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May 3, 1906     The Saguache Crescent
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May 3, 1906

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT {e~Y SAOUAOn~ DIgMO~BAT. l (]~tabli~hed 1820) LUDWlCK & BRYAN Editors, OFFICIAL PAPER, SA(IUACHE COUNTY. Published every Thursday morning by THE CRESCENT PRINTING COMPANY, &t ~he, ~he conn~ ~t of lSaguaeh county, Ia the famotte [~an Lifts Valley of Colorado. P.3ateMJd at the "p~_t omen at ISa4ruaehe C~io- ado, ee a~momi-elaM mail matter. ~imudption i~t~ $~00 per annum. Adverti~ rstu made known on application. To Our 8uboerlbers. F~lh of oar sublcribera will find the date to which bin or her subscription is paid, as shown hy our books, printed on the paper, ?r the wra[,: per. following the name of the sncacrtoer; ,, there is any mistake in the oats we woutc, o~ pleased to have Our atteatlon called to the fast. all Communications to OP, All~WJ~llq'2. I~sua~he, Colo. May L~, ~.906. Note the Moral. A bright, newsy local paper with an attractive make.up is a sure sign of a bright, snappy~ enterprising town. Such a paper is therefore one of the very best advertisements a community could have. As a rule a town gets all that is coming to it in the way of a local paper--some- times much mercator the tendency is for the owner to spend more than he can afford to make his paper attractive and the tendency of the public is often to let him spend i~ without showing any tan~i- bleevidence of appreciation of his ef- forts, Many people see the local paper who never see the town. The natural conclusion of the strauger is that u town that cannot afford a bright, up.to-date local paper is ade~i one aud not the place to locate in. The moral is plain-- there is no better way to help build up your town than to help build up your local paper by liberal patronage, We would like to see the people of Ba~ guache take the interest in the silver service for the cruiser ~fJolorado that that. patriotic movement deserve~. When it comes down to liUeralily our people are never faund wanting sad we believe that this will t~ot be an exreplion but, come body will have to stir things up s little and get the good work started, as the time is limited. Ths required fund should be raised witbirJ the next 30dsyv. We notice by the exchanges that the people in neighboring towns and in fact all over the state have become interested and already large sums have been sent in to the special committee at Denver. Let us not get behind iu this patriotic move. Lut us begin at once, and keep it ~p until we have a contribution raised that will boa credit to Saguache and 8~uaohe county. Not long since the state insurance de- lmrtment undertook to enforce the in- suran~ laws requiring agents' fees to be paid. The life companies and some others paid the arrears amounting to several thou~nd dollars but the fire com- panies~ll8 of them~belongiDg to the aucoiation known as the Western Union which has a large fund to fight laws and lagislatures~ re3isted payment and the case has recently passed through the lower court~ on its way to the supreme court of thestate. All the skill and in. ~nuity of these welt paid attorneys will be brought to bear to have the law ran- ' dered useless eo far as it~ applioalion to the fire oompanies is von0erned, There are about 900 American and 500 hative ~achers in the Philippine islands working:under sn Americanized system of education! and 500~000 native pupils are reaping the benefit ~Marvelous things have been accomplished in the islands irr the eight years they have been under United States rule No wonder Wm; J~ Bryan says they are capable of ~elf governmel~t. .v ............... Sclmol Report. ~gnaohe, 0olo,, May I, 1906. AnnUal report of secretary of school district No. 6. The following report Of the condition of this school district ia published for the information of taxpayers aud pat- fens of our district school: Cash on hand May t, 19~ ................. $854 05 ~eeeited during year fromapportionment~ to the general fund ................ 