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March 28, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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March 28, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (Foa~aLY SAGUAO~ DffiwO~taT.) Entered at the poet office at.~aKuaeh$. Colo.. f r trsnsmi~ion through the m at lil as m~rmd-oi*w~ "~atter. OMCAR D. BRYAN, i~ltor. TtlURgD A Y. #lARCH 28, 1901. Governor Ormau has appomted James Doyle, the Victor mining man, a men- her of the Board of Pardons. As Jimmy slant about mx months in the El Paso county jail he will he peculiarly well fit- ted to act on tam board. The new Colorado revenue bill must needs provide funds for a great deficiency and the people's taxes will have to tm in- creased very materially to mat the proposition. We arc gradually being taxed out of existence and the matter of retrenchment must be taken up seriously sooner or later. The Australian land tax proposition may be atl right but it looks like borrowing from Peter to pay PauL--Field and Farm Colorado Springs has for months been making preparations to celebrate (3olo- rado's Quarto-Centennial on August 1-3. Boulder, by a little smooth work, secur- ed the passage of a resolution commit- ting the legislature to attend a similar celebration at their town. Boulder should drop the centennial celebration idea u Colorado Springs wsa in the field first. It strikes us that a few years ago the people of Boulder were filled with in- dignation and their papers fairly howled hecaus Gienwood Springs stole Boul- der's "Strawberry Day" festival. We be- J lieve that Boulder was justified iu her "kick"at that alms, but she will not make friends by trying to steel rome other town's idea. i ]Dassed the House. Roprm~ntative White's bill, sppro- printing $15,000 for a reservoir on La Garita creak, passed the house last week in company with a number of others, which in the aggregate appropriate over a quarter of million of dollars. The Timm had the following to say concern- ing thm bills: The biennial raid on the internal im- provement fund wu made yesterday in the lsgislature when a long list of road and bridge bllk was put through the houm on third reading. The money was appropriated in twenty-five billtb from J Bijou crook to Hardserabble canon, sad aggregated over $258,000. If theme bills i should become laws the work providedI by them will he done and vouchers andi warrants imued for payment, but whereI the money will come from to take up the warrants is an uncertain proposition. There is no money iu the treasury for the purpo~ and there is small chance that there will be much in the fnnd dur- ing the coming period. The combine formed among the mum- hers of the house to railroad through all these bills ia not worrying much about this feature of the case. If the memtmrs can only secure the appropriations they are willing to let the future take care of itself. An examination of the books of the Pity and Beauty[ The most beautiful thing in the world is the baby, all dimples and joy. The most pitiful thing is that same baby, thin and in pain. And the mother does not know that a little fat makes all the differ. elite. Diraples and joy have gone, and left hollows and fear; the fat, that was comfort and color and curve--all but pity and love--is gone. The little one gets no fat from her food. There is some thing wrong; it is either her food or food-mill. She has had no fat for weeks; is living on what she had stored in that plump little body of hers; and that is gone. She is starving for fat; it is de#.L be quick! Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil is the fat she can take; it will save her. The genuine has this picture on it, take no other. If you have not tried it, ~nd for free sample, its agreeable taste will surprise you. SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, 400 Pearl St., N.Y. $00, and $1,00 Ill arul~l~p, Dr. Terry, the Denver dentist, whose work is ao favorably known here, will be at the American Houas April 4~th to 9th. auditor's office shown that there stands to the credit of the international im- provement permanent fund abe sum of $60,135.66. Of this amo'mt $47,450 92 is invested in state warrants, leaving only $12,68i74 in cash. The improvement in- come fund has a credit of $39.732.94, of which $22,51599 m in warrants, leaving a balance in cash of $17,216 95. The total cash in the two internal improvement funds is therefore only $29,1D1 There are unpaid