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May 3, 1906     The Saguache Crescent
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May 3, 1906

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lull III I I I I I i i i SAGUACHE CRESCENT. ALL OVFR THE COUNTY. DENISON CITY. John Woodward of Mangum, heron, came into Oolorado rtc~ntiy to look up ~ome investments, He was well pleased with the outlook here and took some stock before leaving for home. P. R. Harpel has returned from Oreede He went there to visit the different mills in operation and reports a very profita- ble trip. Within the last week there has been several warm days, so that the trails have become slushy. To ~ink out of eight iu coming down from work is nu uncommon ocourence. On the 25th there was such a blinding snow that the men could not go to work. ELIOT. NIIRAGE. Oonaiderable moisture fell this week which will asve considerable work irri- gating. Emil Tobler, Henry Beaters, George Neidhardt and Dr, Kiger were Villa Grove visitors Monday. Mrs. Shaw and Waiter Lovoy came over from Saguache Sunday, Walter went to hauling baled hay to Moffat for Greer & Frezee and Mrs. Shaw returned to Ssguaohe the latter part of the week. " The agent for the J. W. Grit~th Photo Go. passed through here Wednesday. The sale at Oreer'e ranch was pretty well attended, about 60 people were present, some things sold for a fair price while othere went pretty low. In the neighborhood of 84,0U0 was realized. Harry Frazee purchases hie mother's place at Orestone and moved there after the sale and will make his home ther~ James Rutherford ~ill take his place on the Greer ran 0h, Henry Bentere and O, B. Snyder were doing business in Moffat Friday. Remember next Monday May 7th will be school election and aunual meetiug. A president is to be elected for 3 years. All should be interested and attend the meeting. R~bert Stahl and wife were down from the San Lain Sunday doing business. Don't forget the grand annual bali on the night of May 9th at Mirage and that all are cordially invited to attend. Good music will be had and the committee will do their beet to ese that everybody will enjoy themselves, Come one, come all, for the more the merrier. A, J. Brown of Villa Grove came down on business Saturday. John Funk finished plowing for Dr. Kiger this week and returned home. Dave Glaseow came down from Alder on businen Saturday. Wm. Eaton and wife went to Villa Grove last Friday. SCHOOL NOTES. Report of the 8aguache public school for eighth month ending April 27,1906. FIRST PR [MARY. Enrollment, 57; average daily attend- ance. 45; Number neither absent nor tardy, 26i number of cases tardinme, 8. MABEIJ L. Doyx~ Teacher. ~vo~ pIt~ARX ROOu. Second grade--Enrollment, 18; aver. age daily attendance, 14: cauma of tardi- ness, 9; neither absent nor tardy, 5. Third grade--Enrollment, 19; averag~ daily attendance, 15; oases of tardiness,9; n~ither advent nor tardyl 5. Total enrollment, 37; daily average at- tendance, 29; cases of tardiness. 15; neither absent nor tardy. 10. SoPmA N. JJ~XL~S, Teacher, ZZ~T~RM~VZ~,Tz BOOM. Intermediate grades--Enrollmant, ~th grade, 10; 5~h grade~ 12; total, 22; aver- age daily attendance, 1O; number ueith- e~ absent nor tardy, 9; total tardiness, 1L LI~tNIE B. KF~R, T~char. GRAMMAR lq~DOM. l~nrollment, 6th grade~ 10; 7th grade,91 8th grade, 4; total, 2:~; average daily at tendance, 18; number neither tardy nor absent, 3; total tardiness, 11; new pupils bnrolled, i. S. M. L~wzox, Teacher. I~mt week Judge Holbrook received a l~tt~r from Washington indicating that some action will bb taken on the San Luis valley ~rvoir proposition very soon; and he eats he infers that the act- ion this tim~ will be favorable. As he interprets the letter he tbiotm they will probably not make a general or- tier for everybody at thm time, but will most likely take up some re~rvoir up, plioation and allow i~ which will serve as an entering wedge for all others who want to build reservoirs to make appli- cation ~nl get the lame approved, and which will ope~ th_e~ way for oong~ to make the appropriatiozm for a gerarD- meat reservoir on the upper Rio Grands for the benefit of the valley.