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The Saguache Crescent
Saguache , Colorado
June 13, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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June 13, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. (JrO]DD~IILY S~UAOBI D~OCRAT.) Entered at the p~t ofllee a( ~b~uache, C~!o. I' rtrmmmi~ionthrough the mail~asaeoond-cl,tss roattero OOAR D. BIt|'AN. TMU.R~D A Y, JUNE 13, 1!)01. Card of Thanks. To the m~ny friends who ~o kindly tendered their love and syml, a~hy in our !late bereavelnent we extend our heart- felt thanks. Mrs. Franklin Clark and children. Editor. Mrs. E. C. Drew is the agent for the hehr piano organ, Washbnro guitar and other musical Instruments. She also is prepared to give instruction on the p:ano o-gan and guitar. Call on her at the Baptist parsonage or drop a line in the postDates. 6,0,Tayl0rWhlskl6s ~hlnedbythe weakest stomachs Ernest Neltonis down fto~u the saw mill getting medical trealment, tie has a felon on one hand which requires most of his attention add a boil on the ottJer Why do Festival of Mountain and Plain committees always "run so much to Indian." The poster design adopted by the committee is all Indian with faint cowboy and mining scenes in the back- ground. The Indian means nothing as representing the state today. Give us Jomething more elaborate. Make the oonterpieoe a Denver water octopus or 13th general assembly pew wow dance, or something else up-to-date and reprc- ~nting the state.--Antonito Ledger. Judging from the vast herd of rela- tives that Governor Orman has appointed to lucrative offices, the governor has de- termined to make good the reputation for business sagacity bestowed upon him by his admirers and supporters before electron; and in view of the fact that the close of his administration~will mark the passing of demo-fusion control in Colo. redo pilitics, we admit that his being dubbed a "shrewd business" man was no iridssceut dream.--Antonito Ledger. Send me Their Names. Thousands of eastern people will take advantage of the cheap rates to Colorado which the Burlington route will offer during June, July, August and Septem- ber. They are the lowest ever made. If you have any friends who are talk- ing of coming to Colorado, send me their nam~ and I will have our representa- firm look them up, furnish advertising matter, reserve berths for them, see that they have a quick and comfortable trip. Hotel keepexl, this is your opportunity whenever you receive an enquiry about your resort, send it to me, I will take pains to see that that the writer spends the summer in Colorado. G. W. Vallery, General Agent, Burl- ington Rout~, Denver, Colo. A Thousand Sheep Killed. For the pant three or four weeks about 5,000sheep belonging principally to P. T. Stevens have been ranging in the vioinity of the big spring on the nine mile hill going to Spencer. /.amt Friday night about 20 masked i men Dame to the camp and after tying the herders prooeeded to kill the sheep with clubs and stones. As many of them were ewee lambing it is estimated that b~id~ 1,000 sheep there were fully tm many lambs killed. The loss prob- ably amounts to $7,000. The herders who were bound say the men were well disguised and it was ira. po~ibla to distinguish any of them. It is understood that the remaining sheep have already been started out of the oonnty and will not again be seen herL This is a very unfortunate affair and the Tribune hopes the like will never ooour again in Gunnison "county.~Gun- mson Tribune. Jam~ Brown of Putsmoutb, Vs., over 90 year~ of age, suffered for years with a bad 8ore on his face. Physicians could not help him. DeWltt's Watch Hazel Salve cured him permanently. Saguache Pharmacy. more.,~ co~p~"-; "tT-~i;;; J. S,,gu~ehe. Florence, Colo., June. 9. The latest venture in mining companies is the Brock Gold Mmmg & Milling Co., com- posed of local men. Its acqmroments are in Saguache county, not far from Villa Grove, In the Sangro de Chrlsto range. There are eleven claims in the groupandon them iv suflicieut timber to supply the workings for years. There is also a good milling site. A prospect trench on tile Mountain lt,ioness was dug last nlonth, it is 125 feet long and eight fe~t deep trod from it enough pay ore was secnred to net a- profit of $720 after ~aayin~ all expenses, whioh amounted to $380. The work from now on will be conhnl|ous.--Re- publican. Danger, disease and death follow neg- lect of the bo~els. Use DeWitt's Little Early Risers to regulate them and you will add years to your life and life to your years. Easy to take. Never gripe. 8aguache Pharmacy. M. D. Goald's new shop has been com. ploted and he is now enj,)ying a good run of work. Mr. Gould is a floe work- i man in his line and yon can always rest usured that he will make his prices just and right. Tom Wells, of Canon City, is attend. lag court in 8aguaehe this week. J , IN CUBA [mulsionl a arm which keeps him i)usy odd flmmen~s. For the l$oys. James Camper wants to buy all the old copper, zinc and rubber he can get. He will pay 5 cents a pound for copper, and one cent and a half for old rubi;er. I sell gunny sacks four cents each. I pay 12 cents a dozen f,,r beer bottles. G, O. Troy'or Whiskies, good~ pure, and old. Sam Feast speut Mo~d ly night at the bedside of Alfred ~chaefer, of IJoopor, who was not at that tmie exl)eclcd tu live but a sholt time. John Colviu and wife, who CaUlS up ~rom the ranch to help at tim'hotel dur- ~ing court week, returmd home today. Rio Grande Rate~. For meeting Colorado Pharmaceuticul association at Mlmitou