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The Saguache Crescent
Saguache , Colorado
June 13, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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June 13, 1901

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I I ill " - past has been employed m tile jewelry -- store of his brother D. J. Kramer in this Commencing June 1st and continuing until September 1st the store of the • ~- city, has recently purcilased a jewelry store in La Junta, taking possessi,,n Gotthelf&Tarbell _Mercantile company Monday amrnir, g. Mr. Kr,:mer h ,s ~,n will clo~e promptly at 7 o'clock each enviable reputation in hm llne and ~e evening Saturday nights excepted. Out buyer has greatly enlarged the line of Dress bespeak for him a ~uccessful career in We are taking orders for copper plate Goods we have heretofore carried. We are showing his new field of b&or.--Mail, engraving. A full line of samples of Call at the ,Sa~uache Pharmacy and latest styles may be seen at this office, the new Venetian cloths in fashionable colors special- 1 . , , Prices are the same as charged for same geta froesampleofChammrla u sStom- . Iy adapted for Tailor salts--at $7.00 to $7.50 pea The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been ach and Liver l'ab!ets. They are an ele- class of work m Denver. in use for'over 30 years, has borne the signature of gant physic. The)' also improve theap-I-----~. ~ _'-'~_-- pattern. ~and has been made under his per- petite, strengthen the digestion and reg- ~ll J'll[I/l[~ •/f~ilf~ sonal supervision since its infancy, ula~e ,he liver and bowels. They are easy [1-~ ~ltl~J~l[]L~ Fancy 1N'ovdty Silks for waists in the late pat- Allow no one to deceive yell ill this. to take and phmsant io. effect. -- ......... tcA'11~ All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes arc but Ex- ~ . I The Reliable Route periments that trifle with and endanger the health of Yogarty .~vntenced. l~lgW lace Frostings in Duchess and Point d'Espr¢ Infants and Children--Experience against Experiment. On Friday aflern,on of last week] Judge ltolbrook seDteaced James L. Pc- with lace in~ttlon to match. What is CASTORIA gartyt,)thopeaiten,iary, thetermb, ing not leas than 6 years nor more than 7 W'¢ atw have received a few late styles in Ladies ~toria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops years. On Saturday morning Sheriff Ja.ckgt$ and Capes. ttnd Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It Wflhams started with hmL for Canon eontttina neither Opium~ ~Korphine nor other Narcotic City. ~r¢ h~v¢ a fine lln¢ of Linen Tow¢Is in beautiful substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys ~Vorms no,.s~ wa,t~d, patterns. and alltty$ ]Feverishness. It cures Didrrho~a and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation Two cars of horses and mares, ranging Hg&vy Cotton Twills ior boys shirts and schooI ~md Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the in height from fourteen two to fifteen Palace Sleeping ears Stomach and :Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep, two. These horses must be broken to and Dining Oars. &~.s,in all osiers. The Child{en's Panacea--The ~Kother's Friend. ride, short backs, blocky and in good flesh from 5 to 8 years old and good -- An elegant llne of white handkerchiefs from 5 to as.u,.s CASTORIA -w vs cob)rs. BringthemtoBronaugh&8on, Chair Cars Free. ,5¢¢.t= M:mte Vista, Colo. - ALL Bears the Signature of E1 Ease and M~ Juimson left last! ......... Saturday morning for their properties Ownexl and Operated by neat" Victor. C~'~C,A~, MILWAUKEE We will aim soon be able to show you the finest Patrons of the Amerman House spank & St. PAUL RAILWAY. llnt of China and Glassware ever exhiblttd ia the very favorably of its new management. For furtho reformation address town-the goods are now ¢nrout¢. The table is ~o(,d, the beds excellent J.E. PRESTON, The Kind You HaveAlways Boughtcouldand~heattenti°ngivenbe