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April 18, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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April 18, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 16. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, APRIL 18, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1056. MEN .AND WOMEN Should Buy Boots and Shots, (Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.) Hats and Caps, (Boogher, Force & Goodbar Hat Co.) Gloves and Mittens, Overshoes, Underwear and Drygoods. Crockery, Quomsware and Hardware. Harness, Stoves and Ranges, (WiLson Heaters.) Duck Coats, (all Styles. ) Of SAMUEL FEAST, Moffat, COLO,, and SAVE MONEY, g WiLUX S D UNN BLOCK, GENERAL HAHDWARE As can be found in the San Luis Valley. 'This stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced Hardware man and was bought at prices which will permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us. We solicit your trade. Buggies and Wagons I have at my place in tl;e town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Binding Twine, Oil, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and W agone which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else in the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB, MOFFAT, COLO. Thousands are Trying It. In order to prove the great merit of ]~ly's Cream Balm, the most effective cure for Catarrh and Cold in Head, we have pre- p ared a generous trial size for 10 cents. et it of your druggist or send 10 cents to ELY BROS., 56 Warren St., N. Y. City. I suffered from catarrh of the worst kind ever since a boy, and I never hoped for cure, but Ely's Cream l~alm seems to do even that. i~Iany acquaintances have used it with excellent results.--Oscar Ostrum, 45 Warren Ave., Chicago, Ill,. ~ly's Cream Balm is the acknowledged cure for catarrh and contains no cocaine, mercury nor any injurious drug. Price, 50 cents. At druggists or by mail ?deals a~ ~)~u'e.io Diseases of Men CONSULT Men suffering from evil ef- j--~e"Z~-~-~-~ facts of youthful inditers, ~ t ions, syphilis, gonorr hc0ar ~ gloet, ~tricture, sexual ~ weakness, varicoeele, un- gu~.~'~ natural discharges, ~ost [~ ~)!~i~ vitality, failing memory, I "~i~i:~" unfitness to marry, blood, ~~ skin, kidney or private dis- ~1 eases, are speedily cured. ~...i~ DR. COOK has spent 80 j[~ ~ years of l?orsistent study ~ ~ and experlence in hts own ~practiee and among tbe ")^~TOR COOK largest Eastern hospitalJ I UW in curing this elan of dis. eases and. will guarantee you a permanent cure at moderate east. He has cured thousands who ~ought their cases hopeless. All letters private, rite for question blank. Consultation free, Medicine3 vent free from observation. COOk ~icd~at Co. ,6aaCurtlaSt.Dcnwr.gol, WILL FURNISH YOgR HOME FREE! i Write to-day for our hand- i i some lnnstrated eatalogmeI READ THE LETTERS i andseewha~ bealltifal 1)re-i froxl o r re,ross n,1 miu~ns x~e g~ye for sellingI be co,,,-i,ea,l" that ~'ou out,asp.. ~}eglvctoeueal arecealngwth athor- p nrcn~serof,a hox of Soap| mlgidy r0tablc re, use. or DeLtiC el: l)erlUl31e i[lClrI m choice of some of the hand ..... somest ]wenHilUlS ill the lnarket. Lanlps, Bracelets, Glassware, ()palware, Knives, Roosting Pans Cake Platesand other beanllfui presents. To ~ lm theagent',vhoeellsoaly~4boxesof Soap ~ ~ we give a b()-Pleee Dinner Set--not a J R toy set--but a hcantifully decorated and /'~. ~'7"~ VT gold traced, full size for family nee l)in- [~Rdtil~t'~ : ..... Bmsvo~.,_ s' " nor set, Wealso give (Touches, loekers, [Ir,[;,~] ~ | ~1~ x am ver much p|eamea wain my alone ann n , DI ing 1 ml Chairs, Center Tables, ~t ~ |~i wlllget upanomer order ~oon. _, Lace Curtains, Watches Knives and ~.