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May 14, 1936     The Saguache Crescent
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May 14, 1936

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J d er "--- ii J i PUBLIC TRUSTEE'S SALE WHEREAS, Stella B, Frede whose address was Mineral Hot Springs, l Colorado, grantor by her Trust Deed, dated April 14th, 1933, and recorded April 14th, 1933 in the office of the Clerk and Recorder of Saguache Co- unty, Colorado, in Book 194 at Page 199 of the records of said County, conveyed to the Public Trustee of Said County the following land in said County, to-wit: East half (E%) of Section Five NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT] AND DETERMINATION OF ! HEIRSHIP I ESTATE OF ELIZABETH RUS.! iTHE SAGUACHE CRESCENT SAGUACHE, COLORADO C0RMISSIONERS [ MOFFAT PROCEF INGS L. At the school election held at the school house Monday, the 4th, F. C. SELL, DECEASED• No. 397 Stoddard was re-elected as Trea- Notice is hereby given that on the surer on the school board. eighth day of June, 1936, I will pre- The pupils of the Alder school sent to the County Court of Sa- week guache County, Colorado, my ac- have been very busy the last counts for final settlement of ad- taking their final examinations. ministration of said estate, when and John and Harry VanDyke took where all persons in interest may appear and object to them, if they their father, John VanDyke, Sr. ,who Nb), Township Forty-four (44) has been ailing for some time, to ~oerth, Range Ten (10) East New so desire. Notice is also hereby given that consult Dr. Curfman oF Salida, on exieo Meridian; together with any in the matter of said estate Nellie and all permanent improvements Mo~';--e., and Jute Lawrence claim-iwednesday" He was found to be situate thereon, End together with ;-~,*~t.o"b~ heirs at law of sa~d de-!suffering with the wood-tick fever. any and all water rights appurtenant ~.'~o~-d have filed in said Court theirI After two injections of the tick t • ~o~ , . • o . .hereto, end more particularly water, aulv verified petltmn, asking for a! ...... ~- : ....... ~ ~t rights described as follows: grantor'si~',~a~l ascertainment and deter- serum ne seem~ muuu --v ...... ~ght, title and interest in and to the ~'~tion of the heirs of such de-'the present time. ~oss Ditch and a water right of Fouri~"~'~'~'~ and setting forth their re-l W J and H. C. Werner of Sa- nd Seven Tenth (4 7) cubm feet of!~ot~,,~hi~ to said deceased, and thatt ........ oo ~d~ito~ in • • • ,~,~ ..... ,- guacne were Dusme ............. water per second of tlme decreed to ,~.~ ~mes ~ostoffice addresses and, Sa:d ditch under Prmmty No. 65 m~istlonshin of all other persons, iAlder Tuesday• water District No. 25 of the Stateiw~o-are o~ claim to be heirs of saidI Mrs. Victor Duff has been quite of Colorado" and an and all l s known to the!• W ..... ' . , Y • .. (deceased so far aj ..... lfll for several days. , .~er r~gn~s acqturea OuTing me'-~t~t~oner are as IOIIOWS, tO-Wl~: l ..... ~ .... • • • u~,~- , ana mrs O D. ~lar~on ann _n~e of said trust deed m trust toI Gertrude Dillon, 1746 GenevaI Mr. • • , . ~ecure the payment of her principal. ~, A-rora Color-ado, daughter, family attended the show in note of even date wzth stud TrusL ~omo MeKmney, Saguache, Colo-~-~oa~,, , , ~ , oeed for $2,500.00, payable to theI_~'o~au~hter, !*"~°~"~"., . ~ " , ~ __: order of the State of Colorado, thir-ir~,,'to T',~wrence. Sa~zache, Colo-i Dam ~smey, ~r., oz ~onan~-,, ~Y-three years after date with inter-t .