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May 23, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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May 23, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 21. HEN AND WOH[N Should Buy Boots an4 Shoes, (Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.) Hats and Caps, (Boogher, Force & Goodbar Hat Co.) Gloves and Mittens, Overshoes, Underwear and Drygoods. Crockery, Queenswarc and Hardware. Harness, Stoves and Ranges, (Wilson Heaters.) Duck Coats, (all Styks. ) OF SAMUEL FEAST, Moffah COLO,, SAY[ MONEY. mll '-- II I LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS GENERAL HARDWARE As can be found in the San Luis Valley, This stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced Hardware man and was bought at prices which will permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bougbt of us. We solicit your trade. Buggies and Wagons I have at my place in the town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Bindiog Twine, Oil, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and Wagons which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else in the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB. i . i, H eghle IS Your Opportunity. On receipt of ten cents, cash or stamps, a generous sample will be mailed of the most popular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure (Ely's Cream Bahn) sufficient to demon- str;~te the great merits of the remedy. ELY BROTHERS, 86 Warren St., New York City. l~ev. John Reid, Jr., of Great Fallh, Mont., recommended Ely's Cream Balm to me. I can emphasize his statement, "It is a posi- tive cure for catarrh if used as directed."~ key. Francis W. Peele, Pastor CentralPres. Church, Helena, Mont. Ely's Cream Balm is the ~knowledged cure for catarrh and contains no mercury nor any injurious drug. 1:)%ios, 80 oenta. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, i i Ever have themP Then we can't tell you any- about them. You know how dark everything I o o k s and how you are about ready to give up. Some- how, you can't throw off the terrible depression.. Are things really so blueP Isn't it your nerves, after slip That's where the trouble is. Your nerves are being poisoned from the impurities In )'our blood. THURSDAY, MAY 23, 1901. i , i ii , i ii How Dad La$ Converted. When the big revival meeUn' opened up In Bethel church An' the minister begun to sheke the devil's lofty perch, Dad was roostln' mighty sass) on the very topmost limb, An' the pious agitation didn't seem to worry him, He would swear gad chew iobaeker, both o' which was sinful breaks, An' 'd sometimes take to frekent to the bowl that breeds the snakes, Bat his stiff o1' neck was limbered an' he fumbled from the tree, An' he's gone an' got converted in to Chris- tianity. Curiosity Induced him fur to happen in one Dight Jest to get a sort o' ldee from a pussonal In- ,Sight ,~ Of the modus operandy they adopted fur to win Violators o' the precepts tram the eaitycombs O' sin, Seems the watchful preacher saw him an' he pussonally allot Every word in dad's dlreetlon, an' he preach- ed 'era slzzln hot, An' almost afore he knowed It he had felt the cuttln' rod, An' was down among the mourners try'n to square himself with God. Ma Was nilus a believer an' the tears came In Sarsill itrilla] her eyes, An' her bosom seemed a heavlu' with an ocean o' surpz'ls~ When she saw him gels' for'ard with a look that seemed to say purifies the blood and He was gain' 'mong *ighteous an' was gain' there to stay, gives power and stability to the nerves. It makes health and strength, activ- Ity and cheerfulness. This is what "Ayer's" will do for you. It's the oldest Sarsaparilla in the land, the kind that was old before other Sarsa- parillas were known. This also accounts for ~he saying, "One bottle of Ayer's is worth three bottles of the ordinary kind." Write the D~t~. If you have any complaint whatever and desire the best medical advice yon can possibly receive, write the doetor freely. You will receive a prompt re- plyw Without cost. Address, D~, J. O. AYER, Lowell, little. MO..A , I = /rivate andi~hronlo Diseases of Men I May 10, 1901, at her home iu Salida, CONSULT Mensufferingfrom evil el-. .... I Mrs. Martha A. Wales. Deosaeed suf- ~ f~ts o~ youthful ,.