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April 9, 1931     The Saguache Crescent
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April 9, 1931

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ii i i i i i i i i I i ii ROBERT R. TARBELL LAWYER SAGUACHE, COLORADO W. F. BOYD Notary Public Saguache County Bank . H. CUTLER ARTISTIC PAINTING AND DECORATING Phone 79. LUMBER Will prol:ptly deliver Wants from tile mill. time and money. FRANK TRICKLE Saguache, Colo. -mm...-- _ yonF SaVO Boot and Shoe Repairing Special Attention to Out of Town Orders. BIRT" CLARE, Mgr. Saguache, Colo. I 37 Private Baths Homo Like and Quiet. Try Us an4 You Will Come Again. E H. E. OWEN, Prop. Tabor 9289 HOLDEN HOTEL[[ 1821 California Street Rates $1.00 to $2.50. Spectal M Rates by Week. U DENVER, COLORADO The Saguache County Abstract and Investment Company Abstracts, Real Estate Insurance AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE A Present Day Necessity RATES: Public Liability (damage to Persons) ......... $11 to $21 Property Damage (damage to Property) ......... $7 to $11 !re ............... $2 to $5 heft ............. $1 to $5 ollision ........ $3 up Our Reeo'rl" on" Payment of Losses Is 100 per cent. W: M. SLANE, Secy. and Mgr. OAFE SERVICE And Regular Meals Modern and Up-to Date Rooms Prlvats Booths for Ladies, Gentlemen and Families SODA FOUNTAIN IN CONNECTION Saguache Hotel ROLL MEANS & SON D opendability__ II What a feeling of security to know that in your hour of sor- row here is one whom you can depend upon to assume com- Plete charge of all funeral ar- rangements. Experience, modern equip- ment and close personal atten- tion to every detail insure the kind of service that you can de- Pend upon. FULL LINE OF FUNERAL SUPPLIES Motor Hearse Equipment S..W. TRUITT Saguachee, Colo. l SQUIBS " violin, ,which no doubt had been his! PERSONAL oo0000.n,on ling.many melancholy and joyous pc- By Geor--e Robertson casions. [ An act introduced in the State Now that the consolidation of dis- Legislture intending to permit court trict schools of the county has proven judges the power of probation in all such an unqualified success, why not criminal cases excepting those of consolidate all of the counties of the first and second degree murder, has valley into one county as has been been bitterly assailed upon the suggested--we can't get too much of ground that it gives an increased paw- a good thing. o-- The State Legislature has passed the old age pension bill, which pro- vides that a man having attained the age of 65, having been a resident of the state for a period of 15 years, and in indigent circumstances, shall be en- titled to a payment of $1 per day commencing January 1 next. Thi! is one of the most deserving laws passed by any commonwealth. It thus furnishes security for old age. 0 A party who had been vainly searching for the mayor of Sagua- che was advised to secure the ser- vices of Logan Allen's smoke-hound "Kentuck," who being reinforced in the search by a trail strewn with the half-burnt butts of matches would readily lead to his Majesty's pres- ence. I naticed in the Open Range De- partmen of the Denver Post last Sunday, that at least 15 of the 18 articles contrbuted, were written by women. Consequently have been at a loss to assign a reason therefor. Is it because they have more troubles for adjudication; because they think they know better how to solve the problems affecting humanity; or, be- cause they have more leisure in which to write ? O The Editor and myself sometimes enter into a good-natured discussion, as to which of us constitutes the biggest fool, each contending him- self as being the unquestioned cham- pion in his class. First one will tell of an incident in his experience wherein he has been taken in and stung. Then the other will take a turn, trumping everything said by the other. Thus the discussion will teet- er-totter back and forth until the only logical way to decide a question of this character is to concede that it is only possible in the very nature of things, that the older party may have had more opportunities to have been somebody's fool than the younger one. o ' As I sit here gazing upon the vast expanse of fallen snow. I am won- dering how many persons are actually: sorry of its presence. It seems so foolish for any one to complain of some little personal inconvenience when one reflects the whole earth and everything in the way of life or growth is dependent upon moisture. I