~a~,~- .... I spent a few days visiting at the Tut- oe~t thereon from date at the ratei"~otice"is also hereby given thattle ranch the past week. • _ s.x per cent. per annum payame!,,,,on said day, or the day ~o wmcn~ ,, _ . ~,_ ~^~_.. u .... ~ o~a tu mxty-six semi-annual installments~ ~'~" ~.~,~,, may be continued, the~ z~r. ann mt~. ~ .................. on an amortized plan, from October ~,, receive and hear proof son were Saturday night and Sunday 14, 1933 to April 14, 1986. - }~'~'ncerni'n~ the heirs of such deceas-~ visitors at the V. E. Anderson home. AND WHEREAS, Default has :~-" ~ wil'l unon proof submitted en-'~.**~ ~++ .... ,~ r~,~ Rr~,~b~ aa oeen m " toT in said lvu "*"~" , r • ". ~.,,~,~ ,-,~ ................... " ade b.y stud gran " ' tar a decree m stud estate determm . Trust Deed m the performance o~l~ ~,ho sr~ the heirs of such deceas-icompamed them home to Cripple ne covenants and cond~tmns ~m- _~ ....... ~a the descent of the P.~k. POsed upon her by the terms of sa,d ~y_X~'~.~nem*ents and hereditaments! ~-~___ w ...... * ~ ..... ~, .... -t l rust r~A ~ ,~.- *^-"* ~'at said z**.u~, -- _ -. - , __:__~ oam~ ~.~ ~ ~..~ ~v~-- ~u~ m b~,s b~-W,b: ~, • • .... ~, ao~ ssea at wnlcn nearing! • - , grantor has failed to make the pay- o~ ~,~:~e?Sim~n~ to be heirs at, Sunday visitors at the nome o~ ~9.~t~ due Oct. 14, 1934. April 14, ~awPo~°~such deceased may appear~his mother, Mrs. Dora Warner ,nd 935; Oct. 14, 1935, and April 14, __~ ~resent their proofs• 1936; and has failed to pay the 1933 a,m v family. ~d1934 taxes, which taxes have S.W. TRUITT, I Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Elarton and Administrator. en paid by the State of Cotorado. i daughter Dorothy, and sons Edson AND WHEREAS, The legal hold- First Publication May 7, 19~6 ~rof the indebtedness represented Last Publication June 4, 1936 'and Reid, and neice, Thelma Elar- ~Y said note has filed with said ' ton and David Blodgett of Salida Public Trustee notice and demand in H00PER ", l were visiting at the home of S. R. writing, declaring said default and McCurdys Sunday afternoon. electing to declare the whole debt represented by said note and inter- t Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McCarthy ani! eat thereon to date of sale due and i Mildred Achatz and Betty Wilson little daughter Nina, and Mrs. Dora ~able, and demanding t~ sale ofi were hostesses to a Monte Carlo ,Werner and children, James, Char- ~and under saia Trus~ peeo, I . " enin NOW THEREFORE, Public No-tWh~st party Friday ev g: ..... ~les. and June were Sunday afternoon bee is hereby given that, pursuant l Mrs. Sam Wills has been m at tneI visitors at the V. E. Anderson home. to said notice, election and demand,! .... ^~ her mother-in-law. She is l ..... "~-*tD ~'a~ been on the sick a~u~h:~::r:s~dd by d:r~Uesai~fTrtuhs~i~::': i=proved at this time. lis: th: ;::t tw~; =eeks` " a~d the law I, ~V. L. Ham-t Mrs. Roetker who has been visit-I . . ~ond,- Public Trustee of said Sa-!;~, at the home of her son went toI ~aehe County, will sell the above ~'~• ...... to s'~end some time inI ]~/~ ~ ]~]r~ ~ribed land for cash, at public~~en~er e finny._ ~, I D~~J~A~Jk a) ~ction, to the highest bidder at the the Frank Roe~Ker nome. I ~ ont door of the County Court l Carl Percival was stricken with[ ~use, in Saguache in the County ofI ....... ~-ida~, and underwentt ............ ~- X~rm Burkhardt tgUache and State of Colorado, on lappenmct~ r~ . #_ mornin- atI ~oy ~enne~ ....... . .