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April 18, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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April 18, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (rom~mLr sAouaamt Dx'~OCS~T.I Entered at the poet office at.l~guach~ Colo., f r tranemi~ionthrough the marls as seoona-o~ ,,utter. OMCAR D. I~RYAN. Editor. THURMDAY. APRIL 18, 1901. Opportunity, Energy, Wealth.. To the Editor: The editorial in the Times of recent date, headed "Much Depends on the Man" based on Charles M. Schwab'e rise, has set some of the young men to asking if opnortunity doesn't have something to do with a man's achievements? Aud is a man's wealth a fair erLteriou of his energy? Saguache, Cole, April 4, 1901. GEOROE H. ~)BBR'/q~ON. Opportunity has all to do with it. The difference betweeu a great and a little man is this: The former sees opportu- nity where the latter sees nothmg. One drowsy afternoon an apple, feeling too lazy to even bang there by its owu stem, letAoose and dropped to'the earth, To the apple this was merely getting more comfortable. To the gardener hard by it was only an apple falling. To Sir Isaac Newton it was the awakening of a train of thought that found us the law of gravitation and solved the mystery of the stars. Intellect is the ability to distinguish b~tween things that look alike. The bronze barbari,n gazes indiffer- ently upon the form and tints of the "Angelus,"and the lines and colors of the pound-of-tea chromo. Both look alike to him. Descend in p.~rson the scale of physi- cal creation and as you drop through the animal, the vegetahle and so on beyond, things look moreand more alike. All men look alike to an ostrich. All men and women look alike to an oyster. ~rhen you reach bottom everything looks alike just black. It is to the man among events who pay spy out the opportunity midst the qom. men mass that we offer our praises. Mr. Schwab in the last score of years has had wonderful opportunities, but in the nature of things he muat have had little to do with their origin or making. No man is the carver of his own career. He must let the world do the carving for him. Lucky he is if fate even affords him the privilege of holding the whet. at~l. But though the knifeout roughly to the man is given the option to accept or reject what is offerecl him. Chief among these offerings of fortune is op- portunity. To the multitude they all look alike. To a man like Schwab opportunity stands forth pre-eminent and he alone and slezes it. Whoa he grasps and wields the thing, which to us looked like everything ells, we call him lucky and Ry that fate has baen unkind to us, mquandered her favors in desert places and left our talents buried in the earth. During the revolution a snore of gener- ak commanded the French army in Par. is. Yet only one had intellect enough to seize the right offering of fate, to distin- guish between the bellowing of a $hot- le~ cannon and a whiff of grape, henca Napoleon Bonaparte. A man's wealth is no criterion of his energy, as our querist puts it. Wealth im often merely the accidental result, not the end sought for. Marcellus, the Roman general, in seiz- ing Athens desired only to establish Roman rule in Greece. Yet the capture delivered into his hands treasuras far beyond the value of Attica to Rome. A man may acquire wealth by chance gambling, inheritance and so on, without any effort on his parg On the other hand the energy of years may bring forth poor returns. Milton sold "Paradise Lost" for $50, Howe, the inventor of the sewing ma- chine died in waut. Yet Kipling can contract for a ten.line poem for twice Milton's bargain. The only man who ever made any money from