can appreciate Mrs. Jiggs' feelingsjn the matter as she contemplates the loss it will be to Fido in not being :able to take his daily hike. Walter Raleigh wouldn't have filled many of the pages of history either. It's some fatal, tq@, to pleated dresses and permanents, "it's just too mean for anything, and I was expecting him this evening, and it just has to go and spoil e#erything, with its muddy side- walks, etc." So there. Then try and imagine the feelings of the "delivery boy" on occasions of this character, it is just too pitiable. o A friend of mine a few days ago appeared to take a great pride in showing me the receipt of an ac- knowledgement of a letter of congrat- ulation he had written to an acquain- tance Of his, who had through the strength of family relationship com- bined wit college connections, se- cured an appointment to a cabinent assistancy. It is strange how a man of considerable sterling worth should feel flattered by some such slight re- cognition, ,which was undoubtedly prompted through mercenary motives ---by a mere political accident. I would respectfully refer him to a former paragraph in this column, which he may heed with considerable profit should he care to avoid the pangs of ingratitude. In the reminiscences of C. W. Blancett appearing recently in the columns of the Denver Post, mention is made of an incident, wherein one Henry Braham, a stable keeper of the Holloday Stage Co., had a fight with some Indians, intent upon steal- ing horses from the stage barn, situ- ate in the vicinity of Castle Rock, near to the old town of Frankstown, I Douglas county. A number of them being killed and the raid repulsed. Braham, who was well known here by the older residents, having lived the latter years of his life around Bonanza and Villa Grove and operat- ed the stage line between here and the latter place finally, I believe dy- ing there some 7 or 8 years ago, leav- ing his meager possessions to a few loyal friends. One bequest including er which may be misused. This may be one method of relieving the con- gestion evident in our penal institu- tions. But I believe something should be done to check the growing dis- respect entertained for our Judiciary. Kansas has a law which permits the jury to determine the entence to be imposed. This should have a salutary effect. Judges are in the natural se- qhence of he present order of things, sons of the rich class. In the course f my observations of the operations of juries, I have noticed that the question of the extent of" the possible punishment which might be meted out to culprit, had as much weight and consideration, possibly as the question of the guilt or innocence of the accused. 0 At a large and enthusiastic gath- !ering of the unemployed held in the wide open spaces in front of the Saguache Pharmacy, a discussion was entered into, in an effort to find some me, hod of relief from what was conceded to be an appalling condi- tion: After an extensive and ex- hausting discussion in which nearly everyone present contributed some- thing worth while from their fund of knowledge,-of which there is usually a superabundance in meetings of this character, it was ultimately decided to commence constructive operations at one of the sources of suppressed industrial depression, viz, the city government. Consequently, it was unanimously decided to form an Anti- mossback political party, for the pur- pose of remedying the evils which have become intolerable. It is pro- nosed to start things to rolling by inaugurating a ticket to be presented o the citizens at the forth-coming own election. Meanwhile, the coun- try is being scoured in an effort to secure either Bill Briggs or Professor Sweeneyif aliveto head the tick- et which will consist of representative :rogressive Oklahoma, s. 0 I understand another business bouse in town has changed manage- ment because of he loss experienced hrough the granting of poor credits.' It may be a laughing matter to a number of irresponsibles of the com- ing generation to boast how smart they are in beating a needy individual because of his mis-placed confidence. But this is almost invariably the starting place of the future criminal. This method of getting by, appears to be much easier than the products secured through the application of methods Of honest toil, and "what's a little lie any way, even if I promised to pay him, what does a broken prom- ise amount'to any way, compared to the pleasure obtained in the smoking of a