=~ ~ M ss LULU B~sS kW ( - Forks, ;raniteware, Sewing Machines, "~ NELSONVILL~, O.qIO. Musical Insirnnmnts, l:te. lfeashisl)re- x~ ~ GOODS received to-day. MZ customers are all ferred n'e all(m: a veFy liberal commie- ~d~ well pl0ued with their lamps. We have not seen $~on. X~etrustyou. Nomoneyrequlred. ffy/~ ~ trash nleelamps here before. "WIll tendanotherorder )'~e a.llow ~ou 15 days' t.ime.in which i ~l |~/1 ia a few doys. I &m mere than pleated wlti~ the $0 nellyer the goous snu eonect ~oar ~..~]~#, mandolin, Mrs, AGNES IIfTCHINO$. money t)eforo paying us. Don't delay. ~i SALVONA SOAP CO., ~ain and Locust Sis., ST. LOUIS, t~O. THH Published Monday, Wednesday and Pri- ~,l~'r~xltT" day. is m reahty a fine, fresh, every-other-day Daily, giving the lat- est news on days of is- sue, and covering news of the other three. It 0RK contains all importau$ foreign cable news which appears in THE DAILY TRIBUNE of same date, also Do- mestic and Foreign TRI Correspondence, Short ~) . Stories. Elegant tialf- tone Illustrations, Humorous Items, In- dustrial information, Fashion Notes, Agri- WEEKLY ou.u,~ Matters and Comprehensive and re- liable Financial and Market reports. Regular subscript.ion TRIBUNE peryear. We furnish ,t with THE CRESCENT for $2,50 per year. PEOPLE'S NATIONAL FA IILY HEW- YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE NEWSPAPER Published on Thurs- flay, and known f(,r nearly sixty years ill every part of the Unit- ed States as a National Family Newsvaper of the nighest class, for farmers and villagers. It contains all the most important~ e n e r a I news of THE DAILY TRIBUNE up to hour of going to press, all Agricultural Depart- ment of ttle highest or- tier, bas entertaining reuding for every member of the family, old and young, Market Reports wtdch a'e ac- cepted as authority by farmers and country merchants, and is clean, up to date, in- teresting and instruct- lye. .Regular subscription price, $1.00 per year. We furnish it. with TtIE CRESCENT for $2.00 per year. Send all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., Best of Job Printing at this office. ~~You know-ailed.-] about it. The ~] ,~tgx2~ rush, the [,~ [~ worry, the ~yexhaustion. ~ You go about ~J :'~ with a great ~ ~,- weight resting upon LO you. You can't throw ~ P" off this feeling. You ~| .t are a slave to your work. ~$ ,~[ Sleep fails, and you are $~ ~.] on the verge of nervous [~] ~1 exhaustion. ' ~ ] TaWkhat is to be done? [] str3 Pmlia For fifty years it has been lifting up the dis- couraged, giving rest to the overworked, an d bringing refreshing sleep to the depressed. No other Sarsaparilla approaches it. In age and in cures, "Ayer's" is "the leader of them all." It was old before other sarsaparillas were born. $1.00 a bottle. All druggists. Ayer's Pills aid the ac- tion of Ayer's Sarsapa- rilla. They cure bilious- ness. 2s as. a box. " I bays used Ayer's medicines for more tlmn 40 years and have said from tile very start that you made the best medicines in the world. I am sure your Sarsal?arilla saved my life when I first took it 40 years ago. I am now past 70 and am never without your medicines." . FRANK TIIO~IAS, 1) ~.