2 296 3l Bboei~ed from special tax ................ 929 25 ~otal receipt, ......................... ~ 579 62 ~id unpee~nted warrants and treasurers fees ..............................$ 2~62 ~aid for teaolm~ eelsrie* ............... 2 505 00 ~aid for janitor, wood, sehooleupplies... 400 0~ aid for relmire OU b~itdxng, insurance .and ~braxT ......................... $09 9~ ~om! paid on, ...........................1~ ~ Off ~ (~ash ,on hand, aside from bond fund May l~t about: .......................... let Off leachers throughout the year sad the primary room was crowded to such an extent that eseh pupil c~uld attend but half a day. The exbellent work heretofore done by ~in~er to'rehtin his ~rvi~, so that req~ir*.d this yerr. If the amount re- ceive,i from the general fund remains the same we will need a special levy to produce $1.100, or nbot~t 7 mills on the $151,723.00 vsluation of this district. The four mill levy for the redemptioz~ of betide will not be made this )'ear as it was discovered that the bonds are not payable for a year to rome and the own. er refuses to acvept payment until they are payable. "Pherefore the $1,00600 which was r~ised by previous levy has been deposited at interest until the bonds become available. The physical rendition of your prol). erty has been preserved throughout the year by the unusually careful oversight of principal and teachers. Some needed iml,rovements were made ,luring the year and no I~rge expenditures will be reqt~ired the c~,miug )'ear The improve- manta made zn the second primary room were of great benefit to both pupil and teacher. An important and very satisfactory change was made nece=ury by the enrollment of 82 pupils iu the pri- mary room. where there is room for but 62. It has long bean observed by our best educators that children in the first two years of their school life make far more progress in their work, do it better at~d begin to cultivate better habits of attentiou and study if they are only con- fln~d in the school room for short, per- i~dr. Acting t~pon these ideas and moxed by our t~eeessitiee, ),our board arranged for all l)Upiis iu the first prim,try grades to attend I)t~t i)alf ~t ,lay e~eh and the result has been exceedingly satisfactory; the teacher ~eporting better work, more progress, less confusion and brighter children than under the former plau of a full day's attendance. Our success in this plan will obviate the need of fur. ther additions to our school rooms for some time to come, notwithstanding the constant increase o~ our primary schol- ars. The et]~eient work of our principal and th~ enti~e o~rpS of teachers has brought our grade work fully vp to the require- menthol th0 state c~)urse of stud}' and all deserve t)ur warmest thanks for their special interest in all oar school needs, We regret to notice that the sporadic attempt~of the past fifteen yearn to beautify our school grounds have not been wholly su~,s~fal and truest that the future may devis.~ some belier plans. Respectfully sui~mi~ed, ,I. Traoy Melvin, See. A GUARA~ ~q[Y]KE ~OR PILES. Itching, Blind. Bleeding, Protruding Piles. Druggists are authorized to refund the money if PAZO OINTM~T fails to cure in 6 to I~ days. 50c University Notes. High School Day which has become one of the big annual events of this state, ~'ill occur on May 12, at Boulder. Arrangements for the affair are now un- der way st the University and among the different high schools. Oc the even- ing of May 11, just preceding, is to take place the annual interscholastic cham- pionship oratorical contest which is tak- eu part in at the University auditorium by twenty five different schools. But the crowning event