~i,cr~- ......... ~" tions, eyphili~,gonorrhoeaj t force only & sl~ort Illness irom pueu- " sleet, stricture, sexual n ~-- ~ weakness, varieocele, un-/inertia" She )caress husba d to mourn ~tl ~ natural ~lischargcs, lost ltheloss of a faithful and loving wife, |~ ~' ~lffJ vz~:ntty, iaLnng memory,/~ ., , .... ~ ~.. l ~i~f nntitness to marry blood, .tier. ~ehoonazer ot ~anoa omctated at +:~i~? san, kidney or rivato dis- ~i/~ eases, ere s-es~ily cured I the funeral at Rite Alto church near the ~'~ DiL COOKPhas spent 30 [ ranch home Sunaav May 1~ ~t m .... ~ycars of persistent study [ , , 1" ~ " "~ .......... ~ and experzenCe in his own ! o CLOCK. ~practice and among thel ~ : ........ OK largest Easten~. hospltal~ uharles W. Gilbert., marshal of the I)UU:[u~t ~v in curing this class of dis- i ~ - ~ : -,' ~ .... n. ~,.t ~;11 c.r~a.~nntr.nx, "r. nenteure ~own O[ )onanza, uleo a~ sis nome m caste .~ .... ~'.I ........~OU aDerma aimed atocost Hohusoured thoueandswho tt.-t -l-co -n Ta 'da M ....... thought'theirca~'eshopelcss, Alllettersprivate. ~,a i~. u u er~ y, ay x#, .t~vl, tram Write for question b'ank.. Consultation zree. alabel, es. Deceased was born in Iowa 33 ~Ied!clnos sent free from obsorvat.ion. Cook Ft:5":='. Co. ,6a3CurtisSt.Dauver,~oi, yaara ago and came to Colorado with his family 20 years ago. He lived at Bonan- [WE WILL FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE! i Write to-day for our frond-f 1 some Inaslrated catalogue/ READ THE LETTERS I and seewlmt beautiful pre=l from our ~,atrons aud miums we give for selllng/ h~ oonv .~o~'~ "" " , I ourSoaps. Wegivetoeaeh/ are (~lealiia"g~v%~na~l~o'-" ! ..... ................ L choice of some of the Imnd ........... I somest premiumsinthemarkeC. Lamps, nmeelets, Glassware, Opahvare. Knives, F~oasting Parm, Cake Platesandother beautiful presents. To ~ I the agent wt*o sells o~fly 24 boxes of Soap J-'~ ! we g~ve a 50-P/eee Dlnnee ~et--not a J m II toy Set--but a beautifully decorated add ~ gold traced full size for i~aznily use Din- f~II~P~ i Ba~Od~;~V~.d nerset. W[alsogiv~ Couches, ]~o~kers, t~ ~ | l~l I am verymueh pleased wi y , Dining Room Ch~irs. Center Tables, ~ ~' |.~1 willg~t upaao~her order soon. ~ .... Lace Curtains Watches~ Knives and ~.-.:-.]ff 1 Miss LULU ~Aw, Forks, (;rarHt~ware. Sewing blaei~tnes, ~! a~ ~o~?~'a~V*LLE, OHIO. 1HU~ eal, instruments, I.;te. ] leash is pre- +ods,s,,eivsd oo., ......... il a ,'er, i,.r.l ..... is- well pl~a~l with their lamps. We have not seen _.n. ll.V rustyou. 1~omoneyrequired. [~]'~1 mohnlcelempsherebefore. WIll sendanotl~er order .we.a ow yo'.l 15 days' time ~n which I ~):| ]~I in few days. I sm more thanJ_?leued with th) to aellver the goods and collect yonr ~l .~J~ 1 auto,olin. Mr#. AGNES HITCIIINGS. money verore paying US. Don't delay. "~i[~"I I SALVONA SOAP CO., Main and Locust Sts., ST. LOUIS, MO. THB PBOPLR'8 NATIONAL FAHILY Pablishocl MondeD Wednesday and Fri- day, is in reahtya fine, fresh, every-other-day Daily, giving the lat- est news on dues of is- slle~ and covering news of the other three. It contains all important foreign cable news which up_years in THE DAILY TRIBUNE of same date, also Do- mestic and Foreign Correspondence, 8her Stories. Elegant Half tone Illustrations Humorous Items, In dastrial information ~ashion Notes, Agri cultural Matters an( Comprehenslve and re liable Financial and[ Market reports, i Regular subscription ! price, $1.50 per year. We furnish Jt with THE ORESCENT for 82.50 per ~ear. za during the boom days of that camp and has followed the