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May 14, 1936     The Saguache Crescent
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May 14, 1936

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THE SAGUACHE CRESCENT llml i iBRISBANE THIS WEEK" Mussolini Goes Through Practical Selassie Snake Killed One Which End of the Gun? Mussolini's men entered Addis Abal)a, driving out the Ethiopian looters, bring- ing safety to van- ous foreigners, in- cluding our own minister. Rome went wild with joy; and no wonder. In seven .montlls Mussolini has con- querec~ Ethiopia's millions, killing and woandlng 2;~),(X~ of them, marching steadily ahead through dangerous valleys and high mountains, driving Aa-tlmr Brlmbane 0Ut the Ethiophm armies, that were directed by skilled moldier~ from Turkey, Scandinavia and elsewhere. Those impressed by the high qualm. flea of Ethlopla's Arab slave-trading ruler will note that In the great crisis his pres~.nce of mind remained. Ti~e As~ciated Press says he took with him on the British boat "the inlperial family Jewels, many cases of gold bul- lion and gold coins." On his way from Addis Ababa to the British sbip he stopped to take all the cash frmn the treasury and customs house at Dlredawa, In Florida, a well-meaning preacher, who thought it his dilly to let rattle- snakes bite him to show tile p~wer of God, actually did let tile snakes bite ]aim without first removing their fangs. He is dead, the Jury said, "by the bite of a rattlesnake through his own care- ]essness." Tile poor fanatic succeeded only in proving the power of rattlesnake per Son. The laws of tiu~ universe could hardly be suspended to Justlfy the whlm of one well-meaning fanatic. It makes a difference, even to the :No. 1 Public Enemy, 'Tll-never-be-tak- ca-alive" bandit, which way the gun is pointed. Mr. Karpis ls taken, much alive, with no struggle, beyond holding a straw hat over his face to baffle pho- tograptiers. Much efficiency In cash rewards; Dlllingcr defied all the "G-nlen"; a re- ward was offered, and a red-haired lady delivered hint to tile "G-men" bul- lets, and got $5,(X)0. Whether the $7,000 reward offered for Karpts tempted some friend of that courageous one remains to be seen. The criminal is in business for mon- ey, and when he can ~,l] a friend for $5,000, that seems preferable to risk- lng his own life. The reward system should be extended; $5,000 reward for evidence resulting in arrest and con- vlcton of any murderer. The Carnegie Institute annonnces a "new law of matter" having to do with the "cohesion of Infinitesimal particles of matter within tile atom" If it were not for that law. accord- Ing to scientists. "the universe would Consist of nothing but light h.~drogen gas." That shonld interest pollti- clans, who, after the big conventions. will live, nntil November, in a nniverse consisting of something lighter than "light hydrogen gas," England's new king, Edward tile Eighth, is sald to be engaged to marry the Princess Alexandrine Louise of Denmark, twenty-one years old, tile :English king's third cousin. The uncle of tile young hidy says he and her father know nothing of It. :Nevertheless, it is difficult to believe that King Edward will remain a bache- lor, whether tie marries this .charming young princess or some other, possi- bly a good healthy young Scutch girl. if ORe available could be found. Dr. Walter Emerson Brigg~, wire teaches dentistry in Tufts college, says *'women can take any kind o', pain wlthont a whimper." Women endure Imin more courage, ously than alert. Childbirtll has taught them to suffer and endure In isolation. Man shows his heroism preferably in crowds, In squadrons, phltoons: often he would not do that if it did not take more courage to stay behind alone than to go ahead with tile others. Women's Is the courageous