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March 1, 1906     The Saguache Crescent
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March 1, 1906

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HIS ONE WEAK SPOT. II~mminent Minntmota Meraharrt Cue~ to Btxy Cured by Dean's Kidney Pills. O. C. Hayden, of 0. C. Haydeli & Oo. dry goods merchants" ot A~bert LaL Minn., says: i was so lam. e that I could hardly whlk. There wsa an unaccountable weakness of the back, and constant pain and aching. I could find no rest and was vet7 un- comfortable at night. As my health war good in every other way I could not un- der.rand this trouble. It was Just at If all the strength had gone from my back. Af~.er ~uffering for some time I began using Dean's Kidney Pills. The remedy acted at once upon the kidneys and when normal action was restored the trouble with my back disappeared. I have not had any re- turn of iL" For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a box. F~ter-Mliburu Co.. Buffalo, N.Y. It isn't always the man with the hlKhMt forehead ~:hat makes the meet of Ills hraln& Nature's Way The natural ~tr~ts from native bark _ j ~| { i II PEDDLER KEPT HIS; CUSTOMER. Farmer Evidently Was One of Those Born to Be Gulled. Congrasmnan Nicholas ~ongworth was dlseuxsing an industrial stock that had proved worthless. "I have, l confess." he said, "no patience with people who invest their money in such transparent frauds. They are as gullible as the Transvaal farmer. "This farmer had bought his stock and his household necessities from a certain peddler for ten years. At the cud of the time he came to the con- clusion that the peddler had been cheating hlm~that the various addi- tions and multiplications involved in their bueiness transactions had been wrongly done. "So the farmer on his next visit to Pretorla bought a ready reckoner. He studied the volume carefully an,l was now convinced that his fears were true. Neither in addition, sub. t-action nor multiplication had the peddler used him justly. Beyond doubt he was short a good deal of money. "The next time the peddler called the farmer said: "'I will deal with you no more.' *" 'VThy not?' the peddler asked. "Because you have been cheatinz me. I have bought a ready reokoner and It is plain you have used me in a dshonorahle way." "'Let's see your ready reckoner,' the peddler said. suspiciously. '~he book was brought to him. he glanced at it then handed it back with a sneer of contempt. " q'his is last year's ready reckon. er,' he old. 'It's no good for this year." ~ 'Why, you're right,' said the farm- er. 'I never thought of that.' "Antl he bought a heavy bill of The Chinese Clerk. Chivese merchants and clerks are ti2 evidence wherever trade is carried on in Hongkong, writes Rdwln Wild. n~an in the Chautauquan for February. I~e great banking houses employ Chi- nese money changers, interest clerks ~nd imllroffs. No White,nan can com- pete tn methods of lightning calcula- tion with the Oriental. The long, their Influence in cases of and thro~t troubles, and slim fingers of the Chinaman, gliding zav" is, therefore, a sovereign over the beads of the abacus, is a brqnebitis, 4aryngitis. chrenie sight to inspire admiration. With the catarrh and kindred allmen~. The above native root~ also and of a piano player will perform arithmetic that are as- of the c tmmdit~ The most complicated sums m banking are computed with the troubles and ~ase a professional pianist might ren- where located, der the simplest melody, Counter- m tak~ felt money is the order, rather than the unusual, in China; the whole coun. try l~ full of it. But the Chinese schroff will detect by touch a spurious coin or bill, as it passes through his of fingers or glid,~ across his palm. He can count a pile of dollars, running them over his band with such rapidity tbat the eye of the onlooker is unable to distinguish anything but an unin. , or li~hgerlng malady, terrupted stream of silver. The in- Dr. tegrity of the Chinese clerk is well known. He is the- accountant, cashier The most' valuable and middle man. Leaks No Longer There. the rate bl]l when Ollle James of Ken- tucky broke in with a fierce inter- ruptlon. Mr. James Is the baldest man in the house, excepting Mr, Sib- leyo and Mr. Slbley is the baldest man .... ~ In the houxe except Mr. James, O~ sunny days persons who sit behind them have to wear blinders. Mr. J kept plaguing Mr. Slb!ey until duel Slbley, Sir, you can not ~shake your gory met" Mr. James saw at t this was crue. He stuttered adorn elbow sleev@~ IIII I I iii | I I I I I American Student Life, Professor Wilhelm Ostwald of the Unlvereity of Lelpslc recently r~ turned to Leipsio from his course lectures at Harvard. Giving his im- presndons of American student life, he "The personal interest of the stud- ents, next to their studies, is concen- trated alone on sport, which draws their attention altogether from intel- lectual or aesthetic pursuits. Foot ball, above all, is loved uncommonly, and it is practiced in such a fashlon ~.