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April 11, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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April 11, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 15. SAGUACHE. COLORADO, THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1055. MEN AND WOKEN Should Buy Boots and Shoes, (Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.) Hats and Caps, (Boogher, Force & Goodbar Hat Co.) Gloves and Mittens, Overshoes, Underwear and Drygoods. Crockery, Qu~nsware and Hardware.. Harness, Stoves and Rang~, (WiLson Heaters.) Duck Coats, (an Styles.) of SAMUEL FEAST, Moffat, OLO,, and SAVE MONEY. lllllll I 6E,NERAL HARDWARE As can be found in the San Luis Valley. This stock is now throughout, was selected by an experienced Hardware man ann was bought at prices which will permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us. We solicit your trade. Buggies and Wagons I have at my place in the town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders~ Mowers, Rakes, BindiDg Twine, 0il, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and W agone which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where ~lse m the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB, MOFFAT, COLO. Tills Is Your Opportunity. On receipt of ten cents, cash or stamps, a generous sample will be mailed of the most popular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure (Ely's Cream Bairn) sufficient to demon- strafe the great merits of the remedy. ELY BROT~IEBS, 56 Warren St., New York City. key. John Reld, Jr., of Great Falls, Mont., recommended Ely's Cream Balm to me. I esn eml)hasize his statement, "It is a posi- tive cure for catarrh if used as direeted."-- Roy. Francis W. Peele, Pastor CentralPres. Church, Helena, Mont. Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged curs for catarrh and contains no mercury nor any injurious drug. Pries, 50 vents. ~rivate and Chronic Diseases of Men CONSULT Men suffering from evil of. festa of youthful indiEcre.. ~-- ~ tions, syphilis, gonorrhoaa~ g ~ glcet, stricture, sexual [ ~i weakness, varicoeele, un- Al~:l~ natural discharges, lost |~ ~M vitality, failing memory, | ~ ~'.'.~ unfitness to marry, blood, I jf.,~l,~i~f" kin. kidney or private dis- cases, are speedily cured. ~,~:i~ DR. COOK has spent 80 ~.~E~A ~ years of persistent study ~ib/V ~l~l and experience in his own ~practico and among tbo T'~'~^R "~OOK largest Eastern hospitals a~vt~v ~ . in curing this class of dig- eases an& will ~arantce ~ou a permanent cure a~ moderato cost. He has cured thousands who ~ought their cases hopelesso All letters private. rite for question b*.ank. Consultation free. ~cdicines sent floe from observation, Cook/'ledica] Co. ~623 Curtis ~t. Denver.Col, WE WILL FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE Writ to-day for our hand- i' i some Illustrated catalogUel READ THE LETTERS i ~a~i~ ~2 whay, b~utiful ,p, re- I f .......... pat ....... 1 i "'"~L" .... ~-Y~ x.O" ,se~lln~l be co v need that you i o m'(~oaps, w~g|veTyeacnI are dealing with a thor- I par !sneer o[ 9, vex oi ~oap oughlreliable nousc. or bottle of Perfume their[~ [] choice of scum of tbo lmnd ...... i , aomest I)renllanls ia tlle market. Lamps, Bracelets, I Glassware, Opahvare, Knives, Roasting Pans, Cake i Plates and onmr beauUful presents. TO ~ I the agent who sells only 24 boxes Of Soap I~ I we give a he-Piece Dinner Set--not a .~L I toy set--but a beautlfllny decorated and v-~ gold traced, fall size for family use, Din. ~l BRISTOL VT ne , rset, Wealsogive Coaches l{oekers[r~'~"/'| 11 I am very much pleased with my dishes and Dinin n~nm Oh~, - - ' - -, ' ,-..-~---- r loon , -.