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Saguache , Colorado
July 18, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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July 18, 1901

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SAGUACHE CRESCENT. VOL. XXI. NO. 29. SAGUACHE, COLORADO, THURSDAY, JULY 18, I901. WHOLE NUMBER 1069. tit tt ttt This week we desire to call our friendst attention to our nice Iine of Boys and Youths' Clothin which we have for sale--siz~ three to twenty years--at prices ranging from $2.00 to $6.00 a suit. "Featherbone Whips." SAM FEAST, MOFFAT. I ili i i i LAWRENCE & WILLIAMS DUNN BLOCK, SAGUACHE, COLORADO, Have just opened as complete a stock of GENERAL HARDWARE As can be found in the San Luis Valley. Thm stock is new throughout, was selected by an experienced Hardware man ann was bought at prices which.,will permit its being mold right. Anything kept in a well-appointed Hardware Stock can be bought of us. We solicit your trade. i i i Buggies and Wagons I:have at my place in the town of Moffat a Large Stock of Farm Implements--Binders, Mowers, Rakes, Binding Twine, Oil, Etc. I have a bargain to offer in Buggies and Wagons which I buy in car load lots and can make you better paices than you can get any where else In the valley. Call and examine my stock and get my prices before buying elsewhere. JOHN HOLCOMB. MOFFAT, COLO. t i H H|| This Is your Opportunity. On reeeipt of ten cents, cash or stamps, a generous Jample will be mailed of the most popular CatArrh amd Hay Fever Cure (FAy's Cream Balm) s~eisnt to demon- s~ato the groat merits of the remedy. ELY BROTHERS, 66 Warren St., New York City. Rev. John Reid, Jr., of Great FAlls, Mont., recommended Ells Cream Balm to me. I san emphasize Iris statement, "It is aposi- tire cure for catarrh if used as dirscted:'~ Roy. Fmnek W. Pools, Pastor ~n~P~ Chursh, Hakns, Mont. Ely's Cream B~m is the acknowledged cure for catarrh and nontMus no mercury nor any lnjunou~ drug. l~ce, 50 e~ ?rivate and (~hronio Diseases of Men CONSULT Men suffering from evil of" f-cte of youthful indi~cre- mr.,s~'t~#~t~, tlons, syphilis, gonorrhmat [ . ~. gleeS, strictures poxuaL r .~ weakness, varicooelo, un- m~It~il~k ~atural dt.~chargcs, lost [~ ~ vitality, failing memory, I ~ ~ unfitness to marry, blood, l~[[~r s~in, kidney or private dis- easeSare speedily cured. DR. COOK has spent 80 ~,d ~k"~i~ ~ ~enys of penis.ten.t, study i id ~ &net experience m ins owu il~l~l~pra~tlca~ aud among the ......... Iargcst Eastern hospitals D~'AV~ ~t~o~. in curing this class of dis- oases and. will ~ar~e you a~qrmanent cure st moderate cost, Ha has ~r~i tnouasnas WhO thought their case~,hopelesm All ]etter~ private. Write for question blank. Consultation free. Me(licines sent free from observation, Cook rledlcal Co. ,6=,I Curtis St. Denver.Col, FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE! /~~~~lWt~3~ to.dayfor our hand.! m som.s Inu sCr, t~d e~taJogue I READ THE LETTER~ ~esswh~t ~e~UtlflU pro-I from our ~atrons and m mlams we ~flve for selling[ ~.~ convinced *h.* . i iT--~ I Ill tO oarS.caps..We~lyetoeachI zredeanntr with uther-i purchaser or a nox of Sea oughly reliable nou~e .... or bottle of Perfume their[ ' i choice of some of the hand- '- ll~l'l" ~-~ V -I i-F ~-i seraest premlums in the market. Lamps, BmceleSs, i i /~ ~ /~\ i ~\ "i P~-~sanaotner ~eauUfm ~rteen~ To ~,. i B ,4~L K 5~ "~.