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April 9, 1931     The Saguache Crescent
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April 9, 1931

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THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 1931 ,'FHE SA6UJCHE CRUCEN ,,,, ,,, I I II II SAGUACHE CRESCENT Only paper published in County Seat CHAS. W. OGDEN, Publisher Published every Thursday at Sa- guache, the county seat of Saguache county in the famous San Luls Val- ley of Colorado. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $2.00 A YEAR 1N ADVANCE Entered at the Post Office at Saguaehe, Culorado, as second class mall matter Each of our subscribers will find the date to which his or her subscription is paid, as shown t)y our books, print- ed on the paper or wrapper following the name of the subscriber. If there is an error in the date we would be pleased to have our attention called to the fact. I The Crescent charges for all Cards f Thanks, Memorlums, and nil per- sonal wants which is ndvertlelng and lint news to anyone hut the Vll'iter. 00Member t.TtONAL EDITOgaAL ASSOClATIQ C (1 z9 MEMBER ASSOCIATION i I t until they were summoned to the din- ing room. The table was strewn with violets and other spring flowers, which together with the refreshments suggested the approaching Eastertide. After tea, music and games were re- sumed for a while and the guests de- parted feeling that Mrs. Means is a royal enertainer. The young ladies present were Misses Lavinia Munro, Della Duncan, Lizzie Williams, Inez Mann, Adell Mann, Mamie Clark, Hal- cyon Ellis,, Margaret LocketS, Georg- ia Ellis, Blanche Ashley. John Farrington and family moved from the ranch back to their town house last week. Our people are glad to welcome this family back among us again Maria Garcia, a Mexican woman residnig on the Carnero, died last week, aged 118 years She was probably the oldest person, by several years, in Saguache county. Elections were held at both the town schools on Tuesday, in order to give the pupils practice in the art of voting. We did not learn the ex- act vote, but understand the result was not much different from the elec- tiin held at the town hall. The Saguache band wish to extend a vote of thanks through the colums of the Crescent to Miss Blanche O'Neil, Miss Effie Slane and Mrs. U. EARLY DAYS G Rockwell for their able assistance in the production of their play, also IN OA/IIA/U[] I to Frank Brown and Mrs. H. L. Curtis ]4-][U]Jk[|[l for the excellent music furnished for *---'-" I the occasion. Interesting Items Taken from ths[ Files o, The Crescent ] -- ---- Thui'sday April 3, 902 TWO MEALS DAY BEST Lee Falrhanks, Ed|tor FOR STOMACH TROUBLE Another handsome Saguache man Skip one meal and drink water in- stead. Wash out stomach and bowels has shaved off his mustache, i each morning by drinking water with Dan Howard is building an addition spoonful of simple glycerin, buck- to his residence on Denver avenue, thorn bark, saline compound (called Klondyke camp was deserted the Adlerika.) Adlerika brings out poisons you first of the week, all of its residents never thought were in your system. coming down to Saguache to vote. If you are nervous, cart't sleep, full of Flags were hoisted at both the high gas, it will surprise you. Adlerika contains no harmful drugs. Get it school and graded school buildings on today; by tomorrow you feel the won- Tuesday, in honor of the town elec- derful effect of this German dec- tips. tor's remedy.--OSCAR S. MAROLD, Fred Hodding returned from Boul- Druggist. der Tuesday, where he has been hob- PRISON BOARD LEASES RANCH sobbing with oil magnates for the past two months. FOR POTATO RAISING Bob. Monteith moved last Saturday to the ranch recently purchased from A 150-acre farm at San Acacio has Gee. Farrington, just out of town. been leased with equipment for pro- Candelario Borrego and Miss ducing potatos for the state peni- Quirina Garcia, daughter of. Mrs. tentiary and other state institutions, Isadora Garcia were married yester- it was announced Saturday. The farm will be operated entirely with peni- day in Del NorSe. S. G. Wharton and wife, M. M. i tentiary labor. Fifteen trusties prob- Brokaw and wife and Mrs. Frank ably will be required during the early Wilson, of Crestone, spent election I part of the season. Additional help day in Saguache. will be added during the harvest. In the battle between cattle men I The farm, located one mile east of and sheep men in Wyoming last week i San Acacio, has buildings to accom- I modate all of the regular trusties. 