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June 13, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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June 13, 1901

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i] SAGUACHE CRESCENT. V0L. XXI. 9 NO. -. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER 1064. Remember that in Staple goods we are carrying our usuM ex~llent assort- ment and still maintain the reputa- tion of being the cheapest house in the Valley. SAM FEAST, MOFFAL LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS DUNN BLOCK, S._A_ (zvr..T._~ C :E-T 3~, C C) T ,C) :ES_A.:ID O , Have just opened as complete a stock of GENERAL HARDWARE As can be found in the San Luis Valley. This stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced lIardware man ann was bought at prices which will permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us. We solicit your trade. Buggies and Wagons I have at my place in the town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, BindiDg Twine, 0il, Etc. I haven bargain to offer in Buggies and Wagons which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else in the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN IIOLCOMB. | 'JFhousands are Trying It, Tn order to prove the great merit of Ely's Cream Balm, the most effective cure for Catarrh and Cold in Head, we have pre- pared a generous trial size for 10 cents. Get it of your druggist or send 10 cents to ELY BROS., 56 Warren St., N. . City. I suffered from catarrh of the worst kind ever since a boy, and I never hoped for cure/but Ely's Cream Balm seems to do even that. Many acquaintances have used it with excellent result.~.--O~er Ostrum, 45 Warren Ave., Chicago, Ill. Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged ours for catarrh and contains no cocaine, mercury nor any injurious drug, Price~ 50 cents. At druggists or by mail MOFFAT, COLO. Y)NSULT Men s,~ffering from ceil ef- ~.~'-~_-~-~ ... f'cts of youthful indiscre- ~.]: ~ons, .yphilis, gonorrhceaj ~,~ sleet, stricture, sexual ~ weakness, varicocele, un- ~'~ g.~ ~:,,~r - -~: ~ n~turall . ai~cimrgcs~ lost ,~ ' :::~) V tahly, failing memory, ~ . ~ :~ unfitness to marry, blood, ~i~~' s_.in, kidney or private dis- ~ eases, are speedily cured. ~.,~N~']~ :DR. COOK has spent 30 ~ ~ years of persistent study .~?N/~yJ[~ and experience in his own ~~practlce and among the ~^~ ~]argcst Rastern hospitels t)(J~v~ wu~. in curing thin class of dis- ea~e~ an~t. ",vi~l W.~aranteo you a permanent cure sg moderate cost. He has cured thousands who ~h~u~bt t heir ca se~ hPpcicss, All letters private. Wriie for question b ~mk. Consultation free, Mediclues r~ent free from observation. Coo~cdzca~o. ~6zsCurtL~St.Oenver.C l, [WE WILL FURNISH .YGUR HGM REE[ i Write to-day for our hand-~ m sonic Illustrated catalogue I T~.A~ ,VTr'~ T.W'r'V~'n~ i and eee wlmt beautiful pro- fro-,~'~ou~,:"~a';ro~-"~ ]nlUIDS We give for. sc]lln~,l be cony'raced ma~-- " you i our Soaps. "We give toeacl~] are dealie~, with a thor- ll Durclmser of a box of Soap oughly reliable nouse or bottle of Perfume their] ' choice of some of the ]land- !, , I somest premiumsiuthe market. LampS, Bracelets. I Glassware. Opalware, Knives I~oastlng I'an~ ca~I Plates and other beautiful pre~ents. To ~ I the agent who sells ordy 24 boxes of Seal) | N I we give a SO.Piece Dinner Set--not a J I I toy set--hut a beautifully decorated and ~ I gohttraced,fullsizeforfamilyuse Din- ~lN~i BaISTOL VT n , erect WeaIsogiva Couches Po~ker$ ~ "N | ][i I am ve much pleased with my dishes and Diui~ ~a~-- Chat - ~ - ' ~ -" ' ~-- --- , uo ..~lu ....... ru t~en~er Table8 WfilgetuPaa~r~arrdersou"'ts --"-'" BESAW Lace Curtains, Watches. Knives an~ tVI ,~1 I l~t~U ' Forks, Graniteware, Sewing 1Haehines, ]~- I ~ILSO~VlLLE, Omo. Musical Instruments Etc. ]fcashispre- /~ I Goods received to-day. My customers are all f~rred we allow a very liberal commie- ~i~I~I ~11 plea~d with their lamps. We have not seen $lpn..