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May 9, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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May 9, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 19. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1901. WHOLE i i i t t NUMBER 1059. MEN AND WOMEN Should Buy Boots and Shoes, (Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.) Hats and Caps, (Boogher, Force & Goodbar Hat Co.) Glow and Mittens, Overshoes, Underwear and Drygoods. Crockery, Queensware and Hardware. Harness, Stoves and Ranges, (Wilson Heaters.) Duck Coats, (all Styles. ) 0f SAMUEL As can be found in the San Luis Valley. rhtg stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced Ltardware man ann was bought at prices which ~,ill permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us, We solicit your trade, Buggies and Wagons I have at m7 place in the town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Bindiog Twine, OiL Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and W agone which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else in the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB, MOFFAT, COLO. ii . Thla Is Your Opportunity. On receipt of ten cents, cash or stamps, a generous sample will be mailed of the most popular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure (Ely's Cream Balm) snfllcient to demon- strate the great merits of the remedy. ELY BROTHEBS, 56 Warren St., New York City. Roy. John Reid, Jr., of Great Falls, Meal, recommended Ely's.Cream Balm to me. I can emphasize his statement, "It is a posi- tive cure for catarrh if used as directed."~ Roy. Francis W. Peele, Pastor CentralPres. Church, Helena, Mont. Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged cure for catarrh and contains no mercury nor any injurious drug. Pries, 50 cents. ?ri~ate ~*~r0nie Diseases of Men CONSULT Men s~ffering from evil ere I~'~ festa of youthful indiscr~. ~-~ ; tions, syphilis, goner, hoBs/ ~f '~'~, glcct, etrieture, eexual L. ,, ~'~ weakness, varieocele, un. i~ f~:~]~ natural discharges, loeb ~ .~.**~ vitality, failing memolT, ~,~I~' n.~tness w m~rry, ~ood, ~' s.du, kidney or private dis- ~{ eases, are speei]ily cured. ~..~.:~ DR. COOK has spent 30 .~ B~)~ ~ years of persistent study ~ ~ and experience in his own i ~ practice a~l among the lar~cst EaStern hospitals DOCTOR COOK. in ~uring tam class of dil- cases and. will guarantee you apermsnent cur0 et moderate eot. lie has cured thousands who thought t heir cases hopeless. All loiters private, Write for question bank. Consultation fre~ Medicines sent free from observation, ~OO[; Ft.C '~C:'- CO. :623 CurtlaSt. I~nver,~,M. WILL FURNISH YOUti HOliil[ FREE [ TIlE PEOPLE'8 NATIONAL FAMILY There's nothing new about it. Your grand- parents took it. 'Twas an old Sarsaparilla before other sarsaparillas were known. It made the word "Sarsanarilla" famous over the whole world. There's no other sarsa- parilla like it. In age and power to cure it's "The leader of them all." $1.00 s bottle. All druggJsls. Ayer's Pills cure constipation. ,'After suffering terribly I was induced r~o try your Sarsaparilla. I took three bottles and now feel like a new man. I would advise all my fellow creatures to try this medicine, for it has stood the test of time and its curative power cannot be ex- celled." I.D. Goob, Jan. 30,1899. Browntown, Wa. were the Doctor. If yOU have any complaint whatever and desire tile best medieM advio ~oa can possibly receive, write the doctor freely. You will recelve a prompt re- ply, without cost. Address. DR. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Mass. lyre. Thos. Saffell still takes great pride in her Angora cats and expects a sew one to arrive from the Pueblo pet farm any day. It is quite Interesting to visit her home and view her pets which consist of parrots, mocking birds, caner- ms, ring doves, cats, a full blood water spaniel and all kinds of barnyard fowls. --Moffat cor. Hooper Press. Frank Ulrey who lives near Monte Vista, writes us that prospects for a big crop are good in his neighborhood. He says his wheat fields look as green as a meadow and that hts oats is coming up nicely. A Very IRenmrk~ble l~elne(ly. "It is with a good deal of pleasure Ilnd satisfaction that I recomtnend (~hamber- lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhvea Remedy," says druggist A. W. Sawteile, of Hartford, Conn. "A lady customer, seeing the remedy exposed for sale on my show case, said to me: 'I really believe that~nediciue saved my life the l)aS~ summer while at the shore,' and she be-. came so enthusiastic over its merits that 1 at once made up my mind to recom- mend it in the future, lecently a gen- tleman came into my store so overcome with colic pains that he sank at once to the floor. I gave him a dose of this rein. edy which helped him. I repeated the dose and in fifteen minutes he lcfb my store smihngly informing me that he ielt as weR as ever." Sold by ~lae S~lgLlache Pharmacy. County Court. The May term of the c,mnty c~u~t Tux Assessor's View. The worhl Is goin' to the dogs As fast as it can go, There ain't a thing but poverty And sorrow here below, 1 start out in the mornln' with A hopln' heart, but when I turn to wander home at night I'm always sad again-- The papers talk of milllonah'es And folks that only set Around all day iu luxury, But I ain't found :em yet. I see folks ridiu' past me that Seemed all puffed up with pride, But oil I tell you what they've got some achin' hearts inside! The horses with their heads so high, The kerrleges that shine Ain't hardly worth a dollar though They look so mighty fine-- The papers talk falniliarly Of bloated millionaires, But no such htcky people live Around llere anywllere8. 1 conic to lots of houses that Looln up immense and grand, Wi~h trees wild things around thent and A mighty tot of land, Bat oil they're only empty shells, Tl~e wrelclIed people there Have dinin' rooms and parlors which Arc big and coM and bare-- Tile t)apers talk ubout the rich, 'l'hea's no such people, thought We're all a lot of n,izzerbul Poor patll,ers here below. The dimunds thut the ladles wear Areo lypas e, lgoess, The ehrolnos ou the walls are worth Ten eenl8 apioc(~ or less, They'd give their grand places to Tile serapwan any day, If he was only ki)Id enough To haul the things away-- The papers talk of people who Make millions every year, But no such lueay, ones as that Are payln' taxes here. I look upon the lofty walls And see the windows shine, I see the stables and the lawns And things that look so fine, But oh the folks that own them all Are poor like me and you. My heart is l~tl of pity for Them when the day is through-- The papers talk oI people that Have millions piled away Bat I ain't never found none yet, 2hat's all I've got to sa). --S. E. Kiser in the Record-Herald. A Sprained Ankle ~uickly ~tU~l, "At one time I suffered from a severe sprain of the ankle," says Gee. E. Cary, editor of the Guide, Washington, Vs. "After using several well recommended medicines without success, I tried Chamberlaln's Pain Balm and am pleased to say that relief came as soon as I began its use and a complete cure speed- ily followed. This remedy has always been used in my family for frost bitten fe~t with best results. I cheerfullyI the recommend its use to all who may need a first class liniment." Sold by the Sa- guache Pharmacy. m. ,, .... i The question of class honors for the county high school has been settled. Samuel Forbes is to be valedictorian . I while Miss Emma Nehls is salutatorian. They both had a high percentage and there was but little difference between them. An Extensive Stock Raiser Tells ~[ow to Cure Scours in Calves. Wm. Abbott, of Tyndall, S. Dak. quite au extensive stock raiser, has for a num- ber of years used Chamberlam's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy for scours in calvos and says he has never known it to fail. He gives a teaspoonful 'in water as directed on the bottle for an adult man, after each operation of the bowels more than natural. Usually one dose is sutficient. For sale by Saguache Pharmacy. G. O. Taylor Whiskies, are guaranteed pure. Trustee's Sale. Whereas, George W. Ilawes of El Paso OOUUty. C.olor;tdo, ny his serrate deed Of trust dated ~el)tember 29, lb9~, and duly recorded in the ofi3ce el tile clerk and recorder of ~agua~he county, Colorado, t)Ii the 3rd day Ol 1Novstn. bet', 1897, ia hooR 77 at page 94, conveyed to the pttbllc trustee o/'~aguacae ~ounty, Colorado, as trustee, the following deserihc~t real estate ~iLuate in the county or' ~aguaone and stale Of Colored o, to.wi ~ : The