a locomotive invention was Blood. We ~ive by our blood, and on it. We thrive or starve, as our blood is rich or poor. There is nothing else to live on or by. When strength is full and spirits high, we are being re- freshed, bone muscle and brain, in body and mind, with con- tinual flow of rich blood. This is health. When weak, in low spirits, no cheer, no spring, when rest is not rest and sleep is not sleep, we are starved ; our blood is poor; there is little nutri- ment in it. Back of the blood, is food, to keep the blood rich. When it fails, take Scott s Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil. It sets the whole body going again~man woman and child. ill you hove not tried it, send for free sample, ts affreeabie taste will surprise you. gCOTT & BOWNE~ Chemists 4o~15 Ptsrl Street. New York. ~, aad $1,~; all dru~j~tJ. JSR I II I the inventor of theoil.cup for the cylin- der, the inspiratiou of a moment. Some ot the moot strenuously energet- ic people in the world could never be- come possessed of great wealth, Mrs. Na- tion for iustauce. Carnegie is a man of energy. He is now devoting it all to gettlDg rid of money. While both his energy and wealth i are large, one is no criterion of the 6thor except inversely. There are numerous things other than weaJ4h upon which the energies, the best energies, of man have b~n expended. Science, poetry, the love of country, the conquest of nature, have all kindled in the human breast an energy far be- yond that aroused by the more desire to accumulate wealth.~Times. i Marion Kooke, manager for T. M. Thompson, a large importer of fine mil- linery at 1658 Milwaukee avevue, Chi- cago, says: "During the latosevere cold weather I caught a dreadful cold which kept me awake at night and made me unfit to attend my work during the day. One of my milliners was taking Cham- berlain's Cough Remedy for a severe cold at that time, which seemed to relieveher so quickly that I bought some for my- self. It acted ILke magic and I began to improve at once. I am now entirely well and feel very pleased to acknowledge its merits." For sale by Ssguache Phar- macy. Live Stock Hnlletin Ever since the organlzatlon of this as- sociation there has been more or lees comment over the fact that the constitu- tion provided for the same representahon for sheep as for cattle, regardless of the great disparity in value. Notwithstanding the fact that the sheepmen were allowed one delegate for each 10,000 head of sheep while the cattlemen were allowed only an equal representation, these two branches of the great industry have thus far la- bored together in the greatest harmony, giving and taking in their efforts to work the greatest good for the greatest num- ber. As there has lately been an effort on the outside to create dissatisfaction and dissention, the wool growers of Idaho, Wyoming and Utah in order to remove any poessible obstacle to the ad- vancement tit this great organization, have voluntarib, proposed a change in the oonstituhon and at the Chicago meet lag in Decamber the following amend- ment will be proposed by the sheepmen. "That article t, section 1, of the consti- tution, be amended so as to read as fol- lows: Section I. Each state and territorial range essooiation of cattle and horses or swine breeders' association shall be enti- i tled to one delegate for each 5,000 head of stock represented by such organlza- i tion. Each state or territorial associa- tion of sheep breeders shall be entitled to one delegate for each 10,000 head of ,took represented by such association." m You will waste time if you try to cure Indigestion or dyspepsia by starving yourself. That only makes it worse when you do eat heartily. Yvu always need plenty of good food properly digested. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure ie the result of years of scientific research for ecmethmg that would digest not only some elements i of food but every ~ind. And it is the one remedy that will do it. Saguaehe Pharmacy. To Property Owners. Saguache, Golo., April 16, 1901. To the tax payers of Sagunohe county, grating. Realizing the very great change that has been made by the legislature of Col- orado which has just adjourned in the method of aueasing property, viz: at its full cash value. And also realizing the amount of extra work required of the ae- sesecr aud the limited time in which the work must be completed, and wishing to be able to make a just and equitable as- sessmeat of all property ia the 'county, [ ask the co-operation Of the citizens of the county in furthering my work In order to arrive at a falr cash value of property, I must see tile property, which as every one kmlws is a big job for one man. But it the tax payer~ of the coun- ty wheu they know that the assessor ia in the neigltbol'hood will make it a point to see him, rather than to avoid or be careless about the matter, it will very materially assist in making a satisfactory assessment. The law does not require the assessor to callvuss the county, but it is done for the best interests of all c,m- corned. Believing that all are willing to pay their just proportion of necessary t~xes, and assuring you that it is my de- sire to make a fair and just assessment, I am very truly yours, T. M. ALF~D~a. Co. Assessor. 21 LOW l~oofe,l House. At the door of a vine-clad low.roofed house. In the midst of au orchard full of bloom, A mother stands, at t lie close of day And murmurs, "The children are coml~g home." And as she lingers with motherly love, To hear the babble of voices dear, Borne na the breeze froln down tile road, A merry troop from school draws near. e . * * A mother stands at the open door, A mother who~e heart will forever yearn For tbe children who lelt her long ego-- The boys and girls who will never return, A tear lor the dead who peaceful y sleep, A sigh for the living who somewhere roam, But pit y profound lor the nlother there, Who will say no more, "They are coming home." --Charles Curtz Haha. Clocks, watches, silverware and jQwel. ry at F. M. Jonm & 0o, Eureka Harness Oil O/re Your Horse a Chance I Rev. McOavn, thenew Methodist man. ister, arrived last Saturd,y ill 9ompany with Elder Lsadbe~tee. R,~ular ~rvices will now be held at the Methodist church. To Cure a ('old In Cue Day. Take Laxative Brolno Quinine Tab- lets All druggists refund abe money if it fails t~ cur~. E. W. Grote's signature is ou each box. 25,~. Short Order. Mrs. Frank Hal}, Villa Grove, is Dew prepared to give ~hort ,.,ter meals at reasonable prices. ~. 0. Taylor Whiskie~ u~.d b~ 0ritioal Judges. ]For tha Itoy~. Jame~ Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc an,] rubh,~r he can get. Fie wilt pay 5 e,mts a pou:~d for COl)per," and one ce~t and a half for old rubber. I sell ~'unny sacks four v, snte eaeil. I pay 12 cents a dozen for beer bottles. Tuesday, information wa.~ fih,d ~,~ahtst ten parties, tloth male ,nd fmna!~ for violation of the moral laws, bof,)r,, Cout3 tyJudge bowls. The district a~torney proposes h* moralize this district. A right step in tile right direction. The above is from the Creeds Candle. If reports are at all reliable there is some work of that character for the distri('A at- torney to attend to in Saguaohe counly. Will Mslthe~s and Edgar Jones went to Monte Vista the first of the week after flour for P. M. Jones & Co. For lumber, posts and poles, call at P. M. Jones. CASTOR IA ]?or Xuf~mtm and Childxen. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Notice fo~ l~bllcation. LAND OFFICE AT ]DEL NORTEtCOLO., ~ ] April 2d. 1901. ~ ] Notice is hereby given that tile following ] named settler Ila~ filed notice of his inlenlion I lo make. final l,roofinsnpport of his elai,n. and that said proof wlll be made before the clerk of the dl~trlct court at ~aguaehe, Cole rado, on .*lay 11, 19(q, Vig; Oorgonio Torres, alias G')~o Neolores, who made Imlnestead entry No. 2808, for the west ~4 southeast ~, see. 9, twp. 42 north, range 7 cast. He names ~lle following witnesses to prove hls continuous residence npou and cultivation of said land, viz: J. J. Espinosa Feles Chaves. A. B E~pino- sa, Ruben Marques. a I of ('arnero, C(,!orado. JAS. FI. BAXTER. Rf:1iMer. Notice for Pubhcation. U. S. Land Office at DoI Norte, Colo., April 15 1901. Notiec is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his lntemiol, to mak~ final proof In support of his claim, atn(I that said proof will be made be6n'o the clerk of tile district court at Saguache. Colo., on May 24, 1901, viz: Joim German who made homestead entry No. 2931for the ,orth weal '~ see. 2l, {wp. 43 north of range 9 east N M P M. 5 DOZEN PAIR OF Ladies and Misses fine shoes worth from 81.50 to 82.50 per pair will be sold next week at 90 cents per pair. These shoes are actually worth from 81.50 to $9.50 per pair but owmg to style and sizes we are willing to clean them up at 90 cents per pair. ICKE$ 0 CO,, Center, Colo. W always pay top prices for produce. i iini i Best of Job Printing at this office. (ireeley Potatoes, We have just received a carload ---20,000 pounds---of fine Greeley Potatoes, and we are selling them as cheap as they are sold in Denver when freight is added. They are the " tie ham.es the followlng witnesses t- prove ~. ~ WJL~ O ~ iV' ,~. his con1 inuon~ residence upon ann cultivation Bear~ths _j~he Kind Y~u ttav0 Always Bought of said land, vlz: JohP. F. 8tow, George W. ~.tow, Audrcw: 'iga~x~~. Shaets, J,dm Vultz all of Mofi'at, Colorado. fl b ght nest lot of potatoes ever rou WANTED--Capable, reliable person in every MIgIN..,','UO..,ON to the town. Better place your or- County to represent Large compan~ of e,~Id finan- cial reputation. $936 salary p~r ~ear, payable No 5~" ~"' ..... ' ~ ....... x.,. '4585 .2[--.~ .L't~.~ J.'L. ..... 1,=,., nd all ez on , o,. ,~,.c.a, ou,~ ~... weekly, $3 per day abso.utely snro a p - ' [l~--t|'.t~ I||k" 1.[l~.-~NI1 &-~.~l.l'l~/ U S Land ffice a I) l Nolle can ~.~a. ~.~ a~va. ~aa~a~.oa~a, v~,~a. * se~, straight, bonafide, dsfimte salary, no corn- . O , ' t e , C ., ~ J mission, salary paid each Saturday and oxoenso March 13, i901. J money advanced each week 8TANDAltD Notice Is hereby g ven thatthe Bonanza (:it, HOUSE, a84 DEAaBON ST. CHICAOO. Development ColnpaltV, by Jehn E. Ashley, 16 ~1 ~ I ~ ~ " attorney whose postofficeis Bonallza, Colorado iiI~% ~l~Pl/ln~J lJ~t~l/ll~ BAll~a~ h,,s,n ae appl,eatioa for a patent for i.,. mmm . [] .mm .v ra,m. lil lllt U,,U .. r~ r-~ tPIl~ w-~r-~ ~ ~ t ear feet on Ills Baldwin lode bearing gold aud lllV vvvitivJ iHv ~ v vv~ ~l~l-LIN1 l"~ IP~_.,E I silver, thesan~ebeingiS0 teet S 36" 5t' E and ......... I 1320 feet N 3~" .51' W of the aiscovery shall with ~'~ ~ WI~----|.I--. ~.--~ FIeHItI~'$ ~,,~,l,ffi,a_, } surface ground 300 [eet in width. And 1500feet US 1Rs I~ql~ql;lltll~]! ~[Ups ~eaW~b. Uterine Tonic nn,uw.~u~o / en the Sllver ~pur lode i0earing gold aud silver, ~ The Great Female Remedy positively tl:e same being 730 feet N 44" 18' W and 770 feet [~ euresaU femaleeomplaints; 1 monlh's ] 8 44" 18' E from discnvery shaft tizereon wlth ~ ~ ~ trea.tment $1; 6 months' treatment S~. J surface grouild 300reel in wldth~ situate in Ker- ~ MRS. SADIE M. FISHER, SUITE 28, SO8 / her creek mining district. 