occupation of a miner and prospector since he became a man. He leaves and wife a two children tomourn his loss. The remains were brought to Sa- guache and the interment made on Sun- day afternoon, Rev. McGann conduct- ing the service at the grave. A Very Ren,arkable ltomedy. "It is with a good deal of pleasure anl satisfaction that I recommend Chamber- lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy," says druggist A. W. Sawtelle,' of Hariford, Conn. "A lady customer, seeing ttm remedy exposed for sale on my show case, said to me: 'I really believe that medicine saved my life the past summer while at the shore,' and she be- came so enthusiastic over its merits that I at once made up my mind to recom- mend it in the future. Recently a gen- tleman came into my store so overcome with colic pains that he sank at once to the floor. I gave him a dose of this rem- edy which helped him. I repeated the dose and in fifteen minutes he left my st0ra smilingly informing me that he felt as well as ever." Sold by the Saguaohe Pharmacy. Dell Wilson of Creeds, who is inter- ested in the lease on the Silver Plume at l Cochetops, passed through town last! week on hm way to the Plume. Mr. Wil-i son met with bad luck, losing two horsesI from colic--one near Embargo and the: other here. gM,aD. Gould Sr. has commenced build in wagon shop on t he cor~er of Fourth street and Gunnlson ave.--one block north of the Gotthelf & Tarbell corner. The Topeka Mail and Breeze offered a prize for the best description of "The Model Husband," written by a woman. The first contribution read tersely as follows: The topic is not a proper one, no one cares to discuss the dead.--Tele- graph, Published on Thurs- day, and known for NEW =" "" "'" every part of the Unit- " eO States as a National Family Newspalaer of the nighest class, for farmers and villagers. It contains aU the most important g e n e r a 1 news of THE DALLY YORK TRIBUNE .up to hour of going to press, an Agricultural Depart- ment of the highest or- der. has entertaining reading for every member of the family, WEEKLY old and youug, Market Reports which are ac- cepted as authority by farmers and country merchants~ and is clean, up to date, In- teresting and instruct- ive. TRIBUNE Regalar subscription price, $1.00 par year. We furnish it with THE CRESCENT for 82.00 per ~ear. He had scurcely reached the altar an' was snugly settled there 'Fore silo had her arms around him an' was jolnin' him in prayer, An' the preacher knelt beside 'em like the case was cue he knew Needed lots o' expert prayin' Iur to safely pull it through. When lhe light bruk in upon an' his soul was washed o' sin An' his wicked heart tuk from lllm an' a bet- ter one put In, But you never heard sich shoutln' dad 'd never hide his light Underneath a bushel measure 'stead o' flash- in' it in sight, All the bretherin' an' sisters come an' tuk him by the hand Glad to have him travel with 'era up toward the promised land, Him a telllu' 'era quite frekent 'twas the way he long had sought An' had done a heap o' mournin' 'cause he hadn't found It out. I asp fur from rerun' frisky at our present home affairs, .... Fur a kid like me don't like It to be forced to say his prayers. An'a havin' every Snnday fur to wash an' dress so sllck Fur the Sunday scimol an' meetin' seems to pile It on too thick, ButItry wlth resignation fur to keep the proper track An' to bear the cross with patience that Is ~trapped upon my back, Fur the bran-new look o; pleasure that I see on mother's face Makes me glad that dad's a settln' in a show- er o' savin' grace. --James Barton Adams in Denver Peat. Card of Thanks. Mrs. J.P. Meister wishes in this way to tender her thanks to those who ao kindly assisted her during her late bereavement, An Extensive Stock Raiser Tells How to Ours Scours in CaIves, Win. Abbott, of Tyndall, S. Dak. quite au extenmve stock raiser, has for a num- ber of years used Chamberlaln's