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June 20, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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June 20, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 25. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1901. WHOLE NUMBER !065. MOFFAT, :LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS GENERAL HARDWARE As can be found in the San Luis Valley. This stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced Hardware man and was bought at prices which will permit its being sold right. Anything kept in a well-appoint6d Hardware Stock can be bought of us. We solicit your trade. Buggies and Wagons I have at my place in the town of MoffaL a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers~ Rakes. Binding Twine, Oil, Etc. I have a bargain go offer in Buggies and Wagon~ which I buy in ear load lots and can make you better paiees than you can get any where else in the valley. Call and examine my stock and get ~y prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB, MOFFAT, COLO. This Is Your Opportunity. Ou receipt of tan cents, cash or stamps, a generous sample will be mailed of the most popular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure (Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to demon- strate the great merits of the remedy. r~LX BROTHERS, 66 Warren St., New York City. Rev. John Reid, Jr., of Great Falls, Mont., recommended Ely's Cream Balm to me. I can emphasize his statement, "It is a posi- tive cure for catarrh if used as directed."-- l'ov. Francis W. Peele, Pastor CentralPzes. Church, Helena, Mont. - Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged cure for catarrh and contains no mercury nor may injurious drug. Price, 50 coats, WILL FURNISll Y(N FREE[" Write to.day for our hand- j some Illustrated catalogue l READ TIt~.~~~.e and see what beautiful pro-[ from our~tp~i~ a~d~ Injures we give for selling[ be convin~ed that ~h)~i* our Soaps. We give to each ] are dealing with a thor- purchaser ef a box of Soap ] or bottle ef Perfunle their] oughly re]table house. choice of some of the hand- somcst prcnliam8 in th Glassware, Opalware, Plates and ether beaulifltl presents the agent who sells only 24 boxes of Soap we give a ~O-Pleec ]Hnne~ Set--not a toy set--lint a beautifuUy decorated and gold traced, full size for t'amny use, Dt~ BEISTOL~ VT. nor set. We also giw~ Couches, i~ocker~, I am vsrymuoh pl~a~l with my dishes, and Dining Room Chairs, Center 'rable~, Lace CIlrtains, Watches, Knives and ~llls~ up another order toOn~ns, LULU BESAV. Forks, Granitewere, ~cwing Machines, I~ELSONVILLE. OUlO. ~[Usical Instruments, Etc. Ifcaehispre- Good, r~elvsd to-day. My eu~tomer, are all ferred we anew a very liberal co n "01~ well pl~d with their lamps. We have not seen sign AVetrostvon. Nomoneyreqnired. such n|~laraps hers b~ore. "Will send another orde- We allow you "15 days' time in which l~ s few dsy$. I am more than plea~ed with the to dsllver the goods nnd collect Year maadalln. Mrs, AGNES HITCIIINGS, money before paying us. Don't do'lay. SALVONA SOAP CO., ~ain and Locust Sis., ST, LOUIS, hi0. its lus- ter. It looks dead, ir acts almost instantly on such hair. It awakens new life in the hair bulbs. The effect is astonishing. Your hair grows, be- comes thicker, and all dandruff is removed. And the original color of early life is restored to faded or gray hair. This is always the case. $1.00 a bottle. All druggists. "I have used Ayer's Hair Vigor, and am really astonished at the ~ood it has done in keeping my nair from coming out. It is th~ best tonic I have .tried, and I slmll continua to recommend it to my friends." ~[ATTI E HOLT, Sept. 24, 1898. Burlington, N. (~, If you do not obtain all the benefits you expected from the use of the Hair "Vigor, write the Doctor about it. DR. J. O. AYER, Lowell, Mass. The Artesian 'Well. The well is~ now down over 600 feet and work had to be temporarily stoploed last.Thursday by. reason of breaking a large shaft. A new shaft was ordered and work has again commenced. Mr. Miller has had lots of had luck with this contract. Don't Marry for Money. The Bostov man who lately married a sickly rich yot)ng lady, is happy now for he got Dr. King's Now Life Pills which rdatored her to perfect health. Infallible for jaundice, billiousness, malaria, fever and ague and all liver and stomaoh troubles. Gentle but effective. Only 25c at Lord & Wilcox," druggists, Crestone, Colo. Mrs. :James Co temafi and .daug'htor, Curtis. of Saguache,,are visiting with Mrs: Glenn Griffin'; Alamosa Iade- Journal. ' The doctors toldme my cough was iu- ~urable,.On~ Min)~t6, Oougt~ Cure !'0ade a well mm~; ~No'rtis Silver, N'orth ;tratford, N. tt--BeCauso you've"not round relief from ~.