dozen cartoons of cigarettes." But lies and broken promises lead to theft and eventually to the doors of he penitentiary. The young of both sexes of this age are too prone to believe that they "can escape detec- tion. Don't deceive yourself. Don't doubt that retribution will fail to find you out. I have even known a generation or two apparently to es- cape, then would come the inevitable demand. It is Nature's inexorable law. HISTORY' OF LENTEN FAST IS EXPLAINED Just what is the purpose and what the development of Lent, whicl% is be- ing observed so universally? A Lutheran parish paper explains it briefly thus: "The Lenten idea is very old. The root idea seems to be a fast of the Church during forty hours in which our Lord voluntarily surrendered Himself to the powers of death. This was intended as a preparation to the festival of the resurrection. "But the Church remembered that the Lord Himself fasted forty days; so she changed the forty-hour fast into a forty-day fast. "Later,, as the six Sundays in the forty days were not fast days, but festivals, six days were added to the forty to take their place, thus making the Lenten fast a period of forty-six days, immediately preceding the res- urrection. This season is called Lent, from the Anglo-Saxon Lencten, meaning spring." On being offered a $1000-a-day job, Jimmie Walker refused it and chose to serve out his term as mayor of New York. Draw your own con- clusions, but be careful about con- demning a man on circumstantial evi- dence. ---FOR SALF,---Wag0n at te Second Hand Store. WANT ADS Fresh Buttermilk at Edgar Jones'. THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 1931 March 12-tf. WHATWETmNK Women's skirts are getting longer. They will be down to the floor next year. I had a fit when they got short, but I've gotten used to seeing legs Fresh cream 40 cents. April 9 tf Mrs. Clove Skates. Oranges, apples and grape fruit at Edgar Jones' market. March 12-tf. Whipping Cream delivered 50c a quart Milk delivered, 10c qt.E. N. Jones, phone 112 Milk 8c a quart, Whipping cream 45c a quart, one door north of Ogden Hall. E. N. Jones. Reliable man wanted to call on farmers ifi Saguache County. Won- derfu opportunity. Make $8 to $20 derful opportunity. Make $8 to $20 ed. Write today. McNess Co., Dept. I-I, Freeport, Illinois. BABY CHICKS ---Fine quality, egg producing strains, Reds, Rocks, Buff Orphingtons, R. I. Whites. $10.00 hundred. Leghorns, $8.00 hundsed thousand lots, 10 per cent less, 50 lots add 1 cent each. 25 Lots, add 2 cents each. Live delivery guranteed. Started chicks. 2 or 3 weeks, add 5 cents each per week. Pattericks Hatchery Grand Junction Colorado. April 9 tf. Q GROCERY AND MARKET Electric equipped, sales $35 to $40 )er day. Located in Pueblo Steel Norks district, $3,000 required. Rea- son-old age. Apr. 9-16 J.G. Elmoick, 2511 Cedar St., Pueblo, Colo. GOOD SECOND-HAND CARS FOR SALE One Chevrolet coach, one 1931 model A (new) car, one truck and one Essex coach. CREGER GARAGE, Apr. 2-tf. Phone 123. MILK AND CREAM Since purchasing our Jerseys we have had many compliments on our milk. If you are not using our milk at present, get a bottle at the store or off the wagon and compare it with any other milk and notice the differ- ence. Safeguard your children's health and buy milk from a Health- Tested herd. Watch for or new Sanitary Caps. HOLSTEIN DAIRY, Byron H. Blake. Mar. 26-tf. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT Estate of George Klein, Deceased. No. 339. Notice is hereby given that on the llth day of May, A. D., 1931, the undersigned will present to the Coun- ty Court of Saguache County, Colora- do, her accounts for final settlement of administration of said estate, when and where all persons in interest may appear and object to them, if they so desire. Selma Klein, Apr. 9-16-23-30 May 7 Executrix. clothes on and my guess was that she didn't care for them. o A farmer has the advantage of the other professions. I was talking to my preacher the other day. He told me that several members of our flock were cutting up scandalous, but he couldn't say anything about it, or it would cause a lot of trouble in the church. Just a few days before, the editor told me he knew a couple of good stories but he couldn't print them because le would lose a lot of business if he did. I am not bothered that way being a farmer. If I know anything and wan to tell it, I can and it doesn't affect my business a whit. This thing of being able to say what you