bills amounting to $~,500 which must h4 first paid from the fund, leaving the fund today $13,599 short Of the $79,967 invemed in warrants, over ~qg,000 is in the old warrants which can never be paid until the state funds the $2J]00,000 of outstanding obligations of this sort. The remaining $41,000 mEy be paid--when the general fund has surplus enough to take them up, a date which no man can foretell. In the face of this condition of the im- provement fund the legislature is willing to appropriate $258,000 from a fund already over $13,000 poorer than nothing. The last legislature checked against the improvement fund to the extent of only $217,660, when there was over $150,000 to its credit at the time There is small possibility that the fund will be increas- ed during the biennial period to an amount sufficient to meet the appropria. Siena. For the period of 1899 1900 the receipts for internal improvement pur- pceel amounted to only $95,272 and there m no reason to believe that they will be any larger during the coming two ~-aars, It they should be as great they will be insufficient to meet the appropriations. Even if expenditures were kept withiu the bounds of receipts, the present sys- tem of using the internal improvement fund is believed by financiers to be a short sighted one. A ~Vtdow's Love Aft'air. Receives a set back if she has offen- sive breath through c~mstlpation, bil- iousness or stomach trouble, but Dr. King's New Life Pills always cure those t~oublm, clean the system, sweeten the breath, banish headache, beet in the world for liver, kieueys aud bowels. On. ly 25o at Lord & Wilcox's drug store, Crmtone, Colo. J =p Governor Orman signed three bills yesterday afternoon, being house bill 3i7 to provide funds for normal institutes, mnate bills 317 and 318, providing for the election of state and county officers at the same time every two years. At present they are elected in alternate yeare.--Time& Dr. Terry, the Denver dentist, wild be at the American House April 4th to 9th. Mr. F. M. Woods, of the Woods In- vestment CO., of Victor, writing under date of March 23rd ~ays: "I note Ores- tone clipping regarding our taking hold of properties near there This is quite amusing, as we have neither been in the district, nor have we sent any one there." O. O, Taylor Whiskies, hones$~n puritB Hie 'ParaDhraee. "You often see the phrase 'Memphis, the Queen of the Valley,. God bless her,'" remarked a newspaper man the other day. "The birth of that expres- sion was the wherefore of one of the wittiest things Ned Carmack ever said. "It was in the lifetime of The Appeal. Avalanche and while Mr. Carmack was editor of The Commercial. There was a municipal election of minor Impor- tance on hand, and the editor of The Avalanche was Just "happy' enough to do a two column editorial of gush con- coming the life and death Issues of the election under the sentimental headline 'Memphis, the Queen of the Valley, God Bless Her." "Mr. Carmack came out In the morn, lng paper with no other comment on the all Important subject under consid- eration than this epigram, which com- pletely covered the'case and made the phrase Immortal, 'Blank, the fool of ?, ,, the Valley, God help him. --Memphis Scimitar. At a Dlaadvantalge. A North Columbus woman has a tharming little daughter who is very indiscreet. The other day In the midst of a reception the little girl cried on acconnt of the toothache. Her mother tried to console her. qYhere, my darling, don t cry. Your toothache will pass away" "How will it go away?" replied little Edith, her voice broken with sobs. "I can't take my teeth out like you can, mamma."--Ohlo State Journal. Soap ms a Germ Killer. It has been shown by Koch and oth- eat that soap is a mlcrobiclde, or germ killer, and, according to Professor 8era. tint, Boda or potash soap is quite a good disinfectant, not only because of the alkalis, but the combination itself. Heating the water favors the effect Resinous maps are not the best disin- fectants. Marseilles soap is very goo~. A solution of 8 or 4 per cent kills the moat ~ mlerobes.