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March 14, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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March 14, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 11. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, MARCH l&, t901. WHOLE NUMBER 1051. Tone u9 y0ur system with Ayors Sarsaparilla, $1.00 Dr. Greene's Nervura, $1.00 Harter's Iron Tonic $1.00 Kalamazoo Celery Comp. $1.00 Swamp Root 50 cts. and $1 Peruna $l Satuache Pharmacy Co,, i Should Buy Boots and Shoes, (Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.) Hats and Caps, (Boogh~, Force & Goodbax Hat Co.) Gloves and Mittens, Overshoe~ Underwear and Drygoods, Crockezy, Queensware and Hardware. Hame~ Stoves and Ranges, (Wilson Heaters.) Duck Coats, (all Styles.) of SAMUEt FEASl, Moffat, cote., .-.SAVE MONEY. LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS DUNN BLOCK, S.A.GTT_A.CI-IE, COLOI=%.A.DO, BEA(UDI? ~ " A persis- tent cough is /at first a ! friend, for it gives warn- ing of the ap- proach of a deadly ene- ~[~ my. Heed ]/~j the warning ~l/ll~] before it is Ill'Jilltoo late, be- ~tT// foreyour ~_.~1 u n IZ s be- ~1/1111 "come in- "'" flamed, be- fore the [1 doctor says, "Consump- [4 tion." When the danger r A signal first appears, help peetoral Don't delay until your lungs are sore and your cold settled down deep in your chest. Kill the enemy before the deadly blow kills you. Cure your cough today. One dose brings relief. A few doses make the cure complete. s0Tbrees.izest 2&:. for as ordinary ,otd ; c. tor the harder ~lds ; $1.00 the most ~nom4ml for o1~" ~s. D. R. LuM~z, Dec. 90,1898. Union, N. Y. WF#o t~ D~ow, If you have any complaint whatever and desire the best medical advice you can possibly receive, write the doctor freely. You will receive a prol~t ply, without cost. Address DR. J. C. AYF.,R, Lowell, ~ass. ....... J | The Enduring. A mist memory~-falnt, far away And vague and dim as childhood's long lost day, Forever haunts and holds me with a spell Of awe and wonder indefinable; A grim old engraving tacked upon A ehoeshop walt. An ancient temple, drawn Have just opened as complete a stock of Of crumbling granite, sagging portico, GENERAL HARDWiREI "** "- m -- And o'er the portal, cut in antique line The words--cut likewise in this brain of mine: "Wouldst have a friend? wouldst known what friend is best? Ae can be found in the San Luis Valley. Have God thy friend, He passeth all the rest." Again the old shoemaker pounds and round8 ~hlg stock ie new throughout, was selected by an experienced tlardware Resentfully as the loud laugh resounds man and wsa bought at prices which will permit its being And the coarse jest is bandied round the throng sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed That smokes about the smoldering stove, and Hardware Stock can be bought of us. long We solicit your trade. Buggies and Wagons I have at my place in tee town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Binding Twine, Oil, Etc. I have a bargain to 6ffer in Buggies and W agon~ which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else in the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB. MOFFAT, COLO. NffSPAPHR Teaipestuous disputes arise, and then-- Even as all like discords--die again; The while a barefoot boy more gravely heeds ! The quaint old picture, and tiptoeing reads There in the raiay gloom and legend o'er The lowering portal of the old church door: "Wouldst trove a friend? wouldst know what friend is best? tIave God thy friend; He oasseth all the rest," So older, older, older, year by year, The boy has drown, that now an old man here, He seems a part t,f allegory, where He stax~iS before life as the rid print there, Still awed and marveling what light must be ttid by the door that bars futurity; Though ever clearer than with eyes of youth. He reads with his old eyes, sad tears, forsooth: "Wouldst have a friend? wouldst know what friend is beat? Have God thy friend; He passeth all the rest." --JAMES WHITCOMB ~ILEY. The stomach controls the situation. Those who are hearty and strong are those who can eat and digest plenSy of food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure dtgeets what fou eat and allows )ou to eat all the good thi,gs you want. Jf you suffer from indigestio,, heart burn, belching or any other stomach trouble, this preparation can't help but do you good. The moat seusitive stomachs can take it. S~guache ! Pharmacy. Thos. R. Touge, formerly of Denver, buL now engaged in mining at Lake Ciiy was a Bonanza visitor last week. He ex- pressed himself as well pleased with the camp and ttmt he should return and make a further examination of it under more favorable weather conditions. iteadacho often r=uits from a disor- dered condition of the stomach and con- stipstion of the bowels A dose or two of Cimmberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets will correct these disorders and cure the headache. Sold by Sagu~cffe Pharmacy. THH PHOPLH'8 NATIONAL FAMILY Pablished Monday. Wednesday and Fri- { day. m xn reahtva flue, I tTY'! TTT fresh, every-other-day ] NKW. Daily, giving the lat-IX]l] II est news on days of is- sac, and covering news [ of the other three. It [ contains all important [ foreign cable news [ which appears in THE { ]Y~l~ TT DALLY TRIBUNE oflV||~K same date, also Do- JLI./J[.