~_ i I,,U .J i the agent who sells enlr st boxes of Soap |~ i I'~ ~/~ ~l@~i we tree a SO.Piece Dinner Set--not a J i toy set--but a b~mtifullr dee, orated and ~i BAIS'reL VT gold traced, fuji size for family Urn, Din- I~i - , nor set. We aim) glee Couches, l;ocker~, mm ~ I |i 1 sm ve~muoh plea~ ~t~, my dishes, and Dining Room Chairs Center Tables ~ ~ i ~i ~l~upsuom.ror~rJ~n. " W Lac~ Curtains, Watches. Knives an~ Ui Mi~ LULu BESA ForEs, Gmnl~eware, Scwlnz Machine~ Rim NZI~OI~VILLI. OHIo, M~l~ll~ment|,Ete. lfc~hlspre- ~i O~ ~v~ to-~y. My_~u~mor~ are sn f~ we,~low a .r~ Ii~ra~ commi~ ~~ well ple~l with thslr lsm~ We have not ,een ~Lo~ .ws~rust y?u~ ;~omoas~roqul.r.eq~ f YT~II I'~i aeh nieelsmp. }tote b~ore, will ~ndsaolherord~- wed~iow' ~1ou 35 d.a~s z}ms )n wales | ~'~ J~ii iu a few dsyl. 1 am more than ~lealed with the to e t~er le S~.~ s ann !o~ec% ~[oU~ "*~..~drW i mandolin. Mt~. AGN~ HITCHING& money uezot~ Pg~aS us. usa t aemy."qmm~ ~ SALVONA SOAP CO., ~aJn and Locust Sts., ST. LOUIS, ~KO. ......... ,, ,,,. , , , ,, .,..,.,.., . . THE PROPL ' NATIONAL FAMILY Wednesday an ri- HEW "'" ~.~* ev .myot.h. or'it, aY lmlly, givu~ the late e~t news on days of is- sue, and eovoring news of the other thee. It YORK TRI- WEEKLY TRIBUNE N WSPAP ,R, Published on Thurs- day, and known for nearly sixty_ years in ~very part of the Unite ed States as a National Family_ Newsna~er of the nighest class, for farmers and villagers. It contains all the most contains all important : foroiRn cable news importantg e n e r a 1 whicfi apveaes inTHE ~T~ ]7" news of THE DALLY DAILY TRIBUNE of I gl lll'q[ K TRIBUNE up to hour same date, aloe Do- I I~LLI~ . ?f ~oin~ to p~as, an mestie and Foreign [ Agrxeulturat ~evar~- Correspondeuee, Short [ , meat of the highest or- Storie~, El~t Half- ] . ' der, has entertaining toneIllustrations, J reading" for on'cry Humorous Items, In- [ member of the family,, duetrial information, ] ~[l~T] r~ ]7 ~$ old and young, Market Fashion Notas, Agrl- I W~ H~IV Beports which a~e ac- cultural Matters and ~ Ill=] l~lf ]. cepted as authority by Comprehens~veandre- [ farmers and country liable Financial and merchantst and is clean, up to date, in- Market reports. I i teresting and in~trnct- Regular subscription prioe,, . O ry-.. We furnish it with I J, JLIklL/I[JJ,~ I] THE ORESCENT for $9.50 per year. ivo. Reuular su1"mcriptlon p~.ce, ~1.00 per year. ws mrntsh it with THE CRESCENT for $200 per year. Send all orders to The Crescent, Saguache., Does this illus- trate your experi- ence? And are you wor- HAIR ried for fear you are soon to be bald ? Then cease worry- Ing, for help is at hand. You need something t h a t w i 11 put new life into the hair bulbs. You need a hair food, such r aS---" It brings health to the hair, and the fall- ing ceases. It always restores color to gray hair. You nccd not look at thi/ty as if you were fifty, for your gray hair may have again all the dark, rich color of youth. $1.~ A bottle. All druggists. "I am a barber by trade and have had a great deal to do with your Hair Vigor. I have found that it will do everything that you claim for it. It hasgiven me the most complete satisfaction in my busio nesT.'~ ~ENRY J. OEOROE~ MArch 22,18~. KansM City. Me. WFIto the O~mt~,. If you do not obtain all the b~neat8 you expected from the use of ths Vigor, write the Doctor about it. Address, DE. J C. ATER, Lowell, ~es. COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. Fifth day, July 9th. Board met pur- suant to adjournment with all members present. Minutes are read and approved. Withdrawal of Mark Biedell from the bond of S. E. Kortright, justice of the peace in and for precinct No. 11, ia ac- cepted. Bill No. 187-8-181 to 199, 200a and b, 20L2 3-5 to 220, 222 and 223 are allowed in full. No. 190, supt. of irrigation, for $35.85, allowed at $32.90, expenses dis. allowed. No. 204, Clyde Welch, painting signs, etc. for $1225, allowed at $1 2,5. No. 200, ~ustice of the peace, for $14.50, al- lowed at $13A0. No. 200c, d, e, witnesses justice court, disallowed. No. 221, Dr. Bradburn, small pox expenses, $91, dis- allowed, not