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March 21, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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March 21, 1901

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VOL. XXI. SAGUACHE CRESCENT. NO. 12. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1052. eW AW WW WW WW WW WW Tone up your system with Dr. Greene's Nervura, $I.00 Harter's Iron Tonic $1.00 IKalamazoo Celery C?mp. $1.00 Sw,m> oot 50 ot** d Satuachc Pharmacy Co., Frank Plttenter, Mtr. | Ill ! ~ III i i HEN AND WOHEN Should Buy Boots and Shots, (Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.) FIa~ .and Caps, (Booghcr, Force & Goodbar Hat Co.) Gioves and Mittens, Overshoes, Un&rwear and Drygoods. Cmakcry, Quee~ware and Hardware. Hameta, Stoves and Range~ (Wilson Heaters.) Dtmk Coats, (all Styles. ) OT SAMUEL FEAST, Moffat, COtO., and 5AVE HONH. l II l I l LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS DUNN BLOCK, S~ C~T3~a~CI-I E, COLOI::t~.IDO, Have just opened as complete a stock of 61,E,NERAL HARDWAREi This stock IS ne:St:::u;hfou:TtIa: ts:;e~t:~ bL/~n ::;1;:;need Hardware man and was bought at prices which will permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bohght of us. We solicit your trade. . Bul l ies and Wagons I have at my place in the town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Bindiog Twine, 0il, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and Wagou, which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else m the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB, MOFFAT, COLO. i, ,i i THti PEOPLIi'S NATIONAL FAMILY NRWSPAPHR NEW- YORK TRI- EBKLY TRIBUNE 'L,/;. Published Monday, Wednesday and Fri-I day. is In reahtya fine, [ fresh, every.other-day Daily, #ring the lit-! eat news on days of is- i sue, and covering news of the other three It ! contains all important foreign cable news which appears in THE DALLY TRIBUNE of same date, also Do- mestic and Foreign YORK Correspondence, Shor Stories. 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Send all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., Best of Job Printing at this office. ~.~ ~-~ have thin |I "~ hair. Per- t~| '~ hips their ~J ty, andsays: "11 p ar e n t s |~ The mining district around Bonanza is had t h t n L'i[ about six allies tong by throe miles wide. U ~ II 0 hair; per- ][I Generally spe~king, the country rock is porphyry, tratersed by quartzite dykes. ~'~ | I1 hips their ~'] Theup toVeinathirtyrankefeet frOmwide threeand or four feet upwards, the children h ~ v e t h i n ]~j pay streaks of course being very cons]d- hair, But this does [/~ stably narrower, tbough in some cases not make it necessaw [~ t~2entire vein consists of concentrating for them to have thin t~| As a mining camp Bonanza dates from h#'ne~ " v.ml ~ss0, when there w.s a "hoom," silver then being about $1.13 per ounce. Locally there are several classes of ore viz: (1) Silicious ores carrying the values mostly t'"n5 in silver, with some gold; (2) lead ores, you ff ~q ~_~_~Y_ I carrying the values in lead and silver, may IU~ [] I1'11 with very little, if any, gold; (3) copper rely linilPkl I I ores, alsocarryi=gsflver; (4)ores carry- ing both lead and copper, together with upon-- ~XII i~dlil~[ silver; (5) ores carrying silver only. In the "eighties" there was not suffi- cient high grade ore opened up~ at the then cost of mining, freight and smelting makes the hair healthy to keep the camp going, and there were then no means of euonomlcally and el- and vigorous; makes feet]rely concentrating and saving the, values of the lower grade ores. With the it grow thick and gradual decline in the price of silver Be- long It cures dan drulY also. It always restores color to gray hair,- all the dark, rich color of early life. There is no longer need of },our looking old be- tore your time. St.O0 a bottle. All druggi$2e. "As a remedy for restoring color to the hair I believe Ayer's Hair Vigor has no e(tuaL I has always g~ven me perxeet satisfaction la every wa~:d~ Aug. 18,1898. Hammondsport~NY. WFIte tl~ OootOP. ~e will send yo~ . book on The air and Sca]~ free, upon r~uest. If you do not obtain all the benefits you expected from the use of the Vigor.write the Doctor about It, Dig. J, O. ATER, Lowell, ~see Come Down A parlsl~ priest of austerity Climbed up in a high church steeple To lie near to God, that lie nilght hand God's word unto tile people. And in sm'mon script he daily wrote What be tllotq,dlt was sent from heaven, And lie dropped it down ou tile people's beads Two times, one day in seven. Ia his lisle God said, "come down and die," And be cried from ~out his steeple : 'tWllel'eart thou, l, gi'd'?" and tile Lord re" plied, ~tDown here anions the people." --Commoner, The stomach c~ntrols the situation. 