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March 13, 1930     The Saguache Crescent
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March 13, 1930

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THE SAGUACHE CRESCENT carts has a heart of gold. Will nO t:~e tell him what's the matter "~y girls turn pale, and,graclous freeze at his approach? Yes v~ll. This has gone far enough new pipe, Wilhert, and break gently, thoughtfully, with Sir 'Raleigh's favorite smoking mix- the ending wisps of its you, everything will :changed, Wilbert. to Take Care of Your Pipe 3) your pipe sweet from top the pipe load whea you break Crfill the bowl half full the first few times tim heel. and not merely the top, will for our free booklet. "How ~C.are of Your Pipe." Brown & Wilham- WALTER RALEIGH Smoking Tobacco i It's milder Stretching Them Freddie had Just on a new pair of trousers. As are, lie was anxious to keep oa for the rest of the afternoon Ling. He thought for a while said to his mother: i, can't I keep 'em on to- 'era so they will feel Mother Tells Story controls all of our organs ex- We have over that, and function that most trou- that your chll. ~i}ii)~i:x regular bowel habits, and sign of bad breath, coated biliousness or constipation, a little California Fig It regulates the bowels and and gives these organs tone so they continue to act intends them to. It helps ~1) and strengthen pale, listless, children. Children love fruity taste and it's purely so you can give it as often child's appetite lags or he cross or fretful. physicians have endorsed Years, and its overwhelming of over four million bot- ~ear shows how mothers depend K Western mother, Mrs. R. W. 4112 Raritan St., Denver, says: "Raymond was ter- down by constipation. He fretful and cross, had no or energy and food seemed In his stomach. California had him romping and play. in Just a few days, and was back to normal weight, better than he had looked tn child from imitations Fig Syrup. The mark genuine is the word "CAR- on the carton. Tea Was Your Remedy For every stomach and Intestinal flL This good old-fash- ioned herb home remedy for eousti- patlon, stomach Uls and other derange- ments of the sye- Prevalent these days ts in even favor as a family medicine Your g, randmother's day. CURE FOR PAROLE EVILS By PROF. E. W. BURGESS, University of Chicago. ASCIENTIFIC board of pardons and paroles, entirely divorced from politics, would be an important element in crime solution. Our present parole activities ought to be raised from a so-called "common sel~se" basis to a scientific level. Until that is dune there isn't much hope cf real progress being made toward the reform of the criminal or crime prevention. People fail to realize that crime is an acute social ill, requiring the services of an expert diagnostician and spe- cialist in treatment, the same as a person afflicted with a baffling disease. Imagine having the surgical staff of a hospital composed of political ap- pointees, no matter how good their intentions or how great their zeal. Yet that is what we do in determining the fate of criminals, whose mental or emotional ailments may be as diversified as the hundreds of patients within a hospital. The best plan for a scientific board of pardons would call for nine specialists, serving for nine years in rotation, one new appointment being made each year as one expired, classified as follows: psychiatrist, sociolo- gist, educator, industrial educator, criminal lawyer, representative of organized labor, and three outstanding socially minded citizens. The present agitation about the simultaneous release of 600 gunmen might be unwarranted under such a circumstance, as the judgment of such a board would be the warrant that in 99 cases out of 100 the release would be justified and the convict wouhl go straight. Science has about reached the point where it can predict human conduct and if applied to the problem of pardon and parole it would almost unfailingly register whether it is safe or not to release a convicted man. WOMAN OF TODAY.,FINE MOTHER I[ By JEANETTE G. BRILL, Brooklyn Magistrate. Notwithstanding that the woman of today is criticized on all sides, she makes the finest mother of all the ages. As a mother, she is" better equipped educationally and physically. She has experienced manifold contact with the world, which gives her a deeper understanding of the relationships of family life. Woman has learned the value of training as an asset to happy home life. She has come to understand food and its value, money and its buy- mg power, labor saving devices and tile thriftiness of living within an income and saving for a rainy day. She learns all this through courses offered in colleges, schools