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March 28, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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March 28, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. !3. SAG[ACHE. COLORADO, THURSDAY. MARCH 28, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1053. MES ASD WOSES Should Buy Boots and Shoes, (Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.) Hats_ and Caps, (Boogher, Force & Goodbar Hat Co.) Gloves and Mittens, Overshoes, Underwear and Drygoods. Crockery, Queensware and Hardware. Harness, Stoves and Ranges, (Wilson Heaters.) Duck Coats, (all Styles. ) of SAMUEL FEAST, Moffat, OLO. and 5 VE MONEY. LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS D UNN BLOCK, 8.A. C3-LT_A.C I-I :B3, CC)-[- ,O:Eb_A_DC), Have just opened as complete a stock of GENERAL HARDWhRE As can be found in the Sau Luis Valley. This stock is new throughout, was selected by sn experienced tlardware man ana was bought at prices which will permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us. We solicit your trade. Buggies and Wagons I have at r~y place in the town (if Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Bindi,g Twine, 0il, Etc. I have abargain to offer in Buggies arid Wagoll~ which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices thaB you can get any where else m the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB. MOFFAT, COLO. This Ie Your Opportunity. On receipt of ten cents, cash or stamps, a generous sample will be mailed of the most popular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure (Ely's Cream Balm) mtffieient to demon- strata the great merits of the remedy. ELY BROTHERS, 56 Warren St., New York City. Roy. John Reid, Jr., of Great Falls, Mont., recommended Ely's Cream Balm to me. I can emphasize his statement, "It is a posi- tive cure for catarrh if used as directed."-- Roy. Franci~ W. Peele, Pastor CentralPres. Church, Helena, Mont. Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged cure for catarrh and contains no mercury nor any injurioUs drug. Price, 50 cents. Cooled Look at your tongue. Is it coated ? Then you have a bad taste in your mouth every morning. Your appetite is poor, and food dis- tresses you. You have frequent headaches and are often dizzy. Your stomach is weak and your bowels are always constipated. There's an old and re- liable cure : Don't take a cathartic dose and then stop. Bet- ter take a laxative dose each night, just enough to cause on e good free move- ment the day following. You feel better the very next day. Your appetite returns, your dyspepsia is cured, your headaches pass away, your tongue clears up, your liver acts well, and your bowels no longer give you trouble. Pr~.e, 25 g*nti. All ~'egat~. "I have taken Ayer's Pills for years, and t consider them the best made. One pill does me more good than half a box of any other k~ild I have ever tried." ~r8 N. E. TALBOTI March 80,1899. Arrington, Kans. | "Arlzony Ray." i+rivate an~i t~:ironic Diseases of Men The wildest cowboy on tile range ,,'as that same CONSULT h[en suffering from evil el- Arizotly Ray. f.cts of youthful indiecr0- Neck deep la every devlhneet tha~ comes a /I~Ls~ ~5~. Cons, syphilis,gonorJhcea~ drlftin' 'rouud ills way :. Meet, stricture, sexual ~i v/oakness varicocele, un Asquickas lights with the gun an' mighty , * , lkP.~ natural dlschargcs, lost haudy with the rope, ,~.~a~ vitality, failing memory, An' ridia' breaks he never had no equal Oil tile I ~t~ . .~:~ nnutnesS to marry, mooa, ... . . . ~"~ s.dn, kidney or private dis- ~ estel It stops. ~1 eases, are speedily cured. An' independent sort o' cues, but true as steel ~(::@~L. DR. COOK has spent 30 to 'tll his nals ..~I~\ ~ years of persistent study ~ ' ~. ' ~[L/~ and experience in his own 'Bout llalf way liked an' half way feared by all practice and among, the ] the purty rancher gals, largest Eastern hospitals n I d flood hl ~e,~r~r~ ~nnTr . .' .... -~. I An' who I e' sinuer works with cactus ~'* ~'~" In curmg tUlS class ot am- ..... " and. w'~.l guarantee you a permanentcu_re [ orler oooze we iounu caSeSa~ moderato co~t Ile has cured thousanCs wAnd I 'Twos safest to keep out o' reach o' that el' gun houghtthcireaseshepelnss. Alllettersprivate. .~ ........ .................. .+,t .......... i ~rite for question bank. Consultation free, I v , [iledlclnes cnt free fro n observation " ~ ' ~ " ' ] His daily work o' 1)unchia' cows the kid was Cook/~edica~Co. :623CurtiaSt.Denvor,Cel, never knowed to shirk, lfe fo lered lnjullS with a vinl that showed lie sort ~.' liked the work, [WE WILL FURNISH YOUR HO E It orWrlte to.day for our hand-I ~ SOnl~ Illustrated catalogue l READ TIlE I ETTERS 1 andsee wha~ heaatifla pro- fro n ot r atrons an~i 1 miu~s we give for selllngl be con in~ .... 