--A/amoea Journal. The expert examiners sent by thestal to expert th@ tr~urer'a ofl~oe of Cone- |on county ~htta~ ~eported. They found that Treasur~ Brielteestein had over- paid the state $70. They else found that $1,125 military poll tax had been credited by the treasurer to the county poll fund, which wi|l nowbe returned to the military fund, These were tha only errors foufid by the egperte.--Alamo~ JoureaL ., Th/n, Nervo ,s? , Then your blood must be in a very bad condition. You certainly know what to take, then take it--Ayer's Sarsa- parilla. If you doubt, then consult your doctor. Weknow what he will say about thts WASHINGTON LETTER. FROM CUrt REG[ULAR OORBEtPONDFu~T. FATHER OF THF AMERICAN NAVY. Almost ~verything else in Washington last week subordinated to the ceremonies at Anupolis over the remains of John Paul Joneg. It ia true the cer- emonies were held in the quaint little Maryland town an hour distant by rail, but the president and the members of the cabinet went there for the services of respect, all too long delayed, but shown at last to be first end greatest hero of the American navy. It was an opportu- nity too for the president to deliver an address, and addressee from the presi- dana have come to be looked upon an more than mere perfunctory talks. They are the best opportunity that the presi- dent has for addressing the people through lhe papers and he usually has something to say worth listeuin~ to. The meat of his Anapoli~ speech was what he I~asasid before, though in a somewhat more restrained vein. It was a t, los for a stronger navy. And of course tbi~ oc- casion was most oplmrtuee. He pointed out that dauntless courage and high re- solve were good and necessary, that with them Paul Jones had accomplished won- ders in spite of being handicapped by the worst equipment that a great naval commander ever had to struggle with. But he said that this country in the war of 1812 had known]the humiliation that comes of insufficient preparation and faul~,equipment and that there wu no exc~ for not maintaining a navy that would compel peace rather than otrug- ale against odds to a doubtful suoc~m when war was forced upon us. That was the president's memm~e In the people and it will doubtless have its effe0t in the building up of an adequate navy. But aside from the opportunity that the ceremonies at Anapolis gave the president to speak hie mind on a vitally importantsubjeot,the occasion wee of in- ternational importance, for there was present in the harbor the cruiser squad. on of the French navy~ sent to do honor to the remains of John Paul Jones, re. mains that the French ~wvernmeut did a very graceful act in surrendering to the United States, for John Paul Jones is almost as much a French as he is an American hero. If it had not been for the assistance that was given him by Louis XVL he would never have been. able to write his name large on the roll of fame. Admiral Campion and the other officers of the French squadron spent al- most as much lime in Washington as they did in Anapolis. They were re- 0sired at the White House by the presi~ dent before the Anapolis ceremonies, The day after they were entertained at luncheon by the secretary of the navy m company with many of the most die. tinguished oflh~ers of the army and navy. Then they were taken over to Fort Myer and shown how our troopers could ride and how the batteries could handle their guns. In the evenmg Ambassador Jus- serand entet'tsined them at the French embassy at dinner, and the day following they were taken to Mr. Ve~rnon on the Dolphin and shown the home of Wash. ingles, not forgetting the key of the bastiel, which is one of the prominent exhibits in the hall of th~ man~ion, It was altogether a very pleasant meeting with the French naval representatives and while the relations of this country and France have always been close and friendly, it is that sort of personal con~ tact which does much to keep up the feeling of personal acquaintanat~ and good fellowship. --~4t Stockyard Letter. Stock Yards Kansas @ity, April 27, The supply of cattle has