~ubborn cough, don't despair. One Minute Cough Cure has cured thousands and it will cure you. Safe and sure Sdguache Pharmacy. Mr.G.C. Pogue iSrecovering from an attack of heart disease. His family physician, Dr. GanG, says he will be around In a day or so.--Eagle. Unnecessary lOSS of Time. W. S. Whedon,cashier of the First Na- tional bank of winterset, Iowa, in a 1:o- cent letter gives some experience with a A Scientist, at Squawvllle. ]Vire Fences l)angerous. There was lots of speculation done in whispers Last Sunday afternoon several young on the sly Why el' Squtwville had be.m honored by a visit men from Pines creek wore at the Curry from thegay, ranch on the river and hitched their An' the generalimpression was the stranger in horses to a wire fence. The young men our gates Was a sheriff or detective out on business fror~ the states. But we chuck him down to cases an' was grati- fied to find He was what you'd call an expert of the scientific kind, An' was rmnmin' round the mountains after bu g- GiGgle game, An'he :lectured on the corner to elucidate the sanle. went fishing and a bolt of lightning kill- ed two of the horses, one belonging to Mr. Fuehs and the other to Mr. Stone. --Dol Norte Prospector. Seven Years In Bed. "Will wonders ever cease?" Inquire the friends of Mrs. S. Pease, of Lawrence Ken. They kaew sh~* had been uuablo to leave her bed in seven years on account SAGUACHE CRESCENT FORhfERLY 8AOUACHE DEMOCRAT. OSCAR D. BRYAN, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. ' ublished at Saguache. Cole, every Thursday. (;n political questions it will advucate the in~erests of the lcepubhean party. It~ chief aim will be to advance the ma- terial interests of .this county. Subsorllotlon, - $2.00 a Year, Society Notes. Our society reporter last week was at fault fl)r omitting to send in an account He assertedthatoursystemS,our eyes, seemin'perfectiu of kidney and liver trnuble, nervous of thc elegsnt reception on Friday night Was a rendevoo fur critters of the microscopic prostration and general debility, but 3 tendered by Mrs. H. B. Means to Mr. size bottles of Electric Bitters enabled her to and Mrs. H. A. Bather. The spacious That was satin' at our organs in the shape of walk and ia three months she felt like It residence was filled from 8:30 till after harmful germs Some of inseck toot ensembl,, some as tiny lit- now person. Women suifsriug from fie worms, headache, backache, nervousness, sleep- There was microbes in tl*e water an' backsilly in lessness, melancholy, fainting and dizzy theair, spells will find it a priceless blessing. There was germs of sure destructinn floatin' Try it. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Only round us everywhere, Annymaleules wss a Ire'kin' in insijious sort of 50C at Lord & Wilcox druggists, Cres- way In the food that was sustaiain' of our lives from day to day. His convinein' style of language drove us into sober thought An' to tellin' of each other 'bout the symtoms we had got; Poker Johnson had a bitin'in his stomach, Par- son Bill Had observed his brain was dishin' up a weaker brand o' will. Colonel Dazenberry's liver wasn't actin' as it should, Justice Jinkins thought ins pimples was from , microbes in the blood, An' therewa'n't a [nan or woman in the camp that didn'~ git What you'd call a germy feolin', skeorin" of 'ore up a bit. l~hen he holt another meetin', an' we gathered 'round the cuss ~'ur some further information as to what was eatiu' as, An' he opened up a satchel an' perduced some pinky pills, Them a beta' panaceas fur our lifo-dostroyin' .ills. "iIere's the key to li~e!" he hollered, "tIore's the open gate to health! tIere's the pizen fur the deamons that's devour- in' you by stealth! Here's the magic germ destroyer, the diskivery that knocks tone, Colo. Base lsall. We are to have still another game of base ball on the Fourth. The manager of the Iron mine at Orient has written that he wants to bring his nine here and play the Saguacho boys on that date. As the Bonanza and Center clubs play