~at ac~-~ demie and state authority are ~mv" t'6 forbidding i't altogether. In the term of a single semester nineteen students fell victims to enraged, brutal hand- hug. At all the American universities are open amphitheaters, in which many thousanus of spectators view the periodic foot bali battles." Antelopes Choose the Open. The antelope ]lve~ always in open country, unlike members of the deer fmmil, v, which invariably prefer a thick, dense forest. They cannot be driven into timber cover or thickets of brush, but will literally turn about and run over a pursuer, If necessary, rather than be forced into cover. If they are ever obliged to pass by or through such places for food and wa- ter, they take a great deal of time to do so, as if they were determined to see everything that could be seen en route.~H. H. Cross, in March Century. The yarns of the oldest inhabitant are instanced as the best proof that the good die young. Worth Knowinig ~that Ailcock'n are the original and only genuine porous plasters; all other ao-ca~ed porous plasters are imttatlens. WONDERS OF COAL TAR. Vanilla Extract One of the Many Arti- cles Made From It. "Do you know that a majority of the vanilla flavoring used in the world is no~ made from the vanilla bean, but is tt~e product of tar? Do you also know ~hat there are now between 500 and 1.000 articles of commerce sold in the markets that are the product of that same tar ? The questions were asked by Gardi- ner C. Crawford, an American, who has long been engaged in business in Tahiti, who is stopping at the Savoy hotel while en route east. Mr. Craw- ford was in the business of growing and extracting yanllla in the island, whlch was the principal product of the natives, but modern science put him, as well as the native growers, out of it. The German chemists discovered that a product commercially called "vans- line" could be p~duced from tar at onetenth the cost of t~e natural va- nlll~ flavor. It is as gOod .as'the nat- ural product ~d there was#no compet- ing with that. Mr, Crawford says that tar Is prov- ing a productive field for the chemical with the various coal tar products that have hee~ made for the cure of head- ache, but it will be surprising to know that the experiments have been so ex- tens!ve"as to now Inc|ude over 500 articles. At the same time not one- fourth of the tar product of the world is consumed annually.~Denver Repub- lican, A Chicago prefacer xays that veg~ has sensations the same as hu- "Good gracious, he ought tha vegetarians!" ~o6~ TUOV and first year in coP~ge," writes an young man, "I struggled on a diet of grantor, : especially fon~ of and fried things. My system disorder not seem able to correct the dit- AWFUL PSORIASIS 35 YEARS. Terrible 8caly Humor In Patchee All Over the Body~Skin Cracked and Bisedlng---Cured by Cutlcura. "I was aflIlcted with psoriasis for thirty-five year~, It was in patches all over my body. I used three cakes increased, I better In wa~ health was badly run had become so nervo~s po~toflice department , and had been try- greasy foods, broken- I II I I of Cnticura Soap, six boxes of Oint- ment and two bottles of Resolvent. In thirty days I was completely cured. and I think~ermanently, as it was about five yea r~ ~tgo. The psoriasis arst made lts appearance In red spots, generally forming a circle, leaving in the center a spot about the size of a silver dollar of sound flesh. In a short time the affected circle would form a heavy dry scale of a white silvery appearance and would gradually drop off. To remove the entire scales by bathing or using oil to soften them ~he flesh would be perfectly raw, and a light discharge of bloody substance would ooze out. That scaly crust would form again in twenty-four hours. It was worse on my arms and limbs, although it was in spots all over my body, also on my scalp. If I let the scales remain too long with. out removing by bath or otherwise, .the skln would crack and bleed. ! suffered intense itching, worse at nights after getting warm in bed, or blood warm by exercise, when it would be almost unbearable. W. M. Chldester~ Hutchinson, Kan., April 20, 1905." '%Vbat would you do if you were one 1 of the law-makers, Willie?" asked the great man. 