much looked forward to ~s upon the following day when the high school track meet is held on Gamble field. Theenoouragement of track athletics such as running, jump- ing, throwing the discus and putting the shot was one of the chief reasot~s for es- tablishment of the now imposing cele- bration. ~ast year three thousand high sci~ool students and teachers of Colo- rado were guests of the State University fur the affair. Time was spent in var- ious ways upon the beautiful campus by plenic, music, ~isitstion of [Vniversity butldiegs and witnessing the strife of the athletic conference where school yells an(t si, irit reignq supreme. On that day the gates of the University are thrown opet~ and a royal welcome is ex- tended In the I eople of the state. John Andrew jr. q,f the University is manager of the athletic meet. The advisory com- milte~ is composed of Myles Tallmadge of east Denver. Lymsn Elwell of Pueblo, Herl)ert F, Donnell of L~veland. Dr. George H, Niedler. a graduate of Toronto a~d Leipsie has beet} secured by the University of Colorado to have charge of the German department of the summer school. Prof. Niedler has had many of his worlfs published~ notably #~mong whici~ is a verse translation in the origint~l meter ,)f "The Niebelungen- lied," Hi~ department will be a special feature of the summer school. Or,,und was broken last week for the vow $30,000 addition to the chemistry buildit~g ~,~ the University ~hich is to be o~mpleted for the opening of 0ollege it~ September. Chatnberlatn~e Cough lleJ~edy the It~st, "I have been using Chamberisin'a Gough Remedy and want to say it is the beat cough medicine I have ever taken," says G, L. Chubb. a merchant of Harlan~ Mich. There is uo question about its being the best, ae it will cure a cough or can be cured in much 1~ time when promptly treated. ]~or ~le by all drug- gists. Salary $18 weekly,~ per day for expen- ses. State age sod pr~lent employlnent. IDEAL SHEAR ~. 39 l~ndol~ St, Ohi0a$o, Ill. A Good Sulgge~tlott. Mr. C. B. Wainwright ,~f Lemon City, Fin. has written the manufacturers that much better results are obtained from the use of Ghamberlain's Colic, Cholera and D,arrhoea Remedy in olmu ,~f pai~s lie in the stomach, colic and cholera morb by taking it in water as hot ,m can be drank, t'hat when taken in this way the effect is double in rali,lity. "It seems to get at the ~ight spot insta,.tL~, ' he nays. For sale by all druggists. I~esve your orders for Braidwo~i's out flower~, portal plants, etc., at lha C~.s or~r office and they will receive prompt attention. Ship your live stock to Clay Bobinacn & (9,, Kansas City, Me. Be*t seavice in all departments. Expert salesmen, careful and intelligent yard boys,perfect office methods. Cattle, hoga and sheep. We ~ve you the beet and it ooet~ you no mor~. Kansas Oily. Omaha, Denver, Sioux City, Chicago, St. Joseph, LEOAL NOTICES. ~inlng Application. No. ~t Mineral Blirve~ No. I~. U. 8, L~nd Office at Del. Norto, (~olo., I March 20, I~I0~. N~tiee ts hereby given; that Albert Parker and L. H. Jansen by D. E. Newoomb, Jr. their attor- ney wh,,~e pottoffffiee addree~ is ~autmhe, Colo., in conformity with the provisions of (~hapter !~ix of Title Thirty-two of the Bevi~ed ~tatutee of the United States. and act~ amendatorx thereto, has made aoplication f~r a patent for 860 linear feet ~,n ~he Lucky Baldwin hme btmrins sold and ailver, the eeme being 50 f~et s ~' tl' and $10 feet n 86" 11' w from discovery cut thereon, witlt surface ground 800 feet zn width, situate in Crew- tone min|ml district. Saguache count~, state of C,,l,,rado. end described in the official plat and by the f~ld notes on file in the office of the lbs- i~ter of Imld U S, Laud Offica at Dol blot,o, Col- ora(Io, as follows, Viz: Variation, east. Beginning at c~rner No. 1 whence the s~ sec 81, twp 44 N R 12 E N M P M bear*, 22" 28' 20" w 6022 66 feet. Thence n