Eminent Kidney and Bladder Specialist, Rtt La~ratory. There is a disease prevailing In this country most dangerous because so decep- tive. Many sudden deaths are caused by tt~heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure or apoplexy are often the result of kidney disease. If kidney trouble is allowed to ad- vance lhe kidney-poisoned blood will attack the vital organs, or the kidneys themselves break down and waste away cell by cell. Then the richness of the blood~the albumen ~]eaks out and the sufferer has Bright's Disease, the worst form of kidney trouble. Dr. Kilmer's ,Swamp.Root the new dis- covery is the true specific for kidney, bladder and urinary troubles. It has cured thousands of apparently hopeless cases, after all other efforts have failed. At druggists in fifty-cent and dollar sizes. A sample botlle sent free by mail, also a book telling about Swamp- Root and Its wonderful cures. Address Dr. Kflmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. and mention this pgp~r. The Last High ~chool l~-ntertamment at ltl|h School ~uilding May 9th. The following program will be ren- dered: Music ....................................H. S. Q i Contest Recitations. i "Claudius and 0ynthla" ..... Hihla Falrbanks "Amphltheatre ~cene h'om t~uo Vad s" . .................................. Alice Davis Guitar 8olo--Shandou Bells ..... Emma Nehls Orallon--Nation Builder~ ...... Elmer Davlson Vocal Solo ....................... B~anche 0'Nell Reading ........................ Jesse R. Morgan Violin Solo ........................ Frank Brown~ Recitation--Asleep a~ I he 8wltch ........... ................................. J. B. Morgan Plane Duet--Little May's Dream ..... Thals ................ McMuliin, Elizabeth Melvin Illustratloss from the "Coartshlp of Miles Standish." 1. "Love and Friendship." "So to the damsel Priscilla, the loveliest malden el Plymouth, Say the blent old captain, a man not of words but of actions, Offers his hand and his heart, the hand and heart of a soldier." 2. "Priscilla." Then as he opened the door he beheld the form of the maiden Seated beside her wheel. 3. "The Message Delivered." "Why does he not come himself and take the trouble to woo me? If I am not worth the wooing, I surely am not worth the winning." 4. "The ~tmstion." "Why don't you speak for yourself, John?" 5. "The Enraged Captain." "Johh Alden! You have betrayed me." 6, "The Model Husband." "Come, you must not be idle, If i am a pat- tern for housewl vee, Show yourself equally Worthy of being the model of husbands." 7. "Friendship Renewed.'" "Forgive me! Never so much as now was Miles Standish the friend of John Alden." 8. "A Pledge." "Let all be forgotten between us, All save the dear old friendship, And that shall grow older and dearer." Vocal Duet ....... Sarah Fullerton, Annie Ham Admission 25 and 15 cents. You are invited. Fought tor his Life. "My father and sister both died of con- sumption," writes J. T. Weatherwa~ of Wyandotte, Mich, "and I was saved from the same frightfuf fate only by Dr. King'sNOW Disoovery.Au attack of pneu monla left an obstinate cough aud very severe lung trouble, which an excellent doctor, could not help, but a few months' use of this wonderful medicine made.me as well as ever and I gained much in weight." Infaliable for coughs, colds and all throat and lung trouble. Guar- anteed bottles 50 cents and $1 at Lord & i Wdcox's druggist, Orestone, Oolo. Trial I bottle free. Water Com~)issioners. ~., . The east half of the northeast quarter of opened on Monday. T.J. b itzpatriel~ vs section twenty-two (22) and the northwest " Governor Orman last week made the ........ ,. quarter o[ the northwest (ltlaI't~r of section ~ointmonts for the two remainin,, Sa ~..utt.l, oA ~,~ao,, P.,hlish~d on Thurs- d. d ~avlns, an appeal trom .}USllC~, Was twenty-three (23) in towllsillp Lorty-elght (48) **VP o - .... i I .... .......................... n for .... "~ ~-":ur'" ~r^..a:-, ~_. o~ .... ~ .. no,tie rangelour(4) easl, oZthe N M P M, ~tuaohe count water districts In No Wednesday and Fri- Iay, a~ Know i I~flt~ ~/~y $ j. l'U|utt iu[ ~to ~,tlu t2- ~nh~lillnct 191) oo~a~ in tv,,at ~n aa.,a a rha ~ Y " " day is in reahtvafine nearly sixty ears lal .... x ............. ~ w v~v MI~I~ ~-~g ...... (her da~ ~I~'~]~T every hart of t~e Unit-: turn of notes in favor of plaintiff Deft payment of hls promissory note ot eveu dale 26 Argo Taylor was reappointed aud J. a ....... , ..... . . "~ -. ", ~. m . " - .'on ' " " thelewith' tel' the sum" O[. ave hundred, dollars, l ...... r was appointed commissioner "~U ~tlnY~wgslv~n~atyshe~l~i [~.1..