Celia, Cholera aod Diarrhoea Remedy for soours in calves and says he has never known it to fail, He gives a teaspoonful in water as diroeted on the bottle for an adult man, after each operation of the bowels more than natural. Usually one dose ie ~,flioient. For sale by Saguaohe Pharmaoy. G. O. Taylor W hiskies~ are guaran~ed pur,g. Trustee's ~ale. Whereas, George W. Haws8 of El Paso county. Colorado, Dy his certain deed of trust dated ~eptember 29, 1~97, and duly recorded iu the office el tho clerk and recorder of Saguache county, Colorado, ou the 3rd day o{ ~ovem. her, 1897, in boot~ 77 at page 94, conveyed to the public trustee of~aguaci~e county, Colorado, ms trustee, the tbliowlng described real estate situate tn the county of ~aguache and state of Colorado, to-wt t: o The east half of the northeast quarter of section twenty-two (22) and tile northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section twenty-three (P~3), in township forty.eight t48) nortlt of range foUr (4) east oz lho 2~ M P M, eontaintog l~0aeres, ill trns~ tO secure the of his promissory note o! even date payment tl*crewith for the sum of nee l, undred dollars, payable to the order of Annie O'Failon, on March 1, 1900, together witll interest thereon at 10 per cent. per annum, payable seml-an. anally, and Whereas, said deed of trust provides that in case o/'delault in the payment of said sate or any interest thereon, or ally part tl)ereof, then it st, all be lawluilor said trustee to sell, tl~e said premises, or any paz'L thereof, and ail ti~e right, title and interest oz 8%id George W. kiawes therein at public attction for cash, tbur weeks notlce llavlng been previously given by publication In a newspaper printed Jn sald Sa- guache county, and Whareas, said note is now due and delb.ult has been made In the payment thereof as well as the interest duo tisereon sineo ~ptelnber 29, I(~98, and no part of the same ha8 beeu paid and the legal holder ot said noLo has requeste(t a sale of said p~emlses under ~id used of trust; Now, Therefore, the ~ndersigned as pubile trustee of ~aguaohe (ounty) I~oiorado, Will, OU Monday, the 27to day el May, A. D. 1901 at trio hour ell 0 cioeR iu the a[tel'nOOU, at tile front door of the court house ltl the town of ~. gauche, Colorado, self tile above described prope[ty in and by said deed (if trust convey. ed,/or the purpose of paying said note, lurer. est due thereon aud co~ts ot executing this trust. Dated April 22, 1901. 8AMU]~L JEW~LL) Publle Trustee oi Saguache cuunty, Cotnrado. First pub, April ~) l~t Ala~y ~, Send all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., Best of Job Printing at this office. ..... WHOLE NUMBER 1061. Women as Well as Men Are Made Miserable by Kidney Trouble. Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dla- courages and hk~.~ns ambition; beauty, vigor and cheerfulness soon ~~ disappear when the kld- '_'~-rr[~~.'~ _ neys are out of order ,[~.|It~,/~lr~~'- or diseased. "~~ Kidney trouble has ~\~~ become so prevalent ~-~ -'N~f ~ that it is not uncommon ~/~.\'~L~ ~ ~/for a child to be born f~]~k%~'~'~___~ afflicted with weak kid- ,~_%x~2b~_" neys. If the child urin- .-.--k'-'-'-g-'~.'~. ~-. ates too often, If the urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child reaches an age when It should be able to control the passage, It is yet afflicted wlth bed=wetting, depend upon It. the cause of the difflcu}ty is kidney trouble, and the first step should be towards the treatment o| these important organs. This unpleasant trouble is due to a diseased condition of the kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as most people suppose. Women as well as men are made mls- stable with kidney and bladder trouble and both need the same great remedy. "The mild and the immediate effect o| Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold by druggists, in fifty- ~~ osnt and one dollar~F,~ stzes. You may