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April 1, 1937     The Saguache Crescent
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April 1, 1937

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m,i. I I ,,I I ,I SAGUACHE CRESCENT. SAGUACHL COLORADO THURSDAY APRIL I, 1937 MRS. MARY IL OGDEN, Publisher MARIE V. OGDEN, Editress ---o--- ADVERTISING RATES One inch, per insertion .... $ .25 Transient advertising, per inch .35 Locals, per line, per insertion .10 Professional cards, per insertion .25 SUBSCRIPTION RATES One Year ................ $2.00 Six Months ............... 1.00 Invariably in Advance THE SAGUACHE CRESCENT SAGUACHE, COLORADO  i i i i i, ,, i i i ftmrlJrtooTft]trto ITax of 1927, together with all sub- R.R. Tarbell, county Attorney, UUPlIIIk30031UI00PAk3 ]sequent taxes endorsed thereon, cov- Nick Fuson, Clerk of the Board. [ering the NWXASE%, 28-41-10; ! Bills against the County, including ODfl#l121IkIDC/ The sum of Ten dollars, plus One the Old Age Pension, Public Welfare l[|LlP, dPaVllUt31dollar assignment fee, for the Co-and Dependent Children claims, were -- |unty&apos;s interest in T'ax Sale Certifi- presented and disposed of .as are .... "  nt  i stun/cate No. 32, Sale of 1931, for Tax shown on the Warrant Register. Tne tsoar.a or t.ou y tomm s "|of 1929 toether with all subsequent ibe meeting was adjourned until ers me in regular session, on/ , .  . ., ". +. <.. -- .... - -- -, -- Mnnd,r ha lqt , n Mh a n |taxes enflorsect nereon, covering the: lVlOn(iay, ne DEn any or April, /_. 1/. 19-37,-with'tlae - folloW-ins - members NE %, 26- 41- 9; 1937. receipt of your paper and the change in date of expiration are sufficient notification of renewal. If date on label or wrapper is not changed within three weeks after remitting, please inform us at once. If you do not receive the Crescent regulary, kindly advise this office." -+ present: W. E. Gardner, Chairman, Jacob Barsch, Commissioner, Geo. It. Curtis, Commissioner, Rebert R. Tarbell, Co. Attorney, Merle Rockey, Deputy County Clerk. It is ordered that the County Treasurer accept the sum of Seven Hundred dollars, plus One dollar as- signment fee, as payment in full of Tax Sale Certificate No. 43, Sale of EXPIRATIONS The label or wranner of the naper 1934, for last half of taxes for 1930, oh^. th, o+o ,,, ..... bscrntionlwith all subsequent taxes endorsed ex;res."When  pa"ent s made the heren, on.the above mentioned,Tax ale uerlTtcae covering ne IOll w- in" nronerty: SSEA. Sec. 22; SASW, Soe. 23, NNWA. Sec. 26; N NE1/4, Sec. 27; SE%, Sec. 26; NEV. Sec. 35, all in Twp. 44, N. Range 8. The County Treasurer is ordered to accet the snm of One Hundred Twenty-five Dollars, plus One dollar asinment fee. for assignment of .... Tx Sale Certificate No. 92, Sale of 1936, for Tx of 1933, coverin Lots AFEW AL 19 nd 20, Block 10. Town of Cen- - terview; together with all subsequent taxes endorsed on Certificate. TEATIONS AND The County Treasurer is authoriz- ed to accept the sum of One Hn- dred dollars, plus One dollar assin- ELUCIDATIONS ment fee. for Tax Sale Certificate iND. 61, Sale of 1936. for Tax of 1930, coverin the following pro- pertv: EV,.NE%SWtA. ESE/SW: 6, Sec. 12, Twp. 41, N. R. 6; togeth- er wfth all subsequent taxes endors- ed nn Certificate. TZe County Treasurer is authoriz- ed to accet)t the sum of Twenty-four dollars and forty-nine cents for Tax gnle Cerfiicate Nn. 496. Sale of 1031, for Tax of 1930, plus one dol- lar assignment fee, to.ether with all subseauent taxes endorsethereon, eoverin the ESW/+,SW%NE%, See. 33. TWD. 41, N. R. 5. T]ae County Treas, rer is ordered to accent the sum of Eleven Hundred Eihty-Sovon dollar and twelve cents, ($1187.12) pins One dollar ,.i.nment fee. for Tx gale Certi- fi'cate No. 19, Sale of 12c. for Tax of la29, covering, the NW6, Sec. 17. Two. 41. N. R. 8. The Board of Dirctors of The San Luis Vallev Irrition District ap- I neared before said