~Vetrustyou. Nonmneyrequired. ~ilt II~I snob nieelampI here before. WIll send another order We allOW yOU 15 says' thne in which I ~" llT~t Iff~I in a f~t" ~tys. I am more than pleased with the to deliver tile goods nnd collect your ~_~t] J~ I mandolin, Mrs. AGNES HITCRIlNG8. money before paying us. Don't delay. W~ SALVONA SOAP CO., blain and Locust Sis., ST. LOUIS,~ViO. TItli PROPLfi'B NATIONAL FAMILY NffgPAPRB IIEW- YORK TRI- WEEKLY TRIBUHE Published Monday, Wednesday and Fri- day. is m reahty a fine, HEW fresh, every-other-day Daily, giving the lat- est news on days of is- sue, and eoverlng news of the other three. It~ contains all importan~ foreign cable news YORK DAILY TRIBUNE of I same date, also Do- mestic and Foroigu Correspondence, Short [ Stories. Elegant Half- I t~ne Illustrations, I Humorous Items, In- dustrial information, "~|Tr] T'~TTT ~[T Fashion Notes, Agri- [ W 14Hgl. eulturel Matters and I ill J~tlJ[~JU L Comprehensive ann re- [ liable Financial and[ Market reports, r Regular subscription pHo0, $1.50 per year. ITI~TRII~I~ We furnish ~t with [ IIilI)UIII2 THE OEESCENT for $2.50 per year. Published on Thurs- day, and known for nearly sixty years in every part of the Unit- e,J States as a National Family Newspaper of the nighest class, for farmers and villagers. It contains all the most impertantg e n e ra 1 news of THE DALLY TRIBUNE up to hour of going to press, an Agricultural Depart- ment of the highest or- der. has entertaining reading for every member of the family. ohl and young. Market Reports wideh a"e ac- cepted as authority by farmers and country merohantst and is clean, up to date. in- teresting and instruct- ive. Regular subscription price, $1.00 per year. We furnish it with THE CRESCENT for $2.00 per year. Send all orders to The Crescent, Saguache,, Why let all your neigh- bors and friends think you must be ITRIIAg ' w on,y years ~n older than you are? ~4 Yet it's impossible .to look young with the ~4 color of 70 years in )4 the hair. It's sad to 4 see young p e r s o n s look prematurely old ~.q in this way. Sad be' cause it's all unneces- o sary; for gra air -may always re- ." store d ,, to its .nat- Ir" color ~IbYus" For over half a cen- tury this has been the standard hair prepara- tion. It is an elegant dressing; stops fall- ing of the hair; makes the hair grow; and cleanses t h e s c a I p from dandruff. $1.00 bottS, All druggl~, " I have been using Ayer's Hair yigor for over 20years and I can neartlly recommendit to the public as the best hair tonic in existence." Mrs. G. L. A LnznsoN, April 24,1899. Ector, Tex. If you do not obte~n all the behests you expected from the Vigor, w~lto ~e Do~ter about it. Addre~, DL J. 0. AYFA~, Lowell, Mr. A. J. White is preparing to move to Crostone to go into business at that place.--Monte Vista Reporter. Don't l~arry tor l~oney. The Boston man who lately married a sickly rich young lady, is happy now for he got Dr. King's New Life Pills which restored her to perfect health. Infallible for jaundice, billiousne~s, 'malaria, fever and ague and all liver q~ud stomach troubles. Gentle but effective. Only 250 at Lord & Wilcox, druggists, Crestone Colo. d. C. Brothers has accepted an offer to become one of the staff on the Ranch and Range.--Monte Vista Reporter. ~#-~ The doctors told me my cough was in- curable, One Minute Cough Cure,made me a well man, Norris Silver, North Stratford, N. H.--Because you've not found relief from a stubborn cough, don't despair. One Minute Cough Cure has cured thousands and it will cure you. Safe and sure. Ssguacho Pharmacy. Few people seam to understand that a law was enacted by the last legislature which requires employers to settle with their employes every two weeks, but such is the fact.--Journal. Unnecessary loss of Time. W. S. Whedon,eashior of the First Na- tional bank of Winterset, Iowa, in a re- cent letter gives some experience with a carPenter in his employ, that will be of value to other mechanics. Ha says: "I had a carpenter working for me who was obliged to stop work for several days on account of being troubled with diarrhoea I mentioned to him that I had been sim- ilarly troubled and that Chamberlaia's Colic, Choler and Dmrrhoea Remedy had cured me. He bought a bottle of it flora the druggmt hero and informed me that one dose cured him and he is again at his work." For sale by the Saguache Pharmacy. Manager Stodghill of the telephone company states that his line will be complete into Saguache by June 10. The line branches from the line that connects Bonanza and Villa Grove. A smallexchange wdl be installed at Be nanza so that communication between all points on this part of the system will be easy and practically perfect.