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April 23, 1925     The Saguache Crescent
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April 23, 1925

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THE SAGUACHE HOTEL 0 BEST HOTEL IN THE SAN LUIS VALLEY o TRy OUR . SPECIAL SUN- DAy AND HOLIDAY DINNERS 0 ROLL MEANS &amp; SON MANAGERS SAGUACHE B00BER SHOP Ladies and Children's Hair Bobbing a Specialty. HOT AND COLD BATHS Aeacy for Best Laundry of Monte Vista D. lL KIMSEY, Prop. R. R. DOTTS JEWELER. SAGUACHE, COLORADO Dependable Friends lrfessional skill, sympathy and thoughtful attention to all details of the funeral arrange- characterize our service our patrons, We Want. YOU to think of us as Yur friend and counselor in tie of need, UsPernv:h;o: as ea depend to you faithfully as your most inti- kate friends would do. A Full Stock of Faneral Supplies $ W. TRUITT Saz.uache, Colo., Phone 77 ih .W.F. BOYD Notary Public Saguache County Bank THE SAGUACHE CRESCENT 0niy paper__ _pubfished in the County Set) HARRY B. SHERMAN, Manager Published every Thursday at Saguache, the county seat of Saguache County in the famous San Luis Valley of Colorado. Entered at the post office at Saguache, Colorado, as second class mail matter. SUBSCRIPTION RATES $2.00 THE YEAR IN ADVANCE Each of our subscribers will find the date to which his or her subscription is paid, as shown by our books, printed on the paper or wrapper, following the name of the subscriber If there is an error in the date we would pleased to have our attention called o the fact. JOHN To make a long story short, I, PALMER lub work until I reached the I age did limit. 1 married later, a school teacher, and am located on one of Lawyer my father's quarters which I rent from hhn. I kept up the corn work - Colorado and expanded into the hog business. Chester Whites are my favorite, and they are all purebred. In fact The Sauache County everything I raise is purebred. Ahstract',nd investment I take great pride in my hogs. After winning at a number of Fairs, IE"-  Company the hogs capped the climax at the rABLISHED SINCE 1893 National Swine Show last fall by winning both of the Grand Chain- " STOCK $I0,000 pionships, just ten years after I took of titleto mining, town o, up club work. I have over $2000 promptly furnished worth of ribbons to my credit, which Fire Insurance [ have won during the last four OFFICERS: years. Year before last I sold the hghest rieed sow of the breed to SLANE, Sec'y and M'g'r. :I. W. Kempe of Hinton, Iowa, for $540.00. The Detroit Creamery Farms sent me a check for $1000.00 USE00 the same year fern boar, Runft's" Path Master, the highest price paid finishing bill in half. Films for a Chester White boar that year. I am now 28 years old. Perhaps 8c per. roll;, any. s{ze [ have achieved some success but I le each. KAMERA-KRAFI hope to do better. In a sense I apol- Dep A 95, 3101 Soutb olorado. John M. Jordan P00L HALL OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY PAPER suance of an Act of Congress approv- ed May 10, 1872, The gerber Queen Mining Company, a corporation, whose post office address is Alamosa, Colorado, has made application for a patent for 1500 linear feet on the Idaho Lode and 1500 linear feet on the Navajo Lode, bearing gold and silver, the same be- CANDy, CIGARS AND ...... SOFT DRINKS" BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB WORK A Former Club Member's Own Story. I Arthur Runft, Reinbeck, Iowa, re- lates the following story of his ex- ,erience as a club member: "When I was in my early teens I ived with my parents on the farm near Renbeck, Iowa. I was just an average farm boy and did all the tIfings that farm boys do now-a- days. I helped my father in the spring, followed the harrow, plowed corn, hoed garden, gathered the e.'gs, sweltered during the haying eason, laughed at the cold and 'bucked" snow banks on my daily ramp to school in the winter, and like other boys, did what chores I had to. On Saturday afternoon and evenings we went to bown and while mother bought