sex, man Is tile other kind and might ItS well admit It. Tile only certain immortality is rep- resented by our children left beldnd to work on this earth. It must be of great interest to provide a child to fill a throne and rule the worhl's greatest empire--whetlier or not it la~ts. Two misguided Mexicans decided to rlng bells of the ancient mission church at Jnarez, Mexico, to celebrate tile nomination of a Natlonal Revolutionary candidate for governor of Chihuahua The pious ladies nf Juarez thought those old bells should not be rung for any revolutionary candidate, and it became necessary for troops re rescue the bellringers from the Infuriated women, giving a good imitation of Euripides man-huRting Bacchae. W'hen women start they mean J* @ KInE Features Syndicate, toe W.WU Berv lc~a. This Means Lake Navigation Season Is Open WttEN tile big buoys that nlark the channels of the Great Lakes and the Detroit river emerge from their win- ter homes, it is a sure si;:n that the navigation season will soon be Ol)~,n. The huge m'n'kers, loaded with fuel and In new coats of paint, are b)aded ai)oard lighthouse service tenders at l~troit fur their annnaJ spring migration. BEDTIME STORY FOR CHILDREN By TIIORNTON W. BURGESS BILLY MINK BECOMES SUSPICIOUS O F ALl, tile little pe:)ple in the Green Forest lllere is none with sharper eyes, and keener wits than Billy Miuk. Nothing goes on along the Laughing Brook, from its start in the Green Forest to where it Joins tile Big River, that Billy Mink doesn't know about. Billy is a great traveler. He is so full of life and energy tllat he cannot keep still very long at a time. Moreover, Billy is one of those little people to whom it makes no dif- ference whether jolly, round, bright Mr. Snn is shining or gentle Mistress -N Billy Mink Followed the Man Down the Laughing Brook. Moon has taken his place up in the sky, or the Black Shadows have wrapped everything In darkness. He takes a nap whenever lie feels sleepy, and whenever he doesn't feel sleepy he travels up and down the I,aughing Brook. In these little Journeys back and forth nothing escapes Billy's bright eyes and sharp ears and keen nose. Being such a slim fellow he slips in and out of holes and hiding places which no one save his cousin. Shadow the Weasel, could get into. Now it haopened that one day BIlly curled up in a hollow log under a pile of brush close to the Lau,mtng Brook. In a jiffy he was asleep. Right in the middle of the pleasantest of pleasant dreams he was ewakened. Instantly he was wide awake. |le was just as wide awake as if lie hadn't been asleep at all. Without stopping to think any- thing about it. he knew what had awakened him Stone one lind Just passed his hiding place, Noiselessly Billy crept out of tile hollow log and peeped from under the pile of brush. Walking down tile bank of the Laughing Brook was a man. "I've never seen that fellow before." muttered Billy to himself. "It isn't ANNABEILE'S ANSWERS BF RAY TIIOMPSON DEAR ANNABELLE: ARE THERE ANY RULES FOR COMPOSING A 'SAFE" LOVE LETTER? CAUTIOUS. Dear"Cautious": SURE!MERE- LY CHOOSE YOUR SUBJECT AND THEN CAREFULLY .A Vt3I ~) ITI Annabelle. Farmer Brown's Boy, and it isn't Farmer Brow.n. lie seems to be look- big for something. I wonder wltat he is about. I think I'll watcll him." So, as silently as a shadow, Billy Mihk followed the man down tt~ l,anghing Brook, and the man didn't once suspect it. You see, Billy can al- ways find a biding place if it be no more than a heap of brown Leaves. He just slipped from one hiding place to another, always keeping the man in sigilt. Billy became more and more inter- ested and inquisitive as he watched that man. The man certainly did seem to be lookhlg for something. He would examine every half sunken log In the Laugbing Brook. He searched care- fully every little hole. It didn't take Billy long to discover that this man seemed to be especially interested In those places where Billy almost always went when traveling up and down the Laughing Brook. Billy stopped and rubbed his nose thoughtfully. He was growing sus- piciouS. "I wonder," thought Billy, "if he is looking for me." T. YV, Burgess.