Board of County! ommissioners and the following woeeedlne's were had and done: The County Treasurer is authoriz- ad to accent the sum ofFive dollars for Tax SMe Certificate No. 178, Sale of February, 199, for Tax of 1927, plus One dollar assignment fee. for the County's interest in said Certificate, together with all subsequent taxes endorsed thereon, covering, the S %SE V, Sec. 28, Twp. 41. N. R. 10: The sum of Two dollars and fifty cents, plus One dollar assignment fee, for the County's inerest in Tax SMe Certificate No. 159, Sale of 1.025, for Tax of 1923, to,ether with all subseouent taes endorsed thereon, covering the NE % SE %, 28- 41-0; The sum of Two dollars and fifty ! cents, plus One dollar assignment fee for the County's intorest in Tax Snle Certificate No. 90. Sale of 1931, for i - first hand information of the above event. This search, as I have prev- iously intimated brought about the discovery of mines and the founding 'of the town of Lake City. Bob Monteith often bemoaned his misfortune in being in partnership with a fellow who didn't have sense to sell when he had a chance. The Golden Fleece owned by the Hutch- kiss boys made them a fortune and laid the foundation for them to be- cotne one of the most prominent families on the Western Slope. As has been told many times Packer was kept in custody by Sher- iff Wall upon his ranch on the lower Saguache. Upon the sheriff's ab- sence one day Packer scarded his leg ,shackles and skipped, being at liberty about 10 years.until he was caught in Wyoming by a peddler who recognized hisvoice in an adjoin- ing room. Packer was re-arrested and brought back, he was first tried in Lake City in April 1883, obtaining a re-trial on some technicality, pre- sumably upon an error as to the county at the time the murders were committed, he was retried at Gun- nison in 1886, found guilty and sentenced to 8 years upon each of the 5 counts to be served in the penitentiary at Canon City, where he stayed for some 30 years. Because of his emaciated condition and im- pending death being produced thru tuberculosis he was liberated going to the Cripple Creek District Where he soon died. Just a few words more about the Packer case. Investigation seemed to prove that 4 of the 5 men had been killed with an axe whi]e asleep. The 5th and last was found at the end of a short trail outside the tent and had been shot and clubbed. Having occupied a bed furtherest from the front, it led to the belief that he had become awakened by the consequent noise of the other slay- ings and in :bewilderment had jump- ed up and run outside' only to be followed, shot down, wounded" and afterwards finished ,by a clubbed gun. "(Contlnue4 In Next Week'a Paper By George H. Robertson Continued from last week. Now for a brief mention of Al- fred Packer (not Packard of auto- mobile fame), which may ,be news to the tenderfoot readers. While he was accused and convicted of killing 5 men and having eaten parts of some of them, the statement of there having been 20 is somewhat beyond the range of one man's voracity in the period employed. During an incipient mining boom in the San Juan country in this state during the fall of 1873 a'party of 20 men left Salt Lake enroute there. Packer was not of the bunch originally, but was overtaken en- route and upon his representation of familiarity with the route, was taken along as a guide. Meanwhile win- ter set in and upon their arrival at Chief Ouray's camp near the mouth of the Uncompahgre the party was advised by him to postpone their trip until the coming spring. Those having horses decided to do this. The others (11 in number) decided to continue. Five going by the way of the present town of Gunnison where they stayed the balance of the winter. The rest (six in number in- cluding Packer) decided to cut across to the Los Pinos Agency. Develop- ments afterwards proved that this party got as far as Cannibal Plateau, a