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April 11, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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April 11, 1901

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I lilly r"ll IF 1"71 ....... i~" Z" i i illll SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (]ro~r SAO1;AO'~ Dffi,*OC~T.) Entered at the post oflioe at .l~aguaehe, Colo., f r transmission throuKh the mad s ~ seeond-eM~ matter. OSCAR D. BRYAN. Editor. 7'ltURSDA Y. API~IL 11, lO01. Maloney's answer to the Senator was sarcastic to say the least. Patterson seems to b---e afflicted with the same trouble as the parrot--"talks tOO much." A democratic friend says he fully ex- pects that Patterson will make the state Solidly republican. Colorado Springs Gazette gave to Otto Mears a page in Sunday's edition. Otto gets only such as he deserves, as God never made a more generous, pushing, progressive, open hearted man. Our ac- quaintance with him covers a period of twenty-two years and during the inter- val Otto has never broken a pledge or promise. The name "Pathfinder" applied to Otto was given by tbe Muldcon when he completed the Ouray toll road.--Du- range Democrat. We have several times had occasions to note the great improvement which Mr. I. N. Stevens has made in the Colorado Springs Gazettesince it passed under his management The Sunday editions of that peper are not now excelled by any- thing printed between Chicago and San Francisco. Mr. Stevens hasdemonstrat- ed that "Little Lunuon" is a good news- paper field. There is nothing too good for the Springs and they are willing to pay for it. The Gazette would be a credit to any clty in the country and it is a wonder for a town of only 25,000 in. habitants. Thomas McDonald _Patterson, lawyer, editor and senator, has instituted crimi- nal proceeding against Crawford Hill and Win. Stapleton, owner and editor of the Denver Republican, for criminal li~ bel. Mr. Patterson felt called upon to make some kind of a bluff and this one does not cost him anything. A very frugal man is Senator Patterson. We suggast that the Peat has also laid itself open and many wonder why Mr. Patterson does not proceed against it. It may be that the Post knows too much about the Senator's political methods. Tom Ma- lousy ought to make a gc~ witness for Stapleton and Hill. Although there is not much demand for property in Saguaehe it enema to us that it is reasonable to expect a decided improvement in this respect during the coming sQason and prices are bound to advance materially. At present town property, both improved and unim- proved, IS selling far below its real worth. An iuvestment In lots is almost certain to pay a handsome dividend. Tha future of Ssgus~he ia much brighter than it has been for years and the discovery of mineral in paying quantities in sight of town Is bound to result in making this place the supply point for a good mining camp. Better get hold of a few lots and hold Uaem for an investment, The Bevenue Bill. At 9:30 o'clock yesterday morning Gee. James B. Orman signed the largest bill signed by a governor of Colorado for many years. It was H. B. 1, by Speaker B. F. Montgomery, which contains in bat- tered form the ideas of the revenue com- mumion appointed by Gee. Thomas more than a year ago. This measure is known as "the revenue bill" and if it ever be- comes operative at all, in the face of the unconstitutional provisions in it, and the fact that it was not passed until several hours after the legislature was dead by constitutional limitation, this measure will bring in nbsut $309,000 a year to the state treasury for the benelit of demo- crats who could not get along on reve- nues which were ample for republican Blood. We live by our blood, and on it. We thrive or starve, as our blood is rich or poor. There is nothing else to live on or by. When strength is full and spirits high, we are being re- freshed, bone muscle and brain in body and mind, with con- tinual flow of rich blood. This is health. When weak, in low spirits, no cheer, no spring, when rest is not rest and sleep is not sleep, we are starved : our blood is poor; there is little nutri- ment in it. Back of the blood, is food, to