M" 11' w 8~ feet to nor No. 2, Thence n 5~" tp' 800 feet to cor No. 8, Thence s It8" 11' e aS0 feet to cor No, 4, Thence s 53' 49' w 200 feet to cor Nu. 1, to place of beginning, containing ~.419 acres. and formica a portion of the unsUrvayed oeetion in township tt of range 12 east of the New MexL- o0 Principal Meridtan. said loft[on being re- carded in col ~0. p84~e $74 of the reeot~ of ~. auaehe scanty, Colorado, Adjoining claims are unknown. Lee Fairbanks. Besieter. March ~ Ma~ 17. Forfeiture Notlce. No. 27.276. To W. D. I~vid~on, J. Jr. Warnook and Joe D. O'Brifm, their heirs or asaigas, You are hereby untitled that [ have ogl~nded durina the years 1204 and 19off 8200 in labor and imvrovem.nt8 upon the Ella lode mining claim mtumta in Blake mining diztrict, 8agmtehe coun- ty, Colorado, of which the location o-rtlflcate is found of reoord in book 68. page I18 in the offica of the county clerk and re~ordar of ISasua~hn county, Colorado, in order to hold laid claim under the prowaions of section ~$~ of the ~- vised ~ttatm of the U, 8. and the amtmdmenta thereto approved Jan. 22, 11180. concerning 8n- nuai labor upon mining claims, bei~ the amoUnt required to hold mid manana claim for the yur. ending December aL 19off aed 1~0~ And if within ninet~ da~s from the imblieatinn of this notice you fail or refuse to scarf/buts your portion of enid expenditure as eo-owne~ your interest in said claim will bevome tho Prof'* erty of th, anbeoriber by the ternm, of caid see- finn. Ed 8bewailer. Msreh I May 81 NoUee of AppU~tlon to LO~N 8t~tt~ Limds. Ofliee of the 8fete Bourd Land Commimioue~ Denver, Colorado, Al~il ~ l~off. ~otzee ie hereby giv-~ that Icaae Ootthel~ whca~ poetoffica addroe~ is Denver, Cole.on Aprll 5, 1906 mwle applivat|on No, ~ to the Btate Board of Land Commissioners to lease the fol. lowing described School land~ situate in ~. gauche oouaty, Colorado, to-wit: N~ of I~o 16, Twp 44 North Ranp 7 Eat. No oth~ application to lease the above de- ~oril~d premiee~ or objections ~ialnst the above application will be considered ~ May 9, 1~. Mark ~. Woof,tuff, Beg~ter Btute Board Land Commte~onem. MININO APPLICATION, No. $81. MIner~l Burye Ne. 1'i8~L U. 8. Land Office at Del Nort~ Colo~ March 9, 1206. f Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of act of congress approved may 10,1872, Harrison Ncah a~lminietrator of the estate of Bernard Cartney d~l. whose post~)flJeo is ~n Icabel, Cole. has made application for a patent for I~0 linear feet on the Boulder lode bearins acid and silver, the same beinlg 7,50 feet n 82* 05' w and 750 feet a 82" 0~ e from discovery cut thereon, with sur- face ground 200 feet in width situate in Blake mining dist,'ict, Sagua~he county, elate of Colo. redo, and described in the plat and field vote. on file in this oi~ice, as follows, via: Belrinning at eor No. 1 identical with eor No. 1 of sur No. 16016 Belmont lode, whence the aw eoreeol.%twP 44, N RllE[q MP Mbear, s 69" 0~' w ~.2 feet. Thence s ~2" Off" e l~off feet to cor No. ~, identieal with cot No. ~ eur No, l~0t~ BelmOnt lode. Thence s 57' 55' w 200 feet to cor No. 8. Thence n 8~" Off' w 1500 feet to eor No. 4. Thence n 57" bS" c 290 feet to cor No. I the place of beginnina, eonlaining 8.887 acres and formica a portiou of the sw~ see 1~. and n of ,~e 22, twp 44 N B 11 E N M P M. 8aid location beans recorded in *ol 88, pSee t~ of the ~rds of saaohe county, Colorado. AdJolains claim sur No. 16016 Belmont lode. Lee Fatrb~nks, I~eglater. Marsh IS. MaY 10. ISPP I G ]/-[ERE With its beauty and gaiety; But also with its ailments. %V]iIAT A H]C ITS AIL~IE.