think is worth a lot to a man who likes to talk as well as I do. PAPER COMPANY'S OPTION EXPIRED Two million cords of wood in the San Juan and Rio Grande National forests, worth 5 and one-half million dollars, are for sale Thursday due to the failure of the International Paper company of New York City to ex- ercise its option to purchase the timber. The International Paper company's option expired Wednesday, and the company manifested no intention of signing a final contract for the cut- ting of he timber, according to M. W. Thompson, assistant regional for- ester in charge of timber sales. When it submitted its hid for the 2 million cords of wood the Interna- tional Paper company posted a check for $75,000 with the forest service in Washington, D. C., as evidence of good faith. With the forfeiture of the option, $15,000 of the amount posted ean be claimed by the govern- ment to cover the expense of adver- tising the timber for sale and cruis- ing it, according to Thompson. STATE]lENT OF THE OWNERSHIp MANAGEI%IENT, CIRCULATION, ETC., REOcUIItED BY THE ACT Ol TM CON- GEESS OF AUGUST 24, 1912. Of TH SAGUACttE CRESCEN T published weekly at Saguache, Colo., for April, 1931, 'rA'rl oi,' COLORADO, so. COUNTY OF SAGUACHE. Before me, a Notary Public, In and for the State and County aforesaid, t)ersonally appeared Chas. V, Og'den, who, having been duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that he is tho publisher of the Saguache Crescent, lnd that the following is. to the best of his knowledge and belief, a true tatement of the ownership, manage- Inent. eta. 1. That the names and addresses of the publisher, editor, managing editor, nd business managers are: Publisher, Chas. V. Ogden. Saguache, Colorado. Editor, Chas, W. Ogden. Managing Editor, Chas. r. Ogden. Business Manager, Chas. %V. Ogden. Saguache, Colo. 2. That the owners are: (Give names and addresses of individual owners, or if a corporation, give its name and the names and addresses of stockholders ,)wning or holCling 1 per cent or more of the total amount of stoeR.) CHA,q. W. OGDEN, Saguaebe, Coo. 3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, and other securtty hoht. ors ownin" or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mort- gages, or other securities are: None. and am going to miss them. --O The better I know men the more sympathy I have for the women of the country, --0-- A neighbor of mine was complain- ing because we are urged to beautify our home and no sooner do we get it done than the assessor comes around and slaps an extra tax on the place. If the thing worked both vays, I have a neighbor whose place is in such a terrible shape that the city really owes him something It appears to me that it should be easy for business to start a revival, it has so many mourners. I have come to the conclusion ' that when I think as everybody else does I am wrong. Friends bf one of my neighbors call his wife "Remote Control." My neighbor calls his wife "Vacuum Cleaner" because she always whines when she is at work. I told my wife about it and she said she wished that the woman's husband would work once so that they could see what kind of a noise he woulci make. The women folks tell me that the beauty shops of the town are classi- fied as to the amount of gossip one can get from them, rather than on the quality of the work done. o-- My daily tells me of a quiet man who jumped and looked around in a startled manner. When asked what the truoble was replied that a few weeks ago a fellow eloped with his wife in an automobile, and every time he heard a horn toot, he was afraid he was bringing her back. O I won't begin to think the country is really hard up until car owners begin to run their cars into the shed and take to walking. I'll know then they are down to the last quarter. I can sympathize with President Hoover. I expect he feels toward Congress about the same as I do to- ward a bunch of hired help that hasn't got sense enough to do what it is told to do. --o-- The scientists have talked so much about the disease among the rabbits that they have spoiled my appetite for rabbits. I hpoe the scietnists do not get started on bacon and eggs and buttered toast. A fellow sang the song, "My Baby Don't Care for Clothes," over my CHAS. -W'. OGDEN, ,wrn to and subscribed before me radio the other night. I think I saw this Sth day of April, 1931. that fellow's "baby" yesterday. At' ),IABLE, REDHEAD. 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