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Wllat a land it is to live in, Wllere a palace is as cheap As a lionel--where tim littlest May with giant strides o'erleap Highest heights! Tbo' bringing knowledge How the flying years bereave Us of all our lmppy dwellings, In the Laud of Make Believe. Still, so curious ls the human, E'en in chlldhood~oft he goes Far outside Joy's., plmre, a-weeping O'er haaginary woes, For the one that's born a poet, TIle' he knows ll0t, why, lnust grieve O'er the tears that fall O,ltside of Tile brlgllt Land of Make Believe. --Mary Norton Bradford ill Boston Globe. Headache often results from a disor- dered condition of the stomach and con- st]pat]on of the bowels. A dose or two ,,f Chambvrlain's Stomach and LLver Tablets will correct these disorders and cure tim headache. S(dd by Saguache Phsrmacy. Mar,msWhu,qofV,la Gone, was in t,,~'n Monday after a load of oats. ......... G. O. Tsylor Whiskies, of superior excellence nanza became increasingly abandoned, except by a limited few, wile have never lost their faith in the ultimate outcome of the camp. Today Bonanza is little known among the general pu blic interested in Colorado mining, and as a matter of fact has been practically lost to view until lately. There have, however, been many changes in conditions in favor of Bonanza since its i early "boom" days and subsequeut !"slump'' days. CONDITIONS NOW IMPROVED. In the "eighties" the wagm. freight on ore from the mines of the Bonanza dis- trlot to the nearest railroad pont, Villa Grove, was from $4: to $5 per ton, the railroad freight from Villa Grove to the smelters was $6 per ton and the smelt. InS charge was from $8 to $12. Success- ful concentration, as now understood, was then unknown. Today the wagon freight is $3, the railroad freight from $3 to $~, the smelting charge from $5 up- wards, some of the lead ore being treat-! ed gratis, while local concentrating plants onup to date principles, are treating the lower grade ores more or less success. fully. What the district is capable of under present improved conditions can be real- ! ized by a brief notice of some of the prominent mines in the "eighties," as follows: The Empress Josephine mine in Cop- per gulch, half a mile from Bonanza, owned in Cleveland, O. Up to 1888 this] property shipped ore which nettea $200,., 000 after paying smelter cbarges, etc. The mine is only 400 feet deep, has been shut down on account of water, but there is some ~alk about renewing work this spring. The Exchequer mine, close to the Bo- nanza, belonginz to S. F. Rathvon ell Denver. This property produced large l quantities of rich surface ,,re in the ear- ly eighties and work m still being prose outed on concentrating ore. The Cornucopia mine, one mile from Bonanza, also belonging to S. F. Rath- yon. The property Was a heavier pro- ducer than the Exchequer, the ore being a gray copper running as high as 8 per cent. in copper, over 100 ounces silver and sometimes half an ounce of gold per ton. Thm mine is troubled by water. AN OLD SHIPPING PROPERTY. The Bonanza mine, owned hy the Bo- nanza Mining company of which Irving Howbert of Colorado Springs ie the man ager. Years ago this .property shipped 3,000 tons of ore carrymg from 8 to 10 ounces of silver per ton and from 40 to 50 per cent. lead. :].'he mine is only 250 feet deep and there is concentrating ore at the bottom of the shaft. The Rawley mine in the '80s shipped considerable quantities of lead-silver ore, also high grade copper ore. It is now owned by David G. Wrens and his New York assocmtes and a1-1..rge working tun- nel is being run to tap the ore bodies at depth. A group consisting of the Radchffs, Payson, Little Johns]e, Wisconsin and others, about throe and a half miles from Bonanza, was purchased it] the early '80s by ex-Governor Foster of Ohio and his associates. Thm group shipped a con- siderablo quantity of ore soon afterward and has been intermittently worked over since by lessees, the Wisconsin produc- ing at the present time. The Hortense mine, half a mile from Bonanza owned by K. S. Fisher of Bo- nanza, years ago produced small quanti- ties of ore running as high as $40,000 in gold and sdver per ton. The Gem City group of six claims in Copper gulch, owned by Mr. Widmayer has large bodies of concentrating ore. Other similar mines coald be mention- ed as showt~g the widespread existence of mineral throughout the district,wbmh can be mined, hauled and treated today at great sdvantsge as compared with the local conditions existing in the latter '80a ~:hen Bonanza began ,o decline. There are already thre~ o(incentra~ing mills in more or less successful ,peration iu the district, wz: the Be]dell mill, ca- pacity 30 to 40 t(ms per day; the R,,ss mill, eapaciiy 2Qt, 30 tons and the lea- bells-Emma mill, capacity al),,ut I0 tons. All three mills are equipped with Wil- fley tables. BETTER DAYS ARE COMING. The dawn of a brighter period is evi- dently break|n~, for Bonanza. A few years ago David G. Wo~mm of New Ym'k i practically located in B~,nanza and for himself and associates has slnce acquired ,# Thousands Have Kidney ~rouble and Don't Know it. How-~--~l-~-o~t. Fill a bottle or common glass with your water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a . ~ ~ sediment or tmt- ~ ~ fling indicates an "ff~J-~ ~ *'~,,'-'7~ unhealthy oondl- I'~ ~~~ Yf" tton of the kid- ~/~ ~J ~'~[ ,/ ~. V ncys; if it stains ~./~.