in the forenoon it has been arranged to have a game between Orient and Sa- guache in the afternoon. With the pec- ple who will come from Bonanza, Orient and Center we will have a good crowd at Saguache on the Fourth. A Good Cough i~ledlelne. It speaks well for Chamberlain's Cough Remedy when druggists use it in their own families in preference to any other. "I have sold Chamberlain's Cough I~em- edy for the past five years with complete satisfaction to myself and customers," says druggist J. Goldsmith, Van Etten N.Y. "I have always used it in my own family both for ordinary coughs and colds and for the cough following the la grippe end rind it ver) ellieacious." For Annymaloules from the system, an' it coste case a box" rhea we tumbled to his racket, an' our breasts , .got hot with rage, An' we yanked the man o' science from his temp- orary stage, 'An' the rol~e we kep' fur bracin' up the morah of the camp Ina jiffy was encirclin' of the thorax of the scamp! An' in less than seven minutes by the regulator he Was a sampliu' of the vengeance of our mortu- ary tree With a vacancy between o1' tecry-firmy an' his foot, An' the bugs from that same moment at our systems ceased to ea~. --James Barton Adams in Denver Post. A ~Vl) ItTH EI~ U CCESSO R. "Solnethillg New Under Tile Sun,'~ All Doctors have tried to cure CA- TARRH by the use of powders, acid gas- es, inhalers and drugs In paste form. Their powdersdry up themucuous mem- branes causing them to crack open and ,bleed. The powerful acids used in the iahalers have entirely eaten away the same membranes that their makers have aimed to cure while pastes and oint- ments cannot reach the disease. An old and experienced practitioner who has for many years made a close st!~dy and specialty of the treatment of CATARRH, has at last perfected a treatment which when faithfully used, not only relieves at once but psrmanentlv cures CA UARH hy removing the cause stopping discharges and curing all in- flammation. It. is the only remedy known tbsmence ihst.clmdly reaches the af- flicted parts. 'l'llts wonderful remedy is known as "Suufllels',the Guaranteed Ca- tarrh Cure and is sold at the extremely low price of one dollar, each package cofitaming internal and external medi- cine sufficient for a full month's treat- meat and everything necessary to its per- fect use. "Snuffles" is the onl~ perfect catarrh cure ever made and is now recogmzed as the only safe and positive cure for that annoying and disgusting disease. It cures all inflammation quickly aud perma- nently and is also wonderfully quick to relieve hay fever or cold in the head. a sale by the Saguache Pharmacy. Shot Himself, Fred Heath, a former Saguache resi- dent, and at one time in the saloon bus- iness at Villa Grove, shot himself at that place Sunday morning. Heath has been acting strangely for a couple of years. He has been wandering over the country and recently returned to Salida. He walked down to Villa Grove on Sunday morning from Alder and shortly after his arrival went into a barn and shot himself in the left breast. His aim was bad and Dr. Shippey dressed the wound and says that Heath will got well unless complicatmns set in. Fred had about $60 on his person and is supposed to have money in the bank at Salida. His Life Saved. "I am sure that Chamborlam's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy at one time saved my life," says A. E. Lafalette of Gregory Landing, Clark county, Me. "I was in such bad shape that the doc- tors said I could not live. When I was at the lowest ebb, one of my neighbors brought in a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and I took it and got instant rebel. I soon got np and aronnd. Thut was nine ,,ears ~go and I am sLill in good health. Since then that medicine has al~ ays been in my house and always uill be. It isthe best on earth." For sale by Saguache Ph armacy. More money is needed by the com- mitteein cimrge of the Fourth of July celebration and if you have not contrib- uted please call on Bitt Ciare an::l make a donation. Dig up and took ci~eerful-- the 4th only comes cnee a year. Give young America a good thus If there is any shortage in the trout supply, in the Ssguache it may be at- ritbuted to the fact that George Sher- 11 o'clock by a gay and happy throng. The guests were introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Bucher by Mr. and Mrs. Means. In the back parlor