( Jan. 24, 1899. Enon, Kansas. W~lte the Doctor. If you have any complaint whatever and desh'e the best medical advice you can possibly receive, write the doctor freely. Youwill receive a prompt re- ply, without cost. Address, DR. J, C. AY]~I~, Lowell, ~Iass. i To Crestone. The following melnbers from Saguache camp No. 28, Woodmen of ~ the World, went over to Crestone lust Saturday and visited the Crestone camp: Alva Scan- drett, John and Ira Colvin, C. A. and O. B. Mack, Los Townsend, Dan Vigil, Win. Werner, George Sherman, Birt Clare, J. W. Beery, Charles Creger and Will Lock- eat. They all report having had a most pleasant visit and speak highly of the treatment accorded them by the Cres- tone Woodmen. Ill)his up ;t Oongl't-i,4snnau. "At the cud of Iho~lust campaign," writes Champ Clark, Missouri's brilliant congressman, "from overwork, nervous tension, loss of sleep aml constant speak- ing I had about utterly colhtpsed. It seemed that all tke organs iu my body were out of order, but three bottles of Electric Bitters made u,e all right. ICe the best all-round mcdimne ever sold overadrugg~sL'sounler." Over worked run down men aud weak, sickly won,m gainsl)lendid health and vitality fronl Ele-tric Bitters. Try them. Only 500. Guaranteed by Lord & Wilcox, drug- gists, Crestone, Colo. At a recent lneetil~g ~,f the Alutnosa "Missouri Club" Sherry Phllhps had ~,n nouced tl;at he had sent back home for some flouer set:ds to be destribnled among the members. Tim wirieties to besodisirlbut~d ~ei'eeocRle bur, .limp don and dog fennel. "lll(~ ih'M 1112111 l)urllier, The blood is c(mstantly being purifi~'d by the lungs, hver and kidneys, l~,ep these organs in a healthy condition and the bowels regular and you will have no need of a blood pnriiier. For this pur- pose there is nothing equal to Chamber- lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, ,)no dose of them will do you more good thou a dollar bottle of ti, e bes~ blood purifier. Price 25 cents. Sitmples free at the Sa- guache Pharmacy. J. C. Thomas goes to iim Cochetopa valley to look aftersolne stock he owns which islonaled at John McDonough's ranch. Jack will go on to Saguacheto look after some i)osiness matters before returning to Gunnison._Gunnison lie- publican. Job Couldn't 1lave Stood It. If he'd had ~tching piles. They're ter- rible anno)ing, but Bueklen's Armea Salvo will ell,e the worst ease of piles ou earLh. It has cured thousands. For in- juries, painsor bodily ernptions its the best sulvo in the world, Price 25c a box. Onre guaranteed. S.ld by Lurd & Wil- cox, druggists, Crestone, Colo. Carrie Nation at Squawvllle. We'd a case of Carriecitis in its most malignant form, An' a scene that for the moment sort o' tukus all by storm, A result of readin' stories of that Kansas chick- adee That has chased the startled jointists up the fig- gerative tree! Poker Billy's wifely parduer, ('cordin' to the ~)lnmon law), Read about the NaUon smasher an' imagined that she saw How brr,a~cular exerti,.m in a cor~espondin' style She could purify el' Squawviile of her liquid sins so vihd Without ever even hintin' to her actin' hasbaud what She trod been a contemplatin,' surreptitiously she got IIer oi' ax out of the woodshed, an' she started fur to play Merry Heloua at Clancy's iu the bleedin' Kansas way! Wtmn we saw tile critter cornin' we was nachully sarprised, Fur her teeth was sot together an' her eyes was oversized, But we had no clear conception what it was that brought imr thor. Till her ax begun a lamlin' on the stock behind the bar. When we w,,ke from oar amaz~mpnt ev0ry man was angry faced Fur to see good licker gets' to onnecessary waste An' we se:zed her an' we downed her on the floor the crazy fool Jest a kickiu' toni a sqaalin' like au old Missouri mule~ We deprived her of her weapon of destruction au' you bet That our action wasn't tempered by the rules o' otiket, Fnra lookiu' at the licker that was dnppin' from the shelf Every feller felt her action was a stab right at himself ! If a man had bin the culprit we'd 'a hung him on the spot. But we couldn't swing a woman, au' a givin, sober thought To the problem we concluded we would call the matter square If her man 'd soundly spank her with a paddle we'd prepare. So we turned her over to him with her reforma- tion ax, An' we gathsred 'round the cabin so that we could hear the whacks, An' we heard 'era with the feehn' we was comin' mighty nigh Settiu' Kansas an example she had art to profit by! --James Barton Adams in Denver Post. COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. The following is a list of the bills allowed at the April meeting: No. Name.. For What. Amount. 