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March 19, 1931     The Saguache Crescent
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March 19, 1931

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THURSDAY, MAR. 19, 1931 ,i i ii iii I ii ii iiii ,111E $XGtCHE E i i i| iii i Ill l I I Hill I N SAT[ RDAY SPECIALS Double Wool Plaid Blankets $4.95 Values Now $2.98 One Assortment Wash Dresses .................... 79c Turkish Towels ......................... 15c and 29c Wash Cloths .................................... 08c New Prints and New Pattern in Oilcloth Arriving Daily Work Clothes a Specialty DRY GOODS, BOOTS, SHOES AND CLOTHING i i i , ,,n "The Reli00Lble Store" Phone 45W at SHERMAN'S b..-q | V/b i i , We Fill Your Order promptly--Everything in the line of meats and groceries. Also vegetables and fruits. i ii i i , Sa00uache Groceryand Market That's Jack's Place--Phone 104 Saguache, - - Colorado - -:-:-:-:-:-:. Coal I I II Coal Coal Rusty Produces Lasts More Longer Heat Crested t00atte Lump for best steam coal Always ready to fill your order i i ii L. W. GROSS Saguache, Colo. : NEW SILK UNDERWEAR All Prices From 97c To $1.99 Aprons From 65c to $1.00 Ladies Dresses From $1.00 to $2.95 Children's Dresses From 50c to $2.25 Ladies New Spring Hats all prices $2.45 to $5.45 MEN'S WORK SHOES Leather Coats ...................... $7,50 Work Shirts ..............  ............ 95c Work Shirts .......................... 75c Boys Suits ......................... $4.95 Men and Boys New Caps, All Prices i i i, ii m i i, ,i i Phone 21J J O R N' S SAGUACHE, COLORADO PARENTS BLAMED Time and again it is brot to our notice by the criticism of parent3 through our exchanges that they are mostly to blame by their activities in clubs and parties. The latest sensation come from Hollywood and San Diego, California. when detectives and parents found the elaborate home of their daughter managed by a man and woman who conducted a slave market. Responsibility for the existence of a so-called slave market, not only in Hollywood, but anywhere else, was put squarely up to American mothers I Friday by William Baudine, the wide- ly known movie director. Mr. Beau- dine did not omit the fathers, either, in his criticism, a He was commenting on the charge that girls from 15 to 18 had been sold for sums ranging from $200 to $500 at parties in San Diege and elsewhere. Alexander Pantages, ut of San Quentin on appeal in the Unice Pringle statutory case. is among the three men arrested as a: result of the present investigation. ] Mr. Baudine said: "Why don't I mothers nowadays make it a point to: check up on whether daughter Mary i is really spending the night with her friend Maggie?" "Why don't par- ents find out where Mary got that fur coat? The reason in many cases is that the mothers and fathers are glad to get Mary off their hands for a night so that they can step cut themselves. They are in too much of a hurry to investigate. "The modern child is no more mys- terious than the child of any other era. And Hollywood is no more full of temptation than any other city. What children want first L a good time; if they can't get it in the h(;me or thru their parents they will grab it somewhere else. What they want second is a couple of friends for par- ents; make your children's problems your own. Mr. Beaudine goes on to state a follows: "Be as much interested in enter- taining your children as you are in entertaing a houseguest. See that they do their school work every eve- ning, but get them tickets for shows. give parties for them in your house make yourself a travel bureau if nec- essary. You have no other task more important. "Don't leave the house in the eve- ning till the youngest children are !in bed and asleep and the oldest Oc- cupied with school books or enter- tainment. In other words, don't leave your children to their own imagina- tions. Plan their, evenings before starting on yours. And talk life to them. Explain things. "Look at the little girls who come to Hollywood alone. I don't know where their parents' minds are. Fine and good as a boy or girl may be, a boy or girl needs watchful care. Of course, a youngster must have some kind of ideals implanted in the mind by the parents. You can only do best and hope in God. "If modern parents raise a girl to :he age of 18 and keep her still good, and a boy to the age of 21 and keep him out af jail they have accom- plished their life work. But it's a 24-hour job every day." DO FROZEN TROUT LIVE TO BITE AGAIN? Just how often can a trout be froz- en up and still live to jump at the fisherman's fly next summer? This is no idle question, as rather alarming tales come from the high hills about stream after stream which, because of lack of a snow blanket, has frozen solid so that the flow is distributing itself over the valleys. On South Bea- ver at the Mergelmn ranch, the workmen trenched clear across this sizeable stream and could not find a trickle. They were forced to move 200 head of cattle a mile down from the-house to a spring. Mr. Mergel- man says this happened once before in 50 years and th.e next spring, many dead fish came down. Above the ranch at the stone quarry it is said the  ice sheet covers the entire bot- tom of Beaver and is solid as high as the tops of the willows. Razor creek above Doyleville is re- ported frozen, as are mall streams into Taylor river and into Quartz creek. Some declare it will not hurt the trout, that they will thaw out as live- ly as crickets. Others say that it will certainly kill them all, and still others believe that one freezing might be resisted, but that continued freezing and thawing would