~ ~esday the 26th day of May A. D.lan operatmn ~azuruay ~ ~to Saguache Wednesday on business. I'}86, at I0 o'clock in the f0renoonlAl~mosa. I Mr and Mrs. Bennie Timney and ~the purpose of paying said not_e,i"~ John Sheesley left for his broth-lson Roland and Mr. A. Jaques were ~res~ ~o aa~e o~ sine, aavance~i _.. . ...... to _ ....... [~ T taxes, costs, and the expenses of er's home Frlaay, in respou~ . I Saguache callers weanesaay arter- ies sale, and will g~ve to the pur-lword received that his brother s w~le noon. c rarer thereof a certificate of puT-,. ...... I ...... °ehroeder and Miss eltt~e +~o.^.^. ~ ~.,,.~aoa h,, law. had passeu away, o~ ~rs. bessie Da~d'~Apr~ 1~8t~'~k*.'~.~19~6: Mrs. E. M. Alexander was one o~ Rooney of Salida were Bonanza vis- l~bl W.L. Hammond, the guests, Saturday afternoon, at itors a week ago Sunday. . ic Trustee of Saguache Cpunty, Bob Burton of Alma was in towr OlOrado. ~ ._-- 1936 the "Mother's Day" luncheon and ~'st Publication ~pril 23, ' Negro ministrel of the Center Study calling on friends Saturday. Last Publication May 21, 1936 club at the El Monte hotel in Monte Roy Bennett took Mrs. Laura Mac " ~ --~ Vista. ]Kenzie and son Morrell to Villa T~-~ASURER'S NOTICE ON The home of Mrs. Millis was the Grove Saturday to transact business. REQUEST FOR TAX DEED scene of a pinochle party Saturdayi Miss Laura MacKenzie aecompani- evening for the benefit of the Home ed them home to Bonanza for a visit ~ioTno every person in.actual .posses; Economics club with the Meads. Me- over the week-end. d-~,z_?r occupancy ox ~ne nerem~, ..... ~nder- Chapman ....... ~ ~-~ ~ B Lamb and ~,:'~med land, lot or premises, ano Glananan, ,~ .... . : mr. ~ ............ ~. the ~erson in whose name the uriiis and Millis as hostesses` children and Miss Florence werne~ ~e w~as taxed or specially asses- "' ~.' and Mrs J. C. Henrie receiv-lmotored to Saguache Friday evening• ~and to all persons having av --~-~-~"~rizes for men and women Miss Werner and Ruth Lamb remain- ,~:-~-~ or title ox recurs in or ~o ea n*~, ~, • --~ "o - ~ • Same ~ .... ~ivelv Low prizes wen~ ~ . ed in Sao~mche to visit during ~a~ur- a ~ n the 7th day of Dec - :- ~ ~ ~lexander family me-~ ..... -'~--~-- ~o ..... a Arthur • ..z • -vz'l. zne xonowmg uescr~ ~ " - - - / ~z~ can on ~un~ay spenu ~7 PertT, situate in the County of toTed to Tracy Y . ," I Eastman were guests at the Eastman ~ he and State of Colorado, to- ing the day visiting the Alexanaer s home Sunday. l Mr. and Mrs. A. Hall and son and ~7~:Wa2:~ ~Ee~!::7W,~ii Parents" ANDY?yM S: . • • MrflZ:Cw:rYn:e=s~ • ' a¢:~ol ' g=o ° i~ ~ ;he NW~ ~ "-- ~ - .... in making a beautiful bouque ~ Township 42 North, Range 5 ~as~ Wouldst be happY? ~mi~e ~wwe - - -*~*~-,o ~v ~h~eh wa~ "~-M p t e enerm " in roses ior ~uv~n~r ~ ~-~ ........ • • M.,was sold for h g e art andtv~ce after d - . . . . ~taXes for the year 1926 and pur.lbefore br akf , accomplished w~th the md of varmu~ ~d by Saguache County. _ _ frier. " . ..... n!colors of crepe paper and dipping ~. ~'~a.t the said Saguache countY! You can tell an uneaucawa ma ...... **i- p duly assigned the certificate o l. •. ~-^,,~ ,,~a~esn't hate any particular uni I mere m ~r~ ,. . ........ ~hase issu d on account of such, . C.M. HuCK accompamea venm~ ~.l~chase to ~uan E. Trujill0 wh°iversi~y" • .... -ee Timney as far as Salida Tuesday. ~h made reouest unon the Treasur-i Striving for an oDjec~ye, we ~ in... . . to Leadville =r of said County f'or a deed. . [onto one side., attaining it, we seei~.~""~e ~s hauhng ore ,~l~hat the said premises were tax:! .. o._ s. " i tins weez. [or said year 1926 in the name ox all sine ............ :~I The school picnic has been planneo "~. F Ti man who is lOyal tO ms uome~vt~ .