1 Birt Clare J. P .......................... $ 1~ ')5 a C. E. Wallace witness ................... 6 50 b G. F. ~hutts witness .................... 6 50 eW.K. Manis wimess .................... 650 d E. B. Iiurt witnes~ ...................... 6 e hi. F. Adams witness .................... 6 50 f Paul M. ~app witness ................... 6 50 2 Birt Clare J. P ........................... 12 85 a Gee. Ball witness ....................... 3 20 b Mrs. Gratton witness ................. 4 10 o Mrs. A. ~hcets w~tness .................. 4 70 3 J. M. Lawrence J. P $9 ilL..disallowed a Arthur ~levcrt con $8 .t5 ..... d~sallowod b J. Underwood juror $1 90...disallowed e V. S. Wimm~ juror St 90 ..... disallowed d S. S. Hunt juror $1 90 ....... disallowed o Gee. Kelwick witness $2 15..disallowed f ~. G. Whartou witness $2 15.disallowed g W. P. llazard witness Sg 15.,d~eallowed l~ t~. E. Walra~h wit. $2 15 ..... dieaJlowed i S. M Taylor wit. $2 15 ....... disallowed j (~0o 11mnpson wit. $2 15 .... disallowed M. M. Brokaw w~t. $2 15....disallowed 1 Mike Wilcox w,t. $2 15 ...... disallowed J, M. Lawrence J. P ..................... 8 70 a Chas, Morgan con ....................... 4 '~ b T. tL lfaunders witness ................ E e Joe. Bitterly witness .................... 2 d Aaron Sicvert witness ........ : ......... 2 15 e Henry M.ss witness ..................... 2 15 f E. W. L~arretsen witness ................ ~ 15 g B. F. Allen witness .................... 2 15 b G. & T. t;o small poI ................... 24 30 fi T. llosebrough small pox ............... 1 85 7 J. F. Wilson small pox ...... 15 00 8 C. R. Foster small pox .................. 2), 00 9 Dr. Lord small p~x $52 ...... sallowed at 2fi 50 10 Dr. E. L. Footer small pox .............. 5 05 11 W. A. Lockett juror ..................... 9 50 12 J. N. Norveil inquest ..................... 25 00 13 Out ~Yest. Plant. Co ...................... rio 40 14 Ou~ West Print. Co ....................... 81 25 15 Out West Print. Co ...................... 21 ~6 16 O. D. Bryan Co. Frmt ................... 125 70 li O. D. lh'.~aa ('o. judge ................... 21 9U 18 Hr. tiuber t care J. Iloach ~23 disallowed h, tlr. t* u Oc rt care J. Fmaeh $16 disallowed 20 ~ttatc illd. sch. c Daisy Fehows .~14 dlsal 21 ~,has. Lawley guard J. W. Beach $7 dis. ")2 A. Jaqucs guard d. W. Itoacia SLO disal ")~ tl. J. :deans dep. elleriff ................. 12 50 24 J. W. Davidsun co. arty ................. 72 25 z5 t,has, llaydeo dop. dist. atty... ..... .... 20 26 J. J. Espinosa cheep in. $70 ailowea at 8~ U0 Z7 dobn (/line loau over .................... 50 ~ ~5 ~. tA~up*r roatt over ..................... ~1 Z9 daS. LoekeLL ~lnall pox ................. S 00 ;JU l,ee -~all bank~ co. wo,'k & OX ........... 73 9U 31 Lee .FairbanKs put. agent ............... 12 50 ~Z tJ. J~. binoo~ l't:U, j.)i.'U.i,Ol . 1~ 00 ,JO au~uaub eu. U.,~ U[ O0';I~S ............... 10 UU o4 (J, I'eUOtSOU W~i,t21" UuUI. ~0 llllO~od ttU 1) au 3b D. J. Morgun juror ...................... ~ 50 B6 t; 51. ~awrenco small pox .............. ") 50 37 J. L Pahuor eupt. schools .............. 187 00 ~18 J. F. Goad supt. irrigation .............. 80 11 ;~9 IL H. Lanlpson roau over ............... ~0 50 40 G. & T. (.:o. rodeo, pauper ............... 