1,100 sheep were clubbed and shot to death; four men were wounded. During harvest season a tent may be Charles Francis Woodward the con, necessary to take care of the extra demned murderer of Sheriff W. C. help. It is expected that the farm Ricker at Caspar Wyoming, was hang- will produce between 10,000 and 15,- ed in his night clothes at 1 o'clock 000 sacks of potatoes, one of the main food supplies used at the peal- Monday morning by 24 masked and armed men on the scaffold erected for tentiary. his legal execution. The men over, An opti-pessimist is one who be- powered Sheriff Tubbs and secured I lieves that the church, the school and the keys and led the condemned tour- + the home are being replaced by the derer from his cell with as little cere- w automobile ' the motion picture and mony as possible. Ithe cafeteria. On Friday of last week Mrs. Horace ] Means gave a delightful five o'clock I A real booster is a fellow who be- tea for young ladies, in honor of t lieves that among the questions St. Misses Munro and Duncan. +Music Peter will ask will be whether or not and merrymaking occupied the guests J you traded at home. GRANADA - Monte Vista Two Pictures You Don't Dare Miss SUNDAY and MONDAY GARY COOPER In ZANE GREY'S 'Fiehtine Caravans' Where the "Covered Wagon" Left off-- "Fighting Caravans" begins I Those lovable old "Covered Wagon" reprobates'Ernest Toorence and Tully" Marshall are in this l TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Next Week The Famous Bool and Play" now a Talkie I "East [ynnc" Its bound to be Good" with this cast ANN HARDING, CLIVE BROOK CONRAD NAGEL No woman should miss this great story O O LEGISLATIVE NEWS From the STATE CAPITOL O --0 Originally the lower House passed a resolhtlon to adjourn on March 27, but it was killed by the Senate. Then the Senate voted to end its labor on April 11, but the House decided to mark time, until a plan to solve the financial, sltuatiou was worked out The Democratic majority in the House of Representatives voted to send the Senate resolution for final adjourn- ment to the rules committee. All reve- nue raising measures must originate in the lower House, and the Senate claims that delay of the finance com- mittee there is holding up adjourn- ment. While one group of legislators was scouting for the best means of raising more revenue for the state, another group was conferring with Governor Adams in trying to reduce recom- mended appropriations to a minimum. Several members declared they fa- vored a flat Income tax for the next two years to bring more money into the state treasury. A suggestion was made to the committee that the state draft a simple law, making the state income tax a proportion of the amount paid to the federal government for income tax. Both Houses of the State Legisla- ture honored the victims of the Klowa county bus tragedy. The Senate and House adjourned in a mark of sym- pathy for five children and the heroic bus driver who lost their lives. Sen- ator Fred A. Temple and Representa- tive Byron Rogers, both of Klowa county, sponsored the action. Bills to regulate and tax the thou- sands of private carriers now using the highways tax free for transporta- tion of freight and passengers in com- petition with regularly taxed and li- censed common carriers, were passed by the State House of Representatives on third and fnal reading. The State Hause of Representatives voted Denver's National Guard unit a new half-million-dollar armory and her county judges salaries of $6,00 a year. Both actions must be concurred in by the State Senate and signed by the governor before being enacted in- to law. The armory would be built through the issue of one-half million dollars worth of bonds authorized ori- ginally under the national defense act of 1917. - --" " Clarification of the statutes regard. Inn good time allowances for convicts was given final approval of the State Legislature and has been sent to Gov- error Adams. The bill fixing definite limits for the time off that may be granted for good behavior, is the first on the legislative proposals advocated by Governor Adams to pass both Houses. Labor leaders and railroad em- ployees filled the galleries of the State House of Representatives only to see one of their favored bills defF nltely eliminated from consideration for the present session. It was H. B. 203, regulating the length of all trains and prescribing the