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Saguache , Colorado
May 3, 1906     The Saguache Crescent
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May 3, 1906

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,,i. iii ii1|1111|1 i READ AND YOU WILL LEARN Tha~ t, ha leading medical writers and teachers of all the several schools of practice endorse and recommend, in the strongest u~rms possible, each and every ingredient entering into tile composition of Dr. Pierce's (h,lden Medical Discovery for the cure of weak stomach, dyspepsia. catarrh of stomach, "liver cotnplaintd' ~rpid liver, or biliousness, chronic bowel affections, and all catarrhal diseases of wtlatever region, nauie or nature. It is also a specific remedy for all such chronic or long staudiug eases t)f catarrhal affec- tions arid their resultants, as bronchial, throat and lung d iseases (except consump- tion) accompanic~t with severe coughs. It is not so good for acute colds and coughs, but for lingering, or chronic cases it Is especially efficacious in producing per- fect cures. It contains Black Chorrybark, Golden Seat root, IHo(~lroot, Stone root, Mandrake root and Queen's root--all of which are highly praised as remedies for all the abe)is Inentio,led affections by such eminent m ~l cal writers a nd teachers am Prof. Bartholow. tff Jefferson Med. Col- lege; Prof. liars, of the Univ. of Pa.; Prof. Finley Ellingwood, M. I)., of Ben- nett Med. College, Chh.ago: Prof. John King, M. IL, late of Cincinnati; Prof. John M, Scudder, M. D.. lat~ of Cincin- nati; Prof. Edwiu M. IIale, M. D., of Hahnemann Med. College, Chicago, and scores of others equally euduent io their several scimels of pra(;tiee. The "C, oldeu Medical Ilia(every" is the only medicine put up for sale through druggists for like purposes, that has any such p'Fofes~oual endorsenmat -- worth more thou all)' immlu~r of ordinary testi- monials. Open publiclty of its formula on tim I~)ttle wrapper is the best possible guaranty of its merits. A glanc~ at this pnhitsht~] fornnlla ~aill show that "Golden Medical I)iscoverv" c(nitithi~ lie I)Oi~OIi- PUS or haruifnl a~euts and lie aleoiiiA-. chemically linre, tritlle-refined glycerine l~iltg used instead. (ilyeeriue is entirely Intobjeetionitl)le and besktes is a nest useful ingreditmt iu tile cnre of all stom- ach as w(;]l as br~mchial, tim)at and lung aifeetioiis. Thl,re ts the hitdiest inedicai authority for its use iu all such calll. llall's Cl/tttt'i'|l (3live, ililltnlliil*lllleP(l lly F. ,l CliPIIIL% CO., Toledo, Ohio, la I lit~ ,rely Cil{lll [lmtti ('tire oil tirol a'ket It 81akl'l r/l~l'iJ~HyIlld,~e~froill It droiistotltt~s~li~)llfui. It acl~dh'et.ltv,~n th~ bhi d tnl ill l,otlsl,ll.f~l*t-,~o I , ~y~lt*llt ~l'h(,v~,ller 1~11t* hlllldl'od dollar# f~r ally Cq~O ti falI~ t~ t-iire, bell,l [or l'lrvtllfir8 lii~t li~lltil*Jl~ , Address: F, .I, CIII']NE{ & t'O., Toledo, Ohio. t4uid tp; lirug~Nsl~. 15c. 'iak! }lttllra ]~'lllllt]) I'tlls for coo,stlpathlu. When a girl hegins to eail )ou "Mr." It's a pretly good sign It]at you've missed her. $ Yffrs, ~I~slow'S SOOthing Syl'np. ~'or chll4roD te~ttllll~, soft.rib the ~lilUs, ro~nlce~ t~ ~N~n~ ~=~, ~I~,y 8 lmla, ~art~ W 2rid co~. kLS~ a ~t~ Colored Y. M. C. A. The Y. M. C. A. In the Unlit,it Stales has 10t; branctles fer colored niemhers. 8eveiily-four of wIlicli are in educa- tional institutions and thirty-two In cities. Their aggregate menlbership exceeds 8,000, Garfield Tea purifie the blood. Gar- I field Tea cures sick headaches, Noted Engineer Dead. T Brigadier General Edward %ellman Serrell. a noted civil and military engi- neer, died in poverty In New York City last month~ aged eighty years. Gen- eral Serrell was the engineer who first surveyed the interocean canal routes for the government across the isthmus of Panama. tie built the Hoosac tun- nel, and planned and constructed the Niagara suspension bridge. He re- ceived nine decorations and medals and was a fellow of the American ACademy of Science. Three times he received the thanks of Congress. Milk in Powde~'ed Form. An American college professor an- nounces that he has discovered a proc- ess for transforming milk into pow- dered form by removing the watery part, says the New York Commercial. He has demonstrated his case to th,~ satisfaction of certain large manufac- turing interests which propose to pro- tect the discovery by patents and un- dertake the manufacture of powdered milk on a large scale. The powder can be economically packed in small spac,~ and shipped In that form any distance and kept in good condition for an In- definite length of time and can then be transformed into a fluid of richness and flavor