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March 1, 1906     The Saguache Crescent
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March 1, 1906

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L i IL t " [ El E SAGUACHE CRESCENT 0or Troubi~ With Chin|. ection Notice. LITTL (~tabliahed 1880) The activity of the war dspartmeut,[For the Municipal Elecqon for ~o coupled wilh the Town of 8aguache: NEEDS ~ LUDWICK & BRYAN Editors. Chmo~in (.k..~l .... .:~ aeHtical Stage, although J--. ., OFFICIAL PAPER, SAOUACflE UNTY the government is ore, ~ .......'. are just as importS, e greater needs and- ~ 'treasurer ~,. ~-~a ~ we recognizer that when you make a foresight to protect American who shall t.,ld ~l~ir ~ small purchas~is as import@nt to in the event of trouble, m-wm " ~ yo~lie~ as larger purchases are at other times. PublimhedevmTThm~h~morninaby Ex-MinisterOonger advist~ the gee- Mayor, for one year. ~'--~" ~-~' Thr~ Trnatees. for two )'ears. ~'~" ~ Ydli" will fi~g in tilting your THE CRESCENT PRINTING COMPANY, ernmcnt that a naval demonstration may Thr~ Trustees, for one year ~to ~ill x a- ~ small orders every time. {~{~ At Bsa~aseha, the county ~at of I~rca~e m~, In~efamona~m~V~fll~f Colorado, be neceoeary to prevent a repetition ,of ~ncy.) ~ Takingpai~aracteristicof our ~mter~iat the p~tofltceat h~guaaha Cole- thescenes atte~ant on the Boxer up- Treuurer, for one year. ~ service, our buying and our selling. That'awhy ~ And until their successors are elected amt ~ this is such a satisfactory place to trade. ado, ummond-olm mail matter, rising. Conflicting ~ta ~va ,to ~r~a~ ~ We would like ~y your small needs. SubaerlptiouRat~p~auaum. increese the mystery and the apparent TheJndgea of election appo~lcd ~ Ihe Advertitd~S rat~ made Imown on application, iodifferenca of the other pow1tra to a Board of Trustees shall sit as a B,)~rd ~{ I~ .... ~ YOU II find ou~i-ght on all drag store ~ lstration on the Tuesday in #t~e wc~ p, (.(-cd- ~ goods. _ ........... To Caw Subeo~t.~. condition which, it must be admitted, m inatt~=~lffel~aUen, lo-wtt: T~es~bty, M:~,.h oo | ra ~r~|In~r~ ~...~al~@ oo ~t~ A; D. l~6(~tnd on th~ Mm~(~~''~,~'~re th,' F.~mh of oar aub~riber~ will find the date to grave only adds to the com[blica~ion, day of eleetl@~. ~ April 2n d, 1906 winch his or her subscription is paid, ~ shown That ~hia concernment is planning a under the n~ tifleate~ ~,~ u~. ~a~,: b~ our tracks, pintad on the paper, or the ~ret~ ~peelal atte~O~n ~alled ~o !]w facl that lmr. followins the name of the ~ub~riber. if movement of great ~mpormnce in conmc ,,.,- there ts any mistake in the dat~ we would be t ............. pleased to have our attention vailed to the fast. tion with the Chinese situation issdmit ~ dat,~ .,~ .......... - i icucral Hardware [ A~allCommn~aieatkm~to kept dark. It may ba merely a demon- Olveneu~my hand m~d official ~e:d ~- i ~S~ O~ffiI~UE~I~, atration in has with Mr. Censor's aug. Sacuaeh., Colo. gestion to let China know. that we will B.P. 8rU~l:~. nOt stand for any o,ert act~ or Conditions Ci~r~ and Recorder Tow n o, ~:.~u wh, ! Wilson Heaters! March l, 1906 may be much more ~rieus, n~itet- N~o[~tion t~Le~*ae.~tate Laad~ lag a formal protest to be backed up ~ with force, Om~o[t~t~ff~ ]~med of Land (~mmis.~h~n, r~ B~g a Boy.___ Pre~identThesituation" is to bagmatly deplored.~al~h. ~..ices di ~n.~r,~o,o~o.~,.,,,..