'Td make more legal holidays," replied Willie. To Get the Best Out of Life: Order the life habits to conform to the laws of hygiene, take proper rest, food, drink and exercise, have plenty of light, fresh air and sunshine, and take a cup of Garfield Tea daily. This mild laxative insures Good Health. Druggists sell Garfield Tea. ]f a girl has money it Is only natural that it should add interest to her charms in the eyes of her suitors. Deafness Cannot Be Cured by local npplloatlons, as they' c~mnot reach the dit~ ea~ed portlua of the ear. There Is only one w a~ tO cure dea~ne~, and that Is by constitutional returnees. Deiffne~ IS Caused hy an tnflatuod condition of the mucous llnln~ of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube Is inflamed ~ou have stumbling sound or lm- perfect hearing Sud when it is eutlrely elo~ed. Deaf- helm Is the result, alad union the Inflammat on can be taken Ottt slid thin tribe restored to Its normal condi- tion, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine ca~es OUt of ten are caused by Catarrh, which Is noth~ but au Inflamed condition of the muCOUS surftce~. We will give One Hundred DollarS for any case of Deafness ~eau~ed by catarrh) that cannot he cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. ~end for c~rcular~, free. F. J, CIIENEY & CO.. T~iedo, O, SOld by. Drul~!st~, 7~;. ake l~ail's Pamily Pills for constipation. The advice of out' friends comes ir~ hand)' whet~ we want to blame our failures on something. ?*Trs. "Wl~low~ ~$oo~nloq' $3~mp. ]~ chllIren t~ethlns, s(fftem, the g~ms, redu~ ~r#m, ~l~ys lmt~, cures w ~nd cello. ~c a botta~ No, Maud; y,~u should not be flfraid of a fish bit. It only results fatally to the fish, FI $~ p~manently tmr~d. ~'O t~t~l~r nervouene~aftcr i|~ flr* day's u~ of Dr, Kltne ~Grea~ Ncr~v t~e~or- or Send for FR~fS~ ~$Z.O0 trtai tvottle a.d trl~atL~e. DS- It. H. KLINE. Lid , ~I Areh S freer, l'hti~deiph k~, I'~. Some people- art|re at a eonell~sion and never get ~twi~y from it. You always get. full value in Lewis' Single Binder straigi~t 5 cigar. Year dealer or Lewis' IP~ctor~, Peoria~ ILl. If all the world's a stage the fellow who is fond of giving advice must im- agine he Is the prompter. A GUARANTEED CURE FO~ PIL~. Itchl~, Blind, Btvedlng, protrttdlng Pries. Drng~ ~/sts are authorized to refund money If PA.~O OI~IT~NT f~lls to cure In 6 to 14 days. fl0c. ]t's a good thing that some people do not practice what they preach. ?Backache,_ "The Blu , , Both Sy~mptoms of Org~xto Derangement] Women--Thousands of Sufferers Find Relieil How often do we hear women say: "It seems as though my back would break," or "Don't speak to me, I nm all ont ~f sorts"? These signi fle.~nt remaxks prove that the system requires attention. Backache and "the blues" are direct symptoms of au inward trouble which will sooner or later declare itself. It may be caused by diseased kidneys or some derangement Of the organs. 2Nature requires assistance and at once, and Lydia E. Pinkhmn'sVeget~ble Com- pound instantly asserts its curative ~:)owers in all those peculim.ailments of Women. It has been the standby of intelligent American women for twenty ~te~rs, and the best judges agree that is the most univers~lly suecess- ful remedy ~or woman's ills known to medicine. Read the eonvlnctng testImonla~ of Mrs. Holmes and Mrs, Cotrely. Mrs. J. C. Holmes, of Laximore. North Dakota~ writes: Dear Mrs. Pinkham :-- "I haw suffored everything with backacl~ e~d femaJe trouble--I let the trouble r~m on until my system was in such s cond~tlon that I Was ah~ble to be about, and then it was I commenced to use Lydia Plnkham~ Vege- table Compouud. If I had only known how much suffdring I would have saved I should have taken ~ months sooner---for a few weeks' treatment made me well and Strong. My backaches and headaches axe all gone and I xuffea" no pain at my monttdv l~er~ods, whereas before I took Lydia E. Pifikham~ Vegetable Comp~xtui I ~ intea~ ~" Mrs. Emma Cotrely. 