Juno/8 to 2,. A rate of one and one-fifth fare on ihe cer- tlfioaie plan will be made from all sta- tions to Mauitou and return. Certificatvs to be available Juno 16, 17 and 18. For Overland park races at Denver J une15 to 29. A rate of ()no fare for the round trip will be made from Leadvillo, Trinidad and intermediate points to Denver and return. Tickets on sale June 15, 22 and 26, good to return June 30. $** Rules for tickets sold on certificate )lan. If the required number of tickets _ (50) showing full fare paid ou g(fing trip 'To are presented to joint agent they will t:o i passage at one-fifth fare not later than threedays after the closing date of the meeting Sunday not to be counted. To iluff~lo Through Ihe Lakes. The Burllngton's personally conducted excursion to the P~D-Americrn exposi- tion will leave Denver at 10 p. m. Thurs- day, June 20, rail to Chicago, steamship North Land to Buffalo through lakes Michigac, Huron and Erie. The rouvd trip rate is $5~.20, $53 if you return by one of the "differential" lines from Buffalo to Chicago. Meals and I berths extra. Tickets good to return un- til October 31. Coolest, cheapest and infinitely the most enaoyable way to go east. No cin- d/rs, dust, hot weather. Instead, a glit tering panorama of blue sky and blue water and a three day's bath in the in- vigorating air of the great lakes. Fimst steamship in the world, and the very choicest staterooms aboard it have been reserved for the Burlington excursion. Write for folder giving full information. G. W. Vallery, general agent, 1039 17th St. Denver, Colo. A Came of ColDs l~lindness. "Yours is a perplexing case," sltid the Oculist. "You call red purple and refer to nile grecn its turkey red." "Yes," replied the visitor, with'a oral- tented smile. "I fancy I was born that way." "It's the most aggravated case of eoL~ cr blindness I have ever encountered In my professional experience." "That's it. I want you to write mc out a statenicnt to that cffect. Never mind whnt the l'&~ is. You S:':~, PAy wife has a lot of f;tlllll)lcs she v,'ailt~' matched, and she'll ask me to taeMe the job some time next week for cer- tain." And then the oculist had his suspi- eions.--Pearson's Weeldy. Mexico's Rainy Season. ~'llat they call the rainy season in Mexico cnn~es only in the gelill of showers, which fall in the afternoon. These showers usually occur every day, but sonie~inws there will be two or three days of perfectly clear weath- er. There is no steady dowllllOUr, how- ever, as in nlost tropical countries, an,1 in Mexico the rainy season is regarded as the finest season of the year. Serving the Public. Wunn~But if you lnstst tlmt the man who works for the pub!it good without tlope of gaintug gratitude is a crank, what do you call the man that expects gratitude? Tuther--iIim? Oh, he's just a plain fcol.--Indianapolls Press. In the manufacture of a pocketknife in France 22 workmen are employed for the handle and blade, 18 for a table knife, 9 for scissors and 6 for razors. In Japan it would be thought as rude to neglect to offer tea to a visitor on his arrival as not to s0eak to him. .;| ao The men-of-war of the Ronlans had a crew of about 225 men. of which 174 were oarsmen workiilg on three decks. The speed of these vessels was about six miles an honr iti fltlr w~,ather. Bern the ~ Ihe Kind You Have Always Bought On Jeillies preserves and pickles, spread a thin coati,~g of refined FARAFHNE WAX i Eat first class short-order meals at Mrs. Schwackenberg's restaurant, when % Villa Grove. Opposite tile postofli,'e. TIlE COLORADO LIVERY, FEI iD and Sale Stable, IVIn ,I. ~Vcvner, Prol)., Fourth ~{,. :i~agmlche. tlest of care given Iv all stock ol~e, Oncc tried, yOU wiU n0vor be without the171 ill tho f&lUUy,n EDW. A. MAR~ Albaey~ B:Y. FOR WORMS, "A tape worm eighteen feet long at least came oft the rc~nc nltel my taking two CAECAI~E~s. This ] am sure has cauced my bad health foe the past three years. I am ~till tak. ing Cascarets, the onI~: oathnrtit worthy of notice by sensible people,~ GEo,W. BOWL]aS, Bah'd, MISS. FOR DYSPEPSIA. I'For SiX yeara WnS nVlOe ~II ofdyspepeI~ in its worst foruh lcould eat nothin~ but milk toast. and at times my stomach would no| retafn and digest even that, Las| March I began taking CASC,LRETS and since ti~ea I hay0 stoadiFy lni. proved, until I am as welles/eves waa in my life." DAVID H. S(uRPay~ ~eW~R~ 0. FOH LAZY LIVER, "I h~ve bee~ teoubled ~ I~.~, deal with a torpid nYer, Which pr~ duties constipation. I found CASCA. RIg,S to be all you claim for'thcral anaseeured such relief the first aria| that I purchased another supply and waa oompietely cured. I ehali only be too glad to recommend Uascareta wheno~h~r tha oppprtunlty is pre- Snsquehanna Are., Philadelphia, Pa. FOIl BAD BLOOD, "CJkm4~A~|~T~g do aU elulme4 for them a~d are a truly wonderful medicine, lhaveoften w/shed for a medicine pleasant to take, and at last have fouud it in CASCARETS. 8ices takinl them my blood h~ be0a purified ann mlr complexion has Im, proved wonderxuUy.and I feel muelt bEtt~r L~ wary way?; LuttrlL Te~ ,_._,~_..._,~ CO~PAN~', Chicago or New York. - . ........... , This is the tablet, always stamped DeC .,ion de ers try to substitute, they want i 9 * ' 1 , $ }Do,, t take a substitute I 0st wlmt you as,, ! mane mm e money of you. Don t let them! ;,-;--; :.-;~.~, ;4. -:. :. ;. :. :.-= =~- 7. = 7. --_= :. = = ; ; = : 2. :. = :~:~ = " = 7. ;-~ ;=; ; ~ ~ ; ;-;--; g ; ; ,,$'~--e-~-~-# #-~t -#--~-~-e~ ; 7; : : : ~. : = : : = = = = ; = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = - .- .- - = = =~! ~,~rrm,-'--'~ -T ,