~~o,o, w.,..,. ,'.,. ....... iiG r anitew are, Tinware Roasters i ~e time to be a bo~'s .o fan; reeled the attentio, of --g-- to the No. '21'O to 'i,v ~ ~,' i! Gem Pans [ For if you notice, every one importance of a modification of the Oh'l- t,, ]raso ~l~, f,,*- ....... nm s i And won't.take nothin', over, wrong[ E k[ of NE !4 of Seeti*~ 16. The other folks--now ain't this true?-- fools. They are making rapid ~ridm to. ~ Bsn~e ~ ~t. Ofcoar~e, must he attended to. ward civilization and we can no |oDor ~ to lease the ab ,v*. ,;,. ~d#voth~_rohol~.,audaskedpolite, hope to... ...... :ii New and Popular Pictures [ But boye--'tl~ ~'et along all right[" we make the most odious dkoriminati0n ap~li~t~on ~ ~ considered after M :~ ~!~ Wbenw.eovia'tiu'som..Isaewh.re against the Chin--"immigrant, But t~1~ Mark (J. W,,odr,fff ii~ eeoc--has been i~stt,. ~mot~, ~rS~d~,o~ .... ~o..~ ~AMS,LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS SA(]UACHE~A(]UACHE, COL0(~0L0. They sln't ~ot enough b@ds to spare, ....................... ~ ~ . They fix the co~a up for reel have been able to forstall any attempt to ~otl~ for Publication. "'Twill do him nicely." ma aa.vs--g~9! give the Chmaman Justice and today ws Or whtm we've omp'n~, like as not are reaping the results of our folly. I~v~m~t of~he Interior. 7 I'm stuck off on a wabbly cot J.' an,where that's out of sight! Ex-AttorneyOeneral O,.., h.,0 o. I" icw Livery Feed and Sale Stable Butboys--"theygctalonaallright!" the olive branch to the Chin~ corn ~o~lce is hereby given that the, fol~ w~,:~: missioners who are in this country on a ns~ttler ha~ filed notice of his mt~n~i~.~ ~r, Or whau we drive, l'morowdedin tourof education. He condemned ~ make~l~.vof i~ ,uppo~of hi~ claim, and Till I'm all ~uozo out good an' thin. injustice of the exclusion act and deolar- that ~id proof will be made b~fore the Cl~rk -[ "You don't need much room. do yon, BOy?" St And I say no, 'muse I'm a bo~.! ed that public opinion would insist on a the District Court at Sasuaehe, ('oh,rado. ~,n 17,1~08, VK,: Peter Anderson. wl ......... ,e age Lines And at the table fief' like bed). modification. He quoted Pr~id~mt Hom~t~ntt~ ~0. 8058. for ~he tot~ a and i Whanthingsdon'tevenup, piainbread Rooeeveltashavtng e~prem~edthevieW~ endE8WKl~7, TwptSN, Ran~e~E,N ~,~ t BONANZA and ORIENT Andbnttcrdceamynppetite! of the American people when ha ~d PM . He names the following witnesses to prey: ~ For bo~-'~hey get along all right[" that if we hoped for justice, we must be eoutiau~u~ r~idence upon and cultivado, of Thebes, he dmw~ the hardest seat, just, if we exacted justice of China, w@ ~dinad, vi~: Or hope 'round, dodgin' people'~ feet, must treat the Ohinea~ who come to this C. ]~. ~, Ausast Johnson and Mitt,,u Jo} .... I~" gs at REASONABLE PRICES You eaa't hurt him with lumpy aprin~, country with justioe. These emo]lial[41 con, of~ailaaehe, Colorado, and Gas Web, nd, r. Or old eoldcots, or other thinp! may have a temporary influence, but in of Ca~em, Colorado. ""~ .~t ~oi,, b. to ce,. ,t in w~,, ~,.hore,h. ,,oo. =0 the ~ it ,. d~, t~e ~,n. w.~uot L....~......,-~, ...... CHAS A . PoTTS , P ro pri etor. J'~' so it's fodder--not a mite] words; Imrformance not promise.--~ol$- ~lnln~ &pphcatlon. For boys--'~l~he Rot along all righfl" do Blade. So. ~$0. Mineral S.~.e~ No l~ ~,0 VILLA GROVE - --E. L. Sable. inLippincott's Magazine. ' ~ ~ ' U.8. Land Oice at DoI Norte, Colo. ,~ For an l:mpal~ App'/to. February. 