a county charge. The following resolution is presented, and on motion is auopted: Whereas, The Saguache creek has not for several years been supplied with fish from the state fish hatchery and there is now a great need for a supply of trout fry m said stream in order to keep it stocked with the usual amount of fish, And, This board deeming it of impor- tance to the entire county that the said stream be frequently restocked with fish. Therefore, be it I~esolved, That we as the board of commissioners "of the county of Sa- guache, do hereby request the Hen. C. W. Harris, state game and fish commie- (21) days from the hme the disease stoner, to furnmh a supply of trout fry I began. If he shall find it necessary for said stream at his earliest opportu. I to prolong such quarantine, having nity. i proof fist the disease still exists, he Board now takes a recess for dinner. [shall have the authority to keep At 1 p. m. board agam resumes bust- such case quarantined until he shall hess with all members present, have ~atisfactory evidence that the Grocery bond of S. M. Phillips, of Sar- gents, is approved, and the clerk is authorized to issue saloon license xn ac- cordance with his application.. Clerk's, sheriff's and treasurer's month- ly reports are examined and approved. The clerk is instructed to procure and have placed in position, head boards for th0 graves of the pauper dead, under sectlon 3391a Mills Annotated Statutes. Bids for printing dehnquent tax list are now opened and considered, and on motion the contract is let to O. D. Bryan o~ the Suguache CRESCENT at' the price of 50 cents per inch for first insertion, and 25 cents for each subsequant m- sertion. On motion board now adjourns until tomorrow mornmg. Sixth day, July 10th. Board meets pursuant to adjournment with all mem- bers present. Minutes read and approved, The board now proceeds to select 100 names to be certified to the district court from which names the jurors for the October term of said court are to be drawn. I On motion Biedell voting precinct No. 10 is discontinued and the territory in- eluded in said precinct is added to and made a part of Veteran precinct No. 18. The board now names judges of elec- tion for the several precincts of the county as follows: Villa Grove. No. l--W J. King, W.T. Ander- son, Jacob Barsch Cotton Creek, No. 2--John Amsler, John A. Davldson, J. G. Ncidhardt. Crestone, No. 3--E. H. Underhlll. A. Slevert, R. A. Mooney. ~ .. Cmnero, No. 4~W. H. Garrltson, A, T. ~cow, J. H. Simpson. Lower Saguache No. 5--R. M. Edwards, John Brauu JaM. White. Saguache,'No 6--W. F. Boyd, Ned Lockets J. W. Davidson. ' ! Sargents, No. 7--J. R. Hicks, T.P. Goodman, Chas. Eberling. Upper Saguache. No. 8--F. E. Hodding, Wm. Munro, Zach Clark. Cochetopa, 9-E C. Everly, John McDonough, Thos. Roberts. Bonanza, No I1--A. J Brae, John E. Ault, J. W. Yaughn. Aider, No. 12--W. R. Donnell, D.M. Davison, John Wisdom. Mc- Parkville, No. 13--T. H. Thompson, W. A Entyre, JOSs Mahon. Russell Springs, No. 14--Johu S. STOW, B. F. Forbes. Mrs. Flora Whitten. Hauman, No. 15--Chas. Hoffman, Chas. Holl- mer, P. J. (~uinu Moffat. No. 1O-J H. Holcomb, H. Nash, Sam Feast. Elkhorn, No, 17-Munro Tomson, O. O. Fel- lows, J. D. Hess. veteran, No. 18--Fcles Chaves, Joe Bernard L.H. Davis. Duncan, No. 19--H. E. Snider, Fritz Youch, J. W ~tambaugtL Union HILl, No. 20--C. D. Jones Henry Lucas Gee. W. Koogle. Lawrence, No. 21--Tom Nolaud, George Far- rington, Reis Borrego. Center, No, 22--Newel Graves. Thee. Tough, Wm. Brashear. Embargo, No. 28--No appointments made, Board now takes a recess for dinner. At I p m. board again resumes busi- ness with all members present. John Farrington now presents plans, specifications and bids for covering the north