equal to that of fresh milk. CHINATOWN IN RUINS AFTER EARTHQUAKE AND FIRE Building Reduced to Heaps and Ashes. Strange Labyrinths of Underground Passages Revelled. "Strange ts the scene where San Francisco's Chinatown stood," says W. W. Overton, who reached 1,os Angeles alnong the refugees. "No heap of smoking ruins marks the site of the wooden warrens where the slant-eyed nlen of the Orient dwelt in thousands. The place is pitted with deep holes and seared with dark passageways, from whose depths come smoke wreaths. All the wood has gone and the winds are strealdng lbe ashes. "Men, white men, never knew the depth of Chinatown underground," says Mr. Overton. "'The) often talked of these sul)lerranean run',~av8, and many of theni had gone beneath the level two or nlore stories. And now that Chhlatown has been unulasked, for the destroyed buildings were only a mask, illen fronl tile hillsides ]lave h/ok.ed on where its tnner secrets lay. In places the)" can see passages lt)0 feet deep. "The fire swept this Mongolian sec- lion elean. It left no shred of the llainted wooden fabric. It. air down it) tile bare ground, and this lies stark, for tile bl'(,eZt~s have taken awav the lighi ashes. Joss houses and mission schools, grocery slores slid opiu nl dens, ganlbling hells and ihealers--all of iheulweni. The buildings bhizedui) like tissue paper lanterns use.d when the gtltleling candles louched their sides. "Fronl this place t, following the fire, s:lw hundreds of fright-crazed yellow nlen fie(,, lu lh(,ir arms they bore lheir oi)iuni lillles, Iheir lnonoy bags, lheir silks and lhelr chihlreu. Beside them Flirt the bag.trollsered woInCll, an(l s(nne el" iheni wilh liltle feet hobbled paini'ulty. '+Bill; ihese were Ill(' thin and WOnlen of lbe surface. Far benealh the street levels iu ii]ose cellars and Dassageway~ were other lives. Wonlen who never saw Ills day from lll('il' darkened pris- ons, anti blinking jaihu's were caught like i'nis in a hllge ll'ap. Their very bones were eaten hy the ilanies. WAS WEAK AND DIZZY Dr.Wllllams' Pink Pills Restored the Patient to Perfect Health And :Strength. Mrs. ~[ary Gaguer, of No. 576 South Sulnnler street, Holyoke, ~lllSS., lies passed through au experience which proves that seine of the greatest bless- lugs of life may lie within easy reach and vet L~ fouud only by mere chance. A few years ago while she was euiph)yed ia the nlills shu was suddenly seized with dizziness and great weakness. " [ was so weak at times," she says, "that I coahl hardly stand, and uiy head be- canle SO dizzy that iI~ sceuled as if [llO ~loor WUS In0viug around. " My coudition at last, became so bad that I was obliged to give up work iu the mill, and later still I becauie so feebly thi'~ I could not even lttteud to luo househokl duties. After the slightest exertion I had to lie dowu and rest. until I regained strength. "A friend Wile had used Dr.Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People urged lue to try theui. I hotlglit a b(Ix and hegau to take ihein. The benefit, was SO positive all(t st) quickly evident, that I eoiitiliiled t~t use t,h(~ pills uatil I liad taken itlto- gettie.r SiX boxes. By that tilne I wa~J entirely cured, aud for two yeltl'.q I have had no return of uly trouble. [ aUl llO%V in the best of health and able h) attend to all niy duties. I am glad to acknowl- edge the hens(it I reoeivt~t and [ hope that lUy statement nla~r be tile nieaiis 0f indueil'ig otiiers wile lilty stlt~er in this Wily to try tills %voudel'ul niediciue." I Tho secret of the, p,,wer of Dr. Wil- lianis' Pink Pills iu cases of debility, sueit as Mrs. Grinner's lies iu the fact the the;), luako new blood, and every or- g~ul anti evau every tiuy nerve In the il~-)d.v feels 1;he stir of a new tide of streugttl. I)r. Williams' Pink Pills are soht by all druggists or will be sen~, postpaid, on receipt of price, 50 cent.s per box, six I~)xes for $2.50, by the Dr. Williams Medicine Company, Schenectady, ST, ~. "You say she married young? VVhy, she's a long way pas! forty." "What [ said was that she married Mr. Young." In a Plnch. Use ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE. A powder. It cures p~lnfut, smart- ing, nervous feet and ingrowing nails. It's the grea+est comfort discovery of the age. Makes n~ shoes easy. A certain cure for sweatin~ feet. Sold by all druggists, 25c. Trial package. FREE. Address A. S. Pleated l,e Roy, N. Y. 'Wake up, John," said Mrs. Weeks. 