an orchestra discoursed sweet music. Mrs. Wm. F. Boyd and Mrs. J. B. Morgan assisted Mrs. Means, and the refreshments--which consisted of shurbets, ices and cakes were served in the dining room by a bevy of young girls. Invitations were quite general and more than sixty people called during the evening. **$ Mrs. Charles Tarbell entertained a party of hmuds at, her homo on Wednes- day afternoon of last week in honor of Mrs. H. A. Bueher, nee Rambo. The parlors were beautifully decorated and the refreshments served were delicious. Charades created much merriment and the card~ issued each lady bore tw.enty subjects. On a tabls were articles num- bered to corrospomt and the ladies were asked to write the answers. For instance, "No 5, A popular college town" was rep- resented on the table by a round rock. The answer being "Boulder. .... No. 13, a city" was represented by a "Little Rock." Thq list was an ingenious one anti Mrs. Eugene Williams and Mrs. Harry Tarbell each answered correctly seventecn of them. On drawing lots for thc t,r~ze Mrs. Tarbell was snccessful. Those present were, Mrs. Bucher, ~rs. H. B. Means, Mrs. Eugene Wiili:an~s, Mrs. J. B. Morgan, Mrs: WIn. B oyd; M'~s. J. I. Pahner, Mrs. L. P, Hiammoncl, i~rs. Harry Tarbell, Misses ttall and Mann. Saves TwoTroln Death. "Our little daughter had au almost fa- tal attack of whooping cough and bron- chitis" writes Mrs. W. K. Haviland, of Armonk, N. Y. "but when all other rem- edies failed we saved her life with Dr. King's New Discovery. Our niece, who had consumptiou in an advanced stage also used this wonderful medicine and today she is perfectly well.' Desperate throataud lung diseases yield ~to Dr. King's New Discovery aa to no other medicine on earth. Infallible for coughs and cold. 5(Ic and $t bottles guaranteed by Lord & Wdcox, druggists, Crestone, Colo. Trial bottle free. The parsonage in the rear of the Catbo~ic chapel caught tire last Saturday afternoon, supposedly from a defective flue. and came near causing quite a ser- ious conflagration. Tho alarm was quick- ly given aud a large crowd congregated on short notice. The irrigating ditch on tho uorth of tl~e honse happenefl to be carrying a good head of water a~nd after a sharp fight b~y the bucket brigade tho flames were extinguished. The house was considerably damaged and ttlo new c,)rrigated iron roof was torn off the fear portion. Tim house stands only a f~w fe:.t from the rear of the churcii' and at one time it looked as though it, to% ~:as doomed to destruction. Welt ~3?ach I no. ~:; H. O. Miller, who has the contract, for sinking Lhe state artesian well at tiffs p!ac% offers for sale the machine used hero at a big bargain. Mr. Miller is ',the patentee and maker of these machines and will give any one bed rock price. The machine can be seen in operat!ou TTT~ '~ T~V T~|~ ~T s mT~tT s 1" 1"1 t ~WTT TV "a?'~'xvt~'n, ~ carpenter in his emplny, that will be of Catarrh, when neglected often leads to HH PgUPI,Bg N~TIUAhl, P hlVllhl NBwnnp~:H value to other mechaDics. He says: ;,I c0nsumption Snufl|es will save you if you ~ t~ ~4,t ~x it, ""d " ~ar~enter workin~ for m- ~ -- ^ use it at once It is no ordinary remedy , ' ila li ~ l) I~ ,u 'uu wlil~ . . . , "" ] _.. ;._ .'" . , f ~,, . , but a complete treatment which is posl- ODllge(1 CO 810p WOrK or sovoral clays on ---- . . .- " ' .... ~ively guaranteed to cure oatarrh iu any Published Mouday. { Pablished on Thnrs-Iaccount of being troubled withdiarrhoea form or stage if used according to the di- Wednesday and Fr'i- day, aa~i known for I I mentioned to himChat I had been sim- rections which at:company each package. YDIff - " day is lU reahtv a finet ~T~['~[~ nearly sixty years inJ Don' ' + ..... . . , t delay but send for it a. once, and fresh, overy.other-dayt I~ H ~. every part of the Umt- , llarly troubled and that Chamberlains ........... i in [ e(t tatss ass Nahonal[ wrlLe in11 paruenlars as IO our conol " Da ly, giv' g the 1at- l~J~ I][ S " " ' l : " ' " Y " [~l~l l~ Cobs, Cholera and D arrhoea Remed est news on days of is- i Family Newspaper of I Y tigriS, and you will receive soecial ad- luetandgovoringnews [ the nighes~ clara, 'for [ had cured me. He bought a bottle of it -vice from the discoverer of this wonder- - or the other cnreo, l~ tarmers anus Villagers. . . , . . ~[~,~,~ ~r contains all important ] Itcontaineallthemost [ from the druggist here and informed me full remedy regarding )'our case without V||l~ [[ foreign cable news I importantg e n e 1, al I ,~ ...... "t~"e cure;~ him and u~ : ..... :.. cost to you beyond the regular price of Ln~b UIAt~ u~ t4 llu J~ ll~iitu ,~ l|l II I~ which appears in TItE I ~[T/'ll~ TF news of THE DAILY J "~numes *h,, (:''r''~*~"a o,*,,,,,~ o .... Av~,~ DAILY TRIBUNE ofI V|1l{K TRIBUNE up to hourI at his work)" Forsale by the Saguacho ....... . ................. ~.' ..... ,ame dato, also .Do-t 1 li.