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The Saguache Crescent
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April 11, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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April 11, 1901

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........ lii"f I ......... *" .......................... II II I II I IIII II IIII A'Vege tablePreparation for A s- slmflatin~ IheYo0d andReg ula- ling the StSma~ aaO~Bowels of CASTORIA For Infants and {~hildren. q(ind Yo, Have Always Bough! Boars th0 Signature of ' The Kind You Have Always Bought. CASTORIA I Notice of Apportionment. J From Mexico, The gecretaries of the various school I The following extracts are taken from boards are hereby notified that I have i a letter received by Miss Lizzie Williams apportiomKl the general school fund in ! f~om her brother Fred, who is with the I Col. Ginger prospecting outfit in Sonora, tha hands of the county treasurer as fol- [ Mexico: lows: NO. t ............ $1].80 No. 17 ............ $126.86 ! No. 2 ............ 18.72 No. 18 ............ 37.4~ l No. 3 ............ 174.72 No. 19 ............ 4`2.12 ] No. 4` ............ 56.16 No. 20 ............ 08.65 ] No, 5 ............ 18.72 No. 21 ............ 78.00 { NO, 6 ............ 4`71.12 No. 2'2 ............ 26.52 ] No. 7 ............ 2~40 No. 23 ............ 113.88 [ No. 8 ............ 110.76 No. 2t ......... 37.44. No, 9 ............ 20.28 No. 25 ............ 85.801 Joint 21.. ....... 20.28 No. 27 ........... 28.08 No. 11 ........... 17.16 1~o. 28 ............ 28.08 No. 12 ........... 54.60 No. 29 .......... 40.,~ No. 13 ........... 71.16 No. 30 ............ 26,52 No. 14` ........... 17,18 No. 51 ............ l&Ot Na. 15 ........... 40,56 No. 32 ............ 54.60 No, 16 ........... 10.92 No .83 ............ ~5,24 JOHZq L PAl,ME]if, County Supt. Stops the Cough and- Works Off the Cold. "We are sinking our new shaft pretty lively now as we have all the necssury timbers and everything on the ground. We haul all our timbers from the rail- road (one hundred miles) and it coats us there $80 per thousand feet and figuring our expenses of hauling runs it up to about $100 Mexican money or $50 gold. That is quite different from $16 to $18 per thousand as is the price around Sa- guache. We are down 70 feet with our shaft now, and still going pretty lively. We are going to 150 feet before we cut the vein. Expect to put up machinery It is reported that Loren B. Sylvester has sold the big Medano Springs ranch and cattle to an eastern syndicate. The purchase price is said to be ~50,(D0 for the ranch and more than that for the cattle.--Eagle. ~r~)' N(,ti~'(. C, me ~o my place ,)n t, ht~ Lower Sa- guauhe last summer, a red heifer calf about a year old branded reversed X on left side. Owner is requested to take property and pay for this notme. GEe. P. ELLIS. Leonard Doty left Monday morning for Orient whore he will act as agent for a few weeks during the absence of the regular agent at that place. It keeps Leonard on the jump to fill all the va- caneies.--Mosca Herald. "I had piles so bad I could get no rest nor find a cure until I tried DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. After using it once, [ forgot I ever had nnythmg like piles." --E. C. Boice, Somers Point, New York. Look out for imitations. Be sure you ask for DeWitt's. Ssguache Pharmacy. There is an abundance of materal at Del Eerie for the reorganization of the fire department, and it ought to be uti- lized. There are about forty young men in town who would make excellent fire- men. Boys, think it over.--Prospector. 6,0.TaylorWhhkles retained bythe weakest stomacM I have a fine line of wall paper. Sam-+ plea can be seen at Mrs. Cuztis' board- mg house. Drop me a card and I ~ill call and straw ssmp}es nnd measure rooms. CLYDE WELCH. Not.