, but receiv- STA'~ OF O~m, Crrz o~' TOLEDO, lss. their work and its a result are raising months, has resigr~ed bib p~sitiou in the Juan Prospector. At the young people's service the apse- ed a penitentiary sentence for life, has F~X~K J. C~t~m'makes oath that he is the fine crops and good stock. Dispatch office and will engage in other -~-~*-------~ ial topic in the life of Ohrist ie to be just been released after serving twelve se,ti(,r partner of the iirm or F. J. (~u~s~ & Co., doing business ia tho City of Toledo, County ............. _~ the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each The masquerade ball given on last Fri- business. Creamery Meeting. presented by Supt. Gardner. Coins to years of his time. He was ~mprisoned in and State aferesaid, and that said firm will pay day night at Union hall was a success in We ~re authorized to say, by one of ~_ choir praotic~ and Wednesday evening tenoethe SiOnXwas inFallSaccordancepenitentiarV'with aThefedetalSen" andby theeVrYuseCaSc(~f ]IALL'sOf Catarrh(~ATAallUFRANKthat cannOtcuR~z.j. CHENEy.b cared meeting, statute under which persons holding up Sworn t(, b~ffure me and subscribed in my every wa~'. The attendance was larger our eitize~)~,, that in order to help the There will be another creamery meet- Ass Z. Hall, Pastor. mail carriers can be sentenced for life. presence, thi~ 6th day of December, A. D. i880. thau usual, aud the costumes the finest [ creamery project along he will furnish ing at the town hall next Saturday at. l ~'1 A.W. GLEASON, and m,)st, varied of several years. Quite a from thirty to fifty good cows on shares Hayden pass seem~ to be coming right DeFrance was 18 years old when he on- ~ ~ Notary Public. r~umher of people from Center, Villa I to an)' responsible person who has the ternoon at 2 o'clock. All who are inter, to the front as a mining locality. See- tared prison. President McKinley corn- ltaLL's ('aturrhCnro is taken internaUy and aete Grove, Bonanza and other adjolnivg I plr~ce and feed to keep them. Here is a ested are requested to be present, ecru- aral car loads of very rich ore have bean muted his sentence to fifteen years and lhodireetlysystem.n thesoudblOOdfor testimonials, free.and mucous surfaces of tOwns attended. The night passed I good opportunity for some one. For mit;teo report~ and other important bus- shipped from there during the winter, ' good behavior reduced it by three years. Sohl by Druggists,F" J. CHENEY75c. & CO., Toledo, O. buiotly and everybody had a good time. particulars call at this office, inees, and better things ere said to be in sight.' --t~t. l~uie Republic. Ha11'eFamily k~iLls are the beat.