~a:~ your linen it Is 4k~ ~,(~/.J~'~.J evldcnce of kid- \I/ ~ ,~._(~,4~ ncy trouble; too .~.~.J// /:~"i~'~.~ frequent desire to t'~N6,..u~.~ pass it or pain In -" -, ~..v~.,... the back Is alto convincing proof that the kidneys and blad- der are out of order. What to Do. There ts comfort In the knowledge so often expressed, that Dr. Kllmer's Swamp- Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part of the urinary passage. It corrects inability to hold water and scalding pain in passing it, or bad effects following use of liquor, wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant necessity of b, ing compelled to go often during the day, and to get up many times during the night. The mild and the extra- ordinary effect of Swamp.Root is soon realized. It stands the highest for Its won- derful cure,s of the most distressing ca.~. zt you nceu a medicine you should have the best. ~old by druggists in 50c. and$1, slzes. You may have a sample bottle of th~ wonderful discovery . I~I/Y~ and a book that tells/~~,.~ more about it, both sent ~..1~ absolutely free by mail, address Dr. Kilmer & Home of Swamp-Roo~ Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men- tlon reading this generous offer In this paper, over fifty claims, some of which like the Rawley, Josphine, Paragon, Michigan and a number of others, were considera- ble ore producers years ago. He also ac- quired a smelting plant originally erect- ed by'Philadelphia capital at Parkville six miles below Bonanza, which he has converted into a copper matte plant, it having the advantage of proximity to large deposits of iron ore and lime, nee. essary aa fluxes. Mr. Weems, as before mentioned, is running a tunnel which will be eoutinued to a total length of 3,000 feet attaining a maximum vertical depth below the surface of over 1,300 feet The coast]mat]on of these and other plans by Mr. Weems will put au entirely new complexlon on Bonanza and will am- ply demonstrate the capabflitie~ of the district u~ler the improved oondition~ as an ore producer and dividend payer. Cripple Creek parties have taken a bond on the Sosthenis mine belonging to Baldwin & Mackay of Bonanza. Years ago this property shipped one lot of 606 tons of ore, which'netted $49 per ton after paying royalty freight and smelting charges or a total of over $30,000 net re- cepts on $12,000 Worth of work done on the property. The ore chewed nix tenths of an ounce of gold and sixty one ounces of silver per ton. The Cripple Creek parties recently took out ore running 19i ounces silver and $12 in gold per ton. New England parties have secured a bond ou the Hanover mine, owned by Buck & Sharp of Bonanza. It has au in- cline shaft 300 feet deep, at the bottom of which is a vein from two to t~ree feet wide running 25 ounces in silver per ton, 35 per cent. lead and 5 per cent. copper. OPENING OF EAGLE MOUNTAIN. One of the most important racent srents for Bonanza has been the open- ing up of the Eagle mine of the Lucra- tive Mining com0any on Eagle mountain about two miles from Bonanza, disclos- ing an entirely different class of ore to any which had theretofore been discov- ered in the district. Tha workings of tbe Eagle mine, as yet, arc only 250 feet deep, and continuous shipments are made of ore carrying as high as 90 ouuoes per tea m battle and wire silver, but no gold lead or copper. The ore improves with depth. The geological showings on Ea- gle mountam are exceptionally encour- aging. ~he Hallwood Mining company ~has undoubtedly ia its ground a little higher up the mouutmn, more than one vein, including the continuation of the Eagle vein. Denver parties have secur- ed the Dad Rogers claim, paralleling the Eagle claim. Lower down the hill Dr. S. E. Kortwright of Bonanza owns the Edith Charles claim with a shaft 75 feet] deep, disclosing ore assaying from 6 to 30: ounces silver per ton. At the base of the hill the Golden Gate tunnel has been commenced, the continuation of which it is expected will cut a number of the above mentioned veins at depth. Esgte mountain today presents better surface showmgs and workings than Gold hill, Cripple Creek did in the early '90s. The deepest mme around Bonanza is only 400 feet deep and the others much shallower. A careful consideration of the history of the district and its present conditions leads to the inevitable con- clusiou that it only needs further capital in development work and improved met- allurgy, always