have a ~...1~ sample bottle by mail ~'~~ free, also pamphlet tel1- com, of swam~Roo~ ing all about it, Including many ot the thousands of testimonial letters received from sufferers cured. In writingDr. Ktlme~ & Co., Bfnghamton, N, Y., be sure and mention thb paper, Tomorrow niuht at Union hall, will occur the commencement exercises of the Saguache high school. The program i will be as follows: Quartette ...... Hi Lo the Morning Sun Invocation ............... Roy. McGann Violin Solo ............... Frank Brown Oration and Salutatory, A Half Century of Progress .......... Emma C. A. Nehl~ Oration, Efforts Load to Suoosas .... ..................... Annie R. Har~ Piano Solo, La Balladine ........... ..................... Mrs. Plttenger Oration, Poet ot Freedom ........... ................. Thaia I. MoMullin Oration, Digmty of Labor .......... ................. Edward E. Borrego Vocal Solo ...... Miss Margaret Lookett Oration, Triumphs of Woman. ................. Sarah E. Fal'lertou Oration, Golden Time .............. ............. :,. ,...Mamie E. Olark Piano Solo, The Last Hope ......... ................ Miss Minnie O'Neil Oration and Valedictory, Liberty ... .................. Samuel E. Forbes Remarks t~ Clams .... Prin. J. B. Morgan Class Song Talk .......... J. L Palmer County Supt Presentation of Diplomas .......... ................... Dr, J. T. Melvir Ohorus Commencement Maroh He is a Wonder. All who see C. F. Collier, at Cherokee Iowa, as he is now, cheerful, erect, vigor- ous, without an ache, could hardly be- lieve he is the same man, who, a short time ago had to sit in a ohalr propped up !by cushions, suffering intensely from an soling back, in agony if he tried to stoop--all caused by chronic kidney trouble, that no medic/he helped till be used Electric Bitters and was wholly cured by three bottle~. Positively cures backache, nervousness, leas of appetite, all kidney troubles. Only 50 cents at Lord & Wilcox druggists, Crestone, Colo. Some time ago Mrs. Wells had John Roach and Benj. Vanscoyk arrested on a charge of stealing some cattle. The district attorney became satisfied that there was no crime committed and on hearing evidence the ~ustice dismissed the case and taxed the costs to the com- plaining witness. From this decision Mrs. Wells has taken an appeal to the county court. Fought lor his Life. "My father and sister both died of con- sumption," writes J. T. Weatherwax of Wyandotte, Mioh, "and I was saved from the same frightful fate only by Dr, King's New Discovery.An attack of pneu monta left an obstinat,8 cough and very severe lung trouble, whloh an excellent doctor could not help, but a few months' use of this wonderful medicine made me as well as ever and I gained much in weight." Infaliable for coughs, colds and all throat and lung trouble. Guar- anteed bottles 50 cents and $i at Lord & Wzloox's druggist, Crostone, Colo. Trial bottle free. We are informed that A. L. Baker, a former Saguache citizen, is expected to be in Saguacho during the week. He has been in Seattle, Wash. for the past siz months. Mr. W. J. Baxter of North Brook, N. C, says he suffered with piles for fifteen years. He tried many remedies with no results uutil he used DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve and that quickly cured him. Ssguaohe Pharmacy. W. O. Hurt of Moffat was on the Up- per Saguaohe last week after beef cattle to fill bm contracts. He bought some ~rom Bob Montieth and James Slaue. Box papers at the 0~r~F~T ofi1~, SAGUACHE CRESCENT FO~I~gRLy SAGUAOH~ DEMO01~T. OSCAR D. BI~YAI~I, PROPI~IETOR AHD EDITOR. rublish.ef], at Sa~ache, Colo.,.ever~ Thursday. Ov political questions it w*u auvocat~ the interest~ of tJas Repubhoan party. Its chief aim will be to advan~ th6m~- torial interests of t~aia count~. ~ubecrlptlon, - $2;00 g Year, Admlmstrator's ~le of Real ~tgte. Whereas by an order of the county court o! 8aguache county, state of Colorado, bearing