--Sahda Record. A severe sprain will usually disable the injured person for three or four weeks, Many cases have occurred, however, in which a cure Los been affected iu less than one week by applying Chamber- lain's Pain Balm. For sale by Saguaohe Pharmac},, Old Favorites Eclipsed. Those dear old writers for the press we've known since childhood's days, Wlmt pen could frame in fitting words an anthem to their praise? What tongue could tell the story of the tri. umphs tt~ey have won, Or a~equately eulogize the noble work t hey'no done? Down through a century of years their pens have never failed TO taekte any problem that into the ring has sailed, No matter what the question, and with no hope of reward The laltlfful old contributor bus drawn llze cutting sword, Old "Verltes," the king of scribes, has slung the field sines, The olden Revolution da3s and made his rail. lions wince, And "One Who Knows" has always stood like a protecting shield To guard the nation's honor in the correspon. dense field, "Sub Rosa" has instructed us In confidential way On knotty points that held our weak percep. tlve powers at bay~ And often we have racked our brains to find the slightest clew To the identity of him wire asked us to Guess Who. Dear"Old Subscriber," how we wreath our love arouud his name-- We never know Just who he is but love him Just the same- And "Constant Reader" struggles for the cake wllh "Undersigned." With Ajax sailing down the track but half a length behind. "Oc.~t.aional" oft treats t~s to some pretty, clever stuff, But doesn't seize his gifted pen with frequea. ey enough. And countless thousands in the land have stretched theh" rubber necks While drinking In the fiery thoughts and ar" guments of "X." And pen sharps of the weaker sex we've IcY- !ugly ad m lred, Of "Pansy Blossom's" cunning work we never have grown tired, And eMyrtle May" has filled our souls with [nspirative light, While "Dimplecate" we've alwas thought was ~lmpiy out of sight. We've followed "Daisy Belt" with Joy, and sCanned with raptured eye The ~tuey slang and cutting wit of sparkling "Polly Pry," I4avathrown applause to JOld ~ueen MaW' when she would mount and ride Wild Pegasus In dashing style, together or ~stride. But a!l these olden favorlies are now in dark .~tOIll~ ...... They're sitting In the sombre shade with pale and silent lips, Their pens that once delighted us accumulat- ing rust, Their bright escutcheons gathering neglect's 1ame hiding dust, As bursts the dazzling meteor from yonder arching skies, So flashed a new contributor before our star- tled eyes, And won his laurels in a day! In golden let. ters he Has placed on the immortal scroll the name "Perplexity." --James Barton Adams in Denver Post. A WORTHY SUCCESSOR. "Something New Under The Sml." All Doctors have tried to cure CA- TARRH by the use of powders, acid gas- es, inhalers and drugs in paste form. Their powders dry up the mucuous mem- branes caumng them to crack open and bleed. The powerful acids used lU the inhalers have entirely eaten away the same membranes that their makers have aimed to cure while pastes and oint- ments cannot reach the disease. An old and experienced practitioner ~ who has for many years made a close study and specialty of the treatment of CATARRH, has at last perfected a treatment which when faithfully used, not only relieves at once but permanently cures CA'UARH by removing the cause, stoppi-g discharges and curing all in- flammation. It is the only remedy known to science that ,ctually reaches the af- flicted parts. This wonderful remedy is known as Snuffiels ,the Guaranteed Ca- tarrh Cure and is sold at the extremely low price of one dollar, each package contaming internal and external medi- i sine suflicmnt for a full month's treat- meat and everythiug necessary to its per- feet use. "Snuffles" is the only perfect catarrh cure ever made and is now recogmzed as the only safe and positive cure for that annoying and disgustingdiecase. Iteures all inflammation quickly and perma- nently and is also wonderfully quick to relieve hay fever or cold in the head. Catarrh, when neglected often leads to consumption Snuffles will save you if you use it at once. It is no ordinary remedy, but a complete treatment which is posi- tively guaranteed to cure catarrh in any form or stage if used according to thedi- rectlons which at:company each package. Don't delay but send for it at once, aud write full particulars as to your condi- tions, and you will receive special ad- vice from the discoverer of this wonder- i full remedy regarding your case without cost to you beyond the regular price of "Snuffles" the Guaranteed Catarrh, Cure. Sent prepaid to any address in the United States or Canada ou receipt of one dollar. Address dept. E 786 Edwin B. Giles & Co., 2330 and 2332 Market St. Philadelphia. Pa. D. i. Whiteman, Richard Cooper and Charles Gillispie, of Villa Grove, were in town Tuesday attending court as wit- nesses in the Wells