--Washington rlmeL 01/ --emaa Wssh Lilts. The o16 ~Jerman housewife had a strange way of keeping track of the clothes she gave out to be washed. It was nothing less than a pictorial and perpetual wash list. There was no potmlbility of making such an error as to mistake the abbreviation Sh. for shirts or St, for stockings. She had pictUres of each article and simply wrote down the number of each thing opposite Its picture with a piece of chalk, which was erased when the thing was returned and used again on the following week,--Cleveland/~r. 4'1! CO. To Cure a Cold In One Day. Take Laxative Bruno Qtunine Tab. Iota All druggists refund the money tr it falls to cure. E. W. Orove's signature is on each box. P~Sc. Cao Title be True? Alderman Thomas Seanlon of the Soy. enth ward offe.rs io bet $I00 that United States Senator Thomas M Patterson IS not a citizen of the United States under the provimons of the fedsral constitu- tion, He was born in Ireland and his father who was a staunch,=royalet, both on Britmb soil anti in America till Le d/~l, was never m, turalized as a ~itizen of the United States, so Mr. Scanlon in- sists. As the ~unlor senator from Colo- rado came to America before he was 18 years of age, and sines neither his father nor himself was ever naturalized, it plac~ Oolorado in the strange predica- ment of having elected an alien to the United States senate.--R~publlcan. Their promptness and their pleasant effects make DeWitt'a Little Early Ris- ers most popular little pills wherever they are know. They art, simply perfect for liver aud bowel troubles Saguache Pharmacy. A hold attempt was made Tuesday evening to hold up one of the stages be- tween Crestone and Me?fat.-- :2 incr. 8herr Order. Mrs. Frank Hall, Villa Grove, is now prepared to give short order meals at reasonable prices. a. 0. Taylor Whiski0s utsd b~ oritksl Jedl~l~ ]For the l~oys. Jame~ Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc and rubber he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a half for old rubber. I sell gunny sacks four cents each. I pay 12 cents a dozen for beer bottles.. O.A. Im 'X' 0 I~.'r.A.. B~ the .,~ 1he Kind You Have Alwa~ Bou~t WANTED--Capable, reliable person in every county to represent large company of s ld finan- cial reputation, $936 salary por ~ear, payable weekly. $3 per day absolutely sure and all expen- ses, straight, bonafide, definite salarr, no com- mission, salary paid each Saturday and exnenae money advanced eael~ week, STANDARD HOUSE, 334 DZAt~SO~ ST. CHIOAOO. SENT FREE FISHER'S Knowledge r..~1~ Uterine Tonic '~1~1[ The Great Female Remedy positively I~. ~r cures aU female complaints; 1 monlh'~ [" treatment $1; 6 months' treatment $5. ~ MRS. SADIE M. FISHER, SUZ~t $, $0t ~ _~ 16TB ST., DENVER, COLO. Also for sale ~l~.by All prusgists, 8end for free sample ~rlv and literature, worth Its weight in g(,|d, ~,~ ~ Ju= ~lansd ~ywhsl~ ou r equost, vostnaid. W. F. BOYD, Notary Public. Saguache County Bank. RELIABLE ASSAYS Gold ............ $ .50 Gold and Silver.$ .75 Lead ............. 50 Gold,siivar, copper 1.50 8staples by mall reeeiue prompt attention. Rich Ores and Bullion Bought. OGDEN ASSAY CO. 1429-16th ~t, Osnusr, Colo. ii i MI ~I1NG APPLICATION. No r~1. Mineral Survey No. 1~85, U. S. Land Office at l)el Norte, Colo., Marc I 13, 1901 Notice is hereby given thatthe BonanZa City Development Company, by John E. ashley, Its attorney whose postolflce is Bonanza, Colorado, has made application for a patent for 1500 lln. eat' feet on the Baldwlu lode bearing gold ano silver, the same being 180 feet S 36" 51' E ann 1320 feet N 36 5i' W of the ~iscovery shaft with surface ground 3(K) feet tn width. And 1,500 feet on the Silver Spur lode bearing gold aml sliver, the same being 730 feet N 44" 18' W and 770 feet S 44" 18" E from discovery sltaft tlmreon ~ltll surface ground ,q06 lest in width, sltoate In Ker- ber creek mining district. Saguache county: State of Colorado and u escribcdln the plat .ann held llotes on ~ie lU tins office, a~ folh,w$~ Y z: BALDWIN LODE Beginning at cor No. 1, whence the N 1,4 cot seclC, twpt6NRSENMPM bears N 24' E 872.5 feet Tits,so N 36" 51' W 1.500 feet to cur No. 2. Thence S ,53* 09' W 300 feet to cur No. 3. Thence S 36" 51' E 1500 feet to cur No. 4. Thence I The lincering cough foll,)wing frappe callp for One Mining Conga Cure F I , all throat and lung lroubles this is the o ~ly harmless remedy that giv, s ironed iat~ results. Pr, venta consumption. Sa- ~ gnnche Pharmacy Tablets and I~oxp-~pers~t Iw,,est I)ricea at CRESCENT O~CO. CASTORIA For Infants and Children. lhn Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of For the Muniolpal Election for the; Town of 8aBuaohe. I~,'otlce Is hereby given that an election will ] be held at theTown Hall. San Juan avenue. ~agueche, ('olorado, on Tuesday, April 2d, A. D. 1901, for the parpo~e of cleating one Mayor. five TrUstees, and one Treasurer, for sntd Town, according to law, who shall hold their offices us follows, to-wit" .Mayor. for one year. TAr, e Trustees. for two years Two frailties, for one year(to fill vacancy.) Treasurer, for one year. And untitthelr successors are elected and qualified. The Judges of electlou appointed by the Board o/' Trustees sh,ll sit as a Board of fteg- lstrgtlon on the Tuesday In the week preced- ing tim sald electtoa, to-wit: Tuesday, March A}tb A. D. 1901. .