#j.llLI. (if g,,lng to p~., an ,~. ' .... f~ont propaid to any address in tho mostie and ForolgnI Agrloultural vei!axt~l-UDarrnacy " , " = ITnited ,~f, nt~a t~r (~.nnn~n ~,) ,.~o~inf nF m~r~ 1" Correspondence Short I .. mentof the highest or- I ' . " ' ~' ~ ,, ~"'T,X" ~-~U ~ L~V, vC .~" ' " . .............. one clollar ,~cmress oep~ ~ 7oo /2~[1wln 8terms Elegant Half- der. has entortammg g uf ' " v .... . Hu o Houka er is ha in the Gar , TKI tonoIllustrations, reading for every g B. Giles & Co., 2330 and 2332 MarketSt. Humorous Items, iu-I member of the family, I field, one.of thi~ most prom~sing chfims Philadelphia Pa austrial lnmrma~ion, I ll]" r] T] "iT" T ~]" oici anq yotzltgv~/arits~ [ ....... ' .... , " " Fashion Notes, Agri- W~l V " ltot~rts*vhi~h2re aa-[ ]n this WCmlty, Surveyeu ror patent. ,, . TlrT ~[][ aultural Matters and I ill l.~l.~l~l~ ][ ceptod ae authorit~ by I .Nn,.v~v~,. Willi~ 'i~ ~te~inc~ t~, ..... - W E Cox has taken nO~S~Rsinn nf nn~ ~I~K/V Comprehenszvoandre-t farmers and cauntrF, ~ ..... "~" ............. ~' ~, ....... ,. ";. ", . : ......... ~'- II iilllilAl liablo Financial and h'lerohantet and islEaglo ". ..... or nlrsts new nrlcK cottat~es on the .... Harket rez)orts, ele.an::uPt~ dat,e:~n.7 I .... " ' south sido aud will soon have his family Re larsubscrz tlon ivo A eevore sprain Wll~ usually CllSaO[etho t t ' gu 'p.' I " , , , , i iowe from Kansas.--Courier prise $1 50 per year v R:~mar2u2:fr:p~: n , d o . ~:, .... ,' " ml'~TT)TTITI'7 ' I~DTDTTMD ~.. ............. Imr]re pers nforthree or fbur,weeks. - ............. We fuemeh ~t with W~ ~urnish it with Man cases :h~ve o erred however i ' lhlDUll5 , _., " IIIlDUII~ ................. [ y ~ , , n Eczema, saltrheum totter, chafing, ivy THE OIIESCEN]: for lilt, Cn~t~,~i zor . " ....... "" ' ' $2.50 per year, $2.00 per year. which a ca.to has. been affected in less: poisoning and all skin tortures are quick- ' .... . . than :o~e~e~k-4~y-~ apply-ia~/~hamber- ly cured by DeWitt's~W~'tch tIazelSalve. _._.~ --ll _...4~_.. .~ Tt..^ f', ...... 4. ~ .... ,~b,,-. I lain's'Pain:t~aT, m:,~or sate by Saguaohe' The certain pile cure, Saguaoho Phar- SI~[IU i:t.II UYUt;II'I~ LU /11~ ~,~lt:~k~t~liL, i..?(;ll~l.~..I.altl~,ll Pharmaoy ' .... ma0y ~ ...... man, John F. Williams, Lem Lcckett and Carl Williams were fishing on the Upper Saguache for a few days the first of the week. Fritz Youch and*~irs. Jennie Keesey started Tuesday evenm~ for New Mexi- co to be married. Mr. Youch has built a neat cabin over in the gulch above Liberty where the newly married coup:e will make their home.--Press. Lea Brewer last week purchased the undertaking stock of Art Wilcox and moved the same to his establishment. A few months ago, food which I ate for breakfast would not remain on my stomach for half an hour. I used one bottle of your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and can now eat my breakfast and other meals with a relish and my food is thor- ougbly digested. Nothing eqmils Kodol Dyspepsia Care for stomach troubles. H. S. Pttts, Arhngton, Tex. Kodcl Dys- pepsia Cure digests what you eat, Sa- guaoho PharmaoL near this phmo. Call on or addres, tI. O. Miller, Saguache, Cole. The billious, tired, nervous man can- not successfully compote ~ilh his heal- tl~y rival. DoWitt's Little Early Risers the famous pills for constipation will ronlove the cause o your troubles. Sa- ) guache i harmacy. Arrangements are under way to have a game of ball here with the Ssguache team June 23rd. It is possible that a game will also be arranged betw.eeu the hometeam and the Center team b~foro the l~ ourth.--Eagle. '; A surgical operation IS not necessary to cure piles. DeWitt's Witch ttazel Salve saves all that expense and never fails. Beware of counterfeits. Saguache Pharmacy. E. W.Clark, engineer at the Inde- pendent mill, was m the city yesterday and uladu the Eagle a call. Its expects to lake a vacatioa about July lst.~ Eagle.