115 50 4t Eugene Wlllimns sherlff ................ 460 05 t2 Eugcne Willianls jailor .............. .... 75 t~ 43 l~ugeno WHliams ~}ail ex ................. l~t 45 4.1 Mrs. Eugene Wnhams board prm ....... 26 40 45 A. Wilcox dep. sher. $38 60 aJlowed at 19 60 46 A. Brewer dep. sheriff ................... 2 50 i7 J. J. Navias road overseer .............. ~1 25 4~ Mack & (~ray lmuber .................... 41 tit) 49 H. ~. Ltould blaeksmiting ............... 1 50 50 H. t (~ouid bhmKsmithmg .............. 2 50 51 J. J Melvin small pox sup .............. 34 60 52 J. W. bmith small pox sup .............. 23 0~; 5;~ Mr. Colvin board John Roach $20 dlsal 5~ (J. W. Beckley mdse. pauper ............ 90 50 55 J. W. Davidson co. a~ty ................. 75 00 56 ~. Jewell sat. co. tress .................. #,25 trd 57 t Jewell ex. co. treas ................... ~5 26 5S ~. J eweli court eosts advanced .......... 20 oe 5t) ~. J ewetl orders road work .............. 'z6 75 60 ~5. dewell wood eourt housa .............. 4 75 ~l (~eo. Mc{Seheu chopping wood .......... 4 'dO 62 Lynn I;olo road owrseer ................30 ti3 ~am Feast road suppho~ ................ ~ OJ 6~ Law. & W'ms. road sup ................. 5 t0 05 W. F. Horn & k;o. Stoat1 pox sup ........ 113 93 66 ~iarah Parker small pox ~up ............. 5 3u *~ Crestono market small pox sup ..........II 55 65 C. B. Eastman small pox stlp ...........8 ~0 6~ C. )1. Lawrenue small po~ cap ..........8 75 ~0 Atkinson h. t;o. smail pox sup .........1~ ~9 71 Win. ttuyliug muali pox guard ..........1~ 00 72 O. W. H.iner small pox guard ...........10~ 0t) 78 Argo Ta~lor water corn .................7b tO) 74 J. F. ~ risen small pox .................. 5 t~ 75 D. I. Whitemau mdse. pauper ........... 45 50 76 ~hate ind. S|l c Daisy ~ ellowe $15 50 dis 77 A. F. Rseves supt. irrigation ............ 12 77 78 T. M. ALexander assessor ................ 8ti3 e3 7~1 J OilS Wehy co, eQul ..................... 2t) tiO 80 Frank Brown co. cam ................... 22 8U Sl J. E. Ashley co. cam ..................... 25 60 82 Lee Fairbanks clerk board ..............2U O0 Box papers at the C~v.SO~T office. Women as Well as Men Are Made Miserable by Kidney Trouble. Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis- courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor and cheerfulness soon 6~ disapl~ar when the kid- - nays are out of order or dlseased. Kidney trouble has ~become so prevalent that it Is not uncommon for a child to be born afflicted wtth weak kid- neys. If the child urin- ates too often, if the urine scalds the flesh ~r if, when the child reaches an age when ft should be able to control the passage, it is yet afflicted with bed-wetting, depend upon it, the cause of the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first step should be towards the treatment of these important organs. This unpleasant trouble is due to a diseased condition of the kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as most people suppose. Women as well as men are made mis. arable with kidney and bladder trouble, and both need the same great remedy, The mild and the immediate effect ot Swamp-Root Is soon r~alized. It Is sold by druggists, In fifty- _ ~.