8agnache conntv, ~ __ ~ 16TH ST., DENVER, COLO. Also for sale , state of Colorado slid ueserJbedln the plat and ~ j ~~.by All Druggists. Send for free sample j field notes on file ill tills office as follows, viz: i-- -- ~------ -- ~--- -- ~-- -- ~f'J~ snd literature, worth i ts weight in go!d, ] .......... x~ ~'.'., L1 i l~lrl [] "l-i [] m~n -,~ =p" mailed anywhere ou request, postpaid, hA,,,,... ,..~.,~ lr~l /I "P Beghlning at col' No, 1. whence the N !.~ cor ll ll Ill [i ~l ~ sec 19, twp 46 N It 8 E N M I' M bears N 2F E, l~ i !! ~,~/~Ji [ 872.5 feet. Thence N 36" 51' W 1500 feet to cor ] "EEr "~ l:~f~V~ ~ No. 2. Thence S .53 09' W 300 feet to cot No. 3. ] ' ~ Thence S 36" al' E 1,)00 feet to cor No. 4. The~lee I N53 09 E300fe~,t tocor No~l, tlle placeof beI ! b Nota~ PubHo. :;"" i s.,, Sl, Ur, ~. ave lust received a (new 10t of furniture, Bed r~|e l,,n,,,g at cor No. t, ou line 4-1 Baldw|n , :, . _ . le~hls survey, whence the N ,4 COl' sec 19, steads, tables, c nter.and extension, chairs, matt ~aguacue ~ounty ~anK. twp 46~ N R 8 E N M 1 bI bears N 26~ 25' 10" E _ ' _ ...... ' 944.88 feet Thence S ~i" 18' E 1500 feet to nor [ ,, No. 2. Thence S 5a" 09 W 302..5 feet tu col" No et~s DO not send away t0r turnlture Imr0re yOU see my llle. Am still sellln hardware at bedrock prices, RELIABLE ASSAYS Gold ............ $ .50 Gold aud Silver..$ .7.5 Lead ............. 50 ] Gold,silver, copper 1.,50 8amples bg matt recelue pro~p~ a~ent/on, Rich Ores and Bullion Bought. OGDEN ASSAY CO. 1429-16~h St., Denver, 0o/o. |t 3. ThenceN4418'W 1500 feet to cor No. 4. Thence N 53" 09' E 802.5 feet to col" No. 1, tile place of beginning. Net area Baldwiu lode 10..~31aeres. Net area Sliver Spur lode 10.331 acres. Net area ot claim contalutng 20.662" acres and forming a portion of the S W ~4. of sec 18 and N of see 19, twp ~ N R 8 E of the N M 1" M. Said locatiolrbeing recorded in vol 72, pages 54 and 72 of the records of Saguache county, Colorado. Adjoining claims sur No. 1014 U. S., 1015 India, 1466 Bunker and 1467 John A. Logan lodes, claimants unknown others if a~y un- known. JAS. H. BAXTER, Register. First pub March 21--last May 23. ELLA HOWARD at the old Fullerton stand, H[ALTH i CENTS ! FOR THE FAMILY. " I take ~leacure In pra|~n~ TOUr vamc~blo remedy CASOARET3. t~nd lay whole family received relief '"o n !1~o first S nail bOX we tried I :~r~inLy recommend OASCARETS for thoeure~ they make andtrust they wJll find & p]~coln everz home. Yours for success." PET]:It WEBS, Jr., Fahn Urove Ave,, MoKoesport, Pa~ FOR OHILDREN. '*]~ shall never be wlehout 6 ~,X:i:~3~klgETe. gy cMtdren are 1 .."l~.,~.~-s~deligl,tcd when I glee them e. I ~l-rio.'lof ~.t~blst.andcryformore. T ?ke~ a~re th@ rues. ploaJSant nledieino _ t*~),-e ever tried. They have found a & Box'6S0, bil0hlga~ ~21ty, Ind. FOi~ PILES. " ~ ~n~cred the tovtnres of the (tAmned with protruding pi](!s 3rou~]l~ ca by constip:~tion with v~xJt'!i I %V~S a~licted for twenty t @al'5. i ran across your CASCARI~Tsl n 1t,) towu Of Newell~ In.., aud never 'curt4 anything to equal them. To- ~a. I ~m eutire~y free from pries and .'eel like 8, new ,rtan2' C. iI. KEITZ, lilt Jones St., SiouxOlty, la~ FOR H~DACH~ "Both ~ Wife nnd m~sel :taro been using CASCARET~, and ne~ are the best Inod~elile we have ,ve:c had in the house. Last week my lfe was frantic with hegAache for are d~ys~ she tried ~ome of your ,~A$CARETS and they reUeved the ,sin in her head almost Immediately. both recommend Cs~carete." CnAIL STSpEYO~D, Pittsbursh ~0 & Depos/~ C0., Pittsburgh, Pm ,:OR BAD BROTH. "~ hnve been uelng CAaCA- Blgl'm o.ud a~ a mndaudeffective taxatiVe they are simply wonderul. ~[y daughter and I were bothered .