~.l~k mestic and Foreign Correspondence, Short { Stories. Elegant Half- I tone Illustrations I Humorous Items, in ] duetrial information WEEKLY Fashion Notes, Agrl cultural Matters an( Comprehensive and re- liable Financial and Market reports. Regular subscription price, $L50 per year. TRIBUNE We furnish ~t with THE GRES(,ENT fur $2.50 per year. NEW YORK TRI WEEKLY TRIBUNE ( Published on Thurs- day, and known f.r nearly sixty years in every part of the Unit- ed States as a National Family Newsnaper of the nighest class, for farmers anti villagers. It contains all the most importantg e n e r a 1 news of THE DALLY TRIBUNE up to hoar of g-lug to1 press, an Ag:iculturo~ Depart- ment of the highest or- der, has entertaining reading for every member of the family, old and y(,uog, Market Reports wt, ich a c sc- oot,ted as authority by farmers aml country merchantst and is clean, up fo date, in- teresting and instruct- ive. Regular suhscripti:m priest $1.00 per year. We furnish it with TIIE CItESCENT for $2.00 per year. Reorganization of Lucrative Company. The Lucrative Mining company, or- iganized by Mr. Kinney of Colorado Springs and operating in Bonanza, Sa- guaohe cou sty, has been reorganized wtth a capital stock of $250,000, in shares of '.he par value of 10 cents each. The di- rectors are M. Kinney, W. H Dorsey, W F. Greenwood, John Ho'use and D.I. Whiteman. The original capitalization of the company was 1,500,000 shares. The old stock will be taken up, share for share. Of the new stock 150,000 shares will be left inthe treasnry and the re. mainder used in lhe purchase of the Hawk and East claims adjoining the Ea. gle claim, which the company is now working and which will give the compa- ny thirty acres. It is thought that by using the increas- ed capitalization in the purchase of new F. L. Bishop and L.H. Cheney of Send all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., Mo,,te V,.~ta haw oh,sod the deal with N. A. ]~tcb for the lot we~t of the postolttce and will erect it i)uildin~ 25x80 to be used as a dry go,sis store.--Eagle. Best of Job Printing at this office.1 0 0.li.a. property the disturbance of stock mar- ket conditions may be prevented, whtle the chances of a rapid advance in the prioo of the stock will he greatly in- creased. The Eagle claim has now been operat. ed by the company several months, has been developed to the depth of 250 feet and has opened a large body of high grade silver ore, black sulphurets, gray copper gnd native silve~ shipments i frqm which by the car load have averag- ed $80 per ton. The mine is nousidered by competent authorities as one of the best in Saguache county, that with thor- ough development will become a heavy producer.--Times. New Work Laid out for BonanzaDletrlot. The Manitou group of mines in Bo- nanza district, Saguache county, has been bonded to T. N. Hubbard, L Haus- en and others, who have gone to Bonan- za to take possession of the mine. The Manitou group is the oldest loca- tion in the Bonanza distrlctl the claims having been staked early in 1880. It was owned by a stock company which devel- oped the property thoroughly, expending about $50,000 in this work. Each olalm hasa shaft 100 feet deep and the Big Manitou is also opened wtth an 800 foot tunnel. The mine made regular ship- ments until 1893 and made a handsome profit for the owners, but has since been closed. When work was suspended there was a three foot vein of shipping ore in the bot- tom of the Little Manitou shaft, and it is the intention of the lessees to drive a tunnel to cut this vein. It is expected that the vein will be opened with a tun- nel about 150 feet long. Twice Proven. From the Vindicator, Rutberfordton, N.C. The editor of the Vindicator has had occasion to test the efficacy of Cham- herlain's Pain Balm twice with the most remarkable results in each case. First with rheumatism in the shoulder from which he suffered excruciating pain for ten days, which was reheved with two applications of Pain Balm, rubbing the pa~ts effiicted and realizing instant ben- efit and entire relief in a very short time. Second, in rheumatism in thigh joint, almost prostrating him with severe pain, which was relieved by two applications, rubbing