109 East 12th Btreet, New York Cityt writes: Dear Mrs, Pinkham.,-- '~ I feel it my duty tO~ all sufferh~ women o~ the relief I have fmm~ in Lyd~ E. Pink- everything wit2 fen~le troubles. i enjoy the be~ of hee]f~ to you." : When women axe troubled wtth~ ular, suppressed or painful pe~ weakness, displacements or u.lcer~t~, that bearing-down/eelinff, tnfl~ tion of the female organs, baek a~ bloating (or flatulence), general bility, indigestion and nervous p~ tion, or are beset wit~ such symp~ as dizziness" faintness, lassitude, ability, irritability, nervousnese, sl~ lessness~ melancholy, "all gone" "want-to-be-left-~lone" feelings, hi! and hopelessness, they Should rem~ bar there is one tried mad true rein# Lyditt E. Pinkhaan'a Vegetable k~ound at onc~ removes such troubI~ No other medleine hue such ~ re~ of cures of female troubles. No oi medicine tu the wo~'ld has reoeived ' widespread and nnqtmlifled endo meat, Refuse to buy any subetitu~ FREE ADVICE TO WOM3~ Remember, every woman is eordll invited to write to Mrs. Pinkha~ there is anything about her sympt she does not understamd, Mrs. 1~ ham is the daughter-in~of~'d~ Pinkham, her assistemt befo~l~ her cease, and for twenty-five years s her advice has been ~reely and oh fully given to every ailing woman~ asks for it. Her advice and med~ have restored to health innumen women. Address, Lynn, ]gas& WANTED. Limited territory only left. Our of .spec'ml representatives is complete. Answers must immediately, with best of references H. & HOW HO, I Madison Av0,,8, New York Oi , W. N. U.~DENVER.~NO. When Answering Kindly Mention .This Paper. HIGtl CLASS DRUGGI81"S AND OTHEi S. The better class of ~ru~|sts, ~V~l'VWhef~, ~me. ~ ~cientifie s~talum, en~ and_high'int~,Ry$ who devote their lives to the welfare of their felIoW~ in supplying me vest oi rememes ann purest medicinal agents of known value, in accordancd ~th physicians' prescriptions and scientific formula. -Druggists of the better class manufactur~ ~,~ny excellent reraedies, but ttlways under original or offieinal names and they never sell Iaise ~le, or imitationmedlcin~. Thcf tire fhe men to deal with when in need of anything in their lin~, ~h~:~ usually_ includ~ all standard remedies and corresponding adjunct~ of a first-class pharmac)~ ~1~ t~ fin.e@ and best of toilet articles and preparations and many useful accessories and remed~tfl aiSl~it~nc~,~ The earning of a fair living, with the satisfaction which arises from a knowledge of the bei~fits conferred Ul~On their patrons and assistanc~ to the medicM profession, is usually their greate~ reward for long years of study and many hours of daily ~i1~ ~ They al[ ]mow that Syrt~p~ of Figs is au exceilent laxative remecly and that it gives~]mve~al:satisfaction, and theref0re they are selling many miltions of bottles annually to the well iMor/ned purchasers of tho choicest remedies, ~nd t~ey always take pleasure in handing o~ the genuine article bearing the full name of the Company--California Fig Syrup Co,--~printed 9n :the front of every package.. =~0~, kuow that in cases ~f cplds and headaches attended ~ bih0usness and constipation and " i ~. ," ~" ' " :~"" ~" ~" .... r of w~ess or torpld~ty ~ the]leer ap~ bowels, srlsmg from irregular habits, zndlgestmn, o over-~atifi~ that there is no ot~d~:~fi~f~0~$~t; prompt and benefic/al in its effects as Syrup of Figs, Snd[ ~y are glad to sell it because it gb~e~ universal satisfactlon. O~ipg t0 tho e~lleneo of Syrup of Figs, the ILIliversal satisfaction w~ich i~ gives and the , imm~asedemand for Jh. imitations have bee~ ma~& trie~,, and condemned, but there are individual druggists to ~ toun~ here and the~e, who~o~.~t ~a~n~ain the dignity and l~rinc!pl~ d ' en and who do not hemtato of the Pr0fe~ion an whoa* ~i gets the better of their ju~e,~ -, g , ':: to r~.ommend and try to sell th~ Jm~atio~t~ ~n order to make a m--~er profit, %ucn preparauons " c, " " , ,, "~ some zrntioal concern, sometimes havethoname~ Syrt~pofFi~---or Fig S)rup ana,~..,~ P~ ~., ' - ,~ tim 11111 name OK or fictmous fi~ ~yruu company, ~rmted on the ~tckage, but they here, I~ . : - , "-, ~ , ~ ~. ,;- .The imitations th0 0omp~any~ai~/ornm Fig 8yrup,Co,~prm~e~1 on the front of the paelc~, ~,,, .~. . atmns ~hould be rejected because they are mjuriou~ to the ~ystem. In order to ~ ~ ]In~ _ they find it necessary to resort to misrepr*sentation ov deception, and wheneve~ ~ ~a]er ~,?~ Off on a customer a preparation under ~he ~ame of "Sy~p of ~'igs" or "Fig SYP~.:IY/' w]a.t~. does not bear the full name of the Califormg Fig Syrup C