19 1906. [ :- EMBER Edward Cudaby received a million dol- faulty digestion. All that is v~@~ed is a ~tof~appmved May I0. I~72, Churl la~ worth of Advertising both parlim few doses of Chamberlaiu'e Slomaoh and H. Eatoab~hts attorney. W~lliam S. Ba[dwi~ wh~pOetoffieeaddlwss is Villa Grove, ('o~., ~" ought to be satisfied, and the abduction Liver Tablets. They will invigorate tha him m~le applicetion for a tmtent f,,r tr,~ huear ;~t H E non~nse dropped, stomacb, strengthen the dig~tlon and feet t~sm~i~l~ on the Pueblo and Pnebh, N~. i. ....... give you an appetite life a w01f. Th~ 9lodesb~8oldand silver, the sauw boit~ b~Aas $~ fet~ a M" 80' w and 700 feet n 58" ;;0 ' IT The colored bishop who declare~ that tabl.ta act as. senti, l.xativ~ For iMt]. from Pueblo dia~ver..haft and 050 ... 5~ =~ ~ IM hell is a better pla~ for negroes than by all druggists, wand~0i~tn~8"$0'efromPuehlo N..2di .... ~ . eo~ry S~ thereon with st~rface ground t:ac~ the United States wilt doubtless be able TO C1trlL1gA ~I.I~ ][]~ O]~r~ ][~[k~jr. ~ f~tt~ wtdth situate in Manitou mi~i~u:-]i.~'- to find many white~ in the south who Take LAXKTIYE BROMO Quinine Table, tri~acbeconnty, state of Coloradt). a~,l will agree with him. ~ta refund m,,u. if it fatl~" to cure. E d~0rib~din th. platand fiehl notes on file ia :. 04 ....... W. I~ROVE'Ssignatureieon~ach box, ~. this t~[i~'t~as follows, viz: PUEBLO LODE, : In his attemptto prevent joint state- WANTED: District~ManagertopcaI ]~mnl~atcorNolwhsne~he.~c. ..... ~ apers hood, Mark Smith of Arizona may be on- signs, advertise and distribut~ umpl~a L t~ ~ aocth~ra~gaS E N M P ~1 bears s 7V gaged in a Inning fight; but, neverthele~ Salary $18 weekly, sa per day for ~lmn- ~" w ~ feet. Thence n Sl 30 w ~00 h~et ~o - he deserves credit for hm courage to sea. State age and priest employment, e0r~o ~ Thence n 58' ~0" e 1500 feet t,, c,~r N. ~ standflrm in the cause of right and IDEALSHEAR CO. 39 Randolph St, ~'~ sara0 e ~00 fefit to C#br N,) | Th~tt's~8"t0'w1$00fetter Nlthe "'~" One justice. Chicago, Ill. of Imminains, It is enid that there is a burning noun- A S~fe COUqlgh Medicine for ~ldlar~i.. PUEBLO No 2 LODE. ~ ~ .~ B4~ltllUinS at Cor No 1 whence H,o s~t co ........ ~'L ear tatn near Hot Sulphur Sprin~ in Grand In buyingavough medioim~ bar chil, 7, twDtTNR?ENMPMbearss71"48 w:~0268 county and that the fire is volcanic and dren never be afraid to,buy Ohmnb.r. f~t. qq~n~eSl'SO'e SO(" feet :o co.- N. ~. ]i~0 growing as it burns. If this proves to lain'eCough Remedy. Th~maisnodau- ~i~v~a~lg,~0'elS00feetto corNo ~. T|!~,[w,~ r .....~.t to oor ~o, ~,,~ooos:. i0 2 2 5 tmarcalaetivevolcenoit will just add ~er fromitand raliefiaalW~s eureto lS~fas~to'corNolihe vlaceofbeginuiri~,co~-'~ i one more attraction for Colorado, follow. It i. especially ~luable" for taimn$~0,682aeres, and forming a p~,rtio:~ .f ,_~ ,~ colds, croupand whooping oo'~lh. ~ th~W~.~tog, t-wp47 iN, RangegEofN ~[ P ~t Notwithstanding the threat of the role by all druggista. 8mdJo~heinsreoordod h~volTo, L'ag~ ~23 ~ILlt .~.o,~....o.oti~e,~,,~.-, .,~..:.~, :ub ipti ~astern politician that joint statehood is Ship your live stock to Clay Robis~ou ~e coent~., Colorado. ~ scr ons lmtt~ than no statehood, every citizen & Co., Kansas City, Me. Best ~avice *~l~ and ~er :~,, ofbothNew Mexicoand Arizona ought L~ZFAI,,,~A~KS. R~,~c,'. ~ ~ust to take a firm stand for separate state- ~ $'ebSSAOeillO hood or none. Nothing is better than Furl~elture 1Not|ca. anything short of justice. We give you tha b~t mad it co~ta you no -~-., . ~-- West. Cliff, Colo., Jau.. lt, lt~. !~received more. KammsCity, Omaha, ~v~r, mad John C./~ing... I The hou~ committea on mines and SioUx Cit~, Ghioago(Sk ~ph. " mining has reported favorably upon ~ou are hereby notified that I "~ "~ ~_ Gongre~msn Brook's bdl to establish a ~tho ,ea~ ,005, one h,u,.i.