case. Eczema, saltrheum, tetter' chafing, ivy poisonin~ and all skin torture~ are quick- ly cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. The certain pile cure. Saguaohe Phar- The Dunn Case. The appeal from the order of the coun- ty court refusing to permit the heirs of D. Herbert Dunn to renounce his will was on Friday of last week decided by Judge Holbrook, who sustained the county court in every particular. In view of the fact that the facts in the case are not fully known to the general public, and that some criticism of the probate court has been indulged in by persons entirely Ignoraut of the mtuation we deem it proper to briefly state the case. Mr. Dunn died leaving a will in which two executors were named--one for this country and one for England. The will was filed In the probate court by the at- torney for the family and citations were issued to the heirs and executors, and a guardian ad litem appointed for the minor heirs and a date set for the hear. ing on the probating of the will. All these proceedings being regular and in strict compliance with the statutes and be. ing asked for by the attorney acting for the family. On the date set the parties appeared and before the hearing was had inter- posed a petition asking the court to not admit the will to probate on the grounds that the heirs under the will had agreed that the same be set aside. This petition was taken under advisement and was later refused. The court at the time of making the order refusing to grant the prayer of the pehtiou also made aqother order admitting the will to probate--the 3roper testimony being presented by the executor in the form of depositions of subscribing witnesses. The attorney for the Dunn family, Ezra T. ]~lhott of Del Notre, prayed an appeal from the order refusing to grant the prayer contained in the petition and the same was argued before Judge Hol. brook on Tuesday of last week--Messrs. W. E Cox of Alamosa and L. F. Twitch. ell of Denver appearing for the executor and Mr. Elliott appearing for the family. The folowing is the opinion of the court: The last will and testament of the dee ceased was filed in the county court for probate, and the usual prooeediugs look- ing to the probate of a will were insti. gated; then came the heirs at law of the d~0ebeed, being the beneficiaries of the will, viz: Julia Dunn widow of deceased, and Daere Dunn by their coun eel and Hugh Daere Dune and Georgina Daore Duun minor heirs by their guard- ian ad litem and filed their petition in the county court asking that said will be not probated and thatdistributi~m of the estate be made pursuant to statute and not pursuant to the provisions of the will. After hearing, this petition ~#es denied by the county court setting in probate and from the order denying said petition this appeal is taken. The order appealed from does not deny the beneficiaries the right to renounce the will and take distribution under the statute but is simply a denial of the peti- tion that the will be not probated. The statute clearly gives the widow the right to renounce the will and take a moiety of the estate but the order ap- pealed from does not deny that right. In the argument of the appeal it was made apparent that there is objection to one el the executors named in the will but no such objection is presented hy the appeal, these matters may all be pre- sented to the county court yet. It is the opinion of this court that the county court did not err in the matter of the order appealed from. Wherefore the court finds the issue for the appellee and dismisses the appeal ~nd all proceedings herein are referred back to the county'court. CHAS. C. HOLBROOK, Judge. " His Life Saved. "I am sure that Chamberlam'~Colie Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy at one time saved my life," says A. E. Lafalette, of Gregory Landing, Clark county, Me. "I was in such bad shpe that tl~e doc- tors said I could sot live. When I was at the lowest ebb, one of my neighbors brought in a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and I took it and got instant rehef. I soon got up and around. That was niue years ago and I am still in good health. Since then that medioiue has always been in my house and always will be. It is the best on earth." For sale by Saguache Pharmacy. Claude Bell and Mms Emma Hess were married in Hooper last Sunday evening. The~ have our best wishes for a long and happy life.