provisions and fath- er "did" the barber shop, I would walk up one side of Main street and down the .other visiting with the other boys and girls of the country- side, until I was dead tred. Then on Sunday of course I had to put on those hot stockings and tight shoes and endure the torture during the church period. I wasn't particularly "stuck" on farming as a business. Often after the day was over and I cooled my tired, bli.stering feet at the pump be- fore going to bed, more for the comfort it gave than to clean them as per orders, I would take a minute or two for star gazing and wonder what the big wide world held in store for me. But nothing represented itself and the hum drum of farm life ran on. I had about made up my mind to become s<)me sort of an engineer. And then one day in the early spring something happened that changed my whole career. It started at a meeting in the school house called by a club leader. He talked about the possibilities .of profit in a corn club. Money was what I needed so I joined. = The first year was a "fiizzle" be-l cause I had the wrong kind of seed, but the next year was better, in fact good. I had purchased good seed, i Leafed it, and prepared the ground well, according to instructions. When the commXtee weighed my corn they found I had a yield of 136.7 bushels, the best in the State. This record won me a trip to Wash- ington which was one of the most instructive trips I ever took. That winter my prize corn also won for me a scholarship to the Short Course at Ames, where I learned more about judging corn and livestock. The news of my corn yield spread and soon I began to get orders for seed. I sold all but some of the best, wh.ch I reserved for p!antin.g. l have selected and bred prme win- ning corn from the original seed every year since. I have sold corn as high as $80.00 a bushel. Before I went into club work $4.50 was the best that I ever did. oze for this story. I wrote it be- cause I was asked to and because it may helu some farm boy or girl to enter club work and start on the road to success. What progress I have made I owe entire' to club work. What I have done any farm boy can do if he follows the princi- .!es and uractices of club work. I like the frm, it is a wonderful op- nortunity for success and happiness. My earnest advice to farm boys is that they join a club, prepare and ]an for a farm home and really live." PreMdent Cool'dge on Club Work "In a few short years the boy and girls whose homes are now on the farm boys and girls bel.ong. have been personally interested in the growth of these clubs, and their present membership of over 700,- 000 is a source of great satisfactiof to me. We must d.ouble and treble this number for their are over 8,000,000 children on the farms of this country. Probably no activity is of more importance to the future standing, prosperity and social position of ag- riculture, than the Boys' and Girls' Farm Clubs. Their activities war- rant the belief that they will great- ly aid in the solution of many of the problems of farm life and it gives me very great satisfaction to accept the honorary chairmanship of the National Committee of Boys' and Girls' Club Work." How a Chamber of Commerce Views Club Work "We have for the past five years made an annual appropriation for the support of Boys' and Girls' Club Work, which is conducted under the auspices .of our Agricultural Com- mittee, cooperating with the State Extension Service. We are not doing a work that is )reducing better results than our Boys' and Girls' Calf, Pig, Corn and Canning clubs. The Chamber of Commerce of Nashville unhesitate- ingly endorses this work, and feels that any Chamber of Commerce in the country that is not taking an active part in a similar work is missing the biggest bet that it could possibly have . "--Chamber of Com- merce, Nashville, Tenn. --o--- Boys' and Girls' Club Work ha been a most profitable feature of county Farm B-reau work in this state. It is building for a future in a way that cannot be accomplished in any other