with the liniment on retiring at night, and getting up free from pain. For sale by Saguache Pharmacy. G. W. Beckley returned from Denver last Friday. He bought while there a car load--20,000 pounds--of fine Greeley potatoes. See his add in th~ issue. G. O, Taylor Whiskies, ar~ pure me[Iclnal stlmulsntt THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS Denver, Colorado DALLY AND WEEKLY The Great Rel, l'esen t,at lye NeWspaper of the ltoeky Mountain States and Territories mtammmmmmmm AII the News from AII the WorId ][Ilustrations, Ca.vtoons, Speo/a/ ]~eatures, Etc., ~Itc. m SUiISORIPT1ON RATES: Daily and Sunday, per mooth, - - - - $ .75 Sunday only (32 to 38 pages),per year ~.50 Weekly, per year ........ 1.00 Address ROCKY }KOUNTAIN NEWS, DENVER, COLORADO I IIII I II Women as Well as Men Are Made Miserable by Kidney Trouble. Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis- courages and lermens ambition; beauty, vigor and cheerfulness soon ~ :~..~ ,~-i ~ disappear when the kid- "~-rr~Wt~'7,~'~ neys arc out of order -{~t[~./.~-" or dished. Kidney trouble has i~[~[~[.,~.J~"~--'" become so prevalent ~.""~.~/'~"~ that It Is not uncommon ~/]\~t~t_ _ # for a child to be born /~]ll~%~X'~].~ afflicted with weak kid- ~ ]~x~ffi~_, neys. If the child urln- ~ , atea too often, If the urine scalds the flesh or It, when the child roaches an age when it should be able to control the passage, it Is yet afflicted with bed-wetting, depend upon It. the cause of the difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first step should be towards the treatment of these Important organs. This unpleasant trouble ts due to a diseased condition of the kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as most people suppose. Women as well as men are made mis- erable with kidney and bladder trouble, and both need the same great remedy. The mild and the Immediate effect ot Swamp-Root is soon realized, it is sold by druggists, In fifty- _ I~'Y~.~h.._ cent and one dollaril~ sizes. You may have a sample bottle by mall free, also pamphlet tell- neme of m,amp4teot Ing all about It. Including many of the thousands of testimonial letters receive(] from sufferers cured, in writing Dr. Kilmet & Co., Blnghamton, N. Y., be sure and mention this paper. DIED Mrs. Sarah Wills, wife of John W. Wills of L)okett, at their residence m 41-8, on Tuesday, at 3 p. m., March 5th after a short illness, aged 62 years. The funeral services were conducted at the home Wednesday by Roy. E. O. Butler of Hesper and the remains were ~nterred in the Monte Vista cemetery. Mrs. Wills was a good wife and mother and was loved and respected by all who knew her and her loss is mourned by a husband, several sons and daughters and a host of other relatives and friends.-- Reporter. Prof. Ivison of Lonaconmg, Md.. suf- fered terribly from neuralgia of the stomach and indigestion for thirteen years and after the doctors failed to cure him they fed him on morphine. A friend aclvlsed the use of Kodol DyspelmiaCure and after taking a few bottle~ of it he says, "It bas cured me entirely, I can't say too much for Kodol Dyspepma Cure." It digests what you eat. Saguache Pharmacy. Three 8core Years and Ten. An aged lady entered the St. Clair ho- tel Saturday evening and placed her name upon the register, "Mrs Richards, Sagnaohe, Colorado." She had ~ust ar- rived from Denver, wheneat the homeof friends, she had been Ill some two or three weeks, and though showing evi- dences of her illnem and the wnnkle~ acquired In 80 long years of battle with ! life's cares and struggles, ehe had a clear eye, quick step and an independent de- meanor which was remarkable. The following morning the news gath. erer happened at the hotel desk when the aged lady stepped up to the tier[ and inquired for her bill. After tender- ing the amount she entered into conver- sation by asking where to find the house of Mrs. Redmond with whom she was to visit. I have juet disposed of my ranch, cattle and horses in Saguache county, said she, and am now figuring on settling down somewhere to quietly pass my re- maining days. Up to the present time I ~ave had full care of interests there, but am now unable to go about and look after stock, fences, etc. I'll tell you, mi~- ter, these hired men are not always to be relied upon, and I just thought I'd quit business. Mrs. Richards is one of Colorado'e pioneers. She was in Denver with her husband, now deceased, when Denver was but a village. She knew many of Denver's first people, a majority of them are now dead. "W. N. Byers and David H. Moffat are among those early Denver- ltes, and I met them both while in the capital city," remarked the lady, as an escort took charge of her baggage and started with her to the home of Mre. SAGUACHE CRESCENT F?amLr SAOUAOUm