1 ours tt ~r~ - - -- v ~1 z at vet 1 ,o,~s. fl; l~gtveto.eacnI are dealing with a tiler- mR purc1aser or a oox or isoap oughlvrt~lable ml se bottle of Perfume the,r[" [] choice of some of the ]land- ' i somest premiml~sin themarket. I,:tmps Bracelets 1 (Uasswarc ()palwarc. l.:nives, l~oasting Pans, Cake 1 Plates and other beautiful presents. 'ro ~ I the agent who seils only 24 boxcs of Soap I ! i we gP/e a SO-Piece IMnnev 8et--~-,ot: a J I I toy Set--hut a beautifully decorated and ~ l~ gold traced, full size for family use, l)in- /'~h~{~ I . . . BmS~OL,,VT. . nerset Wealso~'iv~ Couems i (ckers [~1~ ] ~ ittI I am ~ery inu~n pteasetl wile my OlSile~ anl ) . ~ ~ " ' t " '. , l Icing lie(in Ch'tlr~ tenter lables,~#~] ~ i#I will g~t up another roer soon ' ; ' ; ' " } ~ .............. LRCO Curtaln$, ]'~atchPs, KIIIVOS and UI ~11~$ LU/u nP.~ kx~ + "' Forks Graniteware, Sewing Ma(.hix:es, ~I I~ELSONVILLE OIIlO. .%[llsical Instrllnlen[$~ ],:to, I foSSil is ~I'e- /~'~ I hoods received to-dsy hly customers sre all ferred we anow :l ",cry llher,ql +l;mnfis- A~#~a4~ I well pleated with their lamp~. We have not seen sins. ~Vetl'estyoa. NomolJeyrequlred. ~,~!'~u~,~[I meh nlcela,npt here before. Will ~endanother order We anow Fou 15 days' time Jn which [ ~ ~ I ti:~,~I In a few days. I am more than I, leased with the to deliver the goods ,~nd collect yes" ~.2~1~.@' I mandolin, Mrs. AGNES IHTCIIINO& money before paying us. non't delay, .~[] 1 SALVONA SOAP CO., Main and Locust Sis., ST. LOUIS, MO. I .... ~ ........ .,. ......... ..=a-. ~_7 .~._ THE PEOPLE'S NATIONAL FAMILY NEWSPAPHR NEW- YORK TRI- WEEKLY TRIBUNE Published Monday, I Wednesday and Fri- ] day. is m reahtya fine, I NE"W fresh, every.other-day ] Daffy, giving the lat-I est news on days of is- I SUe, and covering uews of the other three. It contains all importaa~ foreign cable news which appears in THE YORK DALLY TRIBUNE of same date, also Do- mestic and Foreign Correspondence, Short Stories, Elegant Half- tone Illustrations, Humorous Items, In- dustrial information, Fashion Notes, Agri- cultural Matters and Comprehensive and re- liable Financial and Market reports. Regular subscription price. $1.50 per year. We furnish ~t with THE GLtESCENT f,,r $2.50 per year. WEEKLY Published on Thurs- day, and known f.r ~early sixty years in every part of the Unit- ed States asa National Family Newspaper of the nighest class, for farmers and villagers I t, contmns all the most importaat g O n e r a l news (,f Ttfd DALLY TRIBUNE up to hour TRIBUNE Send all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., Best of Job Printing at this office. All' when we'd overtake the reds a,a' bnml)agilt a nasty tigllt That same vGnng Arizony Ray 'd seem a b'llln' with delight. His cup o' joy was alhis full wheu lie was shoot- ill' np a town, An' somethin' alluq overtuk the man that tried to call llim down, Was dlunped into jail a hundred tinms, but managed to get out ~ gia With jest the same affcctioa fur the trail o' (Icvilthent an' Sill. One day a letter conte to him an' with it come a pbotygraph, An' as he read the letter through us chaps that knowed hinl had to laugh. To see ldln cry but chantded our cnne wheu with his head at humble poise, tte handed us tile pictur card as' said: That's lny el' mother, boys. Then eomcsa nlos' surl)rlsin' change, perhaps a dozen times a dlty lle'd read that letter through an' through in eager, lcvin' sort o' way, An' wlieu we'd go to bunk at night it seelned to tlS nine' cussed odd, To see hint down upoll his knees it tryin' to luake up wlUl (ind. --James Barton AOanls ill l)enver Post. The stomach controls the situation. Those who are hearty and strong are those who can eat and digest plenty of food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat and allows you to eat all the good things you want. If you suffer from indigestion, hear~ burn, belching or any ,,f g,,ing to press, an other stomach trouble, this preparation Agricultural Depart- mcnt of the highest er- can't help but do you good. The most der'tinhgS f~)~r~tertainirng seBsltIVO stomachs can take it. S.igu.ache member of the family, I Pharmacy. old and young, Market t ~.~ Reports which a e ac- I .... )r a d business m o xue eulb n anager o[ cepted as auth rity by [ ) farmers and country I the Monte Vista ]~eporter was married merehants, ac(l is . . clean up to date, zn- ] last Saturday night to Mms Pearl Hun- tereetlng and mstruct - ] ter of this city. [he new morned couple iw Regularsubeeriptien I are now living In a brown Stone front in i prie~, $i.00 per ye ~r. ~ ~, ~ , Wo furnish it. withI Orang vleW.