~ ll ~i~m~!i~:~esas~aap:!rf~!, moves for new triaL, p~yl~bi:elt,~O~OtO:de~errwA~:nl~te~::lit~:~eO~ il~.Z t~: Sue. and coveringnew g . ' * * r e ' " of the other three. It farmers and villagers. I r2r ~, ....... at 10.pc eat. per annum, payable semi.an. _ ...... ~/~I'~W eontainsallimpottan~l .ItcontmnsaUthemostl ~toe.n~ vs Wneeier, an appeal from nuat Lv, atm .......... f "~-r'h ")rook ~'~ Vi|I'~K foreign cable newsI }mprt.an..t~en.raJ, liaetice, was dismissed atulaintiffs c~sts wnereas, samdeedoftrustprovldes thatln ur.W.d.~axter o ~o ~ ~ , ~. ,~ ~,~lk which apnears i]I THE news r,r In~ ~,x~x [ * r easeiof del~tUltr in tile p:ynlen~ Of aald note or ~g~ sa g net suttol-~" ~__^.1 WlOLl--':*k+ pta~;l^~ ...... #~. ~IS~.^~t~=vu of VOI I T.,., ..optohonr ** ,ly n,eestthereoil, or any part the,'eo,: then . y same date also Do- ] l~][~l~ of g, dug to press an I ....... . ..... it shall be lawlui for said trustee to sell the years He tried many remedi~ with no '- "- " '---- a,-d-ultnral Depart- donn L~oacn V8 l~lary J~ WellS, a re said p~eulises or any part thereof, and allthe ~ ....... . , me~tlo aeo l~orelgn ~ .-~,- - . , ' " -" ' ml~ T Correspondsnce 8herr ment of thohlshestor~ I ,q0vin suit motion to -uash ~ .... ; ........ rigllL title and interest ot s'~id George W. I results until he used DeWltt s Witch Tg I, 8tortes. Elegant' Half- I der,. has entertaining [ v . . . ~ . . . ..1 , , oe~,~o ..... ltaw. es t~oereit) at pub lie auction ter cash, four I Hazel Salve and that ^uiokly cured him J, 1L1 tone Illustrations, J roaoi ng ,or e,v e .r y ruieu aria (]olen(lanl; given eight days iu weeks n tics naviug oeen prewiously glveu by I 't ' Humorous Items, In- member of the ramiiy,, t.. t. , .......... publication ill a newspaper printed in said 8a.- [ gl,c~na,~ha Phnrmacv.- dustrial information, t ~[gTr~ rITrT Xl o d and youeg, Market WulCu tu ,,,~n c,. guache county, and t ~-o ........ J - ... Fashiou Notes, Agri-I~'~'K[.~ Heportewhich a,e so- *** Whereas, said uote is now due and detkultl .... .~ [ "'." . 't'ITT] I~I~T ~[T cultural Matters and [ II ! tl.MLkll31 cooled as authorzty uy 1- o t ~ .- " ~. ....... I has been nmdc Ill the payment thereof as well i waiter i~nellaoargar ann par~y passeu lilt IM u Mt v Cotnprehenslveandre- 1 tarmers ano country .L~. o. l.~OCKeb~ VS J~Llgeno VY lillnGIS, [ its the iuterest due thereon since September l.t. ...... i.. ....... m .... "~*~ withl 200 head 1 1~ orchants and lS an vut-uu u t~LeWLt ~,Ll.l. ta~m~oJ , t~l~l~l~l~l liable Finaneia a~dl .- ,t .h~.HV -o~l*vin motion ..... ~.~.~; .... IZ9 18~8 d no part or the same has beeu pald l S Market reports, clean, up to datp, m ........ , "~v ~ o " ......... ~u'~ j a,'~d the legal holder of sald note hasrequest~t I of cattle belonging to J L. Hurt which ] terestinganuinstruo~ Thos. Rosebrough" for William% leave I a sale of said prenlises under said need of ..... ~ . _ Resularsubscription I ire. , ...... ~ trust; ~ney are taking to Taylor park near 'lkT'l'! price, $1.50 per year. t flflrt Trt TT|Trl Regularsunscr]puon grantee Now Therefore the unders" n d ubli i _ ?l lgIla., We "urnish ,t with~'|'~ll'~ll~; pr~e'fSul~niP~ri~~i'th ~" truste~ofS~gtme~o,OUtlty, C~redo?wPil, o~!(Jrested Butt,. -- -- &&yvAsa.a ~,,~ ,~ov ....... ! ~A~as~v~,a.t ~--- ,,uv~,,~,~ t... "~ur little olrl was unconsci~-~ f ...... / Monday, lhe 2Tth day el May, A. D. 1901at the i -- | -"^^ or e~ ....... " ....... ]h)uro 1 'clocRhitneattoruoon, at tiIe fronti Orville Wheeler, of Crestone was in $~50 per year. | $2.t~p y . strangulation during a sudden and terri- [ door of the court house iu the town of 8a- . ........... ' ' ...... I i "" , I guaehe, Colorado, sell ti)e above described ~own me nrst ot cue W0eK a$enuiug , ' me a~SCK el 0roup, qu oKly secureo a I propelty in and by said deed of trust convey, i CO" -~ ..... * Sendall orders to TheCrescent, Saguache., bottle of One Minute Cough Cure, giv-[ed~re~t~eeP.'