keep the blood rich. When it fails, take Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil. It sets the/ whole body going again~man woman and child. If you have not tried it, send for free sample, its agreeable taste will surprise you. SCOTT & BOWNE. Chemists 09-4i5 Pearl Street, New York, p=, apd f:,~; all ~mg$te~, sdministrations. I There aro three or four pre-eminently important festures to the bill. One is that taxes must be prod thr~e times by corporations--once on the visible proper- ty, second on intangible property, and third on capital stock. In order not to make the corpora, ions feel too bad about it the fusion legisla- ture makes it necessary for every poor man to pay a 50 cent fee every time he t urns around in a justice court nnd brings or answers suit. Other small and annoy- ing taxes are incorporated iu the bill in large numbers and hit the poor man and practically the poor man alone. While the corporation taxes were increased in number they were so juggled by a sue- ce~ful lobby as to decrease their size and greatly decrease the total. The legislature reduced the taxes on mining iutereate. It laid the foundatmn for the forcing up of valuations, then in- creased the mining tax ostensibly 5 per cent. The banking lobby was eo strong that the enormous banking interest~ of the stalin ware left severely alone. Such was not the original intention of the blll but when the members were per- suaded for various reasons to decrease the taxes on great interests in Colorado CORDOVA Made by STANDARD The Saguache Wcodmen camp sends a team to Crestone on 8~turday where they will exemplify the de~reo worh for the benefit of tile Cre~toIle cflmp. About a dozen from here wtll attend. To Cure a Cold l,, One Day. Take Laxative Brolno Qamin~ Tab- they saw that they must get revenue t lets All druzgists refund the me'hey if it somewhere to pay salaries for political I fails to cure. E. W. Grovo's siguature workers and so they left the annoying I is on each box. 25c. minor taxes at very high figures. [ .... Z: -:'~'-~ ...... Two branches of the state government [ snor[ uruer. Mrs. Frank Hall, Villa Grove, is now prepared to give short or,ier meals at reasonable prices. Q. 0. Taylor Whiaki, uzsd br crltiosl Jndg1~ For the Hays. James Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc and rubber he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a half for old rubber. I sell gunny sacks four cents each. I pay 12 cents a dozen for beer bottles. 8tga~tumBeez'~a ~~~s Bu[ht have now disposed ,A this bulky meas- ure which wab so amended as to make it uuconstitutional. The two branches which have passed upon the matter In a way that they at least assert publicly is legal are the legialalive and excitative. There sial remains the stroDg arm of the judiciary and it is absolutely certain that the hill will be attacked in2the courts, When such an attack is made it is safe to predict that the days of this measure are n umberod.--Repu blican. April Showers. Wash away the filth and waste that have accumulated during winter. In like manner Hood's Sarsaparilla ex- pels from the blood impurities that have been deposited during the seasou when there has been but perspiration and per- haIm constant confinement m impure and vitiated air. It is a boon to tired moth- era, housekeepers, teachers and otl~ers who spend their time indoors. It gives the blood richness and vital- ity, fitting it to nourish and strengthen the nerves, muscles and all the great or- gans of the body. It cures all spring hu- mors and banishes that tired feehng. It is the b~t medicine money can buy for all diseases caused by impure or impov- erished blood. You should begin taking it today. Town Council. The newly elected town trustees met in the town hall on Wadneeday evening ~of hst week. After the old board had canvassed the vote, examined the reports of the clerk and treasurer, and had clear- ed up the business before them, the new board organized. They were sworn in by the county judge and Lee Fairbanks was elected mayor pro tern. Mayer Law- rence Was not in town. B. P. Stubbs was elected clerk for the coming year. The salary of marshal was placed at $45 per month and the board balloted on the applicatloos of Morgan and Sherman. i Morgan was elected by five votes. The marshal wee inatructed to have new lights put in the windows of the hall and also to have new locks put upon the doors. The clerk was instructed to order 50 togs for dog licenses. The marshal is to give owners of dogs until June 1st to pay hcense. If not then paid tile dogs are to be killed. The band boys were given permission to use the council room for practice. A beautiful wedding took place at the home of Dr. R,).