~pccial atienllon is called in the fact that unaor the new laW, certificates of notll|llaLion lbr tiny of the above named o~ces InUst be filed with the Clerk and t~,cord*,r oi the Town at least fifteen days before lho date of s~id election, In order Io haVe th~ nam(:s o.ppear on the ofllclal ballot, ICKE$ 0 Co., (Successors to T, E. lckes and lckes I~ Ayers,) Center, Colo,, Are selling Dry Goods, Shoes, No- tions, Hardware, Grocer ies. etc., at the old stand, corner North and 3d streets, postoflice building. Will show you goods cheerfully and save you money if you wish to buy. 6reeley Potatoes. We have just received a carload ---20,000 pounds---of fine Greeley Potatoes, and we are selling them as cheap as they are sold in Denver Glven undermyhandandofficlal seal thls when freight is added. They are the 4th day of March A. D. 1901. [Seal] _ B.P. 8TUBBS, _ ClorkandRccorderTown of ~aguaehe fin s 1 t f _ e t o o potatoes ever brought ...., to the town. Better place your or- Be it Ord~ined by the Board of Trustees of the[ _1 .... .0~.~ A.1L ...... T~ Town of ~uoche, t'oloradot ~LU]['~ IU/" brIOILL ettrzv. sr~0,rzos 1--That the several departments of j g.ovornment of the said Town of Seguache for I ~. ~ ..... the naca.t y.sar cueing ~a~h 81st, t901, for which J TLA llAA1.1A., libel ,i g : tures required ubon irrigating ditches andP mat- I iarnitiar tern connected t herewith, iUllli iLH/bu See. 3-Special Road Department--which shall iuclade expepdttures reqmre4 for the sole pur- pose of improving the ~tree s and alleys and lmblic highways of satd Town, as provided by the amendment to Section 26, Chapter 95, Gen- ! have lust recelv a new 10t of furniture, Ben- oral S, atutes of Colorado, as found on page 372, steads, tables, center and extension, chalrs, mat etc, Do not send away [or [urnlture 5efore you see my line, hm still selilnd hardware at bedrock Prices ELLA HOWARD at the old Fullerton stand, ii i ii ii LIST OF NOMINATIONS, To Vote a Straight Party Ticket, Write Within the Blank Space hnmediately Hereunder the Name of the Party you wish to Vote ]For. I hereby vote a Straight Tid~t except where I have marked opposite the name of some other candidate. If you have not voted a straight ticket above, pates a ex-o~ mm-k (~D with ink opposite eseh nmme you wish to vote fo~ in the blmak spaoe left for the purpose, Mark in FOR MAYOR This Column. John Lawrence. Citiza~ (Vote for three) FOR TRUSTEI~ Citizens Citi:ens Citizens Wm. F. Boy& Gee. H. Cu~tls. Lee Fairbanks. ................................ , ........... 0,,,0. : .......................... FOR TRUS TE~--To fill vacancy. (Vote for two,) Hen~ Gould. Citizens J. J. Keller. Citizens ............ . ................................... ,., [ ....... . .................. ] ........................ ............................................... ,,. F .......................... FOR TREASURER W. H. Ham. ! Citlzeat ........................................ ........... ] ......................... 1887 Session Lsws SEO. 4--General Fund Department- which shall include att exlm.adttures requzred to prop- erly maintain and carry out the objectn of the or- ganization of naid 'rows not elsewhere enumer- ated in this Ordinance. S~, 5--That there be, and hereby is, appro- priated from the revenue of said Town of Sa- guache, for the fiscal year above mentioned, the foLLowing sums of reentry for the various depmet- mental Road and Ditch Department ...... $1,200 Special R,,ad Department .......... 800 General Fund Department ......... 8,060 Pa~ed and adopted this 4th day of March, A D. l~l. JOHN LAWRENCE, Mayor. Attest: B. P. STUBnS, Clerk and Recorder. [Seal] By Authority of Ordinance No. 3"/. An Ordinance to Provide for the Distribution of the Revenue of the Town of Sagaache, Colorado. Be it Ordained h~ the Board of Trustees of the Town of Saguaci~e, Colorado: SV.CTZ~N 1--That on and after tim 1st day of April, 1901, all revenue collected ur received fur the use of the Town of Segnache shall be applied and credited to the overs1 funds of the Town as follows: SEe. 2--Allsums and amounts of money re- served from Poll Tax shall be applies and cred- ited to the Road and Ditch Fund See. 3--All sums and amounts of money re- ceived from Special Road Tax f-r the use of said Town shall be applied and credited tc the 8po- stal Eoad Fund. Sx~. 