.aoruPase2rp~y~ugotS~lx0o~u~[~ ""~ ..... . .... , n her three doses The c 'Cup was mas trust ...... g ' " ' : " A It is stated that the third rail is soon Dates pill 22,1901 -- ~~ -- -- ~ .... tered and our little darling speedily re-I '" ' to be lald between Moffatand Alamosa " ' A " -~ SA ~UEL J~WIeL , nst nf Job Prmtm at thin office, covered So wrltes ' spo ord, O,.esl Po lloTrosteoolSa.naeOoooonty, Coiora.o ter~ MlCh, Sa ~ache Pharmacy. J Flrst pub, April 35, last May ~, ~0g paprl at the G~,~o~T offloe, SAGUACHE CRESCENT OSOAR D. BRYAN, PROPRIET01~ AND EDIT01:L rublisbed at Saguaehe, Coln.~ every Thursday. On political _questions it wall advocate tim interests of the Repubhcan party, Its chief aim will be to advance the ma- terial interests of this ootmty. ~ubsorll3tlon, - . $2,00 a Year. j, H , Sky City, Senator Tom Bowen aud Tug Wllson were in Ssguache last Saturday on their way to Sky City. Senator Bowsn ex- pects to do considerable work on his claims there and John Lawrence will no doubt continue work on his properties. There wilt be other work done in tl~at dtstrlct and we predict that the season i will see the opening of a mine at Sky City. Billiousness is a condition characteriz- ed by a disturbance of the digestive ~or- gans. The stomach is debilitated, the liver torpid, the bowels constipated. There is a loathing of food, pains in the bowels, dizzicess, coated tongue and vomiting, first of the undigested or p~rt- ly digested food and then of bile. Cham- berlain's Stomach and L~ver Tablets al- lay the disturbances of the stomach and create a heallh~ appetite. They also tone up the liver to a healthy aotian and regulate the bowels. Try them andyou are certain to be mush pleased with tLo result. Fo~r sale by Saguaohe Pharmacy. Prof. Mann resigned his position as principal of the schools and left Wednes- day for Indianapolis, Ind. School in the professor's room will be closed dnring the remaining month of the school year attd the salary be nged in procuring a competent teacher for the coming school year.--Hooper Press. He is a Wonder. All who see C. F. Collier, of Charok~, Iowa, as he is no.w, cheerfal, erect, vigor- ous, without an ache, could hardly be. lieve he is the same man, who, a short time ago had to sit in a chair proppdd up by cushions, suffering intensely from an aching back, in agony if he tried to stoop--all caused by chronic kidney trouble, that no medicine helped till he used Electric Bitters and was wholly i oured by three bottles. Positively oure~ backache, nervousness, lo~ of appetite, all kidney troubles. Only 50 centS at Lord & Wilcox druggists, erosions, Colo. It is reported that James Piloher of Creeds, the prosecuting attorney, ts down with small pox. Now that Creeds is enjoying a turn with small pox wa trust the papers there "will take their medicine without making facoa.--Monte Vista Journal. Ralph Marlowe, a novel of the Ohio hills, by Dr. James BallNaylor. Matte. rot E. Sangster: "I road Ralph Marlowe with much interest. The plot is well conceived, the atmosphere of a country town is admirably repr0.duced, and the characters of the hero and the old doc- tor are fine. There is good work in the book. I hope Ralph Marlowe's success will encourage the author to further writing of novels." Handsomely boudd in oloth,~gold lettering, $1.50. For sale at all bookstores, or sent, postage free upon receipt of price by The Saalfleld .$ Pabhshlng Company, Akron, Ohio. o M. A. Kuohnloin, of Mirage, was in town on Monday. Mr. Kaehnlein has recently opened a general merchandise store In the Winkler hall building, which he has greatly improv0d. The attonltion of our east side readers is called to his advertisement iu this issue. Skin affections will readily disappear by using DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. Look out for counterfeits. If you get DeWtt's you will got good results it is the quick and pceitivo cure for piles. Saguaehe Pharmacy. Thos. P. Goodman one of the old time ranch and cattlemen of the upper Tomi- chi was in the city Saturday on burgess. Tom says the snow is gone, the gra~ is coming up and the cattle are doing;well, --Gunnison Republic'an. Chief Engineer Rogers of the D. & P, G. railway was in Crestone last Friday looking aft6r the new line. Flood's Pills Are, prepared from N~ ture s mild ]~afives, and while gentle are reliable and efficient. Th:y Rouse the Liver Cure Sick Headache, Bil- iousness, Sour Stomach, and Constipation. Sold everywhere, ~5c. per box.