D,iI~IBAT. OSCAR D. BRYAH, PROPI~IETOR AND EDITOR. t'ublish.ee!..at,Sagusqhe, C olo.,.nvsff Thumday. tm pohticaa questaons tt wxu aavooate the interests of the Repubhcan party. Its chief aim will be to advanoe the ma- terial int~mt~ of this county. SubeorlDtlon, - $2.00 Year. This Is Iour Opportunity. On receipt of ten cents, cash or stamps, a generous sample will be mailed of the most lmpular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure (Ely's Cream Balm) sut~cient to demos. strgte the great merits of ths remedy. ELY BROTHERS, 56 Warren St., New York City. Rev. John Reid, Jr., of Great Falls, Mont., recommended Ely's Cream Balm to me. I san emphasize" his statement, "It. is a post-,, ti~e cure for catarrh if ~sed as directed. Rev. Franei~ W. Peele, P~tor CentrsiPrea Church, Helena, Mont. Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged cure for catarrh and contains no mercur~ nor any injurious drug. lPries, 50 Cents, Speeial Reduced ]gates el& the Danver nnd ]8.1o Grande ltallrotd. Low Excursion Bates to California, Oregon, Washington and Montana Points. On each Tuesday, from Febru- ary 12 to April 30, the Denver and Rio Grande R. 1~ will sell one way Colonist tickets, from all points on the main lin~ between Denver and Grand Juno,ion, at tho followlug rates: San Franmsoo, Los Angeles and San Diego, $25. Portland, Spokane, Tacoma and Seat- tle, $28. Butte and Helena, $23. From all points located off the main lines the local rate to the nearest main line junction point will be added to the above rates. When you are bilious, use those fa- mous little pills known as DeWitt'g Lit- tle Early Risers to cleanse the liver and bowels. They never gripe. Saguache Pharn~acy. Heavy Snows at Bonanza. Bonanza, Marsh, 4.--Bonanza, like other parts of Saguaehe county will at- traot considerable attention during the coming open season, and it well deservu it, for ire resources are such that when once brought before the general publ/c; will once more turn the attention of Col- orado mining men to one of the oldest and at one time most prosperous camps in the etate. It is announced that the Minnie Lyn(h mine, recently sold to J. Brevet for a good round eum by John Murphy, Will resume operations some time during the coming month. The tunnel on this mine is in 350 feet, and at present is in touch with a 15 foot lead having a value of $20 to the ton in silver, lead and copper. The prospects of Thistle and Miller of the Old Lawrence mine are excellent. They have a good showing in gray copper, sil- ver end lead. Mark Bledell of the Shamuth, about four miles from tow~, announce, that during the coming month work will be gloried again on his mi~ with a force of two shifts. Mr. Biedell has made good money on the Shamuth. He has a 28 foot vein of copper, lead and Sliver ore on whioh smelter returns give a value of $62.74 to the ton. The ~olley tunnel le at present work- ing a fores of men in an effort to cut be- low a ribh vein encountered in the shaft. The Cliff mine is reported to have a feet of rich ore aud to be working a force of men two shifts daily.--Post. A Good Cough ~[edictne for Children. "I have no hesitancy in recommend- leg Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,, s~ys F. P. Moran, a well-known and popula~ baker, of Petersburg, Vs. "We have given it to our children when troubledo with bad coughs, also whooping cough and it has always given perfect satisfac- tion. It was recommended to me by a druggist as the best cough medicine for children as it contained no opium or other harmful drug." Sold by Saguache Pharmacy. Munro Bros. well known stockmen of the San Luis valley, with beadquartem near Sagueche, sold. a erring of Shin%- horn oalves at good prices. The httle fel- lows were of nhoice quality and sold at l~st year's values, the eteer calves bring. l~dmond.--Salida Mail. ing $21.50 each and the heifer ealvet t' $20 75 a head Stockman Counterfei'ts of DeWit~ s Witch Hazel j *-- Sah'e are liable to cause blood poisoning [ ..... Leave them alone. The original bas the{ ~~~ name D~Witt s upon the box aud wrsp-I per. It is a harmlees and healing salve[ ' ] If your liver m out of order, causin for ekm diseasee. Unequalled for pflee. ' " Sagusche Pharmacy. Biliousness, Sick Headache, Heart- ff A llargain. I will sell the house I am occupying on the corner of San Juan avenue and Third street at a very reasonable price. This is an opportunity for some on~ to buy a cheap, comfortable house. GEO. R, LOUCKS. 6,0,Tql0rWhl,kl- rdtlnglb~t~,t ,~=~ burn, or Constipation, take a dose of Hood's Pills On retiring, and tomorrow your dl' gestive organs will be regulated and ~oOU will be bright, active and ready r any kind of work. This been the experience of otaher~; i~ will be yours. HOOD'S PILLS am ~01d by all medicine d~er~. $6 ~,