4--Forty per cent of all sums and amounts of money received for the use of said Town, ex- cept from PoU Tax and Special Road Tax, sI~all be applied and credited to the Road and Ditch Fend. S~c. 5--Sixty per ,:ent of all sums and amounts of money roe*teed for the utm of said Town, ex- cept from Poll Tax and Special Bead Tax shall be applied and aredited to the General Fund SEO. 6--The Treasurer shall pro rate all men- eys received by him for the use of said Town as BOon as he reeeive~ the same, in accordance with ' " , . , once abe?ore stated. SEC 7.--ALL Ordinances, or parts of ordinances, in conflict with the prowsione of this ordinance are hereby repealed. Passed and adopted this 4th day of March, A. D. 1901, JOHN L&WRECE. Mayor. Attest: B. P. S~UBBS, Clerk and Recorder. [SealJ State of Colorado, ~ oo Saguache County. ~ oo In the County Court. Bertha Newcomer, ) Plaintiff. VS I~. SUMMONS. Oda L. Newcomer, I Defendant. J l'he people of the state of Colorado, to Oda L. Newcomer the defendant above named, Greeting. You are hereby required to appear in en action brought against you by the above nam- ed plaiutiff, iu tK~ County Court of Saguaehe county, state of Colorado, and answer the complaint therein within thirty day.~ after the service hereof, if served within the state of Colorado or by nublication, or, If served out [ of the state of ~olorado, within fifty days after I the serVice hereof, exclusive of the day ot ser- I vice, or said action may be regularly s~t for I trial the ~ame as though such appearance bsd [ oecu made and issue had been Joined on such I complailH. i The said action is broUght by plaiutlff to ob [ tale a decree of divorce, dissolving the bonds I of matrimony now exlsilug between plaintiff I and 0efendsnt, on the ground of desertion, I abandonment ami failure to support, as will [ more fully appear from c)mplaint in said act- I hm to which refi~rencc is here made and a [ copy ot which is hereto attached. [ And you are hereby notified that if you fail | toappear and toanswer the said complaint as aOoVe required tits said plalntlffwill apply to tee court for t~e relief therein demanded. Given under my hand and the seal of said court at .'4aguache Ih said county this 18th day of February A. D. 1001. O. D. BEYAN, Coutlty Judge and acting Clerk N 53" 09' E 300 feet to cur No. 1, the place of be- gmnlng. Notice for Publication. ) SILVER SI UP I.ODE. Beghming at cur .No. 1, ou lhte 4-1 Baldwin U.S. land Office at Dal Norte, Colo., lode thls survey, wlmnce the N ~4 cur sec 19t February 21 1901. | t w~,46~ Nit 8.E N M.I:M beat's N_26" ~' 10" ~ Notice is hereby ~iven lhat the following ~ ~ Iee~ inence ~ 44" I8' v, l~JV Iee$ ~o cot" na . _ _.. ~ . . .-, ned settler hun flied notice of has tuteuttott No. z. ~uence S ~" 09. V 30"2,5 fee~ to cur ~o. to make final nmmr tn vllnnot.t ~f hi~ r*l~lrn anence t~'t~'~.rz.b Iee~ re cur ~xo. 1, ~lle clerkofth~dlstrieto~.rt ot ~a~,u,che O~l. place of beghnting, Net area Baldwllt lodc rado nn Anrlia ,901 viz" 10.~31 aere~ Yet area 8 lver Sour lode 10.331 ~., _ ~r~ .-, :. , .. .... acres Net area of ciabn contalntug 20 662 acres 'l~(lwaru w. Asmey. wuo maue nomes~es~ ' ' ' ~c entry_ N- 80tS, for theS~E~sec l'the N andfolmlugapoltionoftheS W ~4 of , 18 ..... .t ...... . aud N of s~ec 19, twp 46 N It 8 E of the N M F [ {~.~._.~ ~ % se_c..12, t~p. 4s~_ ~ ~ .~ tee M. Said lo~atJon beln~ record d iu vo! 72, p" ges ] ...... M and 72 of the records of Saguaehe couuty, Hc names the following witnesses io prove Colormlo. Adjoining claims sur No. 10i4 U. S., his continuous residence upon and cultiva110h L015 India, ltf~ Bunker and 1t67 John A. Logan I of said land, vlz: odes, claimants unRnown, others If auy un-] l~an Mtthrtnav _T~mae Whl,a bath af VIIl~ mows. Grove, (" ;;ibr~%',~/i."~r t"i-;o'o'i'e," ~i'6k ~ah~h~ ,]'AS, H. BXXTER, Rtglater. } both of Bonanza, Colorado. I, B. P. Stubbs, Clerk and Recorder of the Town of Saguache, Saguache County, State of Colorado, do hereby certify that the above is a full, com- plete and correct list of all nominations that have bse~ oertihod to [SEAL] me for Elechon April 2nd, 1901. ~g~ :7~ .......~: ~~-,~ ~ ..... , .... --