front steps of the court house with iron plates, and on motion he is awarded the contract as per plans No. 2 at $160, by the following vote: Welty, no, Brown, yes, Ashley yes. On motion the clerk is instructed to .,, - notify the overseers in road dmtrmts No. 5 and 7 to put the road in good repair along the Meadow ranch as soon as the ground is in condition to work. The semi-annual report of the condi- tion of the county is now examined and approved The treasurer is authorized ~ transfer from the clerk's fee fund to the ordinary fund the sum of @370. Bills No. 22~ to 229 inclusive are al- lowed in full. On motion board now adjourns to Sep. llth at which time it will meet for the purpose of selecting a maid of honor and for the transaction of any other business that may come before the board. LEE FAIRBA~KS, Clerk Jo~ W~.LTY, Chairman. Public Health Regulations, The following regulations were adopted by the board Of health: ~o. 1. The properly constituted health officer of the municipality shall haze full power to quarantine all contagious diseases. No. 2. He shall have the author- ity to post upon the dwelling or building in which there may be a person afflicted with a contagious disease a poster or placard with the name of the disease plainly written or printed thereon, and it shall be unlawful for any person to remove such placard without the permission of such health officer. :No. 3. The health officer shall have authority to take such meas- ures as may be necessary to prevent the spread of contagious disease. No. 4. H~ ~hall have the author- ity to take the following steps to prevent the spread of the following named diseases: DIPHTHERIA. He shall quarantine every case of diphtheria for at least twenty-one patient, or patients, are free from the bacilli of diphtheria. SCARLET FEVER. a The health officer shall quar- antine ~each house or building in which the patient sufferiug from scarlet fever may be, for at least six w~eks and longer, if in his opin- ion said disease is not entirely eradi, cated. b No person who lives in said. house shall be allowed to attend day school, Sunday ~chool, or other phtce of public meeting for at least [eight (8) weeks from the time the patient, or patients, in said house were b~ken with the disease; and in any case said person or per- sons shall not be permitted to attend any such place of p,blic gathering for a period of two (2) wed~s- after the building has been fumigated. SMALL POX. a Every perso~ suffering from small pox shall be sent to an iso- lated hospital immediately upon the discovery of such disease upon such person. b Every person who shall have been in any manner exposed to small pox shall be vaccinated and kept in detention for two (2) weeks from the time of such exposure. c The local health officer shall i have authority to order a house or l premises in which a small pox patient may be properly disinfected; and in case of refusal or neglect of the owner or occupant to so disin- fect, said health officer may proceed at once to do the disinfection. d The state board of health shall approve the kind, quality and amount of the disinfectant used or ordered by the local board, or local health officer. e Any person who shall will- fully violate the above rules shall on conviction be fined iu the sum of not less than twenty-five (25) nor more than three hundred (300) dollars for every offense. Many thousand have been restored to health and happiness by the use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. If afflict-! ed with any throat or lung trouble, give it a trial for it is certain to prove bene- ficial. Coughs that have resisted all other treatment for years have yielded to this remedy and perfect health been restored. Cases that veemed