short distance this side of the pre- sent site of Lake City, where on ac- count of the deep condition of the snow made camp. Packer claimed to be bewildered as to the location. In the latter part of March in the year following Packer in an unkept and starved condition, appeared one morning at the Los Pins Agency giving unsatisfactory explanation to account for his presence. After /a few days sojourn he took his depart- ture for Saguache. Shortly hhere- after the party, who had wintered at Gunnison, arrived. Their stories, together with the findings of some Indians of parts of a human thigh which they had found along Packer's trail to the agency, satisfied them of some sinister happenings having tak- en place. Some one was thereupon diSlatched to town to find Packer. Having been found still in town he was arrested pending investigation. Queer stories began to outcrop. Up- on trading in Gotthelf & Meats store one day he was seen to display sever- al different purses each containing money." Being returned to the A- gency and questioned further he told several contradictory stories. A searching party started to back track him taking him with them. He re- fused to lend much aid. Upon being accused of murdering his companions , by the Indfan agent, he became angry and attacked the Indian with a knife. He was then put in chains and taken to town. Deep snow and the wind obliterated the trail and rendered tracking impossible. Nevertheless parties from here continued the search, but the bodies were not dis- covered until the following June by a photographer for Harpers Weekly Magazine. Some members of the searching party were Bob Mnteith who afterwards claimed to have built the first cabin on the present site of Lake City; the Hotchkiss Bros., Enos, who operated a kind of a pri- vate Bank in the little brick across the street on the corner from the present postoffice; Preston, carpenter and saw: mill man who constructed the present mill now owned by myself and from whom we purchased it; the elder James Fullerton, who long re- aided here and from whom I gained The sum of Ten dollars, plus One dollar assignment fee, for the Coun- ty's interest in Tax Sale Certificate No. 531, Sale of 1931, for Tax of 1930, together with all subsequent taxes endorsed thereon, covering the SW, 28-41-10; W. E. Gardner, Chairman. NICK FUSON, Clerk of the Board. LIST OF BILLS ALLOWED at March Term th SE, 29-41-9; ,  ........ (; nltnorpe The sum of Ten dollars, plus One -'eli Tr "illo .  i Ao na uJ dollar assignment fee, for the Coun-r , r,__._. ty. s interest m Tax Sale Certtflcate,jv,_^. ,,---  .... " No. 519, Sale of 1931, for Tax of  ,.  -. . r rt uurl;is 1930, together with all subsequent Mtn S T & T Co. taxes endorsed thereon, covering the L W Gross NE t/, 30-41-9 ; Hoeckel's Te su of Five dollars, plus One Post-Dispatch dollar assignment fee, for the Coun- ty's interest in Tax Sale Certificate No. 4, Sale of 1925, for Tax of 1920, together with all subsequent taxes endorsed thereon, covering the W SW /, 18-41-10; The sum of Ten dollars, plus One The sum of Ten dollars, plus One ORDINARY FUND dollar assignment fee, for the Coun- Mer1 pnol+, nn  11 on an ty s interest m Tax Sale. Certlflcate;E,,,;+, o,..o1 ,, ,, mn .... an No 6 Sale of 1925, for Tax of 1922,' ............. . . . . n. vL urnnam to. ssess lao.uu together with all susequen taxes Mildred Page" Dep. " 80.00 endorsed thereon, covering the SE%,IE d Paul Co Sher 150.00 32-41-9; I Ed Paul " " Exp. 34.36 The sum of Ten dollars, plus One:Elme r Lindstrom Dep. Sher. 21.72 I dollar assignment fee, for the Coun- i ty's interest in Tax Sale Certificate! O" W. Carson School Supt. 109.41 +Birt Clare Co. Judge 8.00 No. 525, Sale of 1931, for Tax ofiR" R. Tarbell Co Arty 53.5 1930, together with all subsequent E. R. Musher CH Janitor 85.00 taxes endorsed thereon, covering the i, o z+  ;1 A, n nn SE%, 9-41-10; ..... /Sag Co Natl Bk Jail