= ............... t~enger laDleS wlllsetupsnothro der . ' V Lace Curtains, Watc~ms, Knives an~ " ~l base LULU BESA'~ ( ' Forks, ;raniteware, Sewing Machines, "~'- i NBLfONVILLB, Clue. Musical Instal,heats, Ete. ] fcash Is pre- ~i ] needs received to-day My customers are all fgrred we allow a v~ryliberal commie- ~l I well plea~ed with their lamps, We have not seen s|on, Wstrustyon~ ~'omoneyrequlred. [~] ~'l~l [ ~ehnl~lamp~hereb~ore, Will ~endanother order We.allow you 15 dys' time in which ~ f~j j~j'mm I In few days. I am more than plesned with the to ueltver tim goodtt and collect your **~ ~1 ~ I ] mandolin. Mrl. AGN~S HITCIlINGS. mon~ybefore paying tie, Don't de'lay. "~H~i~"i ~_' - ........i .......... ' ........ THH PEOPLH'g NATIONAL FAMILY NHWSPAPER NEW YORK TRI WEEKLY TRIBUNE Published Monday, Wednesday and Fri- day. i m reahtv a fine, NEW fresh, every, oilier-day Daily, giving the lat- est news on days of is- us, and covering news of the other three. It contains all import an~ foreign cable news DAILY TRIBUNE of same date, also Do- mestic and Foreign Correspondence, Short Stories. Elegant Half- tone Illustrations, Humorous Items, In- dustrial information, WEEKLY Fashion Notes, Agri- cultural Matters and Comprehensive and re- liable Financial aml Market report~. Regular subscription price, $t.50 per year. I?I~TRIINI~ We furnish ~t with [ IItlYUI|JLJ THE eJRESCENT for $2.50 per year. Published on Thurs- day, and known for nearly sixty years in; every part of the Unit- ! ed States nan National Family Newsoaner of the nighest class, fi)r farmers and villagers. It coetains all the most importautg e n e r a l news,,f TI~E DALLY TRIBUNE up to hour of going to press, an Agricultural Depart- ment t,f the ifighest or- tier. lms entertaining rcadieg f-r every tnomber of the family, old and young, Market Reports which a e ac- cepted as authority by farmers and country merchants, and is clean, up to date, in- teresting and instruct- ive. Regalar subscripti,,n price. $1.00 per year. W~ furnish it with TtIE CRESCENT for $2.00 per year. Send all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., e Best of Job Pllnting at this office. If you have it, you know it. You know all the feeling In the stomach,the of gas, the nausea, sick headache, md general weakness of ilthe whole body. You can't have if a week without your blocs being impure and your nerves all exhausted. There's just one remedy for you sarsaparilla There's nothing new about it. Your grand- parents took it. 'Twas an old Sarsaparilla before other sarsaparillas were known. It made the word "Sarsaparilla" famous over the whole world. There's no other sarsa- parilla like it. In age and power to cure it's "The leader of them all." $1.~ bottle. All druggists. Ayer's Pills cure constipation. -After suffering terribly I was induced m try your Sarsaparilla. I took three bottles and now feel like a new man. I would advise all my fellow creatures to try this medicine, for it has stood the test of time and its curative power cannot be ex- celled." I.D. GOOD, Jan. 30, 1899. Browntown, Va. Wrlto the Do~to~o If you have any complaint whatever and deMre the best medical advice yon eau poss|bty reclve, write th doctor freely. You wiU recetvs a prompt ro. ply, withmtt cost. Address. D~. J. C. AYER, Lowell ~as|. Uprisen From the Spanish Main. With pitchers painted by tim wind On the blue canvas of the sky, With vapors from four quarters blown, My wide, nnplllarcd, gallery I deck; and sculpture quaint and rare Is mine, by ghostly fingers wrought, They give the waste and wandering all The empty, vague, and formless air, The semblance of my passing thought. My fairy fleet from ports divine, That anchored lay {u Sunset bay, Upon the far horizon line Spread Iheir white wulgs, slid far away Beyond the blue rim of the West They sail, and where my argosy At anchor swung ou Ocean's breast, Rocked lightly ou its heaving breast, A towered citadel I see. On a bold, seaward-leaning steel* Broad-based la the nnfathomed blue, Barbacan, battlement, and keep, My ghostly tnasons bring to