desired. ~ .... guests all that Commercial Agent, 1029 Seventeenth St.Denver.ooor. o The fiottheff g Tarbell In Use For Over 30 Years. I o.o v,, ¢, ........... ,. ,, ,,,,,v ....... ,¢,vo ....... ~__ Note and reccip~ books and short form Night to '[ bilis of sale at this office. C"IC''O, Mercantile C0 - ~MINNE. I WANTED-ACTI~gE MAN OF GOOD CHAR- AP0tI8, 81t~l~ the Collgll and Works Off the Cold. Art Wilcox, of Crastone, was in town acter to deliver anti c,llcct m ('olorad,, f,)r old established manufacturing wholesale house. ST. PUAL the later part of last and the first of this $)00( a year, sure pay. ][onesiy m,,re than exper. l.ax~tive Bromo Quinine Tablets cure week. i~nce required. Our reference, any bank in any city. Enclnseselfaddrossed stamped envelope. Leave Denver via Union Pacific at Manufacturers, Third Floor. ~34 Bourbon st. • enid in one day. No cure, no pay. Fast Bicycle Riders. Chicago. ~:00 p. m, arrive Omaha 6:45 a. m. Pri~ 25 eents._ Will often receive painful cuts, sprains Leave Denver via Burhngton at 4:00 C~ne is now connected with the or bruises from acmdents, Bucklen's Ar- Administrator's Notice. outside world by rail, making it an easy niea Salve will kill the pare and heal the p.m., arrive Omaha 6:4:5 a. m. matter to reach tam camp ten houm out injury. Its the cychsts friend. Cures Estate ot Cyn¢hia J. Hettler, deceased. At Omaha change from the~e traint, The undersigned, having been appointed ad- which have been occupied 15 hours to from Denver. The constructton train chafing, chapped hands, sore lips, burns, mtnistrator of the estate of Cyntliia J. Heftier ]ate of the county of Saguache and state of r~ttoht~l camp Thursday noon and tim- ulcers and piles. Cure guaranteed. Only Colorado. deceased, hereby gives notice thatTII~I31~SlI, CLEAN, BnlGHT TnMII I~ for the bridge acro~Cr~tone creek 25c. Try it. Sold by Lord & Wilcox, lie will appear before the county courl~ of S~- guache county at the court house Jill ~agtlacho are now I~ing put in place. The road druggists, Crestone, Colo. at the June term Ibr probate business on the (The latest and finest product of Pullman) Will b~ puah~l with all possible speed 15o last Monday. ,being the 24th day of June next, New:Train Spaniih or~k, where the Independent A mater-in-law of W. A. Noffsinger ar- atat.MnstWhichsaid timeestateallarePersonsnotified andhaVit~grequestedclaim8 Leaving Omaha at 7:00 a. m., mine and mill in located, and from there rived from Missouri Tuesday and wasadjusted.t° attend forAll thepersonsPUrp~Seindet)ted()/'havingto saidtheestateSame via tbe "NEW LINE," on downtoCottoawood, whole the Graflt taken out to the rauoh.--Hooper Press. are requestedtomakelmmedlato payment to T~ IllinOiS Uontral R R ToSt Louis the undersigned. I • company have developed some very prom. You may as well expect to run a steam Dated this 30th day of May, A. D. 1901. t ' Lea,Yes Denver:2:35"p. m. mmg mine$,:which have shipping ore on engine without water as to find an active GEORGE W. B. ]~ETTLER, aS Administrator. Arriving Chicagol Minveapohs or Arrives St. Louis 6:56 p. m. the dump. It is now only a question of energetic man with a torpid liver and St. Paul the same evening ...... 27~ hours from the mountains to the metropolis of time when there will be several shipping you may know that his liver is torpid H~V~ ~OUBooks or Mama- For tickets and reservations apply to the Mississippi valley. mines In the district outside of th~ when he does not relish his food or feels lines t0 Bind? ,~,,u connecting hues or addreM Correspondingly fast time to St. Joseph and Ken- Grant. What is the use of publishing dull and languid after eating, often has ass ('ity, Missouri. the silly falsehood "that Crostone has headache and s~metimes dizziness. A JAMES CUtTeR, Commercial Agent, Equipment includes dining, sleeping and reclining ihipping mines and is far ahead of Grip. few doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and ~re do 805.'17th Street, Denver. chair cars. pie Crook." It not only hurts the camp Liver Tablets will restore his liver to ~fs ~W, Medial, library, Chicago Special leaves at 4 p. m., Vestibuled Flyer the laughing stock of the outside world, prove his digestion and make him feel Ticketo at Offices of Connecting Lines. It is true that we have several mines like a new man. F, ice 25 cents. Samples Books bound in every conceivable Ticket Office, 1039 Seventeenth St, that can ship, but what is needed is de- free at the Sagua[-he Pharmacy. style. 