way." Louis H. Rochford, County Agent NOTICE O1  APPLICATION TO LEASE STATE LAND Office of the State Board of Land Com- mlssioners. Denver, Colo., April 17; 1925 Notice is hereby given that applica- tion has been made to lease the fol- lowing described School Lands, situ- ate in Saguache County, Colorado, to- wit: S x Sec. 36, Township 47 N., :Range 9 E., Application Number B-6535 (Grazing Lease.) Notice is further hereby given that all other persons desiring to file an application to lease all or any part of this tract of land mst file same in this office prior to May 21, 1925, as no other applleation to lease the above described lands will be considered af- ter said date. EARL COOLEY, Register State Board Land Commissioners. April 23, 30--May 7, 14. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Del Norte, Colo. March 24th, 1925 Notice is hereby given that Alejan- dee Cordova, Heir of Jasintita Cor- dova, of Sguaehe, Colorado; who; on August 2nd; 1918, made Homestead Entry No. 04482, for Lots 2 and 3 Section 6, Township 45 N., Range 6 E., N. M. P. Meridian, has filed not- ice of intention to make Five Year Final Proof, to estat)lish claim to the ]and above described, before the Clerk of the District Court, at Saguache. Colorado, on the 25th day of April, 1925. Claimant names as witnesses: Michael Trujillo, Elias Chavez, Lu- cca Samora, Juan Gonzales, all of Saguache; Colorado. L. W'. BURFORD, :Register March 26--April 28, 1925. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Del Nor'e, Colo. March 24th, 1925 Notice Is hereby given that Leroy l)'lmer, of Mineral Hot Springs, who on April 3rd. 1920, m,%de Ortgnal and Addl. Hd. Entries. No. 04852--04853 for NE Sec. 9 and SV Sec. 3 and SE Sec. 4 and NW See.10, Town- ship 45 N., Range 10 E., N. M. P. Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make Five Year Final Proof, to establish claim to the land above de- scribed, before The Clerk of the Dis- trict Court, at Saguache, Colo,, on the 24th day of April, 1925. Cltimant names as witnesses: H mer Best of Mineral Hot Springs Colo,, Cecil G. Dieckmann of Sag- vacl e. Colo., Leslie Gullett of Mtnera' IIot Springs, Colo., Frank Broil of h'aguach : Colo. i., %V. BURFORD, Register M:arch 2--.prii 23, 1925. NOTICE ]Y GUAI2DIAN OF FINAL SETTLEMENT STATE OF COLORADO, ) )aS. County of Sauaehe. ) IN TIlE COUNTY COURT. No. 20,. rn the Matter of the Estate of Jose- phine "W'ill Jam s, now Mrs. Jose- phine Snyder, Minor. NOTICE. NOTICE OF' APPLICATION FOR ,,u , ,,,, ,,,, ,,, -- The Bank oT Moffat Blinlns Application No. 0530 Mineral Survey No. 20$6. U. S. Land Office, Del Norte, Colorado February 18th, 1925. Notice is hereby given that in par- ing 1043 feet S. 35 degrees 45 minutes W. and 457 feet N. 35 degrees 45 min- be utes E. on the Idaho Lode, from dis- covery shaft thereon, and 662 feet N. 69 degrees E. and 838 feet S. 69 de- grees W'. on the Navajo Lode, from discovery shaft thereon, with surface ground 300 feet on each of said lodes in width, situate in gerber Creek Mining District, Saguache County, State of Colorado, and described in the plat and field notes on ills in this of- rice, as follows, viz: For the description of the IDAHO Lode: Beginning at Corner No. 1, whence lhe V Cor. Sec. 20 T. 47 N. R S E. of the N. M. P. M., bears N. 25 degrees 14 minutes E. 947.17 feet Thence S. 54 degrees 4 minutes E. 600 feet to Cor. No. 2; Thence S. 35 degrees 56 minutes W. 1500 feet to Cor. No. 3; Thence N. 54 degrees 4 minutes W. 600 feet to Cor. No. 4 Thence N. 35 degrees 56 minutes E. 1500 feet to Corner No. 1, the-place of beginning, expressly excepting and excluding herefrom all conflict with the Navajo lode of this Survey. And for the description of the NAVAJO Lode: Beginning at Corner No. 1 whence the W  Cor. Sec. 20 T. 47 N. R. 8 E. of the N. M. P. M., bears N. 33 degrees 55 minutes V. 1370.44 feet; Thence S, 21 degrees 24 minutea E. 600 feet to Cor. No. 2; Thence S. 68 degrees 38 minutes V. 1500 feet to Corner No. 3; Thence N. 21 degrees 24 minutes W. 600 feet to Cor. No. 4; Thence