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July 18, 1901     The Saguache Crescent
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July 18, 1901

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II I I I I I 8AGUAOHE ESCENT. At least one-third of the 300,000 in- habitants of Buenos Ayres are Italians. They own nearly half the commercial firms o[ the city, with a wapital of $150,~0,00& Tl~ ~tate o~ Montana owns more Uhan one-eighth of its area, for the ~vernment granted to the state two weetto~s t~ ~ach township for Che bene- fit of the public school~ and an aggre- gate of '668,000 acres ~er the various atate institutions. The ~iggest man living Is said to be ]Lewis Wilkins, who was born near St. Pa~l, Mi~n., .ira 187~. When but ten years ~ald :he meusured 6 feet in helght amd now has "grown to 1074 inche~--- Just l~ree-quarters of an inch less than nine ~eet~and weighs 364 pounds. A llte~ary ~'discovery of Intere~t, 1ff mot of moment, Is reported from the Bodleian Library at Oxford. Some Imems of James I., in the king's own hand, have been found in the ,collee- Uon and are ,to ~be duly edited It ~is not expected that the monarch's po~tl- eel reputation will he greatly enhanced by the newly "found manuscripts. T.he right to refrain from reading them is a part of the freedom which Englishmen enjoy. If Mr. Edison,s recently developed improvements in electric storage bat. tories, by which the weight and the cost of operatlv~g them are redueed:mo~e than one-half, should .turn out as well as is now believed, the automobile business may be expected to grow rap- ~tdly. It is probable that in the eitfes motors will displace :horses for ;heavy trucking. In the country, where the keeping of!horses costs less, the change will be longer in coming. Barney Morris, Brooklyn,s ,best- known centenarian, ,celebrated the 109th anniversary of his 'birth the,oth- er day by getting to work in Prospect Park, where ~he its employed, :a little earlier than usual, says the New ~ork ~vening Post. ,Tie is as ~cttve as man of 60 years.and enjoys his outdoor work. He used :to !be ~a hackman, :and in his day'he was an athlete. He never misses a Sunday at church and .goes "to sleep at '9 ~p. m. The present ~rs. Morris is ,his ~hird ,wife. The United States is steadily a~tul~ lag land .fnom the European powers. The territory annexed is not gained by conquett ~r @urchase and ~ in- voluntary addition to our country. It comes ~o Ametl.ca In the ~orm .~f bal- last and ~or the most part in Amer- ican ships ,One fCl~u.~nd ~ons ,of Scotch "soft ~e~e imported into Ne~ York ~a ne ~week ~t ~hor~ time ago It came ~ff ~%e A:llan State Line ste~n~- er L~uventla~. Sca.rcel~, a ,week ~asses without ~a .similar i~portatio~ ~y ~he bo~ts ~f ~ht~ ~r ~ame other l~e. ~t is estimated 2hat millions ~t ~a~ ~f Europesm ~il him :b~eta |mported .and dumped about Ne,~ York. Much of this i~ ~med f~r ~m~king lan~W ~t the ~arb~r~ I~tmstonz in the British tmlffta,- ment have recently brought out most strikingly the backwardness of Eng- land, as compared with the rest of the civilized world, in providing free pub- lic school education. In Germany, tak- ing the average of the different prov- inces, a ehtld must attend school until he Is sixteen year~ old; in America he goes until he Is fifteen, and in many states still longer; but in England only until he is twelve. The English child ts releassd from school earlier, and, at best, is educated fewer years at the expense of the state than are the children of any other nation of the tlrst class except Russia. The d/scus- sions in parliament have been directed toward finding a remedy for this backwardness. Working girls in cities, who have to swelter through the summer in one stuffy room, would be fortunate indeed If rich women generally adopted a plan which a Boston woman is preparing to put into practice for the second time. She has a beautiful home, and when she went to her country house last year she offered five girls the use of the city place, together ~ith board and the services of her cook, for four dollars a week each. Imagine the delight with which they exchanged hall bedrooms and cheap restaurants for a large, airy house and a perfectly appointed table! "I think," said one of the girls at the end of the three months, "that this is the very first summer in my whole life that I have fully enjoyed myself." These were girls who would have re- sented any kind of help that savored of "charity," but the gracious deed that tm carefully guarded their independ- ence and their self-respect will be a happy, helpful memory all their lives long. Country folk would say that such an action was "neighborly." Per. haps at a higher stage of civilization people will see the truth more clearly, and call it simply Christian. The total annual production of tim- ber and firewood of the German for- ests Is estimated at 38,000,60 tons, and this Is supplemented by an import of 4,600,000 ton~. The material progress of the country w~uld not bs possibl~ had it not the large home production to fall back upon. A man in Tennessee got four cords of wood, three gallons of honey and BRYANISM REPUDIATED. with