01d books rebound. Art and velopment and work. The mineral m .......... here, that is a settled fact, now what we Mrs. Adler, the lady tonsorialist, ex- title bindings. Blank book makers. ' G.W. VALLERY, General Agent, D~VER. want is capital. The new radroad will periencet a touch of boom d,y life Sal ......... P.S.-Verylowrates to Montana and the Pacific Northwest help us out in that matter an d then loeb urday evening when PeL~ Van Fleet, full every Tuesday in February. March and April, ask about them. out forCreatone.--Miner, of thoelixiroflih,,kivkod in lmr front Rail Williams door because she refused to allow him Dy$peptics cannot be long heed be- admission to recline m tier easy chair. 1441 6urtla St. Denver, C~i0, ,., oause to live requiresnounshment. Food The marshal took him in charge and The Denver and Rio 6randc R R ia not nourmhing until it m digested. A placedh,mi,~ach.ir btqore the police Kodol c di~ruerod stomach cannot digest foot], magistrate wh-re he was shaw.d for the it must have assistance. Kodol Dyspepsia :sum of $27.--Creede Cumlle. LINE Cure digests all kinds of food w~thout .............. aid from the stomach, allowing it to rest TIlE IIO3IE GOLD CURE. aadregain its natural functions. Its IDy p p " C e Best Dining car service Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, element~ are exactly the same as the An Ingenious 'rreahnent by whidt Drunk ..tural d,ge.tive fluids a.d it .imply ~,.a. arc Being C, .... [Daily ,. S ~ S ~8 U r , Pueblo. Ogden, Butte, Nl)lte of Ti~elnselvea. oan't help but do you good. Saguache Digests what yo. eat. ELE6ANT EQUIPMENT, Cripple Creek, Portland, Pharmacy. It is now generally known and under- stood that drnnkenness is a dis~,ase and Thi~ 1-)r('par,q~ ,on coneain~ all of the dv~est'mts -.:,0 (li,,,-~ ; a 1 kinds 91 Leadville, Tacoma, o ' ..... Chair Cars Free, Robert A. Sylvester is m charge of the not weakness A body-fiti-d with p~)isou, food. It g yes mst~I~ re]l(,f and never book keeping at the Wallace Mercantile and nerves complet,t~ly shuttered t,y per- ~toro. Mr. Alfred Scheafer and wire con- iodical or constant use of intoxicating fails to cur~., it ~l]~)w~ you to eat all Glenwood Springs, Seattle, liquors requir, s au ant,doLe capable of the food youwant. '£hcmost~sensttive TWO FAST TRAINS DAILY, ~mplating au extended visit soon.-- neutra~iz n~ and eradiea:irg this poison stomaclrs can Lake ib By itsuse many Aspen, San Francisco, HooperPre~. and deslroying tim cravit,g for mtoxi- thousands of ds'spep)tics have been cants. S.Jfferers may now cure themsel- cured after ever)thing else failed. It Grand Junction. Los Angeles. (}.O. TaylorWhi.ki¢,,ar. gua,ant.edpur., yes at home w,thout publicity or loss of is unequ,dledfor a]lstomach troubletk . Colorado Short time from bnsiness by this wonderful i~ ennui he|p LiT/~. l~lch~ all the principal towns and mmmg camps m Colo., Utah and New Mexico. Knight Templar Trip to Louisville. HOmO G~hl Care which has been per- fected after many years of close study ~Ut dO ~OU good Two hundred Colorado Knights Tern- and treatment of itmbnates. The fmthful Prepared only by E. C. D~WtVT &Co., Ohicag~ THE TOURISTS FAVORITE ROUTE plar wlllat, tend the grand encampment use acc,,rdingtod,rectionsof th,s .on-~ho$1.bott~ec'ont, alnsg½timestheG0c, siae, Missouri at [~uznville In August. derful discovery is positively guaranteed TO ALL MOUNTAIN RESORTS. They will leave Denver at 2:20 p. m. to cure the most obstinate case no mat- ~ r ~ ,~ Frid.y, August 23rd