~ebrough at 5 o'cloJk ~ m. Wednesday, April 3, 1901, when Roy. Vaughn joined, "for better or for worse," Miss Olifford, eldest daughter ,~f Dr. and Mrs. Rosebrough and A. Loohwing, our popular station agent,in matrimony. The bride word a beautiful tailor made traveling gown of gra~ broadc:oth and the groom wore an all black long frock suit. Immediately after the ceremony the wedding supper was served and the newly marri,.d couple left on the even- ing train for the east. They will visital] the principal e~stern citie~ before return- ing to Hooper, where they will bs "at home" after June 1. at the Berry cottage on Madison street between First and Second avenues.--Press. There will befewer Mami~s and Sadl~ and Pearls in the next generatiou and more Marys, Elizabeths and Lucys as- cording to a clergyman who christens more babies than most of his reverend brethren. Famihes are going back to the old fashioned names and are aban donlng the fancy ones which it was the fad to fasten upon the baby girl of a few years ago. Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Priscilla, Violet, Lucy and Maud are all favorites with mothers at present and there l, less ransackicg of novels and romances for out-of-the-way names to trouble the uufurtunate po~es- Sore after they are grown~ up. "Unclu" Johnnis Fullenwider called upon the Press force Tuea4ay. First time in along--long time. He reports his wife as improving slowing and Mrs. W. H. Machen as ~arcely able to be up sod sronnd.--~r~ II ........ ! There are two tickets in the fie]d at 3il.otio. o.lcd iCrestneaud'judglng from th, t,n. cf the paper~, there is considerab]o hell, g bang engentlt.re l George Adams has been Spevdi.g sex- oral days vsccinatin~ calves ~nd lookinz after his Herefords here. He has now gone to Glenweod, Kansas, where he has a breeding farm add will not be back in Crestone for two week~. The E,gle will have a cut of his building~ and some of his fine stock in the near future.- Eagle. Marion Kooks, manager for T. M. Thompson. a large importer of fine mil- linery at 1658 Milwaukee avepue, Chi- cago, says: "During the latesevere cold weather I caught a dreadful cold which kept me awake at night and mad, me unfit to attend my work during the day. One of my milliners was taking Cham- berlain', Cough Remedy for a severe cold at that time, which seemed to relieveher so quickly that I bought ~ome for my- self. It acted like magic and I began to improve at once. I am now entirely well and feel very pleased to acknowledge its merits." For sale by Saguache Phar- macy. CASTOR IA l~or Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Notice for Publicatio,. LAND OrBICE AT DEL NORTE, COLO., Aprll 2d, 1901, ~" Notice Is hereby given that the following n,,med settler has flied notice of his intention to make final proof in support of ida claim, and that said proof wil[ be made before the clerk of the district conrt at; .'~agUacim, Cole l'ado~ on May 11. 1901. vie; Gorgonio Torres, alias Go~o Neotores, who made homestead entry No. 2808, for the west southeast~ see. 9, twp. 42 north, range east. He names the following witnesses to prove hls continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, vlz: J. J. Esplnosa, Fele~ Cleaves. A. B. Espino- sa, Rubeu Marquee, all of Carncro, Colorado. JAn. H. BAXT~:a, Re.qisCer. , WANTED-Capable, reliable person iu every MI qlNG APPLICATION. county to represent large company or s.ld finan- : cial reputation. $936 eatery per )ear, payable weekly, $3 per day absolutely sure and all expert- : No. 557. Milleral Survey No. 14,585, sos, straight, bonafide, definite salary, no corn- U, S. Land Office, at Del Norte, Colo. mission, salary pRid each Saturday and exDense March 13, 1901. mqDe~_ adva~med each week, STANDARD Notice is hereby giveu i llatthe Bonanza City HOU~I~, 334 DEAR;80~ ~T. tJUlCAOO. Development Con~panv, by John E. Ashley, its ~ sttoruey whose postofliee ]s Bonanza, Colorado, ..... ,has made application for a patent for 1500 lin- l!'