date May 17,190L tile undersigned was author. ized and directed to sell certain real estate be- longing to the e~ta~ of George W. Kersey, to pay the debts oI said estate. Now, Therefore, notice is hereby'given that Z will offer at public sale at my office m the town of 8agu~che, Colorado, on Thursday, the 181h day at'June, A. D, 1901, at the hour of two o'clock p. m. of said day, the following de. scribed real estate, to.wit; All of the right, tttle and interest of the es- tate of George W. Keesey in to lot 10, the east hall of lot 9 and the west half of lot 11, block 21; the north 15 feet el lot 5, block 18: lots ~, 5 and 6, block A, 8ettle's addition tO the town of Saga ache, all In the town of Saguaehe,~Sa. guaene county, Colorado. Also lot 20, block J and lot 1, block 52 In the town of Bonanza, Colorado. Terms of sale, cash in hand. All sales sub- Ject to the approval of sald canary court and all deeds to be executed on approval thereof. Dated at Saguaehe, Colorado, this 18th day of May, A. D. ll/Ol. CHARLES HAYDEN, Administrator. A Sprained Ankle Qulckly Cured, "At one time I suffered from a severe sprain of the ankle," says Gee. E. Cary, editor of the Guide, Washington, Vs. "After using several well recommended medicines without suoeoss, I tried Chamberlam's Pain Balm andam pleased to say that relief came as soon as :I began its use and a complete cure speed- fly followed. This remedy has always been used i~'my family for frost bitten feet with the best results. I oheerfully recommend its use to all who may need a first class liniment." Sold by the Sa- Ruaehe Pharmacy. ~rgents Items From Gunnlson RepubU- P~tn. The Means Bros. arrived here Sunday with a large herd of oattle. Mrs. Frank i Meens oamo -Wednesday to spend the summer. H. C. Allen again returned from the Sa]ida hospital and is very much im- proved. From reports he will be able to go to work ins short time. A school election was held at the school house Monday. The following were elected, J. It. Hicks, president, Ohas. Eberling, secretary, and Wm. Mc- Donald, treasurer. No opponents. Billiousness is a condition oharaoteriz. ed by a dieturbanoe of the digestive or- gans. The stomach is debilitated, the liver torpid, the bowels constipated. There is a loathing of food, pains m the bowels, dizziness, coated tongue and vomiting, first of the undigested or part- ly digested food and then of bile. Cham- berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets al- lay the disturbanc~ of the stomach and create a healthy appeti~. They also tone up the hver to a healthy action and regulate the bowels. Try them and you are certain to be much pieaesd with tl~e result. For sale by Saguaehe Pharmacy. Horse Round Up. A horse round up will be made on Wednesday~ May 29th. The Saguache riders will meet at Hunt's springs at 9 o'clock, the~iila Grove riders will meet at Chamberlain springs at 9 o'clook, the Cotton Creek riders will meet at W. H. Cole's ranch at 9 o'clock and the Moffat riders will leave that town at the same hour. All parties will drive towards the Horace Means ranoh on the Lower Sa- guache. G~o. W. M~a_~s, Capt. of Roundup. "Our little girl was unconscious from strangulation during a sudden and terri- ble attack of croup, I quickly secure4 a bottle of One Minute Cough Cure, giv- ing her three doses. The croup was mas- tered and our little darling speedily re- covered." So writes A. L. Spafford, Ches- ter, Mich. Sa uache Pharmacy. James Slane of the Upper Saguache passed through town last Friday with a small bunch of beef cattl~ for W. O, Hurt of Moffat. -. Mrs, M. B. Colt entertained a number of her friends at lunoheon last Thursday in honor of her guest, Mrs. Win, F. Boyd ~Journal. le i i i i iii i i . Oonstipation, Headache, Biliousnes% Heartburn, Indigestion, Dizziness, Indl0ate that your liver is out of order. The best medicine, to rouse the liver and cure all ~hese llls, Is round In IHood's Pills