on a spema| train ter how hard a driuker. Our record, (,LA RENCE HERSEY. viatbeBurliagtonRoutoto St. Louis, show the marvelous transformation of aaa ar and h miat PadHc RYl THROUGH SLEEPING CARS the-or to Louisville over the B. & O. S. thousands of drunkards into sober, in- W. Ry. dustrious and upright men. I Stop overs will be made at St. Joseph, Wives cure your husbands! Children [Established 1879] BETWEEN DENVER AND two hours, Kansas City eight hours and cure your fathers! Th~s remedy is m no Leadville, - Colorado. Cripple Creek Grand Junction Portland B~ [,outs, twelve hours, sense a nostrum but m a specific for this P [ Leadvllle Salt Lake City t~an Francisco disease only, and is so skillfully devised ~amples by ~ail or repress Rec0iv0The Peo e's Choice, G,..-~sm,~. o~oo To..~.~o, In all these cities the men from the and prepared that it is thoroughly solu. CttICAGO A~D ST. LOUIS, mountaine will ehow the natives "how to ble and pleasa~t to the taste, so that It PFOIBpt £tt0nti0n. DINING CARS do it." can be given in a cup of tea or coffee Through without change L~uisville wil| be reached at 7:30 a. m. w~thout the knowledge of the person tak- SERVICE A LA CARTE ~tlday, Auguet 26. IBg it. Thousands of drunkards have WANTED--ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD cHAR-DENVER, COLORhDO SPRINfi$ Accommodations have bees secured at cured themselves with this priceless rein- acter to deliver and collect'in Colorado for old 0~ ALL THROUGti TRAINS. esmblithod manufacturing wholeaalo hou,e, and PUEBLO 317 Broadway. Entertainment head- edy, and as many m,,re have been cured ~oayear. sure pay. Houesty more than ex- S.K. HOOPER, G. P. & T. A., Denver, quar~r~ will be at the Gault house, the md made temperate men by having the perience required. Our reference, any bank in "(3 u re" TO Iwell~t hotel in Imuisville, where the administered by loving friends any city. Enclose self addro~md stamped en- velope. Manufaoturers, [bird Floor, 834Dearbon " ' ho~ptta]ity of the Colorado Sir Knights and relatives without their knowledge in st. Chicago. will be dispensed with a lavish hand. coffooor toaaud believe today that they I{'II~$'~ CITY and ST, ,ore,]THE PIONEER STABLE dmoontinued drinking of their own free the publio from Denver to Loumville, by apparent and misleadmg 'qmprovo- will be $84.50. meat." Drive outthediseaseatoncoaud Th0 Hot Springs of Arkan Oorrwpondlngly reduced rat. will be for all time. The Home Oold Cure m ~/~]~/(i~, ~.0,)~ ' Villa Grove,Colo. in eff~ot from all other points in Colo. sold at the extremely low {)rice of one will b~ @7. everybody a treatment more effectual " ~t~ ~ -~~,,~,,~,, m,,,~ Free Reohning Chair Oars. duood rates from Louisville to Buffalo. rections accompany each package. Spec- Elegant Pallman Palaoe Buffet Sleepers. Havingleased the old Pioneer Stable at Villa This will enable persona who attend the ml advice by skilled physicians when re- Government Fast Mail Route East Grove (being the one uaed by H. Braham and enoampment to visit the great Pan- ]uested withoutextracharge. Sentpre- (~~ ~ ~u¢ommorsasastagebarn)tobau~eda~alivery, American exposition before they return. ~aid to any part of the world on receipt ~k~k and West. f~md and sale stable, I solicit a part of the public Berths on the Knight Templar special )f one dollar. Address Dept. E 786 Ed- I ~~e~ -- ~atronage, and sha~l strive bystrict attention to should be reserved at once. This can be ward B. Giles & Co., 2330 to 2832 Mar- See your nearest ticket agent or write business and with good rigs and harness to merit done at any ticket office in Colorado or ket St. Philadelphia, Pa. All correspon- thesame. by communicating with G. W. Vallery, dence striotly confidential, teLy,$ CRlm.AM ,BALM Is i m~ltlveeut~. Apply into the nostril,. Itfsqulcklyab,orbed. ~0 Call A.TRIPP, general agsBt~ ])Brlingtoa rotlte, Denver, ....... cents at Dr~gtsts or by mail ; samples 10~ by mall. " o 0., w=,,. w, F, • r..gt,, Do...,, Ool= F.P. HALL, Hana|er.