and home making centers. Where the woman or girl of today .refuses to take advantage of this learning we find her sooner or later in the family court. In throwing off the yoke of subservience, women have gained propor- tionately in spiritual satisfaction. It is just as stylish to marry now and have children as it was when I was a young girl. The young woman, who is making her way in busi- ness and does not hesitate to marry a man who has not sufficient income to support a home, is a wife in the true sense of the word. Such a woman is inspiring and is aiding materially in building a home. WOMAN JURIST HAS WON PLACE II By JUSTICE FLORENCE E. ALLEN, Ohio Supreme Court. , Women barristers cannot assume the myriad responsibilities of their profession without suffering penalties in the loss-of their private lives. But women lawyers experience tremendous compensation in having the sympathy of their countrywomen behind them. A sense of the increasing fairness of men, too, is most apparent. The slight hostility I found upon first being elected to the Common Pleas court in Ohio, soon faded away. In this marvelous age women stand equipped to work .with men as their intellectual equals. Society stands forth in this age as a mechanical giant, yet we are aware that the great social forces of America have not been co-ordinated. Who is better equipped to lead the way here than the man or woman trained in law to untangle the puzzle of the human equation? The failure of many states in various governmental problems is that they' have slipped back into that Old world way of thinking that the office belongs to the officer rather than to the people from whom the office comes. , NEW SUNDAY-SCHOOL PROGRAM !1 By EVELYN SPICKARD, Religious Educator (Episcopal). Stories of Jonah and the whale, Moses and the burning bush, and the seven plagues of the Israelites, which used to make children sit in open-m0uthed wonder, no longer hold a place of importance in the mod- ern Sunday school. In the place of these old half-mythical stories are more reliable lessons taken from the New Testament and the lives of the boys and girls themselves. We are trying to make religion a part of the child's life, instead of a side issue based on improbable happenings. The findings of educational psychology are being utilized in the modern Sunday school, just as in the week-day school. We are attempting to make the school child-centered instead of teacher-centered. We now believe that practice in religious thought and life is needed if "skill," in the sense of familiarity, is to be acquired. Our present program fosters this. The new movement is part of the tendency toward a liberal interpreta- tion of religion, instead of the old fundamentalist viewpoint. ScienCe, including psychol0gy, has done much to bring about this advance. " RELIGION IN THE SCHOOLS By DR, ISRAEL GOLDSTEIN. Congregation B'nai 'Jeshurin, New York. I would urge the shorten'ing of tim public school day by an hour and the substitution during that time of religious instruction. The natural- istic tendency in modern education tends to make the child a happier personality, free from inhibitions and repressions. The new system of education promises to produce a healthy, happy but heartless race. As long as the public school is a secular school the church should have a more adequate opportunity to bring into the life of the child the influence of religious education, which is admittedly an important force in character building. "First Aid--Home Remedy Week" Coming The r;o.d Samaritan is pictured ~s "The First First Aid" in the national reminder which has heen sent to drug- gists all over Alnel'iea, ~tlm()llltcing the 9th anniversary tff "First Aid--llonle Renledy Week," fixed for March 1(;-23. Tile idea of an advertising-mer- chandising one-a-ye'lr drive timed with spring house cleaning was givtql [o the drug world by Sterling i'r-dut.Ts, Incorp.rat(M. in 1il22. ['repin'edm,,~s for meeting accident or sudden illness is emphasized ns n sensible nnd seas-n- able sales plan whieil serves to :file- viate needless suffering nnd un(hmhted- ly save life. The National Association of Retail Druggists sponsored tills ad-sales phln and later added l'harnlacy Week as an autumn festival "for intensive advertis- Ing and saleslnanship ill tile drug world. The National Wholesale Drnggists Association and the National Associa- tion of Drug Clerhs have Joined the N. A. It. D. in establishing these fes- th'als of selling as Spring and Autunm fixtures for tile welfare of huulanity. "Fill That Medicine Chest Now" is the slogan of "First Aid--Itolae Rein. edy Week," nnd bas been fronl the beginning. It was Dr. William E. Weiss. himself a graduate from the ranks of