--WNU Service. I u u dG ,o 1Lffa.N v 8o~ OVF. R,, MAGICAL CORKS -rqtE magician dlspiays a small card- I t)nard box. lle opens it and reveals two small eurks Inside, tle closes the box. shakes it and reopens It. The corks have multiplied. There are four instead of two, The box is prepared beforehand. Boxes of tillS type, obtainable at any drug store, actually consist of two lids, with a ring or collar between. ht tile nPi)er lid the magician glues two corks. He drops two loose corks in the lower portlou. Titus. in perform- Ing the trick, tie begins by allowing only two corks, not revealing those that are attnehed to the lid wliich tie relnoves. Closing tile box, tile magician shakes IL In so doing lie turns over the box. 'l;be lid wilicb he lifts is tile original bottoln of tile hnx. Thus the hox con- tfl ins fottr corks. W NU Servlce~ + Boik ORDINARY DISHES TIlE cook who can present an ordi- nary dish in an extraordinary way is a gelfius. Many of our homel-' dishes with a bit of pep in the form of dif- ferent flavors for seasoning, will be- come quite unusual dishes. Beef Stew. Take two and one-half pounds of chuck steak, wipe It with a damp cloth and cut into one and one-half Inch squares. Heat four tablespoonfuls of suet in a Scotch kettle, add the meat and brown well. Season with salt, pap- rika, a few dashes of cayenne, one- half cupful of diced celery and three tablespoonfuls of chopped onions. Cov- er with eight cupfuls of cold water, cover tightly and cook two and one- half hours. During the last 45 min- utes add the following vegetables sprinkled with salt to season: Six medium-sized potatoes, six each of ear- "The best advice to the boy graduate of the past term," says observing Olivia, "was from the gentleman who advised these young men to find a hard working girl with a good job and marry early." Bell Syndlcate.--VCNU Service. rots and parsnips, scraped. When ready to serve thicken the stew with melted butter, adding flour and the stock from the stew. Cook well and pour over the meat and vegetables. Serve all together on a hot platter. Here is something new, If yo~l like apples, and who does not? Apple Jam. Take four pounds of apples, peel and cut into slices. Place in a kettle with a two-pound can of corn sirup and two pounds of sugar, the Juice and rind of two lemons, three ounces of ground ginger and six cloves. Cook slowly two hours. Put into a marma- lade Jar and cover tightly. Chocolate Mousse. Melt three squares of chocolate, add one and one-half cupfuls of sugar and one cupful of thin cream; boil one minute. Cool, add : teaspoonfu_____~l o/ "Pop, what is a table?" "Tip on the market." Bell Syndlcate.--WNU Service. AT DAWN SOME DAY By DOUGLAS MALLOCH LET us arise at dawn some day, Not even wash and put away The breakfast things, but leave a few Behind for lazy folks to do, Let us arise qnd see this earth The moment of its daily birth, Up yonder hilltoI) let us bike, See wtlat a rising sun is like. The woodlands will be dewy wet, But every flower diamond-set, The morning breeze a little clfiI1, But we won't mind who climb a hill, The waking thrust)ca caroling, But you llave never beard one sing Until you hear one sing to greet Anotller nlorning cool and 'sweet. The bluest blue the distant scene, The woods around the greenest green, Tile whitest white tile sandy beach, And heaven near enollgh to reach, For thus are walers, woods and skies When morning calls and earth replies, Vfben first the shadows slip away~ Let us arise at dawn some day. @ Douglas MaIloch.