='/Y~:,,_~ cent and one doIIar~L-~i slzss. You may have a ~M~J.I~ sample bottle by mall~ free, also pamphlet tell- ~oms of swa~Root ing all about it. Including many of the thousands of testlmonlal letters received from sufferers cured. In wrlting Dr. Kllmet & Co., Blnghamton, N. Y., b~ sure and mentlon this pa~r. From California. San Diego, Cal., April 10, 1901. Friend Bryan: I came, ] saw, I met the west. I am a tenderfoot. Amkeep- ing quiet and taking notes. We had a nice trip out here and are delighted with the country so far. There were five Turks on the train just out from New York couldn't speak a word of English and about twenty Mormons from Denmark and Sweden. There were two Mormon missionaries and an elder with them. The~ sat in the seat iu front of us and called us brother and sister. They gave us a great talk on Mormonism, I told them we were too old to change our reli- gion now if we had any to change at all so they gave us up. We can look from our window and see Coronado across the bay, you oan go from here on the ferry i for ten cents. I went to churoh Easter! Sunday. The San Diego Commandery Knight Templars marched from their lodge in their regaha with a braes band to the church, there were fifty-foUr of them, but the church, that was a sight for a hayseed, it was a garden of flowers, palms, lilhes, roses and other flowers. If the church had not been decorated at all the ladies hats would have been sufli- :tent. You can live very reasonably here, for 15 cents you can get enough fresh fish, hallibut, flounders and other kmde that make two good meals for us and when it comes to eating fish, I am a fish eater. Fuel is dear here, a grain sack of stove wood oak costs 40 cents, a sack of kindling wood 25 cents old store boxes broken up and a sack of coal 75 cents. You can walk all day and not see a chip laying around. Mostly gasolene stoves are used, you can get a five gal]ou can of gasoline delivered for 80 cents. We bought a three burner gasoline stove the other day with a large oven and a large wash boiler nearly as large as would fit a No. 8 stove all for $7.50, a five gallon can of gasolene wdl probably last a month or-~more as all you need fire here for is cooking. I have been told by reliable people here that you can wear the same kind of clothing the year round. The tourist is over now for the season and there ar~ lots of houses to real. This place is full of real estut.e agents and when one of them st~tae~ ~ou be will stay cl,ser than a brother. We have rented a place call ed Barlowe Springs, two miles from town but in the city hmiis and will move out there next Monday. It is 75 foot front and 140 feet deep with a nice cypress hedge around it, five rooms, a windmill. a well 90 feet deep cemented from top to bottom and a tank that will hold 1,500 gallons of water and water pipes in the house. There are four orange trees, one lemon and one lime full of fruit now be- sides these there are six (,live, six guava, one fig, one loqual, one mulberry and a lot of blankberry bushes and quite a lot vegetables that are ready for use now. We pay $6 a month rent for it. The place ~s for sale, if we like It we maybuy it if we can get it on terms to suit. I don't know who is going to do the work on the plane, maybe I can pursuade my wife to do it. You do your irrigating with a hose, there are several hydrants on the plane and just attach your hose to them. This is a good country to dream time away My wife and I went to the chamber of commerce the other day to see the exhioit of the fruits and prn- ducts of the state, it was splendid. They are harvesting their grain and hay now. I saw aPiece of wheat the other day ready to out and ~'ou oaa see aurorae- SAGUACHE CRESCENT FORM~RL~ SAGUAC~ D~o0JaAT. OSCAR D. BRYAN, PROPRIETOR &ND EDITOR. Published at Saguache, Colo., avery Thurt~la, On political questious it w~ll advocat~ the intereat~ of the Repubhoan party. Ira chief aim will be to advanoe the ma- terial int~re~t~ of this count~. ~ubecrlptlon, - $2.00 a Year. biles on the streets. The ~eamship Bel- gian King is loading at the wharf for Ja- pau and' China. With our best wishas to our many friends