~'T~:) Imnure bl,,od; w~ak. ,lebilitatod eoustit,~ti~,n au,I itr,'gu lar bnw~]s. If you fe-I s,npi~!, lazy and ,oaan; Have I~,il~, pimp[~,~ ~n~t eruplion~ ,,n the ~kin Yon she,rid at ,)~],.o ht,gin i,o use S~)~:]:)ARILLA G~D~VIPOUN I). It is the best general Tonic and Blood Purifier known, Sold and guaranteed by L. D. THUI STON, Druggist. fiencral Hardware Fishing Tackle of every description and all kinds of Sporting Goods. Wire, shovels, rakes, hoe~, forks, hamnlers, axes and everythil)g of the kind needed on a ranch. Graniteware and Kitchen Utensils, L AWgENCE & WILLIAMS, SA(iUACHE, COLO. e New ry Fccd and 5ale Stable State Un s to BONANZA an(l ()RIEN'I Rigs at RF.J~ONABLE PRICF~ ~ CHAS A. POTTS, Proprietor. VILLA GROVE - ~ COLORADO: COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA and the NORTHWEST Very low rates will be in effect to all Pacific Coast Points, February 15th to April 7th. Drove# to San Francisco ......... .......................... $25.00 Denve~ to Los Angeles ..................................... $2,5.00 Dearer to Portland ........................................ $25,00 Denver to Spokane ........................................ $22.50 A Daily Line of Pullman Toudst Cats is operated b~tw~n De.av~ and San Francisco Drover and Los Angeles Dearer and Portland Liberal stopovers on Colonist tickets. For full information regat'dlng train service~ Pullman Reserva- v aflons, ctc~ ftc., call on THE RI0 fiRANDE A6 T '- z I 4 i ! ! CALIFORNIA 1 and its Famous Winter Resorts best reached via Los Angeles. ~ San Bernardlno, Rivea~de,, ~ Ontario, C, atal~a, Pomona, Long Beach, San Pedro. IN ALL THE WORLD NO TRIP LIKE THIS. Superb Dining Car Service-Free Reclining Chair Car On AII Through Trains. The San Pedro, Los Ange.t~ & Salt Lake operates daily palatial trains imtwema Utah points and Southern C~lifomia and kr ~ by 500 miles. Ask any Colorado azmt or Write to Utah J. L. MOORE, D. P. A., Salt Lake City, PROFESSIONAL CARDS. J. TRACY MELVIN, M. D., Physician and Surgeon. Office opposite Union Hall, San Juaa avenue. Examining Surgeon U. 8. Pension Bureau. O. P. SHIPPEY, M. D. Phys/ci~n and Surgeon. Ca]|s answered plomptJy, day or night, Saguar.he, Colorado, A. BREWER Undertaker. Full and compl~.te ~tock al~ays on hand SAGUACHE, COLORA DO W. Z. Z&&~I~, Auctioneer, Will cry all sales of ~I,0(D and under for 810; over $1000 one per cent C~t~., - Colorado. NED LOCKETT Notary Public. 5ag,tttche .4 b~'tr(t cl Office. J. G. HUNTINGTON, Civil and Mining Engineer. U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor. - yict or, Colore~do, J. W. DAVIDSON, Attorney at Law. Will practice in at1 Courts. 114 Now PoDs Bldg,. Pueblo, Colo. T. M. JOHNSON, Auctioneer, Saguache, Colorado. L ALITY-0F If}', U Ooat~,llipl; tte maki ttg a Will, or ~re 11 terested In the val dtty oi ( he, or have ~u l; terest In aa estate, call az~d see or write me. lf}'t~U coate, niplate makil~g a Wlll, or are ln- tei"~sted in the vaUdtt.y o[ one, or have au ln- I make a specialty of the preparation and " the legalHy o! wills. N. Q. TANQUARY, Attorney at Law. Continental Bldg., Denver. Colo, W. F. BOYD, Notary Public. Saguaohn County Bank. Justice of the Peace and Notary Pubho. Villa Grove, Colorado. J. H. W"ILLIAMS County Judge Office. I~wrenee & Williams' Hardware North Door Dunn's Bloct S. J. SPI AY, U. S. Deputy b11NERAL SURVEYOR. Patent Work A Specialty. SALIDA, COLe SAGUACHE COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY, Deal0rs In 8aguache County KAL ESTATF~ CHOICE RANCHES For sale in the Best Portion of the San Luis Valley--the fa- mous gram field of Colo- rado. Property t~nted for non-res- identa, texas paid and insur- ance written. SAGUACHE, COLO. Th0 8al uac nnty Bank ~zed, M~. WO. Incorporated, Ju~, I~I~. CAPITAL STOCK, $50,000.00. A General Banking Bttsi- ne.m Transacted. Dra/ts I~med on Principal of Europe. Szf Boxe~ f~t. OFFICEBS ~ DIBECTOB~ IHAAC GOt/~HE/~F, President. Iz~OPOLD MAYER, Viee-Pre~. CHABIJ~S TABBELL, Olahier Wi. F. BOYD./t~t. C~hior, MABK BI][4)]~J.~ COBKE~PONDEN/-~8. Kountse Brm,, New York Cir. imt Lqatinanl Bank, Denver, Colo. ]tim Nationai Bank. P~blo. Colo. Pkeae 11o, ~. ,~ . Blsok 8