~ and receipt book~ and short form bills of sale at this office. WANTED-ACT1YE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- acter t~ deliver and e(,llcct ]n Colorad,, for old established manufacturing wholesale house. i$900 a year, sure pay. Honesty more than exper. once required. Oar reference, any bank in ann city. Enclose self addressed stamped envelope. Manufacturers, Tbird Floor, 834, Doarbon st. Chicago, Have You Books or Mada- zlnes to Bind? We do taw, Medical, Library, ALL KINDS OF BOOKBINDING, Books bound in every conceivable style. Old books rebound. Art and fine bindings. Blank book makers. Hall Williams, 1441 Curtis St, Denver, Cole, I ''"'r'"" u'''r' GOODS chafing quickly heal by the use of De-[ WiLL's Witch Hazel Salve. It is imitnt ed. Be sure you get DeWitt's. Sa-[ guache Pharmacy. / W W Wilson of Del Norte, formerly ] of Center, was a passenger on Tuesday morning's train ou his return from an extended trip thro~gh Washington, Ore- gon and U~ah, where h~ ha~ been in search of a new Iocation.--Reporter. Spring coughs are specislly dangerous and unless cured at once serious results often follow. ()no Minute Cough Cure acts like magic. It is not a common mix- ture but ~t is a high grade remedy. Sa- guache Pharmacy. O. D. Bement and wife of Sargent were registered at the St. Clair last evening. They had just returned from Nebraska where they had been summoned a few weeks ago on account of the serious ill- ness of the latter's mother. The aged lady died shortly after their arrival at Mrs, Bement's former home.--Mail, You cannot enjoy perfect health, rosy cheek~ and sparkling eyes if your liver is sluggish and your bowels clogged. De- WiLL's Little Early Risers cleanse the. wh~le system. They never gripe. Sa- guache Pharmacy We are taking orders for copper plate engraving. A full line of samples of latest styles may be seen at this office. Prices are the same as charged for same class of work in Denver. O. O. Taylor Whiskies, good, pure, and old. ~One Night to CHICAGO, MINNE. APOLIS, ST. PAUL Leave Denver via Union Pacific at 4:00 p. m., arrive Omaha 6:45 a. m. Leave Denver via Burlington at 4:00 p. m., arrive Omaha 6:~5 a. m. At Omaha change from these trains, which have been occupied 15 hours to THE FRESH, CLEAN, BRIGHT TRAIN (The latest and finest product of Pullman) Leaving Omaha at 7:00 a. m., via the "NEW LINE," Illinois control R, B Arriving Chicago, Miuneepohs or St. Paul the same evening ...... For tickets and reservations apply to agents connecting lmes or address Laxative Breton Quinine Tahlets sure inside of two months. Things are look- dol JAMES CULTON. Commercial Agent, a cold in one day. No cure, no pay. lug up good for us now. This is a good 805 17th Street, Denver. Price 25 cents, vicinity and capital is getting in right ~ ~ a ~ U r ~ ~:--=-- .... '~ next to us in good shape. A new corn- Miss Narcs Johnson returned from panyofAmerioansjustpurcbasedamine "ANSAS'iTYliU I during the winter.--Journa,. ,o, .....o,,o.,, so Dy s p e p A Raging, Roaring Flood. others are coming in all around us. I Washed down a telegraph line which wouldn't take no small sum for myi Digests whatyou eat. I Chas. C. Ellis of Lisbon, Ia., had to re- chances now for I think we are fixed 'this preparation contains all of the: pmr. Stand,ng waist deep In the my about r~ght, i digestants a,)d digests all kinds of watel, he writes, gave me a terrible I am on night shift now working food. I~givesins~a[~Lrelicfandnever cold and cough. It grew worse dmly. some Mezioans and get along with them fails to cure. It allows you to eat all Finally the best doctors in Oakland,Neb. first rate. I prefer the night to the day the food you want. The most sensitive Sioux City and Omaha said I had con. on account of being so much cooler and stomach~thousandsCanof~akedyspepticsit. By its uSehave maul?been sumption and could not live. Then I be- I my but the air m fine. The surrounding cured after everything