~.. erney ,] A . t e., "P~ sdav Miss Florence War . ~,~l~hat the t~me of redemptmn o I ties will be loyal ~o his country. I ............ t~a three years ~ real estate from such tax saleI Zesuect yourself and you compel}neT .wnt,mvv,,,,;_,v,~. ghoo! ~'|.expire upon issuance ox ~] -- _ l as ~eacner oi me ~o~m,,~ ~'~a, on or after the 15th day OXlothers to respec~ you. l~aa,, Miss Florence informs us ~t~gUst A D 1936 -~ *f -ou want io test your memory,''''~ ~" . ......... ~_.t,~ Date • " " • of A ril * ~ • ~.'~that sne wnl ~eaen ~ne ~-~,~,~,~ A 13 dtbis 23rd day P try to remember the things that w3. , .......... u1~icial Seal) ' ried you yesteruay. ._ . I . W. L• Hammond, . of Do not think you are tnee,)r:~l s:~ urer of the said County brainy man in the business; m ~C. H. KELLEHER NAMED "~?~eh~ ...... a~n ^, *~ staff doesn't. ] DISTRICT MANAGER OF ~-'*~ rublication April ou, • ......... . a N 14, 1936 The only thing that can cheat l EDISON FOUNDATIO May - ~ woman out of the last word m the~ ~ ......... MIDDLE C USED echo of her own voice, t C.H. Kelleher, of ~atma, manager REEK CL erwce Co, has been NO FISHING ALLOWED Once in a while, not often, a ,nan...~h~0f the Pubhc S. is born who isn't afraid. Then thingsl TpT;~a ~~n~iohir:h:h':s~!y• .' N~tice was received today from 1~. begin to move. i . c. Game and Fish There's a wide difference betweenI that MIDDLE CREEK investments that sound good and i west of Saguache, will re- sound investment& for another two years. The proof of the tact is to let the young science students. This was no fishing is allowed on other fellow believe his suffering the dream of the late Wizard Edison, • who hoped to develop young men or its tributaries which is'worse than yours ever was. l~rotected for the propagati°ni There's hope for you Noah was who could take his place in the field Youn~ fish. Three large retain- six hundred years old before he knew of invention. The power companies, now located on zhe how to build the ark. telephone companies, " radio corn- of young fish While looking for a million in the punieR and moving picture industry, which drift distance, don't overlook the dollar eachdevelopment0f whiehto owesEdison,itShaveoriginunited"r Saguache Creek. right under your nose. Public are warned to The man who wins may have been in carrying out the wishes of the and molesting counted out several times, but he great niventor and dedicating the didn't hear the referee, idea as a memorial to him. " THURSDXY MAY i4, 193~ N II II I I I H [ UI HOT SPRINGS Mr. and Mrs. L. J~ Campbell and dren Marguerite and John, were The Board of County Commission- business callers in Center and Su- ers met in Special Session on Men- guache Saturday• Mr. and Mrs. Basil Moore were day, April 27, 1936, with the follow. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Albert, Mr. visiting friends at Coaldale Sutur- ing members present: Jacob Barsch, Chairman, and Mrs. Archie Clayton, Mr. and day. Gee. H. Curtis, Commissioner, Mrs. Ed Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank The Mirage school closed Friday W. E. Gardner, Commissioner, McGrew, Miss Baskett, and Mr.ldue to the bad weather the picnic NickR" R.Fuson,TarbeH,clerkCOuntYof theAtt°rneY'Board. 1 Kugler attended the Business Men'slwas held at Valley View Sunday. The Board was assembled to take] supper in Moses Monday night. I Mrs. C. E. Dunshee visited several up matters regarding the County] Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Biggs and faro- days at Saguache at the home of Board of Public Welfare. A motion l was made by W. E. Gardner that ily, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Biggs and Mrs. C. E. Hall. • Alw A. Evans be appointed County family, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Campbell Mrs. Gee. W. Spreeher and M,.