view, Iu deep embrasures, starry gleams, Above each turret, cressets twain, It is the castle of my dreams, O joy, the castle vf my dreams~ U~risen from the Spanish Main. Upon the parapet 1 see My heart's dear lady, pacing slow, Uer gcmmy matltle flutters free, Upon h,;r finger's tapering snow In circlet bright, a ruby gleams; She waves a beckoning ll;md to nle, O Lady of my early dreams, Fair Clmtelaine of Castle-Dreams, I come to thecl I come to thee! --Mrs. H. M. Bryan in New York Home Journal. The Best Remedy for Bheulnatlsm. Quick relief fr6m pain. All who use Chamberlaiu's Pain Balm for rheuma- ism are delighted ~ith the quick relief from pain which it affords. When speak- mg of this Mr. D. N. Sinks, of Troy, O. says: "Some t)mo ago I had a severe at- tack of rheumatism in my arm am shoulder. I tried numerous remedies but got no relief until I was recommended by Messrs. Gee. F. Parsons & Co. drug- gists of this place, to try Chomberlain's Pain Balm. They recommended it so highly that I bought a bottle. I was soon relieved of all pain. I have since recommended this limiment to many of my friends who agree w~th me that it is the best remedy for muscular rheuma- tism in the market." For sale by tl e Sa- guache Pharmacy. Representative White and wife ,,f Sa- guache county reLurned from Denver Thursday and have again taken up their abode on their ranch.--Journal. Jab Couhln't Have Stood It. If he'd had ~tching piles. They're ter- rible annoying, but Bucklen's Armca Salve will cure the worst case of piles on earth. It has cured thousands. For in- ju~iee, pains or bodily ernptions its the best valve in the world. Price 25c a I)ox. Cure guarnnteed. Sold by Lord & Wil- cox, druggists, Crestone, Colo. COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. Proceedings of board of county com- missioners. F~rst day, April term, 1901, April 1st. At 9 o'clock a. m. board meets in regular April session w)th the follow- mg members present: John Welty, Chairman, Frank Brown Co. Com., John E. Ashley, Co. Com., J. W. Davidson, Co. Atty., Lee Fairbanks, Clerk. Minutes of February 4th are read and approved. The appointment of Chas. Hayden, as deputy district attorney for Saguache county, is approved by the board. Official bond of Harry Dix, con- stable for precinct No. 19, is presented, examined and approved. Also the fol- lowing road overseers' bonds: Richard Cooper, Lynn Cole, R. H. hampson, John Braun, J. E. Lamon, J. J. Navins, John Cline and 'l'homas P. Goodman. And the following saloon berets: John Clark James W. Palmer, Tatman & DeRain, M. M. Brokaw and Brennan & Mooney. The treasurer is authorized to sell and assign to Ramon Vigil tax sale certificate on tbeN~/~ N W ~4, S W }-~ S W/~, eec. 26, andSE~4NE~sec. 27-45 10 for (he sum of 828.47, said sum to be in full payment of all unpmd taxe.~ on said property from date of sale up to and in- cluding 1899 assessment. ] t appearing to the board that Fernan. dez Montoya is erroneously assessed with 1,000 head of sheep for the year 1900, on motion his assessment is reduced to 500 head andthe treasurer m ordered to cor- rect the tax roll. On mdtion board adjourns until to- morrow morning. Second day, April term, April 2d. At 9 o'clock a. m..board meets pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Minutes are read and approved. The treasurer is ordered to sell and asmgn to Juliana Lawrence lots 11 and 12, Block 11, and lot 7, Block 10, town of Saguache for $15, said sum to be in full payment of all unpaid taxes on said lots from date of sale to this date. Board now takes up bills and accounts and allows bills No. 5 to 8 inclusive, 10 to 17 inclusive, 24, 25, 27 to 29 and 47. G. W. Hiner now appears before the board with a petition signed by numer- ous citizens residing in the lower end of the county praying this board to have , fumigated and put in good @ondition to the satisfactmn of Mr. Hiner, the