been light since Tuesday of Ibis week and prises to- day are 25 to 30 cents higher than the first of the week, It is generally be- lieved that fed cattle are getting ,mares in the country and that this week's mar- ket is the beginning of a substantial act. vance in prices on all kinds. Very few cattle were received this weak from far off territory, only a few medium obtss Golorsdo stookers at U~0 to $4:30 and two leeds of Colorado feeders at $4,50, 2~to ~o. 84,20. Stookers and feeders are 15 to 25 -_ _ - ~ cente hi~her than a weak ago and al- f thongb farmers in this t, rritory are ez- [ t @ tr~,mc]ybnsy, the inquiry is very strong ~ A ~i~~ YOU6ctlJnt cady f0r ,,,r ,his clue.. ~ ,ruin of h.y :~,l t~,l,,r.- I /~ Ill'= dos are ~xpected for M-n,la~'s market [ t~q~[[ ~ and they thould celt very sntiafuctory as ~# "'-'"'-'""'-* SUMMER? next w~k. April cuttle re~,ipla at this ~,-t . .,.~ point aniount to 158,000 h*,ad.sn ineream~ i ~~lf'~'~ of 32,000 over April last )ear, and thei ! heavier r~mipts ever r,~ceiv~,d in ~p~i!. i [ Latmbs are 25 to 40 cents hieh"r the" t k h a week ago and the fairly !ilmral re [ ~1,~ s o~ipte have b,en diap~,ed,,f ,,,,,, .t t e xn NOW while you have t e larger assort- double deck ears of fleeced lamb~ have I ~ t.~ sold at $7 to $7.10 in the last thr,m days [ ment to select from. Not enoulth mutt,s sheep hsv,~ been )e / ~ oeived to t~t pri,~,~, butt w~l~t ~e,r-, lings would brin, np to $640, w~th~rsl $6.15, ewm aroa,,d 85 abet- quality is first dam, showing an advano~ of 15 to ~Scent~ over a week ago. Proapeote favor smallrseaipta for some time as Texas shipments this year will be light and mmrly all tha fed ~tuff has been marketed. J. A. RICKART. Denver, Cole, April 30.--Receipts ~ere light h~,r,, last week and market quiet. Demand was good and trade a litlle more active than preceding week but little change in values. Easlern markets closed a little higher but prices advanc- ed her~ the week befo)e while they de- clined at other points and cattle are atitl selling as wuli here as anywhere. Beef steers sold largely at 84 25 to $4 80, tome choice Nebraska corn fells tningiug the latter pries. Top l~WS brought $4.15 with others at 114.10 and bulk of better killing grades at $3 to 84. Bulls are about a quarter lower with veals fully steady. Feeder and stocker supply was light. Demand was very good for good steers. Choice light stockers have bast call but good heavy feeders also sell well Stock cows are in excellent demand and closed considerably higher. Few stock cows coming. Market today about ele~dy here but Iowar east as the run was heavy. The ~eason for moving southern cattle to northern paslures is now at hand. While the movement is not expected In be as heavy this year as l~-t, indications are that more trading will be done on this market. Arrangements have beeu perfected whereby large numbers of southern stars and heifers will tm sent to Denver for sale and many stockmen have signified their intention of buying their grazing mtttle here this year. More and more of this southern business is being done at thus yards yearly as both buyer end seller realizes that this is the beat point to get together on account of its central location and the excellent facilities here for handiidg the cattle. Thereis a general feeling that better conditions will prevail in the cattle bus- iness during the next few y~ars on an- count of tha short s~ipply both in f,~d lot and on the range and it would seem that now is the lima for (.~florado ato/0k. men to put in grazing cattle. W. N. Ful ton. W. A. 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TE~$-$15 to insure mare with foal. $12 for season. Saguache Imported Percheron C S. COLEMAN, Pres. Mondays tuesdays thursdays Fridays Saturdays i|1 i Breeder Association, FRANK OWINGS, Mgr, I //~.~ ~1~ ~n~Ei]Tt IS ALL ff WILL OOST Y~9 ~.k ~ i r I~1~ IB 9 write for our big FREE BICYCLE catalov~e ~]~ V I1~ [] ~ ~sao~v~n~. the most complete liue _of high-grade m am m ~Cx~E~,'X'JtJtt~t~ and;SUNDKI/~ at I'ItICt~SJ ~ |~i~ ~ B~LOW a~y other manufacturer or dealer in the world. from anyone, i~\ |~ a~ BO ~0F BUF" .4 BICYCLat o~...