'Tm sure I hear a burglar." "K-keep q-quiet, m-my dear," whispered Mr. Weeks, "and I'll e-crawl under the b-bed and see if he's th-there." Lewis' Single Binder -- the famous straight 5c cigar, always best quality. Your dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, Ill. "Have you asked about his family tree? .... Never nlind such a trifle aa lhat, dad. His faintly has a thousand acres of trees out in Washington." Garfield Tea, the herb laxative, ie mdd, effective, healthgiving--a faultleu prep- aratioa. It cure~ con~tipat.ioa. Britain's Drink Bill Decreasing. V/e have spoken of the sure and steady growth of temperance in the United States, due to various factors, industrial, social, legislative and sani- Jar3. in England figures have just been furnished whieh confirm the gen- eral impression that, in the words of a ondon paper. "there is a gradual slid~ ing of the nation into habits of so- eriety." Dr. Dawson Burns. analyzing the oflleial returns of the quantities of intoxicating liquors consumed in the United Kingdom during t905. con(hides that there has been a deerea.se of nearly $25.000,000. The year under re- view. moreover, Is not exceptional In this respect. It is, in feel the sixth registering a consem~tive decreased ~xpenditure on alcoholic beverages. The decrease for 1904 ,&as over $28,- 900.000. The total decrease in the ha, tional drink btll in the six y~ar~ amount to abont $110,000,000.--Chi cage Record~Herald. DO WE LOVE SHAKESPEARE? From This Authority It Would Ap- pear That Americans Are Some- what Indifferent. It would seem, indeed, from t+~e ~on- dition of Shakespeare oil our stage, that we all got enough of him iu at, heel, writes W. G. Parsons, in At. lamic. A big noise is made on l, lte occasion of a big-priced production" .by a big-advertised star, that the ftll~ house refutes the ebarge that AmeN- cans do not hive Shakespeare. It does no such thing. It refutes nettling but the supposition that Anlericans love anything ~o lnuch as higness. To take the nionetarv success (if occa- sional attd extraordinary perform- ances, appealing to our liking for the unusual and the demonstrative, as in- dicative of love, suggest'~ that we no longer know what hive is. Love tit Shakespeare ou the stage wouhi mean tile success of freqnnt, ordinary per- fornlances in every town large (,uoItgh for a high sehooland a theater. Such, fin" instance, as the love of Wagner in Germany. Or, again, of Shakespeare. For it is not OillV iu her owu dramatist but in ours as well, thaL Germany carl teach us wha! art-love+ is. The appre- ciation of Shakespeare is far mot~ general alu/ gelliliitt, there tiian lml'e. The contHlllOusness of ills StlCCeSS, de- slJito the frequency anti mediocrity o[ th(, l)erformances, desl)ite the lack of all bigness and eclat, show~ that it is Shakcspeare that is lo~ed. But tiien, \vhal COtl/d one expect. The (.ier- llll~lliS (it) not, like us, get enough of biI:: in school. ABOUT PAMPERED STOMACH 7?ronl This Account One Should Not Give In to a W~ak Di- gestion, Even lhough it takes pork four hours lo lea%e 1he stomach snd six ilOllrq lO h~' ,tissolved and :lb.~orbed in lbe suiali I iutesline, wlial does thai nlatter so ]o11:~' ;is ir is completely assiniilated fly the end of tllat liule, as h is iu 90 per (''Ill. of all digestive canals? It is the s~,)we~i but also one of the s rest foods that we have to give off all its energy Io 1he body. lls very slowness is what gives it its splendid staying powers for iuu'd work, whether muscular or nlcnlal, writes ~oods Hutchinsmi, M. D., tu McClure's Magazine. As it nlatter of fact, I have seen more cases of dyspepsia cured by Ibe use of breakfast bacon than by any kind of drug or restricted diet. An adult aIhnenhlry canal which cannot digest bacon or haul is not to lle regarded as healthy, and instead of hunloring and giving in to a weak di- gesiit)tl, ii should be br'teed up aml un- der skilled supervision educated to tak~ what is ~iven it and make up fuss. Slomachs can be spoiled by girting them too little to do ahno~t as easily as lly giving thenl too rnuch. A heahhy stonlaeh ill: to cope with lha euler- geneies of life must be able lo digest noi only [hut which is digestible, but much that is difficult of digestion, and this is Hie standard which should be ainled at in dietetic theral)eutics. COLORADO HANGING LAKE. Wonderful Monument l~eat'ed by Dame Nature in Her Own Honor. Even the lelfst contenlplative mind c;inuot fail to be impressed upon be- hold!og wonderful ttanging Lake in ColoTado, a inonunleut which nature has re:lred in her own honor, and all in her quiet way with. perhaps, not even an lndtan or a cliff-dweller to applaud, writes George L. Beam. in Four-Track News. While lnortall ont In the world have been mruggliug for exi~l~nce, while the Napoleons have bee,~ carrying on wholesale murder. while the Michael Angeles have been painting, while the SllaI