hopeless, that the climate of famous health resorts failed to benefit, have been permanently cured by its use. Bear in mind that every bottle is warranted and if it does not prove beneficial the money will be re. funded. For sale by SaguachePharmaoy Beard an Inventor. Dr. J. M. G. Beard, of Fruits, was in town this week visiting with the family of O. O. Skinner. The doctor has just secured patents on valuable improve. men~ in static electric and X ray ms- chines and will in'future manufacture machines for sale. The doctor behoves ha has permanently cured two cases of can. cer by the use of the X ray, and a third case is in fair way to recover. The aver- age treatment to effect a cure is but 100 minutes with the X ray. The principal is that cancer is a germ formation, on which the X ray has blighting effect in- stantly. His expemmenta in this line are being watched with referent by his fsl. low physicians.--Montrose Enterprise, A Foor ]HILnonaire, Lately starved in London because he could not digest his food. Early use of Dr. King's New Life Pills would have saved him. They strengthen the stom- ach, aid digestion, promote assimilation, improve appetite. Prioo 25 cents. Money back if not satisfied. Sold by Lord & Wilcox, druggists, Crestone~ Colo. I. J. Stogdill and wife were driving along on the Gunbarrel road last Sun- day when a man drove up behind them and called out, "I'm burnmg up." Upon observation Mr. Stogdill noticed that some straw in the back of his bugg~ was on fire, and stopped and told the man to get out, but he sat still and said, "I'm on fire too." Mr. Stogdill pulled him out of the buggy and by being near a dxtch the fire was extinguished after it had almost wholly demolished the rig and partly burned the coa~ off his back. By this time the man was somewhat sobered up aud said he had been to Del Norte and got drunk. He also felt very bad because a sack full of bottle of beer which he had iu his buggy was destroy- ed. iiowever, he was compelled to ride a number of miles home on just the running gears of the buggy.~Dispatch. "I am indebted to One Minute Cough Cure for my present good health and my life. I was treated in vain by doctors for lung trouble following ]a grippe. I took One Minute Cough Cure and re- cove~ed my health." Mr. E. H. Wise, Madison, Ga. Saguache Pharmacy. There was great rejoicing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Underwood on the 4th of July over the arrival of a b~g, bouncing baby boy. The Miner hopes the little fellow will live aud grow to be a useful and good citizen. Mother and son are getting along nice under the careful attention of Dr. Bryant.--Miner. The piles that annoy you so will be quickly and permanently healert .if you use DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. Be- ware of worthless counterfeits. Sa- guache Pharmacy. Mrs. J. W. Davidson.is suffering from a rheumatic attack. Taken Up. Henry Clark, on the Upper Saguaohe, has in his possession a bay mare colt with one white eye and three white feet, branded ~ (quarter cirelo over lazy U) ou the left stiflle. Ownor to come and prove property and pay for this notico, SAGUACHE CRESCENT FORMERLy 8AGUAG~[~ D~OOB~T. ' OSCAR D. BRYAN. PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR ...... !'ublish~...at,Sa~uaghe, C..olo.,.