in Saguaehe. D. Marshall and Wife. The Best Remedy for Bheumatism. Quick relief from pain. All who use Chamberlain's Pain Balm for rheuma- tism are delighted ~ith the quick relief from pain which it affords. When speak- lag of this Mr. D. N. Sinks, of Troy, O. says: "Some time ego I had a severe at. tack of rheumatism iu my arm and shoulder. I tried numerous remedies but got no relief until I was recommended by Messrs. Gee. F. Parsuns & Co. drug- gists of this place, to try Chomberlain'a Pain Balm. They recommended it so highly that I bought a bottle. I was soon relieved of all pain. I have since reoommended this limiment to many of my friends who agree with me that it is the best remedy for muscular rheuma- tism in the market." For sale by the Sa- guaohe Pharmacy. Pro Brahe Pttbllno, Public interest iu the Patterson-Sta. platen cause celebre has been aroused on two grounds. The first m the promise of a full ex- ploitatmn of the connection, actual or alleged, of the Hen. Thomas M. Patter. son with the recent election frauds. The second is the hope that as a result of legal proceedings there may be a per- manent clearing of the ~ournalistic at- mosphere in certain quarters of the city. There will be general cause for con- gratulation if either of these results ob- tain. Publimty of election methods under the direction or so'action of a lately dis. solved firm of political promotels will be of publm benefit in stimulating publio sentiment to prevent their renurrence. Assurance that the courts are compe- tent to stop billingsgate, abuse, assaults on charaoter, slurs upon motives, the in- vasion of the sancti~y of the home and the'privacy of business will be welcomed m a community which has long suffered from this sort of misuse of editorial op- portunity and editorial power. The most notorious offender upon these lines is singularly enough the oom- plainaut in the suit now in the courts. For years past Editor Patterson has omitted no opportunity to exploit per- sonal journalism in its most saffron col- ored tint. His pen has b0en dipped in gall and the arrows of his sarcasm tipped with wormwood. Position, reputation, standing in the community, personal character have never been permitted to remain obstacles to his malice or his venom. He has admitted no responsibility ex- cept to his Mense of opportunism or of satisfied revenge. He has refused to hold himself accountable to nothing and to no one but his own views of what consti- tuted decency in journalism and his own whims as to their applicatiou. His paper has brought needless sorrow to homes, unoalled for mortification and humiliation to good citizens aud has often caused bitter and well merited re- sentment throughout the communit~ for its malicious and unmerited attl, cka upon perseus and property. '['i~0 prophetof this kind t)f propaganda ought to have a rhinosceros hide because he is certain to evoke counCer attacks from those whom he has assailed and criticisms from their friends. If Editor Stapleton's shafts by pene- trating Editor Patterson's cuticle cause an end to be put to a style of journalism which has long disgraced Denver, the community will shake hands all around and bless the tucay day.which witnessed the filing of the complaint for criminal libel .--Denver T~mes. Mrs. Lou Fogarty of Pueblo wee in town the first of the week visiting her husband. I I I I billousness, sick headache, jaundice, nausea, lndiges( ties, etc. They are In- valuable to prevent a cold or break up a fever. Mild, gentle, certain, they are worthy your confidence. Purely vegetable, they can tm taken by children or delicate woman, Price,_ P.Sc. at all medichie dealers or by ~Al of C, I, li~l~ ~ US,, LOW011, Mall,