associated with exper- ienced, competent and conservative man- agement, to transform a number of the properties into continuous me shipping, dividend paying mines. It is, tberefore, gratifying to know thatoutside capital is beginning to wake up to the possibilities of the district under present improved conditions. Bonanza has an altitude of about 9,000 feet.. Work can be continuously con- ducted throughout the wmter. A person leaving Denver by the 8 o'clock D. & R G train in ths evenicg via Alamosa, ar riving at Villa Grove at 9:20 in the morn ins from there 16 miles by stage, arriv- ing in Bousza before noon. A Bargttt n. [ will sel! the house I am occupying ,,n the corner of San Juan avenue and Third street at a very reasonable price 1 This is an opportanity for sonic one tel buy a cheap, comfortable house. GzO. R, LOUCKS. SAGUACHE CRESCENT FOaMERLr SAOUA~YJ~g DIEEOOlgAT, OSCAR D. - B~YA~. PROPHIETOH AND" EDIT0~. Published at Saguac~olo., every Thured~. On, political questions it will advocate tim intareats of the l~pubhoan party. Its chief mm will be to advance the-ma- terial interests of this oounty. ~ubscrlption, -. $2.00 a Year. Thousands are Trying It. In order to prove the great merit of Ely's Cream Balm, ths most effective cure for Catarrh and Cold in Head, we have pre- pared a generous trial sizs for 10 cents. Get it of your druggist or ~nd 10 e~ata to ~.J.~Y BROS., 56 Warreu St., N. Y. City. I suffarod from eaL'trrh of the worst kind ever since a boy, and I never hoped for cure, but Ely's Cream :Balm seems to do even that. Many acquaintances have used it with exesllent result~.~Osoax Ostrum, 45 Warren Ave., Chicago, IIL Ely's Cream Bahn is the acknowledged cure for catarrh and contains no ocoaine, mercury nor any injurious dru~. Pzice~ ~0 cecile, At druggists or by maiL Town Caucus. Pursuant to call the caucus for the nomination of a ticket to be voted on at the town election on Tuesday, April 2nd, was held in the town hall last Saturday evening. The meeting was called to order by Dr. Lockett who was made i chairman and Wm. F. Boyd was selected for secretary. The following ticket was placed in non]unties: For Mayor--John Lawrence. 'For Trustees, 2 George H. Curtis, Win. F. Boyd. For Trustees, 1 year (to fill vacanoy)~ J. J. Keller, Henry Gould For Treasurer~W. H. Ham. The attendance on this caucus wu much larger than usual and indieate~ that the people are taking in our town affairs th~n has formerly been t~e ease. The ticket is a representative one and no doubt will be elected. A Good Cough Medicine for Children. WI [aaVe no hesitancy in recommend-~ ing Chamberlain's Cough Remedy," ~sys F. P. Moran, a well known and popular baker, of Petersburg, Vs. "We have given it to our children when troubled with bad coughs, also whooping cough and it has always given perfect satisfac- tion. It was recommended to me by a druggmt as the best cough medicine for children ag it costa|ned no opmm or other harmful drug." Sold by Saguache Pharmacy. Special Reduced Rates via the Denver and RJo Gr&nde l~ailroad, Low Excursion Rates to California, Oregon, Washington and Montana Points. Ca each Tuesday, from Febru- ary 12 to April 30, the Denver and Rio Grands R. 1~ will sell one way Colonist tickets, from all poiuts on the main line~ between Denver and Grand Junction, at the following rates: " San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, $25. Portland, Spokane, Tacoma and Seat- tle, $28. Butte and Helena, $23. From all points located off the main lines the local rate to the nearest main line ~unetion point will be added to the above tateR. The public schools and college were closed this week owing to the presence of diphtheria in town. Every possible precaution LaP been taken towards stamping out the diseaao.~Prospector, Dr, Lord is fitting up the room next to the Crestone Pharmacy in flue shape for an o~tce. This will give the doctor am- ple room to care for Ms growing prao- tiee.--Esgte. When you are 'b~ous, use those fa- mous little pills known as DeWitt's Lit- tle Early Ricers to cleanse the liver and bowels. 'l.'bey never gripe. Saguache Pharmacy. I. Tucker of Center was in town the latter part of the week puttmg up hie gasoline lamps. They seem to give ex- cellent satisfaction. Charles Timney, town clerk of Benin. za, is quite sick ~ith pneumonia We trust to hear of his early recovery. James Ham of the firm of Ellis & Ham of Bonanza, was in this place the first of the w(ek after ranch produce. i ii i ii ii i ii Headache | Is often a warning that the liver la [] torpid or inactive. More serious troubles may follow. For a prompt, efficient cure 'Of Headache and all liver troubles, take Hood's Pills I While they rouse the liver, restore full, regular action of the bowels, they do not gripe or pain, do not irritate or inflame the internal organs, but have a positive tonic effect. 25C. at all druggists or by mall of , 1