dwell. mg house owned and formerly occupied by him, situated near Hooper and used by the county as a pest house. After some discussion of the matter, on motion it is laid over for further consideration. Board now takes a recess for dinner. Mrs. Garasiona Martine now appeam before the board and represents that on account of her age and poor health she is unable to earn a support for herself, and asks the county to aid her. On motion she is allowed $5 per month until further order of the board. It being represent- i ed to the board that Mrs. Sadie Epps is 'in destitute circumstances and unable to earn a support for herself and five small children, on motion the board makes an allowance of $10 for her relief. Bills No. 1 to lf-2 to 2e-4 to 4g-30 to 40- 42 to 46.48 to 52-5~ to 73 reclusive are al- lowed in full. Bill No. 26 for sheep m- specter for $76 is allowed at ~3(t, No. 3 to 31, expenses in Justice's court in a mis- demeanor case, a~ e disahowed, not being a|county charge under a resolution of the board. Nos. 9, 18, 19, 20, 41, 45 and 53 are laid over for the present. No. 3t water com. dist. No. 25, for $25 is allow- ed at $12.50, one half of the expense of said water district being a charge against Costilla county. Board now adjourns until tomorrow morning. Third day, April term, April 3J. At 9 o'clock a. m. board meets pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Minutes read and approved. [~Bills No. 23 and 41 are allowed in full. No. 9, Dr. Lord for small pox expenses amounting to $52 m allowed at $26. No. 45, deputy sheriff, for $38.60 is allowed at $19.60. Nos. 18 to '22 inclusive and 53 are again laid over for further considera- tion. Biids for furnishing lumber to the sev- eral road dtstrmts of the county for the year 1901 are now opened and contracts let as follows. i'er M h.et. To Alexander Bros. Dist No. 1 .............. $t3.00 l'o '" " '" 2 .............. 15.90 To J B. Gelwick " .6 ............. 1620 FO .... " " 7 ............. 14.00 TO ~la('k & Gray " " ~ ............. 11 50 To " '" " 5 ............. 12.00 TO " " " " 3 ............. 16.50 To " " " " 10 .............. 19.90 The treasurer is ordered to sell and as- sign tax sale certificates on the following Bonanza lots to the par~ies and for the prices named, in case said tots are found to be subject to sale. Said aums to be in full paymeut of all unpaid taxes on said h)ts from dates of sales up to and mclua. ing the 1900 assessment, vm: Lots 17, 18, 19, 20, Block 1, to Rudolph Marold for $2.50 per lot. Lot 14, Block '1', to N. A. Cole for $5 L3ts 48 and 49, Block '1', to Ci)do Tattle for ~2.50 per lot. Lots 1, 2, 19. 20, 21, 22, Bleak H, to I)O YOU GET LIP WITH A LAME BACK ? Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable. Almost everybody who reads the news- papers is sure to know of the wonderful ~L~j~ ll~ cures made by Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver It Is the great medi- cal trfumph of the nine- teenth century; dis- covered after years of scientifio research by Dr. Kilmer, the emb " nent kidney and blad- der specialist, and is wonderfully successful In promptly curing lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou- bles and Brlght's Dts~ase, which Is the worst form of kidney trouble. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp=Root is not rec- ommended for everything bat if you have kid- ney, liver or bladder trouble it will be found just the remedy you need. It has been t~ted In so many ways, iu hospital work, in private practloe, among the helpless too poor to pur- chase relief and has proved so successful in every case that a special arrangement h~s been made by which all readers of this paper who have not already tried it, may have a sample bottle sent free by mail, also a book telling more about Swamp-Root and how to find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble. When writing mention reading this generous offer in this paper and ~,,f~_~ send your address to Dr. Ktlmer & Co., Ring- ~.