~rary Thurtdar... : ~ political ~ne~tlons It will aovooate tho interests of the Repubh~n l~a'tff.. Ita- ,, chief area will be to ~IvtnoQtbe-m~. serial int~-.e~ta of this county. ~ubsorlDtlon. $o.OO a Year. Heartburn. When the quantity of food taken is too large or the quality too rmh, heart- burn is likely to follow and espeoailly so if the digestion has been weakened by constipation. Eat slowly and not too " freely of easily digested food. Masti0a~ ' = the food thoroughly. Let six hours olalme ~ between meals and when you feel a ful'i hess and weight in the region of the .... stomach after eating, indidating that ~:~ ~ou have eaten too much, take one of Chamberlain'e Stomach and Liver Tab- . lets and the heartburn may be avoided. For sale by Saguache Pharmacy. ' 4 r ..... L~st An Arm, :- ....:e "',r~)[ The many friends of Georgo McAf~ .. will learn with regret of theaooident this " *~" weett which caused him au arm. Mr. MO,I.~'" Afee is well known here having lived in" the vio/nity of Iris for some time. Thb' i'~' " following account of his misfortune is :'~ taken from the Crested Butte Pilot: George MeAfee who is operath~ a saw. / mill on Brush oreek, met with a terrible accident at the mill yestarday. He was working the carriage when a board upon ' which he was standing gave way and pre(iipltated him against the rapidiy r~ '~ volving saw. His l~ft arm was alm~t , entirely severed midway between the wrist and elbow, only a few ahr.ads of flesh being left. Dr. Rookefellow wmt hastily summoned and attended the us. " fortunate man and in company with Dr. Walker again went out this moaning to . amputate thb injured limb. Mr.McAfee is a married man with a family and. is an honest and industrious get~tleman, ,. His many friends deeply sympathize with him in his dreadful miafortuno,~ Republican. Well 2&chine. H, O. Miller, who has the contract for sinking the state artesian well at this piano, offers for sale the mechine used here at a big bargam. Mr. Miller is the patentee and maker of them maehinN and will give any one bed rook pace. The machine can be seen in operation/'~; near this place. Call on or addr~m. H. O. Miller, ~aguaohe, Colo. .,. %7 ~. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve should b#" ;:: promptly applied to outs, burns :and .-i scalds. It soothes and quickly heals the :~ i. /njured parts. There are Worthl~..~ counterfeits, be sure and get DeWitt'& Saguaohe Pharmacy. Gone to Cttitfornia. Andrew Forbes and wife left Mofftit last Thursday for a trip to Califorlam. They go expecting to tm gone about 90 days, but their tiekate are so arranged aa to permit their remaining away nine months. It m expected that Mrs Forbes' will be greatly benefitted by the trip. When you want a modern, up to date physic, try Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablet~. They are easy to take and. pleasant iv effect. Price 25 cent~ ~am- ples free at the Saguaohe Pharmacy. Wool Sold, Fred Warshauer, the wool buyer of Conejos, was in town last Friday and purchased abou ~ 75,000 pounds from the Gotthelf & Tarbell Co., John Lawrenc~ and Samuel lowell. The price rooe/ved'" was $10.60 per hundred. A bad complexion generally results. from inactive liver and bowels. In alL. such eases, DeWitt'e Little Early Risers produce gratifying results. Saguache Pharmacy. VaCancy Filled. By the death of Franklin Clark a w-' canny was eaused on the board of true.- tees for the county higl~ school. Thm was filled last week by the eclectics ~'. B. F. Gregory of Crestone. ..y. You o'an never oure dyspepaia by diet~- ,,:~i ing. What your body needs is plenty: ~ ..~ good food properly digested. Then if your stomach will not digest it, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure will. It c~ntains ~ldl0~*M ~, the natural digestant8 henae must d~mt every class of food and so prepare it that nature can use it in nouriahmg the bgdy" )' and replacing the wasted tissues,'= t h" "1~ giving life, health, strsngthi, ambiti~t~i pure blood and good healthy appeti~%. Saguache Pharmacy Jack Thomes was in town this week from the lower country. Jack thinlm~f engaging in ranching and fruit growing in the vicinity of Hotohkia~--Gunnison Republieen,