--~,VNU Servlcs. vanilla, a pinch of stilt and the whip from ti~ree cupfuls of he'lvy cream. Add a tablesi)oonful of gelatin mixed with one-fourth of a cupful of cold wa- ter to the i~ot chocolate and mix all togetller after the gelatin is well dis- solved. Pour into a mold and pack in ice and s'/it for four hours. @ Western Newspaper Union. Triangular Pockets Triangular pockets trimmed with ap- pliqued flowers of red, white, yellow and green linen are fastened to the wide belt of this simple frock of navy blue sheer. The belt and pockets are detachable. f' Eve's EptGrgff15 ,,l th n c3m [:-;; 4 to co cLe n I / _ Cured Cross Eyes As far back as he or anyone else can remember, William Hawkins, La- grange (Ga.) negro, was cross-eyed. Re- cently he was run down by a truck, suffering injuries about the head that sent him to a hospital, liis injuries healed, the bandages were removed from over his eyes and about his head. To the amazement of the doctors, nurses and William, himself, it was discovered his eyes were perfectly nor- mal and uncrossed. o Cofferdam of the Great Alton Dam VIEW In the cofferdam at Alton, I11,, where Dam No. 26 is being constructed in the Mississippi river with Public Works administration traits. Tile project is part of a $50,000,000 PWA program for lmllrovement of navigation t,a the upper Mississippi. Foreign Words and Phrases Apropos. (F.) Suited to tln~ place or occasion; pertinent; appro prlate. Compte rendu, iF.) Account ren- dered. Dolce far nlente. (It.) Sweet do, lng notil!;ig; deliglltful Idleness. Experto crede. (L.) Believe on~ who speaks from his own experi- ence. In tote. (L.) In all; entirely. Meum et tuum. (L.) Mine and thine. Nots bene (N. B.). (L.) Note well$ take notice, Peccavt. (L.) I nave sinned. Sic itnr ad nstra. (I,,) Thus one may rise to the stars (t e.. to Ira, mortal fame). Dr. Pierre's Favorite Prescription mak~ weak women strong. No alcohol. Sold by druggists in tablets or liquid.--Adv. Worth Something The wise man who has optnlo~ Is the one who gets paid for them. -7 I R O N uine Instant Lighting iron. AU you.have to do ts turn a valve, strike a ms~ and it hghts instantly. You d~'t have to inns4 the match inside the Ires--no bor~ed fingers. The Coleman heats in U jiffyI iS qolek]y I~ foruse. Entire Ironing surface Is heated wi~ point the hottest. Maintains its heat even f~ the fast worker. Entirely self-heating. Ogerat~ for hour. You do your ironing ~th l~ effort, m one-third less time. Be sure your n~ iron ts the genuine Instant-Lighting Co|ema~ It's the iron every woman wants. It'sn wonder~ rut time and labor saver--nothina like It, Coleman is the ee=g way to iron. ~END POSTCARD for FREE Fotder and FIJ~ J~l~J~e THE COLEMAN LAMP AND STOVE O& D~K.WU~16 WkhJta, Ksas.: Chicago, IIl,~ Si~nple-- When you read a man llk~a booY~ be may be in words of one syllablb ~ .;,,..: ............ ~# ~ ~:~ Hero or Fool Similar opportunities will make I hero of one man and fool of SHOE Pmsur! Sprlnlde Peterman's Aat Food along wlad~ dooro, emy place whexe ants come ~ I~' Peterman's k///a them- red mats. black other~. Quick. Safe. Guaranteed effectiv= ~ hours a day. Get Peterman's Ant Food~M', | 25c, 35c and 50c packages at your d.~~ b t, SKIN HEALIM | Cuticura Ointment relieves [ skin irritation-- and more ! It aids healing action--pro- | o~ motes return of smooth, natural skin. For burning and itching of eczem~ pimples, rashes, eruptions and ski~ conditions due to external eam~e~ Also Cutleura Soap for DroperlY b! eleanslng and eomforthg the eki~ Soap 25e. Ointmen~ 25e. t 25e. Bul | nt BOTH at your drugEist's TODA~,_~f| a~ OINTMIIIP : . t__UT.tUnA... -- " 1#[| I~ Best Treatment Sl The medlqlne for dlsaster Is | mtndedn.ess. ~!| l~ KILLS INSE(TS WNU--M WHERE TO Good FOOD at Fair BENNETS COFFEE SHOP llrlk & Ikodmy . -