~__[~ hamton, N. Y. The~ regular fifty cent and Homeof Swamp-Root. dollar size~ are sold by all good druggists. W. L. Beerman for $3 per lot. Lots 13, 14, 15, Block J to Mrs. Mary Jones for $5 each. Lo's 23, 2i, Block H to Mrs. Sadie Epps for $3 each. Lots 21, 22, 23, 24 Block G, to A. J. Willoughby for $5each. Lots 9, 10, Block 23, to J. A. Kountz for $2 each. Lots 8, 9, 10, 11, Block '53, to i C. Widmayer for $1 each. L~t 25, Block U, and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, Block 101, to J. D. Snider for $3 each. Lots 1, 2, 3, Block W, to Mrs. D. D. Dick for $2.50 each. Lots 22, 23, Block 1, to W. C. Lockett for $2 each. Lot 21, Bh)ck 1, to E. S. Teal for $2 Lots 6, 7, 8, 9, Block 2, and 6, 7 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, Block 1, to W. S. Tuoker for $2.55 oath and 23 25 Block U, for $5.10 oaoh. Lot 2~, Block U, and I to 26 inclusive, 31, 36, 40, 42, 46, 48, Block 92, to R. S. Fisher for $5.25 for the first lot and $1 50 oach for the lots in Block 92. Lots 67, 58, 59, Block T to D. D. Dick for $3 each. Tho treasurer is also ordered to sell and assign to T. M. Alexander tax sale certificates held by the county on any and all lots in Block 30, town of Saguaoho, for $1 for each lot, said sum to be in full payment of all un- paid taxes on said lots. The names of 100 citizens of the county are now selected to be certified to the clerk of the district court from which to draw a jury for the June term of the dmtrict court, viz: Ned LocketS, J. M. White, Mark Bie- dell, Oarl Nehls, H. L. Hopkins, George Robertson Jr., J. H. Simpson, Tom Tough, L. C. Dappen J. D. Hess, Harri. son Nash, Arthur Wills, B. J. Forbes Gso. Reed, Chas. Damey, J. F. Stow, W. A. McEntyre, Dave Glasgow, T.H. Thompson, John Everson, W. R. Page, Ralph W. Shellabarger, Eli Weddington, E. H. Underhill, C. A. Welch, Tom Pur- ws, John Amsler, Chas. Hoffman, Mel Woodard, James Slane, Ed Shewaltor, John L. Charles, John R~minger, I). I. Whitoman, Frank Romingor, John Ms-i honey, T. J. Santon, Chas. Perry, Will MeDonough, J. M. Stump, J. H. Par sons, M. M. Suttley, Fred Green, Will Ward, O. O. Fellows, W. P. Turtle, Mat Laughlin, Ed Coohran, Albino Archu- lofts, Frank Collins, H. G. Albertson, J. N. Coleman, Horace Means, George W. Clark, John H. Dawdson, C.R. Crouch, Luke Gtlligau, Win. Eaton, J. M. Ham- mond, D. M. Davison, J. H. Parker, Pete Sheridan, Gee. Curtis, Gee. L. Clark, W. E. Gardner, J. A. Dmkerson, Wm. Dailey F. S. McGuire, C. E. Wallace, H. Van Tassel, W. A. Johnson, Fred Jeep, P. J. Quinn, Ed Munro, John Tritos, F.E. ltodding, C. Eiiinghoff, Ed. Smith, Aug. Johnson, John Davey, B. F. Allen, Juan Chaves, Thos. Noland, Dan Sullivan, Ed Funk, Lewis Hinkle, B. Kraehlauer, Ph. Stahl, J. H. Hamer, A. Slevert, J.L. Hurt, H. Braham, Dan S. Jones, D.J. Mclntosch; Cad Marold, J. W. Stam- baugh, C. F. Isberg, John E. Ault, J. W. Vaugh, Sam Pruden. Board now takes a recess for dinner. The clerk's, sheriff's and treasurer's monthly reports of receipts and expend itures are now presented, examioed and approved. Bills Nos. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. 53 and 76 in connectmn with th~ lunacy case of John Roach, aand Daisy Fellows an inmate of the State Industrial School for girls, heretofore laid over by the board are now taken up, considered and on molion are disallowed. The assessor now comes before the board In connection w~th the assessment for the year 1901. He represents to the SAGUACHE CRESCENT FOaM~RLT SAGUAO~Ig nEMOOIAT. OSCAR D. BRYAN, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. : ublished at 8aguache, Colo., every Thur~lay. On political questions it will advocat* the interest~ of the Repubhcan party. Its chief a~m will be to advance the ma- terial interests of this county. SubscrlDtlon, $2.00 