kill the fish. Observations this spring ought to settle the controversy.Gunnison News-Champion, A want ad in the Crescent is one o the best ways to get rid of something or anything you have to sell. It is sure to get you results. SAGUACHE A lot of towns are beautiful And sung about so wee], About Saguache, a little town, I now will try to tell. We found the people there So loyal and so kind, We know that friends like they Elsewhere are hard to find. Then take the shady streets So beautiful and wide, Why it's the prettiest spot In all the countryside. Do not ask me to explain I connot tell you why, At first you do not like Saguache But when you leave you cry. And pleasant memories with you take No matter where you roam, And fondly hope again some day You'll call Saguache your home. --BLANCHE READ. A Saguache woman reports to us that a new radio has been added to the list of comforts and necessities of her home. The first night friend husband stayed up until half past one trying to get Monte Vista. "He did not get San FranCisco," his wife told us, "but" she added, "he nearly Provide NOW For" I -The Future! Put aside a regular sum each week to safeguard yourself against finan- cial worry later on. Anyone who has learned the lesson of Thrift may consider himself well educated! We particularly welcome new ac- counts---which may be started with One Dollar! $000000achc County National Banh got hell." SAGUACHE, COLORADO Caaital and Surplus $80 000 low can a person who has no per : | sonaIlty express one? MORE FOR Your Money We wonder how many people wh( long for a career know Just why they do. An endurance flight becomes a con- test between a gas tank and a pocket- book. After all, a prison is not maintained as a place of rest, recreation and re- cuperation. Who can remember the old-fashione:l dude, of whom it was said, "Every move a picture?" Nature is still triumphant. No girl looks as weirdly hmk in person as in the fashion pictures. The biggest fourflusher armmd town claims it takes two of the new small- sized bills to light a cig,'lr. Back home when yea wanted sus- penders, you Just walked into a store and asked for "sppenders." We Americans look ripen the orien. tals with pity and they gaze on us with contempt, and so honors are even. "A western girl has made a fash- ionable dress out of shavings from the sawmill," Er--and about the splint- ers? "Swiss cheese now yielding to scien- tists," says a headline. We never knew anyone else to get the, better of it. Overheard on the bus: "Did you spend tle usual two weeks' vacation at home? .... Uh huh--a very usual two weeks." An interesting sight we haven't en- countered in 15 years at least is a runaway team hitched to a water- melon wagon. "Why do you buy more shoes, at this time7 You have 11 pairs in the clos- et." "I know, but I need the box for a picnic lunch." It Is saddening to think that in a little while we shall begin to miss the old-fashioned dollar bills, and the new smaller ones, too. A recipe of the week calls for can- died carrots, on the theory, I)erhaps. that the bitterest pill can be swallowed if it is sugar-conted. One wlm lives in a *'house by the side of the road" these days is likely to find the deep tracks of strange au- tomobiles in his front lawn. Possibly the most notable instance of good judgment during the heated term has been the Swedish flyers' in ability to get out of Iceland. What profiteth a man to break out of a New York prison, where he lm been seeing Broadway shrews for notb lag, and pay $11 for a seat? Another tiring we have ahvays fell to be wildly exaggerated Is the impnr. tanee of the matter marked in a "Marked Copy," after it arrives. An eminent dermatologist says whis- kers grow just as fast In cold weather us in hot. This no doubt accounts fo, the many long bem:ds among Eskhnos A police fro'co In South Americq has nipped a |flot to injure the United States. That's more than some poliqe forces in the United States are doing. The refusal hy the Lnlmr govern meat to admit i,eon Trotzky to Grea Brltqin leaves I,eem tn a bad fix flfl(] lets Mr. MacDonald out of a worse one. "Your husbntd says he never desert- ed you. liow about ltT' asked the diw)rce Judge of the fair petitioner. "Why, Your Honor, he's an endurance fyer !" In view of our Inability to do any- thing shout the weather, perhaps the next best thing is to do something to the chump who's ahvays reminding us of it. It pays to buy at this home store for two reasons-first, you are assured of the best you can buy for the price--second, you are keeping your money at home-- right here in the community where it has chance, to come back to you. YOUR DOLLAR IS GROWING-- THESE PRICES PROVE IT-- i ii Beef PRIME Pork FRESH GROWN STEAKS ............... 25c CHOPS ...... ' .......... .8c ROASTS ............... 20c ROAST .................. 25c STEWS ................ 14c SAUSAGE ............. 25c Lamb GRADE Fruit LEG .................. 28c FRESH CHOPS ................ 25c ORANGES ............. 40c STEW ................. 22c GRAPE FRUIT ........ 13c ROAST .... _"_ ........... 25c LEMONS .............. 40c ,, BANANAS ............. 12c Soap TOILET ,, LAUNDRY ROYAL TWO P, & G. or CRYSTAL JELL FLAVORS WHITE, 6 for .......... 25c LUX or PALMOLIVE Raspberry--Strawberry 3 Pkgs. for ............ 25c 3 for .................. 25c i , H i r i HAMMOND MERCANTILE Co, SAGUACItE, COLORADO We Are the Best Equipped o Do Your Greasing We see that each part gets its right kind and amount of grease. A grease job consists of greasing chassis, motor, door lock hinges and springs with high pressure spray gun. 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