$.)y ~ dMl~ in labor and imprt~vemetats open bur~ai~ of geology and mining ae a part .ins ]od~ ciaim~, t' of the Department of Commerce and LEOALNOTICES, Labor. This should q~eau that the bill of Colorad., to-wit: first Baekhot~ Noi 1, recorded in book ~0. ~.g(. 232. y" , will pass the house and reach the senate Notice of Appl!~Uon to ~ M ][~t~ ~kh~'n ~0.:.2 recorded in book-90, l~e ~'3~. at an ~ariy date. ~- ee~cato is found ot=~c- OmO~ of the recorder of said c,mmy I ~ ~,~t~4 ~ ~- ...... _ ...... -~ . The Snoot eeae is not settled yet and Denver, Colorado, 1~. 17; Y~L in order m hold the said several claims a~d~.r - - COLORADO. MARCH 31, 1906 THE NEW-YORK TRIBUNE FARMER is a twenty page national illustrated weekly for farmers and their families, and stands at the head of the agricultur- al press. It is a practical paper for pra~- tmal farmers, helping to secure tbe larg- est possible profit from the farm through ~raetical methods. It is entertaining, instructive at~d I~1 I - iii J PROFESSIONAL CARDS. J. TRACY MELVIN, M. D., Physician and Surgeon. Office opposite Union Hall, San Juan avenue. Examining Surgeon U. S. Pension Bureau. O. P. SHIPPEY, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Calls answered pr(,mpt]y, day or night. Saguach, Colorado. A. BREWER Undertaker. Full a~d comph te stock alway~ on hand SAGUACHE, COLORADO practically useful to the farmer's wif,,, sons and daughters, whose interests it covers m au attractive mauuer. The regular price is $1 per year, b~t until March 31, 1906, we will receive you r subscription for THE NEW-YORK TRIBUNE FARMER and al~o for yot~r own favorite local newspaper, THE OREs c~:N'r, Snguache, Colo., W. K, MANI~, Auctioneer, Will cry all sales of $1,000 and under for $10; over $1,000 one per cent Center. - Colorado. NED LOCKETT Notary Public. Sa~uache ~4bstvact Office. J, G. HUNTINGTON, Civil and Mining Engkeer. U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor. Victor, ~lorado. J. W. DAVlDSON, Attorney at Law. Will practice in all Courts. 1 14 New Pope Bids, Pueblo, OOlo. T. M. JOHNSON, _ Auctioneer, ~" Saguache, Colorado O. D. BRYAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office next dooi to Telephone F~ohang~ SAGUACHE COLORADO W. F. BOYD, Notary Public. Saguache County Bank. A. H, ~CttWAOK2N22E~, Justice of the Peace and Notary Pubho. Villa Grove, Colorado. J. H. WILI.IAMS County Judge Office, Lawrence & Williams' Hardware North Door Dunn's Block S. J. SPI~AY, U. S. Deputy MINERAL SURVEYOR. Patent Work A Specialty. Both papers one year for $2,25 S,~D~. cole Send your money to THE CRESCENT. Your name and ~ddre. on a post,,] SAGUACHE COUNTY ABSTRACT card to the New-York Tribune farmer, /'1/~il !~ i ilI/ New York City, will bring a sample copy ~JU[~]r~|! CALIFORNIA and its Famous Winter Resorts best reached via Los Angeles. ~=m~ San Bcrnardlno, RiP,rat&, ~ Ontario, Catalina, Pomona, Long Beach, San Pedro. IN ALL THE WORLD NO TRIP LIKE THIS. Superb Dining Car Service-Free Reclining Chair Car On All Through Trains. The San Pc&o, Los Angdes & Salt Lake operates daily palatial trains between Utah points and Southern Cali~rnla and is shortest by 500 miles. Ask any Colorado agent or wrR to J. L. MOORE, D. P. A., Salt Lake City, . Utah Dealers Iu Sagunche C0uU/ I~I, ggTATI~ CHOICE RANCHES For ~de in the Best Portion of the San Luis Valley--the fa. mous gram field of Colo- rado. Property rented for non-res- idents, taxes paid and insur- ance written SAGUACHE, COLO.