a Year. no cattle and sheep on the range will o~- cape being assessed, and that adjoining oounties will also have deputies along the lines to assist in the work. Ca mo- tion he is authorized to employ as many deputies as he finds necessary for said special work at the expense of the coun- ty. He also represents to the board that on account of the extra work that will have to be done by the assessor under the new revenue taw and the limited time in which to complete his assessment it will be necessary to bays a deputy in his office for at least two months. On motion he is authorized to employ a de- puty for two months if necessary at the expense of the county. On motion it is decided to allow the assessorS100 for his expenses for the year. Sam Pruden now appears before the board and makes a proposition to make ~4 of a mile of ditch destroyed by the laying out of the Dawson road along or throngh hm ranch, for the sum of ~. On motion hm offer is accepted by the board. Clyde Welch now makes a prop- osition to paint the court house outside and reside for the sum of $250 and on motion he m awarded the contract as per agreement on file. Bills No. 74, 75, 77 to 82 inclusive are allowed in full. Ou motion board now adjourns for the term. Joule W~L'rv, Chairman. Lzg FAIRnAI~KS, Clerk. Holds up a Congreman. "At the end of the last campaign," writes Champ Clark, Missouri's brilliant congressman, "from overwork, nervous tension, loss of sleep and constant speak. ing I had about utterly collapsed. It seemed that all t~e organs in my body were out of order, but three bottles of Electric Bitters made me all right. It's the best all-round medicine ever sold over a druggist's counter." Over worked run down men and weak, sickly women gain splendid health and vitality from Electric Bitters. Try them. Only 50c. Guaranteed by Lord & Wiloox, drug- gists, Crestone, Oolo. Writing from Larimer county, J.J. Thornton says: "Some time ago I saw a remedy in Field and Farm for itch or ring worm in calves. 1 will give my rem- edy whmh is simple and sure. Take a little sulphur and meat frymgs or lard and add a httle coal oil. It has never failed with us. For wire cuts I have found nothin~ better than air slacked lime. I also use Snow liniment ae it is cheap and can be used freely. It is made as follows: Two quarts of gcod vinegar, eight eggs well beaten and one pint of turpentine. Proud flesh will never both- er either."--Field and Farm. 'Ihe Be~t Blood Purifier. The blood is constantly being purified by the lungs, h'ver and kidneys. Keep these organs in a healthy conditiou and the bowels regular and you will have no need of a blood purifier. For this par- lose there is nothing equal to Chamber- lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, one dose of them will do you more good than a dollar bottle of the best blood purifier. Price 25 cents. Samples free at the Sa- guache Pharmacy. A western editor dreamed that he died and of course went to heaven and knock- ed at the golden gate and was promptly admitted. Aeter spending several hours taking in the sights of the mty he sud- denly came upon a man in chains. Thin greatly surprised him so he asked if they had to punish men in Heaven. "Oh," stud the good saint, "that man is from the San Luls valley and we have to chain people that come from there to keep them from going bac~." Paste this in your hat when the itinerant fever strikes you. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davidson enter- rained at dinner Easter. u i i Constipation, Headache, Biliousness, Heartburn, Indigestion, Dizziness, Indicate that your liver is out of order. The best medicine to rouse the liver and cure all these ills, Is found in board that)t is uecessary to l, ave depu- Hood's Pills t, ie~ along the county line on the last of April and the first of May, in order that 25 0eats, Sold by all medloine dealers,