~ l~k~Tplr~ 11"~ W"~ l~"~ ]~ I eal" feet on the Baldwin lode bearh,g gold and O~_.,l~il l-- l~r_.,r_, Isilva!', tim salue beloglSO feet S 36~ 51' E and 1320 feet N 36" 51' W of the (tiacovery shaft with FISHER'S W. wJeJ_, snrface ground 3t]0 feet tn width, And 1500 feet Uterine Tonic nHO u~ on the Silver Spur lode bearlug gold and sliver, The Great Female Remedy positively t~e same being 730 feet N 44" 18' W al~(l 770 feet cures all female complaints; 1 month's S 44f 18' E from discovery shaft tllereoo Vlth treatment el; 6 months' treatment 85. 8nrlflCe gronBd ~ iect In width situate 111 Ker- HRS. SADIE M. FISHER, SUITE 28, 808 bcr creeR mining district, ~aguache comity, 16TH ST., DENVKa,eOLO. Also for sa~.e state Of Colorado and nescribcdin the plat aud .by All Druggists. Send for free sam,de field not~s on file in tills office, as follows, viz: and literature, worth its weight in ~,Itl, malted anywhere on request, postpaid. BALDWIN LODE Beginning at cor No. 1. whence tim N ~ eor seelS, twp46N R8ENM PM bears N 24 E 87~.5 feet. Thence N .~ 5t W 1500 feet to cor W. F. BOYD, No 2. Thence S 53" 09' W 300 feet to COl" NO. ~. Thence S 3~" 51 E lr~0 feet to eor No. 4. Thence i N ,~3" O9' E 3OO feet to eor No. l, the l,iaee of be- Notary Public. ginnlug. SILVER SPUR LODE. Beglumng st eor No. l, on line 4-1 Baldwlu lode this survey wheiiee tl,e N ~. cor sec 19, Saguache County Bank. twp 46, N R 8 E ~ M l' M bears N 26" 25' 10" E 04t.88 feet. Thence S44" 18' E 1~0 feet to cor No. 2. Thence S 53" 09, W 302.5 feet to cor No. 3. Thence N 4~" 18' W 1500 feet to cor No. 4. Thence N 53" 09' E 30'2.5 feet to cot No. 1, the place of beginning. Net area Baldwin lode 10.s31acres. Net area Silver Spur lode 10.331 acres. Net a~ea of claim containing 20.662 acres aodlormlngaportionoftheS W ~ of see 18 and N of see 19, twp 4~ N R 8 E of the N M I' M. Said location being recorded in col 72, pages 54and72 oI tl~e records of Saguache conutv, Colorado. Adjoining claims sul' No. 10t4 U. ~,, 1015 India, 14~ Bunker and 1467 John A. Logan lodes, claimants unknown, others if auy un- known. JAS, H~ B^X~R, Re'sister. First pub March 21--last May 28. RELIABLE ASSAY8 Gold ............ $ .50 Gold and Silvor..$ .75 Lead ............. 50 1 Gold,silver,copper 1.50 8clmp/es by mail reeeiue promp~ a~ention Rich Ores and Bullion Bought. OGDEN ASSAY CO. 7429-~th St., Denusr, CO/O. In good_ respectable family to do sew- ing. Can do as much work in a day as three or four ordinary persons and will work 24 hours a day if necessary and w ll work very cheap. You can find me by enquiring a Velox sewing machine at ickes 8 Co's Store, enler, olo, The best place in the San Luis VaIley for the conservative buyer to trade. Best of Job Printing at this office. 6rcclcy Potatoes, We have just received a carload ---20,000 pounds---of fine Greeley Potatoes, and we are selling them as cheap as they are sold in Denver when freight is added. They are the finest lot of potatoes ever brought to the town. Better place your or- ders for them early. lhc B cklcy Packin House, G. W, Beckley, Prop. Furniture. i have lust received a new lot of furniture. Bed- steads, tables, center and extensl0n, chairs, mattr , t. Do not send aivay urnlture before you see my line. Am still selllml hardware at bedrock price& ELLA HOWARD at the old Fullerton stand, HEALTH i:OP i tit CENTS! FOR THE FAMILY, " I tal~e pleusnro lu prallMl~lll r~zr vahl~bio remedy C.~80ARETS. ( ~n~ '~y whole family resolved relief .'r,~i:z ~ho first small box wo tried. I : ~: t airily recommend CASCARETS for ;h~cures they make andtrust they w ill find t~ I~lace in every homo. ~oure for success." PETER tVEBB, Jr., Palm Grove Ave.. XeK~sport, Ps. FOR OHILDREN. 'el shall never bo without [I,~.