N. 68 degrees 38 minutes E 1500 feet to Corner No. 1, the place of beginning, expressly excspting and excluding herefrom all conflict with the Plato Lode, Survey No. 1585 and also all conflict with the May Lode, Survey No. 14998. I Net area of Idaho Lode 20.661 acres, less area in oonflict with Nav- ajo Lode 2.267 acres, leaving a net area for the Idaho Lode of 18.394. Net area of Navajo Lode 20.661 :tcres, less area in conflict with Sur- ,ey No. 1585 Plato Lode 0.379 acres and conflict with Survey No. 1499 5Iay Lode ff.837 acres, ieaving'a net area for the Navajo Lode of 19.445 acres. Containing a net area of 37.839 acres, on both Lodes, expressly ex- cepting and excluding all conflict with surveys Nos. 1585 and 14998 as hereinbefore stated, and forming a )ortion of the Southeast quarter of i Sec. 19 and the Southwest quarter of Sec. 20, Twp. 47 N. Range 8 East of the N. M. P. M. Said locations being recorded respectively in Vol. 128 at page 225 and Vol. 106 at page 183 of the records of Saguache County, Colo- rado. Adjoining claims Plato Lode Survey No. 1585, claimant unknown, and the May Lode Survey No. 1499, owned by the claimant herein. L. W. BURFORD, Register. First pubiication in the Saguache Crescent February 26, 1925. Last publication April 23, 1925 3HE - COLO. FUNERAL HoME Embalmer and Funeral Director. I Lady Assistant  Hearse and Ambulance ONTE VISTA, COLO. [ Phone 339, 1 the farms will be the men and we- To Josephine "V;lltams. now Josephine men of the nation. It long bas Snyder, GREETING: l " ., - - . :v ^ Notice is hereby given that on the /een recognlzeu na we u".* " " " "  aFl 2nd day of May A D 1925 the nnder- som oI our es men ann worn -i _= ....... ' ". ". .h o ] Q " -- I llel 'llI present to t e C unty hood from the farms, and wheth-r I Court of Saguahe County. Colorad') '---- vom:in {n the cou-trv or re-]his accounts for final settlement o1 llt y ........... - * -- - " ..... "--"- ^-rl--  Guardianship of said Estate, when i move. to me owns: nv.x e "*1 and where all ersons in interest may I training and asoclat ons always , .  ' .. a. pear and object to them if they s bare marked influence on their I desire. I tt.ught and activ'ties as men and[ GEOR.E T. WILLPAMS. I  _ .L --'---- :----r }Gu,rdian of the Estate of Josephine] wcmen ll lS o bne Ullllt-Sb llllpU - - VVIII ms w " s ' " la no Mr. Josephine Sny- tance therefore, that we all take an[ der I active interest m the clubs to wh.chl April 2--April.30, 195. I SHERIFF'S SALE BY VIRTUE OF a writ of Special Execution or F i. Fa. on Transcript from Justice's Court issued out of the Clerk's office of the District Court of Chaffee County and Sate of Colorado, and to me directed, whereby" I am commanded to make the sum of One Hundred Fifty-two and 59-I00 Dollars, ($152.59), Five Dollars ($5.00) ad- Judged as costs in Justice's Court and also the sum-of Six and 50-100 Dollars as costs acrued in the District Court, the amount of a certain judgement re- cently oi0tained against John Hamil- ton and in favor of George ,V. Vaughn :,ut of the lands, tenements, goods and chattels of the said John Hamilton, 1 have levied on the following proper- ty, to-wit: Lot Four (4), the South-west Quarter (SV) of the North- west Quarter (NXV); and tle South-west Quarter (SV '/t ) of the South-east Quarter (SEVa) of the North-west Quarter (NV; and the North-east Quarter (NE ) of the North-west Quarter (N\\;VV) of the South-west Qua:r- ter (S%V); and the North-west Quarter (NV) of the North- east Quarter (NE) of the South- West Quarter (SW); and the North Half (N) of the South- east Quarter (SE) of the North- w'est Quarter (NV ) of the South-west Quarter (S'V); and the North Half (N z/. ) : of the South-west Quarter '(S'W) of the North-east Quarter (NE) of the South-west Quarter (SV,) of Section Five (5) ; and the South-east Quarter (bE) of the North-east Quarter (NE ) of Section Six (6) in Township For- ty-Seven (47) North of Range Six (R6) East of The New Mex- ico Principal Meridian, all in Sag- uaehe County, Colorado. TItEREFORE, According