--Ceuter Dispatch. A few months ago, food which I ate for breakfast would not remain on my stomach for half an hour. I used one bottle of your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and can now eat my breakfast and other meals with a relish aud my food is thor- oughly digested. Nothing equals Kodol Dyspepsia Cure for stomach troubles. H. S. Pltts, Arhngton, Tex. Kodol Dys- pepsia Cure digests what you eat. Sac gua0he Pharmacy,. / SAGUACHE CRESCENT FOaMEBLY KAOUAOR~ DEMOCBAT. OSCAR D. BRYAN, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. i'ublished at Saguaehe, Colo,.every Thur~ay. un political questions i~ Will aavooat~ the interests of the Repuhhean party. Ir~ chief aim will Lm to advance the ms- teria~ in~eres~ of thl~ eount~. Subscription, - $2.00 a Year. The Liberty Gold Mining Co., repre- sented by Fritz Youoh, has a number of men at work building boarding and bunk houses and shops on its group of four claims not far from town. There are two tunnels on this group one 400 feet and the other 300 feet in length. Some good ore has been encountered in the workings and it is the company's inten- tions to push work as fast aa possible as soon as the needed accomodatious are oompleted.--Eagle. Seven Years in Bed. "Will wonders ever cease?" Ioquire the friends of Mrs. S. Pease, of Lawrence Kan. They knew she had been unable to leave her bed in seven years on account of kidney and liver trouble, nervous prostration and general debility, but 3 bottles of ELectric Bitters enabled her to walk and iu three months she felt like a new person. Women suffering from headache, backache, nervousness, sleep- lessnese, me)anchbly, fainting and dizzy spells will find it a priuele~s blessing. Try it. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Only 50c at Lord & Wilcox druggiet~, Cr~- tone, Colo. William Gordon, who has been living near Bowen, left his wife and child ~ne night last week and at the same time Miss Kitty Brinsmaid, a sixteen year old girl in the same neighborhood, diseap- peared. Gordon took with him a team and wagon belonging to his wife ands saddle horse owned by Wilham Bigg~, --Monte Vista Reporter. 8avez Twu From Death. "Our little daughter had au almost =to- tel attack of whooping cough and bron- chitis" writes Mrs. W. K. Havilan~.0f Armonk, N. Y. "but when all other rein- -.-... : edies failed we la~ed hm" life Wl~' Dr. ..... King's New Discovery. Our niece, ~ho had consumption in au advanced st~b also uled this wonderful medicine and today she is perfectly well." Desperate throat and lung diseases yield, to Dr. King's New Discovery as to no other medicine on earth. Infallible for coughs and cold. 50o and $1 bottles guaranteed by Lm*d & Wilcox, druggists, Greetone, Colo. Trial bottle free. A real southern mocking bird has taken up his summer residence in C. A. Moore's cotton ~woods near his house. These pleasant mornings he fills ;the air with all the thrilling notes known to his species.:-Antomto Ledger. A Good Cough Medicine. It speaks well for Chamberlain's Cough Remedy when druggists use it iu their own families in preference to any other. "I have sold Ohamberlain's Oough Rem- edy for the past five years with complete satisfaction t~ myself and customers," says druggistJ. Goldsmith, Van Etten, N.Y. "I have always used it in my own family both ~or ordipary coughs and colds and for the cough following the la grippe end find it very efficacious." For sale by the Saguache Pharmacy. Well Machine. H. O. Miller, who has tt~e contract for sinking the state artesian well at this )lace, offers for sale the machine used here at a big bargain. Mr. Miller ia the patentee and maker of these machines and will give auy one bed rock price. The machine can be seen in operation near this place. Call on or address. H. O. Miller, Saguaobe, Colo, The billious, tired, nervous man can- not successfully compete with his heal- thy rival. DeWitt's Little Early Risers the famous pills for coustipation w.~LL remove the cause of your troubles. Sa- guache Pharmacy. ' A Gay Crowd. The following persons for~med a merry party which spent Sunday on Middle Creek: - Mrs. K. M. Doyle, Misses Mabel, Pearl and Helen Doyle, Lizzie and Holm Williams, Emma C, A. Nehls, ~nnie Ham, Lavinia Munro, Myrtle Campbell and Autonetta Drew, and Messri.~Wd~'O. Hammond, Will and Alb~ Ward, Jt~se and Lonnie Morgan, John MahoRey, Bud Noland and James Look~tt, :. A surgical operatiou is not n~ to cure piles. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve saves all that expense and never fails. Beware of counterteit~ S~gua0h~ Pharmacy. R. B. Wallace, the Monte Vista banker~ was a Sagtlache visitor the first of ~e Wee(,