~ith siCg s~omaeh and our breath W~ zero( bad, After takfllg a few dosed of C:~searets we have improved won- dSl'fUlly. They are ~ great help in the family." WILaZI~/I~a ~AaEL~ Ur/Rittee.l~ St., O/nehl~t$1, O1~. FOR PIMPLES. "~Ir wife hnd plmpl~q onher F~ee, hut she has eeen taging CAS" CARETS and they have all disap- peared. I had boe~ troubled with ~onstipatJon for some time, but after taking the first Casearet I have had an troubte with this ailment. WS armor sl,e&k too highly of Oa~t- r~ts.'~ L~tEn W ARTMAN, 57~ Gormantown &TO., Phnadelphf~ P~. HEALTH BEAUTY. CANDY CATHA IC, RE6ULATE THE Over 3,000,000 Boxes of Oasearets Sold Last Year l Unerring is the judgment of the people, and the people like Cascarets. The sale this year will be ~000,000 boxes. Nothing succeeds like success and Cascarets are successful, because, Flrst~ They are so good that they outsell all other laxatives. Their tremendous sale proves their merit, and their merit explains their tremendous sale; See.elide Casearets are the pioneer people's price preparation~ten Cents a box, and more health in a ten cent box of Cascarets than any 25c bottle of pills in the world. ~htrd, Cascarets bring results--healthy, natural action of liver and bowels--never fail. The manufacturers guarantee a cure or refund purchase money. Fourth, Cascarets are successful because they deserve it. If your druggist don't sell Ca~aret~, he's behind the age. In that case order direct from us by mail post free. Addre~ ST~LX~ R~.~mDY Com,~, Chicago or New York. FOR OONSTIPA~OH. "I have aorta 1~ d~ye at o tfmS without mousse,it Of th@ bewels. Chroni~ constI1~tlon fop ~ven years pl~edmo in this terrible eonditLon; I did eveYythin~r | hear~ of but never found any relier nntUl began uulng CASOARE~rs. I now have from one to three passageB a day. an~ if I wasrlch I would give $I00.~0 fo~ OS~h movement| it ts such a tel/el." AYLMZR L, HUNT. i~ RusnU St, Detroit, Mich. FOR BILIOUSNESS. *' I h~ve need ~our vmlnnblt .~A$ARET. I~ aid find th#m ps~ reef. Couldn t dO without them, /. have used them For some time for in. digestion and biliousness and am now completely cured. Reeo,muend them. to every one. Onec tried, you wil~ never I~ withont them in the family. FOR WORMS, "A. ta~e worm elghhsen I'oet tong at IoUS~ e&mo on the ~eene elto~ my taking two CASCAI~ETS. This | am sure has caused Iny had health in| the pa~tthreo yea~. i am stintak. ing Casearets, the only cathartic worthy of notice by sensible people.~ G~o.W. BOwL,s, Baird, Ml~. FOR UYSPEPSIAe tim ofdyepens|u in its worst torah I could eat no,bins but milk tJast, and cat times my stomach would no| retaiu and digest even that. Last March I began taking CASCARETS ~d since then I have steadiFy ira. proved, until I ~ as well as I ev~t was in my life." DAVXD H. MI~Hy, N~axk, O, FOR ~ZY LIVER. "I[ hnwe been troubled a deal with a torpid liver, which prl~ dunes constipation. I found ~ASC. RETS to be aU you claim for them, end secured such relief the first trial that I purchased another suppLY and was completely eured, I shall only be too Ela~ to recommend Ca~caret~ whenever the oppgrtun/tr is pro. ~nte~." J.A. S~1%1, ~Se~ashanna Ave., Phmglolpht~, P~ FOR DAD BLOOD. ' ' CMCAI~]~L'M do all eln|mll~l for them &rid aro ~ truly won~er~ medicine, lhnveoftenwlahed for a medicine pleasa~$ to take, &hd a| IMt have found tt in CASi0&RE~K Since taking them my blood h~ been purified ann myeomplexlon has is* proved wondermlly.and I feel muek l~tt~r ~ every waj'2' Luttrsll, TSS~ ::===:==.====::== _-'-o- Tl s is the tablet, always stamped "OO(Y' "q When dealers try to substitute, they want to Don't take a substitute t Get what you ask for! make m re money out of you. Don't let them!