retail druggists, who first saw tile vahle of "First Aid--ltonle Remedy Week," and wherever live-wire drug- gists have co-operated by showing a window filled wiltl suggestive first aids for i)oth accident or illness, and using their honle newspaper advertis- ing space, they ilave added cheerfully to thei~ March business. Wonderful Vital Force in Every Work of Art Art does not exist for education. What we call art is a fragment of life that has miraculously survived tile centuries. Whose life no one can say with certainty, nor how it came here. For in art, as in procreation, life is the first and only essential. Whose life is no nmtter, tile life of the artist, tile life of tim people that made the artist, the life of tim natural forces tllat is the people. Tim only thing that matters is tile intensity of the life anti our awareness of it. Tile Wue function of a museum of art is nothing less than to make us aware of that life, tear down the veil that time and changing manners con- spire to interpose between art and us, and bring us into immediate contact with the immense vital forces that in every great work of art lie imprisoned. --Guy Eglington in Creative Art. Take Your Choice If a man's income Is small and he needff money, lie is broke. If his in- come is large and lle needs tnoney, lle Is financially embarrassed.--Amerlcaa Magazine. It i~ well for a man to get over homesickness before lle does some- thing foolisll. A worthless man can generate a lot of respect for hinlself. Don't be a martyr to unnecessary l~dn, Lots of suffering is, indeed, quite needlea~. Headaches, for example. They come with- out warning, but one can always be prepared. Bayer Aspirin tablets bring immediate relief. Keep a bottle at the office. Carry the small tin in your pocket. Then you won't have to hunt a drugstore, or wait till you get home. And don't think Bayer Aspirin is only good for headaches, sore throats, and colds! Read the proven directions for relieving neuralgic, neuritic, rheumatic, and other aches and painm Remembering, of course, that the quick comfort from these tablets iffnot a care; for any continued pain, see a doctor. Bayer Aspirin is genuine. Protect your- self by looking for that name. Always the same. Always safe. Never hurts the heart. BAYER ASPIRIN k tim trade mark of Bayer Mlmafaetm~ o~ Monoaeetieacidater of ~l~ll~' life old leather Clean, mavoth c.dor restored. 5cu~s concealed instantly. The lustre of leather revived. ~o wonderful shines-- 50 cents. Colors for black, brown, tan and whim shoes ---a neutral polish for othe~s. BARTON*S DVA_ ..S j N E SHOB POLISH Tile most thorougllly wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed.--Chamfort. Fresh, sweet, whlte, dainty clothes for baby, if you use Red Cross Ball Blue. Never streaks or injures them. All good grocers sell Jr.--Adv. Bakery,Oklahoma town 15,000,annual nose, $65,000,operating 2 tracks, est. 17 yr~ lintel,Colorado town 1.000, frame, SS rooms, dining room, receipts $20,000 yr. Basket Grocery, Mkt.. Okla. town "1,609,, annual busines,~ $60,600, $4,500 will hand|lL Grocery, Colorado town,, doing $20,000 71r. "at $.7.50, a money maker, SS,5000*~etnmL Tire Shop, ColorRdo town ~,500, dol~ $,i0,000 yr., rent $35, invoice about $9,000 Variety Store, Okla. town, doing $15o00~ yr., eorncr locatftm, lnaking ITloney. ASSOC|ATED SALES [gllglgV!Cl~. New York Bldg. - - St. [r~au|, A bad mealory is tile skeleton in the .......................................................... liar's closet. W.N.U., D~NVEIR, NO. 11-19:$0. WHEN WILL YOU BEGIN USING THIS NEW OIL? It is being rumored (and truthfully) that no other American motor oil has been so speed- ily accepted by motorists. Conoco Germ- Proccssed Motor Oil has smashed all prece- dents by its amazing reception... And this oil is as unusual as its introduction. Its superiorities are so apparent, that even before its announcement was well under way, literally thousands of new users were appearing at Red Triangle stations. " CONOCO GEILM PI OCESSED P AILA.I:: .F ! NB A $ 'E MOTOR OI L Its name seems to intrigue motorists an~t much conversation has dwelt on the Germ Process, and the whys and wherefores .... the story is this: Under exclusive Conoco- owned patcnt rights, a precious oily essence is added to a superbly fine paraffin base oil. This csscnce is lacking in all other oils, in- eluding the one you are now using. The Germ Process makes possible the metal- penetrating safety factor that we call "pene- trative lubricity." And this oil, of all on the market, provides a safer, more positive motor protection, from the time you start the motor until you tart, off the ignition. So... when will you begin using this new oil?.., at the sign of the Red Triangle.