~. and Claude attended the show in Sa- G. H. Munsell of Creede are taking guache Monday night, baths at the Springs this week. School election was held here Mr. and Mrs. Chester Collins of Monday. era Platz was elected Den',or were home over Sunday• Treasurer. • I Mr. and Mrs. N. R. whited were Ladies Aid was held at the home~lAtamosa shoppers Wednesday. of Mrs• W. A. Albert WednesdayI Mrs Cecil Dieekmann and children afternoon. " . . ........ I returned to Canon C~ty Sunday• ~nurcn serwces were ~nem nero last Wednesday• I The Friendship Study club enter- Rev. and Mrs. Harden were dinner tained as guestS at a luncheon Wed-re guests at the A. E. Biggs home Wed- nesday at 12:30 the Meads. C.C. nesday. Mrs. Chester Cart was rushed to the Red Cross hospital Monday morning• Her illness wasn't as ser- ious as anticipated. She will remain for a few days. The Moffat Seniors attended a free show in Alamosa Monday night. Hoffmann, A. H. Hoffmann, D. Tip- ~ton, Amor Gilder, Mary Noland, O. H. Best, A. M. Clary, E. A. Everson, Roy Olive. Clarisa E. Dunshee. Fran~ Putts, L. Blackford, and Miss Edith [Whited. The club held its regular meeting at 2 p. m. Roll call a poss~s~ sion of the United States. Program 'A lovely Mother's day program by Mrs. J. M. White was "Byrd's Ex- was given at the church Sunday. pedition to Little America." The regular school picnic will be held at Valley View Springs again Mr. and Mrs. Basil Moore left this year• Wednesday mornin~ for Marble Colorado, where they will stay during the summer months. YOU'LL PAY AND PAY t Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Tobler 8re The cost of living is always one of*Spurting a new Plymouth coupe, and Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Peek a four gravest problems the public faces. During depression the problem be- came magified many times. Today, in spite of the recovery that has been made, it ia still greater than ordinary, for that recovery has been follower by rises in the price level that have not yet been $ccompanied by in- creased income so far as millions of door DeLux V8. VILLA GROVE Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Harpel and Eleanora Woods of Moffat were din. citizens are concerned, ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John ..... . I Harpel Sunday. ~overnmen~ snoula attempt to ~ ...... • . ~ars. ~'ran~ uavadere returned hold the cost of hvmg to as low a1 ..... • .......... ~monaay ~rom ~enver. level as ~s economically posslole, uuzI M~:s Sue Blackford of government, to the contrary, has folJ " Howard is i visiting Mr. and Mrs O R. Black. lowed a diametrically different ..... •, " • ~oru znls weez course. It has passed law after law Mr. and Mrs. John Harpel motor- which made a higher cost of living ed to Saguache Thursday. inevitable. And at the same time, it has penalized distrib.uting methbdsl A.J. Hall was elected Treasurer of the school board at the school which made it possible to sell the necessities of life to the consumer at[electi°n held May 4th. a lower cost, without damage to the Elena Turano left Tuesday for pr^d -~r , Salida after a week's stay here ..... . . . ~chool closes this week and the The taxes passed oy various s~azes . ...... ...... cnnaren are pretty nappy against large mercnanoimng organi-; Dr Shi e wa i " " ations are indieatve of the latter---] " PP y s n ~own Tuesday taxes that must inevitably be