sup. " 20.00 The sum of Ten ootmrs, pros one , ,,  ....... i Mrs. Lena Werner Bd prisoners 24.26 dollar assignmen iee, ior tne boun- uo,,h MIM,ff Wnad-{M1 hun R 9+ ty s interest in Tax Sale Certificate n , ..... c  la on No. 229, Sale of 1925, for Tax of Pub Set'Co Pwer" &'Ligiat 45"48 1923, together with all subsequent Co. "Treas Stamps, etc. 28:95 taxes endorsed thereon, covering theiF Ridgeway & Son C H Sup 2 85 NWM, 30-41-10; !Sag Crescent Ptg 18.55 The sum of Ten dollars, plus Oneiw" F. McGee Exten Agt 100.15 dollar assignment fee, for the Coun- Gladvs Artz Miles Nurse 50.00 ty's interest in Tax Sale Certificate R. W. McKee Stenog. 25.40 No. 520, Sale of 1931, for Tax of L M Haynie Dist. Atty,, 39.52 1930, together with all subsequent R C Horton Dep 14.34 rases endorsed thereon, covering Fay Fennell Clk. D Ct 50.00 Ct Rep " 45.60 Witness 7.15 Co Com'r 92.37 " " 77.40 " " 75.00 Tel ser 82.11- Frt. 1.69 Sup. 119.21 Ptg. 20.19 Total ......... $1,874.18 ROAD FUND Juan Archuleta Road Work 39.20 Tom Michaud " " 97.00 Maynard Harney " 7.87 dollar assignment fee, for the Coun- I L Bottorff " 11.00 Y's interest in Tax Sale Certificate Eugene Williams " Super. 150.00 No. 6, Sale of 1931, for Tax of 1922, iW E Murphy Labor together with all subsequent taxes H C Sohn Road Work endorsed thereon, covering the SE%,iWm. J Werner, Jr. 25-419 ; IHerman Jackson " The sum of Ten dollars, plus One James C Cole " dollar assignment fee, for the Coun-iJoe Allen " ty's interest in Tax Sale Certificate Ed Jackson " No. 114, Sale of 1931. for Tax of J F Ashton " 1927, together with all subsequentClifford Bottorff " taxes endorsed thereon, covering the Huh Raymond " SW, 30-41-10. C F Burch  " The County Treasurer is ordered:Ray Pilger " to accept the sum of Twenty-five Louis Werner  " dollars, plus One dollar assignment fee, for the assignment of Tax Sale Certificate No. 27, Sale of 1925, for the tax of 1922, together with all subsequent taxes endorsed thereon, covering the SE%NW%, Sec. 30, Twlx 46, N. R. 9, E. N. M. M. The County Treasurer is authoriz- W. F. Burch W H Kroll Forrest Smith Chester Bottorflf Phillip Duran Arthur Graves Chas. Bow+ers Lewis Lain 5.30 9.37 73.50 64.75 2.50 14.00 52.50! 32.50 6.00 2.00 25.45 2.00 112.00 " 21.87 " 19.20 " 3.00 " 6.00 " 14.50 " 7.00 " 2.00 " 2.00 " 2.00 " 40.00 " Assn 80.00 " " 65.00 ed to accept the sum of Nine dollars Jay Cunli[ngham and fifty-nine cents, plus One dol-Leslie Raymond far assignment fee, for Tax Sale F Ridgeway & Son Certificate No 360, Sale of 1931, for K D Saliba & Co Tax of 1929, together with all subse- Clarence Allen " & Sup. 89.20 quent 'taxes endorsed thereon, cover-[Colo Fuel & I Corp. Sup. 1.00 ins the E of Lot 5, Block 12: Lot H W Moore E Co " 55.67 1. Block 25, and Lots 5 and 6, Block F Ridgeway & Son " 3.06 39, Town of Crestone. Martin's " 1.08 It is ordered that the County lHendrie & Bolthoff " 90.01 Valley Mtr. Co. " 5.16 Harrison Mtrs " 15.37 L W Gross " " 213.00 ] Lucas Samora Posts 25.00 :Saliba's " Assn. 27,00 San Luis Con G & 0 Co Gas 99.00 Cont. Oil Co. Gas 337.94 i Denver Oygen Co Oxygen 11.18 assignment fee. !Mtn St T & T Co Service 7.55 There being no further business, Pub Ser Co Lt & power 17.69 e:IDarch2d'::J:rUchneTder:ntil ih:i 'i sCancPbwlelsHL2h'ttnr:hst 3i'i! The Board of Cunt; Commission 'co Treas Frt " 3i36 ers convened aain with all members Sag. Co Natl Bk Dragline 364.98 present, on Tuesday, March 2nd, Lib Tr & Pts Co Sup 15.50 1937. IJ E. D'Avignon Rt pf Way 12.00 The County Treasurer is ordered Ethel Lindstrom Rt of Way 200.00 Treasurer accept the sum of Four dollars and fifty-three cents, face value of Tax Sale Certificate No. 1156, Sale of 1905, for Tax of 1904, with all subsequent taxes endorsed thereon, covering Lots 8 and 9, in Block 3, of Jones Addition to' the town of Saguache, plus One dollar Total ........ $2,610.77 POOR FUND Fred H'olcroft Postage 1.00 Fred Iolcroft Postage 1,00 Center Ag L Co Rent & tel 25.40 Center Ag L Co Rent & tel 25.81 Opal, King Rent Com. room 12.50 Opal King Rent Com. room 12.50 Paul Maez Mileage 19.40 C A Williams M Co Wood Sew room ............ 8.93 Mtn S T & T' Co Service 10.08 Dave Woodard WPA Mile & Expenses .............. 30.00 Total ............... $146.62 CONTINGENT FUND County Clerk- Fee Fund Stamps, etc ........... 10.39 County Clerk- Fee Fund Clerk of Board ........ 50.00 Total ............... $ 60.39 PUBLIC WELFARE FUND Blind Aid .............. 50.00 Old Age Pensions ........ 5,571.65 Dependent Children ...... 321.70 Administrative ............ 420.42 Direct Relief .............. 564.49 Total .............. $6,928.26 GRAND TOTAL All funds .... $11,620.22 The Saguache High School Junior piny, "Calm Yourself," will be pre- sented in the Freedle Auditorium tomorrow night, Friday April 2nd, at 8:00 p. m. Adults 40c Children 20c. Be sure to attend. Dr. Melvin F. Kasak Chlropraetor--Foot Specialist 1st National Bank Bldg. Center, Colorado. Telephone Center 145 to accept Two hundred sixty-five dollars, plus one dollar, assignment! fee, for Tax Sale Certificate No. 149, : Sale of 1931, for Tax of 1928, cov- ering Lots 8, 9 and I0, in Block 8, Gilbreath's Addition to the Town of Center; together with all subsequent taxes endorsed thereon. The County Treasurer is ordered to accept One H'undred Dollars, plus One Dollar Assignment fee, for Tax Sale Certificate No. 418, Sale of 1931, for Tax of 1930, together with all subsequent taxes endorsed there- on, covering Section 12, Twp. 45, N. R. 8, E. N. M. M. D. M. Gray appeared before the Board with an application for License for a Public Dance hall, and after due consideration and upon payment of the required fee, a License was issued to him to operate a dance hall at Mirage. Bills against the County were pre- sented and disposed of as shown by] the Warrant Register. There being no further business I the moeting was adjourned. THIRD DAY--March Term. The Board of County Commission- ers came together in special session, on Saturday, March 6th, 1937, with the following members present: W. E. Gardner, Chairman, Jacob Barscn, Commissioner, R. R. Tarbell, County Attorney, Nick Fuson, Clerk of the Board. The County Treasurer is ordered to accept the sunk of Two Hundred Sixty-six dollars, plus $1.00 assign- ment fee, for Tax Sale Certificate No. 109, Sale of February 1929, for the Tax of the year 1925 together with all subsequent taxes endorsed thereon, covering, 80 miles of line @ $43.25 of the MOFFAT TELEr I PHONE COMPANY. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. FOJJRTH DAY--March q]erm. The Board of County Commission- ers met in special session, on Thurs- day, March 18th, 1937, With the fol- lowing members present: W. E. Gardner, Chairman, Jacob Barsch, Commissioner, NOTE FROM COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE The County Superintendent took Jimmie Shown fr0m La Garita school and Johnnie Achatz from Hooper Consolidated School to Denver last week to enter the State Spelling and Public Speaking Contests. Neither of the boys won first place but Sa- guache County can be very proud of them for they both did very well. They are now life members of the "Coloradeans" and have a gold pin to show their membership. They had a splendid trip and they now feel that their efforts, prepar- ing for the contests were very much  worth while. There were 99 contestants from over the state of Colorado, 54 enter- ins the Spelling contest and 45 en- tering the public speaking contest. Gladys Artz, County Nurse and Ora Carson visited Bonanza school last week. School halth inspections were done and the mothers of all 15 children were there. About 6 or 8 pre-school chlidren were there also Por health inspections. The following list of words was iven in the State Spelling Contest in Denver last week. 1. macaroni 51. maneuvered 2. beginning 52. plebiscite 3. rustle 