to said command, 1 shall expose for sale, at public auction, all the right, title and interest of the above named John fIamilton In and to the above describ- ed property, on Saturday, the 9th day of hlay, 1925, at 1:00 o'clock P. M. at the East Front Door of the Court House in Saguache, Colorado. t)ated at Saguache this 10th day of i April, 1925. ED PAUL, Sheriff of Saguache County. r Thornas A. Nevins, Attorney. ' :Date of first publication April 16, 1925 Date of last publication lay 7, 1925. NOICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land f)iIice , Del Norte, Colorado March 20th, Y925 Notice is hereby given that Mrs. Petrita Vigil Le Blanc, widow, of ]_)el Norte, Colorado, who on March 2nd;- 1920, made Homestead Entry 6-6-12, No. 04808, for SXV SE; SE S%V Sec. 21, NXV NE; NE N'V. Section 28, Township 41 N., Range 5 E., N. M. P. Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make 5 Year Proof, to establish claim to the land above de- scribed, before Clerk of the District Court, at Saguache, Colorado, on the 251h day of April, 1925. Claimant names as witnesses: An- tonito Archuleta, Rafel Valdez, Anas- tacio Rodeiguos, Nicolas Trugillo, ai| of Det Norte, Colorado. L. -W. BURFORD, Register. March 26--April 23, 1925. Hall's Catarrh Medicine claim for It-- Is a Safe Place To Deposit Your Money You can always borrow money from us, if you have Proper Security. We do not handle speculative loam or permit overdrafts. We buy U. S. Bonds, County and School Warrants S. J. WEAVER, Cashier.  NOTARY PUBLIC IN BANK i ii i IHrH I I t I,IH Pay loursel[ A Profit ---you are your best investment Does your best investment--yourself--pay you the pofit that it should? It canyou can, by a plan that is remarkably simple and successful. You are investing in yourself in everything that you do. Why not make that investment pay profits? You can by saving h definite part of your income on a sys- tematic plan. It's easy to save. You never miss the small regular payments. And all the while you are creating a fund paying to yourself profits, which bring you the bet- ter things of life today and in the days that are to come. Come in soon, hnd let us show you how to make the best investment in yourself. You'll find it a sensible plan and one you'll want to adopt for yourself. FIRST NATIONAL BANK SAGUACHE, COLORADO The World In Your Hands Every newspaper press, we believe, in the territory served by this com- pany, is operated by electricity. They print thousands upon thous- ands of newspapers that go to as many thousand homes--including s yours. So, served by electricity, you live like a king--an electric percolator and electric to'aster on your table, an electric lamp to read b, and the world's news in your han4s--print- ed electrically. @ Public Service Company of Colorado SAGUACHE COUNTY WARRANT CALL April 3rd, 1925. I beg to advise that I have funds on hand to pay Saguache County Registered Warrants, as follows: ROAD FUNDAII warrants registered PRIOR to DecembXer 3, 1924: School Dist. No. 26--General Fund, Warrants No. 145 and No. 149--in former call. School Dist. No. 26--Special Fund, All warrants registered prior to February 25, 1924 School Dist. No. 27Special Fund, All warrants registered prior to January 16, 1925. School Dst. No. 33--Special Fund, All warrants registered prior to March 1, 1922. School Dist. No. 33--General Fund, Warrant No. 66in former call, All warrants called cease to bear interest 30 days after date of call and must be properly endorsed when presented for payment. W, P. WILLIAMS, County Treasurer, " Saguache, Colorado, rid your 'tem of Cvtarh or  = ,$,med b) Catrh. K J. Crllr.O" & CO., Toledo, Ohio PERFECT HALTff Tu.tt's Pills kewO the svtera In Itrfeet r. Kegulate the bowei and prodaza /% 0ROU L0DY eoverca rme f-r sick heaacl l I I Bill II I IIIII I Job Printin00 When in nccd of anything in the printhag line, remember we are prepared to do your work and our prices are reasonable. Give us a trial. THE C, RESC, EiW IIl l II I I II . IIII I k kllll!!lllJ_ IIIIII . I _1 I