passed to see Jane Quintana who is very to the consumer. And hills are lsick with scarlet fever. on now pending in Congress whicht Mrs. A. L. Seip and children were would again increase the cost of liv 1Salida callers Wednesday. Robert Kenny and Theodore Eck ing by outlawing certain merchandis-lof Bonanza stopped in town on their ing practices which cut costs and per-' way home from Saguache Wedne~. mit of greater savings in the routine day. of brniging goods from producer to b • ~ Jay White of Mineral Hot Springs uyer. I was a town shopper Thursday. • "C e , were I Mr and Mrs Char Hollmer, ~r, must bear the burden, and feel the ill l . "... ~ '. " " • effects. And nnl~ t~nnn_~ana cnimren, rlemn Fullenwider, Mr. 000A-meTier' con;ume;;'&;k:'th;i'r and Mrs. John Fullenwider were S~t- urday shoppers in Salida. voices heard, they are going to find Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hollmer and that a steadily increasing part of Harry Hollmer of Crestone spent their income will be required to puT. Mother's Day with their parents, Mr. chase the bare necessities of life. and Mrs. ChaR. Hollmer ST. -- Mr. and Mrs, Joe Martin and J P Balkenbush " 19.00 daughter, Reese De Tilla and ChaR. wO1isms " 4.50 /rpottS' attended the funeral of Dean F Ridgeway & Son Supplies 108.21 R "" " ~ " qendrie & Bolthoff " 24 01~ eaneaa ~unoay. Liberty T & P Co " 81291 Mr. and Mrs. O.R. Blaekfor~t H W Moore E Co " 65"281spent Sunday in I~oward~with Mr. WilsOnsinclair MachRef coC° ,," 5~'~] ! Blackford's parents. Ward's B S Yd " 16Z81] Mrs. A. L. Seip and son, Mrs. L W Gross Gar. " 26.40 Dallas Amer and children, Elena Vel Mtr Car Co " .95 Joe D'Avignon" 3.00 Turano, Emma, Shirley, and Rose Denver Oxygen Co " 28.93 Marie Cavaliere, Mr~ ChaR. Hollmer CI~rk Grocery " 52.43 Jr. and son, Clifford Meister~ Mrs. Belle Fellers " 49.0~ Center Lbr Co" 3.39 A. O. Funk, Jan Bowers, Mrs. W. Sag Co Natl Bank " Assn 22.8ff P. Fullenwider and children, Mr. and Cent Oil Co " 256.56 Mrs. Tom Hollmerr, Mr. and Mrs. Mtn S T & 2# Co S~rvice 10.70 V~,h SeT Co " 3•30 ChaR. Hollmer, ST., and Harry Hell- Public Service Co " 15.86 met attended the show in Salida Mrs. L W Gross Agt Frt 1.35 Sun,~, R N Rockey Rent tr 33•00 ~-~" Martin's Gar Supplies 5.2~ Clarence Biggs and Mrs. A. E. Sag. Co Natl Bank Sup Assh. 34.50 Biggs of Moffat called at the Goss Mr and Mrs Valdez cooking 90.00 home Monday on their way home Lyle Cottrell Rd wk 105.00 Bay City Shovels, Inc. Note 347.82 from Saldia. $2,823.9'~5I Mrs. A. J, Hall and Mrs. F. S. Goss .............. made a business trip to Saguache CONTINGENT FUND Tuesday afternoon. Director of Public Welfare, t~e mo- tion being seconded by Geo• H• Cur- tis; Gardner, Curtis and Barsch all voting in the affirmative; the motion being carried and Alva Evans being appointed. The salary of the Direc- tor was set at $110.00 per month and travel expense at six cents per mile. The office of the County Di- rector to be maintained in the base- ment of the Court House. Rev. C. W. Hardon was then appointed as Assistant Director at a salary of $90.00 per month. The appointment of Edna Glover of Center, Colorado, as stenographer for the County Board of Public Wel- fare at a salary of $70.00 per month, is hereby confirmed. The following Resolution was pas- sed by the Board. WHEREAS, It is provided by House Bill No• 2, Section 8 of the Second Extraordinary Session of the 30th General Assembly of the State of Colorado, that the County Board )f Public Welfare shall authorize the County Director, or some member o~ his staff, to receive oaths and af- firmations