else failed. It gan using Dr. Kmg's New Discovery, Icountry is densly covered with trees of is unequalled for allstomach troubles. and was wholly cured by six bottles." all kinds only not large ones and they |t O~lll~t help are just covered with blossoms. The air is simply nothing but perfume and there are roses here larger than a saucer. I just came from the mine having been over with six of the h~gh toned young ladies of the country. Miss Sanchez pinned a rose on my vest that is large enough to cover the heart of a cow. "Lizzie it is surely a treat to live in this country in winter where flowers are always in bloom and not even one chilly day. This has surely been a long sum- mer for me and it, s just at its prime now. Orange freesia hloom, young figs com- ing on and all such I may thmk d--m later on when it gets hot, but feel sure it won't over balance the pleasant part." Do not leave home on a journey with- out a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Reme0y. It is al- most certain to be needed and cannot be procured while you are on board the cars or steamship. It is pleasant, safe and reliable. For sale by Saguache Phar- macy. Miss Emily Garritson has closed her Veteran school and has taken a three month s school near Lockett.--t respec- ter. "Last winter I was confined to my bed with a very bad cold on the lungs. Noth- mg gave me relief. Finally my wife bought a bottle of One Mmute Cough but do you good a red only by E. C.. DFAV ITT & CO.. Chieag~ ~r~ $].. nettle contazna$~ times thence. ~, CLARENCE HERSEY, go,aver and I]hemlsl, [Established 1879] Leadville, - Colorado. 8azaples by Mail or ~.xpr~ ~e~ve Prompt Attention. WANTED~ACTIVE MAN OF Oiled CHAR- actor to deliver and collect'in Colorado for old established manufacturing wholesale hou, e. S~00 a year, sure pay. Honesty more than ex- perience re~uired. Our reference, any bank in any cir, y. Enclose self addressed stamped en- velops. Manufacturers, third Floor, ~4 Dearbon st. Chicago. Best Dining Car Service, ELEOANT EQUIPMENT, Chair Cars Free, TWO FAST TRAINS DAILY, Colorado Short Line. The People's Choice. Through without change DE~VER, COLORADO SPRIN6S and PUEBLO TO KANSAS CITY and ST. LOUIS, Direct Route To The Hot Springs of Arkansas, Free Rechning Chair Cars. Elegant Pullman Palace Buffet Sleepers. Government Fas* Mail Route East and West. See your nearest ticket agent or write C, As TRIPP, G. W. F. & P. Agt., Denver, 0olo. Positively guaranteed for coughs, colds and nil threat and lung troubles by Lord & Wilcox, druggists, Crestone, Colo. One of the attractions of the coming week will be a base ball game between the teams of Saguache and Del Norte.-- Prospector. "I have been troubled with indigestion for ten years, have tried many things and spent much money to no purpose nntil I tried Kodol Dyspepsia C, ure. I have taken two bottles and gotten more re- hef'from them than all other medicine~ taken. I feel more like a boy than I haw felt in twenty years."--Anderson Riggs, of Sunny Lane, Tex. Thousands have testified as did Mr. Riggs. Saguache Pharmacy. W. F. Boyci was elected town trustee In Saguache last Tuesday, and has prom issd to set up champagne to all hm old AIamosa friends on the strength of it. - Courier. G. O. Taylor Whiskies, are guaranteed pure. A Testimonial From Old England. "I consider Chamberlain's Cough Rem- edy the best in the world for bronchitis," says Mr. William Savory of Warrington, England. "It hM saved my wife's life, ! she having been a martyr to bronchitis for over six years, being most of the time confined to her bed. She is now quite welL" It is a great pleasure to the man- ufacturers of Chamberlsin's Cough Rem- edy to be able to publish testimonials of this charncter. They show that great good is being done, pain and suffering relieved and valuable lives restored to health and happine~m by this remedy. It is for sale by Ssguache Pharmacy. Mrs. Wm. F. Boyd entertained the Reading club of the Presbyterian church on Tusaday. Patrons of the American House speak very favorably of its new management. The table is good, the beds excellent mad the attention given guests all that be d~L Ask your Druggist CATARRH for & generous I0 ENT TRIAl. 