--dournal. TtlE CIIEBCENT forI .... $2 O0 per ~ear ' ' " I We learn that Miss Duncan has been ! ~mployed W teach the Cochetopa sohool this suunner. Mrs, O. O. Foilo~vs and Miss Bertha Ellis were in town Saturday.--x ross. ____ +=-== G, O. 'l's$1or Whiskies, of superior excellence A Great Record. The well known Rock Island Colorado Flyer has made a record for punctual "on time" service which has not been equalled by any other road. Without any attempt to make a record but with only the usual time card rules gov~reing, thin train running daily be- tween Ksnsas City, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver, made the phenomi. nal record of being late but twice during the month of January, 1901. Consider- ing the length of the run, 668 miles, and the/tvprage speed of 38 miles per hour including all stops, this is a remarkable performance for a railroad train espec- ially during the wintry month of Jan- uary. To be more exphcit, the Colorado Fly- er runs between the Missouri river and the Rockies and the distance is 668 miles to,Pueblo. The two flyers, trains No. 9 and 10, cover this distance during each 24 hours making a total mileage of 1,336 miles per day. Calculating further we find that for the entire month of Janu- ary, these trains covered the dmfance of 40,080 miles and required 1,040 hours to reel off this dlstsnce at the rapid con- tinuous rate of over 38 miles per hour. In o~der to make this average rate per hour it must be remembered tbat the actual ru~ning time of theflyers belween stations approaches 60 miles per hour. There are 27 stops to be made on each trip. A Good Congh Medicine for Children. "I have no hesitancy in recommend- ing Chamberlain's Cough Remedy," says F. ~. Moran, a well known and popular baker, of Petersburg, Va. "We have given it to our children when troubled with bad coughs, also whooping cough and it has always given perfect satisfac- tion. It was recommended to me by a druggist as the best cough medicine for children as it contained no opium or other harmful drug." Sold by Saguache Pharmacy. The Crestone Mineral company of Grestone, Colorado, has just been organ- :ized with Wm. Mellon, Ella Mellon and !I=[. B/Walling as directors. Thm com- pany has been organized with a capital stock of $50,000 and has purchased the claims adjoining the town of Crestoue, formerly owned by H. L. Hopkins, upon which extensive development work is be- ing done and proceedings for patent have been commenced. The company is a close corporation, no stock being offered for sale, nor is it expected that any will be sold until sull]cient development work has been done to cause the stock to be worth some money and insure the pur- chasers a good investment. There has been considerable work done on the premises and a very favorable showing has been made, and it is believed that ere long the company will have some- thing to show the people off the grant that will couvmce the public that all the miens of Golorado, or even tn the eros- tone district are not within the grant. The company have over 50 acres of pat- ented ground when patent is obtained, it being sufficient property to make it a very strong company and one which will merit the confidence of the people should stock ever be offered for sale by the com- pany.--Miner. Night Was her Terror. "I would cough nearly all Dight long," writes Mrs. Chas. Applegate, of Alexan- dra, Ind, "and could hardly get any sleep. I had consumption so bad that if I walked a block I wouldcough fright- fully and spit blood, but when all other medicines failed, three $1 i)ottles of Dr. King's New Discovery wholly cured me and I gaiued 58 pounds." It's absolutely guaranteed to cure coughs, colds, la grippe, bronchitis And all throat and lung troubles. Price 50c and $1. Trial bottles free at Lord & Wilcox's drug store, Crestone, Colo. Editoral vigilance is the only safeguard against error in magazine making. Every article that is published in the Ladies' Home Journal, for instance, is read at least four times iu manuscript form, and all staments of fact verified before it goes to the printer. Then it is read and re- vised hy the proof readers, goes back to the author for his revision, is re read by the edit ,rs three or more times, at differ- ent stage,~., and ~gain by the proof read. ors possibly half a dozen tnnes addition- al. Thus e~ch article is read at least fifteen or twenty times after leaving the author's hands untill it reaches the pub- lic eye. But with all this unremitting vigilance errors of the most obvious kind occasionally escape observation until perhaps the final reading, but it is rare, indeed, that an inaccuracy hides itself iu the pages securely enough to go through a magazine's edition. See that you ~ret the original DsWitt's Witch Hazel Salve when you ask for it. The I:enuine is a certain cnro for piles, sores and skin dise,ses. Saguacho Pharmacy. Over-Work Weakens Your Kidneys. Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood. All the blood in your body passes through your kidneys once every three minutes. ~-~,~ ~ The kidneys are your ~fjJ~/f~ ~ blood purifiers, they fil- ~[}} ter out the waste or ~'l'~' ~' impurities in the blood. ]N~/2~ ~l If they are sick or out I~l;g'r~'~ ~,~t W of order, they fail tO do [~" -~ ~ ~/~ I their work. ~ I~ [ Pains, achesandrhcu- / ~ ~1 ~ matism come from ex- "-_~ =~ cess of uric acid in the blood, due to neglected kidney trouble. Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady heart beats, and makes one feel as though they had heart trouble, because the heart is over-working in pumping thick, kidney- poisoned blood through veins and arteries. It used to be considered that only urinary troubles were to be traced to the kidneys, but now modern science proves that nearly all constitutional diseases have their begin- ning in kidney trouble. If you are sick you can make no mistake by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is soon realized. It stands the highest for its wonderful cures of the most distressing cases and is sold on its merits ~.~-~__,~ by all druggists in fifty- cent and one-dollar siz- RI~IHI+ ~ tL-~_J~ as. You may have a-'=~~ sample bottle by mail Home of Swamp-Root. free, also pamphlet telling you how to find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble. Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmcr & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. Good Ore. Dr. Kortright, the Bonanza assayer, recently assayed a sample of tho ore which is being taken ont of the Klondike property near this place. The returns were: 1~ ounces gold and 678~ ounces silver to the ton. It is the intention to make a good sized shipment in a short time. The Klondike bids fair to make a mine. Strikes a Rich Find. "I was troubled for several years with chronic indigestion and nervous debili- ty," writes F. J. Green, of Lancaster, N. H, "No remedy helped me until I began using Electric Bitters, which did me more good than all the medicines I ever used. They have also kept my wife in excellent health for years. She says Electric Bit- ters are just splendid for female troubles that they are a grand tonic and invigora- tor for weak, run down women. No other medicine can take its place m our fami- ly." Try them. Only 50c, satisfaction guaranteed by Lord & Wilcox, druggist, Crestone, Colo. School Entertainment. The patrons of the school are invited to attend the closing exhibition given by my school Friday night March 29, at the school house. Admlesion 25 cents, call. dren ]5 cents. The program is as folows: Mnslc. Recitation ....................... Johnny Morgan Old Rover. Recitation ............................ Sallle Beery Chatter Box. Song ................................... Four Boys l)lalon~ue ...... Margaret Lockett and Lizzie WiLiams l'ride. Recitation ............................ Oscar Bryan Song ............................. Addie Fairbaaks RecitaL|on .......................... Mary Morgan l'oor Thomas. Recitation ........................... Luh~ Palmer Mary Had a Little Lamb. Recitation .............................. lee Beery Mary's I,anlb. Motion Song ............................... School Recitatloa ........................ Ernest i!azard Recitation ............................. Julia Boy(t Pretty Little Tabble (;at. Essay ............................ ,Johnuy Palmer Girls. Snug .................................. Ella Tarbell Come And ~ee Ale. Recitation ........................... lesse Morgan l)htlogue ......... Margaret Lockett, Joe Beery Mattie's Lesson. Recitation ................... Tonuny Alexander Moving the Capltal. Song ...................... . ...... Margaret Lockett Recltathm ........................... Lottie Nehls Essay ............................. Lee Fairbanks Boys. Recitation .......................... ttelen Melvin Babybye. Recitation ........................... Anna Meaus Song ............................. Tltontas Noland Twinkle, Twhtkle, It is expected that school selectman John Melvin will be present. WILLIA~t LOCK~TT, Teacher. L. W. Sharps of Bonanza came down the first of the week to get a tooth pull- ed. Mr. Sharps says he has pulled teeth for years for the entire camp but when he got lnafixnot one of those he had yanked molars for in the past would tackle his job. Headache often results from