number of men in operating crews. It was voted down by the committee of the whole, after a heated debate. An attempt to amend the primary election law by striking from it the provision for registration of party af- flllatlon, decreed by the Assembly four years ago, failed. By a two-to- one vote the Senate turned down an amendment, proposed by the elections committee# providing that each Voter should be furnished with two ballots, Just as he was furnished under the law prior to 1927. Labor forces went down to defeat in the State House of Representatives when the principal workmen's com- pensation billto be presented at this session was sent into the mines and mining committee, probably to stay there. The bill raised the minimum disability for injured workmen from $5 to $7 a week and the maximum from $14 to $16. Ten appointments submitted early in the present legislative session by Governor Adams have been confirmed by the State Senate. Those whd re- ceived Senate approval, making" their appointments binding, were: C.L. Chapman and Oscar L. Goetze as members of the board of control of the industrial school for boys. Edwin S. Kassler and Mrs. Leila C. Eaton of the board of control of the industrial school for girls. Herbert Fairall and Dr. George Schumacker of the Moffat Tunnel Commission. James H. Lee of the board of control of the home for mental defectives. Fred W. Betz and Neit W. Kimball of the State Board of Immigration. Fred W. Stowe for the commission of uniform state laws. The State Senate killed eighteen bills which embody Gov. William H. Adams' financial program for the present session. As bill after bill was being considered, the enacting clause was stricken from each. S. B. 271, by Ammons and Nelson, placing the sheriff of the state and the members of a sheriff's posse un- der provisions of the workman's com- pensation act, was passed on third reading by the Senate. By a vote of 36 to 25, the State House of Representatives defeated a tlon to rerefer to the favorable ections committee the reapportion- aent bill passed on final reading by the Senate. The bill then was or- dered sent to the reapportionment commit te wh!ch lm coaPidered hOB- BONANZA Sigred Midwinter and Elinar Mac- Kenzie were those from here attend- ing the birthday party for S. T. Ash- ley Friday evening. Work on the tram at the Rawley mine was resumed Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Viers moved to Minturn Saturday. Arthur and Erick Eastman drove over from Gilman Friday evening for a few days visit. Robt. Burton spent a few days at Minturn the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Van Winkle and daughter, Edith, and Mrs. Bessie Schroeder spent Easter Sunday at Alamosa and La Jars. Dr. and Mrs. Kortright, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cuenin, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bennett, Mrs. Laura MacKenzie and son, Morrell, spent Sunday in Salida. Mr., and Mrs. Tom Mahoney and children accompanied Mrs. Mahoney's mother Mrs. Maudel to Salida Sunday where she went to Leadville for an indefinite visit with her daughter, Mrs. O'Brian. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Anderson and Bennie Tim- ney returned from Shirley last week. The new school house is nearly ready for a coat of paint. It is a mighty nice looking building. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Anderson, Miss Jane Ashley, Sigrid Midwinter, Sam Ashley, Jr., Mrs. Bessie Schroeder, Arthur Eastman, Dorothy Campbell, Roy Bolton and Morrell MacKenzie were among those from here who at- tended the dance in Saguache Satur- day night. Sam Hayes, Jr., and Kenneth Sohn of Mineral Hot Sphings, visited herq Sunday afternoon. Clinton Burton is visiting with hi father, Robt. Burton. Friends and relatives were surpris- edto hear of the marriage of John N. Ashley and Genevieve Pomeroy at Saguache last Monday. Both are well known, having lived most of their lives here. The happy couple left at once for Gilman where John is em- ployed. VILLA GROVE Mrs. Max Williams and children, of Bonanza, were the house guests of Mrs. Frank Potts two days last week. Mrs. Fred Hoffman and daughter were visiting friends in town Satur- day. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Harris and children, of Delta, visited friends here Sunday, returning from Pueblo. Win. FullenWilder and son, Wood- row, made a business trip to Salida, Saturday. Miss Genevieve Pomeroy and Zeke Ashley, of Gilman, Colo., were quiet- ly married at Saguache on March 30. They left for Gilman the same eve- ning where they will make their home. Mr. A. Sampsell is staying at the Gee. Shutts home, improving slowly from a cold. Mr. Morrill expects to leave for Denver this week. Miss Wilda Pimm, of Cortez, Colo., and Mr. Walter Wallace, of Mancos, Colo., were married on March 14. I Miss Pim was the teacher at Parkville three years ago and is a sister of Mrs. F Potts. 'Size is teachiffg at Lebenon, Colo., and will complete the term. (We extend congratulations to both couples.) Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Moore and family motored to LaVeta Sunday. II III FINE ! No; you didn't disturb me. I have an extension telephone next to my bed.+ Cost much? No! Just a few cents a day. Call our business ,otHce. I III Take an "I can't," but never an "I von't" if it's something good for Sag- uacheo I I I II I CRESTONE 1o Creek, beyond Liberty, the /Gee" McKenney who surrenders | Baldy to the arrow hunter, who co The infant son of Mr. and Mrs./ered more territory than could I# Bill Strossle died Thursday evening, I done on foot. Mr. McKenney rod+ and was buried Friday at Cotton back to Liberty with Mr. Perkins, tl Creek cemetery. George and Oyntella Mayer spent the week end at the home of Betty Jean Keys. A number of cars from Alamosa were here Sunday. Dr. Bradley and wife of Center spent Sunday at their Crestone home. The Ping family moved out on his ranch Tuesday. Mrs. Horace Means and daughter, Lois Arleen, and Boscoe Strader, of Monte Vista, spent Sunday at the home of John Lamm, also Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Strader and Margaret. Mr. Jacon Hall and family, of Center, spent Easter with home folks. The school children of the upper grades enjoyed April Fool's day, in- stead of running away or playing the pranks that some times gets one into trouble. They made tackey day of it. The idea was well carried out. Dainty refreshments were served. This being a surprise, the primary room decided to get even and Friday afternoon Mrs. Byron gave a little program and all the mothers and grandmothers were present. Also Miss Hunt's children were invited to partake of ice cream, cake and candy. The smaller children later enjoyed an egg hunt. Mr. J. A. Keys is the champion bear trapper of the state, having caught a black bear at his camp on Cotton- wood, by hand and unaided The little fellow, either one of three, when the mother drives one away, or for some other reason, was in search of food among the discard- ed tin cans; when seen by Mr. Keys, who drove away one of the dogs that jumped on it, held its head down with his knee, and holding its front paws together, buckled a strap collar around its neck. The bear is an at- tractive pet, and several people were down to Camp Sunday to see and play with it. Mr. Burch, traveling for the Sharp- lay hardware company, took a day off to hunt for arrow heads in the vicin- ity of Sand Creek, on Friday last. As the trip is too heavy for big cars, he induced Mr. Perkins to drive him down in the sand car. Half way to being the first time that he has ri$ I den in a car up those sand hiS| though he has often driven the tea#| hauling cars up that way The c0| lector only found a few fragment I of arrow heads, perhaps because | was Good Friday, but added one ch I cedony scraper to his collection I tram00 farm terday and asked for a dime to | a cup of coffee. My wife asked hi# if he didn't have any frzends. No, he replied, "just a few relatives." You may not have done what y0i wanted to do, But you've wanted o do wl you've done ; It is not just the WISH that ca carry things through, It's the WILL that the struggle N won ! + + Timbers, Fence Posts, Pole0 Boards, Dimension Stock, Con. struction Material for Corral Buildings, Irrigation, Highway and CJridge lobs. Material Pressure" Treated and so preserved ogoinst decay and termite attack. DefinRe economies ore being e[rected th use of Pressure Treatment. Ate you and your community taking advantage oJ  them? We operate two Treating Plants in Colorado Eo serve you. Ask Your Retail Lumber Dealer. Z.M.A. .es;is CREOSOT Ask Your Feed Dealer For Producer Chick Feeds None as Good None Better Let us quote you on'Oats, Chop for road work and Spring Planting ii i We are here to serve you iiiiiii THE CENTER ELEVATOR 6omer H, La00ue, Mn00r CENTER, COLORADO Office Phone 36 5at u ache T heatre Saturday and ,S today Night EXTRA SPECIAL PROGRAM NEWS and REVIEW Watch For The Display Cards