81ZE. Ely's Cream Balm contains no cooMne, mercury nor any other injurious dry. It is quickly Absorbed. Gives Rell~f st once. It opens and ci~an~ ......... the Nasal PM|ages. ~[~| ~ i~1 H ~"~[] ~al~ ~ aasma-Mes Allays Inflammation. _ . Heals and Protects the Membrane. Restores me Sen~ of Taste and Smell FUll Size ~. i Tri~l Cure that affected a speedy cure. I can Size 10e. tat Druggists or ))y mail not speak foe highly of that excellent] IgLTBROTILIIKn.M Wart~mStt~t, NsWYot~ remedy."--T. K. Houseman, Manataw- I nay, Pa. Ssguaehe Pharmacy. Theinfant~~of. and Mrs. nITRE PIONEER STABLE Villa Grove, Colo. Having leased the old Pioneer 8table at Villa Grove (being the one used by H. Braham end successors as a stags barn) to be used as a livery, feed and sale stable, I solicit a part t,f the public patronage, and shall strive by strict attention to [ business and with good rigs and harness to merit the same G. Mann was buried Wednesday, March 27, 1901 at Spieser's cemetery.--Prom. 'Tin Easy to Feel Good. Countless thousanda have found n bk~sing to the body in Dr. King's New Life Pills, which positively cure consti- pation, sick headache, dizziness, jaun- dice, malaria, fever and ague an4 all liver and stomach troubles. Purely vegetable, never gripe or weaken. Only 25c at Lord $~ Wilcox, draggi~, Or~tone) 0sic, F. P, HALL, Manalior, Our buyer has greatly enlarged the line of Dress Goods we have heretofore carried. We are showing the new Venetian cloths in fashionable colors--special- ly adapted for Tailor suits-at $7.00 to $7.50 per pattern. Fancy Novelty Silks for waists in the late pat- terns. New lace Frontings in Duchess and Point d'Espre with lace insertion to match. We also have received a few late styles in Ladies Jackets and Capes. We have a fine lirg of Linen ToweLs in beautilul patterns, Heavy Cotton TwilLs tot boys shirts and sch00I dresses, in all colors. An elegant line of white handkerchiefs from 5 to 15 cents. We will also soon be abIe to show you the finest line of China and Glassware ever exhibited in the town- the goods are now e.n~oute, The 6otthcl TarScli Hcrcantilc Co, Just like a search light, The electrm headlight with which all our passenger engines are now being equipped, sends forth a stream of light that can be seen for miles. It is just like a search light--cuts through the darkness like a knife- makes traveling at sixty miles an hour safer than at forty miles an hour with the old style oil headlights. ,# Both the Chicago Special leaving at 4 p. m. and the Vestibuled Fiyer leaving at 11 p. m. are hauled by engines w~th electric-light- ed headlights. Tickets at Offices of Connecting Lines. Ticket Office, IO39 Seventeenth St. G. W. VALLERY, General Agent, DE~TEm P. S.--Very low rates to Montana and the Pacific Northwest every Tuesday in February, March and April, ask about them. "SGe,il [i,e OI [lie WOg THE POPULAR LINE TO LEADVILLE, GLENWOOD SPRINGS ASPEN, GRAND JUNCTION AND CRIPPLE OREK Iteaohes all tho principal towns and re|n, Inl @amps in ColoradO, Utah and New Mexioo. PASSES TH ROUGH SALT LAKE OITY EN ROUTE TO AND FROM PACIFIC COAST. THE TOURIST'S FAVORITE LINE TO ALl. MOUNTAIN RESORTS. MI through trains equipped with Pullman Pala~ and Tourist SLeeping Car. For elegantly illust~ated de~crlptivc books fre~ M co~t, address |.T,J|PF[RY, A.$,HUGHE$, $.K. HOOPER, DENVER, COLORADO. TO CHICAGO The :Reliable Route Palace Sleeping Cars and Dining/hrs. Chair Cars Free. ALL Owned and Operated by CIHCAGO, IvlILWAUKEE & St. PAUL RAILWAY. For furthe Information address J. E. PRESTON, Commercial Agent, 10~9 Seventeenth St. Denver, Colorado.