to those applying for aid, BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED. That Alva A. Evans and C. W. HaT- don be and are hereby authorized "to administer oaths and affirmation.,. for the uses and purposes therein set forth. Bill of Sam Romero allowed as shown by the Warrant Register. The meeting was then adjourned until May 4, 1936. The Board of County Commis- sioners met in Regular Session on Monday, May 4th, 1936, with the fol- lowing members present: Jacob Barsch, Chairman, W. E. Gardner, Commissioner, R. R. Tarbell. County Attorney, Nick Fuson, Clerk of the Board The Board proceeded to the regu- lar routine of business. Bills again- st the County were presented and allowed as shown by the Warrant Register. List of Bills allowed at May meet- ing. ORDINARY FUND Jacob Barsch Co. Corer. $ 92.40 W. E. Gardner " 87.96 G. H. Curtis " 129.60 Merle Rockey Dep Clerk 80.00 Edith Jones Asst. " 80.00 J. M Sheesley Assessor 169.56 Mildred Page Dep. " 80.00 State Land Bd. Exp.-Assess• 2.90 Ed Paul Sal. Sheriff 150.00 Ed Paul Exp. " 74.00 0ra Carson Sch. Supt. 109.19 Birt Clare Co. Judge 28.0~ L L. Gotthelf Fee 20.00 L L. Gotthelf Fee 10.0~ F. H. Means " 20.00 F. H. Means " 10.00 O. P. Shippey " 10.00 O. P. Shippey " 20.0{) R. R. Tarbell " 20.00 R. R. Tarbell ' 10.00 R. R. Tarbell Atty. 51.50 E. R. Musher Janitor 85.00 Joe D. Aragon C. H. Labor 17.50 Lena Werner Bd of prisoners 6.00, Sag Co Natl Bank Jailor- Assn. 50.00 Mtn States T & T Co Service 59.85 Public SeT Co Service 27.2~ L W Gross C H Sup .40 F Ridgeway & Son " 19.3~ C A Wiliams Mere " 3.00 Ward's B Sup Yd " 15.67 Belle Fellers" 1.12 Huntington :Labs " ~ 24.35 Bessie Gross Express 2.8° Cert. Chem Prod C H Sup 29.70 Ira Colvin Water Com. 120.06 T W CarT "' 38.6~ James Medina " 180.00 John Charles " 150.00 Levin Charles " 30.00 W F Knowlton " 8.3~ Sag Crescent Printing 14.42 Post-Dispatch" 14.63 CF HoekeIBB & LCo.. Supplies ............... 48.41 CFHoekel B B & LCo.. Supplies ..... , ...... 145.6"1 Out West P & S Co Supplies 7.34 W A Price Co Exten Agt 19.133 W F McGee Asst. " " 19.18 R. R. Tarbell Premium 8?00 L M Haynie DiRt Atty 38.99 R C I~orton Dep. DiRt Arty 18.3~ Fay Fennell Clerk D C 50.0~ R C Ellithorpe Reporter 45.4C Bessie E. Wolfe D C fees 103.02 Clide N McClean D C fees 35.94 Total ........ $2,693.1~ ROAD FUND J F Ashton Road work $51.00 JaR C Schmittel Supplies 52.20 Eugene Williams Super & Exp 179.02 John W Harpel Road work 112•50 Clarence Allen " 98.43 W J Worrier Jr " 52.50 B Timney " 62.00 Gordon Lemieux " 27.00 Tom Michaud " 101.00 Louis Werner " 53.81 Frank Abeyta " 43.50 J D Graves " 3.50 J C Cole " 64.00 Carl Williams" " 49.50 Fee Fund Co Clerk Stamps 1•00 Mr. and Mrs. Marion Goss and Gee F Bachmann " 2.501Fee Fund Co. Clerk Fees 50•00 Ed Jackson " 92.75 daughter and Fred Cuss made a busi- W.ermen Jack~son " 81.00~1 Total ..... ' ........... $51.90 hess trip to Canon City Monday. Sais Medina " 10.27, Stanley Donaldson ,, 119.23t/ POOR FUND Several cases of Scarlet fever have B D Whittington " 12.2~ Sam Romero Exp. $13.00 been reported in town, " 0 Arthur Cooper 12 0 o " • I [ R y Coleman of Sa uache was m Fred Goss ", 20"0~1 Total . ~ '$5,581.10'f~wn ",.~ ~...~ .... ~..ff~ J N Ashley t~,uul ] ............... ~- Geo Williams " 34.501 There being no further business, Mr. mad Mrs. Archie Cla to:~ of O F Diller " 4.00 ~ the meeting adjourned, Moffat ~tm~t Tue~lav ewn~-,- ~,~*~, Geo Bowman ~.. ~ ~ ,-~ ..... , , Mr and Mrs. ChaR. HoUmer Jr and Labor 12.30 ] NICK ~USON, JACOB BARSCH, [ " E A Mas~rf, on L iramie" F Ridgeway & Son Rd wk Assn 54.25 | Clerk. Chairman.