a disor- dered condition of the stomach and con- stipation of the bowels. A dose or two of Cbamberlain s Stomach and Liver Tablets will correct these disorders and cure the headache. Sold by Saguache Pharmacy. Wm. J. Warner has rented the livery barn opposite the Beckley estabhshment and will put in a livery stock and also run a feed stable. Will has a great man)" friends in Saguaohe oounty aud will no doubt do well. It is reported that Wm. L. Ward is sick at the home of his father with~diph- theria. Supt, of Sohools I almor is visiting the Cotton 0reek schools this week. SAGUACHE CRESCENT FORMERLY SAOUAOH]g DIIMO~RAT. OSCAR D. BRYAN, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. ' nblished at Saguache. Colo.~ every Thur~lay. On political questions it will advocate the iuteresta of the Repubhcan party, lts chief arm will be to advance the ma- terial interests of. this county. Subscription, - $2.00 a Year. Special Reduced Rates via the Denver and Rio Grands Railroad. For 22nd annual encampment G. A. R. at Pueblo, Colo., April 10-12, the Rio Grande makes a rate of one faro for the round trip. Tickets on sale April 9 and 10, good to return until April 15. *** Low Excursion Rates to California, Oregon, Washington and Montana i Points. On each Tuesday, from Febru- ary 12 to April .30, the Denver and Rio Grands R. R. will sell one way Colonist tickets, from all points on the maiu lines between Denver and Grand Junction, at the following rates: San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, $25. Portland, Spokane, Tacoma and Seat- tle, $25. Butte and Helena, $23. From all points located off the main lines the local rate to the nearest main line junction post will be added to the above rates. *** For L O. O. F. Anniversary, Denver, Cole, April 28, a rate of one fare for the round trip will be made. ~I,jckets will be on sale April 28, good to return until May 1. The Alamosa Journal has the follow- ing kind word to say of the late Henry G. Dorris: Mr. Dorrts was an old timer iu the valley, having lived here 25 years. He was well known from one end of the valley to the other and for years had been a factor iu the politics of Costilla county. Many a poor ranchman of northern Cos- tills county, who was even too poor to buy a team of horses, owe their start in life to the generosity of H. C. Dorris, whose generous heart was always open to the needs of his neighbors. Many gracious acts of this kind are a perpetual monument to his memory. An Honest Medicine for La Grippe. George W. Wait,, of South Gardiner, Me., says: "I have had the worst cough, cold, chills and grip and have taken lots of trash of no account but profit to the vender. Chamberlaln's Cough Remedy is the only thing that has done any good whatever. 1 have used one bottle of it and the chills, cold and gripp have all left me. I congratulate the manufac- turers of an honest medicine." For sale by Saguache Pharmacy. Range sheepmen are just as bullish in their ideas as ever and they are not talk- ing any lower prices for stock sheep. At Rock Springs, Wyoming, a band of ewes sold recently at $460 a he~d while the general price for good ewes is $5. One prominent ranchman says he would not take less than $550 a head for ewes com- ing two years old, to be delivered April 1. Men who have bands of sheep and ranches are holding onto them and do not seem desirous of parting with either. --Field and Farm. -+-* .... o+~m~*- ....... Proposals for lSrldge Lnmber. ! The Board of County Commissioners of Saguache county invites bids for fur- nishing the different road districts of the county with budge lumber and timber for the year 1901. Bids to be for lumber delivered to the respective districts. All lumber to be of good quality red spruce, and planks to be 4 inches thick and not less than 8 inches in width. Bids to be filed with tbe County Clerk on or before the first Monday in April, 1901. By order of the Board. LEE FAIRBANKS, Clerk. A girl cannot too sedulously guard her mother, nor too gently bear with her, if the mother has reached a period whore she is more easily wearried than f~rmer- ly and where little things vex her. To seals of us there come days when our hearts are heavy because we were not so sweet and loving as we might have beau and God alone can help us when this reahzation comes too IsLs.--Margaret E. Sangster, in April Ladies Home Journal. o O. O. Taylor Whiekies, [row in popularity, IIlll Hood's Pills Are prepared from No. ture's mild laxatives, and while gentle are reliable and efficient. They Rouse the Livnr Cure Sick Headache, Bil- iousness, Sour Stomach, and Constipation. Sold everywhere, ~5c. per box. Prepatedb C.I.B0od & ~o.,Lowell, Mau.