$CAR~T$. Hy chndrcn are .: (v~y2 delighted when I give them a ?oft Ion of ~ tablet, and cry for more. Th0y a.re the most plea~tnt modlclno h~ve ever tried. They hays found & ~srm~nen.t place iu m_y ho,ueJ' Mns. Joan J~T~AOEL~ Box ~0, Mieh/gan City, ImL FOR PILES, " suffered the t~rturee of the damned wlth protruding piles ~rough~ on by constipation with whicl, I was afflicted for twenty .rears. I ran across your GASCARET~ ~n Iho tOWU O~ ~ewcU, Is., and never found =nything to equal them. To- ~ay [ am entirely free from piles and feel Uka a new man." O.H. KZlTg, 1ill Jones St., SlOe, Olty. Ia. FOR HEADAOHE. "Both my wlfe and m~lf ~ave been using OA8CARET~. ann i~oy are the best mod/eino we have ver had in the bocce. L~tweek my "ire was frantic with headache for .co days~ she tried some of your ~'ASCARET8 and they relievedtl~e ~ain in her head alP~oSt immediately. N 0 both recommend Ca~erete," CnA$. 8TBDErO~D, Pittsburgh 8ale Deposit CO., Plttshu~gh, Pit. :OR BAD BREATH. " [ haws been ueln~ ~8(~A- ~|~'i'~ and as a mild and enoctive !axativs they are simply wonderful ~I$ d~aghtcr and [ were bothered ~lth sick =~comach and our breath Wa~S ;er~ bad. After taking a few doses .,f Cascarsts we have improved won. ~srfully. They are a great help in the family." WI~aELMI~A NAORL, 1137 Rittenhouse St., GinOll~P'tti, Ohio. FOR PIMPLES. "]M[y ~vlfe hs~l pimp|~q o~.lte, F ff~eo, hut she ],as oe0n eaglng UP.J~ 0ARETS and tbey have all disa~- ~oared. ] had been troubled with ~oi~tipatlon for some time, but after ~.ak|ng the flrst Casoavet I have had uo trouble with this ailment. We cermet spenk too highly of Oa~.a- rots." FaSD ~VARTXAM~ 15708 Oermantown Ave., 14 Phfladolphi&. Ps. HEALTH, o BEAUTY. CANDY CATHARTIC. REGULATE THE 10 2S SOt ALL DRU6GISlrS. Over 3,000,000 Boxes of Oasearets Sold Last Year! Unerring is the judgment of the people, and the people like Cascarets. The sale this year will be 5~000,000 boxes. Nothing succeeds like success and Cascarets are successful, because, First, They are so good that they outsell all other laxatives. Their tremendous s~le proves their merit, and their merit explains their tremendous sale; ~econd, Casc~rets are the pioneer people's price preparation--ten cents a box, and more health in a ten cent box of Casearets than any 25c bottle of pills in the world. Third, Cascarets bring results--healthy, natural action of liver and bowels--never fail. The mauufacturera guarantee a cure or refund purchase money. Fourth~ Cascarets are auccessful because they deserve it. If your druggist don't sell Cascarets, he's behind the age. In that case order direct from us by mail post free. Addres~ ST~LI/G RE~IDY FOR OONSTIPATiON. "I have gone 14[ days ate tlm~ without mov~meuE of t~t~ bowels. Chronic constlnatbn tO~ Seven years placed m0 in this tsrrlhl9 condition; I did everything 1 acar~ of but norm-ou~d any relief untUl began using CASOARETS. I bow haw from one to thr00 passages a clay, aa~ if I was rich I would g~vo ~100.00 ~or each movamentt it iS sneh a reUo~. AYLMEU L. I|C~T, 1~9 Russell St., Detro/t, lflcb. FOR BILIOUSNESS, " I h~ve used your valuable ~A~C/t]I~,T~ and find them per. feet. Couldn t do without them, | have t~sed them for come time for In- digestion and biliousness and em hOW eomplctely cm.ed, Reeom,ncnd them, to every one. el,co tried, you wll~ never he without them in th0 family.~ Enw. A, M~.Z, AibaPy, N. I[, FOR WORMS. "A tape worm elghteen feet Loag at lcl~,t o~mo on t~o tc~no al~ my taking two CABCAllETS. Thfs ] am ~ure has caused my had health rot the pastthrce years. I am ~ttUtak. iBg Oasoarets, the only" cathnrt~4 worthy of notice by senszblo people.~ GI~o.W. BOWLaS, aalXd, FOR DYSPEPSIA. "For s|x yea~ I was avle~ ~lma ofdyepeDala [nits worst forl~ xcould eat nothins but milk tout, and a~ times my stomach would no| retain and digest cvca that. Las| March I began taking CASCARKTS and since then 1 have s~eadlYy II~ proved, until I am as well as l'sver was in my life." DAVID H, MUa~, ~(swedrR, O. FOR L4ZY LIVER. ,,e have been Is-cabled n m~l deal with a torpid liver, which pr~ duces eonstipatlon. I found CA$CA- RETa to be an you claim for them~ and sooured eueh relief the first trial thatl purchased another supplyand was completely cured. I shall onlr be too glad tO recommend GascersM whenavar ,he opportunity is pre- iMat4gt"J.A. SMITB, ~0Sasquchana~ Ave., m Paa~ 1"8. FOIl BAD BLOOD, "0 aO21L~|~TM do aU elalm4 for them mad aru e truly wonderfal medicine. 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