53. occurrence 4. affidavit 54. embarrassed 5. conceived 55. liquor 6. strategy 56. unnecessary 7. ascension 57. permissible 8. convalescent 58. knobby 9. lieu 59. supervisor 10. diaphragm 60. martial !11. physiology 61. conscientious 12. transient 62. dissyllable 13. personnel 63. licorice 14.tussle 64.nineteen 15.omission 65. governmenf6 16. catarrah 66. legionnaire 17. unnameable 67., genealogy 18. psychology 68. parallel 19. vacuum 69.rhythmical 20. corpuscle 70. hygienic 21. reprieve 71. circuitous 22. erysipelas_ 72. separately , 23. soliloquy 73. believer 24. hemorrhage 74 asparagus 25. precede 75. grievous 26. indispensable 76. reminiscence 27. 'acoustics 77. indictment 28. repetition 78. salmon 29. descendants 79. gauge 30. anaesthetic 80. surveyor 3 t. chrysalis 81.scenery 32. herbage 82. cycle 33. hued 83. twingeing 34. incorrigible 84. gnarled 35. collion 85. maritime 36. eczema 86. vaccinate 37. serviceable 87. pageant 38. benefiting 88. +'miscellaneous 39. liquefy 89. fertilize 40. xylophone 90. masquerade 41. deteriorate 91. nucleus ,t 42. wrangle 92. maintenance , 43. isosceles 93. ineli'gible 44. contemptible 94. minimum 45. judiciary 95. lathe 46. irresistible 96. mementos 47. recommend 97. asphalt 48. beneficiary 98. query SCHOOL BUDGETS :I The preparation of the budge a work that school boards should up at anarly meeting. Three copies of the budget be made, after being voted at annual school meeting. Two these are filed with the Superintendent, one being sent to State Office in Denver. The trict secretary keeps the third one file. The budget for the school year, the past school year, the coming year must  be filled completely, as this forms an lent basi's of comparison of sch01 expenditures. Totals of budgd must be made, as it is the tot budget that is voted by the elect0f of the third class districts. The t0t$ amount paid for teachers' sal must be written in the budget. amount the district receives from county salary fund is deducted ] the County Superintendent # when the mill levy is made. Do make the mistake of not appropri ing the full amount of the teach# salaries. The County Office will glad to assist any of the directorS ! making the budget. No budS should be made hastily as the o tion of the whole school is depen upon the budget appropriation. principals of the school can give uable assistance in organizing budget as they have valuable k ledge concerning the needs of. school. The Census Books have been ! to each school district secretS The Census must be taken bet the dates of April 10 and MaY These reports must be filed in + County Superintendents office + later than June 1, 1937. ---o--- The only way to provide for ! :forseen expenses is to make a ! propriation under "emergend# Read the directions on the last l of the budget form carefully be making up the budget. Notice pecially any changes in this Y form. Under "Fixed Charge" 2 you will find there is an added tion. Also under "Debt Se you will find an added item. Ora Carson, County SuperintendeS 49. amiability 99. myriad him. 50. sociology 100. sacrilegious Hallie Co PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBL OF GOD Revival services every night veek at 7:15. We were very glad to have  and Mrs. A. J. Stapleton with us  the week-end Rev. F. C. Cruise has annoa some of his messages f0r this He has felt led to speak on Sas cation one night. He will gi series of messages on the Holy  There will be a divine healing s on Friday night. , J Rev Cruise always gives a | sage that is inspiring and rig! the point. You will miss an o tuntty if you fail to come to I Have y.ou been to Van Hoitcn's Barber to see WESTINGHOUSE and ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATORS Government compares Refrigerators' cost over 10 Buys 16,697 Count your cost for 10 years and you will look' Electrolux or Westinghouse LeRoy Colema SAY FOLKS SPRING AND SUMME R STYLES ON DISPLAY