Mr, Bryan in consideration or Agui|mhles offer to contribute $100,- The action of the Democratic eonven- 000 to the I)emocratic campaign fund. finn in 0,hie is most remarkable. It This tbrows a light upon the char- makes that c~avention the most import- octet of Agutnaldo whiei~ even in Mr. ant body of the kind that has met in Atkiitson's opinion must deprive him the past year. It points to a complete of all resemblanee to George Washing- reversal of ti~e national policy of the ton. Bribed himself, according to tim party in the coming cong~x--~stonal and report, by the Spanish authorities, he presidential (,a]np~ligns. seems to lmve thought that a resort to In the committee cm r~solutioms a that method of dealing witi~ leaders fight u~'s made for the endor~emeut of was entirely proper. It was not the the ~mlional iflatforln of the party, an- Imtriot fighting for his country and other fight for n dt~qaration in layer of risking all that it might be free., but silver ~at 16 to 1, and the re~ult was the scheming politician trying to in- that bodh pro0ositions were turnedl velgle the leader of a political party to endent steel and ]~)2 and worked as clerR for $60 a - will be found In its orighml position, iron companies in the United States. I nmnth, tie saved his money, got into This is to be detel'mined by the drill,~ I r " ~ ' .,,n. ,~m,~t~+,~ h,.uu ..... +j, ~,~ ..... Cox t acts have already been ,let for ~ mining, and wlten thirty-four years of ~-,~,-~;.~v;~...-~;--~, ~,..-,~.,,.~.~.~ t soree of the inlIu'ovements to be Inade*i age could draw a thetis, for seven fig- tvtua$ ~e~ uy uu tu~ x. ttta~,,tct. ~_,ut. {hI-u-h "h- n - r-.- ; ' -- .. 't) ~ t e e3v aPl)roprla[lon, ll~ey ures and wm'k will be commencea rnis ~ inchtde a(lditio'" ~ ...... " , - m~ furnaces, rallroau [ Robert ~Vtldon t(lnesentttive from morning It is proposed to explore fr~q ............... "" ~ " '~ s " the ground thoroughly~and start ~ev to, ,ue~ uu.u tn(: et.'ccn,on or severat Larlmer county in the Thh'teentl~ Gen- ' ; ' .%; "~ comptete re;nor pntnts at 1 uebto oral Assembl5 ~x as (ltox~ nt d on the ev eral shafts as soon as the ValUe oI tne I " " ' "' " ' ' ' " coal deposit ls deterntined. If the[ --~~ enlng of J~tly 13.tlt in t!m Big. Thomp- Mormons Colonizing W omln son ll'~el IDOnt SIX allies A~tst of Love tramway company does not purclmse[ Y g. " ".'" .'-" : " ,; - Che enne ~x, o Jul ' land Ito~x the ac(idtnt oecuHed is the land it will have the privilege of Y , ~y., y 15.--liens for " ~ ~ "' workin~ the mines unon a royalty for [ Mormon colonists ill the northern hart not known as no oue was with him at a uerlod of twenty-fiv'e rears ~ - [ t>f Wyoming will, if carried out sue- the time. lie had 1)een fislting, and his -- -- -- " " " r [cessfully, increase the ponulation of body was found lying face downward lte line Is to be lmflt into the coal the state between 10,(D0 an'd 15,000 by In about two feet of water. fields, and the coal delivered by elee- the time rite next census is taken. The On receipt of information that large tric power to coal stations in Denver enth'e Big Horn country, Jackson's forest fires were raging along Chalk whose locations have as yet not been IIole section, Johnson county and creek in Chaffee county, and in Larl- announced The trantway comlmny parts of Sheridan and Fremont coun- mer county, State Land Register Joyce will supply itself with coal, and "ts the ties are to~ be settled up by Mormon sent Appraiser H. A. Wells to Chaffee company uses 50,000 tons a year it is colonists, 1)rincipally front Utah and county and Appraiser W. O. Jamlson estimated that the saving will be ntany Idalm. About 3,(}00 Mormons have el- to Larimer county. They were in- thousands of dollars. The new power ready settled in the Big tIorn country stracled 'co use every nteans possible to plant of the company at the north end and 2,000 more are now on their way quench the flames, Whielt wore report- of the Fourteenth street viaduct is be- to that section by tire overland trail, ed to be destroying thnber on school ing rapidly pushed. All of the colonists eonting into the lands northern part of the state are trekking B.G. Morgan. who was awarded a from their former homes, carrying verdict of $2,000 damages by a jury in Bryan Democrats Secede. stock and household goods with them. the I)istriet f3ourt at Boulder against Oleveland, Ohio, July 14.--On July i As soon as the 2,000 which are now the Inter-Ocean Gold Mining Company 31st Ohlo Democrats who believe in l on their wet to the Big Horn ~ectlon for injury received from the explosion Bryan and the Issues which he repre- are taken care of, arrangements for of a missed shot in the company's mine sent& which the recent convention ig- the moving in of 5,00) more will be at Sunshine a year ago last March, nored, will assembly in Columbus attd commenced. The movement is under moved for a new trtal. He sued for tbe sanction of the ehm'ch and mission- $75,000 and is dissatisfied with the !aries from the nortkern colonies al- small award. One of his hands Is crip- !ready establis,hed are being sent out to older communities to make converts, pled and he lost one eye.